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Wood to Wheels Fuel from the Forest

Michigan Tech’s Legacy

By Glenn D. Mroz ’74, President Michigan Technological University

It’s a question we often ask ourselves: What will we leave for future generations? We know, through scholarship and research, our students will create the future and succeed in their chosen fields. But the question has more global implications: What impact can Michigan Tech make on sustaining our environment and our quality of life? I admit to a long history of interest in this topic, coming as I do from a forestry background. But, as the stories in this issue of Michigan Tech Magazine clearly illustrate, sustainability is at the very heart of our entire University. Environmental awareness spans the academic and administrative spectrum. From civil engineering to social sciences; from engine laboratory to greenhouse; students, faculty, and staff—on and off campus— are striving to lessen our negative impact on today’s environment while developing new tools and technologies to sustain the environment tomorrow. It’s a tall order: one that involves us all. It’s also just the kind of challenging—and ultimately rewarding— work that Michigan Tech has always done. And we have no intention of stopping now.

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Researchers and students are discovering ways to convert trees and other greenery into fuel— a natural for the Michigan.

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Tech Takes its Carbon Footprint

In addition to teaching about environmental concerns, Michigan Tech is analyzing how much energy we consume and how much we can save.

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On the Cover Tree in your tank? Not so far-fetched, thanks to interdisciplinary research taking place all over campus.


Eco-Programs Set Sail at Tech

From K-12 through graduate school and from student groups to alumni support, educational programs abound.

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Campus Digest

Students Go Weightless in Houston Michigan Tech students floated around in reduced gravity recently, but it was fun with a purpose. Members of the Aerospace Enterprise recreated a dust removal system that is used on Earth and took it on NASA’s “vomit comet”: the airplane used for running experiments and training astronauts. Why the dust-removal system? “NASA announced that they would put people on the Moon to use as a forward base for exploration of Mars,” says Liz Van Heusden, one of the floaters. “One problem faced by the first explorers was lunar dust, which caused cracks in pipes and got on the surface of solar panels, causing them to have a short mission life. This gave our team the motivation to research a way to remove lunar dust from a surface.” “The students assembled a sophisticated experiment in a very short period,” says advisor Brad King, professor of mechanical engineering. “This is the third time in four years that students have flown on NASA’s zero-gravity plane, and every year I am impressed with their work ethic and ingenuity.” The students’ device consists of hundreds of tiny electrodes with alternating current applied, which generates electromagnetic fields to repel the dust particles. The students also hope to get published in a professional journal with their findings. What about the floating around? “Experiencing what only twenty-four astronauts experienced on the Moon is so amazing that I cannot find a word to explain it,” says Van Heusden. And, if reports are true, no students got sick. Matthew Djock (upside down) and Edmund (EJ) Meyer ride the Vomit Comet.

Letters to the Editor Note: Due to space limitations, we are not able to publish all the letters we receive. Just got the spring issue of the Magazine and it sure brings back memories. I graduated in ‘68 in electrical engineering in what was then called the power option. Professor Anderson was one of a relatively small number of professors that those of us in power saw during our last two years. I can remember several occasions when he used stories from Oak Ridge to liven up lectures. These were related to the power system and did not get into the processes. I am sure he would have liked to tell us more, but at that time was still limited on what he could discuss. It is good to see that he is doing well.

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Bruce Kelly ‘68

I congratulate you on the spring 2007 issue of the Michigan Tech Magazine. As a 1959 graduate of Michigan Tech and later as a 1960 graduate of Stanford University, I await both alumni magazines. Michigan Tech because of the many alumni friends I read about and the Stanford Magazine because of the alumni stories. This issue, your magazine excelled. The “Manhattan Project” cover story was very interesting as was the “Flu pandemic of 1918.” A “well done” to all involved.

Bill Bowman ‘59

Campus Digest

From the Windy City to the Snowy Keweenaw Via the Web By John Gagnon

director of Make a Difference, has met with Alesha Fumbanks, campus leaders to develop a seventeen-year-old additional partnerships and opportunities. from Chicago, aspires to a career developing Besides e-tutoring, the pharmaceuticals, but she Make A Difference Youth recently stumbled over Foundation encourages inner-city youngsters what seemed like an insurmountable hurdle: to attend college and calculus. routinely buses them from “Certain concepts, I just Chicago to campuses in didn’t understand,” she the heartland. In March, says. Then she received Johnnie and Katie Jones online tutoring from a shepherded fifteen of them Michigan Tech student, to Michigan Tech. and in two months it all The students sat added up: she went from in on classes, talked frustration to competence. with faculty, met their Now she feels confident tutors as well as other Tech students, went to she can succeed when she comes to Michigan Tech the gym, stayed in the this fall to study chemical residence halls, hit the ski engineering. She’s ready Part of Michigan Tech’s Chicago connection. Back row, from left: Ashutosh Shyam, slopes, and explored the a Tech tutor; Katie Jones of the Make A Difference Youth Foundation; and Kerri for both the academics community. The trips are and the north country. “As Sleeman, director of ExSEL Programs. Front row, from left: Nicolette Listenbee of invaluable, Katie Jones Chicago; Emily Mantila, a Tech tutor; and Jibreel Ali of Chicago. long as I have books to says. “College becomes a read, I’m fine anywhere,” possibility for them.” she says. She loves to Some of these students they want to,” says Kerri Sleeman, write poetry, but her passion is math are poor. Some are middle class. director of Tech’s ExSEL program Most are African Americans from and science—“so it’s engineering for that helps enrolled students succeed. me.” the inner city. “The commitment and maturity level Fumbanks is the product of an “Some of these kids are crossing are out of sight. It’s a perfect mix of e-tutoring program that connects gang lines everywhere they go, in volunteerism and education.” Michigan Tech students with higheverything they do,” Johnnie Jones says. One of those volunteer tutors is John school students who need help with “They’re streetwise enough to know Lyrenmann, from Elk River, Minnesota. math and science. what it takes to make it through the day. He wears a T-shirt that reads, “To This web-based pipeline of goodwill, give anything less than your best is to But at the same time, they’re focused opportunity, and promise currently on where they want to go. They don’t let sacrifice the gift.” has fifteen Michigan Tech students one life interfere with the other.” Lyrenmann practices what his shirt volunteering their services to almost His message to these stalwart souls: preaches. “I have a lot of knowledge in two hundred young people, mostly from math,” he says, “and feel like I can help “There’s probably a college where you Chicago. can fit in, prosper, and grow, so let’s out well.” Tech partners with the Make A find it.” A junior in civil engineering, he Difference Youth Foundation in Chicago, wants to be a structural engineer. In the The tutoring program and the which hosts the tutoring program. In campus visits elevate Michigan Tech’s meantime, he builds understanding. spring 2007, the foundation’s Katie Jones visibility in the Chicago area. “It’s a good use of my time,” he says. visited campus to train new tutors, Meanwhile, the journey from the “I’ve never been a teacher or tutor, walking them through a mock tutoring city of big shoulders to the town of long actually. Never before. I’m learning session on a special website. “The winters proves quite a change of pace stuff, too.” Michigan Tech students are extremely Michigan Tech’s involvement evolved for these students—but not the most dedicated,” Jones says. when the admissions staff made “a cold daunting one. Jones says, “We’ve taken Why are Michigan Tech students inner-city youth to Iowa, and you see call” and contacted the foundation to coaching Chicago teens? all this corn along the way. That’s way try to attract Chicago-area students. “Our students do this for free because Since that time, Johnnie Jones, executive more intimidating than snow.”

Michigan Technological University  

Campus Digest

Alumnus David Edwards Wins Melvin Calvin Award Michigan Tech named Harvard biomedical engineer David A. Edwards ’83 (chemical engineering) the winner of its highest honor, the Melvin Calvin Medal of Distinction. This is only the fifth time the University has awarded the prestigious medal since it was created in 1985. The Melvin Calvin Medal of Distinction recognizes individuals who have had an affiliation with the University and who have exhibited distinguished professional and personal accomplishments. It was presented during Spring Commencement. Edwards is the Gordon McKay Professor of the Practice of Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University, where he has taught since 2002. His research focuses on drug delivery, infectious disease treatment, and needle-less vaccines. He pioneered the technology of aerosol medication, including inhaled insulin. Edwards also works at the interface between science and the arts, promoting art education for at-risk urban youth. An advisor to the American Repertory Theatre, he has written

the book Artscience: Creativity in the PostGoogle Generation, which underscores what Edwards calls “the relevance of artistic engagement as a scientist and scientific engagement as an artist.” It will be published soon. The Melvin Calvin Medal is named for its first recipient, Melvin E. Calvin ’31, who won the 1961 Nobel Prize in Chemistry (with Andrew Benson). Other recipients have included 1998—Elton J. Cairns, professor of chemical engineering, University of California, Berkeley; BS (1955) in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Michigan Tech 2001—Richard J. Robbins, vice chairman of the Robbins Company Board of Directors; BS (1956) in Mechanical Engineering and Honorary PhD in Engineering (1996) from Michigan Tech 2003—Octave DuTemple, executive director emeritus of the American Nuclear Society; BS (1948) and MS (1949) in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Tech

Summer Reading Program Remains Popular The Summer Reading Initiative, Reading as Inquiry, is now in its fourth year. One student remarked that last year’s reading, Garbageland: On the Secret Trail of Trash, by Elizabeth Royte, “changed my life! I am much more environmentally conscious now and I see the importance of my own role in protecting natural resources and safeguarding our environment.” The program, which takes place during Orientation Week, is also a community builder, directly involving faculty, staff, students, and local residents. This year’s reading, They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky, tells the true tale of three “lost boys” of the Sudan and their struggles to escape that ravaged country. One of the boys (now a grown man), Benjamin Ajak, will address the students this year. “Students told me they really wanted an interesting story, and I hope they like this passionate, descriptive, and very readable book,” says Patti Kirk of the Center for Orientation, Mentoring, Parents, and Academic Student Success, who helps run the program. For more information, contact Kirk at; or Robert Johnson, chair of the humanities department, at; or visit the website at

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Campus Digest

Frisbees Still Fly at Michigan Tech Frisbees have been a part of Michigan Tech campus life since their invention fifty years ago, and a Frisbee club has existed at Tech since 1980. Today, the DiscoTech Ultimate Frisbee Team, and everyone else, can Frisbee freely on a new disc golf course located on Sharon Avenue near the Advanced Technology Development Complex. The nine-hole layout was established in 2006 and has been popular with students and community members alike. “Disc golf is, quite deservedly, growing in popularity,” says DiscoTech member Eric Jackson. “We support any game that involves a disc, and it’s nice that Michigan Tech students now have a chance to throw a round of nine when the desire hits them.” And now those students can get credit. “We had our first PE disc golf class this summer with thirty-six enrolled in two sections,” says Dennis Hagenbuch, director of intramurals-recreational sports services. “And we have had several positive comments regarding the course from local players.” As for the specs of the course: total length is 2,080 feet, holes average 231 feet, and all holes are par threes.

Michigan Tech Wins SAE Aero East Competition National Champion SAE Aero team. Front row, left to right: Jared Zimmerman, Daniel Vanderhoof, Raymon Smith, and Nicholas Vickroy. Back row, left to right: Mike Van De Hey, advisor Steve Stackhouse, Jeff Bouman, Ben Gerhardt, Raymond White, Nathan Wier, and Matthew Chamberlain

After years of hard work, Michigan Tech’s SAE Aero team has truly taken off. The students flew their radiocontrolled plane to a third-place finish in the Society of Automotive Engineers’ Aero Design West, held in March in California. Then they soared to first place in Aero Design East, held in May in Texas. “Our SAE Aero team has really progressed over the last four or five years,” says its advisor, Steve Stackhouse, associate director for corporate development.

All the planes must meet certain criteria, says Raymon Smith, who was the design leader for Michigan Tech’s entry. This year, they had to have a 1,000-square-inch lifting area, an O.S. 61 FX engine, and a cargo volume of 4-by-4-by-16 inches. “From that point on, it’s up to the teams,” says Smith, a senior majoring in both electrical and mechanical engineering. They attempt to take off and land their plane, both loaded and empty, and to predict how much payload they can carry. In addition, they present oral and

written technical reports. “This is my fifth year on the team, and I’ve seen a lot of growth, from fighting to be in the middle to making it to the top,” Smith says. “Our plane is mostly carbon fiber—most teams are balsa or fiberglass,” he said. “Ours had the simplest design and was the bestlooking at the competition.” In Texas, universities from throughout the world entered, and many had the benefit of aerospace programs. The Michigan Tech team made an extra effort to learn aerospace engineering principles and then used fundamentals of mechanical engineering to give themselves an edge. “We really optimized the structure, maintaining rigidity while maximizing strength,” Smith said. Not everyone did. “A few planes fell apart in mid-air,” he says. “They’d make a sharp turn, and the wings would fold up.” Smith would like to fly real planes someday. “Once I graduate, I’d like to get my pilot’s license,” he says, “and eventually design my own aircraft.”

Michigan Technological University  

From Wood to Wheels Tech Tackles Sustainable Transportation by Jennifer Donovan


avid Shonnard doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel; he wants our wheels to transport us in a cleaner, greener way. In a research enterprise called Wood-to-Wheels, chemical engineering professor Shonnard and colleagues from disciplines as disparate as forest resources and social sciences are pooling their expertise to solve a multi-faceted puzzle—how to create a renewable source of clean-burning, energy-efficient, and cost-effective fuel using local resources. Their research focuses on a resource that’s plentiful throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan—trees. “It just makes sense to find regional solutions to global problems,” says Shonnard. Lately, America has turned to corn ethanol in its search for solutions to pressing twin problems: dependence on imported oil and greenhouse gases produced by petroleum-based fuels. But corn ethanol brings its own set of problems. It is expensive to make; it depletes corn supplies in a hungry world; and its greenhouse gas emissions

  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

are no easier on the environment. So, thought Michigan Tech scientists, let’s see if we can produce a better biofuel, using something from our own backyard, and build an engine that uses it more efficiently. In 2005, with a $1.7-million grant from the National Science Foundation and support from the auto, heavy equipment, and chemical-processing industries, they began to assemble the pieces of the puzzle. The researchers recently applied for another $30 million from the NSF to establish a Wood-toWheels Engineering Research Center involving five universities in four states, led by Michigan Tech. Before the Wood-to-Wheels researchers could even think about building cars that run cleanly and efficiently on ethanol made from wood, they needed the right kind of wood—more technically, “woody biomass.” That can be trees, certain grasses, or the leavings of lumbering. “Forest residues on the Upper Peninsula could meet 75 percent of our transportation fuel needs in the UP alone,” says John Sutherland, professor of mechanical engineering and director of Michigan

Left: Chung-Jui Tsai (right), director of the Biotechnology Research Center, and her undergraduate research assistant, Stephanie Drake, examine samples in the plant culture room. Right: ME-EM Associate Professor Jeff Naber (center) works with graduate students Jaclyn Nesbitt and Ben Moscherosch on a diesel engine in the Advanced Internal Combustion Engines Lab.

Tech’s Sustainable Futures Institute, which sponsors Wood-to-Wheels. (See related story, page 12.) Forestry professor Chung-Jui Tsai tackled the task of helping trees become better ethanol factories. A molecular biologist, Tsai is working to grow trees with cell walls that are easier to break down; healthier trees that grow faster and handle environmental stress better. “Trees can’t run away when they are attacked or go grab a sandwich when they are hungry,” Tsai points out. But she and her team can help them survive and thrive by identifying the genes for more-desirable traits and breeding healthier, hardier, faster-growing trees. Forest resources professor Ann Maclean and her students are working on another piece of the puzzle, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to determine where the most plentiful woody plants of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are located. Shonnard and his team are researching new and better ways to turn that woody material into ethanol for fuel, while Associate Professor Jeff Naber and his mechanical engineering students are designing new engines to burn that ethanol more efficiently with less-toxic emissions. Meanwhile, Sutherland and his postdoctoral associate, Vishesh Kumar, are addressing harvesting, handling, and transportation issues. And Kathy Halvorsen, an associate professor in the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science as well as the Department of Social Sciences, is working with environmental policy professor Barry Solomon to study public perceptions of the connection between global warming and petroleum-based fuels and how that affects public policy. (See sidebar, page 10.) “Most people believe that climate change is happening, but they don’t know why,” Halvorsen explains. “It doesn’t matter how much Chung-Jui [Tsai] improves the trees or what Dave [Shonnard] learns about producing better biofuels or what new and better engine Jeff [Naber] designs, if we don’t have federal and state policies to support implementing their technology. And if the public doesn’t know that burning fossil fuel is causing climate change, how are they going to support good public policy to reduce the risk?” Wood-to-Wheels is a perfect example of what Michigan Tech does best. As a graduate “Enterprise,” the program transforms student research into a businesslike operation with

Michigan Technological University  

ME-EM graduate students Abhijeet Nande (left) and Yeliana Yeliana work with Associate Professor Jeff Naber on a single cylinder alternative fuels engine.

corporate sponsors and specific deliverables. It’s the first graduate-student version of the nationally recognized undergraduate Enterprise Program pioneered at Michigan Tech, which gives students not only technical skills, but experience solving practical problems the way business and industry do. The multidisciplinary approach is also a Michigan Tech hallmark. Shonnard’s bioprocessing initiative, for example, involves biochemistry—developing treatments to break down the tough cell walls and using naturally occurring enzymes from fungi to partially decompose wood chips into the sugars that are then fermented to produce ethanol. It also incorporates genetics, as the researchers analyze the genes that enable the enzymes to do their job. And physics plays a role; a faculty physicist contributed a model of the molecular structure of the enzyme to predict its shape and activity. Using that model and genetic data, Shonnard and graduate students Michael-Brodeur Campbell and Jill Jensen may be able to create engineered enzymes to do the job even better.

Surveying the Landscape Just as math is the language of science, sociological data is the expression of public attitudes, opinions, and perceptions. Associate Professor Kathleen Halvorsen leads the master’s program in environmental policy. These days she and a colleague, Barry Solomon, professor in the Department of Social Sciences, are immersed in interviews and surveys that constitute a scientific assessment of climate-change policy perceptions. The inquiry is designed to measure what decision makers, landowners, and the general public believe about issues like the environment, climate change, and biofuels—such as the Wood-to-Wheels initiative. “It is vital to understand the human dimensions of environmental issues,” Halvorsen says. To gauge them, the research duo is interviewing and surveying three groups: • professionals (nationally and in the Upper Midwest) who work with energy, the environment, agriculture, and forestry • forest and agricultural landowners who will play a key role in the production of feedstock for biofuels

• fifteen hundred people in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin—a critical audience, Halvorsen says, “because how Americans perceive a problem affects their support of policies to solve a problem” In the initiative, she distinguishes between interviews, which examine the perceptions of a small number of people with openAssociate Professor Kathleen Halvorsen (left) and graduate student Smitri Dahal work on interviews of energy and end questions in great depth, environmental professionals. and surveys, which probe a large number of people with close-ended questions whose and renewable energy policies because answers can be quantified. some of the people I talked to were Smriti Dahal, a graduate student experts on the subject.” in environmental policy, and Stuart Kramer, who relishes the opportunity Kramer, an undergraduate in applied for his first research project, is also ecology, are helping Halvorsen and assisting with the analysis of the Solomon with this inquiry. interview results. Dahal conducted the interviews Halvorsen and Solomon plan to of the energy and environmental complete the project in the fall. professionals and is analyzing some of The results will provide national and the results. “It was a great experience,” regional policy makers with a deeper she says. “In the beginning, I was kind understanding of public perceptions of nervous, but after conducting two of climate-change risks, mitigation to three interviews it was really easy strategies, as well as support, or lack and fun. I learned a lot about ethanol thereof, for climate-change policies.

10  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

David Shonnard, professor of chemical engineering, undergraduate Adam Mix, and graduate student Juan Morinelly monitor a reactor that converts woody biomass into fermentable sugars, the first step in the process of making ethanol.

With the ethanol that Shonnard’s lab produces, Naber and his team are working to develop an ethanol engine that will start cleanly and produce very low emissions. Graduate student Christopher Cooney’s goal is to improve combustion efficiency by 30 percent, which would make it comparable to gasoline. Mechanical engineering graduate student Jaclyn Nesbitt and undergraduate JoAnn Klobucher are building a pressure-vessel laboratory to study the pressures and temperatures that occur in an internal combustion engine under a variety of conditions, comparing ethanol and gasoline operation. Another graduate student, Brandon Rouse, is examining combustion in a single-cylinder research engine provided by General Motors. And Yeliana Yeliana, a mechanical engineering graduate student and Fulbright scholar, is creating computer models and simulations of ethanol engines, to help the design team optimize the next generation of biofuel engines.

Peg Gale, dean of the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, calls Wood-to-Wheels “a new science of integration, bringing together all the expertise in so many different areas.” And, Gale adds, “it’s just what our students need, in a world where more and more engineers have to think about the ecosystem, and more and more forestry graduates must apply engineering solutions to natural resources problems.” The students aren’t the only ones benefiting from the cross-disciplinary focus of Wood-toWheels. “It’s been a very stimulating learning environment for faculty and students,” says Shonnard. Adds Maclean: “When we started out, we didn’t speak the same language. The faculty have done a good job of educating each other, and that’s important, because the environment is a complex puzzle that one discipline alone can’t understand.” More information is available at www.sfi.mtu. edu/w2w/. ◆

Michigan Technological University  11

Tech Takes Its

Carbon Footprint

by Marcia Goodrich

Students are calculating the University’s net carbon footprint by balancing emissions, including those from Michigan Tech’s steam plant, above, against activities that mop up carbon from the atmosphere, such as the growth of University-owned forests, below.

We have met the enemy, and he is us.


—Cartoonist Walt Kelly, 1913-1973

ake Superior is warming up, moose wilt in the summer heat, and the Bering Glacier is melting like ice cream on an August sidewalk. Researchers throughout Michigan Tech are piling up enough evidence of global warming to send a chill down the back of the most ardent skeptic. Now, a group of students led by a forest scientist and a mechanical engineer are challenging Tech to walk the climatechange walk and lighten its own carbon footprint. “Glenn [Mroz, University president,] told me he was interested in developing a model to help us estimate our carbon emissions,” says Peg Gale, dean of the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. “A couple students in our unit said they would be willing to help.” John Sutherland, the Henes Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, who codirects the Sustainable Futures Institute, helps lead the effort. “There is growing recognition that CO2 emissions and other global-warming gases are having an effect on climate, and as responsible citizens, when given choices, we need to try to do the right thing,” says Sutherland. Step one on the right-thing road is to gauge Michigan Tech’s carbon footprint—how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases the University releases.

12  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

“Then at some point, the project could evolve into an Enterprise,” Sutherland says. Students in Tech’s Enterprise Program work in teams to solve knotty problems, often with industry funding. In this case, with support from the University, they might refine the analysis of Tech’s carbon emissions and suggest ways to lower them. The students are launching the project using the Campus Carbon Calculator developed by the nonprofit Clean Air—Cool Planet, which allows them to create a balance sheet. Carbon-emitting activities, such as heat generation from the University’s power plant, are on one side, and carbon-fixing activities, like the University’s forestlands, are on the other. “It’s more complicated than you could imagine,” says Dan Graham, a senior in wildlife ecology and management. “There are a lot of things we are trying to account for.” Among them are air travel—how much carbon in a trip to present a paper in Beijing—and trees. The University owns many small plots of undeveloped land, and just cataloging them is a challenge, let alone figuring out how much carbon their vegetation sucks from the air. As Graham and his fellow carbon trackers scurry around Michigan Tech gathering data, a profile of Tech’s footprint has begun to emerge. “It’s primarily energy use,” he says. The University operates a steamgeneration plant that heats the campus and its water, and it buys electricity from the local utility, which generates it from hydroelectric facilities and burning coal and natural gas. In 2006, the University spent $3.2 million for fuels, primarily to heat the main campus, and $2.5 million for electricity. The fleet of cars and vans that transport students and employees around the neighborhood and around the country uses about 57,000 gallons of gasoline a year, and another 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel. The numbers give Graham pause, and he is already offering up a few suggestions. “If we used motion sensors campuswide, that would probably cut down the light bill,” he says. “And all the computers that stay on twenty-four hours a day, especially in the labs? If those were to be shut off, that would save a lot of money. “You could even save energy dollars if everybody just had laptops. Most desktop computers use about 300 to 500 watts compared to 60 to 120 watts for laptops.” Sutherland agrees that reducing Tech’s carbon emissions makes good economic sense. “Energy costs money, and the amount of money we spend on energy is unbelievable,” he said. Michigan Tech also has a moral obligation to address carbon emissions, particularly in light of its priorities, Gale adds. “If Michigan Tech is going to lead the way in teaching and researching sustainability, we should lead the way in how we address issues such as global warming,” she says. “A lot of people here are very passionate about this. I get calls from mechanical engineers asking, ‘Can’t we plant more trees?’ “As a university with a commitment to sustainability, we can’t just talk the talk,” she says. “It’s time to walk the walk.” More on Clean Air—Cool Planet: ◆

Tech: A History of Conserving Energy Elsewhere on campus, groups from facilities management to the Memorial Union Building to the residence halls are all looking at ways to waste less and save resources. “We are always looking for ways to save money,” says David Taivalkoski, the University’s energy manager, “and that leads you to energy conservation and carbon reduction.” They have been conserving since the 1970s, he says, and fossil fuel use was initially cut by 30 percent and electrical energy by 15 percent. Unique current examples include using heat generated by the compressors that freeze the ice rink to warm the swimming pools, and hot air in the residence hall laundries to warm winter air being drawn into the halls. New construction is designed to be energy efficient, and the University recently used part of a $10-million grant from the state to institute energy savings. The energy management system has been upgraded, as has the lighting. “Indoors, we’ve gone from T12 lamps to T8 lamps, and we’ve installed electronic ballasts,” Taivalkoski says. “A lot of our electrical engineering alumni will know what that means.” For everyone else, it means brighter light, longer bulb life, and lower electric bills. As the University worked to cut its energy bill, the electronic age dawned and new buildings sprang up. Now, with many hundreds of computers plugged in everywhere—and research activities going on around the clock—fuel and electricity usage are about what they were forty years ago. As for cutting carbon emissions, that goal often ties in nicely with traditional priorities. “We could change the focus and emphasize carbon reduction,” Taivalkoski says. “In some instances, it could be more costly. But in many cases, the side effect would be to reduce our energy bill.”

Michigan Technological University  13

Eco-Programs Setting Sail at Tech by Dennis Walikainen ’92


he kids loved it! The experience was very hands-on, and the teachers learned a lot too!” A local teacher effuses about her class trip aboard the RV Aggasiz. It’s but one example of eco-education initiatives at Michigan Tech. Most are coordinated through the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC); on-campus initiatives have included paper recycling, Earth Week celebrations, and guest speakers. And it’s just getting started. Student groups have been especially involved in ESC: Phi Sigma Biological National Honor Society has looked at reusing packaging peanuts, Circle K (affiliated with Kiwanis) has worked with the First Monday Recycling Program, and the Society for Environmental Sustainability has coordinated Drop and Shop, to reuse and recycle items students leave after spring semester, to give but three examples. Graduate and undergraduate students have access to environmental academic programs, too, according to Kristine Bradof, coordinator of the Center for Science and Environmental Outreach. “The master’s international program in civil and environmental engineering has a unique focus—sustainability,” Bradof says. “It tries to use what’s there, including native knowledge.” A National Science Foundation-funded Research Excellence

14  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

Marty Auer, professor of civil and environmental engineering, shares knowledge and lake-bottom muck with students and teachers aboard the Research Vessel Aggasiz.

Undergraduate program is in the works, as is a movement to infuse more environmental focus into various curricula across campus. Coordinated through the Sustainable Futures Institute (SFI), other academic offerings abound, from Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship to K-12 programs. Their goal is “to make science relevant to citizenry so that it serves society and helps to inform decisions,” according to its website: www.sfi. Also, a recent $6-million gift from Richard ’56 and Bonnie Robbins will fund three endowed faculty chairs in sustainability, allowing Michigan Tech to hire “talented professors who have the greatest impact on students,” says Richard Robbins. Summer Youth Programs and the Western UP Center for Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education have numerous earth-friendly programs aimed at younger students, their teachers, and their parents, including trips on the Aggasiz. “We want to get students excited about learning and getting connected to where they live,” says Joan Chadde, education program coordinator for the center. “We want them caring about it, so that they become responsible and active citizens.” Other local teachers also seem to think it’s working. “The students were excited to go home and go exploring with their family,” says a Houghton third-grade teacher after a forest fieldwork course. Finally, many of these initiatives allow Tech students to teach and garner a couple more benefits: they improve their presentation skills, and they prove to the students, their parents, and themselves that, regardless their career paths, they can help make the Earth a little bit better. ◆


Rockwell: $500K for Hockey

Former goaltender John Rockwell ’79 has provided $500,000 towards Michigan Tech’s $3-million Hockey Enrichment Campaign, which has to date raised approximately $2.4 million. “It is great to see results on the ice and the program looking so promising,” said Rockwell, currently the chairman of the enrichment campaign. “I had a very rewarding experience at Michigan Tech and am pleased to be in a position where I can give back to the hockey program.” He is also an active member of the Hockey Advisory Council. Rockwell, who is a 2006 inductee into the Michigan Tech Sports Hall of Fame, played 69 games and made 2,268 saves in net for the Huskies from 1975 to 1979. The goaltender earned All-Western Collegiate Hockey Association First Team honors in 1978-79 and was the team’s most valuable player that season. Originally from Bloomington, Minnesota, Rockwell also earned the team’s most improved player award and Winter Carnival MVP laurels during his career. Rockwell is managing director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) Element in Menlo Park, California. DFJ Element is a leading venture capital fund. Rockwell received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Michigan Tech and a master’s degree in business administration from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

2007–08 Schedule Highlights Football Schedule Highlights • Michigan Tech will open the season August 25 by traveling to face nonconference foe Winona State—its first regular season, nonconference game since 1994. • The first home action at Sherman Field will come September 8 against Indianapolis. • The Huskies face three opponents that made the NCAA Tournament field a year ago: Winona State, Northwood, and Grand Valley State. • Michigan Tech’s annual Homecoming celebration will be October 6, when it hosts Ferris State. Volleyball Schedule Highlights • Michigan Tech opens its season August 31 with a trip to Winter Park, Florida, to take part in the Rollins College Invitational. • The Huskies have seven matches against opponents who qualified for the NCAA Tournament a year ago. • Michigan Tech closes its regular season with home matches against Upper Peninsula rivals Northern Michigan (October 31) and Lake Superior State (November 2). Hockey Schedule Highlights • Michigan Tech opens with seven straight home dates beginning October 6 with a preseason tilt vs. the University of Toronto. • The regular season will open October 12 with the Superior Cup—featuring the four Division I teams located on Lake Superior: Michigan Tech, Lake Superior State, Minnesota-Duluth, and Northern Michigan. • Michigan Tech will host defending national champion Michigan State on December 28 in the opening game of the 43rd Annual Great Lakes Invitational at Joe Louis Arena. • The Huskies’ Winter Carnival opponent in 2008 will be Wisconsin on February 8 and 9.

Par and Grill Serves Post-Golf Fare It’s a tradition nearly as old as the game of golf itself: commiserating with your foursome after eighteen. Well, finally, patrons at Portage Lake Golf Course can partake of this ritual. The Par and Grill opened for business this golf season in the clubhouse of PLGC, and it’s getting lots of use from hungry and thirsty duffers. “Our goal was to make it a first-class operation, and our objective was to have a facility the University and the community could be proud of,” says Mark Maroste, golf course manager.” From behind the green-marbled bar-top, sandwiches and pizzas are featured, along with beverages. And, it’s an efficiently designed space. “We can be cooking food and selling eighteen holes at the same time,” Maroste says. The Par and Grill seats thirty comfortably: not too big to serve. “The bottom line is a better experience for the golfer. Get a nice meal at the end of a good day and reminisce,” he says. Just like our ancestors at St. Andrews have done since the 1500s, or, in the case of PLGC, they’ve wanted to do since 1902.

16  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

From the Association

Alumni Support Job Shadow and Mentoring Programs “An interesting and educational experience,” was the consensus of both students and alumni who participated in a Job Shadow pilot project at Kohler Company in Wisconsin earlier this year. Kohler environmental engineers Mellisa Mooren BS ’02, MS ’04 and Jeff Zeman BS ’97 invited second-year environmental engineering students Nora Peterson and Kim Landick to spend a day in the Cast Iron Division. This experience proved to be quite an eye-opener for these students as they observed the role of an environmental engineer in an industrial setting. The program included a comprehensive tour of the foundry, exposure to the regulatory and paperwork aspect of the job, and some hands-on work. “We got dirty, really dirty, with sand that has carbon on it,” says Peterson. “It was in our hair, down our shirts, on our pants. That was my favorite part for sure!”

Kim Landick and Nora Peterson don headgear for their job-shadowing adventure.

“They really had no idea what they would experience here, and that’s a good reason by itself to do something like this,” says Zeman. “I think they left with a good understanding of how environmental compliance and

From your Alumni Association President As Michigan Tech alumni, we have much to be proud of. The outstanding achievements and the dedicated service of our 2007 Alumni Association award winners featured on page 18 are excellent examples of the quality of Michigan Tech grads. These are just a few representatives of our 65,000 high-achieving alumni family members living and working in more than one hundred countries around the world. If you know of an alumnus/a who should be recognized, please consider submitting an award nomination. The Michigan Tech Alumni Association operates an extensive alumni chapter program, organizes alumni to assist in student recruiting, and sponsors the annual Alumni Reunion in August. This past year, we have enhanced our communications and website, launched an online alumni community—HuskyLink—and developed new services for young alumni. Our goal is to encourage and support alumni in a lifelong relationship with Tech by linking them to the University, other alumni, and current students. To that end, your Alumni Association Board of Directors has been working on a strategic plan so our initiatives fully support Michigan Tech’s goals. We hope you will help us shape the future of our organization. Please send me your comments, care of the Office of Alumni Relations, 1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, MI 49931, or by email

Rom LaPointe ’92

manufacturing interact on a basic level.” If employers would like to participate in the Job Shadow, contact Gail Beausoleil, associate director of the Michigan Tech Career Center at 906-487-2313, or visit HuskyLink, the online alumni community, at and complete the mentoring section in your profile. There’s another option for alums to share their professional experiences with a Michigan Tech student— is an online mentoring program that pairs students with industry professionals. More than 1,045 companies are represented by mentors participating in this program, which only takes about twenty minutes per week via email. Log on to, or contact Michigan Tech’s MentorNet partnership coordinator, Kerri Sleeman,, 906-487-3539.

Regional Alumni Event Schedule September 15—Midland, tailgate, Football vs. Northwood October 5–6—Houghton, Homecoming, parade and tailgate, Football vs. Ferris State October 13—Saginaw, tailgate, Football vs. Saginaw Valley October 20—Marquette, tailgate, Football vs. Northern Michigan November 3—Madison, pregame event, Hockey vs. Wisconsin November 7—Detroit, Alumni Reception at Ford Field November 8—Detroit, YES! Expo at Ford Field December 1—Twin Cities, pregame event, Hockey vs. Minnesota December 15—Houghton, Midyear Commencement December 28–29—Detroit, Great Lakes Invitational, Joe Louis Arena

Keweenaw Alumni Chapter Events September—1960 Olympic Hockey Game Video Presentation November—Annual Lecture Series December—Annual Holiday After-Work Social For an up-to-date listing of alumni events, please visit

Michigan Technological University  17

From the Association

2007 Alumni Awards Distinguished Alumni Award David A. Edwards graduated from Michigan Tech with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 1983 and earned a doctorate from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1987. Edwards is the Gordon McKay Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Harvard, where he has taught since 2002. He has pioneered medical aerosol technology and founded Medicine in Need (MEND), a nonprofit that targets new treatments of diseases of poverty in developing nations. In May 2007, Michigan Tech awarded Edwards its highest honor, the Melvin Calvin Medal of Distinction. (See story, page 6.) Dr. Matthew N. Songer is chairman and CEO of Pioneer Surgical Technology in Marquette, Michigan. Songer graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Michigan Tech in 1979 and earned a Doctor of Medicine from University of Illinois in 1983. He also received an MBA from Northwestern University in 2006. Pioneer Surgical Technology, founded by Songer in 1992, is a leading developer and manufacturer of surgical instrumentation and spinal and orthopedic implants. He is a member of the Michigan Tech College of Science and Arts Academy and lectures in the biomedical engineering program.

Outstanding Young Alumni Award Kimberly L. Turner of Goleta, California, is an associate professor in mechanical engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her Michigan Tech credentials include an associate’s degree in civil engineering technology in 1989, a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1992, a bachelor’s degree

in mechanical engineering in 1994, and a master’s degree in civil engineering in 1996. She also studied at Cornell University and earned a doctoral degree in theoretical and applied mechanics from UCSB.

Outstanding Service Award Dennis E. Teeguarden is professor emeritus, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley. Teeguarden earned a bachelor’s degree in forestry from Michigan Tech in 1953. After service in the US Navy, he earned a master’s in forestry and a doctorate in agricultural economics, both from Berkeley. He has extensive involvement with Michigan Tech—he is a life trustee of the Michigan Tech Fund and a longtime supporter of the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, which honored him in 1993 with an outstanding alumnus award.

Honorary Alumni Award Ross E. Roeder studied at Michigan Tech from 1958 to 1960 before transferring to Michigan State, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After serving in the US Army, he earned an MBA at UCLA. Roeder is chairman of the board of Smart & Final, Inc., a food- and restaurant-supply company. He was awarded Tech’s Board of Control Silver Medal in 1986. Roeder is a charter member of the McNair Society of planned givers; a past president and life trustee of the Michigan Tech Fund; and a member of the School of Business and Economics National Advisory Board. He has established an endowed SBE scholarship and remains a fervent supporter of Tech’s football program.

Michigan Tech Alumni Association Mission Statement The mission of the Michigan Tech Alumni Association is to provide a mutually beneficial link between Michigan Tech alumni and a) the University, b) other alumni, and c) Michigan Tech students (future alumni). Vision To possess an environment and spirit in the Michigan Tech Alumni Association that results in a significant number of alumni forming lifelong relationships with the University and other alumni.

Board of Directors EXECUTIVE President Romuald J. LaPointe ’92 (Rom) Past President Scott D. Hartz ’81 Vice President Mark C. D. Mitchell, MD ’77 Treasurer Paul J. Ninefeldt ’96 Secretary Linda D. Kennedy ’91

18  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

DIRECTORS Holly M. Burger—MTSF Lisa A. Fernstrum ’91 Margaret R. Gale ’77/’81 (Peg) Kevin T. Grzelak ‘89 Sally P. Heidtke ’81 Tanya J. Klain ’90 Alexis J. Lee ’05 (AJ) David J. McCash ’91 Ryan D. Menze—MTSF

Lori Ann Muhlig ’01 Paul G. Nygaard ’93 Johnny G. Peavey ’74 Derhun D. Sanders ‘97 Jacque C. Smith ’85 Richard G. Timmons ’69 Karin J. Van Dyke ’78 For a detailed listing and contact information, visit

From the Association

Presidential Council of Alumnae Inducts New Members PCA members are recognized for achievements in a number of areas such as educational excellence, professional accomplishments, past student service, current community services, University support, and other personal success. The PCA advises the president on campus climate issues and provides suggestions for enhancing the University’s environment for students, especially women. The following women were inducted this spring at the PCA banquet: Jennifer Becker ’89 Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland-College Park

Mechanical engineering was well represented at the spring 2007 PCA banquet, where the PCA inducts new members and recognizes exceptional current students as Women of Promise. Left to right: Yeliana Yeliana (Woman of Promise); Merrily Madero; Bill Predebon, chair of ME-EM; Judy Swann; and Martha Sullivan.

Michele Blau (Lahti) ’88, ’92, ’96 Senior Manager, Project Managers in Integrated Operations, IBM Global Services, currently in Australia Monica Hahn ’83 Vice President of Marketing, Aramark Sports & Entertainment, Denver, Colorado Holly Hillberg (Phelan) ’83 Chief Technology Officer, Eastman Kodak, Vice President Kodak Health Group, Rochester, New York Cynthia Kring (Manninen) ’78 Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Kalkaska, Michigan Merrily Madero (Dente) ’85 Vice Commander, 17th Training Wing, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas Suzanne Sanregret (Jukuri) ’93, ’06 Athletic Director, Michigan Tech Martha Sullivan (Newman) ’80 Chief Operating Office and Vice President, Sensata Technologies, Inc., Attleboro, Massachusetts

Business alums were also well represented at the banquet. Back row, left to right: Michelle Blau, Laura Nagel, Rachel Boyle (Woman of Promise), Monica Hahn, and Suzanne Sanregret. Middle row: Jessica Kaiser and Joyce Abraham. Kneeling: Dana Johnson, SBE professor.

Kerry Sutton (Maloney) ’89 Director of Engineering for Southeast Michigan, Michigan Concrete Paving Association, Canton, Michigan Judy Swann (Hartman) ’83 Supervisory Patent Examiner, Patent and Trademark Office, United States Department of Commerce, Alexandria, Virginia

✁ We Want to Honor You, Too In the last fiscal year, the Michigan Tech Fund received funds totaling $4.3 million from bequests and other planned gifts. Behind all of these gifts were people who wanted to help assure the financial stability of Michigan Tech. While these donors shared the common bonds of vision and generosity, there was one big difference—some of them had notified Michigan Tech of their estate provisions and others had not. We regret that we did not have the opportunity to thank all of these individuals. We encourage you to let us know if Michigan Tech is included in your estate plans. We want to thank you and comply with your wishes regarding the eventual use of your gift. Further, we would like to honor you with membership in the McNair Society, named for Michigan Tech President Fred McNair (1899–1924). The society honors alumni and friends who leave a legacy for Michigan Tech. Your name would be listed in publications with other McNair Society members. All other information about your estate gift would be kept in strict confidence. (This recognition can also be entirely private.) For more information, please call the Office of Gift Planning at 906-487-3325, send an email to, or use the adjacent form.

Response Form Name ______________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________ City _______________________________  State ______  ZIP ______________ Telephone __________________________________________________________  Email ______________________________________________________________

❏ I have already provided for the Michigan Tech Fund in my estate plans. Please send me information about the McNair Society.

❏ I am considering a provision for the Michigan Tech Fund in my estate plans. Please send me information about the McNair Society.

❏ Please send me information about charitable estate planning. Mail this form to Office of Gift Planning Michigan Technological University 1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, MI 49931-1295

Michigan Technological University  19

Class Notes 1942 Albert L. Horujko, retired engineer with GE, lives in Fairfield, OH.

1948 Paul S. Krause, retired selfemployed real estate mgr, lives in Miami Beach, FL.

1950 Dr. Leo A. Lindquist, retired staff surgeon with US Dept of Veterans Affairs, lives in Greenville, NC.

1954 Joseph W. Rosenbery, retired general mgr with R&S Nationwide Sales, lives in Corona, CA.

1955 M/Gen. Dale R. Baumler Sr., retired major general with the US Air Force, lives in Fairfield, CA. Ray K. Burgess, retired president with Burgess Engineering in Florence, WI, where he lives.

1956 J. Michael Krieger, retired advisory programmer with IBM, lives in Bailey, CO. Richard J. Robbins, retired owner of The Robbins Group in Seattle, where he lives.

1957 Dr. Donald L. Bullock, retired chief scientist for lasers with Northrop Grumman, lives in Los Angeles. Elden D. Johnson retired from Bethlehem Steel, lives in Houghton. Larry G. Nault, retired general mgr with Matrix Integrated Linkage in Basking Ridge, NJ, where he lives.

1958 David L. Becker, retired bank director and bank holding company director with Becker Insurance Agency, lives in Vicksburg, MI. R. David Couch, broker with Century 21, lives in Arden, NC. John R. Diemart, retired president with Hawk N.D.T. Systems in Mohawk, MI, where he lives. John M. Gonser, retired computer analyst with ForstmanLittle & Co, lives in Grand Rapids, MI.

1959 Peter J. Aubry, consultant with Aubry Consultants Ltd, lives in Calgary, AB. Alejo F. Camacho, retired product engineer with Pacific Scientific, lives in Truth Or Consequence, NM. Ronald G. Donoghue, greenskeeper for Farmington Hills Golf Course in Farmington, MI, where he lives. Robert E. Wenner, director of internal audit with Michigan State Univ, lives in Haslett, MI.


Alumni Authors

Dale R. Bero, retired engineering management director with AA Management Group, lives in Richardson, TX. John T. Fraser, retired pastor with Bridgeport Baptist Church, lives in Hermansville, MI.

1961 Ralph L. Chiappetta, retired construction/operations mgr with Mountain Union Telecom, lives in West Chester, PA. Carl H. Epple, retired asst general mgr with Prison Industry Authority, lives in El Dorado Hills, CA. Gary H. Gay, mayor of the Town of Patagonia, AZ. Kathleen E. Kilponen, retired tenured professor/master teacher with Bay De Noc Community College in Escanaba, MI, where she lives. Dr. David H. Knoebel, self-employed engineering consultant in Homer, LA.

1962 Donald D. Conant, retired analyst/programmer with Steel Keys, lives in Lowell, MI. George Gasper Jr., retired professor with Northwestern Univ, lives in Wilmette, IL. Don B. LeHeup, PE, retired financial advisor with Waddell & Reed in Las Vegas, NV. Larry L. Rector, retired CEO with Climatic Control, lives in Naples, FL. David D. Westcott, retired president with Ultramatic Data Processing in Hancock, MI, where he lives.

1963 Gary F. Anderson, retired project mgr with Bechtel Group, lives in Iron River, MI. Thomas J. Cieslinski, retired chief planner with Maine Dept of Conservation, lives in Farmingdale. Thomas H. Essig, CHP, retired chief of materials safety & inspection branch with US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, lives in Redmond, WA. Melvin E. Gardner, retired M&D mgr with IBM, lives in Loveland, CO. Paul A. Kleinheksel, retired office mgr for Merrill Lynch, lives in Holland, MI. Kenneth L. Millard, retired sr engineer with CMS Energy, lives in Spring Arbor, MI. Robert M. Poquette, facilities operator with Quebecor Printing, lives in The Colony, TX. Raymond J. Schultz, retired self-employed consultant, lives in Flint, MI. Dr. John G. Simon, sr advisory consultant with Savannah River Nat’l Laboratory in Aiken, SC, where he lives.

1964 Dr. Lawrence P. Abrahamson, sr research assoc, director salix consortium with State Univ of New York, lives in Marcellus,

20  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

Outpost Kelly: A Tanker’s Story

Cold, Clear, and Deadly

by Jack Siewert ’50

Published May 2007, Michigan State University ISBN 978-0870138027

Published October 2006, Fire Ant Books. ISBN 0-8173-5341-0 “When you begin reading the story of Jack Siewert, commander of a platoon of M-46 tanks, you won’t stop. Siewart’s descriptions of combat are so dead-on, it’s as if you’re there in the morass with him. . . . The objective: a seemingly unimportant hill named Outpost Kelly. But Siewert had his orders, and he was going to fight for the hill, come hell or high water.” —Military Book Club Review

NY. Stephen J. Pribish, retired owner of Flying Brick Video Productions in Dayton, OH, where he lives. Warren L. Sawicki, retired general mgr with Bob Barker Co. in Fuquay Varina, NC, where he lives. James A. Schultz, environmental quality specialist with Jefferson Parish, lives in Gretna, LA.

by Mel Visser, ’59

“[An] intrepid and relentless quest for the truth behind toxic contamination, its causes and its consequences. From Lake Superior to the Arctic Circle, and back again, Visser brings his impressive scientific knowledge and moral integrity to the search for answers to difficult questions which vex policy makers across the globe.” —G. Tracy Mehan III Former Assistant Administrator for Water, EPA Director of the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes

WI, where he lives. Donald C. Logan MD, retired cardiologistmedical director with Dean Health System, lives in Middleton, WI. Dwight V. Stone, sr engineering steward with Caterpillar, lives in Metamora, IL. Alan L. Wilks, PE, chief technical officer with ERMCO in Dyersburg, TN, where he lives.



James I. Fiala, retired district sales mgr with W R Grace, lives in Schaumburg, IL. Victor M. Fortna, retired chief advisorsafety/health with Rio Tinto PLC, lives in Belen, NM. H. Vent Fromm, retired prod design engineer with Ford, lives in Rochester Hills, MI. David Y. Kokko, retired sr engineer with Boeing, lives in Eatonville, WA. Arie J. Korving, VP-investments with UBS Financial Services, lives in Chesapeake, VA. James W. Larson, retired staff engineer with American Standard in La Crosse,

Robert E. Bureau, retired supervisor of technical support with Control Data, lives in Nisswa, MN. Gerald W. Davison, retired self-employed IT project-dev mgr, lives in Fayetteville, AR. John Duran, retired supervisormanufacturing accounting with Ford, lives in Northville, MI. Birger M. Gabrielson, retired sales engineer with Best Electric Supply, lives in Mequon, WI. William J. Hayes Jr., retired mgr-met with Textron, lives in Shelby, MI. William W. Heglund, VP with TechLaw Solutions, lives

Class Notes in Potomac Falls, VA. Jerry W. Helander, retired princ engineer with 3M, lives in Stillwater, MN. Jerry D. Jablonski, mgrmanufacturing engineering with Delphi in Saginaw, MI, where he lives. David N. Johnson, retired process dev mgr with 3M, in St. Paul, MN, where he lives. John W. Koskela, retired engineerpatent with Rockwell Collins, lives in Robins, IA. Terry M. Linden, president with Empire Of Indeas in Ann Arbor, where he lives. William A. Perkins, retired sr sys analyst with Trend Tec, lives in Waukesha, WI. Dr. Richard J. Perle, professor with Loyola Marymount Univ, lives in Manhattan Beach, CA. Maj. Lee J. Smith, self-employed innkeeper in Talladega, AL, where he lives. Richard A. Strahl, retired professor with Cal-Poly, lives in Atascadero, CA. Gary L. Yaklin, sr project mgr with Durocher Marine, lives in Millersburg, MI. Rev. Francis Zakshesky, retired priest with Sacred Heart Catholic Church, lives in Sinton, TX. Robert B. Zimmerman, retired supervisor with UP Power, lives in Houghton.

1967 Richard E. Brooks Jr., retired proprietor with Brooks Snyder Assoc, lives in Chassell, MI. Daniel H. Draper, retired partner with The DPV Group in Pittsford, NY, where he lives. Dennis C. Elsholz, PE, sr project mgr with IVI Due Diligence Services in Phoenix, AZ, where he lives. Joseph A. Galetto, consultant with Copper Country ISD, lives in Lake Linden. Herbert S. Garn, asst director-Wisconsin with US Dept of Interior in Middleton, WI, where he lives. James E. Hughes, retired research consultant with Chevron in Houston, where he lives. Dr. William J. Raduchel, retired chairman/CEO with Ruckus Network, lives in Great Falls, VA. L. Howard Richards, sr sales rep with Acuity Brands Lighting in Henderson, NV, where he lives. Roderick W. Snell, production mgr with Pioneer Americas, lives in Baton Rouge, LA. Robert L Wass, public services deputy director with City of Kalamazoo, lives in Battle Creek.

1968 James W. Berg, retired project leader with Dow Chemical, lives in Seymour, TX. Daniel C. Brennan, pilot with Aeromedevac in Poway, CA, where he lives. William A. Brommelsiek, retired mgr-environment & safety with Chevron in Bakersfield, CA, where he lives. Jack F. Brown, retired sr engineer with CMS Energy in Battle Creek, MI, where he lives.

Douglas L. Burnett, retired sr sales engineer with Genrad, lives in Grand Haven, MI. James R. Diehr II, application engineer with Signature Controls in Brighton, MI, where he lives. David A. Dreisbach, retired president with Gulf Coast MCCS, lives in Kemah, TX. Robert K. Etelamaki, princ software/firmware engineer with Medtronic, lives in Coon Rapids, MN. Leslie T. Foster Jr., accountant with Muskegon County in Muskegon, MI, where he lives. Russell R. Grobe, retired dev manufacturing engineer with Hewlett-Packard, lives in Eagle, ID. Richard L. Hennessy Jr., retired first VP-commercial loan department with JPMorgan Chase, lives in Harbor Springs, MI. Neville G. Hoo, construction mgr with Miami Dade Transit in Miami, FL, where he lives. Wayland D. Ingersoll Jr., retired project mgr with Goforth Group in South Haven, MI, where he lives. Robert R. Kenyon, retired technical mgr with Lucent Technologies, lives in Granville, OH. James H. McCoy Jr., director of Petroplus Marketing AG in Zug, Switzerland. Morey A. Nunn, self-employed consultant in Willis, TX, where he lives. Timothy J. Rosemeyer, operations director with Lewis Gill Ranch in Camarillo, CA, where he lives. Richard Sieradzki, retired captain with Aloha Airlines, lives in Aiea, HI. Robert R. Tiura, retired transportation engineer with MDOT, lives Royal Oak, MI. David E. Toolanen, quality specialist with DaimlerChrysler, lives in Roscommon, MI. Michael A. Wehr, retired estimator/project mgr with Arms & Cole, lives in Kewadin, MI.

1969 Thomas A. Brunson, technical consultant with Emerson Process Management, lives in Leander, TX. Charles L. Jack, retired selfemployed consultant in Loveland, CO, where he lives. Gary B. Johnson, PE, retired sr engineer with CMS Energy, lives in Midland, MI. Harold A. Lanfear, retired sr purchasing agent with E.I. du Pont lives in West Grove, PA. Ferdinand Lundberg, retired specialized professional with NC State Univ, lives in Garner. Matthias C. Manderfield Sr., president with Manderfield in Atlantic Mine, MI, where he lives. James T. McEachen, CEO with Cleaning Technologies Group, West Chester, OH. Charles A. Noetzel, global mgr with Goodyear in Akron, OH, where he lives. Juri J. Nurmberg, retired mgr with Tartu College in Toronto, where he lives. Dean B. Parks, lead sr engineer with

SKF Asset Management Services, lives in Martinez, CA. Michael P. Russo, lead princ engineer with Aeronautical Radio, lives in Edgewater, MD. John V. Vinquist, executive director with Radisson Community Association in Baldwinsville, NY, where he lives. Jon H. Wenger, chief architect with TellX, lives in Milpitas, CA. John R. Withrow, sales account mgr with MANN+HUMMEL Group, lives in Milford, MI.

1970 Glen E. Bahr, retired from the US Air Force, lives in Rome, NY. Wallace B. Binder Jr., retired consultant with W B Binder Consultant in New Castle, PA, where he lives. John R. Chamberlain, PE, retired princ consultant with City of Lansing, lives in Perry, MI. Anthony L. Cooper II, engineer-fleet maintenance with City of Denver, where he lives. Theodore J. Egan, independent consultant with Tech41 in Naples, FL, where he lives. Steven L. Gallaway, retired metallurgical engineer with USS-POSCO Industries, lives in Indio, CA. Robert W. Hamm, testing services mgr with Siemens Water Technologies in Holland, MI, where he lives. W. Thomas Johnson, account executive with CrossCom National, lives in Farmington Hills, MI. Michael J. Lefebvre, PE, VP with GraefAnhalt-Schloemer/Assoc in Green Bay, where he lives. John A. Richards is with ConocoPhillips and lives in Sulphur, LA. Bruce W. Robertson, retired staff engineer with Shell Oil in Houston, where he lives. Gerald R. Ruotsala, retired self-employed maintenance contractor, lives in Petaluma, CA. George P. Schubert, PE, retired sr project engineer with Midwest Engineering Services, lives in Wind Lake, WI. James A. Visintainer, PE, engineering mgr with Domtar in Rothschild, WI, where he lives. Wolfgang Walther, pilot/captain with Amer Airlines, lives in Tequesta, FL. Michael C. Wetzel, environmental services superintendent with the City of Kalamazoo, where he lives. Robert H. Yonker, engineering mgr with Caterpillar, lives in Metamora, IL.

1971 Dennis L. Adams, retired selfemployed consulting engineer, and lives in Vienna, VA. Karen J. Buck, retired project mgr with the US Navy, lives in Fairfax, VA. Dennis R. Dorman, director of compressor technology & dev with Trane, in LaCrosse, WI, where he lives. Richard M. Harris, store mgr with Dollar Tree, lives in St. Cloud,

FL. Dennis J. Kemmer, VP-asst general counsel with CIT Group, lives in Westfield, IN. Robert A. Knapp, retired supervisor-SUV vehicle dynamics, Ford, lives in Northville, MI. C. Thomas Maki, assoc VP with HNTB in Houston, where he lives. Walter N. Rognerud, geophysicist with Marathon Oil, and lives in Sugar Land, TX. Daniel J. Schmidt, PE, VP-quality with Northern Iron & Machine, lives in Woodbury, MN. George W. Sierant Jr., retired mgr of construction with BASF, lives in Cedar Park, TX. Donald W. Thompson, clinical implementation specialist with DSS, lives in Fort Pierce, FL. Richard L. Van Goor, owner of Dapple-Gray Bed & Breakfast, lives in Eagle Harbor, MI. John W. Wehmanen, program analyst with the US Army, lives in Alexandria, VA.

1972 Teo A. Babun Jr., president of Babun Group Consulting, lives in Surfside, FL. Thomas J. Byle, PE, asst director of engineer with Kent County Rd Commission in Grand Rapids, MI, where he lives. Thomas R. Duvendack, retired park mgr-ranger emeritus with Toledo Metropark Dist in Swanton, OH, where he lives. Gary G. Holcombe, partner with Elmer’s Construction Engineering, Traverse City, MI, where he lives. Loren H. Howard, director of electric services & technology with Holland Board of Public Works, lives in Holland, MI. Robert P. Jensen, retired aviation inspector & mgr with US Dept of Trans, lives in Marquette, MI. Philip R. Jose Sr., fire protection engineer with PR Jose & Associates in Guilderland, NY, where he lives. Duane E. Laurila, VP with Angelo Iafrate Construction, lives in Troy, MI. Barbara M. Laus, quality sys engineer with Lorin Industries, lives in Montague, MI. Sandra K. Martin, quality assurance research biologist with Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA, where she lives. Jack L. Miller, retired sr controls engineer with GE Fanuc USA, lives in Byron, MI. Dale E. Pierce, resource mgr with Regulus Stud Mills, lives in Plummer, ID. Catherine L. Priest, retired math teacher-curriculum coordinator with Eveleth-Gilbert Schools in Eveleth, MN, where she lives. James J. Quinlan, parole board member with MI Dept of Corrections, lives in Mecosta, MI. Jeffrey S. Raymond, retired sr cost estimator with Delphi in Flint, MI, where he lives. James A. Rowe, president of OxyComfort in Kalispell, MT, where he lives.

Michigan Technological University  21

Class Notes Gregory A. Schurig, project mgr with Middough in Portage, MI. Gary D. Seppanen, project mgr-six sigma black belt with Honeywell International, lives in Glendale, AZ. Steven D. Smith, sr VP with Transwestern, lives in Darien, IL. Mark R. Strehlow, technical loan operations mgr with EverBank Financial Corp in Jacksonville, FL, where he lives. Patrick F. Thornton, mgr of Superior Sand & Gravel in Hancock, MI, where he lives. Fernando E. Viale, managing director with Asesa Tech Srl, lives in Lima, Peru. Douglas F Warnat, president with Warnat Engineering in Pelham, AL, where he lives. Anthony J. Zanko, commercialization mgr with Eastman Kodak, lives in Stillwater, MN.

1973 Terry R. Agorgianitis, retired product price estimator with Ford, in Davisburg, MI. Gary P. Aho, retired maintenance engineer for M109 Howitzer with the US Army, lives in Bettendorf, IA. Jeanne C. Benetti, retired survey statistician with US Dept of Commerce, lives in Temple Hills, MD. Thomas E. Collins, service forester, State of Ohio, lives in Wauseon, OH. Mark R. Ford, business mgralumina & specialties with UOP, lives in Buffalo Grove, IL. Roger T. Gault, technical director with Engien Manufacturers Associate in Chicago, where he lives. John A. Guzowski, supplier quality engineer with Becton Dickinson, lives in Kearney, NE. Gary A. Hartman, realtor assoc with Commercial Property Investment in Chipley, FL, where he lives. Robert L. Johnson, retired geologist with Murphy Oil, lives in Slidell, LA. Martin A. Jones, PE, president with Great Lakes Aggregates, lives in Grosse Ile, MI. Robert P. Klopke, adjunct instructor with Northeast Wisc Tech College, lives in Gresham. Lawrence L. Kneisel, research scientist with Visteon, lives in Novi, MI. Allan J. Landosky, vehicle sys dev engineering mgr with GM in Troy, MI, where he lives. John P. Lee, program mgr with CB Richard Ellis, lives in Wixom, MI. Jean M. Maatta, clinical technologist III with Yale Univ, lives in Hamden, CT. Henry W. Mentink Jr., project engineer with Shaw Stone & Webster in Centennial, CO, where he lives. Carl F. Musolff, sr tech advisor-metallurgical engineer with Cummins, lives in Nashville. Jeffrey S. Newman, avp-princ engineer with FM Global, lives in Franklin, MA. Charles R. Paterka,

supervisor-certification strategy group with DaimlerChrysler, lives in Ann Arbor. Stephen C. Robinson, CFO with Landon IP, lives in Bristow, VA. James R. Russell, network engineer with CDI, lives in Livonia, MI. Richard R. Ruth, consultant with Ford in Dearborn, where he lives. Byron L. Spaedt, retired financial administration engineer with GM, lives in Ponning, MI. James W. Svendsen, service engineer with Elk River Machine in Elk River, MN, where he lives. Dr. Thomas C. Tiearney Jr., princ engineermaterials & processes with GE, lives in Waukesha, WI. Kirk E. Yarina, retired paramedic with Mercy Ambulance Services, in Chassell, MI, where he lives.

1974 William J. Akker, co-owner of Frens Nursery, lives in Muskegon, MI. Michael J. Bielinski, fuel handling supervisor with CMS Energy in Grand Haven, MI, where he lives. James J. Botz, PE, VP with STS Consultants in Green Bay, where he lives. Alan S. Chisek, retired technical sales representative with Eastman Kodak, lives in Fuquay Varina, NC. Randy David Down, PE, president/CEO of Down Forensic Engineering in Cary, NC, where he lives. Michael H. Farver, president of End Childhood Hunger, lives in Plantation, FL. Max P. Frederick II, maintenance mgr with ATI Allvac in Albany, OR, where he lives. Carol A. Green, service/design engineer with Metso Minerals Industries, lives in Burgettstown, PA. Randall G. Hector, EWP with North Pacific Group, lives in Williamsburg, MI. David M. Kalen, semtech account executive with Sensors, lives in Jackson, MI. D. James Kindle, self-employed realtor in Kalamazoo, MI, where he lives. Karl E. Koster, engineer with Velting Contractors, lives in Belmont, MI. James W. Laumer, sr engineering specialist with 3M, in St. Paul, MN, where he lives. William H. McConnell, retired criminal investigator with US Dept of Agriculture in Colville, WA, where he lives. Patricia A. P. Nugent, program mgr with Dow Chemical in Midland, MI, where she lives. Verna M. Reedy, business mgr with Cordova School District in Cordova, AK, where she lives. Walter J. Saaranen, assoc forester with Fountain Forestry, lives in Hillsboro, OH. Darryl J. Vegh, retired sys engineer with the US Army, lives in Flanders, NJ.

1975 Thomas R. Arbuckle, owner of Flying Chile Pepper in Delray

22  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

Beach, FL. Roy R. Auvinen, electrical tech-level 3 with Tennessee Valley Authority, lives in Dutton, AL. David M. Bergman, retired park specialist with Westerville Parks & Recreation in Westerville, OH. Roger E. Dobberstein, mgr of operations with Verizon Communications, lives in Twin Lake, MI. Edward J. Dziura, project mgr with Brunswick, lives in Montague, MI. John Allen Gates, sr chief engineer with General Dynamics, lives in San Jose, CA. Tim R. GeBott, chief estimator with Workstage in Grand Rapids, MI, where he lives. Cheryl R. Hiatt, sr environmental engineer with GM, lives in Canton, MI. Lizabeth L. Hughes, lead tech with Mid America Laboratories, lives in Carmel, IN. Jeffrey M. Kelley, plant engineering & maintenance mgr with Sekisui Voltek in Coldwater, MI, where he lives. James K. Landman, project electrical engineer with CH2M HILL in Corvallis, OR, where he lives. Steven LaRouche, retired metallurgical engineer with Ford, lives in Westland, MI. Michael P. O’Hearn, asst VP with Walbridge Aldinger, lives in Clarkston, MI. Dennis C. Parker, sr princ software engineer with Symantec, lives in Burnsville, MN. Dr. Richard M. Rankl, asst director for a family practice residency with Genesys Regional Medical Center, lives in Flushing, MI. Mark O. Walter, project engineer with Yates Construction, lives in Jacksonville, FL. Lawrence M. Zazeski, project mgr with Lyondell Chemical, in Morris, IL, where he lives.

1976 David L. Brooks, technical mgr with Verizon Communications, lives in Maynard, MA. Barry L. Burgess, sr princ engineer with Dynetics, lives in Gurley, AL. David L. Campbell, retired forester with International Paper, lives in Augusta, ME. Joseph R. Dancy, technology fund mgr with LSGI Technology Venture Fund LP in Duncanville, TX, where he lives. Michael J. Diehl, PE, project mgr with HC Brill, lives in Dacula, GA. Bruce E. Falberg, sales representative with Wirt Financial in Traverse City, MI, where he lives. Christine L. Flis is with Logan Aluminum in Russellville, KY, where she lives. Dr. Francis M. Hanchek, sr component design engineer with Intel, lives in Portland, OR. John M. Helge, district sales mgr with Nalco, lives in Manistee, MI. Laurel A. Hill, sr account executive with Interface FABRIC, lives in Alto,

MI. Karol M. Hyypio, national accounts director with W.L. Gore & Assocs, lives in Bradenton, FL. Stuart K. Koford, president with Koford Engineering in Whester, OH, where he lives. James L. LaBeske, CFP, financial advisor with Amerprise Financial, lives in Hancock, MI. George W. Lyle, self-employed investment consultant in Scottsdale, AZ, where he lives. Michael G. Mansfield, design project engineer with Genesee County in Flint, MI, where he lives. William J. Murchie, PE, retired president/ owner with A M Engineering in Sarasota, FL, where he lives. Mark H. Ostrowski, assoc directortax with Proctor & Gamble, lives in Ashland, MA. Kevin D. Palkki, surveyor/engineer with Cleveland-Cliffs, lives in Negaunee, MI. Millis V. Parshall III, princ engineer with GE, lives in Erie, Pa. Arthur H. Rathke, PE, infrastructure technology mgr with TRW Automotive, lives in Sterling Heights, MI. Stuart F. Schaeffer, mgr with Alliance Health Care, lives in Jamison, PA. Casey C. Smith, global mgr with BP, lives in Katy, TX. Robert J. Sniegowski, princ-construction specialist with Larson Allen & Weishar in Minneapolis, MN, where he lives. Karla L. Strobel, self-employed consultant-quality sys in Greenville, NC, where she lives. Elizabeth S. Strock, patient services mgr with Quest Diagnostics, lives in Highlands Ranch, CO. Donald E. Sudhoff, compliance leader with GE Healthcare, lives in Wauwatosa, WI. Timothy Thomson, director of research with Rogers Foam, lives in West Newbury, MA. Carol A. Warnat-Mann, self-employed traveling contract medical tech, lives in Big Pine Key, FL.

1977 Susan S. Barnard, technical support & training with GenProbe, lives in Murrieta, CA. Kathleen A. Beattie, county treasurer with Houghton County, lives in Hancock, MI. Richard L. Bell, designing engineer with GM, lives in Sterling Heights, MI. Robert J. Brentrup, mgr-data communications with Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, lives in Hanover, NH. Patrick M. Brown, MD, physician with Univ of Texas Southwestern St, and lives in Plano. Linda M. Dahl, information specialist with ADC, lives in Hopkins, MN. Dr. Daniel R. Fealko, sr data architect with Xclaim Software, lives in Clay, NY. Mark L. Fenske, director of architecture with Dow Chemical in Midland, MI, where he lives.

Class Notes Richard J. Ford, site business mgr with CMS Energy, lives in Freeland, MI. Nancy A. Hadlich, internal consultant with Altru Health System in Grand Forks, ND, where she lives. Ralph E. Mackiewicz, VP-business dev with Sys Integration Specialists, lives in Harrison Township, MI. Patrick M. McCarty, sr engineer with Whirlpool, Coloma, MI. Lester A. Pearce, princ exploration geologist with Shell in Houston, where he lives. Thomas C. Phillips, director-account executive with Computer Sciences, lives in Romeo, MI. Gary M. Reeve, mgr with Bridgestone/Firestone, lives in Crown Point, IN. James G. Regan, executive account mgr with Praxair, lives in Newtown, CT. James E. Savageau, sr project mgr-drives/metals sys with ABB, lives in Nashotah, WI. Randy D. Sikkema, PE, facilities mgr with Ebert’s Greenhouse Village, lives in Hartford, MI. John M. Sullivan, sr director-global engineering services with GE Medical Systems in Seattle, where he lives. Charles Swan II, sales-service with MCI Aquatic Management, lives in Gladwin, MI. Kathie M. Swan, social worker-deputy director with Comm. Mental Health Central Michigan, lives in Gladwin. Gary A. Young, sr engineer with Natl Fuel Gas Supply Corp in Erie, PA, where he lives.

1978 David W. Alsgaard, project mgr with Dow Chemical, in Midland, MI, where he lives. John J. Anderson, county

Congrats Phi Taus! The Michigan Tech Alumni Association congratulates the Gamma Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau on their fiftieth anniversary!

highway engineer with Tazewell County Highway Dept, lives in Washington, IL. Michael J. Antioho, managing director with Mesirow Financial, lives in Medinah, IL. Jeffrey K. Autenrieth, co-owner, VP with Kebs, lives in Lansing, MI. Susan E. Baldaccini, instructional technologist with Keller Intermediate School Dist in Keller, TX, where she lives. Barbara G. Bennett, sr quality engineer with NewPage in Escanaba, where she lives. Loren T. Bowns, regional mgr with ChemTreat in Crete, IL, where he lives. Carl R. Brahce, supply chain mgr with 3M, lives in Cedar Park, TX. William K. Brenholtz, self-employed software developer, lives in Littleton, CO. Stephen P. Briggs, director-specialty products with BASF, lives in Raleigh, NC. Patrick D. Burke, sr IT specialist with Air Products & Chemicals, lives in Emmaus, PA. Daniel L. DeLand, sr program engineer with BorgWarner, lives in Davison, MI. Nels R. Ebbesen, sr princ dev engineer with American Standard, lives in Winona, MN. Thomas F. Ferrari, inside sales with In-Pro, lives in New Berlin, WI. Scot N. Field, area director with Crown Financial Ministries, lives in New Tazewell, TN. Brenda R. Honkanen Pearman, retired product line mgr with JDS Uniphase, lives in Springbrook, WI. David A. Jackson, aftermarket business mgr with Voith in Smithfield, ME, where he lives. Donald S. Jordan, princ hardware engineer with Raytheon, lives in Franklin, MA. Charlene M. Josenhans, customer service with Xpedx, lives in Chicago. Kurt D. Kliewoneit, mgr refining applications with BP, Evanston, IL. Phillip G. Konkle, field engineer with Spencer Brothers, lives in Midland, MI. Peter W. Kools, chief technology officer with aCerno in San Francisco, where he lives. Fabian J. Kott Jr., department head, environmental affairs with Great Lakes Gas Trans, lives in Rochester, MI. Dr. Cynthia M. Kring, family practice physician with Kalkaska Family Practice, lives in Williamsburg, MI. Jack A. Laakso, general mgr with Powder River Coal in Gillette, WY, where he lives. Leigh C. Lathrop, BSC with BTA Systems, lives in San Antonio, TX. Robert J. Levine, real estate specialist with US Dept of Interior, lives in Loma, CO. Thomas A. Lohse, process engineer with BASF, lives in North East, PA. Victor J. Malinasky, quality mgr with Comau, lives in Commerce, MI. Robert G. Nicolli, sr land surveyor with US Dept of Interior, lives in St. Charles,

MO. Amy J. Parker, instructor with Academy of Art Univ in San Francisco, where she lives. John F. Petkus, president with Hemisphere West Intl, in Las Vegas, NV, where he lives. Daniel F. Raubinger, technical integration engineer with GM, lives in Troy, MI. Carleton J. Robinson Jr., president with PI Advantage in Anacortes, WA, where he lives. Charles W. Rogers, princ engineer, sys protection with CMS Energy in Jackson, MI, where he lives. Dennis Schmidt, mgr-project management with Smiths Group PLC in Grand Rapids, MI, where he lives. James R. Schwaderer, PE, mgr-electrical engineering with TRC, lives in Lansing, MI. Steven R. Sharpe, national sales mgr with Cummins Generator Technologies in Reno, NV, where he lives. Mark A. Suokas, sr estimator with Barton Malow, lives in Northville, MI. Dario J. Talerico, high school princ with Kiel Public Schools in Kiel, WI, where he lives. Walter J. Thomasser Jr., sr project designer with Consul Tech, lives in Bradenton, FL. Donald M. Van Waldick II, retired RAD safety with Kaiser Hill, lives in Idaho Falls, ID. Gerald J. Wirth, testing group supervisor with Exelon, lives in New Lenox, IL. Scott E. Zasadil, sr software engineer with SmartOps in Pittsburgh, PA, where he lives.

1979 Jan E. Beveridge, embedded software engineer-sr staff with Lockheed Martin, lives in Cleburne, TX. Delinda H. Borden, customer & distribution service mgr with Kentucky Power, lives in Louisa, KY. Thomas G. Bryant, PE, VP-sales & marketing with Executive Partners Intl, lives in Farmington Hills, MI. Scott M. Daniels, owner with Gigabit Computer Clinic in Rockton, IL, where he lives. Robert E. Embrey, owner/president with Sales Consultants Auburn Hills, lives in Lake Angelus, MI. Michael E. Eustice, metro region delivery engineer with Mich Dept of Trans, lives in West Bloomfield, MI. Douglas L. Fell, assoc with Clark Engineers, lives in Woodbury, MN. Harold G. Grimm, engineer with FWS Trimac, lives in Midland, MI. Phillip A. Harvey, vice pres/sales & operations with Gulfeagle Supply, lives in Lutz, FL. Cindy R. Karl, research nurse clinician with William Beaumont Hospital, lives in Rochester Hills, MI. Mark L. Konecki, PE, deputy general director with BP in Prospekti, Baku, lives in Houston. Rev. Matthew J. Lamb, mgr-quarry & crushing with O-N Minerals, lives in Leola, PA. Steven J. Leppala,

pollution control emergency response specialist with State of Minn, lives in Hermantown. Cary K. Leslie, regional engineering mgr with Delphi, lives in McAllen, TX. Steven J. Long, PE, chief engineer-acting with IL DOT Div of Aeronautics, lives in Rochester, IL. Russell W. Louks, PTO quality sys supervisor with Ford, lives in Trenton, MI. Steven J. Mattler, director of process engineering with GLS, lives in Crystal Lake, IL. Dr. Douglas A. McDowell, retired US Air Force, lives in Iron Mountain, MI. Paul R. McFeaters, sr technical specialist with Fluor Government Group, lives in Loogootee, IN. Mark M. McGlhey, sr technical mgr with Honeywell International, lives in Peoria, AZ. Peter F. Motzenbecker, sys acquisition mgr with US Army, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Gary A. Patterson, PE, president with AMVEST WV Coal, lives in Elkview, WV. Diane K. Pawlowski, owner of Antiques & Uniques of Fairbury in Fairbury, IL, where she lives. Craig R. Prudian, project mgr with Electro-Motive Diesel, lives in Willowbrook, IL. Edith K. Raffin, PE, asst director-buildings & grounds with De Pere Schools in De Pere, WI, where she lives. David K. Rock, lead designing engineer with GM, lives in Washington, MI. Robert N. Schettler, director manufacturing strategies & global logistics with Cooper Industries, lives in Menomonee Falls, WI. Garry P. Simpson, specialist with West Bloomfield Twp, and lives in Southfield, MI. Robert R. Spencer, sr controls engineer with RDS Engineering in Battle Creek, MI, where he lives. Stephen W. Stackhouse, director of corporate dev with Michigan Tech, lives in Houghton. Dennis S. Thompson, quality control mgr with Hanson PLC, lives in Melbourne FL. Michael J. Trione, mgr-process engineering with Middough Consulting, lives in Mundelein, IL. Fr. Michael Veneklase, OCD, Catholic priest-friar with Discalced Carmelite Fathers, lives in Munster, IN. Cynthia Wilkins, mgr/web designer with Milford 495 Rental, lives in Medway, MA. Jeffrey S. Williams, laboratory mgr with SGS North America, lives in Trenton, MI. Richard N. Wuori, project mgr/assoc with UP Engineers & Architects, lives in Atlantic Mine, MI.

1980 Charles E. Andrews, president of Je’Livron in Hancock, MI, where he lives. Timothy H. Bedenis, mgr-geotechnical services & chief geotechnical engineer with Soil &

Michigan Technological University  23

Class Notes Materials Engineers in Plymouth, MI, where he lives. Kenneth J. Benoit, sr electrical engineer with Allete, lives in Hermantown, MN. Carleton E. Britt, sales & marketing with Facility Wizard Software, lives in Austin, TX. Cathy L. Cooper, technical supervisor with Sonora Quest Laboratories, lives in Chandler, AZ. Michael J. Friesema, general mgr-Africa & sr director engineering with Corn Products Intl, lives in Elgin, IL. Michael J. Gruski, purchasing mgr with Foth Production Solutions, lives in De Pere, WI. Farshid Hafezi, supervising mechanical engineer with Metro Water Reclamation Ct, lives in Plainfield, IL. Donald P. Hill, director metal management with Aero Dycast, lives in Saltsburg, PA. David J. Howard, sr engineer with Chiron Diagnostics, lives in North Ridgeville, OH. Donald Michael Ireland, sales engineer with GE Fanuc USA, lives in New Holland, PA. Jack E. Johnson, maintenance & engineering mgr with Michael Foods, lives in Waseca, MN. Stephen M. Kusnit, sr business analyst-project mgr with Comensura, lives in Arlington, TX. Peter J. Laine, project engineer with Charles E Raines, lives in Allen Park, MI. Carol-Ann Ley, physician with 3M, lives in Marine On St Croix, MN. Dr. Thomas A. Lograsso, scientist with Ames Laboratory in Ames, IA, where he lives. Dr. Barbara Kiiskila Lograsso, professor with Michigan Tech, lives in Ames, IA. Robert J. Makolin, president with Abba Makolin Waldron & Assoc in Neenah, WI, where he lives. Jeffrey W. Oakes, engineer with CLE Engineering in Marion, MA, where he lives. Bryan L. Parker, sr consultant with Faithful and Gould, lives in Eden Prairie, MN. Joseph J. Plunger, operations mgr with Citation, lives in Sartell, MN. Ralph A. Prescott, project mgr with Paperchine, lives in Roscoe, IL. Robert D. Procunier, operations mgr with Star Industries, lives in Ishpeming, MI. Deborah D. Sesselmann, self-employed realtor in Green Bay, where she lives. Kathleen G. Sloan, CPA with Cochran and Mann, lives in Germantown, MD. Michael W. Smaby, PE, program leader with Kimberly-Clark in Neenah, WI, where he lives. Jeffrey D. Steinaway, purchasing mgr-capital equipment with Metaldyne, lives in Pinckney, MI. Paula J. Trigg, director of planning & programming with Lake County Div of Trans, lives in Waukegan, IL.

1981 Louis A. Artale Jr., staff engineer with Lockheed Martin, lives in Endicott, NY. Christopher A. Boza, retired urban forester with City of Chico, lives in Chattaroy, WA. C. Andrew Brandt, chief officer of traffic operations with Calif Dept of Trans in Marysville, where he lives. James M. Brooks, director of operations with Seco Tools, lives in Commerce Township, MI. Robert J. Fons, sr engineering mgr with Schlumberger Ltd, lives in Pearland, MI. Jason E. Ford, sr project mgr/enterprise leader with High Tech Controls Systems, lives in Luxemburg, WI. Carl S. Gutekunst, sr software engineer with Postini, lives in Los Altos, CA. Susan A. Haskins, customer engineer with Boeing, lives in Clinton, WA. Diane M. Holmes, sr engineer with Secor Intl, lives in Brighton, MI. Theodore A. Janish IV, sr geotechnical engineer with Alpha Testing, lives in Plano, TX. Amiel T. Joven, sr staff engineer with Shell Oil, lives in The Woodlands, TX. Daniel R. Judson, project test engineer with Molex, lives in Harrison Township, MI. John A. Kaiser, president with Banbury Place in Eau Claire, WI, where he lives. Joel S. Kuszmaul, assoc professor with Univ of Mississippi, lives in Oxford, MS. Scott A. Kuyawa is with Delphi and lives in El Paso, TX. Wai H. Kwok, solution architect with Hewlett-Packard, lives in Hong Kong. Philip M. Lindberg, program engineering supervisor-license renewal with Nuclear Management, lives in Hudson, WI. Dorene S. Markel, managing director with Univ of Michigan-MICHR in Ann Arbor, where she lives. Paul M. Meese, human resources consultant with SingleSource Services, lives in Waunakee, WI. Lawrence E. Moser, CAD mgr with Link_A_Media Devices, lives in Sunnyvale, CA. Ann R. O’Neill, president, CEO with imX Solutions, lives in Farmington Hills, MI. Krista Olson, sr princ bus sys analyst with BAE Systems, lives in Springfield, VA. Thomas D. Shepard, EHS mgr with Great Lakes Castings Corp in Ludington, MI, where he lives. Gail M. Simonds, minister with Weathervane Ministries in Kingsford, MI, where she lives. Scott M. St Louis, PMP, program mgr with General Dynamics in Fort Wayne, IN, where he lives. Dr. Roy T. St. Laurent, assoc prof of statistics with Northern Arizona Univ in Flagstaff, where he lives. Scott E. Thorholm, princ staff software engineer with

24  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

Continental Automotive Systems, lives in Arlington Heights, IL. William H. Wittig, sr sys engineer with Delphi Steering in Saginaw, MI, where he lives.

1982 Patrick J. Bal, sys analyst with Verso Paper, lives in Vulcan, MI. John E. Beardslee, field efficiency & planning mgr with Marathon Oil in Findlay, OH, where he lives. Mark A. Bialik, owner of GBS Engineering in Knoxville, TN, where he lives. Jodi L. Bondy, science teacher with Danville Community High School, lives in North Salem, IL. David A. Brandt, mgr-capital projects with Paperchine in Rockton, IL, where he lives. Paul R. Bressette, land surveyor with Mich DNR, lives in Marquette. Steven E. Bruce, VP-business dev with Lockheed Martin, lives in Morrisville, NY. James A.D. Buffington, manufacturing engineer with GEA FlatPlate, lives in Manchester, PA. Obert L. Burch, princ designer with Johnson Controls, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Daniel M. Burke, director of global technology management with Abbott Laboratories, lives in Libertyville, IL. Karl V. Groth, engineer with CKGP/PW Associates, lives in South Lyon, MI. Marcia M. Ireland, product dev purchasing with CNH America in New Holland, PA, where she lives. Maj. Eric L. Johnson, retired command pilot with US Air Force in Bossier City, LA, where he lives. John J. Karson, marketing dev mgr with Caterpillar, lives in Metamora, IL. William K. King, sales director with Key Safety Systems in, lives in Shelby Township, MI. Thomas A. Lahnala, PE, quality assurance mgr with Ford, lives in Saline, MI. Jennifer V. Lahnala is with Ford and lives in Saline, MI. Steven M. Lamphear is with Lamphear Surveying, lives in St Thomas, VI. Robert E. Larson, sr engineer with Belcan Engineering, lives in West Chester, OH. William L. Learman, engineering services mgr with TI Automotive in Caro, MI, where he lives. James Leppek, chief sys engineer with Harr, lives in Melbourne, FL. Daniel W. Malueg, CEO with Wildland Intl in North Las Vegas, NV, where he lives. Brent R. Mason, EMS director with Mecosta County in Big Rapids, MI, where he lives. Steven J. Mesenbring, sales-sr director with Roquette America, lives in Quy, IL. Raymond J. Miller, sr engineer I&C design with Progress Energy, lives in Wilmington, NC. Vicki R. Moore, administrative asst with Michael McIntyre, lives in Holt, MI.

Phillip J. Moscko, princ engineer with Lockheed Martin, lives in Cedar Hill, TX. Scott D. Muller, tech lead se200/pathnav/gms with Polycom, lives in Thornton, CO. Gary L. Nylander, sr project engineer-outsourced engineering with Nissan Tech Center, lives in Hartland, MI. LtJG. Kim J. Pacsai, lieutenant commander with Dept of Homeland Security, lives in Traverse City, MI. Bruce W. Reed, lead software engineer with Lawson Software in St. Paul, MN, where he lives. Sally C. Rice, sr mgr-business service applications with Avaya in Fayetteville, GA, where she lives. Edward W. Roney, dev mgr, intelligent robotics with FANUC Robotics America, lives in Novi, MI. Mark G. Schnell, technical leader with Cisco Systems, lives in Mebane, NC. James J. Szyszka, process automation engineer with Mittal Steel USA, lives in Schererville, IN. Daniel R. Tegel, mgr-gas turbine operability with GE, lives in Simpsonville, SC. Atsushi Yuki, president with Kyocera Tech Development, lives in Walnut Creek, CA. Nasri A. Zabib, general mgr with Citytec, lives in Abu Dhabi.

1983 John M. Bedford, emerald ash borer field operations chief with Michigan Dept of Agriculture, lives in Sterling Heights, MI. Kent L. Blossom, director-process transfers, global tech amer with IBM in Wilmington, NC, where he lives. Robert J. Buechler, owner of Northern Environmental Service, lives in Petoskey, MI. Bruce A. Carlson, president with Resource Link in Ishpeming, MI, where he lives. Edward J. Corpe, operations excellence specialist with Georgia-Pacific, lives in Palmetto, GA. A. Scott Dawson, president/CEO/director with Open Range Energy Corp in Calgary, AB, where he lives. Dale K. Dewald, owner of DXM Enterprises, lives in Hancock, MI. Ruthanne H. Edwards, title 1 instructor with Greenville Public Schools in Greenville, MI, where she lives. Dr. Mark A. Feighner, faculty with Solano Community College, lives in Napa, CA. Brian A. Fojtik, plant mgrpersonal care plant with Alticor, lives in Kentwood, MI. Douglas D. Geiger, PE, chief operating officer/VP with Reynolds, Smith & Hills CS, lives in Oviedo, FL. Kevin A. Groeneveld, mgr, materials & process engineering with TFT Goodrich, lives in Urbandale, IA. Monica L. Hahn, VP-marketing with Aramark, lives in Denver. David M. Hansen, sr embedded

Class Notes software engineer with John Deere, lives in Johnston, IA. Lori J. Haueter, PE, realtor with Edward Surovell Realtors in Jackson, MI, where she lives. Andrew T. Hill, princ engineer with Textron, lives in Arlington, TX. Craig A. Hupy, mgr with City of Ann Arbor, lives in Ypsilanti. Danise N. Jarvey, sr engineering academic advisor with Michigan Tech, lives in Calumet. Prasert Kamthornkittikul, business dev director with Mazda Sales, lives in Bangkok. Keith E. Knickerbocker, engineering group mgr-exterior validation with GM, lives in Otisville, MI. Col. Tibor J. Lanczy, sr brac field support leader with Arrowpoint, lives in Dewitt, MI. Michael W. Latchaw, engineering mgr with Adac Automotive, lives in Rockford, IL. Paul D. Lindeman, science department head with La Porte Community Schools Corp in La Porte, IN, where he lives. Ellen M. Loughrin, business process analyst with Syracuse Res, lives in Baldwinsville, NY. Franklyn G. Lucas, sr specialist engineer with Boeing, lives in Lake St. Louis, MO. Gary D. Merrill, director of program management with Oldenburg Group, lives in Florence, WI. Stephen L. Miller, sr sys engineer with Delphi, lives in Clarkston, MI. Brian J. Mitrzyk, princ with Cost Segregation Engineering in Galesburg, MI, where he lives. Brian T. Nedrow, VP with Nedrow Refractories, lives in Wolverine Lake, MI. Capt. Kevin W. Oatley, sr captain with Amgen Aviation, lives in Newbury Park, CA. Matthew S. Ruhlen, loudspeaker design engineer with Harman/Becker Automotive Sys, lives in Bloomington, IN. Joel V. Scott, consultant with Childress Engineering Services, lives in Mesquite, TX. George F Seay, retired from Herman Miller, lives in Wyoming, MI. David L. Sharka, sr princ engineer with Raytheon, in Tucson, AZ, where he lives. Mark J. Smith, engineering supervisor with Ford, lives in Brighton, MI. Kimberly S. Smith, design supervisor with GM, lives in Holly, MI. Michael D. Sprague, software sys engineer with Xerox, lives in Macedon, NY. Judy J. Swann, supervisory patent examiner with US Patent & Trade in Alexandria, VA, where she lives. George J. Tipner, VP with West Construction, lives in Wasilla, AK. Cynthia K. Unangst, town planner-zoning admin with Town of Middletown, lives in Frederick, MD. Alan J. Wachowicz, quality mgr, MBB with Penske Logistics in Reading, PA, where he lives. Kyle W. Wagoner, sr project mgr with Earth Tech, lives in Custer, WI.

Leonard A. Wallace, engineering mgr with Automotive Components Holdings, lives in Fenton, MI. Maj. Davis M Wallette, B-1 contractor instructor pilot with CBD Training, lives in Abilene, TX. Susan A. Weishaar, medical technologist with Trinity Health, lives in Spring Lake, MI. Gary P. Wickman, retired from the US Air Force, lives in West Milton, OH.

1984 Blake T. Biederman, with Rohm and Haas, lives in Chadds Ford, PA. Denise L. Blankinship, VPinfo & data support with Church Pension Group, lives in Arverne, NY. Byron L. Brock, cost analyst with DaimlerChrysler, lives in South Lyon, MI. Todd L. Brown, CAE business dev mgr with LMS International in Troy, MI, where he lives. Dr. Tayfun Cataltepe, sr mgr with Ernst & Young, lives in Red Bank, NJ. Patti A. Collins, chemistry supervisor with St Louis Univ Hospital, lives in Chesterfield, MO. Paula J. Corlett, supervising engineer with Mich Dept of Trans in Lansing, where she lives. Katherine L. Dudrick, QA data specialist with Cargill in Blair, NE, where she lives. Christopher N. Dykstal, chief integrity assurance engineer with BP, lives in Zhuhai. Kristine M. Elwart, accountant with Recticel, lives in Ortonville, MI. Kevin P. Erickson, semiconductor manufacturing engineer with Honeywell International, lives in Bloomington, MN. Kevin R. Green, intellectual property liaison specialist with 3M, lives in Maplewood, MN. Michael D. Hammack, independent consultant with Applied Rule Services in Howell, MI, where he lives. William R. Harris, mgrproject engineer for Toledo with GM, lives in Howell, MI. Shari K. Herbert, CPA-corporate financial risks with GMAC, lives in St. Clair Shores, MI. Peter P. Jett, lean enterprise engineer with Ford, lives in Brownstown, MI. Capt. Mark D. Kellogg, PhD, research biochemist with US Army, lives in Gettysburg, PA. Karol A. Keranen-Vermeulen, project leadbusiness intelligence with Darden Restaurants, lives in Kissimmee, FL. Harold Klemm, product mgr with DaimlerChrysler, lives in Shelby Township, MI. Robert D. Kruth, program mgr with Freescale Semiconductor, lives in Cedar Park, TX. Raye M. Lahti, sr technical specialist-geophysicist with ENSR AECOM, lives in Cable, WI. Denise M. Lank, president with Jasper Engineering Tech, lives in Rensselaer, IN. Michael B. Larson, high school teacher with

Ewen-Trout Creek Schools, lives in Rockland, MI. Mark T. Lessens, sr structural engineer with Fishbeck Thompson Carr & Huber, lives in Lowell, MI. Michelle Anne Leverenz, 404 compliance analyst with Weyerhaeuser, lives in Tacoma, WA. Barry J. MacGregor, project mgr with Dow Corning in Midland, MI, where he lives. James G. Madigan, instrumentation supervisor with Aeci in New Madrid, MO, where he lives. John K. Mangum, performance engineer-auto safety with GM lives in Royal Oak, MI. Michael P. Mihelich, CAE project engineer with Brunswick in Fond Du Lac, WI, where he lives. Saleh F. Mohamed, sr director-technical dev with Afia International, lives in Jeddah. Michael E. Myers, sr consultant with Solbourne, lives in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Sriram S. Narsipur, assoc prof medicine & pediatrics with Upstate Medical Univ in Syracuse, NY, where he lives. Matthew T. Nichelson, engineering mgr with Johnson Controls, lives in Zeeland, MI. Thomas G. Obermann, lead engineer with Evac North America, lives in Brodhead, WI. Robert J. Paauwe, sr software engineer with Intel, lives in El Dorado Hills, CA. Carrie L. Pardy, criminal defense lawyer with Daniel F. Brookman Attorney, lives in Venice, CA. Robert J. Raybuck, technical services director with Natl Truck Equipment Assn, lives in Commerce Township, MI. Stacy L. Schadewald, mgr-TL freeze dry support with Pfizer, lives in Richland, MI. Lisa A. Setter, staff accountant with Mahalo, lives in Hartland, MI. William B. Setter, sr design engineer with Harman/ Becker Automotive Sys, lives in Hartland, MI. Mari K. Skippers, business analyst with Eaton, lives in Schoolcraft, MI. Stephen R. Smith, sr manufacturing engineer with GM, lives in Holly, MI. Timothy A. Stewart, business sys analyst with Computer Diversified, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Craig L. Surprenant, sr process control chemical engineer with Huntsman Polyporopylene, lives in Clay, MI. Douglas P. Thompson, costaccounting mgr with Boeing, lives in Auburn, WA. John S. Vajcner, owner operator with Landstar Global Logistics, lives in Trinity, TX. Diana M. Varnum is with Maro, and lives in Santa Rosa, CA. Steven T. Wheeler, deployment specialist with EDS, lives in Northville, MI. Arden L. White, princ software design engineer in test with Microsoft, lives in Snohomish, WA. Brian G. Wilczynski, sr enterprise architect with US Navy, lives in Ashburn, VA.


Deborah A. Allman, embedded software engineer 5 with United Launch Alliance, lives in Downey, CA. Roger Clifford Anderson, engineering director with Auxiliary Power Dynamics, lives in Sammamish, WA. Peggy E. Barchi, special projects editoroccurrences mgr with Fort Nisqually Living History, lives in Maple Valley, WA, Robert H. Burgin, owner of Northern Land, lives in Traverse City, MI. Glenn J. Chilson, webmaster with Holt Marketing in Saginaw, MI, where he lives. Marta L. Cordoba-Hafezi, office mgr travel agent with Renaissance Travel, lives in Plainfield, IL. Timothy M. Davey, princ with Timmons Group in Richmond, VA, where he lives. Steven J. Ellison, engineering mgr with GM, lives in Milford, MI. Kurtis G. Fosburg, charter boat captain/ jeweler/owner with Superior Lighthouse Rest in Negaunee, MI, where he lives. Linda J. Gast, president with The Doll Case, in Whitmore Lake, MI, where she lives. Lloyd W. Gauthier, director of platform solution integrity with Advanced Micro Devices in Austin, TX, where he lives. James A. Halonen, I.C. mask designer with Honeywell, lives in Delano, MN. Brian L. Hardy, automotive industry specialist with Wind River Systems, lives in Brighton, MI. David G. Hendrie, recruiting mgr with Ricardo, lives in Clarkston, MI. Richard W. Hoffmann, attorney with Reising Ethington B/K/L & M, lives in Ortonville, MI. Susan L. Krawczyk, vendor tooling supervisor with Ford, lives in Northville, MI. Mark P. O’Brien, VP with OBMC in Libertyville, IL, where he lives. Bryan K. Paddack, math tutor with Sylvan Learning Center, lives in Highlands Ranch, CO. Michael D. Peterson, VP with Nowak & Fraus P, lives in Hartland, MI. Kenneth J. Russman, sr project mgr with ISSC, lives in Berryville, VA. Roy D. Schmidt III, president/ CEO with Third Wave CEO in Chelsea, MI, where he lives. David P. Smith, lab supervisor with Detroit Testing Lab, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Matthew S. Stein, manufacturing rep with Dow Chemical in Midland, MI, where he lives. Scott G. VanSumeren, business dev mgr metal process with GE, lives in Goodrich, MI. Robert W. Wallraff, princ engineer with Rockwell Collins, lives in Marion, IA. Carl M. Westermann, information technology specialist with Department of Defense in Indianapolis, where he lives. Mark A. Wilk, sergeant with City of St

Michigan Technological University  25

Class Notes Ignace, MI, where he lives. Phillip L. Williams, quality coordinator with James Hardie Building Products, lives in Saraland, AL. Alice E. Wright, design engineer with FGWA, lives in Boyne City, MI. David J. Zillich, directoroperations engineering with Current Technologies, lives in Ashton, MD.

1986 James A. Acre, engineering mgr with Delphi, lives in Barker, NY. Brian T. Aitken, core fuel sys supervisor with Ford, lives in Livonia, MI. Jeffrey S. Baker, supply chair leader with Dow Corning, lives in Freeland, MI. David A. Baxter, president with PetroData Resources in Dewitt, MI, where he lives. Julie M. Beck, medical social worker with Portage Health, lives in Chassell, MI. Dawn E. Belding, program mgr with Johnson Controls, lives in Ann Arbor. Judith C. Bildz, librarian with DCCCD in Mesquite, TX, where she lives. Scott A. Boerman, president with Division Two, lives in Lapeer, MI. W. James Boland, branch mgr with CIA Financial in Novi, MI, where he lives. Don E. Bolthouse Jr., chief engineer-reliability with Eaton, lives in Bellevue, MI. Karen M. Bonn, director of tools and technology with Automatic Data Processing, lives in Somonauk, IL. Randall R. Bur, sr installation engineer with FANUC Robotics America, lives in Auburn Hills, MI. Capt. DeLee M. Dankenbring, self-employed sports official, lives in Grand Ledge, MI. Allen J. DeGroot, long-range planner with ConocoPhillips, lives in Downingtown, PA. William A. Favenesi, sales & marketing mgr with Garlock Helicoflex, lives in Blythewood, SC. John A. Harvey, VP/branch mgr with Professional Engineering Assocs in Howell, MI, where he lives. Michael J. Hayes, assoc prof with Univ Of Nebraska in Lincoln, where he lives. Pamela H. Hollingsworth, body CAD supervisor with Ford, lives in Canton, MI. Michael A. Homik, design engineer with Advanced Accessory Systems, lives in Kimball, MI. Randall E. Isaacson, executive VP with Williams-Labadie Advertising, lives in Glen Ellyn, IL. Douglas M. Jakalski, VP/chief civil engineer with T.Y. Lin Intl, lives in Bartlett, IL. Russell J. Korpela, executive director with New Richmond Area Chamber, lives in Menomonie, WI. Dianne M. Marsh, founder/ software consultant with SRT Solutions, lives in Pinckney, MI. Donald J. Matula, retired engineer with Mich Dept of Trans in Bay City, MI. Kurt A. Miling,

sys performance mgr with Alltel, lives in Denver. Dr. Robert J. Mitchell, assoc prof with Western Wash Univ in Bellingham, where he lives. Vicki L. Morin, faith formation coordinator with St Peter Cathedral in Marquette, MI, where she lives. Brian J. Parsons, asst general mgr with Timberline Fasteners, lives in Golden, CO. Martin A. Rabideau, sr research applications engineer with R.R. Donnelley & Sons, lives in De Pere, WI. Eric A. Rieke, manufacturing engineer mgr with Tapco Group, lives in Lapeer, MI. Julia P. Smith, director of mechanical engineering with Progressive AE in Grand Rapids, MI, where she lives. David G. Strenski, application analyst with Cray in Ypsilanti, MI, where he lives. Nancy J. Sykes, technical mgr with Smiths Aerospace in Grand Rapids, MI, where she lives. David J. Tincher, product mgr with Rimage, lives in Ramsey, MN. Mark J. Trudeau, VP with Val-Tec, lives in Rochester, NY. Stephen J. Tytran, general counsel with Scenera Research, lives in Raleigh, NC. Anthony R. Williams, electrical engineer with Brainerd International Raceway, lives in Zimmerman, MN. Scott R. Wilson, PE, field application engineer with Maxim Integrated Products, lives in Novi, MI. Lura K. Wolfe, SQA with Medical Simulation, lives in Sedalia, CO.


Janice M. Adams, advisory engineer with IBM, lives in Jericho, VT. David J. Aird, director global corporate sys with Kraft Foods, lives in Orland Park, IL. Kenneth P. Blanzy, resident electrical service engineer with GM, lives in Clinton Township, MI. Dr. Catherine D. Boomus, occupational physician with Long Beach Medical Clinic, lives in Rossmoor, CA. Marianne A. Brokaw, self-employed freelance editor in Houghton, MI, where she lives. David R. Cowper, VP with Ajax Paving Industries in Troy, MI, where she lives. Dr. Bruce C. Deemer, quality mgr with Motorola, lives in Crystal Lake, IL. Kim J. Donaghy, president with Adventure Development, lives in Midland, MI. Markus M. Greiner, technology mgr with ABB Switherland Ltd, lives in Aarau. Laura A. Hagglund, high school math teacher with Emmanuel Christian Academy, lives in Middletown, CT. Lauri A. Hiltunen, clinical laboratory scientist with Spectrum Health, lives in Caledonia, MI. Carol M. Kietzke, group learning & dev mgr with Miller Brewing, lives in Dousman, WI. Troy R. Knapp,

26  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

project electrical engineer with College of William and Mary, lives in Virginia Beach, VA. Theophilus O. Kollie, QA section mgr with Abbott Laboratories, lives in Gurnee, IL. Jamie A. Kriegl, sr electrical engineer with Verso Paper, lives in Norway, MI. Terry A. Lefevre, engineering mgr with Delphi, lives in Bay City, MI. Thomas D. Leonard, princ consultant with Oracle, lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Michael D. Maddix, director-controls & electronics with Whirlpool, lives in St. Joseph, MI. Stephen R. Martini, software engineer II with Children’s Hospital of Minnesota, lives in Vadnais Heights, MN. Brenda K. Mayo, temporary worker with FirstEnergy, lives in Amherst Township, OH. John S. McDaniel, sr reliability engineer with National Grid, lives in Central Square, NY. David A. Nonhof, auditor/CPA with Mich Dept of Treasury, lives in Zeeland, MI. Daniel S. Sheputis, pharmacist with Target in Grand Rapids, MI, where he lives. Randall A. Sommerfeldt, sr process engineer with Koch-Glitsch LP in Wichita, KS, where he lives. Dr Allen R. Sorgenfrei, PE, lead engineer with Johnson Controls, lives in Stuttgart. Dean E. Starook, sr environmental engineer with Commonwealth of Virginia, lives in Richmond, VA. Susan A. Strack, manufacturing specialist with Dow Corning, lives in Crestwood, KY. Russell W. Strassburg, PE, AVP, dir business services with McKinley Associates, lives in Ann Arbor. Anne M. Sturtevant, owner of Write Now and Bead Weasel in Midland, MI, where she lives. Gerald E. Szymaniak, wildland fire planner with US Fish & Wildlife Service in Grand Rapids, MN, where he lives. Julie A. Toll, engineering mgr with N.A.C.C.O. Industs, lives in Keizer, OR. Steven A. Tracy, quality mgr with Ford, lives in Plymouth, MI. Jennifer L. Trice, ADV engineering specialist with 3M, lives in Hugo, MN. Richard L. Vos Jr., engineering mgr with Custom Profile, lives in Marne, MI.


Paul E. Blanke, project engineer with Dow Corning in Midland, MI, where he lives. Charles S. Booth, production dev director with Tri-State Hospital Supply, lives in Pickney, MI. Anthony J. Champagne, sr project engineer controls with Delphi in Saginaw, MI, where he lives. Melanie Comber, software quality engineer with Coinstar, lives in North Bend, WA. Steven W. Cook, director of metallurgy & materials

engineering with American Axle & Mfg, lives in Shelby Township, MI. David M. Ellis, VP/chief operating officer with Concept Industries, lives in Holland, MI. Brian E. Fischer, lead scientistresearch with General Dynamics, lives in Manchester, MI. Brian G. Hannon, asst director-corporate dev with Michigan Tech, lives in Houghton. Julie A. Harrison, sales representative with St Jude Medical, lives in Portland, OR. Steven R. Hoffer, priest with Diocese of Las Vegas in Henderson, NV, where he lives. Robert M. Inglis, special projects mgr with Alexis Minerals, lives in North Bay, ON. Steven P. Joosten, product line mgr with Campbell Wrapper, lives in Clintonville, WI. Jon J. Koetje, project mgr with CMS Energy, lives in Montague, MI. David D. Lardizabal, general mgr with Bombas Accesorios y Servicios in San Pedro Sula, where he lives. Peter J. Larson, chief operations officer with Bethany Press Intl, lives in Shakopee, MN. Brian G. Mason, president with Emerson Connectivity Solutions, lives in Green Oaks, IL. Angelina M. McCutchen, inventory coordinator with JSP International, lives in Detroit, MI. David B. McKenzie, environ engineer with RMT, lives in Dexter, MI. Maj. Peter G. Moutsatson, chief of test, technology & experimentation with US Air Force, lives in Navarre, FL. Bruce M. Paggeot, director with Motorola in Singapore. Daniel V. Perry, computer engineer with Ford, lives in Macomb, MI. Martin L. Petersen, Nissansection mgr with Acco Babcock, lives in Canton, MI. Shaun M. Schultz, project engineer with Holcim in Dundee, MI, where he lives. Arthur L. Scott engineering specialist-NVIC with GM, lives in Dewitt, MI. Christopher A. Seeterlin, sourcing mgracquisitions & integrations with GE, lives in Woodstock, GA. Barry J. Seidel Jr., self-employed owner in Woodruff, WI, where he lives. Dawn M. Shinkar, self-employed owner and lives in Landrum, SC. Dr. Gordon C. Smith, directormaterials dev with Brady, lives in Arlington Heights, IL. Eric P. Steinberg, PE, assoc professor with Ohio Univ, lives in Albany. Daniel J. Tutak, manufacturing engineer with Knoll, lives in Montague, MI. Robert E. Valin, program engineering mgr with GM, lives in Clarkston, MI. William M. Wisniewski, VP with Comptek, Canton, OH. Maj. David M. Wiiteveen, product mgr with US Army, lives in Hampton Cove, AL.

Class Notes 1989 James G. Adamski, launch/project mgr with DaimlerChrysler, lives in Plymouth, MI. John L. Aleva, president with Cequent Consumer Products, in Chagrin Falls, OH. Mark D. Beerkircher, operations superintendent with ExxonMobil, lives in Katy, TX. Tamara L. Bonifield, CPA with C.T.R. Properties, lives in Livonia, MI. Jeffrey A. Bottum, supermarket line with Meijer, lives in Portland, MI. Timothy A. Brannan, assoc prof/educational technology with Central Michigan Univ, lives in Dewitt, MI. Kimberly A. Bylund, sr service mgr with T-Mobile USA, lives in Seattle. Julie L. Campioni, studio director with Busse Design and lives in San Francisco. John E. Carsley, staff researcher with GM, lives in Clinton Township, MI. Anne M. Castle, PE, office mgr with Calypso Farm & Ecology Center, lives in Fairbanks, AK. John C. Cook, director of compassion ministries with Kensington Community Church, lives in Birmingham, MI. Carl L. Craven, market mgr with Allegis, lives in St. Paul, MN. Matthew A. Cromie, clinical trial leader with Actelion Clinical Research, lives in Medford, NJ. Julie D. Haught, indirect account executive with Sprint, lives in Leslie, MI. Ruth M. Kloecker, mgr-sys and interconnection with ITC Holdings, lives in Rives Junction, MI. Todd R. Krebs, engineering mgr with ADVICS North America, lives in Brighton, MI. Hynek G. Lettang, operations mgr with Siemens AG, lives in Fort Mill, SC. Joseph G. Lograsso, sr engineering specialist with General Dynamics Land Systems, lives in Macomb, MI. Richard J. Lyscas, technical integration engineer with GM, lives in Davisburg, MI. Diane K. Mahoney, licensing mgr with GM, lives in Corunna, MI. Terrance M. McNamara, sr project engineer with Design Research Engineering, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Paul D. Miner, engineering mgr with Sargent & Lundy, lives in Bartlett, IL. Steven C. O’Mara, VP with Fisher Contracting, lives in Essexville, MI. Martin C. Rau, VP with Nokia Siemens Networks, lives in Pullach, Germany. Michael L. Renier, staff scientist with Michigan Tech, lives in South Range. Dale T. Rich, electrical engineer with DCL, lives in Charlevoix, MI. Elizabeth A. Rich, owner of Harbor View Cafe in Charlevoix, MI. Jeffrey A. Russell, princ electrical engineer with Tropicana Products, lives in Port St. Lucie, FL. Rodney A. Ruth, general mgr with Auto Driveaway,

lives in Plainfield, IL. David J. Shore, application dev mgr with Univ of Michigan, lives in Grass Lake. Gregory J. Viau, quality sys/EHS mgr with Progressive Technologies, lives in Hudsonville, MI. Linda S. Weingarten, project mgr with Dunham Associates in Minneapolis, where she lives. Vent M. Wenos, director of engineering-controls & security business unit with Delphi, lives in Carmel, IN. Shahid Zia, princ-MEP division with M/s Engineering Associates, lives in Karachi, Pakistan.

1990 Samer R. Aweidah, regional team leader with US Steel, lives in Oakdale, PA. Michael A. Bandaccari, sr analyst/ programmer with Gaylord Entertainment, lives in Nashville. William J. Boettcher, president with Lien & Peterson Architects in Eau Claire, WI, where he lives. Karen E. Brown-Luetchford, mgr information management & integration with GE Healthcare Canada, lives in Columbia, SC. Jeffrey J. Case, chief program engineer with Ricardo, lives in Brighton, MI. Vicki A. Chekan is with the US Fish & Wildlife Service in Anchorage, AK, where she lives. Judith M. Davis, business coach with ReclaimU, lives in Waterford, MI. Brian D. Essenmacher, design & release engineer head with GM, lives in Rochester Hills, MI. Mary K. Felstead, engineering group mgr with GM, lives in Courtice, ON. Michael T. Fogus, production mgr with Noranda, lives in Cape Girardeau, MO. Andrea L. Fyhrlund, lean-six sigma project mgr with Rockwell Automation, lives in Port Washington, WI. Craig F. Hughes, engineer with GS Engineering, lives in Hancock, MI. Evelyn F. Jackson, quality assurance engineer with Mittal Steel USA, lives in Valparaiso, IN. Trina M. Levesque, mechanical designer with Black & Veatch, lives in Combined Locks, WI. Martha R. Little, marketing with Rexton, lives in Shakopee, MN. Gerald E. Luttman, supervising engineer with Parsons Brinckerhoff, lives in Farmington Hills, MI. Michael D. Marcade, sr mechanical engineer with Dell, lives in Pflugerville, TX. Eric D. McCarty, supervisor with DaimlerChrysler, lives in Clarkston, MI. Stanley H. McGrew Jr., princ engineer with MeadWestvaco in Charleston, SC, where he lives. Thomas Methner, WE initiative success leader with Procter & Gamble, lives in Schwalbach, Germany. Alan L. Mikovits, engineering mgr, knowledge base with Tenneco, lives in Spring Arbor, MI. Debra J. Mulrooney,

air quality consultant with E.I. du Pont in Wilmington, DE, where she lives. Daniel S. Pedersen, sr engineer I with National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, CO, where he lives. Steven G. Perry, sr GIS specialist with SEMCOG, lives in Brownstown, MI. Helen R. Schesniak, BSN/RN with Dickinson County Healthcare Sys, lives in Crivitz, WI. Capt. Doyle E. Vollers, major with the USAF, lives in San Antonio, TX. Michael A. Weyburne, software engineer with Visteon, lives in Northville, MI. Craig S. Witte, director-business dev with Northrop Grumman Mission Sys, lives in Leesburg, VA. James K. Wojciechowski, project mgr with EDS, lives in Dewitt, MI. Kimberly A. Zak, owner of Entree Vous Troy, lives in Royal Oak, MI.

1991 Chris J. Aicher, mechanical design engineer with Pac Star, lives in Tigard, OR. Randall T. Arndt, engineer with NewAgain Custom Homes, lives in Sandy Springs, GA. Kyle P. Austin, technical lead of critical control sys with UOP, lives in Algonquin, IL. Craig A. Brower, sys analyst with IKON Office Solutions, lives in Zeeland, MI. Robert N. Colburn, sr consultant with TEK Systems, lives in Portage, MI. Patrick D. Craig, lab engineer with Flow-Rite Controls, lives in Kentwood, MI. Shane A. Crist, sr sys admin with Michigan Tech, lives in Hancock. Jason D. Docsa, VP with L D Docsa Associates, in Kalamazoo, MI, where he lives. Kelly L. Duke, production mgr with CSL Behring, lives in Kankakee, IL. Steven M. Grenier, VP with Robert E Lee Assocs, lives in Green Bay. Arthur E. Hanson, bakery mgr with Copps Food Center, lives in Green Bay. Philip R. Hitch, product dev supervisor with Cascade Design, lives in Seattle. Joel E. Huffman, princ metallurgical engineer with ANR Pipeline, lives in Monroe, MI. John C. Kasperski, staff software engineer with IBM in Rochester, MN, where he lives. Steven T. Kramer, enterprise business consultant with MSC Software in Clarkston, MI, where he lives. Michael D. Kraushaar, analystcorporate planning with Arcelor Mittal USA, lives in Crown Point, IN. Jason T. Lucking, engineerelectronics & instrumentation with Yazaki, Ash Township, MI. Jon G. Masini, engineering group mgr with GM, lives in Shelby Township, MI. Stephen E. McGoff, staff engineer III with State of Nevada in Carson City, where he lives. David L. Moore, materials engineer with GM-Powertrain, lives in Madison Heights, MI. Major Tracey L. Murchison, military officer with

US Air Force in Warner Robins, GA, where she lives. Eric J. Nelson, advisory engineer with IBM, lives in Rochester, MN. David E. Peters, mechanical component engineering mgr with Palm, lives in San Jose, CA. Christopher S. Rau, sr application dev engineer with Eaton, lives in Battle Creek, MI. Christine R. Roberts, sr director-Asia product operations with Motorola, lives in Inverness, IL. Dale K. Ryynanen, technical writer with DRI-STEEM, lives in Maple Grove, MN. Paul G. Saldin, president with Resolution Engineering in Stillwater, MN, where he lives. Rahul Saxena, sr research engineer with S.C. Johnson, lives in Racine, WI. John E. Schnoes, engineering mgr with Nissan Motor, lives in Plymouth, MI. Bryan H. Shupita, electrical controls engineer with Streamfeeder, Minneapolis, where he lives. Michelle M. Snyder, project mgr with Bloom Consultants in Green Bay, where she lives. Dr. Daniel P. Walker, princ scientist with Pfizer, lives in Augusta, MO. Patrick E. Whiteside, general mgr-field operations with Nicor Gas, lives in Elmhurst, IL. Kevin E. Zauel, structural engineer with Anderson Eckstein & Westrick, lives in Washington, MI.

1992 Chad C. Abel, president/owner of Northwoods Paper Converting in Beaver Dam, WI, where he lives. Michael C. Bailey, princ solution architect with Telcordia Technologies, lives in Pelham, NH. Andrew R. Brandt, chemical management service engineer III with Quaker Chemical, lives Montrose, MI. Pamela M. Davis, consolidation team with GM, lives in Paris, MI. Dennis Decator, PE, engineering project mgr with Washington Group International, lives in St. Clair, MI. Dr. Michele K. Eggleston, market analyst with Invista, lives in Newark, DE. Peter C. Elzinga, PE, sr project mgr with Grand River Construction, lives in Grand Rapids, MI. David P. English, sr design engineer with Enogex, lives in Norman, OK. Siew Ming Foo, business mgr with ModusLink Sdn Bhd and lives in Penang. Tony B. Hoorn, sr sys engineer with Sprint-Nextel, lives in Bunker Hill, WV. Todd M. Huizingh, mechanical design engineer with Challenge Machinery, lives in Zeeland, MI. Philip J. Jakes, CTO’s staff with Lenovo Group, in Durham, NC. Philip J. Kostka, commercial underwriter with State Farm, lives in Lincoln, NE. Brian D. Kotajarvi, sr project manufacturing engineer with

Michigan Technological University  27

Class Notes GM, lives in Sterling Heights, MI. Christine L. Kurtz, environmental & safety mgr with Kimberly-Clark, lives in Stanwood, WA. Jodie A. Lambert, engineering project mgr with Smiths Aerospace, lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Gregory D. Livermore, program mgr with FN Manufacturing in Columbia, SC, where he lives. Kent A. Maki, plant mgr with Custom Heat Treat, lives in Lake Linden, MI. Craig M. McCaffrey, operations mgr with BD Medical, lives in Park City, UT. Kathryn M. Mitchell, environmental engineer with Alcoa, lives in Bellingham, WA. Craig B. Mitchell, technical specialist with TRW Automotive, lives in Swartz Creek, MI. Catherine A. Morey, permitting specialistengineering asst with Coastal Engineering Co, lives in Brewster, MI. Kristine M. Mulka, project mgr-injectable manufacturing with Pfizer, lives in Jackson, MI. Eric K. Newman, VPLC process specialist with Ford, lives in Brighton, MI. David S. Paxson, sr princ software engineer with Cubic Trans Systems in San Diego, CA, where he lives. James J. Prokash, technology consultant with Automatic Data Processing in Alpharetta, GA, where he lives. Todd A. Rillema, quality mgr with International Tooling Solution, lives in Coopersville, MI. Shane M. Rixom, VP with Reynolds, Smith & Hills, lives in St. Augustine, FL. David T. Rooke, material handler with Safety-Kleen, lives in Westland, MI. Robert A. Schwenke, project engineer with Exatec, lives in Fowlerville, MI. Stacey J. Spoehr, sr writer with Thrivent Financial in Appleton, WI, where she lives. Heather L. Storey, sr engineer with Detroit Edison, lives in Macomb, MI. Anita J. Strong, teacher’s aide with East Jackson Community Schools, lives in Jackson, MI. Roderick Strong, princ project engineer with Armstrong World Industries, lives in Goodville, PA. Craig R. Sytsma, director with Eltro Services, lives in Livonia, MI. Andrew R. Tabar, network sys engineer with Cardinal Health in San Diego, where he lives. Jeffrey A. Trembath, Unix/SAN admin with Caretech Solutions/DMC, lives in Roseville, MI. Wee-Seong Tung, business dev mgr with Freemen Linx Sdn Bhd, lives in Kuala Lumpur. Daniel C. Ulep, NVA engineer with TRW Automotive, lives in Beverly Hills, MI. Mark L. Vukovich, sr production engineer with Rockford Acoustic Designs, lives in Spring Lake, MI. C. Buzzy Winter, sr certified consultant

with Great Northern Services, lives in South Range, WI. Dean H. Young, engineer with Verizon Communications in Ashburn, VA, where he lives.

1993 Ginger K. Anderson, quality mgr with Open Solutions COWWW Software, lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Mohammad Z. Asmat, project mgr with Entegris, lives in Lunas, Kedah. M. Patrick Bailey, sr consultant with REI, lives in Merrill, WI. Milton F. Bain Jr., plant mgr with Polymer Color Services, lives in Travelers Rest, SC. Stephen M. Beesley, CAE engineer with Big Dog Motorcycles, lives in Augusta, KS. Christopher J. Boerman, solutions consultant with UGS PLM Solutions in Brentwood, TN, where he lives. Mark A. Books, remote sensing GIS forester with Colorado State Univ, lives in Fredericksburg, VA. Marc P. Bowker, planning engineer with Wisc Dept of Trans, in Barron, WI. Jennifer T. Bracey, manufacturing engineer with GM, lives in Holly, MI. Patrick J. Donovan, operations & quality coordinator with Karl Schmidt Unisia in Marinette, WI, where he lives. Daniel R. Dunne, engineering mgr with Rand North America in Grand Rapids, MI, where he lives. Richard R. Dunnebacke, general mgr with Britten Services in Traverse City, MI, where he lives. Steven E. Egleston, product engineering mgr with Flexfab, lives in Charlotte, MI. Rod N. Ewacha, PE, sr engineer with E4 Energy in Calgary, AB, where he lives. Terri M. Ferguson, sr developer with BBDO Detroit, lives in Macomb, MI. Karen S. Fox, project engineer with RS Engineering, lives in Dewitt, MI. Traci E. Froehlich, educational sign-language specialist with Adams Wells Special Services, lives in Bluffton, IN. Kristin L. Garn, design release engineer with Delphi, lives in Bay City, MI. Andrew C. Geffert, civil engineer with SVE Assoc, lives in Keene, NH. Marc T. Gillman, customer support mgr with INIT, lives in Suffolk, VA. Michael A. Habitz, lab mgr with Savant, lives in Saginaw, MI. Christopher G. Hrubesky, VP with Symmetry Health Partners, lives in Longmont, CO. Linda J. Huston RN with Bronson Methodist Hospital, lives in Gobles, MI. Gary S. Kauffmann, MP&L supervisor with Visteon, lives in Shelby Township, MI. Jody P. Kemppainen, realtor with ERA Titletown in Green Bay, where she lives. Joel D. Kemppainen,

28  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

mobile account mgr with Parker Hannifin in Green Bay, where he lives. Robin L. Koronka is with Porter Hospital, lives in La Porte, IN. Karla O. Korpela, director of K-12 outreach with Michigan Tech, lives in South Range. Kathryn E. Koski, global tech engineering-occup with GM, lives in New Baltimore, MI. Thomas J. LaBelle is with Tower Automotive, lives in Elkton, MI. Nikolaos K. Loukeris, risk management supervisor with Vodafone and lives in Athens, Greece. Trent J. Martin, sr operations mgr with Perrigo, lives in Otsego, MI. John M. McCabe, forest ecologist with Forest Preserve Dist Cook, lives in Elk Grove Village, IL. LeRoy M McCreery Jr., IT specialist with Coaxis, lives in Sherwood, OR. Erika L. McFadden, DLP(r) photo/etch process engineering section mgr with Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX, where she lives. VeRonica L. Mitchell, sr project engineer with GM, lives in Auburn Hills, MI. Sonja M. Niemi, compliance supervisor with JanSport, lives in Appleton, WI. Laura L. Parker, center director with Sylvan Learning Center in Lebanon, TN, where she lives. William E. Pierpont, mgr-measurement standards branch with the State of Hawaii in Honolulu, where he lives. Eric J. Roberts, mgr-R&D PMO with Motorola, and lives in Inverness, IL. Pamela S. Rogers, corporate director-Whirlpool brand laundry with Whirlpool, lives in Stevensville, MI. Carolyn D. Rowland, supervisory computer scientist/Unix sys admin with Natl Institute Standard & Tech, lives in Ijamsville, MD. Katrina M. Schultz, sr project engineer with GM, lives in Clarkston, MI. Greg S. Sipola, project mgr-engineer with CTI & Associates in Brighton, lives in Taylor, MI. Christie W. Sobol, sr project mgr I-direction with ARCADIS BBL, lives in Cortland, NY. Terry W. Vandenbrink, president of The Country Pro, lives in Carleton, MI. Robert A. VanderLaan, lab specialist with Ford, lives in Howell, MI. Matthew J. Ward, director of product engineering with WMS Gaming, lives in Northbrook, IL. Neil A. Wasylewski, engineer mgr with Visteon, lives in Farmington Hills, MI. Paula L. Wittbrodt, director with 1251 Avenue of the Americas in New York, NY, where she lives. Melvyn K. M. Yeo, consultant with JPK & Associates in Petaling Jaya, lives in Petaling Jaya. Wang L. Yuen, IT mgr with Wang Shing Ind Ltd, lives in Tai Po NT, Hong Kong.

1994 Corey A. Baye, sys admin with Red Hat, lives in Mountain View, CA. Matthew W. Beckman, R&D engineer with Joe Gibbs Racing, lives in Huntersville, NC. Kevin D. Bekius, estimator-project mgr with Connan, lives in West Olive, MI. Matthew C. Bell, national environmental mgr with GRS, lives in Whitmore Lake, MI. Scott J. Bershing, technical editor with Michigan Tech, lives in Chassell. Craig G. Blomker, marketing mgr with Andersen Windows, lives in Hudson, WI. Keith B. Boswell, owner of National Pipeline Services, lives in Auburn, MI. Christopher D. Brown, manufacturing engineer with Ford, lives in Richmond, MI. Scott M. Burtrum, sr account mgr with BorgWarner, lives in Royal Oak, MI. John R. Capehart, business dev mgr with Automated Positioning Systems, lives in Middle Park, Qld, Australia. James L. Cesarz, president of EKS, lives in Livonia, MI. William M. Cvengros is with Ford and lives in Monroe, MI. John M. Eidt is with Bauer Controls and lives in Chelsea, MI. Debra L. Pringnitz, doctor of audiology with Affinity Health Systems, lives in Menasha, WI. Sean M. Freiberg, finance mgr with Univ of Michigan, lives in Milford, MI. Chad W. Gardner, regional account executive with Digital Solutions, lives in Maplewood, MN. Matthew A. Gerten, technical support mgr with Metso Minerals Industries, lives in New Berlin, WI. Tory M. Jaloszynski, technical specialist with Cummins, lives in Janesville, WI. Benjamin A. Larson, major gifts officer with Michigan Tech, lives in Calumet. Laura C. Lobner, revenue cycle accountant-auditor with Dickinson County Healthcare Sys, lives in Iron Mountain, MI. Suzanne R. Lundwall, environmental engineer with USDA, lives in Boyne City, MI. Christopher G. Macionski, staff design consultant with Synopsys, lives in Brandon, FL. Michael P. Manthei, plat examiner with Wayne County, lives in Flat Rock, MI. William K. Mitchell Jr., consultant with New Resources Consulting, lives in Grafton, WI. Marie A. Quillan, CPA with R Peter Heyse & Associates in Ludington, MI, where she lives. Heidi M. Rudisel, assoc engineering specialist with Dow Corning in Midland, MI, where she lives. Jeffrey J. Schams, process engineer with Middough lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Jason W. Schmidt, engineering sr mgr with Whirlpool in St. Joseph, MI, where

Class Notes he lives. Luke A. Schroeder, technical service with 3M, lives in Maplewood, MN. Kathleen M. Sevener, asst prof with Valparaiso Univ in Valparaiso, IN, where she lives. Matthew C. Somers, with Siemens Water Technologies, lives in Beaver Falls, PA. Jyrki Matti K. Still, VP-operations with Detection Technology, lives in Oulu, Finland. David O. Torrey Jr., sys admin with ThermoAnalytics, lives in Hancock, MI. Joel C. Tuoriniemi, lecturer-SBE, Michigan Tech, lives in Mohawk. Kurt E. Vadnais, accounting department with Goodwill Industries, lives in Menominee, MI. Heather M. Valencic, self-employed quality consultant, lives in Clarkston, MI. Richard R. Vieracker Jr., selfemployed owner in Rapid City, MI, where he lives. Charles I. Whitmer II, sr quality engineer with Knowles Acoustics, lives in Chicago. Jeffrey F. Wilson, CT fleet maintenance mgr with Oglethorpe Power, lives in Lilburn, GA. Dean E. Woodard, sys engineer with DCS Michigan, lives in Grand Rapids, MI. William A. Yeo, area mgr with B&B Controls in Clarkston, MI, where he lives.

1995 John D. Amundson, sr research scientist with Kimberly-Clark, lives in Greenville, WI. Thomas J. Anderson, assoc director of operations with Gerber Baby Care, lives in Portage, WI. Brian J. Arbuckle is with DTE Energy and lives in Livonia, MI. Glenn J. Austin, princ design engineer with Advanced Communications Design, lives in Minneapolis. Christine Benbow, environmental health sanitarian with Washtenaw County, lives in Tipton, MI. Laura L. Buss, staff engineer with MSA Professional Services, lives in Prairie Du Sac, WI. Eric C. Carlson, high school math teacher with Port Washington High School, lives in West Bend, WI. Christopher T. Cole, mgradv electrical sys with Seagate Technology, lives in Bloomington, MN. Adam K. Druckrey, sr scientist with Appleton in Appleton, WI, where he lives. Jordan A. Frelich, resource mgr with Manpower, lives in Wood Dale, IL. Jonathan M. French, CLEC mgr-project engineer with Baraga Telephone, lives in Chassell, MI. Krystan R. Grant, veterinarian with Colorado State Univ, lives in Windsor, CO. Aidan Gullickson, sys admin with Boothcreek Ski Holdings, lives in Truckee, CA. Jennifer L. Hersback, process improvement mgr with Henkel of Amer, lives in Holly, MI. Amy K. Hostetler, process engineer with Pioneer Surgical

Technology in Marquette, MI, where she lives. Joel G. Johnson, sr consultant with Advantica, lives in Carlisle, PA. Valerie A. Joosten, environmental engineer with City of El Paso, TX, where he lives. Dr. Nicholas Jordache, sr developement engineer-optical design with CyOptics, lives in Fleetwood, PA. Eric P. Jung is with Triumph Seattle, lives in Freeland, WI. Brandon M. King, VP with MBK Fitness, Health & Nutrition in Noblesville, IN, where he lives. Charles E. Kinzel, sr controls engineer with Sara Lee, lives in Rapid City, MI. Jacquelin Koch, atmospheric scientist with Hope College in Holland, MI, where she lives. Erica A. Kotajarvi, sr chemist with Univ Laboratories, lives in West Bloomfield, MI. Kevin T. Nemec, 6 sigma black belt with Caterpillar, lives in Washington, IL. Zahnga E. Peabody, sales engineer with CrystaLaser, lives in Sun Valley, NV. Scott E. Pider, process design engineer with Dow Corning, lives in Midland, MI. Amy L. Ploof, civil engineer with Oakland County, lives in Rochester Hills, MI. Capt. Michael D. Presnar, major-instructor flight test engineer with the US Air Force in Edwards AFB, CA, where he lives. Erik V. Putnis, sys engineer with The Benham Companies, lives in Commerce Township, MI. Sean R. Salmi, automation engineer with Elkhart Products, lives in Sturgis, MI. Robert E. Schnell, commercial director with Faurecia Exhaust, lives in Sylvania, OH. Dan P. Scholnik, electrical engineer with Naval Research Lab, lives in Silver Spring, MD. Susan C. Schwerin, post-doctoral fellow with Univ of Florida, lives in Gainesville. Stephen J. Shultz, asst city engineer with City of Alpena, MI, where he lives. Sean A. Snyder, professional services consultant with Network General, lives in Detroit. Matthew A. Tyo, sr project engineer with International Engine, lives in Lisle, IL. Kevin W. Vollmert, sales & engineering mgr with ITW Shakeproof, lives in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Lisa A. Vollmert, account mgr with Akebono Corp North America, lives in Bloomfield Hills, MI. John M. Waack, IS server support mgr with Haworth in Holland, MI, where he lives. Christopher G. Wiegenstein, LDAR tech with Pinnacle Services, lives in Christiansted, VI. Jodie L. Wollnik, sr water resources engineer with Kane County, lives in Batavia, IL.

1996 Sarah J. Aittama, QA/QC analyst with Mich Milk Producers Assoc, lives in Wixom, MI. Alex

J. Attlesey, business mgr-fuel additives with BASF, lives in Morristown, NJ. Christopher N. Blondeel, mine engineer with Prairie Mines & Royalty in Estevan, SK, where he lives. David A. Brus, software dev mgr with US Bancorp in Apple Valley, MN, where he lives. Michael D. Byers, process engineer with Ford, lives in Louisville, KY. Dr. Jun-Ho Choy is with Ponte Solutions, and lives in Cupertino, CA. Jonathan E. DeLine, global director of dispense engineering with Danaher, lives in Oak Ridge, NC. Steven M. DeMan, product engineer II with Dematic, lives in Belmont, MI. Michael K. Dopp, president with Midwest Civil Engineers, lives in South Haven, MI. Albert J. Ellis, mgrsupply chain & engineering liaison with Smiths Aerospace, lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Tricia L. Elston, sr sys engineer with GM, lives in Clarkston, MI. Michael J. Garlick, sr flood reviewer with ABN AMRO North America, lives in Ann Arbor. Cristin K. Hall, lead engineer with Whirlpool lives in Fort Smith, AR. Erik A. Hayenga, co-owner/mgr with Hayenga Ag Dev, lives in Houghton, MI. Kerstin E. Henry, city engineer with City of Ashland, WI, where she lives. Andrew G. Hickson, field tech service rep with BASF, lives in Rochester, MI. Bernard J. Hoffman, IT consultant with Fujitsu Consulting, lives in Littleton, CO. Shane T. Hoffmann, sr field engineer with Indian Health Service, lives in Arbor Vitae, WI. Jeffrey N. Holappa, attorney with Colorado Supreme Court in Denver, where he lives. Darrick W. Huff, project mgr with Spicer Group, lives in Owosso, MI. Scott M. Jiran, product mgr with MTS Systems, lives in Carver, MN. Wendy J. Kastner, legal asst with J. Antonio Tramontana, lives in West Monroe, LA. Steven J. Kauffman, sr product engineer with RheTech, lives in Brighton, MI. Christopher L. Klaver, BristolMyers Squibb, lives in Boulder, CO. Daniel E. Knoll, sr engineer with Toyota Tech Center, lives in Canton, MI. Eric P. Laverty, sr mgr transmission access planning with Midwest ISO, lives in Noblesville, IN. Kok-Ken Lee, owner-design mgr of Fundwin, lives in Klang, Malaysia. Jason M. Lewis, consultant with McKinsey & Co, lives in Plymouth, MI. Christopher J. Mooney, accountant with Perry & Associates, lives in Harrisville, WV. Troy M. Moore, student with Palmer College of Chiropractic, lives in Davenport, IA. Michael C. Morley, technology communications mgr with Michigan Tech, lives in Houghton. Scott A. Northuis, project

engineer with McLean Thermal, lives in Otsego, MN. Russell A. Patenaude, sr project engineer with OnStar, lives in Macomb, MI. Jeffrey D. Ploetz, environmental dev specialist with Devtech Systems, lives in Alexandria, VA. Tina M. Poquette, sr project engineer with GM, lives in Sterling Heights, MI. Kyle M. Potvin, pavement management specialist with Applied Pavement Tech, lives in Waunakee, WI. Jennifer F. Renninger, director of new product dev with E-A-R Specialty Composites, lives in Lebanon, IN. Joanna G. Richardson, sr account mgr with Dow Chemical, lives in Grand Blanc, MI. Chadwick I. Romzek, mgr with Transform, lives in Burlington, WA. Colleen L. Rosenbrock, environmental delivery tech with Dow Chemical in Midland, MI, where she lives. Jeremy R. Rosenbrock, ownerprofessional surveyor with Rosenbrock Land Surveying in Midland, MI, where he lives. Charles R. Roth, sys engineer with TRW Automotive, lives in Clinton Township, MI. Chrystal L. Rozsa, self-employed freelance editor, lives in Farmington Hills, MI. William T. Sachse, materials engineer staff with Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, TX, where he lives. Lori A Seppanen, project leader with Rolls-Royce PLC, lives in Brownsburg, IN. James R. Spencer, process design leader with Hemlock Semiconductor, lives in Midland, MI. Richard J. St Amour, engineering supervisor with Marathon Oil in Findlay, OH, where he lives. Shane M. Surd, production superintendent with Martin Marietta Magnesia Spec, lives in Ludington, MI. Kristine L. Treat, plan review engineer with City of Las Cruces, NM, where she lives. Tami Lynn Walstrom IT auditor with Delphi, lives in Waterford, MI. Huidong Zhang, software engineer with the State of Washington, lives in Olympia.

1997 Richard J. Anton, performance engineer with Ford, lives in Canton, MI. Mark S. Austin, engineer II with Corrpro Companies, lives in Schaumburg, IL. Soren A. Barr, mechanical engineer with Cummins Power Generation, lives in Bloomington, MN. Scott M. Beaudo, developer with Banta, lives in Green Bay. Brian C. Berger, PE, project engineer with Soil & Materials Engineers, lives in Linwood, MI. Barry E. Brinkman, field sales engineer with ON Semiconductor, lives in Gilbert, AZ. Kevin M. Britton, manufacturing engineer with GM-Powertrain in Saginaw,

Michigan Technological University  29

Class Notes MI, where he lives. Robert P. Brown, sr design engineer with 3M, in St. Paul, MN, where he lives. Matthew E. Burmann, application engineer with Molded Materials, lives in Ypsilanti, MI. Mark T. Burns, project engineer with Studer Engineering PC in Steamboat Springs, CO, where he lives. Nathan R. Carlson, mechanical engineer with BAE System, lives in Rogers, MN. Stacy A. Carr, managing consultant with Trinity Consultants, lives in Kenner, LA. Nicholas J. Caruso, sr app engineer with Rolls-Royce PLC, lives in Fredericktown, OH. Heather L. Christenson, project engineer-transmission lines with American Transmission, lives in Appleton, WI. Jonathon D. Colman, sr mgr-digital marketing with Nature Conservancy, lives in Washington, DC. Kyle J. Cyr, project mgr with King Engineering Associates, lives in Palm Harbor, FL. Jeffrey M. DeMuri, engineering field technician with STS Consultants Ltd, lives in Kingsford, MI. Kurt L. Derscha, software test engineer with Verizon Communications, lives in Salisbury, NC. Kelly C. Epperly, regulatory affairs mgr with Antigenics, lives in Arlington, MA. Mark D. Erickson, continuous improvement with DTE Energy, lives in Holland, MI. Lisa J. Gamble, sys analyst with I.M.P.A.C.T., lives in Hazel Park, MI. Antonio Gaston, division operations excellence mgr with Eaton, lives in Portage, MI. Kenneth L. Gunter, process dev engineer with Boston Scientific CRM in St. Paul, MN, where he lives. Stephen J. Gwinnup, account financial mgr with Johnson Controls, lives in Spring Lake, MI. Richard L. Harrington, forester with Anderson-Tully in Vicksburg, MS, where he lives. Timothy R. Hartwig, finance director with Archstone-Smith, lives in Denver. Marcelle J. Hemquist, project engineer with Leo A Daly, lives in Minneapolis. Julie L. Hill, closing agent with Whiteside Abstract & Title in St. Ignace, MI, where she lives. Kevin E. Jump, project civil engineer with Donohue & Associates, lives in Howards Grove, WI. Timothy M. Kalee, IT mgr with Designed Conveyor Sys of Mich in Grand Rapids, MI, where he lives. John F. Kennedy, importer/exporter with Vandelay Industries, lives in Lincoln Park, MI. Andrea M. Kring, accounting financial mgr with Johnson Controls, lives in Grand Haven, MI. Chad W. Lehner, sr applications engineer with Solidica, lives in Howell, MI. David M. Lennon, sr program

engineer with BorgWarner, lives in Homer, MI. Evan J. Marttila, project mgr/PLS with Hagedorn, lives in Battle Ground, WA. John G. Meyers, product dev program mgr with Intel lives in Sacramento, CA. Daniel F. Motowski, sr test engineer with GM, lives in Howell, MI. James E. Myers, technical customer mgr with Seagate Technology, lives in Erie, CO. Ashley A. O’Keefe, EH&S specialist with Dow Chemical in Midland, MI, where she lives. Edward W. Oliver, structural engineer with Hardesty & Hanover, LLP, lives in Eaton Rapids, MI. Kier C. Parrish R&D-test lab supervisor with Dura Automotive Systems, lives in Kalkaska, MI. Patrick K. Pryor, artist with Studio Kernal in Minneapolis, where he lives. Christopher D. Pyhtila, sr software engineer with EDONexGen Communications, lives in Sterling, VA. Kristina M. Resing, registered nurse with Inova Loudoun Hospital, lives in Leesburg, VA. John W. Richmond, professional engineer with MSA Professional Services, lives in Granton, WI. Christopher G. Samp, application architect with NORC at the Univ of Chicago, lives in Chicago. Michael G. Sandford, product engineer with Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex, lives in Chester, VA. David R. Savage, sr engineer with GM, lives in Penfield, NY. Namrata Sharma, strategic marketing analyst with GE, lives in Houston. Jun Shi, Americas marketing leader with Dow Corning, lives in Midland, MI. Kevin A. Still, sr project engineer with Johnson Controls, lives in Holland, MI. Aaron S. Veenstra, research asst with Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, where he lives. Tina L. Weiler, mgr-segment search operations planning with Microsoft, lives in Kirkland, WA. Jason P. Wilson, sys engineer with Perceptron in Plymouth, MI, where he lives. David A. Zanoni, sr field engineer with Baker Atlas, lives in Mount Pleasant, MI.


Benton N. Ball, process support specialist with Stora Enso, lives in Hermantown, MN. Andrew T. Becker, project engineer with Diekema Hammon, lives in Grand Haven, MI. Ryan L. Boniface, director of operations & sales with S.C. Technologies, lives in Holland, MI. Amy M. Brill, loan officer with Source4 Home Loans, lives in Peoria, AZ. Amanda J. Buckoski, sr mgr-employee training with Oshkosh Truck, lives in Appleton, WI. Michael R. Burton, sr solution architect

30  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

with EDS, lives in Charlotte, NC. Amanda R. Butler, research scientist with Kimberly-Clark, lives in Woodstock, GA. Corey A. Coogan, applications dev mgr with Enzymatic Therapy, lives in Green Bay. Darla K. Crossley, software developer with Dairyland Healthcare Solutions, lives in Carlos, MN. Keith J. Daenzer, manufacturing engineer with Delphi, lives in Richville, MI. Jason L. Deleau, sr developer with Home Depot, lives in Austin, TX. Kimberly R. Dobosenski, environmental engineer with GM, in Greenwood, IN. Rabecca L. Dopp, software engineer with Manatron, lives in South Haven, MI. Lauren K. Dupuie, quality specialist with LexaMar in Boyne City, MI, where she lives. Md. I. Faisal, lecturer with Univ of Louisiana in Lafayette, where he lives. Elizabeth H. Glaser, independent consultant for Pampered Chef, lives in Brighton, MI. Joshua J. Heider, mgr-site construction with Bechtel Bettis, lives in Pocatello, ID. Douglas L. Hula, project engineer with Materials Test Consultants lives in Rockford, MI. Brent K. Jesiek, mgr/instructor with Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, where he lives. John R. Kriz, finishing mgr with Ariens, lives in Neenah, WI. Chad A. Linna, operations maintenance mgr with US Army Corps of Engineers, lives in Burlington, KY. William L. Merrill, partner with Gordian Labs, lives in Ann Arbor. Joshua D. Mueller, environmental engineer with Hart & Cooley lives in Dorr, MI. Eric W. Olson, sr environmental engineer with URS, lives in Ludington, MI. Timothy J. Opalka, mechanical engineer with GE Trans Systems in Erie, PA, where he lives. Lisa J. Popoff, project engineer with Washington State Dept of Trans, lives in East Wenatchee, WA. Shelly A. Purdy, sr analyst II with Kimberly-Clark, lives in Oshkosh, WI. Teresa M. Schissler-Boichot, VP of operations with National Management Resources, lives in Plainfield, IL. Eric J. Seifferlein, acoustic engineer with Henkel Technologies, lives in Clarkston, MI. William F. Seng, chief technology officer with AeroAstro, lives in Purcellville, VA. Chad W. Siebenaler, 6 sigma black belt 2 with Caterpillar, lives in Dunlap, IL. Amanda P. Slade, project mgr with Six-S Contracting, lives in Shepherd, MI. Chin Khee Tan, consultant with Accenture, lives in Selangor. Brian C. Teddy, supervisor-gas & electric measurement with Wisc Public Service, lives in Marinette, WI. Marilyn J. Vogler, assoc director

IPS with Michigan Tech, lives in Chassell. Ryan P. Vollmert, purchasing-buyer & supplier quality with DaimlerChrysler, lives in Ferndale, MI. Jamie L. Zelenak-Hyre is with UNCCharlotte and lives in Huntersville.


Christi L. Chapman, agriculture specialist with Customs & Border Protection, lives in Livonia, MI. Jarrod P. Cherwinski, sales mgr, southern division with Wolverine Fire Protection in Cumming, GA, where he lives. Jennifer K. Comins, transportation engineer (civil) with Calif Dept of Trans in San Diego, where she lives. Robert N. Conklin, mgr of technology with Triad Technologies, lives in Vandalia, OH. Lucas J. Curd, project engineer with Consoer Townsend/Environmental Engineering, lives in Perry, MI. Avery M. Cyr, sr environmental scientist with Woods Consulting, lives in Palm Harbor, FL. Scott F. Drake, operations mgr with TECO in Sun Prairie, WI, where he lives. Yeimy C. Garcia Sommi, sr online media analyst with Wunderman-Team Detroit, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Garret D. Gaw, director of application dev with Budco, lives in Clinton Township, MI. Jodie A. Gilroy is in public relations with Dickinson County Healthcare System and lives in Norway, MI. Andrew B. Hartmann, mechanical engineer with ITW-Dahti Technologies, lives in Muskegon, MI. Brian T. LaFreniere, project controls supervisor with Marathon Oil in Findlay, OH, where he lives. Paul M. LaTarte, sr manufacturing engineer with GM, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Susan M. Lahti, teacher with Boyne City Middle School, lives in Eastport, MI. Daniel S. Landreman, project engineer with S&C Electric, lives in Racine, WI. Yong M. Lee, sr research engineer with Mittal Steel USA, lives in Munster, IN. James M. Lemens, release engineer with DaimlerChrysler, lives in Ann Arbor. Mark W. Maurer, computer programmer with DCT Technologies/Solinus in Green Bay, where he lives. Amy R. Moore, civil engineer with US Army Corps of Engineers, lives in Davenport, IA. Paula L. Nelson, HR analyst with THQ, lives in Westlake Village, CA. Shawn M. Norwood, dev engineer with GM, lives in Livonia, MI. Joshua A. Nowack, intelligence analyst with US Army, lives in Vulcan, MI. Zachary J. Owens, electrical engineer with Foth, lives in Vadnais Heights, MN. Christopher A. Pachmayer

Class Notes is with Union Sanitary District and lives in Redwood City, CA. Khanh D. Pham, mechanical engineer sr with Lockheed Martin, lives in San Jose, CA. Joseph M. Rozner, technical engineer with Black & Veatch in Ann Arbor, where he lives. Cale J. Schwalm, engineering supervisor with 3M, lives in St. Paul, MN. Monique Q. Simmons, engineer with Dow Chemical, lives in Perrysburg, OH. Christopher E. Spangler, chemical engineer with US Army, lives in Lake Angelus, MI. Robert E. Tober, agriculture specialist with US Customs/Border Protection, lives in Birch Run, MI. Kevin J. Wiig, consultant with Kimberly-Clark, lives in Sugar Hill, GA. Jeremy J. Worm, sr project engineer with GM, lives in Shelby Township, MI.

2000 Chad C. Ackley, engineer with Carter & Burgess, lives in Washington, DC. Yogesh Andra, hardware engineer with Cisco Systems, lives in San Jose, CA. Patrick W. Archambeau, engineer with ATA Engineering, lives in Littleton, CO. Abbey E. Bacak, section leader-CO2 design & engineering with Praxair, lives in Williamsville, NY. Joseph S. Bartels, sr consultant with Avatech Solutions, lives in Roseville, MN. Christine W. Beaubien, project mgr with Clark Construction Group, lives in Germantown, MD. David G. Bessingpas, sr project mgr with ARCADIS BBL in Baxter, MN, where he lives. Ted L. Bier, chiropractor with Copper Country Chiropractic in Houghton, where he lives. Jeremy P. Bos, sr project engineer with GM, lives in Coopersville, MI. Theresa M. Bouchard, science teacher with Hopkins School Dist, lives in Essexville, MI. Jodi J. Britton, sr process engineer with Dow Corning, lives in Saginaw, MI. Vicki L. Brust, manufacturing engineer with Modern Metal Products, lives in Machesney Park, IL. Karana M. Carlborn, R&D engineer with Michigan State Univ, lives in Webb City, MO. Thomas R. Carpenter, is with the Board of Light & Power and lives in Marquette, MI. Sean K. Chaparro, project engineer with Malcolm Pirnie, lives in Canton, MI. Michael W. Cromheecke, application engineering mgr with Rockwell Automation, lives in Whitefish Bay, WI. Michael F. Dine, paint process-robotics engineer with Decoma Decostar in Carrollton, GA, where he lives. Joseph E. Dinkel, project engineer with CTE Engineers in Chicago, IL, where

he lives. Paul W. Dutton, III, staff engineer with Jacobs Associates, lives in Renton, WA. Sarah E. Fenton, reservoir engineer with EnCana Oil & Gas (USA), lives in Lafayette, LA. Shawn P. Fetterolf, staff engineer with IBM, lives in Cornwall, VT. Andrew J. Gabrielski, pilot with US Air Force in Abilene, TX, where he lives. David W. Gehrett, sr software engineer with Orbitz in Chicago, IL, where he lives. Barry P. Gower, advisory software engineer with IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY, where he lives. Celine E. Grace, graduate aide with Michigan Tech and lives in Houghton. Erik L. Hahn, sr metallurgical engineer with Alcoa, lives in Davenport, IA. Paul M. Halik, execution lead engineerinternational assignments with GM, lives in Livonia, MI. Robert C. Hamel, technical specialist with Seco Tools, lives in New London, WI. Cory A. Hammond, sr assoc with Mustang Engineering, lives in Houston. Weston L. Harness, sr mechanical engineer with XRite, lives in Coopersville, MI. Michael L. Hiler, manufacturing engineer with Magna Donnelly, lives in Sparta, MI. Kok Poh Ho, mgr with Ho Cheong Foo, lives in Negeri Sembilan. Jack L. Hund, maintenance general foreman with GM, lives in Imlay City, MI. Renee R. Joy, sr process engineer with Boston Scientific CRM, lives in Brooklyn Park, MN. Michael R. Kamin, metallurgical engineertechnical sales with Pyrotek, lives in Pewaukee, WI. Katie E. Kinziger, electrical engineer with Automation Solutions of Wisconsin, lives in Appleton. Eric C. Kirchner, electrical engineer with Siemens Water Technologies, lives in Long Beach, CA. Joseph D. Kluck, CPT ordnance officer with US Army in APO, AE, lives in Whitmore Lake, MI. Theodore J. Kremer, project engineer with Malcolm Pirnie, lives in Potterville, MI. Chad M. Krueger, process engineer with Kimberly-Clark, lives in Augusta, GA. Edward T. Lee, NVH engineer with Dana, lives in Troy, MI. Jeffrey A. Ludwig, webmaster & tech specialist with Mid-American RCG, lives in Wilmore, KY. Sheila K. Madahbee, biomass forester with Ministry of Natural Resources in Sault Ste Marie, ON, where she lives. Barrett C. Marion, general supervisor-production with GM, lives in Spring Hill, TN. Jenny E. Messina R&D mechanical engineer with Boston Scientific CRM, lives in Dresser, WI. John P. Moses, consulting forester with Mikes Tree Surgeons, lives in Warren, MI. Thomas J. Murphy, general mgr with Brandywine

Realty Trust, lives in Des Plaines, IL. Nicole M. Nauer, medical technologist with Aspirus Wausau Hospital in Wausau, WI, where she lives. Laura B. Neumeier, project engineer with TriMedia Consultants, lives in Oconomowoc, MI. Matthew A. Niskanen is with Turner Corp. in New York, NY, where he lives. Chad D. Northington, project engineer with WRS Infrastructure & Environ in Tampa, FL, where he lives. Sarah A. Nyeholt, design engineer with GM, lives in Armada, MI. Molly L. O’Brien, asst project mgr with G.Z.A. Geo Environmental, lives in Cedar Springs, MI. Lee-Swee Ong, staff engineer with Toshiba TEC, lives in Johar. Hattie M. Pennala, project engineer with STS Consultants Ltd, lives in Ishpeming, MI. Sarah J. Ratcliff, application engineer & technical service with Dow Corning in Midland, MI, where she lives. Ursula K. Rick, graduate student with Univ of Colorado, lives in Boulder. Marlena M. Santti, truck driver with Schneider National, lives in Greenwood, WI. David J. Schultz, algorithm developer with Textron, lives in Makawao, HI. Scott P. Smith, civil engineer with Skanska USA, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Aimee L. Stephens, forester with USDA, lives in L,Anse, MI. Kenneth J. Symes, forester with Wisconsin DNR, lives in Hager City, WI. Damon J. Trachsel, advanced supply mgr with Siemens Power Generation, lives in Oviedo, FL. Jon J. VanderMeulen, sr project engineer-vehicle planning with Nissan, lives in West Bloomfield, MI. Tracey J. Vannest, project environmental engineer-project mgr with URS, lives in Lake Worth, FL. Marcela Velazquez Carrillo, application engineer for Latin America with GE Fanuc USA, lives in San Jose, CA. Melinda M. Vokoun, research assoc with NC State Univ in Raleigh, where she lives. Todd S. Werner, attorney with Merchant & Gould in Minneapolis, where he lives. Jamie A. Wilke, owner/web developer with Mediatrunk in Palmer Lake, CO, where she lives. Jeffrey D. Wilke, mechanical engineer III with Newisys, lives in Palmer Lake, CO. Kimberly J. Williams, energy engineer with Siemens Building Techs, lives in Royal Oak, MI. David R. Wisley, 6 sigma black belt with Caterpillar, lives in Peoria, IL.

2001 Cayle R. Akum, financial analyst with Wells Fargo Insurance Services, lives in Bloomington, MN. Christopher N. Ambourn,

survey department mgr with Bolton & Menk, lives in New London, MN. Jason R. Bauer, lead developer with Chimes, lives in Clinton Township, MI. Ryan R. Bellinger, sr engineer with Whirlpool, lives in St. Joseph, MI. Jay W. Calewarts, facilities engineer with the State of Michigan lives in Leslie, MI. Troy D. Casteel, sales engineer with Maxon, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Jon M. Dowling, assoc project engineer with Kolano & Saha Engineers, lives in Canton, MI. Andrea M. Dranberg, assembly verification integration engineer with GM, lives in Sterling Heights, MI. Rosanne M. Essiambre, assoc with PRTM and lives in Medford, MA. Ryan R. Eversole, structural engineer with FTC&H, lives in East Grand Rapids, MI. Jeremy D. Fairaizl, instructor/ electronic warfare officer with US Air Force in Minot, ND, where he lives. Christopher L. Gielki, production coordinator with Lafarge Chicago Slag, lives in Valparaiso, IN. Ryan E. Hannan, party chief with Mickie Wagner Coleman in Fort Smith, AR, where he lives. Ty A. Henry, sr engineer with Eaton, lives in Monroe, MI. Carolyn J. Koning, pharmacist with Lakeland Regional Hospital, lives in Baroda, MI. Benjamin J. Kroeger, specialist-security & EHS with Robert Bosch, lives in Plymouth, MI. Quinton J. Krueger, assoc with Booz Allen Hamilton in Arlington, VA, where he lives. Han Leng A. Lim, project mgr with Zeta Ori Technology Sdn Bhd, lives in Klang. Jamie L. Mayo, sr rehabilitation engineer with Univ of Michigan, lives in Ypsilanti, MI. Irene P. Mittlestat, patient financial representative with Mayo Clinic, lives in Rochester, MN. Joseph R. Napieralski, branch mgr with Johnson Controls, lives in Chelsea, MI. Nakeya D. Norman, sr performance engineer with Dynegy, lives in Swansea, IL. Mark C. Nyholm, project mgr with OakRiver Technology, lives in White Bear Lake, MN. Brian A. Oxford, product dev engineer with 3M, lives in Inver Grove Heights, MN. Matthew D. Palecek, account representative with BBT lives in Stevens Point, WI. Crystal L. Payment, PhD candidate with Michigan Tech, lives in Houghton. Allen S. Phillips, project mgr with Imperial Supplies, lives in Kaukauna, WI. Brent D. Romenesko, process engineer with Boston Scientific, lives in Chaska, MN. Gregory W. Sevenski, account mgr with Federal-Mogul, lives in Farmington, MI. Christopher L. Shamie, program mgr with LuK

Michigan Technological University  31

Class Notes USA, lives in Wadsworth, OH. Paul D. Shapter, project engineer with RW Armstrong, lives in Hubbard Lake, MI. Tahseen Nass Sheikh, investment officer with Kuwait & Middle East Financial, lives in Safat, Kuwait. Joshua J. Skelton, co-general business operations mgr with Allete, lives in Hoyt Lakes, MN. Matthew L. Sohrweide, sr sys engineer with Appleton Coated, lives in Green Bay. Sathish Sundaram, research scientist with Henry Ford Health System, lives in Ann Arbor. Melissa M. Sytsma, law clerk/ bailiff with Cass County Probate/ Family Ct, lives in Mattawan, MI. John R. Walsh, civil engineer with Paradigm Design, lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Kristin L. Wildt is selfemployed and lives in Warren, MI. Bryan C. Wildt, self-employed with Wildt & Associates, lives in Warren, MI. Justin S. Yow, sales engineer with Robert Bosch, lives in Warren, MI.

2002 Shamveel Ahmed, zone mgr with Chevron, lives in West Hempstead, NY. Amanda J. Apps, teller with US Bank in Cushing, WI, where she lives. Bryan K. Block, project engineer with M.A. Mortenson, lives in Lakeville, MN. Jane S. Brunkow, software QA analyst III with Paisley Consulting, lives in Montrose, MN. Emily BW Calhoon, forest and wetland ecologist with Voice Environmental, in Boyne City, MI, where she lives. Nickolas J. Craanen, manufacturing test engineer with Ford, lives in Carleton, MI. Sarah B. Culver, instructor/cofounder of Siskin Ecological Adventures in East Charleston, VT, where she lives. Matthew J. Decur, village engineer with Village of Ashwaubenon in Green Bay, where he lives. Joseph R. Derk, 6 sigma black belt 2 with Caterpillar, lives in Morton, IL. Matthew J. Devitt, resource recovery coordinator with LaFarge in Alpena, MI, where he lives. Brian J. Eggart, graduate student with Michigan Tech, lives in Atlantic Mine. Alexandra Z. Fairaizl, mechanical engineer with Mowbray & Son Plumbing & Heating, lives in Minot, ND. Amee R. Freeman, environmental scientist with ARCADIS, lives in South Lyon, MI. Josephine Hearndon, territory mgr with Parker-Hannifin, lives in Mission Viejo, CA. Daniel A. Hicks, acoustic designer with Geiler & Associates, lives in Denver. Christopher D. Jennings, mechanical engineer with Jacobs Engineering Group, lives in

Pulaski, WI. Robert C. Johnson, sr programmer/analyst with Omnicell in Mountain View, CA, where he lives. Jessica A. Kiefer, European product mgr with Richco International Co Ltd, in Gravesend Kent, England. Michael J. Klimek, FGD area mgr with Weir Group PLC, lives in Cottage Grove, WI. Christy M. Klimek, ophthalmic tech with Davis Duehr Dean, lives in Cottage Grove, WI. Matthew R. Klinkman, project engineer with Johnson Controls in Holland, MI, where he lives. Peter E. Koepfgen, engineer with Your Solar Home, lives in Toronto. Amanda M. McMahon, learning center mgr with Univ of Phoenix, lives in Gaithersburg, MD. William O. Morris, product design engineer with Ford, lives in Wyandotte, MI. John J. Platt, design engineer with R. A. Miller Industries, lives in Ann Arbor. Emily M. Rauch, research engineer-sustainable dev with Battelle Memorial Institute, lives in Kennewick, WA. Eric P. Ross, structural engineer with Bentley A/E, lives in Altamonte Springs, FL. Sarah E. Ruthko, sr civil engineer with Dupage County, lives in South Elgin, IL. Jill A. Sajdyk, adjunct faculty with Baker College, lives in Brownstown, MI. Erica L. Schwartz, mechanical engineer with BD Diagnostics, lives in Columbia, MD. Nathan S. Shirey, captain with US Air Force, lives in Sherwood, AR. Matthew A. Suksi, sr mortgage consultant with Franklin Bank, lives in Morris, IL. Brian O. Watson, product liability asst with Schiff Hardin LLP, lives in Chicago. Deborah A. Watt is with Univ of Michigan Health and lives in Ann Arbor. Andrew L. Wellbaum, surveillance engineer with Shell Exploration & Production, lives in New Orleans, LA. Laura M. Wolski, physical therapist with First Choice Physical Therapy in Worland, WY, where she lives. Christina M. Wood, biostatistician with Mayo Clinic, lives in Rochester, MN. Jessica D. Wood, engineer with Parametrix, lives in Poulsbo, WA.

2003 Sahibzada Ali, VP/EPO with ATTCO, lives in Wood Dale, IL. Lee F. Brown, staff writer with Daily Press in Escanaba, where he lives. Michelle M. Buller, graduate engineer 2 with Minnesota Dept of Trans in Bemidji, where she lives. Kevin R. Calhoon, computer support with East Jordan Iron Works, lives in Boyne City, MI. Bridget A. Cannon, asst project mgr

32  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

with GZA GeoEnvironmental, lives in Howell, MI. Katherine L. Carlson, teacher with Huron Valley School Dist in Milford, MI, where she lives. Benjamin J. Drenth, geophysicist, student with US Geological Survey, lives in Norman, OK. Neal A. Febbraro, programmer/business analyst with Ford Motor Credit, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Brian J. Franck, project engineer with Clarke Engineering Services, lives in Vicksburg, MI. Bryon P. Freeman, applications programmer with Michigan Tech, lives in Hancock. Lindsay M. Godin, PhD student/ researcher with Mayo Clinic, lives in Rochester, MN. Jimmy F. Hill, sr project engineer with GM, lives in Brighton, MI. John G. Holt, application engineerground vehicles with MTS Systems, lives in Minneapolis. Joshua P. Karvakko, mechanical design engineer with C-Tech Industries, lives in Chassell, MI. Teri J. LaJeunesse, asst director for athletics media services with Western Ill Univ in Macomb. Daniel P. Leep, manufacturing tech engineer with 3M, lives in Houghton, MI. Jason M. Markesino, manufacturing engineer with Applied Manufacturing Techs lives in Waterford, MI. Christopher G. Marshall, process dev engineer with International Paper, lives in Pensacola, Fla. Keith R. Nackers, sr software engineer with Boston Scientific, lives in Kirkland, WA. Carolyn A. O’Keefe, prosthetist with Wright & Filippis, lives in Troy, MI. Keith A. Oldinski, project engineer with S.A. Robotics, lives in Fort Collins, CO. Travis L. Pegg, quality engineer with American Axle & Mfg, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Mike D. Pelli, analyst with Dow Chemical, lives in Midland, MI. Sarah J. Pickens, quality engineer with American Axle & Mfg, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Jason R. Pursell, project engineer with Steffens Enterprises, lives in East Grand Rapids, WI. Ward W. Rietz, materials engineer with Lockheed Martin, lives in River Ridge, LA. Kyle J. Rokos, software engineer with Signature Research, and lives in Hancock, MI. George M. Rosier, embedded software engineer with Boeing in Albuquerque, NM, where he lives. Jessica E. Swanson, territory mgr with Transoma Medical, lives in Minneapolis, MN. Curt B. Trowhill, manufacturing dev engineer with Kaiser Aluminum & Chem Corp, lives in Greenwood, SC. Rebecca E. Vinson, quality engineer with Lear, lives in Woodville, OH.

2004 Shazimuddin Ahmad, network operations analyst with Fannie Mae, lives in Vienna, VA. Sharukuddin Ahmad, IT operations lead with Fannie Mae, lives in Vienna, VA. Emily M. Alfson, sr technical writer with American Power Conversion, lives in Nashua, NH. Tim Bailey is with Citadel Investment Group, in Chicago, IL, where he lives. Brynn S. Balmes, documentation/ training specialist with Federal Signal Codespear, lives in Walled Lake, MI. Theodore R. Berger, applications engineer with Faro Technologies, lives in White Lake, MI. Michelle L. Bosscher, math teacher with Lake Linden High School, lives in Calumet. Stephen N. Burns, product engineer with Honeywell, lives in Taylor, MI. Andrew J. Carsell, web services admin with Creative Solutions, lives in Livonia, MI. Michael J. Cirino, area mgr with MPMC, lives in Lawton, MI. Dennis J. Dole, QA engineer with MAHLE Powertrain in Novi, MI, where he lives. Michelle I. Draheim, materials engineer with Toyota Tech Center, lives in South Lyon, MI. Matthew J. Evon, planning analyst with State of Michigan, lives in Grayling, MI. Henry J. Fedewa, engineering technician with Numatics MPG, lives in Waterford, MI. Zackery B. Gay, lab engineer with Vesitech in Hancock, MI, where he lives. Rachel B. Getman, graduate student with Univ of Notre Dame, lives in Niles, MI. Sarah L. Gibelyou, flight controller with NASA, lives in Dickinson, TX. Patrick J. Giger, lieutenant with the USMC, lives in Maybee, MI, Andrew M. Grohowski, PPC project mgr with OneUpWeb, lives in Traverse City, MI. James R. Helmer, instructor with Bay De Noc Community College, lives in Kingsford, MI. Randy E. Hyrkas, relay/scada technician with Utility Lines Construction, lives in Novi, MI. Paul N. Johnson, engineer with Caterpillar, lives in Monroe, MI. Erin M. Keeler, engineer with ITC Holdings, lives in Northville, MI. Stefan Kiefer, software reliability & security group with Universitaet Stuttgart, and lives in Bietigheim, Germany. Andrew A. Knitt, engineer with Caterpillar, lives in Deer Creek, IL. Amanda C. Lavoy, design engineer with GE Aviation in Cincinnati, OH, where she lives. Kelly A. Loch, mechanical engineer with Altran Solutions, lives in Arlington Heights, IL. Jacob A. Manchester, executive director with Camp Michigamme, lives in Houghton, MI. Derek S. Marchlewicz, KC-

Class Notes

Tech Grad Joins White House Staff In June, Major Otha Thornton MS ’01 had his first day on the job as director of human resources for the White House Communication Office. He serves as the human resources manager for the nine hundred-person agency and supervises a staff of twenty-five from all branches of the military. Thornton also serves as a presidential communications and event officer, coordinating communication services for the president, vice president, first lady, National Security Council, White House staff, and the White House Press Corps. When he was offered the position, Thornton gladly accepted. “It’s one of the top assignments in my field,” he said in May. “I’ll be flying around the globe, recruiting the best of the best to work with the agency.” He will also serve on some of the president’s advance communications teams. Thornton came to the University in July 1999 as an assistant professor of military science in the Army ROTC program. He completed his MS in Rhetoric and Technical Communication in 2001. Off the job, Thornton has made his mark on the community as president of the local high school’s PTA. “I started a program called No Parent Left Behind,” he says. “I told the parents that we are holding teachers and administrators accountable, so we should also hold ourselves accountable for a positive education experience.” The challenge to parents was to volunteer at least ten hours a year for the school. “We got parents to contribute over five thousand hours,” Thornton says. 10 pilot with the US Air Force, lives in Fairfield, CA. Charles L. Marshall, substation design with ITC Holdings, lives in Mount Morris, MI. Rachel L. Parini, asst project mgr with ARCADIS BBL, lives in Mattydale, NY. Ryan P. Schwoerer, field service engineer with Tetra Pak, lives in St. Paul, MN. Mike E. Steele, product dev engineer with Greenheck Fan, lives in Wausau, WI. Matheus R. Stivaletti, 2nd shift production mgr with Decore-ative Specialties, lives in Charlotte, NC. Raymond S. Trudgeon, design engineer I with Spicer Group, lives in Grayling, MI. Perry K. Williams, teacher with East Grand Rapids Public Schools and lives in East Grand Rapids, MI.

2005 Ralph D. Allen, shift mgr with US Steel and lives in Novi, MI. James E. Anderson, civil engineering surveyor with MSA Professional Services, lives in Crandon, WI. Brendan P. Andrews, geotechnical engineer with Langen Engineering, lives in Aventura, FL. Joshua D. Bailey, computer operator with All Media Guide, lives in Williamsburg, MI. Erin N. Barkel, marketing services coordinator with Thermotron Industries, in Holland, MI. Robert A. Bingham, trainmaster with CSX, lives in Orchard Park, NY. Beth A. Blumhardt, graduate student with Colorado School of Mines, lives in Golden. Kristen

C. Campbell, real estate agent with Aardex Corp in Lakewood, lives in Denver. Derek S. Chapel, patent examiner with US Patent & Trademark Office, lives in Arlington, VA. Jason A. Cook, structural engineer with Halvorson & Partners in Chicago, IL, where he lives. Trevor D. Eenigenburg, quality engineer with Somero Enterprises in Houghton, MI, where he lives. Peter A. Fallon, design engineer with Getman, lives in Niles, MI. Kelly M. Flick, technical writer with Tier Technologies, lives in Newport News, VA. Philip E. Garrett, engineer with Orchard Hiltz & Mc Climent, lives in Brighton, MI. Jason L. Gauthier, asst controller with Give’Em A Brake Safety, lives in Rockford, MI. Nicole E. Gauthier, financial analyst with Gordon Food Service, lives in Rockford, MI. Christine A. Gravelle, area hall director with Beloit College in Beloit, WI, where she lives. Mark H. Griep, PhD candidate with Michigan Tech, lives in Cadillac, MI. Amanda G. Holey, project forester with Global ReLeaf of Michigan, lives in Midland. Susan A. Jeske, mechanical engineer with Dow Corning, in Midland, MI, where she lives. John A. Jeske, software validation technician with Kelly IT & Engineering in Midland, MI, where he lives. Ranveig Jordet, project engineer-electrical sys with ExxonMobil, lives in Tolvsrod,

Norway. Christopher M. Koehler, patent examiner with US Patent & Trade in Alexandria, VA, where he lives. Kevin M. Kolasinski, software engineer with Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, IA, where he lives. Emily A. Larsen, analyst II with Kimberly-Clark, lives in Appleton, WI. Beth C. Lauzon, geologist with Minnesota Dept of Trans, lives in Hopkins. Alexis J. Lee, paving rep with Caterpillar in Peoria, IL, where he lives. Brian K. Lepley, plant engineer with Temple-Inland, lives in Cartersville, GA. Brad M. MacDonald, staff engineer with SC Johnson, lives in Bay City, MI. Stephen M. Malek, engineer with Excel Engineering, lives in White Bear Twp, MN. William D. McNett, reliability engineer with Peabody Energy, lives in Commerce Township, MI. Sara A. Merrill, engineer with Orchard Hiltz & Mc Climent, lives in Novi, MI. Allison Ruth Michels, owner/ princ with Allison Liddle Designs, lives in Eagle River, WI. Jason W. Ostrenga, test support tech with Plexus, lives in Little Suamico, WI. Mark J. Parent, staff structural engineer with EEIS Consulting Engineers in Anchorage, AK, where he lives. Steven C. Porter, planning engineer with Dairyland Power Cooperative, lives in La Crosse, WI. Elizabeth F. Puskala, paraeducator with Early Childhood Center, lives in Mcpherson, KS. Laura A. Rauch,

queue management engineer with Midwest ISO, lives in Indianapolis. John E. Rauch Jr. is with Stanley Works and lives in Indianapolis. Abhay S. Rawal, NVH test engineer with Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, MN, where he lives. Andrew W. Richards, research engineer with Michigan Tech, lives in Michigan Center, MI. Samuel N. Sorensen, transportation engineer with Mich Dept of Trans, lives in Jackson. Kevin R. Thompson, regional sales mgr with Intelligent Actuator, lives in Chicago. Sarah E. Toner, engineer with DaimlerChrysler, lives in Sterling Heights, MI. Jason M. Toner, highway engineer with HNTB, lives in Sterling Heights, MI. Jonathan P. Verville, RF sys engineer with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, lives in Hyattsville, MD. Michael A. Wales, teacher with Cheboygan Area Schools, lives in Iron Mountain, MI. Adam S. Ward, civil engineer with Spicer Group, lives in Bay City, MI. Julia L. York, process engineer with Lyondell Chemical, lives in Chrisman, IL.

2006 Jason W. Andorfer, software engineer with ProLogic, lives in Stevens Point, WI. Matthew D. Barkley, product dev engineer with JSJ in Hancock, MI, where he lives. Jenell L. Beardsley, Center for Diagnostic Imaging, lives in Minneapolis. Philip M. Benes, product dev engineer with Greenheck Fan, lives in Wausau, WI. Austin F. Bensend, structural engineer with Permasteelisa CS, lives in West St. Paul, MN. Samved Bhatnagar, sr analyst with CGN & Assocs, lives in Peoria, IL. Karla D. Brudi, field engineer with Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, lives in Marquette, MI. Kasey L. Cornwell, asst project mgr 1 with ARCADIS BBL, lives in Fayetteville, NY. Molly E. Cypher, environmental scientist with Rescom Environmental in Traverse City, MI, where she lives. Peter G. Djiovanis, composite research engineer with Spirit AeroSystems, lives in Wichita, KS. Brent J. Esch, manufacturing engineer with Hutchinson Technology, lives in Spring Park, MN. Timothy D. Flynn, production management trainee with TempleInland, lives in Indianapolis. Betsy M. George, graduate student with Univ of Vermont, lives in Newberry, MI. Jesse R. Gorzinski, software engineer with Hercules, lives in Rochester, MN. Yong E. Guan is in aircraft maintenance with Vision Airlines and lives in Johor, Malaysia. Michael C. Hamlin, assoc engineer with ITC Transmission, lives in Wixom, MI. Natasha I. Chopp is with

Michigan Technological University  33

Class Notes Portage Health in Hancock, MI, where she lives. Kurtis D. Hintz, electrical engineer with Thilmany, lives in Appleton, WI. Richard T. Holmstrom, asst director with Phoenix House in Calumet, where he lives. Scott D. Isaacson, technical services engineer with Epic Systems, lives in Middleton, WI. Steven H. Janssens, production engineer with Santa Cruz Bicycles, lives in Menlo Park, CA. Carl H. Jarema, maintenance engineer with LaFarge in Alpena, MI, where he lives. Aditya Kapoor, research engineer with Georgia Tech, lives in Norcross, GA. Travis E. Kemp, IT FCG with Ford, lives in Royal Oak, MI. Laura J. Kirby, campaign & events asst with Ucan, lives in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Tobin J. Larsen, electrical engineer with Advance Systems, lives in Appleton, WI. Matthew J. Lemon, traffic analyst with Kimley-Horn & Assocs, lives in Boynton Beach, FL. Craig A. Mann, CEO-engineering division with Lownoisefloor, lives in Fairfax, VA. Hardeep S. Mehta, electrical engineer with Doty Scientific in Columbia, SC, where he lives. Jessica S. Miron, earth science teacher with McHenry West High School, lives in Huntley, IL. John D. Molnar, manufacturing engineer with Emerson Process Management in Eden Prairie, MN, where he lives. Marie R. Mooney, graduate student with Univ of Cincinnati, lives in Houghton, MI. Chad S. Nelson, assoc engineer with Caterpillar, lives in Gladstone, MI. Alycia M. O’Parka, project engineer with Brady, lives in New Berlin, WI. Matthew J. Osborn, laser engineer with Mazak Optonics, lives in St. Paul, MN. Sumeet P. Oswal, design engineer with Stryker Medical, lives in Kalamazoo, MI. Trevor C. Pankonien, integration engineer with Cable Constructors, lives in Gladstone. MI. James R. Pavelski, CE-transportation with Wisc Dept of Trans in Madison, where he lives. Brad M. Person, president/princ owner with Taurus Fiduciary Advisors, lives in

Births Northville, MI. Aaron D. Pietsch, engineer with Phelps Dodge, lives in Safford, AZ. Sara J. Pray, actuarial trainee with Conseco, lives in Indianapolis. Katie A. Radke, field representative with RS & H CS, lives in Boynton Beach, FL. Philip V. Ribeiro, UH-60 Blackhawk pilot with Wisconsin Army National Guard, lives in Enterprise, AL. Joshua L. Ruedisueli, firmware test/tools engineer with Hitachi Global Storage Tech, lives in Rochester, MN. Teren M. Sapp, network specialist with IBM, lives in Canton, MI. Lisa B. Schmalhurst, R&D mechanical engineer with Boston Scientific CRM, lives in Osseo, MN. Brian J. Schneider, project engineer with CG Schmidt in Milwaukee, WI, where he lives. Carl B. Schroeder, assoc environmental engineer with GM, lives in Napoleon, OH. Alison E. Skwarski, graduate research asst with Univ Of Texas at Austin, lives in Brighton, MI. Lisa M. Stamler, administrative asst with ERA Boardwalk Real Estate, lives in Clearwater, FL. Brian P. Szwejkowski, PTO ME with Ford, lives in Canton, MI. Danielle H. VanDyke, software quality assurance engineer with Google, lives in Newark, CA. Elaine J. Venema, process design team with Fleis & Vandenbrink Engineering, lives in Midland, MI. Joel C. Vertin, student web coordinator with Michigan Tech Fund, lives in Hancock. Daniel P. Whaley, office/field engineer with Granite Construction, lives in Long Beach, MS. Todd A. Williams, group mgr with JELDWEN, lives in Pataskala, OH. Jared J. Yach, software engineer with Raytheon in Aurora, CO, where he lives. Shannon L. Yarber, scientist with Kimberly Clark, lives in Neenah, WI. Brigitte E. Zielinski, science teacher with District 158-Huntley HS and lives in Crystal Lake, IL.

2007 Devin R. Magnuson, investment analyst with S.N. Phelps & Co, lives in Houghton, MI.

1979 James & Sherri Waineo–Trevor J.

1987 Eric & Jennifer Bjorn–Allison S.

1988 Peter & Elizabeth Moutsatson–Nickolas

1989 Thomas Cook–Ian P. Shahid Zia & Asma Shahid–Hadi

1990 Alan & Melanie Mikovits–Jonathan Craig & Amy Walkenspaw–Sam

1991 Steve & Nora Creek–Kasey Mark & Janie (Kiilunen) Haataja ’92–Ray A., Alan Kiley, Jeremy L.

1992 Nathan & Sally (Shaffer) Callaghan ’95–Claire & Alison Janie (Kiilunen) & Mark Haataja ’91–Ray A., Alan Kiley, Jeremy L. Kellie (Stevens) & Tim Lukasavitz–Noah J. Gary & Elizabeth Streight–Abigail & Braden Alan Wakeham–Audrie C.

1993 Steven & Sandy (Gantt) Langheld–Luke B. Michael & Michele (Moody) McRae ’95–Megan Robert & Rebecca (Steele) Mehregan ’96–Lia & Joshua Dale & Serena Peterson–Layla M. & Lori S. James & Kerry (Golden) Sherhart–Alex Heather (Henderson) & Rob Springer ’94–Colby Q.

1994 Scott & Tracey (Rotundo) Bershing ’94–William R. Tonia (O’Bryant) & Scott Nemecek ’96–Mya L. Robin (Hocken) & Michael Oudyn–Joanna & Elijah Jeffery & Kari (Weiss) Schoonover ’94–Kristian Rob & Heather (Henderson) Springer ’93–Colby Q.

1995 Jeanette (Foley) & Aaron Albright–Ethan A. Sally (Shaffer) & Nathan Callaghan ’92–Claire & Alison Edward Luick & Mae Drzyzga ’96–Keegan Joseph & Helen (Hamlin) Mantooth ’97–Lillian G. Michele (Moody) & Michael McRae ’93–Megan Brian & AnneMarie Shaw–Aidan Lisa Townsend-Moore & Timothy Moore–Kaylee

1996 Scott & Kristen (Smith) Cambensy–Wylen J. Mae Drzyzga & Edward Luick ’95–Keegan Carla (Schilling) & Brian Gamet–Luke A. Michael Hainault–Ethan M. Rebecca (Steele) & Robert Mehregan ’93–Lia & Joshua Troy & Amy (Syens) Moore ’99–Samuel J. Scott & Tonia (O’Bryant) Nemecek ’94–Mya L. Christopher & Krista Panoff–Olivia Scott Raffaelli–Macy M. Jeremy & Colleen (Leppek) Rosenbrock ’96–Jack R. & Kathryn L. Chrystal (Holombo) & Laszlo Rozsa ’98–Kesslyn John & Laurel Stevens–Henry Kelly (Gustafson) & Chad Thompson–Isabella Ryan & Marcy (Appleyard) Till ’96–Rebecca M. Brian & Joy Zirbel–Jonathan

1997 Lisa (Lehrke) & Benton Ball ’98–Emily C. K. Brian & Jana (Lipman) Boyer–Kara Jonathan & Anjanette (Dunn) Curry–Elise Kyle & Avery (Reiff) Cyr ’99–Brody Friederike Gast–Lilli Jean H. Atul & Manisha (Kelkar) Godbole–Shveta Arthur & Christy Kilpela–Andrew M. Aaron & Teresa (Jankun) Koslowski ’97–Ryan J. Mark Linder & Renee La Fleur-Linder ’98–Isabel

34  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

Helen (Hamlin) & Joseph Mantooth ’95–Lillian G. Evan & Dawn (Broderson) Marttila–Tate David & Kristen Savage–Gregory Holley (Kaempfer) & James Steller–Grant T. Brian & Tina (Korby) Steward ’98–Addison Kevin & Tara Still–Ethan Jeffrey & Rebecca (Dawson) Walsh ’98–Luke

1998 Daniel & Jennifer (Bagley) Armstead–Kaitlyn Benton & Lisa (Lehrke) Ball ’97–Emily C. Jeffrey Duclos & Tracie Donielson–Erin Kathleen (Meier) & Eric Foco–Luke G. Ryan & Kristy (Fox) Jones ’00–Lucas A. Aaron Keranen–Megan L. Renee La Fleur-Linder & Mark Linder ’97–Isabel Laszlo & Chrystal (Holombo) Rozsa ’96–Kesslyn Tina (Korby) & Brian Steward ’97–Addison Brian & Sheila (Turner) Teddy ’00–Samuel C. Rebecca (Dawson) & Jeffrey Walsh ’97–Luke

1999 Avery (Reiff) & Kyle Cyr ’97–Brody & Samuel J. Christopher & Dawn Rossmiller ’02–Joshua L. Douglas & Stephanie Schneekloth–Uriah

2000 Rachel (Gerard) & Steven Barnhart ’03–Elisabeth A. Jeffrey & Christine Dennis–Rose E. Shawn & Laura (Boyden) Fetterolf–Independence E. Andrea (Beels) & Gordon Flores–Quincy Kristine (Wickstrom) & Andrew Garn ’02–James Zachary & Christine (Wareham) Halkola ’04– Alexander T. Kristy (Fox) & Ryan Jones ’98–Lucas A. Joseph Kukla–Joseph S. Sara (Ferris) & Jason Moilanen ’01–Evelyn A. Aaron & Melissa Opbroek–Carter Kimberly (Jones) & Jeremy Short–Abigail E. Sheila (Turner) & Brian Teddy ’98–Samuel C. Thomas & Lisa Vorce–Benjamin C.

2001 Jarret & Kristi Gill–Annalyn E. Jason & Sara (Ferris) Moilanen ’00–Evelyn A.

2002 Joshua & Teresa Boyer–Jack T. Robert & Lisa (Baker) Fay ’02–Emilyn R. Adam & Amee (Laurain) Freeman ‘02–James Ian & Wendy Gagnon–Aurora Aila P. Andrew & Kristine (Wickstrom) Garn ’00–James Joanne (Johnson) & Rodney Markham–Drake J. Dawn & Christopher Rossmiller ’99–Joshua L. James & Amanda (Wilmoth) Salliotte ’02   – Andrew J. & Madilyn

2003 Steven & Rachel (Gerard) Barnhart ’00–Elisabeth A. Brent & Catherine (Horsch) Burns ’03–Bradley Casey & Erin (Kehoe) Ries ’03–Spencer Brian & Sarah Willoughby–Isaiah M.

2004 Baron & Karen Colbert ’04–Taryn L. Christine (Wareham) & Zachary Halkola ’00– Alexander T. John & Katherine (Bowden) Stein ’04–Matthew

2005 Mario Scafone–Isabella I.

2006 Ethan & Danielle (Johnson) Johnson–Lane D.

Marriages 1951 Arthur & Betty Jarvela, April 22, 2006

1961 William & Lois Rosenthal, February 25, 2006

1963 Don & Barbara Robinson, September 20, 2007

1965 Douglas & Borka Kriebel, July 15, 2006

1966 Robert & Theresa Bureau, April 5, 2007

1969 Paul & Rachel Hindelang, December 30, 2006

1970 Bruce & Denise Robertson, October 7, 2006

1976 Virginia Dulmage & Brian Rose, December 23, 2006

1977 John & Susan Dowling, July 10, 2007 Timothy & Donna Porritt, November 5, 2005 David & Ann Zimmerman, June 19, 2005

1981 Brenda Larson & Steve Smongeski, April 16, 2006

1982 Mary Haskins & Edward Addison, April 14, 2005

1983 Carolyn Felan & Tye Travers, January 28, 2006 Michele Payment & Ron Carlson, May 31, 2007 Bryan & Elizabeth VanNortwick, July 8, 2006

1986 Marshall & Marianne Baker, February 25, 2006

1987 David & Patricia Ager, September 24, 2005

1989 Kimberly Adams & Chris Ware, May 5, 2007


Jason & Jill Brooks, September 17, 2005 Ryan Davis & Chandreyi Saha ’00, August 12, 2006 Robert Gardner & Julie Tipner ’00, July 23, 2005 Marcus & Lauren Gioe, July 31, 2005 Aaron Hilshorst & Valerie Erhardt, June 9, 2007 Jeffrey & Mary Ludwig, August 14, 2005 Bryan McGraw & Carolyn Spigarelli ’02, October 7, 2006 Salvatore Messina & Jenny Maki ’00, September 3, 2005 John & Susan Moses, October 2, 2004 Chad & Tiffany Northington, May 29, 2006 Christopher & Abbey Palte, July 22, 2006 Brian & Tonya Rentner, September 17, 2005 Scott Smith & Yeimy Garcia Sommi ’99, October 6, 2006 Eric & Kristi Stemen, October 1, 2005 Kenneth & Cathy Symes, June 10, 2006 Jonathan & Melissa Sytsma ’01, August 19, 2006 Matthew & Melinda Weiss, June 9, 2007

2001 Justin Beaudoin & Amy Broering, November 4, 2006 Jeremy Fehrman & Allison Bourgeois, March 10, 2007 Daniel & Elly Foster, June 10, 2006 Jeffrey & Erin Hartmann, June 25, 2005 Gregory Hoffmann & Elizabeth Houghton ’02,   July 15, 2006 Andrea Merrick & Allan Dranberg, September 24, 2005 Melissa & Jonathan Sytsma ’00, August 19, 2006

William & Amy Boettcher, June 17, 2006



Matthew Devitt & Becky Larson, June 17, 2006 Roger Gillette & Erika DeWitt ’02, September 23, 2006 Gavin & Amanda Hanover, September 4, 2005 Jessica Heiser & David Elwell, March 17, 2007 Elizabeth Houghton & Gregory Hoffmann ’01, July 15, 2006 Andrew McDowell & Micheline Kirchner,   October 28, 2005 James Salliotte & Amanda Wilmoth ’02,   November 20, 2004 Laura Shoop Oskins & Jim Oskins, September 9, 2006 Carolyn Spigarelli & Bryan McGraw ’00,   October 7, 2006 Jessica Tuomi & Jared Barber, June 11, 2005

Richard & Caroline Johnson, June 25, 2005

1992 Norman & Tara Farhat, October 22, 2004 James & Tanya Wegner, September 3, 2005

1993 Christopher Cooper & Debra Reisner ’93,   November 5, 2004 Christopher Hrubesky & Sue Heikkinen, March 31, 2007 Terri Winters & Steven Ferguson, April 26, 2007 Sheila Zehr & Michael Heyrman, October 7, 2007

1994 Roger & Amy Seidl, February 28, 2005 Mark & Kathie Stracka, June 10, 2006

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1996 Mark & Kristen Bammert, November 25, 2006 Michael Garlick & Robin Aldridge, June 23, 2007 Darrick & Lisa Hartman, October 28, 2006 Bryon & Juliana Palmcook, February 19, 2005 Amy Stickney & Gordon Culver, June 24, 2006 Shane & Kathy Surd, December 31, 2004

1997 Nicholas & Teresa Caruso, July 28, 2005 Neil & Andrea Duncan, June 17, 2006 Edward & Tammy Oliver, September 10, 2005

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John R. Ellis Sidney A. Williams

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Michigan Technological University  35

From the Archives

Story Time 36  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

by Erik Nordberg, University Archivist University Archives and Copper Country Historical Collections Someone once said that the root of all history is “his story.” We’re more genderneutral these days, but so much of what we do here at the Michigan Tech Archives is about story collecting. History is looking at the reminiscences and stories as people have remembered or recorded them. Often we get only a small chapter of someone’s life story, a bulletin about some historical event, or just a few descriptive sentences about an important place. It’s left to the historian to collect these pieces, fitting them together into a larger jigsaw puzzle, to glean some insight on the things Portrait of Edwin Collins, likely taken just that have preceded us. before his service in the 1898 Spanish For years, one of the story lines I’ve American war. been following concerns the role that early graduates of the Michigan Mining School and the Michigan College of Mines played in developing areas outside of Michigan. I often find myself traveling to other historic mining districts and uncovering unexpected links to the Copper Country in places like Arizona, Montana, and California. So it was with some interest that I took a call from a woman named Cindy Neureuther in Berkeley, California, in September 2002. Neureuther’s grandfather, Edwin James Collins, was a Tech graduate, and she wondered if we might want anything from his personal collections. Over the course of two or three shipments, we received textbooks, instruments, some reports, and mine maps of properties he worked on. Collins was born in 1875 in Greenland near Ontonagon. His father, who owned a dry goods store, died when he was seven years old. His mother moved Edwin and his brother to Calumet to live with her parents. Collins attended local schools and worked in mine offices before enlisting to fight in the 1898 Spanish American War. When he returned, he attended the college and graduated in 1903 as a mining engineer. At the time, I was a little concerned about taking the textbooks and three-dimensional artifacts, as we don’t generally have a lot of space for this sort of material. But I thought it might support some future exhibit about the lives of Tech mining engineers around the turn of the last century. Two years later, I received another email from Berkeley. The family had some albums of photographs taken by Collins “of his mining travels from 1901 to 1908” and were offering them to us as a donation. “Oh, and there are some pocket journals he kept describing some of his work.” It has taken another three years to complete the shipment and transfer, but the material is absolutely amazing. The grandfather whom Collins went to live with was Captain Thomas Hoatson, a well-known superintendent at the Calumet & Hecla Mine. Bisbee, Arizona—Fourth of July tug of war staged between workers of the town’s two largest mining companies, the Copper Queen Mining Company and the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company.

Michigan Technological University  37

Above: Smaller companies in developing mining districts provided a starting point for many graduates of the Michigan College of Mines. Collins worked with other younger engineers, often in makeshift offices with rudimentary equipment. Above left: Edwin Collins’ uncle Thomas H. Hoatson (far right), helped to develop the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company, which operated a wildly successful copper mine in Bisbee, Arizona. Left: Collins’ travels took him regularly to bustling Butte, Montana, and its Columbia Gardens amusement area with its huge pavilion, fish hatchery, formal gardens, and sports fields.

Uncles James and Thomas H. Hoatson would rise to even higher fame as the founders of the Calumet and Arizona Copper Company, one of the biggest players in the developing copper district around Bisbee, Arizona. The Hoatsons and other Keweenaw investors reaped huge profits from the venture, much of which came back to Michigan in the form of charitable giving and memorable buildings (the Laurium Manor Inn was constructed by uncle Thomas H. Hoatson as a gift for his wife). With this extended family—and a high-quality education from the Michigan College of Mines—Collins embarked on a fascinating career that took him to some of the world’s bestknown mining districts. Photographs of Bisbee, Arizona; Tonopah, Nevada; and Butte, Montana; capture these towns at the full flush of their activity. They were also interesting to me at a personal level, having visited many of these towns in the last ten years. Although his journal entries aren’t overly detailed or personal, one can follow along with the albums as Collins works his way from entry-level mining engineer to superintendent of mining ventures owned by the Hoatson family

in Bisbee and Tonopah. These scattered words and images help to capture Collins’ story, often working at very small start-up mining operations in some very remote and barren country. Collins married Edith Cook in 1906 and built a home in Tonopah. After their first son was born, Edith insisted the family move back to civilization and her family in Duluth. Collins left his uncles’ employment and opened an office in Duluth as an independent mining engineer. Although the photographs end at this point, the journals chronicle his cross-country trips to evaluate mining claims in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California. After the birth of his third son, Collins moved the family to Calumet and he took up work again for his uncles. He served on the board of directors for the Calumet & Arizona and participated in negotiations that sold C & A to Phelps Dodge in 1931. He also served with the Bureau of Mines during the Second World War. In addition to his mining work, the journals capture much of Collins’ personal life. One can sense his enduring love for unexplored country, a natural expertise with a fishing pole, and ongoing dental problems (requiring

38  Michigan Tech Magazine  |  Fall 2007  |

all sorts of fillings, caps, and crowns). Many entries provide insight into life in Calumet during the last century, while others reflect on the family’s summer visits to a cottage at Bete Gris in Keweenaw County. Edwin Collins remained a committed alumnus of the college throughout his life. He never missed a class reunion, maintained contact as part of a worldwide network of Tech’s mining engineering alumni, and even served on the Board of Control from 1929 to 1935. Although he and his wife relocated to Berkeley following the war, Collins died here in the Copper Country. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage right here on the Tech campus while attending the 1956 class reunion. Looking back across the five-year process of acquiring these personal records, I am reminded of how fortunate we are to find and preserve stories like that of Edwin James Collins. Not only does it tell us about “his story,” but it opens a window to other stories about the Copper Country, Michigan Tech, and the important impact that our alumni have made in industries across the globe. ◆

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Heather was well-prepared to take over the reins of the University’s Telefund program. While attending Michigan Tech, she worked as a student caller and later became a student supervisor. In these roles she learned how important financial support is to the University and is excited to be a part of the team that helps provide this critical funding to Tech. “This is a dream job for me in many ways! I’m so fortunate to be putting my Tech education to great use. I am realizing how well my classes, professors and coursework helped prepare me for a career after college. Plus, I’m doing something I truly feel good about. Knowing that what I do has a positive impact on the quality of education each Michigan Tech student receives is very gratifying.” Heather and the student callers who work with her raise significant funds through the call center operation each year. During the 2006-07 year the telemarketing program brought in $539,000 for University departments, programs and initiatives. The students benefit in other ways as well. “I hear comments from the student callers almost every evening about what a great conversation they had with an alum. They love to hear about what Tech was like before they were here. Plus, they often get great advice from alumni on careers and job searches. It’s a wonderful opportunity for both parties to connect and maybe learn something.” So, when you receive a call from a Tech student this year, please take a minute to talk with them. It’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on Tech news, and make a gift that will make a difference on campus. Heather and her students look forward to speaking with you!

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Fall 2007 Michigan Tech Magazine | Michigan Technological University  

Michigan Tech Magazine allows alumni and friends to remain up to date with everything that Michigan Technological University is involved in.

Fall 2007 Michigan Tech Magazine | Michigan Technological University  

Michigan Tech Magazine allows alumni and friends to remain up to date with everything that Michigan Technological University is involved in.