Page 1 The aim with which photo resizing is performed is because of the resizing requirements that fit our needs. A digital photo or some other computer images can be resized with the help of photo resizing software or can be resized online. For instance, a picture of size 3200*2800 with capacity 15 MB is not suitable for release on the website. For this picture, all what is required is a resizer. In order to know as to why a photo resizer is important, here is a quick insight stating the reasons. Image files from scanner or from digital cameras are too large in size to send via internet. Also in order to download original files much time is required especially when one is using a dial up connection. An apt size for images for all email attachments is 50 KB but many digital cameras give JPEG files of say 4 MB which means size of 4000 KB which is further 80 times too large. Some common problems faced while images are being sent over as email attachments are:    

Slow speed in uploading when images are sent as email attachments in order to add them to web pages or upload them to websites. Certain photo sharing websites do not upload pictures above a certain size. Documents using MS word and PowerPoint are large files and are unsuitable for sending to others. Original high resolution image sharing is invitation to unauthorized use.

In order to complete the above listed tasks it is imperative to resize the image through use of picture resizer. Large sized original files make visitors drive away. If you are wondering as to why the image files are large then you should know that they contain more pixels than is needed to be displayed on the machine. Without scaling most images won’t fit in the computer. It will ultimately enable people to scroll right and left and top to bottom. A photo resizer helps in scaling and making the photo fit for display.

Reasons behind Use of a Photo Resizer  

An image can be resized easily with the help of photo resizing software. The aim with which photo resizing is to resize an image to the perf...