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Reducing a Photo by Sizester MO N D AY, APR IL 1, 2013


How Can You Give A new Size To Your Pictures Using Several Types of Image Resizers?

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There are various ways and applications available nowadays to resize an image. Demand of image resizer is growing day by day. Mainly because without resizing an image one cannot share it online or post it on a blog; even when one has to mail the pictures it is very important that the image is resized.

Ho w Can Yo u Give A new Size To Yo ur Pictures Using... ► ► February (2)


Choosing the right kind of application out of so many options is very crucial. One must also know to use the application properly as without knowing the proper usage of tools one cannot achieve excellence. Many a times pictures taken from SLR, digital cameras are very large in size it gets difficult for people to use large files easily. And that is when such online application where you can resize images as per your convenience comes into picture.

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Large files are good for printing purposes but if one has to send such huge files via email or post it on a blog then it gets difficult for the other party to

download such pictures. There are many such online free applications which make resizing an easy task by simultaneously resizing multiple images. Even if one is not well versed with such web applications then also one can easily get the desired results as today the technology has become way advanced and thanks to the variety of software programs available; half the work is done by the program itself. Few things one should keep in mind while using such applications are Resolution and pixels of images shouldn’t get affected. The quality of image remains good. Pictures should be resized in such a way that they can be easily downloaded on other’s computers as well. You should know to select the proper width, height and pixel dimensions without which the picture can look distorted . Offline tool like Photoshop is also an easy solution to resize an image. For instance for some reason you are not able to resize the images online; you can take help of such applications which are easily available another such tool is PhotoImpact 10; which can also give you best results without affecting the quality of the image. Posted by Michlesiz er at 12:22 AM Recommend this on Google

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How Can You Give A new Size To Your Pictures Using Several Types of Image Resizers?