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Lane County


July 23-27, 2014

Lauren Penny Mickey

Table of Contents Executive Summary Background SWOT Objective Audience Media Mix Budget Schedule Flow Chart Evaluation


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Executive Summary Problem

How to use social media to attract new attendees and boost fair sales.

The Lane County Fair has had great success in Eugene, but struggles to utilize social media as a platform for growth and overall event awareness. Our goal is to take advantage of social media to attract new attendees, gain more LQWHUDFWLRQVRQWKHIDLU¡VVRFLDOPHGLDSODWIRUPVDVZHOODVLQFUHDVHSUHVDOH ticket sales. In particular, we are working with Instagram and Facebook to create a pre-sale scavenger hunt that will reach our target of young families. To advertise the scavenger hunt, balloons printed with information about the event will be distributed to 54 elementary schools in Lane County District. The budget we have come up with for our plan is roughly $2,145. We want to VHHDQLQFUHDVHLQLQWHUDFWLRQVEHWZHHQDWWHQGHH¡V,QVWDJUDPDQG/DQH &RXQW\)DLU¡V,QVWDJUDPDVZHOODVLQFUHDVHWKHIROORZLQJSHUFHQWDJHV2XUSODQ ZLOOWDNHDFWLRQDWWKHEHJLQQLQJRI-XQHDQGFRQWLQXHWKURXJKWKHÀUVWZHHNVRI July to ensure the highest number of pre-sale ticket buyers.




The Lane County Fair is one of the largest county fairs in the Northwest. The fair is located at the Lane County Fairgrounds in the heart of Eugene, Oregon and is created for all ages. It offers various kinds of festival foods, outstanding music concerts, entertainments, carnival rides and special activities to make the fair a unique experience.



People do not think about the Fair throughout the year until the month of the actual event, lack of presence on WKHLUVRFLDOPHGLDFKDQQHOV/&)GRHVQ¡WKDYHDQ effective platform to engage with possible attendees.


To reach the target audience through Instagram, which FXUUHQWO\LVQ¡WEHLQJXVHG2XUSODQEHJLQVE\IRFXVLQJRQ children enrolled in local elementary schools to advertise the pre-sale scavenger hunt. The overall result of using social media will be an increase in LCF attendees.


Competitors The following Lane County Fair event is held in July 23-27, 2014. 1) July 23-27, 2014 IAAF World Junior Track & Field Championships 2) July 25-27, 2014 Blackberry Jam Festival 3) July 25-27, 2014 Eugene Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K and Expo (Free) 4) July 25-27, 2014 Faerieworlds (Annual music and arts festival) 5) July 25, 2014 Last Friday ArtWalk in the Whiteaker Arts District (Free)

Food, concerts, carnival rides, special activities (bingo, scavenger hunt), suitable for all ages to participate. Offers great space for families to experience a memorable VXPPHUJHWDZD\WKDW¡VLQH[SHQVLYHDQGORFDO

Threats 2

With more awareness and interaction through social media, the LCF can be a great mini vacation during the VXPPHU7KH/&)¡VHDV\ORFDWLRQDSSHDOVWRPRUHSHRSOH IURPUXUDODQGXUEDQDUHDV7KHUH¡VRSSRUWXQLW\IRU pre-sale ticket growth by engaging with consumers through social media platforms prior to the fair event.

During the month of July there are many other events taking place within Lane County. The results threaten attendance rates IRUWKHIDLULILQGLYLGXDOVĂ€QGRWKHUHYHQWVWKDWKDYHPRUHWRRIIHU Some of the events offer free admission, making the competition even stiffer for the LCF being that there is a cost for each day.


Objective Media

Audience K -­ 6th

Increase followers on Instagram to 1,000 ,QFUHDVH)DLU¡VLQWHUDFWLRQVWKURXJK,QVWDJUDPE\ posting pictures, and fair based content Use the success of the Facebook page to prmote the LCF Instagram account

Local Lane County Schools with 300+ students, ~15,000 kids

Women 25-­34 (young families) Research

“About one in four (24%) parents state that they buy kids what they ask for most of the time and 75% report doing so most of the time.

Increase number of pre-sale ticket buyers


Parents aged 18-44 (28%) are somewhat more likely than there older counterparts to report buying kids what they want most of the time.� (

Create scavenger-hunt event to promote presale ticket awareness and over LCF awareness 0DUNHWWRZDUGVFKLOGUHQWRLQà XHQFHWKHLU SDUHQW¡VSXUFKDVLQJGHFLVLRQV

“McNeal estimates that, in the United States, \HDUROGVLQĂ XHQFHSXUFKDVHVRIPRUH then 130 billion US dollars.â€? (Lackman & Lanasa 1993)



Media Mix


Lane County School Balloon Distribution Balloons $1,900 (15,000) (printing/material cost)

%HJLQGLVWULEXWLQJEDOORRQV0D\WKIRXUVFKRROVSHUGD\Ă€YHGD\VD week- ends June 6th. Post on Facebook and Instagram which schools are being visited each day. 7RWDORIEDOORRQVDQGĂ \HUVGLVWULEXWHGWRVFKRROV (Recommend sending two interns to run school distribution as well as manage Facebook and Instagram postings)

Presale Instagram Scavenger Hunt

June  19th  -­  July  19th

Different location each week, working with local business partners to host scavenger hunt location. ,QWHUQVSRVWRQ)DFHERRNDQG,QVWDJUDPZHHN¡VVFDYHQJHUKXQWORFDWLRQ Two tables, one selling pre-sale tickets, the other running the Instagram photo booth. (Two interns, one selling tickets, second taking Instagram photos and SRVWLQJWKHPWR/&)¡V

Flyers $115 (15,000) (printing/material cost)

$ 2,037 Total

Instagram Photo Booth $12 (printing)  ÀOWHUV

$ 5 (Card stock)




Flow Chart

Lane County School Balloon Distribution May 19th -足 June 6th

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1213 14 1516 17 1819 20 2122 23 242526 27 2829 30 31 May

Presale Instagram Scavenger Hunt

June July

June 19th -足 July 19th

Pre-sale Instagram Scavenger Hunt Balloon Distribution






To evaluate the success of our campaign we will track /&)路V,QVWDJUDPDQG)DFHERRNDFFRXQWVWRVHHLIWKHSDJHV gain followers and have an increase in user interaction.

The success of our Instagram campaign will be measured by the sales percentages of pre-sales tickets compared to previous years. 2XUFDPSDLJQ路VRYHUDOOHYDOXDWLRQZLOOEHDVXFFHVVZKHQ WKHUH路VDQLQFUHDVHLQWKHDPRXQWRISHRSOHZKRDWWHQGWKH fair this year when compared to previous years.


Lane County Fair Media Plan 2013  

Final group project for Media Planning class. Lauren Dwight Penny Chu Mickey Scott

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