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The White King Of Jungle

Authors Presented by UTAR’s interns:

Pak Phooi San Keh Sheau Huey “Many thanks to the Centre for Creative Arts Therapy and our supervisor, Alex Chew have given us an opportunity to conduct the “Empowerment through Storytelling” workshop and provided guidance to create this story. Besides, we also would like to thank the contribution of Sweet Apple Child Care Centre in the workshop.”

Dedicated to the children of all ages

CONTENTS Part 1: The White Lion Part 2: Run Away Part 3: The Injured Rabbit Part 4: The Key Part 5: The Hunter’s Map Part 6: Save the Lions

Part 1: The White Lion Once upon a time, there was a lion born in the jungle. This lion was different with others. Why was he different? This was because he has the white fur that's never been seen in the lions. Others lion has come to his house to see what if he looks like. At this time, the lion’s shaman came. She was shocked, “This lion is different with us. He has the white fur, blue eyes and a pink nose. He is so different. So different! He will~~~~” In all animals have ears to listen to the shaman goes on; the shaman’s eyes opened widely and fell on the floor. Oh no! She was dead. Everyone was scared. A short and fat lion jumps out, said “This lion will bring disaster to us.” Another tall and thin lion continue said, “ It’s true! We must kill him to avoid the disaster!” All lions jeered, “Kill him! Kill him!” The little lion’s parents worried their son will be killed immediately by others, thus his mother kneels and beg for her son, “My poor son, he was so small. He would not hurt us. Please~ Don’t kill my son!” As well as his father also beg for his son. Nevertheless, others lion still insists to kill the little lion. He felt reluctant. He suggested, “Then so be it! We get rid of our son after he has grown up.” Finally, a riot had been settled down.

Part 2: Run Away In grassland, a white light flashed. What was happening there? Don’t worry. That was just a white lion run on the land with the lightning speed. Yes! That is the white lion which others lion wished to kill in the few years ago. Look! The white lion was cute and vivid. However, the white lion had been isolated by others. It’s just because of his different and the message which is not completely conveyed by the shaman. Nobody wants to play with him and called him as the black sheep. He was alone. When he looked at others little lion in nearby played so happily, he was so envious. He was left after a while. Without few minutes, he was in front his house door. A noisy sound is coming from his house. He heard his mother beg, “ Please~ Don’t kick out our son! He did nothing wrong in this few years. Please don’t let him go.” He could not bear to his mother ‘s beg thus he comes out and shout “ I will go. Please don’t make thing difficult for my parents.” After that, he ran out of his house. His parents even don’t have the chance to chase him back.

Part 3: The Injured Rabbit A few years past, the little white lion has grown up in a strong and brave lion. One day, he was jogging besides the river. Suddenly, he saw many animals pass by in a hurry. He was shocked. He chased the rabbit and asked , “ Bunny! Where are you going?’ The rabbit said, “The animal hunter is coming! Run! Quickly!” The lion followed the rabbit to run after he listened to rabbit. The hunter was chasing behind them. ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’ Unexpectedly, the rabbit fell down and her leg was injured. The white lion stopped. He asked the rabbit, “Are you okay? Do you need help?” “You definitely not help me. You are so strong and I’m so weak. You surely look down on me and unwilling to help me,” the white rabbit said. “It’s not correct. No matter how strong or how weak we are. We must help each other. We have no difference. Come on! Up to my back! I take you leave here,” said the white lion.

The white rabbit up to white lion’s back and escaped with him. Unfortunately, they fell into the trap. The hunter saw they fell into the trap so he quickly caught up. He used his gun aimed at them. ‘Bang’ Then, the white lion and rabbit became unconscious.

Part 4: The Key After a few hours, the rabbit woke up. Luckily, they just faint. She saw the lion was in the other cage. She was frustrated and wakes up the lion, “Lion, Lion. Wake up! We are caught by the hunter!” The white lion woke up. He looked around and said, “ Where are we? Are we locked? No way! We must find the way to get out.” The white tried to find the way to get out. He looked around. Finally, he discovered a key is hung in the nearby cupboard. He decided to use his tail to get the key. The rabbit is so nervous. She closed her one eye and opened her one eye to see the lion. She worried the lion cannot get the key. Finally, the white lion got the key. He quickly opened his cage. When he wanted to open the rabbit’s cage, they heard the sound of footsteps. Oh no! That was the footsteps of the hunter. The sound came closer and closer. The rhythm of their hearts also follows the pace of hunter’s footstep ‘lub dub~lub dub~’. The lion thought, “Should I save the rabbit first and run together with her? Or just leaving the rabbit? If I didn’t run now, maybe I have no enough time to run.” Without a minute, the white lion decided to save the rabbit first. When he opened the cage, the hunter appeared. The hunter quickly took his gun and ready to shoot the lion. Luckily, the lion responded very fast. He flapped towards the hunter. The hunter fell down as well as his gun. The lion quickly grabbed the rabbit run away from the hunter. Finally, the lion and rabbit was successfully escaped from the hunter.

Part 5: The Hunter’s Map Without knowing how far they ran, the white lion tired and starts to slow down his speed. He noticed the rabbit holds something in her hand. So, he asked, “Hey, Bunny! What you took?” The rabbit said, “ Erhh, I also don’t know. I took from the hunter. Let me see! It’s a map! Wow! Is it a treasure map,”

The lion took a look. Then he said, “This place is familiar. It’s look like the place I stayed before. Why is the hunter having this map?” The white lion was not figured out the motive of the hunter. Suddenly, the rabbit said, “ I know. The hunter wants to hunt your family.” Without waiting the rabbit finish her dialogue, the white lion ran to his home with the lightning speed. He wanted to inform his family. When he reached his home, he shouted, “Run! Quickly! The hunter is coming!” All lions were curious this white lion and stared at him. At this moment, the leader of the lion was coming. He looked at this strong lion and asked, “Who are you? What are you saying?”

“I’m the white lion that being eliminated previous years ago. Run! Please! The hunter is coming” said the white lion. The lions’ leader became ferocious. He said, “It’s you! You don't belong to our group. You are talking nonsense. We do not welcome you! Leave here now!” The leader ordered others lion get him out. The white lion kept on begging them to trust him but no one trust him. The white lion was very disappointed. He was forced to leave the place. However, he did not give up his thought to save the lions. He tried his best to think of the best solution to save them. The rabbit also helped him to think of the way. Unwittingly, the sun sets. Suddenly, the white lion found that the rabbit lost! He was nervous shouting, “Bunny! Bunny! Where are you? Weird. Where is she?” At this time, he heard the rabbit’s voice, “Lion!Lion! I’m here! So sorry. I make you worry. Because I’m too bored, so I dig the hole .Rabbits like to dig holes.” The white lion looked at the rabbit and the hole. He thought of the way. He holds the rabbit’s hand. He said, “ Thank you so much! You helped me again! I think of the way to save them. But I need your help.” The white rabbit said, “ No problem. You helped me before. I’m sure help you.” “ I need your help to dig a big hole,” said the white lion. The rabbit was curious. She asked the white lion, “That’s not a problem. I’m sure can help you to dig a very big hole. But why?” Upon that, the white lion told his plan to the rabbit. The rabbit was scared and she stepped few steps backward. The rabbit screamed, “ No! It’s too dangerous! You cannot do like this!” However, the white lion still insists to implement his own idea. The rabbit also supported him in desperation. Friends, what do you think it? Why is the rabbit so against the white lion’s plan? Why is it dangerous?

Part 6: Save the Lions That day had finally arrived. The hunter came. The hunter brought his gun along with him and entered the jungle. Suddenly, he heard the lion’s roar. He saw a white lion standing nearby. The hunter was so excited. He gave up his thought going to lions’ home. This is because the white lion was rare and more valuable than any lions. He followed the white lion carefully. The white lion discovered the hunter follows him so he quickened his pace. The hunter also quickened his pace too. The white lion ran faster and faster. The hunter worried he will lose the white lion finally he shot the white lion. ‘Bang’ Luckily this shot was not accurate. The shot was blocked by a trunk. The hunter be not reconciled to this, and he shot again. However, this shot is still not successful. A series of gunshots alarmed the lions. They remembered the messaged conveyed by the white lion. Without any consideration, the lions’ leader led three strong and brave lions go outside to take a look.

At the right moment, they saw the hunter was chasing the white lion. Suddenly the white lion hopped and the hunter shouted ‘ah’ then he fell into a big hole. That’s right! This big hole was digging by the rabbit. “It’s work! We success,” cheered the white rabbit. She came out from the rock and hugged with the white lion to celebrate their victory. The lions’ leader and others lion knew the white lion and rabbit saved them. They felt shame and guilty. The leader walked towards the white lion. The leader said, “Thank you to save our life. Now we know we have misunderstood you. The shaman wants to say you will save us but not destroy us. We are sorry. I represent the lions to apologise to you and welcome you to come back to our home! We welcome you.”

The white lion was so happy because finally he was accepted by others lion. Others lion moved forwards and danced with white lion and a rabbit. From then on, the white lion lived happily with his family and others lion forever and he also becomes the leader of lions in the future.

Reading outcomes 1.

To celebrate diversity, respect differences, and develop empathy and compassion


To shape positive prosocial behaviors and transform selfempowerment responding to challenging situations

-The End-

The White King of Jungle  

This story is for Centre for Creative Arts Therapy's workshop purpose. - "Empowerment through storytelling" workshop. Please click on link b...

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