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Sleep lab: Ajungilak Altitude at –15 degrees.

Trend sport: Slacklining with Stephan Siegrist. Eco-friendly: Mammut ropes. Mission Malaysia: David Lama & Co on expedition.

Absolute Alpine.

Mammut test event:

The first sleep lab at 2,700 metres altitude.

Furcla Surlej

Alt. 2,755m | Bernese Alps | Graubünden | Switzerland

Whether you’re a mountaineer, free climber, slackliner or fan of the outdoors, we’d like you to help us test our products. It’ll be a good time — we know because we’ve tested the fun factor ourselves already. Last winter 60 Mammut employees, from interns to vice presidents, settled in at 2,700 meters altitude, surrounded by ice, wind and snow, to test our newest sleeping bags. Not possible? It is.

The team did their testing in Corvatsch, high in the Bernese Alps. They snowshoed into the tundra beneath towering Piz Bernina and Piz Roseg in search of brutal winter weather. They found it. At minus 15 degrees, the mood could have gotten chilly. But everyone stayed bright and warm, even after darkness fell.


We told them the emphasis should be on sleeping. Nevertheless, some of the team turned night into day. Just as the altitude test was anything but a tired old event, our testers woke up to the comfort that Mammut sleeping bags provide. Fancy joining us next time? The next test event will take place in the summer with our customers! Register at:

Alessandro Accogli | Katrin Ackermann | Martin Beerli | Susanne Bollinger | Röbi Bösch | Pascal Brönnimann | Beat Brun | Kurt Burgener | Nadine Buri | Sabine Busslehner | Leo Caprez | Michael Dängeli | Natalia Dätwyler | Jasmine Ducret | Evelyne Dumont | Christopher Fischer | Albert Gasser | Franziska Gasser | Hanna George | Christian Gisi | Lars Gittermann | Gabi Gratwohl | Stephanie Grunder | Michael Gyssler | Katharina Habermann | Barbara Haldimann | Miriam Haltiner | Nicole Hendriksen | Reto Heutschi | Gabriela Hodel | Augustin Hörler | Peter Huber | Daniela Hug | Giovanni Jussi | Marta Ksiazczak | Andres Lietha Remo Martini | Silvia Matschinger | Cordelia Müller | Zelinda Pahl | Gabriel Peisker | Dean Polic | Dominik Ryser | Guido Schibli | Rolf Schmid | Marco Schneider | Michael Schranz | Stephan Siegrist | Maria Spanring | Iris Staudecker | Gerda Strutzenberger | Hanna Tretter | Frank Trommer | Ernst Urech | Sarah Urech | Oliver Walker | Karina Walz | Jürg Weber | Gesa Wilms | Marco Zemp

The photographer. Robert Bösch from Oberägeri. Photographer, alpine guide and International Mountaineering Book Prize winner. Specializes in outdoor and action photography. Climbed Mount Everest as a photographer and cameraman.

Next test event: Summer 2008

Mammut sleep lab:

Preparations for the altitude shoot.

Ajungilak Altitude: Extremely good in extreme conditions.


Hot Head Hood for optimum warmth in the head area


LightTX TM interior material saves weight


Wave baffles prevent cold spots better


Weather protective hydrophobic-but-breathable shelterTX TM external fabric


ALTITUDE SHOOT testevent testevent

When 60 employees start the journey into the snow-covered high country with their Altitude sleeping bags it’s a unique photo opportunity. But there’s more to the photo process than just pressing a button.


Photographer Röbi Bösch was pretty demanding: “Wait, there’s snow on the rucksack! You back there, where’s your headlamp? Stop, a cloud’s hiding the moon; people lie sideways again! You two back there stop canoodling!” But in the end it was all worth it!

It’s great if you can do your job in your sleep. Relaxed Mammut employees at the product test.

05 06

Twin-layer foot box for extra warmth

900 fill power European goose down, 96/4

Stephan Siegrist, Mammut athlete

Mammut down sleeping bags:

Setting the standard for a good night’s sleep.

“Altitude is my favourite Mammut product – don’t go changing it! This sleeping bag has really made the expedition easier. It provides protection, keeps you really warm and is still light and space saving”.

02 01

Excellent weight to insulation ratio

Alpine quality down line

06 How well you climb depends on what happens the night before. If you’ve slept well, you’ll be alert enough to spot danger. That’s why Mammut is a member of European Standards Committee. We’re constantly raising safety standards and introducing them to the Committee, so you sleep better — and climb safer.

Ajungilak Altitude The ultimate expedition line | Wave box baffles prevent cold spots best | Weather protection with hydrophobic and breathable external fabric


Ajungilak Taiga Ultra-light down line | H-box design prevents cold spots | Extra warm and light thanks to Performance Hood | For a very comfortable sleep

05 03

Hot Head Hood for optimum warmth in the head area

SlideStop Mat Extremely slip-resistant thanks to SlideStop zone on the top and gripTX™ lining | Thermo Foam guarantees superior insulating properties | Very compact and ultra light


Trapeze box design effectively prevents down slippage

D-Lux Pump Mat Warm, compact and comfortable | Minimal weight | Superior insulation thanks to MTI® micro fibres | Foot pump integrated in pillow | 65% more compact

Velvety-soft materials

Twin-layer foot box for extra warmth

Ajungilak Ascent

SoftSkin Mat Combines great comfort and excellent heat insulation | Incredibly soft mat surface | Wave Foam prevents slippage

Mammut synthetic sleeping bags:

Sleeping at its most innovative. Mammut now designs sleeping bags exclusively for women and girls. The bags have excellent heat retention, are particularly comfortable and adapt perfectly to women’s bodies. In addition to female-specific silhouettes and attractive designs, their new technical solutions are exceptional.



Warmer around the feet with extra insulation

Jacket baffle stops heat loss, arms move freely



Seamless exterior construction prevents cold spots

09 06 03 Miriam Haltiner

“Minus 15 degrees, everybody’s snoring their heads off, what have I got myself into?”

Lucido TR1 The alpine all-rounder | Total Reflex Optics with 4 definition LED | 20m floodlight | 60 hour lifespan



Comfort Hood for more freedom of movement

Ergonomic foot increases comfort and insulation

Women’s secret pocket

Ultra light and warm with MTI® micro fibres

Thanks to women’s fit, perfect for the female body


Sehr kleines Packmass

Ajungilak Kira

Ajungilak Tosca Sophisticated sleeping bag for women | Thicker filling for better insulation | Jacket Baffle | Designed to fit women’s bodies

Ajungilak Kompakt Excellent weight to warmth ratio and very small packed volume | New high-performance filling MIT® 13 | Box construction for more loft and anatomic fit

Ajungilak Tundra Tough, innovative sleeping bag | Durable and moisture resistant | Excellent value | Box construction for more loft and anatomic fit

Ajungilak Little Mammut Sleeping bag length adjustable to child’s growth | Inner fabric kind to skin | Zips on both sides

Mammut alpine clothing:

Extreme Qogir Jacket

An uncompromising prize-winner! This waterproof Soft Shell jacket with innovative ceramic dots for reinforcement, is an ideal companion for ambitious alpine sports athletes.

For everybody heading for the top.


When all the elements seem to be against you, the Extreme Qogir Soft Shell jacket shows what it’s made of. This technically-advanced lightweight uses a unique reinforced fabric with unbeatable durability. The three layer, waterproof material guarantees excellent performance and comfort. Light, durable and compact.




Welding technology

Tough reinforcement material with ceramic dots


Spray-proof YKK zips

Collar width adjustable with one hand

SOFtechTM stretch for excellent water vapour permeability


High-reach sleeves won’t ride up when you move


2-way front and 2 side pocket zips

Ultimate Women’s Hoody Windstopper® Soft Shell jacket | Hood fits under a helmet | Continuous side zip


Kangri Women’s T-Shirt Trendy base layer | Quick-drying | Anti-bacterial light material

Mastery Jacket Advanced design | Waterproof | Breathable | Excellent stretch material | Ideal water vapour permeability

Base-Camp Jacket Very light Soft Shell jacket | schoeller®dryskin extreme application with NanoSphere®

Cotopaxi Women’s Zip Tee Contoured fit shirt | Active moisture transport

Pala Women’s Pants Very light, feminine climbing pants | Quick-drying due to SOFtechTM | Light and compact

Mont Blanc Pants Light and innovative climbing pants | schoeller®-dryskin material | Tough with NanoSphere® knee and seat reinforcements

Sertori Pants Very light, climbing and everyday pants | Quick-drying due to SOFtechTM | Light and compact

Marmolada Women’s Pants Light and innovative climbing pants | schoeller®-dryskin material | Extreme with NanoSphere® knee and seat reinforcements

Extreme Ultimate Windstopper Jacket M.A.P.-Hood | High-reach sleeves – Underarm ventilation – Ideal for ice climbing, dry tooling, alpine tours and climbing

Extreme Ultimate Windstopper Pants Soft Shell pants for alpine touring, mixed climbing and skiing | Leg width adjustment | Side ventilation | Preformed knees | schoeller®-keprotec® edge protection

Extreme Kula Zip Pull Base layer with ceramic dots as reinforcement | Body-hugging cut

Mammut alpine and climbing clothing:

Clothing that will never let you down.

Toko equipment care Caring for equipment is an important part of mountain sports, whether it’s clothing, shoes or accessories. You’ll find the right care products at Toko for our high-quality range of products. For more info visit:


Mammut Logo Shirt

Mission T-Shirt

Retro Women’s T-Shirt

Graphite Women’s Top

Ananda Women’s Jacket Light SOFtechTM jacket with excellent stretch | Light and compact

Alessandria Women’s Shirt Light, quick-drying women’s shirt | easy care | Crease resistant

Belluno Shirt Light, quick-drying short-sleeved shirt | UV protection

Gypsum Hoody Casual cut Hoody | Hood and kangaroo pockets

Chaos T-Shirt Trendy climbing T-shirt | 100% cotton

Kaolin Women’s Jacket Cool sweatshirt look | GORE® WINDSTOPPER® material

Flourish Women’s T-Shirt Light and supple climbing shirt | Lettering and flower print | Print on front

Emotion Women’s Pants Light and wind resistant Soft Shell pants | Quick-drying | Breathable

Tec Women’s Pants Durable, very light trekking and travelling pants | Stretch inserts on knees and seat | UV protection

Sunset Zip Pants Very durable, water-repellent travelling and leisure pants | Legs removable

Lime Cargo Pants All-day climbing pants | Durable stretch fabric | Preformed knee | 5-pocket design

Deep Shorts Light bouldering pants | Clever chalk pockets | Wind repellent and stretchable

Talc Women’s Pants Indoor and outdoor climbing pants | Feminine cut

Shale Women’s Pants Yoga-look climbing pants | Cotton stretch jersey with waistband for women

Mammut trend sport - slacklining:

Mammut safety technology:


Maximum safety. 02



Ultralight inmolded climbing helmet with EPS core and tough microshell


Mammut presents its first slacklining webbing.

Totally different from normal climbing webbing. The slackline webbing is exceptionally pleasant underfoot, very elastic, easy to handle and tough on safety. With a simple, innovative tensioning system.


Infinitely adjustable length

03 01

Super light and easy to adjust headband



Four large and stable headlamp clips


Size 48–55 cm, 54–61 cm


Weight 220 g

Fully adjustable chin strap for perfect fit

Length: 20 m Width: 28 mm

Belt clip

Attachment straps Steel carabiner and ratchet

Express Set Key Lock Key-lock for ideal handling | Very durable thanks to strong and durable material




Ergonomic and cushioned inside shape


Slackline Set

Ventilation holes for circulating air and letting out heat

Special fixing system



Hermes All-rounder for demanding rock and alpine groups | Adjustable Slide-Bloc leg straps

Bionic Mythos HMS, Twistlock Plus Light but still durable | With secure Twistlock Plus lock for easy handling

Fuse Belay Device Extremely light belay device with 2 brake levels | For 7.5 –11 mm ropes

Mammut climbing shoes:

One step closer to perfection.

Mammut ropes:

Made in Switzerland. Popular the world over.

Spark 9.5 mm

For mountaineers, indoor climbers and alpine tourers | A generous coating makes it tough

If you trust your life to a Mammut rope, you can expect uncompromising state-of-the-art safety. At 9.5 mm the Spark’s small diameter makes it the ideal rock climbing and red pointing rope. It’s light and easy to handle, with extra coating to make it extra tough.

myclimate: Eco-friendly ropes


Mammut ropes are eco- friendly— we compensate for emissions generated in their production and distribution through a partnership with “my climate”, an international carbon offset initiative with Swiss roots. By helping build 500 solar greenhouses in the remote Indian Himalayas we enable people in that region to cultivate food locally, reducing emissions associated with food transport. For more info: Phoenix 8.0 mm Alpine, rock and ice climbing | Super light half-rope | Very good handling

“Lap Coiled” – tangle-free ropes A new Mammut rope innovation: thanks to the first fully automatic “lap coiled” rope packing machine, Mammut ropes have an additional safety and usability benefit. Time-consuming rope coiling is now a thing of the past and irritating tangles are prevented from the outset. The machine features innovative coiling technology, where the ropes are not wound, but put into a figure eight using a seven-axle robotic arm. This procedure is identical to coiling ropes by hand.


Infinity 9.5 mm Rock and red point climbing, difficult alpine tours | Light single small diameter rope

Serenity 8.9 mm On-sight and red point climbing | Lightest single rope on the market | Not suitable for workout climbing and top roping

Eternity 10.2 mm The multi-use rope | Rock and alpine climbing, alpine tours | Extremely durable

A blend of synthetic and real leather


Top of class lace-up shoe | Perfect pull on overhangs | Maximum transfer of force

Shogun Lace-up shoe for difficult rock climbing | Heavily down-turned last for power at the toe


Super Sticky Vibram® XSV rubber sole

Goblin For difficult rock climbs and bouldering | Heavily down-turned last for power at the toe | Keeps its shape well


Pro Perfect all-rounder with lasts for all types of rock | Precise and comfortable lace-up shoe

Concaveshaped midsole for precise fit

Minifant Comfortable, flexible children’s shoe| First shoe that grows with the child | Quick adjustment to different foot sizes


Mammut backpacks:

Innovation you can feel. 01 09

Top lid with outside and inside pocket

Hydration system compliant, with inside pocket and opening

02 08

Integrated, removable V-shaped aluminium frame for even load distribution


Durable, very light nylon 210D Mini Ripstop



Energise Functional hiking and multi-sport backpack with butterflyTM SYE net back system | High-ventilation shoulder straps | Cushioned high-ventilation hip strap

Blast Hiking backpack with SYE net suspension system | 2 top pockets | Zipped map pocket | Net side pockets | Stick holder | Rain cover

Adina Women’s model | Hiking backpack with SYE net suspension system | Front-loading design | Separate bottom pocket | Net side pockets | Walking pole holder | Rain cover

First Ascent Child’s model for the climbers of tomorrow | 1 compartment design | 2 top pockets | Name and address label

High-ventilation shoulder straps

Integrated daisy chain for carabiners

Extreme Ultralight


Arete Trekking backpack with adjustable Ergo Tech ET suspension system | Height-adjustable lid for more space | Separate bottom pocket

Ether-mesh, extremely tough and breathable

04 05

Flight Light, extremely durable alpine backpack | butterfly™ suspension system to spread load evenly | 1-chamber construction | 2 fabric loops | 2 ice tool holders

Fittings for ice tools (not shown)

Cushioned, removable high-ventilation hip belt

Konzept / Gestaltung: erdmannpeisker

The Malaysia expedition:

Mammut Pro Team en route to the Far East. 91 routes in 9 days – in Malaysia David Lama and Reini Scherer have covered two completely new areas in just one week – including ascents of the three most difficult routes in Asia. The wealthy sultanate of Perlis is now two climbing routes richer and the bolting crew about 1,000 bolts poorer. Take a look at Reini’s travel journal at



Karl Unterkircher in Guinness Book of World Records:

Travel journal at

Mammut climber, Karl Unterkircher, was the first climber to conquer K2 and Mount Everest in six weeks. Without oxygen. But his other records will really take your breath away. These include no less than 40 first ascents of major mountaineering objectives – including three in the last two years: G 2 north face and Jasemba in 2007 and Mt. Genyen in 2006. And these are definitely not the last records that this extreme mountaineer, ice climber and skier will be attempting …

Mammut Sports Group AG Industriestrasse Birren CH-5703 Seon tel. +41 (0)62 769 81 81


The record holder.

Sleep Lab  

Mammut Highlights Summer 08

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