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I have a new friend his name is Thom, I met him at the bus stop and he lives across the street. He wants to get together, should I invite him to my apartment?

I met Francisco on the bus.

He has an 85 year old annoying mom. He said his mom drives him crazy. It sounds like me to you. He goes for walks because his mom drives him crazy, he said she is old and mean. I found him on the street today and he said he was getting out because she was driving him crazy. He’s maybe 50 years old I guess. He used to work for Harrah’s. I’m not sure what his job was, but he is disabled. I don’t know what type of disability he has, but he goes to the same hospital office I do. He’s a nice guy. He might find a part time job. He’s not working right now, he’s receiving social security like me. I hope I run into him again.

Jim Jim was the bus driver for the 501. He used to come eat at my apartment at the Sea Gull. He was 65 and he wanted to date me. He retired from bus driving in the middle of our friendship. We were friends for four or five months. He told me his two ex-wives were bipolar. He said he is attracted to bipolar women because they are very smart. I agree with him, I think bipolar women are very smart. He invited me to eat at the Pirate’s Den. He tried to kiss me after he dropped me off. I told him, no touching because I have a boyfriend. I lied the whole time I saw him, I told him Gregory was my boyfriend. He told me he liked me so much. I lied to him because I wasn’t attracted to him and I just wanted to be his friend. I lied to him all the time about Gregory being in love with me and me loving him. Once he told me he had a 45 year old girlfriend and that she was raped by Mexicans. I asked him, why do you want to date me if you have a girlfriend? He said he was insecure. He wasn’t sure if I wanted to date him or not. It’s a man thing, if he can’t find love with you he can find love with someone else. He told me she was stressed out and crying a lot. I told him I was sorry and I don’t know what I would do if something like that happened to me. Typical man, he wanted to have two ladies. I guess some men are like that, they want to have more girls than other ones.

He asked me if I worked at the Sea Gull and I said, no I live there. The next time we were on the bus he sat next to me and we started chatting about Mexico and his family and my family. I made sure to tell him I was Italian. We exchanged phone numbers and he became my friend. Francisco was in his late 30s. We would talk about my day, my doctors, his work, my bankruptcy. I asked him questions about his immigration status. He was illegal. He used to live with his uncles, nieces and nephews. He never told me why they asked him to move out. He moved in with a white lady. I told him he should marry an American girl so he can become legal. He said white girls just want to have fun, they don’t want to get serious with marriage and family. He was a busboy at the Italian restaurant down the street, they didn’t pay him well. I don’t think it’s fair that they would take advantage of him like that just because he is illegal. In the Sea Gull I lived on the second floor and I had an ocean view, but I found out it was $200 cheaper to live on the first floor. Francisco helped me move from the second floor to the first floor and he didn’t charge me anything. He asked me to have sex once. He said it would make me look younger, you look younger than 49. I told him he was crazy and he was too young for me, he was in his late 30s. I never told you because I didn’t want you to worry. He behaved, so I continued our friendship.

Senorita Nathaly. Do you have photos of you in a bathing suit or bikini? He wanted me to send him a photo of me in my bathing suit. He didn’t say why. Why do you want photos of me in a bikini? I don’t have any photos, my daughter has all the photos of me. I knew he wanted to masturbate with them or something like that, because one time he asked me if he could get alzheimer from masturbation. He didn’t ask me more sexual questions after that. Francisco called me almost every single day. One time I borrowed money from him because I needed cash to buy cigarettes. He came over to my apartment at the Sea Gull and I paid him his $20 back. We were looking at the ocean and he looked at me without a bra. He touched my right nipple. I was wearing a top and no bra, and he goes, oh look at this. I told him I can report him for sexual harassment...oh no, no sorry I should not have done that. He stopped calling me and I stopped seeing him after that. A few weeks later I saw Francisco on the bus after he touched my nipple, he sat on the back of the bus and he didn’t try to talk to me. A few months ago, I saw him at the Brigantine Boulevard Plaza. He asked me how I was doing. I told him I wasn’t living at the Sea Gull anymore. He said that was good, the Sea Gull was a bad spot. Then I told him I was in a hurry and had to go so I didn’t have to talk to him anymore.

I called him a couple times to see how he was doing, I left two or three messages. He never returned my calls, so I stopped calling him.

Robert I met Robert at church. He has his own business near Philadelphia. He is going through divorce, and because I have been through divorce I think he wanted to be my friend. I was very attracted to Robert at first, but now he is just my good friend. Sometimes he and his daughters would stay at my apartment because I have two bedrooms. I didn’t really like his daughters because I felt like they were ungrateful towards my hospitality. Robert took me to a very authentic Mexican restaurant. The food was really good. He took me there after taking me to the immigration office for my test, I thought that was very nice. Now I let Robert stay at my apartment whenever he wants. He calls me to see how I am doing, I think that’s fine. He is coming this Thursday and Friday, we are going to the buffet at the casino. No, we have not slept together. He is just my friend.

Mr. Chuck

Mr. Ray

I met Mr. Chuck at church. He is very nosey and would ask me a lot of questions about my personal life. He told me I looked nervous, so I told him about my illness. Oh my wife used to take medication for bipolar, but I didn’t know until she died.

Mr. Ray looked like Santa Claus. His hair was white and he had a long, white beard. He liked it when I called him Mr. Santa Claus, he had a hat too. He tried to be funny. I think he was an electrician and probably in his 70s.

He invited me to eat out with him. He invited me to McDonald’s, so I thought he was cheap. One day he asked me to help him clean his apartment. He said he would pay me $20 per hour. Now I help him clean his apartment about once a month. I refuse to clean his bathroom because it’s nasty. I clean his room, the kitchen, and his living room. I help him set up his clothes for a winter or summer wardrobe. He said, I should make a cleaning business. I think he thinks Mexican people like to clean, I don’t know. I don’t want clean for anyone else.

He took me to Harrah’s in Philly. I was playing the slot machines when he called me and said, Nathaly, Nathaly c’mon let’s go! Security thought he was asking for money, so they told him to leave. He said, my friend is there and I have to find her. I have no idea what happened, that’s just what he told me.

He tells me I should be tough. He tells me I am weak. He thinks that my ex-husbands took advantage of me and that I have bad luck with men. He tried to teach me to say things like: Fuck you asshole. Get away from me asshole. He makes jokes all the time, he makes me laugh. He says he’s going to find me a republican. He thinks republicans have money. I told him, yes, find me a Godly man, a republican man, whatever.

I met him in the stairway of the hotel. He asked me my name and what I was doing for a living. I told him I was disabled. You’re not disabled, you look fine to me. Mentally. I guess that’s better than being in a wheelchair. He gave me his phone number. I called him once and after that he would invite me to eat Chinese food with him every day. The restarurant was next door to the hotel, he would buy with coupons every time. Sometimes he would invite his electrician friend who worked at the hotel too. I lived at the hotel for three months. While I was there he would also invite me to the casino and give me money to play.

Mr. Chuck was a professional tennis coach, he said he has trained people that have gone to the Olympics. He is 68 years old. He’s invited me twice to play at the casino with him. He shares his winnings with me. He won $55 once and he split that between me and him.

He would give me rides around Philadelphia. He would give me rides to CVS, the casinos, random stores. I had pain in my teeth and he would take me to the dentist and he would pay for it when I told him I didn’t have money.

One time he invited me and another lady from church, an 85 year old lady. Elle is her name. We won $70 and we split it three ways. He told her he loves to look at my booty, Nathaly has a beautiful booty. She asked Mr. Chuck if he liked her booty, she showed him her ass. He said, no--I just like Nathaly’s booty.

There was two rainy nights in Philadelphia he called me and asked, Nat can I stay with you in the hotel since you have two beds?

He tells me I am gorgeous and beautiful. I think he would like to sleep with me. I would never sleep with him. I’m not attracted to him, he’s old and ugly. He has twice taken me to the casino buffet, the food was really good. He says I dress too sexy at church and that’s why the ladies at the church don’t like me. He thinks I should dress more conservative. I think that’s wrong. I like to dress the way I dress. They shouldn’t be jealous of me, I am not trying to take their husband’s away from them. My friend Barb plays piano at church. She invites me over to their boat and we go shopping together. She does not get jealous of me when I am with her and her husband. She is my best friend.

And I thought sure, he had been helping me out. Feeding me, entertaining me at the casino. But he drove me nuts the whole night because he would turn off the A/C. I would see him sneaking to turn it off and I would get up and turn it back on. One time he invited me to his house and he asked me if I wanted to move into a room in the house. I said I would think about it. But his house scared me because he had a lot of junk. He said he would only charge me $20 a week for rent. I paid him the money I owed him for the casino (I borrowed $40). Sit in my lap Nathaly, he was pretending it was a lap dance. He asked me to sit on his lap, I told him he was wrong and he should feel ashamed. He apologized for offending me. Would you like to move in with me? No. Okay I’m sorry. Can you take me to my hotel now? He’s tried to call me twice since I moved to Brigantine, both times I was on the bus.

Walter I went to Golden Nugget and won $200. I went by myself and I met Walter. He told me to take his machine and I will win, so I did. He said he would like to introduce you to his sons, they live in New York. Walter is probably 65 and he won $1300! I am so happy he let me take his machine. I have a date with Walter. He is very nice. He is cute but he must be 65, he has worked for CBS. Tomorrow he is taking me to the Golden Nugget club. I had fun with Walter, but he has not yet returned my phone calls. It has been two weeks since we went out and I have not heard from him. I hope he is okay.


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