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Mammut Footwear: Boot Control On Furka Granite

Mammut–Raichle: Alpine Power Meets 100 Years Of Bootmaking Tradition. Smart Belay Device: Enhanced Sport Climbing Safety. Social Responsibility: Ethical Production And International Development Aid.

Photo: Jutta Römmelt

Mammut Testevent

Boot Control On The Kleines Kamel. Hot on the heels of the Mammut fans who traveled from all over Europe to Bernese Oberland to test our Alpine Underwear, we now turn to a team of professional mountain guides. Their Job: To test Mammut’s new mountain boots. The team of mountain guides assembled on a hellishly narrow ledge providing a spectacular setting for Mammut’s advertising campaign. Join them live!

Kleines Kamel 2900 m | Furka, Bielenlücke | Canton Uri | Switzerland Daniel Arnold | Rinaldo Borra | Robert Bösch | Denis Burdet | Nina Caprez | Hansruedi Christen | Tobias Felber | Albert Gasser | Christopher Fischer | Lorenz Frutiger | Christian Garbani | Stephane Guex | Christian Haug | Sem Hediger | Gabriela Hodel | Werner Hofer | Tinu Hostettler | Hampi Hug | Ernst Immer | Michael Jakopp | Cedric Lachat | Andres Lietha | Gabriel Peisker | Louis Piguet | Jutta Römmelt | Stei Steurer | Marco Zemp |

Nina Caprez Mammut Athlete

«One of the most unusual, crazy shoots I’ve ever experienced! Everyone taking part gave their all, which meant there was a superb atmosphere all day long.»


First came the search for a spectacular location. Our initial idea was the Pilz on the west flank of the Eiger, but a geological survey we had commissioned dissuaded us. We carried on looking, turning down both the Lobhörner and the Gspaltenhorn. It finally came down to the Kleines Kamel in the Furka region, using the Sidelen hut as an operational base. We needed to determine the proportions involved. Mammut team member Stephan Siegrist was dispatched up the Kamel pillar alone. After a thumbs-up from photographer Röbi Bösch and art director Gabriel Peisker it was time for the creative phase: an illustrator had the job of showing everyone involved in the project what the final shot would look like.

Professionals’ Summit. 100 years of bootmaking expertise meets mountain sports knowhow. The testers were able to confirm the result for themselves during the shoot. Mammut Athlete Daniel Arnold: «Though very light, it has everything you need. Quite simply an amazing boot!» Christian Haug from Uri’s mountaineering school focused on the stylish aspects: «Light, comfortable, versatile – and a great color!» At the end of the day everyone agreed, Mammut–Raichle combination is the right way forward. The participants that day did more than just climb. Over the meat dishes after the shoot they demonstrated what comes a close second in mountain guiding skills: Telling stories!

Photo: Robert Bösch

Mammut Puts On Its Boots

New Mammut Footwear

Outside Mammut – Inside Raichle.

Mammut is now putting on its boots and fusing its Absolute Alpine mountain sports know-how with 100 years of Raichle bootmaking expertise. At a stroke, Mammut has established itself as the leading footwear brand, which means it is now a full-service mountain sports provider. Recent years have seen Mammut invest heavily in development; it has revised a large part of its footwear lineup. The result is an array of innovative and attractive highlights, which include new sole technologies, the world’s lightest mountaineering and hiking boot designs, and a wide-ranging expansion of its line of practical multifunctional footwear. Rounding out the new assortment, is a line of Urban Climbing shoes already setting trends in the climbing scene.

Lorenz Frutiger

Mammut plus Raichle represents maximum quality and innovation. This new formula for success combines the best of the two companies. The combination sets new standards in alpine footwear. Why not put the footwear to the test?

Greenland Expedition Specialists «The whole event was really well organized, and the shoot quick and efficient. What I found so fascinating were the amazing plays of light on the granite cliffs of the Furka Pass.»


SINCE 1909

Photo: Robert Bösch

Mountaineering Footwear

Extremely Safe. Extremely Comfortable.

Mountaineering boots have a hard life. They bear extreme conditions and heavy loads. Combined rock and ice tours make for increased demands on both mountaineer and equipment. The Mamook GTX is the lightest crampon-compatible alpine boot in its class.

Mamook GTX Hard shell, soft core. The Outdoor industry award-winning Mamook GTX offers what a lot of mountaineers want. The Hybrid Shell is soft on the inside and hard on the outside – but only where protection and support are really needed.


vibram® Teton sole This broad, mid-height mountaineering sole is light and offers superb grip while remaining abrasion resistant. The climbing zone at the toe allows a degree of smear climbing. Easy to resole.

Small yet efficient neoprene gaiter

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Flexible rubber cuff for cushioning and support


Waterproof GORE-TEX® insulated comfort footwear membrane


Robust polyurethane Hybrid Shell welded to the textile

Rinaldo Borra


Individually adjustable 3-zone lacing incl. deep-draw system


Asymmetric lacing responds to foot’s anatomy


«The new Mammut Mamook is very light, delivers an excellent rolling motion and is really comfortable – key factors for a mountain guide.»


Malloy Expedition High-altitude expedition boot | customizable thermal inner shoe | cramponcompatible | carbon insole

Meridian GTX For technical touring on ice and rock | Mammut® Motion Control | 3-zone lacing | vibram® Teton sole

Marconi GTX Mountain boot for demanding applications | abrasion-resistant microfiber racing | crampon-compatible | Mammut® Motion Control | Hybrid Shell | vibram® Teton sole

Monolith GTX Lightweight mountaineering and trekking boot | Mammut® Motion Control | Hybrid Shell | asymmetrical lacing | vibram® Mulaz sole


High-grip vibram® Teton sole


Carbon insole

Photo: Robert Bösch

Backpacking | Hiking Footwear

Hiking With Motion Control. The award-winning Mt. Crest is great for long treks off the beaten track with medium to heavy loads. The integrated Motion Control System offers superb flexibility despite the strong lateral stability. The vibram® MT-Traction sole and shock-absorbing Memo foam provide all the necessary comfort.

Mt. Crest GTX The Mt. Crest was named Best Hiking Boot 2008 by the German magazine Outdoor. This midheight boot is ideal for light backpacking and demanding hiking.


Waterproof GORE-TEX® performance comfort footwear membrane


Integrated Mammut® Motion Control


Fashioned from high-grade, tough nubuck leather for light backpacking and demanding hiking

vibram® MT-Traction sole This backpacking sole was developed in collaboration with vibram® and incorporates Mammut’s patented Rolling Technology. Its flexible studs and high profile design deliver both safety and abrasion resistance.



Tough rubber heel cup offers protection against scree and injury



Durable rubber reinforcement protects against blows

vibram® MT-Traction sole delivers excellent grip, shock-absorbency and rolling motion

Mt. Envy GTX Women Also for via ferrata climbing | nubuck leather | asymmetric lacing | Mammut® Motion Control | vibram® Mulaz sole featuring climbing zone

Mt. Pride GTX Men For trekking and via ferrata climbing | Heel Support technology | vibram® Mulaz sole featuring climbing zone

Mt. Peak GTX Men Classic nubuck leather boot for alpine trekking | Mammut® Motion Control | protective rubber rand | vibram® MT-Traction sole

Mt. Vista GTX Women Mid-height women’s backpacking boot | nubuck leather | vibram® MT-Traction sole

Teton GTX Hiking boot for demanding trekking | suede leather and textile upper | Liquid Rubber | vibram® Tec Hiking sole featuring Capricorn Grip technology

Scout GTX The classic boot for light hiking and rambling | tough suede leather | vibram® Hiking sole

Shasta GTX Women Women’s light-duty hiking boot | nubuck leather | vibram® Hiking sole

Nova GTX Women Light-duty hiking boot | nubuck leather with soft shell inserts | vibram® HLX sole featuring Frog Grip technology

Toko boot care You don’t find people wearing Mammut mountain boots at the theater. To keep your footwear in peak condition despite all the water, moisture and dirt you subject it to, it needs the best possible care and maintenance. Specifically designed for the needs of leather and leather/textile combinations, Toko Proof products from the Shoe Care line are superb performers.

Climbing Footwear

The Right Grip.

The Strength Of The Samurai.

Mammut multifunctional shoes are all-rounders. Our lightweight and breathable materials are combined with superb comfort while maintaining performance and strength. Whether walking, trail running, in the city or simply for leisure Mammut‘s multifunctional shoes make it all a little bit easier.

Photo: Rainer Eder

Multifunctional Footwear

Climbing brooks no compromise. Mammut climbing shoes offer complete surefooted confidence whatever the situation. The focused power transmission provided ensures none of the athlete’s energy goes to waste. The Samurai is unbeatable when it comes to key considerations such as precision and safety.

Mammut Teamtrip

Climbing downtown. Obelisk DLX Women This new Urban Climbing flagship shoe boasts the new Spider Grip sole technology: The large, smooth sections designed into the soft rubber sole ensure maximum grip on all terrains.


Tatlow LTH Light and comfortable | nubuck leather with soft shell inserts | leather lining | vibram® HLX sole featuring Frog Grip technology

Borah DLX Mid-shoe for rambling, traveling and leisure | suede leather | protective rubber zones | vibram® New Runner sole

Musket DLX For rambling, leisure and trail running | Mammut® Power Transmission for active shock-absorbency | vibram® TRX sole featuring Frog Grip technology

G Beta Low GTX Soft shell shoe for leisure and traveling | vibram® Multisport Light sole

10 |

Lined with functional Dri-Lex®


Asymmetric lacing for enhanced pressure on the big toe


High-grade suede leather


Rubber toecap protects against abrasion

Samurai Thanks to its perfect last geometry, dimensionally stable shank material and high-grade vibram® rubber compound, the Samurai climbing shoe is Mammut’s toughest contender.


Material mix ensures optimum comfort/performance balance

02 08

Polyurethane shock-absorbing heel wedge


Liquid Rubber abrasion protection



Excellent rolling motion and grip, plus polyurethane shockabsorbing wedge

Sole features Mammut® Spider Grip technology


After a spot of climbing on the Cinque Torri in the Dolomites, the Mammut Pro Team heads for some spectacular climbing scenes in the veteran VW campervan, taking in Vienna’s Flak Tower and Donauplatte and Fribourg’s Perolles Bridge. The sense of freedom inherent in urban climbing finds its expression in Mammut’s footwear, clothing and hardware collections.

Asymmetric last with a high degree of pretensioning

Super-sticky vibram® XSV sole rubber


Soft midsole for precise footwork

Shogun Precise yet comfortable last design | super-sticky vibram® XSV sole rubber | excellent power transmission thanks to extreme pre-tensioning | synthetic leather ensures superb comfort

Goblin Precise yet comfortable last design | super-sticky vibram® XSV sole rubber | excellent power transmission thanks to extreme pre-tensioning | fast pull-on/pull-off thanks to Velcro closures

Photo: Rainer Eder

Urban Climbing

Mammut – Injecting The Mountain Into The City. More and more climbers are discovering a whole world of adventure right on their doorstep: they’re coming out of the climbing gym, down from the mountain and into the pulsating city. Facades, walls and bridge supports – with urban climbing, anything is fair game. Hooking up with friends for some spontaneous bouldering and slacklining in the city is what it’s all about.

Anna Stöhr Mammut Pro Team Athlete Bouldering World Champion What do you get up to when you’re not climbing? I like spending whatever free time I have with friends, in the cinema, snowboarding, swimming or just lazing around. What’s next on the horizon in terms of climbing? Now the World Cup season is over I’ll be spending a lot of time on the rock. Depending on the weather and snow conditions I’ll be looking at Zillertal, Averstal or maybe Ticino ;) I really hope I can go on another extended climbing tour soon, although there’s nothing definite yet … We’ll just have to see what turns up ;)

12 |

Minea T-Shirt Women A young, cool climbing and bouldering T-shirt fashioned from a slinky stretch-cotton fabric | perfect for the urban jungle

Clip T-Shirt Men Functional Dri-release® T-shirt from Mammut’s Urban Ascent line | fast-drying fabric

Urban Hoody Men Cool, hip hooded top fashioned from 100% bioRe® organic cotton | stylish baggy cut

Niobe T-Shirt Women A young, cool T-shirt featuring a hip print | comfortable slinky stretch-cotton fabric

Cosy ¾ Women Pants Great-feeling climbing/bouldering pants | fashioned from a skin-friendly, soft and stretchable fabric | adjustable/foldable waist height

Core Shorts Men Young, hip cargo climbing/bouldering shorts | latest used look | tough and abrasion-resistant cotton fabric

Boulder Pants Men Ultimate bouldering pants in tough cotton | latest used look | stylish baggy cargo cut | chalk bag fastener at the back

Urban T-Shirt Men Cool, stylish climbing/bouldering T-shirt in 100% cotton | large Mammut Urban Ascent print on the back

Casino Chalk Bag

Underground 10 l

Skyline 18 l

Mammut Climbing Clothing

Functional, Vibrant And Fair.

Photo: Rainer Eder

Mammut Alpine Underwear

High-Tech Base Layer. Unlike marathon runners, climbers are not always on the move. That’s why Mammut has come up with underwear that delivers comfortable and consistent body climate control during stop-and-go activities.

Mammut’s new summer climbing clothing not only looks good, it feels great – for the wearer and for the person making it. For its cotton line of clothing, Mammut uses high-quality organic raw materials and ensures they are ethically produced. Our number one priority – respect for nature, the growers and the textile workers.

The Symbios concept. Mammut’s Alpine Underwear incorporates a blend of three materials, which it tailors to the physiology of the various body zones. During stop-and-go activities, which can also involve the carrying of a backpack as well as extreme climatic conditions, the Alpine Underwear meets the needs of the ambitious outdoor sportsperson by ensuring a comfortable body climate.

Clothing with responsibility

Compatible twice over. Mammut has been collaborating with a Swiss partner to develop products that are exclusively organic in compliance with the EU eco directive. Environmentally benign alternatives, for instance, replace harmful pesticides. From the cleaning of the cotton to the sewing of the product, the entire production chain adheres to stringent ecological standards. The bioRe® label stands for dignified production and working conditions for both growers and textile workers.

14 |

Longsleeve All-Year Women Three different fabrics | warmer fabric around the kidneys | stylish V-neck

Shany T-Shirt Men Cool bouldering/climbing T-shirt fashioned from 100% bioRe® organic cotton | bouldering print on the back

Cosmo T-Shirt Men T-shirt fashioned from 100% bioRe® organic cotton featuring a climbing mammoth | tailored for climbing

Joyce T-Shirt Women Feminine tailoring in a cotton-stretch fabric | perfect for rock, gym and leisure

Cotopaxi Zip Tee Women Figure-hugging functional shirt | active moisture wicking | light, packs small

Extreme Kula Zip Pull Men Active moisture wicking | hard-wearing ceramic dots at exposed points | sleeve pocket

Zip Longsleeve All-Year Men Three different fabrics / optimum functionality at every body zone – even when a backpack is carried

Dynamo Hoody Men Hip college-look hooded top fashioned from 100% bioRe® organic cotton | fleecy inside lining

Samira Hoody Women Young, feminine hooded top fashioned from 100% bioRe® organic cotton | hip, baggy cut

Lucie Top Women Feminine, cool tank top fashioned from 100% bioRe® organic cotton | figure-hugging cut

Kangri T-Shirt Women Active moisture wicking | antibacterial treatment to combat odors

Cotopaxi Zip Tee Men Comfortable base layer | active moisture wicking | long front zipper

Pants Long All-Year Men Three different fabrics | high waist protects sensitive back zones

Briefs All-Year Women 100% polyester for optimized moisture wicking | comfortable, traditional and functional cut

Photo: Robert Bösch

Mammut Alpine Clothing

The Jacket That Responds Like A Pine Cone. The intelligent c_change membrane reacts in a way similar to that of a pine cone by closing in cold weather and opening in the presence of water vapor. Outerwear such as the Extreme Cho Oyu Jacket helps maintain a consistent body climate while protecting against rain, snow and storms.


The color that cools. Sunshine on dark clothing can be unpleasantly hot in summer – not any more! Now with the new coldblack® finishing technology from schoeller®, wearing a dark-colored jacket feels agreeably cool, thanks to the invisible fabric treatment that reflects the sunlight – up 80% of it! Textiles finished with coldblack® stay cooler for longer and their heat management properties are markedly enhanced.

Extreme Cho Oyu Jacket Men Conditions in the mountains can change within minutes. That doesn’t bother mountaineers wearing this amazingly light jacket, which delivers a consistent body climate whatever the weather.


Breathing aperture


09 08


16 |

Ultralight, stretchable, waterproof and abrasionresistant material


Tailored M.A.P. hood


Embossed chest pocket

Waterproof underarm zipper

Waterproof front zipper

Adjustable hem


Stormliner pockets


Pre-shaped elbows


High-reach sleeves

Chimborazo Jacket Men Hardwearing, waterproof GORE-TEX® 2-layer jacket featuring reinforced shoulders

Ultimate Hoody Men Proven Windstopper® soft shell quality | stretch material | thumb loops

Convey Jacket Women Lightweight waterproof jacket fashioned from GORE-TEX® Paclite Shell for all-round use

Samum Jacket Women Lightweight soft shell jacket with a stretchable and breathable back

Christallina Jacket Women Stylish, waterproof 2.5-layer jacket featuring a textured surface

Courmayeur Pants Men coldblack® High-quality fast-drying pants

Sunset Zip Pants Men Very hardwearing water-repellent material | detachable legs

Convey Pants Men Functional and light waterproof pants GORE-TEX® Paclite Shell

Talc Pants Women Ultralight, slinky elastic material | Drawcord cuffs

Mountaineering Pants Women coldblack® Proven high-quality fast-drying pants

Photo: Robert Bösch

Mammut Ropes

For Those Who Love Life. For someone whose life hangs by a thread (or in this case, a rope) nothing counts more than quality. Mammut ropes and cords are made in Switzerland – from start to finish; processing enough polyamide fiber every day to encircle the earth. Mammut checks every meter for quality. The result: Our products offer an unrivalled range of quality features.



Mammut ropes are climate neutral. This means that the emissions generated by the manufacture and distribution of the ropes are compensated for through myclimate, an international initiative with Swiss roots. The construction of 500 solar greenhouses in the Indian Himalayas is designed to prolong the short vegetation period and enable the cultivation of local food. Visit www.mammut. ch/responsibility for more information.

A further innovation of the Mammut rope factory is its lap-coiling facility. Thanks to the first fully automatic lap-coiling ropepacking machine, Mammut ropes feature additional benefits in terms of safety and convenience. The time-consuming uncoiling of a new rope to keep it from becoming twisted is now a thing of the past: Ropes now come tangle-free. The key to the new process is a new technique for coiling the rope: Instead of spooling it as in the past, a seven-axis robot arm is programmed to lay the rope in a figure-ofeight pattern. This corresponds exactly to what a climber would do manually.

Climate-neutral ropes.

Tangle-free ropes.

The new Tec Step Via Ferrata

In a class of its own.

Tec Step Via Ferrata KL Length: 90 cm | width: 19 mm The only via ferrata set offering a lanyard fall arrester that features progressive braking | offers four levels of braking designed to moderate the brake shock across all weights (children and adults).

18 |

Mammut has brought the innovative concept of the Via Ferrata Step Web to the next level. The new via ferrata set features a webbing energy-absorber which safely arrests a fall by allowing two interwoven lanyards to rip apart in a controlled way. Introducing a four-step increase in the strength of the stitching binding them together, which delivers a gradual increase in the braking force. It means that the falls of children and lighter individuals are arrested more gently without the very high initial shock of a conventional system. The 100% textile construction of the lanyard fall arrester avoids the use of metal components to ensure its safe operation under all weather conditions.

Phoenix 8 mm UIAA falls (1 strand 55 kg): 7–9 weight/m: 41 g

Infinity Duodess 9.5 mm UIAA falls (1 strand 80 kg): 6– 7 weight/m: 58 g

Spark 9.5 mm UIAA falls (1 strand 80 kg): 5 – 6 weight/m: 59 g

Galaxy 10 mm UIAA falls (1 strand 80 kg): 7– 8 weight/m: 66 g

At 41 g/m this is one of the lightest half-ropes thanks to Coating Finish | broad range of applications incl. multipitching, ice climbing and high-altitude mountaineering

Lightweight rope benefiting from Coating Finish | highly versatile | rope pattern changes halfway | the Mammut developers’ favorite rope!

Lightweight rope, yet possesses workout properties thanks to its 44% sheath content | special sheath construction delivers excellent abrasion resistance | SuperDry finish resists water and soiling

Highly versatile rope | excellent durability thanks to compact sheath | DuraFlex finish for superb handling and resistance to soiling

Mammut Technical Hardware Mix

Playing It Safe.

High Altitude To The Max.

Sport climbers are increasingly drawn to climbing centers. Because risk does not stay behind in the mountains, Mammut offers a range of custom products. For example, the Smart belay device has been specially developed for indoor and outdoor sport climbers who contend with a lot of falls. Safety first!

You’re on rock and ice or in snow. High-altitude touring involves all kinds of terrain. And that means you need superb equipment that’s tailored to your needs: Light and functional, really comfortable and without any unnecessary extras.


Optimized carabiner bearing surface for controlled belaying


Illustrated instructions promote correct use

03 04 05

Comfortable synthetic grip at skin-contact zone

Components subject to abrasion fashioned from stainless steel

Square-edged design prevents incorrect handling


Safety at the moment of shock. The new Smart belay device responds to the reflexes of the human body when the belayer reacts to a fall. It provides dynamic braking, but blocks on sensing even a small amount of force from the belayer. Compatible with all the most common HMS carabiners and single ropes with a diameter of 8.9–10.5 mm. Paying out the rope (normal) Place the thumb of the braking hand under the nose of the Smart and bring the device into a horizontal position: this allows the rope to be pulled through without much effort.

20 |

Pulling in the rope Take up the slack with the leading hand while at the same time pulling the rope through the Smart with the braking hand. Both hands then slide back into the starting position.

Paying out the rope (after fall) Hold the rope with both hands and bring the Smart into a horizontal position with the thumb.

X-Zoom Total Reflex Optics with zoom for stepless setting of the beam width | 3 levels of brightness; reach from 10 to 120 m

Focus Optimum balance of comfort and weight | safety thanks to Slide Bloc buckles on the hip belt | patented abrasion protection at the tie-in point

Lithium Z A featherweight pack for outdoor sports where lightness and speed count | back provides good ventilation and boasts wicking mesh

Lithium Alpine version of the lightweight pack | back system sports a V-frame for good load distribution combined with plenty of freedom of movement

Tripod Ultralight in-mold climbing helmet | excellent ventilation for extended, demanding climbs | light and adjustable carrying system ensures optimum comfort

Photo: Robert Bösch

Mammut Technical Hardware

High-Tech For The Horizontal. Keeping safe in the mountains is all about having the best equipment for when you’re on the move. But your sleeping environment is equally important. A good night’s rest is crucial to feeling refreshed and ready to go in the morning. Mammut’s waterproof and breathable high-performance sleeping bag keeps the rain and snow off for a sound night’s sleep.

01 07

Shelter TX™ (shell material): waterproof and breathable membrane


No stitching on the top for complete waterproofness and improved insulation


Protects the face from rain and snow

04 06

Chamber construction for optimum down distribution

2 half-length zippers free both arms for reading or cooking


Light TX™ (inner material): ultralight, soft, highly tear resistant and breathable

Enhanced comfort and insulation around the feet

Ajungilak Shield

Sleeping in the dry

The Ajungilak Shield. Mammut knows that climbing is all about what goes on in the head. The Ajungilak Shield is the first waterproof down sleeping bag that also completely protects the head area against rain and snow. When required, the hood can simply be pulled over the head like a kind of awning. Thanks to its two sidezippers, you don’t have to emerge from the bag to read or cook. And the design (patent applied for) of the Ajungilak Shield does away with almost any stitching; any that remains is taped. This delivers dependable weather protection – and there’s no need for an extra bivi-bag.

22 |

Ajungilak Sphere Ultralight sleeping bag in best down quality | weight 750g | comfortable to –6 °C | windproof and waterrepellent outer

Ajungilak Lahar Very comfortable, warm and light down bag | wave-shaped chambers prevent down from slipping | perfect for backpacking and trekking

Ajungilak Kompakt Multi-award-winning legend | wave | best weight/insulation balance and smallest pack size | top-performing MTI™ 13 filling

SoftSkin Mat Combines excellent comfort with outstanding insulation | incredibly soft surface | Wave Foam stops sleeper sliding off

SlideStop Mat Extremely slideproof thanks to special SlideStop zones on the upper surface, plus gripTX™ base | Thermo Foam for fantastic insulation | ultralight, packs small

Photo: Thomas Ulrich

Mammut Sleeping Bags

Concept and design: erdmannpeisker Photo: Maxime Revilloud

Kyrgyzstan Mountain Project

Volunteers amongst the Tien Shan peaks. with Mammut-brand fixed ropes and bolts, and the Pik Lenin (7134 m) was subjected to an urgent and required clean-up operation. Kyrgyzstan mountaineers are being trained as guides, and the country’s only mountain refuge has been renovated and is already receiving guests again. Pictures and more information:

Fair Wear Foundation

Bearing responsibility. Anyone wearing Mammut also bears a responsibility. Snowboarding, climbing and hiking are all about enjoyment. But what about the people who actually make the clothes? As a new member of the Fair Wear Foundation, Mammut is actively and effectively working to improve the practices of its suppliers, who are verified and certified by the FWF. Mammut asks its suppliers to implement the following standards over time: no forced labor, no discrimination, no child labor, no excessive hours, a living wage,

freedom of association, a safe and healthy working environment and legally binding employment contracts. More information:

Mammut Sports Group AG Industriestrasse Birren CH-5703 Seon Phone +41 (0)62 769 81 81


The love of mountains does not stop at national borders. That is certainly the case for this year’s two Mammut volunteers and their project leader. The Kyrgyzstan Mountain Project finds them protecting and developing the wonderful mountainscapes of Kyrgyzstan. Once again, they accomplished a lot last year. The Pik Khan-Tengri (7010 m) and Pik Pobeda (7439 m) were equipped

Boot Control Flyer  

Mammut Highlights Summer 2009

Boot Control Flyer  

Mammut Highlights Summer 2009