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mortgage insurance options See our collection of up to date inf ormation, news, tips, products, FAQs, etc. on mortgage insurance options. Click on the various tabs to see details. Use the tabs to navigate to the details of what we have gathered about this subject.T he inf ormation below is an executive summary and contains a selection of the subjects covered under the various tabs

One Quest ion – One Answer (by Yahoo) Melissa Baker asked How will healt h care insurance public opt ion resemble Fannie Mae mort gage public opt ion? Fannie Mae was supposed to improve access and af f ordability of mortgages f or those who otherwise "could not af f ord" mortgages on the terms of f ree markets. T he terms like 20% down and 35% max payment share of income. Instead Fannie Mae destroyed all other competition, grabbed over 50% of the market to the tune of $5 trillion, cost the taxpayers $250 billion already and counting, as well as caused economic collapse worst wince WWII and also the very same people who were supposed to benef it instead lost their homes and money too. Why should health care insurance public option be any dif f erent?

And got t he f ollowing answer: Great points. It would dif f er only in that healthcare then gives a govt mandate and leverage to take more of our libertys and control more of the private sector in the name of "savings in healthcare costs." Also the bank only got to take your home. Govt helathcare takes peoples lives! (as evidenced f rom all the other industrialized nations where the govt does most of the healthcare spending) People literally die in ER's and kids go without things like wheelchairs because of govt rationing! More under the tab “FAQ”

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Versatile Conventional, FHA/VA and Interest-Only Loan Buyer Prequalif ying Complete PIT I Payment Solutions; including Interest-Only Calculate Combination Loans: any Loan-to-Value (LT V) including Interest-Only 2nd Combo, Bi-Weekly and ARMS Amorization with Remaing Balances Easy Rent vs. Buy Comparison and Tax Savings

Designed specif ically f or mortgage prof essionals (view larger). Get f ast answers to complicated questions with the Mortgage Qualif ier Plus residential mortgage f inance calculator (model 3416) f rom Calculated Industries, including interest-only payments, interest-only combo loans and interest-only qualif ying. Enter loan data in any order and quickly solve f or PIT I, interest-only loans, and all the "what-if s" of buyer qualif ying and rent versus buy comparisons. Ideal f or mortgage lenders, loan of f icers, home buyers and sellers, and real estate agents and brokers, the versatile Mortgage Qualif ier Plus helps you calculate combination loans-any loan-to-value (LT V) including interest-only 2nd combo, biweekly and ARMs. It also aids in quickly pre-qualif ying conventional, FHA/VA and interest-only loan buyers. Additional f eatures include a date math f unction that aids in f inding escrow closing dates or f iguring how many days are lef t until closing; a periodic f unction f or specif ying a periodic versus annual amount; multiple memory storage; and standard math calculator f unctionality. Pref erence settings include options f or payments per year, property tax, insurance, mortgage insurance, decimal pref erence, tax bracket percentage, and amortization and qualif ying ratios. It's powered by two LR44 batteries, which provide up to 1,000 hours of battery lif e, and the Mortgage Qualif ier Plus has an auto shut-of f f eature that turns the calculator of f af ter about 8 to 12 minutes of non-use. It's backed by a one-year limited warranty.

What 's in t he Box Calculated Industries 3416 Mortgage Qualif ier Plus residential mortgage f inance calculator; pocket ref erence guide; protective slide case; batteries Price: $51.25

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3416 Mort gage Qualif ier Plus Resident ial Mort gage Finance Calculat or At a Glance: Versatile conventional, FHA/VA, and interest-only loan buyer pre-qualif ying Complete PIT I payment solutions (including interest only) Amortization with remaining balances Powered by two LR44 batteries One-year limited warranty

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“mortgage insurance options� Purchasing Real Estate? Check Out T hese Helpf ul Tips! Do you think you really know every tip there is to know about buying real estate? T here are several details that you must know about that even seasoned buyers are still learning by reading new tips as they come along. When you are considering what type of property you would like to purchase, use these tips. When you interview your real estate agent, have a plan containing your questions. Be sure your questions are important, such as the number of homes that they were able to sell in the particular area you're interested in and the total number of homes that they were able to sell in the past year. Your agent should have all of those answers f or you! Do your homework and research rental properties. You should examine caref ully all records f or the potential rental property f rom the previous two years bef ore even considering buying the property. If you don't thoroughly read a property's past records, you won't have an accurate idea about the income you're likely to earn f rom renting out the property. Your bank will most likely want you to show them your income bef ore you can buy a property and get a loan. If you plan to purchase a house that has a nice view, don't base your purchase solely on that f act. Even though you value the view highly, when it comes time f or you to resell the house, your buyer might not think so. Pay f or the home and view you love, but don't pay too much. Have your minimum down payment that's required by your mortgage company. Otherwise, you will have to pay f or private insurance on your mortgage. As "private" as it may be, this PMI can accumulate into a rather hef ty f und in addition to your current monthly bill. T his technique lets the bank rest assured that you are capable of handling the bills without def aulting. A steady, non-conf rontational approach is best when you decide to buy a property and enter the negotiating phase. Overly-aggressive bargaining tactics of ten backf ire. Be clear and f irm about what you want but let your lawyer or realtor do the negotiation f or you. If you have a specif ic neighborhood in mind, you should f amiliarize yourself with other houses in the area. T his is particularly important, because you may not want to buy the best and biggest house on the block. T hat might sound strange, but it will be harder to get all the value back out of your investment, because the values of the smaller surrounding homes will drag down the value of the larger, nicer home. Take a realistic approach to your real estate options once you make the decision to start searching. Finding the ideal property that f alls within your strategy, and satisf ies your goals can be time consuming. Use an online calculator to determine your price range f or purchasing a house. You will be able to take in consideration your current expenses and your income to f ind the kind of investments you should be looking at. T hen you have a good idea of what you are able to comf ortably af f ord if you don't stretch yourself thin. Do your homework in checking out possible properties prior to making of f ers on them. When looking to purchase rental properties, there are very def inite things to look f or. T he most important thing to check f or is the actual house itself . T he property should be in good condition. You should look at the bare bones of a house: the roof should be in good repair, the f loors should be level, the plumbing and

electrical should be in good working order. Also, when you make an of f er on a house it should be contingent upon approval of a home inspection. T he second thing to consider it the location. Location will inf luence the price of rental properties considerably. You have to research the surrounding area of the property, and make certain that there are easily accessible stores and services such as supermarkets, laundromats, and even take-out restaurants. T he next one is the area's average income. Areas that can command high rent are more desirable than those that can't. Location is not as much of a deal breaker f or high rent areas. You should have developed knowledge f rom this article's inf ormation to assist you in buying real estate. You don't know who you can help succeed and who can aid you as well.

Selected Products on Amazon Calculat ed Indust ries 43430 Deskt op Qualif ier Plus IIIFX DT Real Est at e Finance Calculat or

Versatile buyer pre-qualif ying f or conventional and FHA/VA loans to show homes within an af f ordable price range Cash f low, IRR, NVP and NFV; perf ect f or investors and commercial lenders provides commercial investment solutions f or clients without complicated f ormulas Complete payment solutions, including PIT I and interest-only to demonstrate "what if " solutions Calculate combo loans (80:10:10 and 80:15:05), bi-weekly loans, ARMs provide client with f lexible payment options Easy rent vs. buy comparisons and estimated tax savings show benef its of homeownership

Solve real estate f inance and investment problems quickly and conveniently using the Qualif ier Plus IIIFXDT calculator f rom Calculated Industries. T his large, desktop calculator is made specif ically f or real estate agents and investors and includes advanced f unctions to pre-qualif y buyers, make tax and mortgage calculations, determine cash f lows, and accomplish other related tasks. T he Qualif ier Plus includes a protective slide cover and also serves as a standard calculator. Make

43430 Desktop Qualifier Plus IIIFX DT Real Estate Finance Calculator At a Glance: Dedicated f unctions to make real estate f inance and investment calculations

Has an adjustable, nine-digit LCD display Automatic shutof f helps preserve battery lif e Backed by a one-year warranty

Made f or real estate agents and investors, this calculator helps you f ind answers to common and advanced real estate problems (view larger).

T he calculator f eatures an adjustable, nine-digit, easy-to-read LCD display (view larger).

Common Real Estate Calculations with Ease With the Qualif ier Plus IIIFX-DT calculator, you can quickly qualif y potential homebuyers, f ind the answers to common real estate f inance and investment problems, and serve real estate clients in a f ast, prof essional manner. T his tool can calculate multiple cash f lows and internal rates of return, along with net present and net f uture values, and it allows you to make a variety of advanced loan, payment, tax, insurance, and investment calculations. Product Information

T he Qualif ier Plus IIIFX-DT f eatures an adjustable, nine-digit LCD display and large plastic keys, including a special triple-zero key to help you save time and keystrokes. T his product measures 9.0 by 6.4 by 1.4 inches (H x W x D), weighs 10.8 ounces, and is powered by a 3-volt lithium battery (included) that delivers up to approximately 3,000 hours of use. An automatic shutof f helps preserve battery lif e. T he LCD measures 1.6 by 5.3 inches (H x W). About Calculated Industries Founded in 1978, Calculated Industries (CI) is the country's leading manuf acturer and marketer of specialty construction calculators and digital measuring tools. For over 30 years, CI's products have helped more than 8 million busy prof essionals work better, f aster, and more ef f iciently with easy-to-use, portable solutions. What's in the Box One Qualif ier Plus IIIFX-DT calculator, one protective slide cover, one 3-volt lithium battery, one pocket user's guide, and one quick ref erence guide. Price: $44.95

Mort gage credit enhancement s: Opt ions f or t he FHA in meet ing t he need f or af f ordable mult if amily housing : st at ement of Judy A. EnglandJoseph, ... and Urban Af f airs, U.S. Senat e (Test imony)

Oz Clarke once again takes the reader on an exhilarating tour through the world of wine. His book condenses a vast amount of wine inf ormation into an easily accessible A-Z f ormat with concise and vivid descriptions of the world's leading wines, wine regions, producers and grape varieties. T he book begins with an introduction to the major wine countries of the world, local grape varieties and wine-making practices, as well as the various classif ication systems used throughout the world. T he practical section then teaches the reader how to identif y dif f erent wines through bottles, labels and corks and how best to store and serve them. T he gazetteer f orms the core of the book and provides an up-to-date and comprehensive listing of the world's best-known wines, wine regions and producers. Finally, 40 special f eatures on the world's leading wine-producing regions are included and cover the latest developments in the world of wine today. Price:

Calculat ed Indust ries 3430 Qualif ier Plus IIIFX Real Est at e Finance Calculat or

Versatile Buyer Pre-Qualif ying f or Conventional and FHA/VA Loans to Show Homes Within an Af f ordable Price Range Perf ect f or Investors and Commercial Lenders Provides Commercial Investment Solutions f or Clients Without Complicated Formulas Complete Payment Solutions, Including PIT I and Interest-Only to Demonstrate "What If " Solutions Calculate Combo Loans (80:10:10 and 80:15:05), Bi-Weekly Loans, ARMs provide Client withFlexible Payment Options Easy Rent vs. Buy Comparisons and Estimated Tax Savings Show Benef its of Homeownership

Advanced residential real estate f inance calculator with cash f low and complete buyer qualif ying.T he

Qualif ier Plus IIIFX is the ideal tool f or real estate investors agents and mortgage lenders. In addition to both common and advanced real estate f inance problems it calculates multiple cash f lows and internal rate of return (IRR) as well as net present and net f uture values (NPV/NFV). Provide f ast and accurate investment solutions without complicated f ormulas. Price: Too low to display

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Versatile buyer pre-qualif ying f or conventional and FHA/VA loans to show homes within price range Complete PIT I payment solutions to demonstrate interest only and other "What If " scenarios Amortization with remaining balances Calculate combo loans (80:10:10 and 80:15:05), bi-weekly loans, ARMs provide f lexible payment options Easy rent vs. buy comparisons and estimated tax savings show benef its of ownership

Price: Too low to display

How t o Find t he Real Est at e Deal of a Lif et ime (How t o Find....)

Price: $9.95

Const ruct ion Funding: The Process of Real Est at e Development , Appraisal, and Finance

T he Fourth Edition of the classic Construction Funding acquaints prof essionals and students alike with the critical tools needed f or developing any successf ul real estate venture. Using a case example of an actual apartment development, Construction Funding walks the reader through each phase of the project, of f ering invaluable guidance on selecting markets, rating sites, choosing construction prof essionals, raising capital, understanding f inancing options, and mastering cash f low management. Price: $84.65

An opt ion-t heoret ic model of cat ast rophes applied t o mort gage insurance.: An art icle f rom: Journal of Risk and Insurance

T his digital document is an article f rom Journal of Risk and Insurance, published by American Risk and Insurance Association, Inc. on December 1, 1996. T he length of the article is 6263 words. T he page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. T he article is delivered in HT ML f ormat and is available in your Digital Locker immediately af ter purchase. You can view it with any web browser. From the supplier: An option pricing model of mortgage insurance that considers catastrophic events is developed. T he catastrophic events may be exclusively f inancial in nature or nature-generated physical destruction. T his approach incorporates a Poisson distribution into the building process to revise the typical lognormal f orm to a new jump-dif f usion f orm. T he model is proven to be ef f ective through the measurement of the ef f ect of changes on insurance prices in the probability of a catastrophe and the intensity of damage. T he model can also determine the ef f ect of government disaster relief programs on mortgage insurance. Citation Details T itle: An option-theoretic model of catastrophes applied to mortgage insurance. Author: James B. Kau Publication: Journal of Risk and Insurance (Ref ereed) Date: December 1, 1996 Publisher: American Risk and Insurance Association, Inc. Volume: v63 Issue: n4 Page: p639(18) Distributed by T homson Gale Price: $5.95

Ellie Mae adds buyback insurance opt ion t o TQL.(TechNewz): An art icle f rom: Mort gage Banking

T his digital document is an article f rom Mortgage Banking, published by Mortgage Bankers Association of America on June 1, 2012. T he length of the article is 614 words. T he page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. T he article is delivered in HT ML f ormat and is available immediately af ter purchase. You can view it with any web browser. Citation Details T itle: Ellie Mae adds buyback insurance option to T QL.(TechNewz) Author: Unavailable Publication: Mortgage Banking (Magazine/Journal)

Date: June 1, 2012 Publisher: Mortgage Bankers Association of America Volume: 72 Issue: 9 Page: 96(2) Distributed by Gale, a part of Cengage Learning Price: $9.95

Calculat ed Indust ries 3416 Mort gage Qualif ier Plus Resident ial Mort gage Finance Calculat or

Versatile Conventional, FHA/VA and Interest-Only Loan Buyer Prequalif ying Complete PIT I Payment Solutions; including Interest-Only Calculate Combination Loans: any Loan-to-Value (LT V) including Interest-Only 2nd Combo, Bi-Weekly and ARMS Amorization with Remaing Balances Easy Rent vs. Buy Comparison and Tax Savings

Price: $51.25

Everyt hing You've Always Want ed t o Know About Real Est at e...but were af raid t o ask (Real Est at e...'f or t he rest of us'.)

Price: $9.95

Available On eBay We f ound the f ollowing articles on eBay. (If nothing is listed below, the subject matter was a bit too specif ic f or eBay‌ )

Random Pictures f rom Bing, Google and Flickr Mortgage Insurance (MI) Option When Home Equity is Under 80% ... ... Strokes f or Dif f erent Folks – Arizona Mortgage Insurance Options Money Saving Mortgage Insurance Options | Homebuying Tips | Find My ... ... down typically need to be covered by some sort of mortgage insurance What’s PMI and Why Do I Need It? | Denver Luxury Foreclosures Please note that these pictures are provided by the respective website. T hey are pulled f rom Bing, Google and/or Flickr. T here are no rights attached to these pictures, so you have to f igure out what you may or may not do with them yourself .

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The At t orneys Guide To Credit Repair. Best Sales Conversions Ever. Site Designed To Make Big Commissions For My Af f iliates. ==> Click f or more inf o...

Find Ugly Homes And Assign The Cont ract s. Prof it In Real Estate Without Cash, Credit Or Risk. Learn How To Make Quick Cash In Real Estate Without Owning Property. ==> Click f or more inf o...

Mort gage Loan Tips. Why Some People Almost Always Get T he Lowest Interest Rate On T heir Mortgage - For T he Least Points - And No Junk Fees! ==> Click f or more inf o...

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T he f ollowing events have been provided by Eventf ul, to our knowledge the world’s largest collection of events. T he results below are f iltered by subject matter and the region of your current location. T his data is ref reshed daily.

Agent Training w Pet er Moult on - WEEK 8: MORTGAGE/APPRAISAL/INSPECTIONS Hotel Orrington, 1710 Orrington Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA *Note, you do not need to register here to attend if you are already registered f or the f ull 10 weeks. Agents who are not taking the f ull course are welcome to sign up here to attend any sessions they would like. Week 8: March 14 Guaranteed Rate will discuss the most current mortgage related topics and how they relate to buyers in our marketplace. We will f ocus on: Appraisals and what to anticipate Identif ying potential issues such as multiple appraisal requirements and appraisal review requirements Condo marketplace and current condo requirements f or conventional and FHA f inancing Down payment options/mortgage insurance options and requirements Creative f inancing options to help buyers take advantage of the current market Jumbo mortgage market - rates and down payment requirements in addition to requirements of these buyers 5. Ronald Niego of Cornerstone Home Inspection Services will discuss the inspection process.

FREE Bankrupt cy and Foreclosure Seminar in Van Nuys !!! Southland Regional Association Of Realtors, 7232 Balboa Blvd, Van Nuys, California, USA Please Join Us February 27t h FREE Bankruptcy Seminar Exclusivley For Real Estate Professionals! Learn about the different types of bankruptcies and common scenarios you and your clients might face, including issues pertaining to real estate. T he presentation will give an overview of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and the dif f erence between the two. Presented by: Elena Steers and Allen Vaysberg with the Law Offices of Steers & Associates.The Law Offices of Steers & Associates is a full service law firm specializing in debt relief services for individuals and small businesses. Common scenarios will also be discussed, especially as they pertain to real estate issues such as, assisting with: Clients’ short sales

Clients with sales while in bankruptcy Helping clients' loan modif ications proceed while in bankruptcy Removing clients' junior mortgage liens in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy Come and find out what options you and your clients have when being faced with some of these situations: A f oreclosure is pending against your clients' property Your clients are about to begin the loan modif ication process, but their credit card debt is too high Your clients' loan modif ication was approved f or the f irst mortgage, but there is a substantial balance on the second mortgage Your clients' property is worth a lot less than what they owe on their f irst mortgage and they also have a second mortgage/equity line Your clients' property was sold through a short sale prior to January 2011, but there is a def iciency balance f or which your clients may be responsible

Special guest speakers will be Loan Of f icer Lamont Smith with PNC Mortgage & Insurance Agent Christian Bevington with Bevington Insurance. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stay connected with us on the web! DONT FORGET TO BRING YOUR BUSINESS CARD TO ENTER AT A CHANCE TO WIN OUR RAFFLE DRAWING!

2nd Annual Af rican-American Out reach Conf erence on Disabilit ies Coast Phoenix Sky Harbor Hotel, 4300 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

2nd Annual African-American Outreach Conference on Disabilities Friday, March 1, 2013 7:30 am – 4:30 pm 7:30 - 8:30 Registration 8:30 - 8:50 Opening Remarks 9:00 - 10:15 Session 1 Workshops (Select One Workshop Only) ADA Employment – Presentation of recent changes to the ADA including Amendments Act of 2008, reasonable accommodations, conf identiality, and rights of a job applicant or employee with a disability. PBS/BIP - Part 1 Diabetes -

T he Key to Employment –Work Incentives & Benefits T he Social Security Administration (SSA) has created a variety of work incentives that make it easier to go to work f or people who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). T his session will discuss the available work incentives that allow you to manage your benef its and healthcare while working. Housing Counseling - Owning your own home is part of the American Dream! HUD-approved housing counselors will provide updates on f air housing and how to buy and sell in today’s market! For current home owners, who are considering modif ying their existing mortgages, the “new” HARP and HAMP programs will be discussed. 10:15 - 10:30 Break 10:30 - 11:45 Session 2 Workshops (Select One Workshop Only) Legal Options – An overview of various legal options available when individuals with disabilities need the assistance of someone else in legal matters. Training includes such examples as powers of attorney, guardianships, and conservatorships. PBS/BIP - Part 2 Sickle Cell Transition for Students Media 11:50 – 1:00 Lunch – 12:00 – 12:30 Guest Speaker – Hon. Leah Landrum Taylor Arizona State Senator 1:15 – 2:30 Session 3 Workshops (Select One Workshop Only) School to Prison Pipeline Project - When children are suspended, expelled, or restrained and secluded at school, they are more likely to drop out of school. People who have dropped out of school are up to 7 times more likely to become entangled in the prison system than people who complete high school. Children with disabilities, particularly those with autism or emotional disturbance, are suspended at much higher rates than children without disabilities. In addition, national statistics tell us that 1 in 4 Af rican-American children with disabilities are suspended at least once while they are in school. T his session will explore why children with disabilities are pushed out of school at such high rates, discuss the Arizona Center f or Disability Law’s new project, the School to Prison Pipeline Project, and present strategies f or eliminating the high suspension rates of children with disabilities. Sickle Cell/Diabetes & Education Nutrition Wellness Issues – Addresses diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer, and others impacting the Af rican-American community. Introduction to the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing - In this session attendees will learn about the Arizona Commission f or the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing and the people they serve. T he dif f erences between the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing will be highlighted along with inf ormation about communication strategies, assistive technology, relevant laws, and sign language interpreter licensure Financial 101 – What you need to know about managing your money! 2:30 - 2:45 Break 2:45 – 4:00 Session 4 Workshops (Select One Workshop Only) Disproportionally –

IEP/504 Evaluation – T his workshop will provide inf o on the educational laws relating to students with special needs and the unique challenges f aced by Af rican-American students with special needs. Mental Health – T his workshop examines some of the unique cultural aspects and challenges providing mental health services in the Af rican-American community. Life after High School: What’s next and how to prepare for the transition to adulthood. T his panel presentation will discuss various aspects of what youth with disabilities, their f amilies and the prof essionals who support them should consider in preparation f or transitioning out of high school to adult living. Panelists will provide a general overview of person-centered planning as a tool f or transition planning, post-secondary opportunities and employment, and the transition to adult healthcare. Panelists will also share inf ormation on specif ic programs, services and resources available in Arizona. Valley Metro 101 - Valley Metro can take you to many places all over the Valley and help you save money. T his workshop will provide an overview of the transit system including bus, light rail and DialA-Ride. Learn all about how to plan a transit trip, f ares, accessibility on vehicles, ADA certif ication and more. Taking public transportation may be easier than you think! A bus demonstration and short light rail ride will be included. 4:00 - 4:30 - Closing Remarks Space is limited! Accommodations such as braille, large print and any other alternate f ormats, etc. must be requested prior to conf erence. Please note: CART and sign language interpreters will be available upon request. For registration assistance and/or f or questions please contact David Carey at davidc@ or call 602-443-0723. Registration deadline is Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012!

Frequently Asked Questions ~♠♥CJ♥♠~ asked What ot her t ypes of insurance do you have besides homeowners, aut o, healt h, and lif e? I just bought a house and I'm about to get married. I'm thinking I should have some kind of insurance that could pay the mortgage should I ever become unable to work since I am the main breadwinner and there's no way my soon to be husband could pay all the bills himself . He could probably hack it without the mortgage payment, that would be the killer. Anyone in the same boat? What kind of insurance is the best f or this, disability or mortgage insurance?

And got t he f ollowing answer: You may want to look into an Umbrella policy. T his will cover you if you should get sued f or more than the coverage you have on your auto or home insurance. See your agent f or details. I recommend the you see a LOCAL agent and have him/her do a f ree Financial Need Analysis (FNA), or other Total Need program, to help YOU determine how much, and what type, or combination of , lif e insurance YOU need to reach YOUR own short and long-term goals and objectives. You will be given several options, YOU choose what best f its YOUR needs. If an agent recommends an amount or a particular type of lif e insurance without doing the FNA, he/she is being unprof essional, and doing you a disservice. Remember, it's YOUR plan, and NOT the agent's. T he FNA will also help you dertermine if you need Disability Income Protection, to provide an income should you be hurt or sick and can't work. T his protection could keep you f rom losing your house if you couldn't pay the payments while on disability. T he FNA will also help you determine if you need an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to help you save f or retirement. (All that will be there when you get there is what you send on ahead.) According to statistics, disability is a greater risk than death prior to the age of 65. Best wishes.

asked Can a home insurance company increase t he amount of insurance on your house wit hout your request ?

Of course when the amount of insurance in increased, the insurance premium also increases. I have only $125,000 lef t on the mortgage and insurance company has increased the insurance to cover a value of $305,000. Real estate value of the home is $450,000. My credit rating is excellent and I have not had any insurance claims

And got t he f ollowing answer: Yes. Part of the policy condition is that you insure the home to either 80%, 90%, or 100% of the replacement value, on a standard HO3 Homeowners f orm. So, if you want the type of policy that is NOT a replacement policy, you'll have to get a whole dif f erent kind of policy. Of course, a FLAT RAT E policy costs about ten times as much as a standard policy. Real estate value, or market value, has NOT HING to do with the cost to rebuild. If the house burns to the ground, the insurance company does NOT have an option to "buy" it f rom you f or the f ace amount - they are required to rebuild. So, you can do it your way, and pay a way, way, way lot of money f or a small amount of coverage, or you can do it the insurance company's way, and insure to f ull replacement value, f or less money. Or, what most people like you pref er to do, is just get a personal loan f or the balance of the mortgage, so you can pay of f the mortgage, and not insure the house at all. Check out this site, if you want to f ind the cheapest home insurance just in one minute, Here you can get f ree quotes f rom dif f erent home insurance companies in your area, its the best way to f ind an af f orable home insurance with a reliable company. Best Wishes,

knology_slave asked Is selling mort gage prot ect ion insurance a good job? I have been of f ered a job selling mortgage protection insurance. All sales leads are pre-generated and there is no "cold calling." Of course, like any sales job, the company has assured me that I can earn a sixf igure income within the f irst year; but I don't know what to believe. Anybody know anything about this industry? Is this a waste of time?

And got t he f ollowing answer: It depends on whether or not mortgage protection is the only thing you're allowed to sell. Mortgage protection is a great door opener. People are not very open to discussing lif e insurance out of the blue, but a discussion of their mortgage payment disappearing is an ef f ective way to get them thinking. As usual, when lif e insurance is involved, always ignore Judy. Her post here illustrates perf ectly. She apparently hadn't even heard of mortgage protection, and yet she jumps right in! Mortgage protection is nothing more than a decreasing term policy designed to maintain a death benef it suf f icient to pay of f one's mortgage in the event of death. Generally, if there is any other survivorship need, the mortgage payof f should simply be rolled into the calculation f or a more traditional product. Mortgage protection coverage does, however, have a couple of strong advantages. Many products are guaranteed or simplif ied issue, so they're easier to get approved; and most can be purchased on a joint "f irst-to-die" basis, meaning that the death benef it is paid if either spouse or co-owner dies, saving substantial policy expense by buying one policy versus two. And f inally, "smart people" [ref Judy's post] know that term is not always the best or most cost ef f icient option. Every lif e insurance product in existence is more appropriate than any other f or a given individual in a particular situation. Hopef ully, you'll have the f reedom to sell only the best solution f or each client's need.

WELDER asked Do you have t o get mort gage insurance when buying a house. not house insurance, mort gage insurance? isn't mortgage insurance f or if you die, the loan will be paid of f ? if so wouldn't lif e insurance do the same, so why is mortgage insurance needed. Must you have it or is it just a option?

And got t he f ollowing answer:

You have to have PMI; it's to protect the lender, not you. Most, but not all, lenders will remove their PMI requirements if : 1. T he loan to value ratio on your loan is 80% or less. (Some require 75% or another LT V). 2. You have made your payments on time f or two years.

Curious asked Do you t hink t his is a bad t ime t o t ry and st art selling insurance? I have worked in commission sales bef ore and did okay. I did sell mortgage protection insurance a couple of years ago and am thinking of getting back into the insurance business selling f inal expense insurance since I can't seem to f ind a job. I am 50 yrs old and am guessing corporated america does not want it's maangers hiring someone my age. I am running out of options. Any suggestions?

And got t he f ollowing answer: probably good to get into it now since alot of people are getting washed out of the business. times are still tough now though- no one has any money and rates just went up. businesses that used to have 10 employees are now just run by husband and wif e. die hards are still making it though (Questions and answers originally f rom Yahoo Answers)

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