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relating to former President Harry Truman. The American Association of Cereal Chemists P.E.O. International provides educational opportunities International sponsors a number of annual fellowship to women. P.E.O. supports several grants for women grants. returning to college after a prolonged absence. Emphasis is on career training and advancement in traditionally The Massage Therapy Foundation provides grants to students and individuals conducting research in the field male dominated fields. The Jeanette Ranking Foundation awards needof massage therapy. based education grants to women 35 and older. The Denny’s Single Parent Scholarship Fund provides foundation’s purpose is to give women the educational need-based grants for single parents of Hispanic Team America Rocket Challenge annually rewards ten power they need to break the cycle of poverty. background who are returning to college to advance high school teams for their excellence in model rocket design. their education. Zonta International is dedicated to advancing the status of women worldwide. Zonta sponsors the annual STUDENTS WITH SEVERE MEDICAL The National Make It With Wool Contest is open to Amelia Earhart Fellowship. college students aged 17 – 24. The competition involves CONDITIONS/DISEASES the design, manufacture and modeling of an All college-bound students face enormous challenges DISABLED original woolen garment. when it comes to financing their education. Students Grants for students with disabilities come from a variety who are fighting, or have survived, a serious disease The American Society of Parenteral of sources and address a variety of different needs. face an additional emotional challenge as they and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.) Some grant programs are designed to help disabled plan for their college education. Many charitable sponsors the Rhoads Research students find their place in a traditional college campus organizations provide much needed financial support Foundation Grants. These grants are environment, while others may offer financial aid to for students with severe medical conditions, helping open to graduate students and poststudents attending a special needs school. Most grants them achieve their dreams of a higher education. graduate professionals conducting for disabled students are specific to the applicant’s research into clinical nutrition. handicap, though some may be broadly applied to all The Diabetes Scholars Foundation provides disabled students. grants and scholarships for college students The Endangered Language with Type 1 Diabetes. Awards are decided on Fund supports grants for graduate The Chair Scholars Foundation provides grant and a combination of academic merit, community and post-doctoral students who scholarship opportunities to students with physical service and financial need. are studying ancient languages. disabilities. The foundation is dedicated to helping lowSpecial emphasis is given to the income students with physical disabilities afford college The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis preservation of Native-American or vocational training. Network offers an annual award for students languages. with severe allergies. Applicants must The Jewish Guild for the Blind is one of the longest submit an essay on the effect their allergies established advocacy groups for the visually impaired. have had on their lives. This program has JGB sponsors the annual Guild Scholar Award for been discontinued. college-bound students who are legally blind. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is one of The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation offers the best known advocates for the treatment and an annual scholarship for women with disabilities. prevention of breast cancer. The foundation sponsors Applicants must be currently enrolled in a Master’s both grants and scholarships for students who have degree program at an accredited college or university. lost a parent to breast cancer. Awards are decided on a combination of scholastic achievement, NON-TRADITIONAL GRANTS community service and financial need. Non-traditional students include those people who are returning to college after a prolonged absence, or The Cancer Survivors Fund provides an those students returning for specific training for career abundance of financial aid for survivors of advancement. Often women returning to college after cancer, including scholarships and grants to raising a family, or single parents pursuing career help offset the cost of a college education. advancement through education will fall into this category. Non-traditional students may also refer to those UNIQUE GRANT PROGRAMS students who are changing from a technical school to a The search for college grants can lead to some four-year college or university. very unique financial aid opportunities. Collegebound students looking for education grants will soon Soroptimist International of the Americas funds the find there are programs to address almost any interest. Women’s Opportunity Awards, which provide financial The following grants are examples of the diverse types aid for women who wish to return to college. Applicants of financial aid programs that are available to the must be the primary financial support for their household enterprising student searching for a way to offset the cost and must be returning to school to improve their career of their higher education. These examples also prove that skills. focusing on your interests can lead you to financial aid opportunities which could otherwise go overlooked. Executive Women International sponsors the Adult Students in Scholastic Transition Award. ASIST is available The Harry S. Truman Library Institute Research Grants to adult students who are facing economic and social Program offers a number of fellowships and scholar Sources: www.collegescholarships.org challenges, and who want to improve their situation awards for graduate students working on research The International Federation of University Women sponsors fellowships and grants for graduate students who wish to study abroad as they complete their doctoral research. Applicants must be student members of the IFUW to be considered for any award. Award amounts vary depending on course of study and travel costs.

through higher education.


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