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17 AUG

Picture Resizing Options on Web with Their Benefits Posted August 17, 2013 by michlesiz er in Software. Tagged: image resiz er , image resiz ing, photo resiz er , photo resiz ing, picture resiz er , picture resiz ing, resiz e image, resiz e photo, resiz e picture. Le ave a C o mme nt

If yo u are into o nline business o f websites, then yo u will surely require co ntent that is rich in text and pictures. Of co urse the text and imag es present will be specific to the website’s matter. All pag es in the

Recent Posts Picture Resizing Optio ns o n Web with Their Benefits Why is There a Requirement Felt fo r an Imag e Resizer? Why Do Yo u Need to Resize Yo ur Favo urite Imag e? Give All Yo ur Imag es a New Definitio n by Resizing Pho to g raphs Enhance Imag e Quality thro ug h Picture Resizing So ftware

website will have bo th o f them. Imag es that are present o n different pag es have to be made small and big acco rding to the web pag e’s requirements. The imag es have to be resized in the pro per dimensio ns fo r they have to be present and fitted in the space pro vided by desig ners o n the pag es. Go o d picture resizing so ftware retains the quality o f the imag e witho ut making it blurred. There are certain to o ls also in market that pro vide this feature. Web desig ners are experts in the field o f pho to editing metho ds. There are many o ffline to o ls available as well as o nline o nes. To help keep yo u away fro m the o verhead o f do wnlo ading and then installing to o ls, o nline pho to resizing to o ls are available. This way the time is also saved and ease o f use is also pro vided to the users. Time is the mo st impo rtant aspect when it co mes to building websites as

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they have to be created in time. With the help o f o nline so lutio ns there is also a pro bability to resize any number o f pictures witho ut increasing the extra co st. Ano ther merit o f o nline so ftware is that yo ur team members can wo rk to o o n the o nline editing so lutio ns. With these there wo n’t be any requirement fo r do wnlo ading and installing o n separate co mputers belo ng to o ther members in the o rg anizatio n which


will help in reducing the set up time.

Aug ust 2013 Online to o ls also help in enhancing picture quality alo ng with resizing o ptio ns. Imag es are uplo aded in bo th GIF as well as JPEG fo rmat. Big banners and lo g o s are available in JPEG fo rmat in o rder to maintain the quality o f the imag e. All JPEG imag es sho uld be co nverted to GIF fo r resizing as JPEG imag es ing est time to settle o n the web pag e co mpared to the GIF file. The GIF files

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are easy to handle, exhibits g reat picture quality and have fast lo ading time when the web pag e is lo aded o n the bro wser. A quick advice to all desig ners and o ther web evang elists is that the o rig inal imag e o r the picture sho uld

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be saved and all experiments sho uld be do ne o n its versio ns. This will help when yo ur resized imag e is no t o f upmo st o r desired quality and yo u wish to wo rk o n ano ther versio n that is ag ain to be derived

So ftware

fro m the o rig inal o ne. Mo re and mo re requirements po sed call fo r picture resizing techniques but sho uld be undertaken keeping the abo ve po ints in mind.


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