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The Great Race is Back, Elkhar t, IN • Saturday, July 3 • 5K Run & Walk, 10K Run & Competitive Walk, Waiter's Tray Run Red Hacker Basketball & Family Stroller Stroll Registration: Contact: Ron Schmanske: Cell (574) 849-1056; Bus. (574) 354-7114

June 3, 2010

Vol. 9, no. 36

In This Issue: Michigan Runner TV: Memorial Day Run, Grosse Ile, Monday, May 31, 2010 Dexter Ann Arbor Run This Weekend; 5K, Kids Run, Expo, Volunteering Still Open E2 Eating & Exercise for Optimal Fitness: Running and the Farmer's Market Michigan Running News - The Newsletter Saga Update MRN On the Road - Grosse Ile MRN On the Road - Chicago 85th Comrades Marathon, How They Fared Comrades 2010; An Experience for a Lifetime, by Gary Morgan YouTube and GLSP, by Art McCafferty Great Performances - Road Racing Great Performances - Track and Field Results: NCAA DIII Track & Field Outdoor Championships, Angela Matthews finished Cleveland, May 27-29 first overall, beating men and Results: NCAA DII Track & Field women at the Memorial Day Outdoor Championships, Run 5K, Grosse Ile Charlotte, NC, May 27-29 Results: NCAA D1 Track & Field Outdoor Championships, Round 1, Charlotte, NC, May 27-29 Recent Results - Road Racing GLSP Television Network 2010 Event Coverage Race Calendar - June 2010

Hear t of the Hills 10K and 5K, Bloomfield Hills • Saturday July 31, 2010 Registration:

Steve's Run, Dowagiac • July 31, 2010 • The Original Road and Trail RaceWeb: Video:

Photo by Charles Douglas McEwen

Crim Festival of Races, Flint • Saturday, August 28, 2010 • USA Men’s 10 Mile Championship Register Online: : Video:

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Labor Day 30K & 10K, Milford • Saturday, September 4, 2010 • Michigan Runner Race Series 30K Register Online: Video:

Fall Color Bridge Race, Mackinaw City • Saturday, October 10, 2010 • Mighty Mackinac Bridge • Full hot breakfast • Transportation to start Register Online:

Michigan Runner TV Memorial Day Run, Grosse Ile Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon • October 17, 2010 • Half Marathon, Corporate Relay Marathon & Kid's Marathon Register: Video:

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====================================================================== Michigan Runner TV: Memorial Day Run, Grosse Ile, Monday, May 31, 2010 ====================================================================== A record number of runners, weather cooperating throughout the morning, tributes to military veterans, a beautiful race course, and Angela Matthews coming in first overall made for a perfect Memorial Day Run in Grosse Ile. ============================================================================= Dexter Ann Arbor Run This Weekend; 5K, Kids Run, Expo, Volunteering Still Open ============================================================================= Well, you know a race is popular when it sells out. Both the Dexter Ann Arbor's halfmarathon and 10K are sold out, but you can still participate by signing up for the 5K or to volunteer. Volunteers get a lot of goodies, including a discount for the Taste of Ann Arbor. Volunteer sign-up: We'll be videotaping Sunday's races; stop by the finish line and say "Hi!" for the cameras. Schedule: Friday, June 4 6:30 pm, Cobblestone Farm - Soup Kitchen Stampede Dinner Registration: Saturday, June 5 Noon, Ypsilanti High School - Expo Noon - 4:00 pm, Ypsilanti High School - Meet Nick Willis 4:00 pm, Ypsilanti HS - Kids Run Kids Run Registration: Sunday, June 6 8:30 am, Baker Road, Dexter - Half Marathon Start 8:00 am, North Main Street, Ann Arbor - 10K & Masters Championship Start 9:00 am, Forsythe Intermediate School, 1655 Newport Road - 5K start Race information: ========================================================================= E2 Eating & Exercise for Optimal Fitness: Running and the Farmer's Market ========================================================================= Vitamins and minerals play an important role in a runner’s diet. They help create the increase in energy needed to fuel our workouts (B Vitamins), improve the body’s ability to carry and use oxygen from the blood (Iron & magnesium), maintain bone health (Calcium & Vitamin D), support healthy immune systems (Zinc), and repair and create new muscle tissue (Vitamin A, C & Selenium) following recovery from exercise. According to the American Dietetic Association and the American College of Sports Medicine’s March 2009 Position Paper on Nutrition and Athletic Performance, the most common vitamins and minerals found to be of concern in the athlete’s diet are calcium and Vitamin D, the B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium as well as some antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, beta carotene and selenium. I always add the mineral potassium to these lists since it’s an important regulator of blood pressure, many people under consume it, it is critical for muscle contraction and most importantly because potassium is an electrolyte lost in sweat. A weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market is a great way to meet your increased nutritional needs. Listed at below is the percentage of daily value each fruit or vegetable contributes based on a 1 cup portion.

Visit for a listing of farmer’s markets in your area. Supporting your local farmer means that you receive fresher, higher quality foods and keeping money in our community. It’s also a great way to get children turned on to trying new produce and an easy way to break any bad winter eating habits that took root. Bring your recyclable bag to keep it really green! Sheryl Lozicki, RD, MBA E2 Eating & Exercise for Optimal Fitness "E2 Dietitian" Facebook Fan Page ================================================== Michigan Running News - The Newsletter Saga Update ================================================== Kinda interesting. Readers commented pro and con about our new format. Once we returned to our "old fashioned" format, we heard from readers in droves. All were happy to see the old format back. New Coke, anyone? ============================ MRN On the Road - Grosse Ile ============================ What's more fun than anticipating a new race? Our Memorial Day schedule was open so we headed for the Memorial Day Run on Grosse Ile. Greg and Jenny Everal and the Island Roadrunners have a wonderful event that appeals to serious racers from around the region and local newbies alike. Both the original 8K and the more recent 5K are on flat and scenic courses and finish on the high school track. The race shirt is a terrific sweat shirt-- one we'll proudly wear once the cool days set in. Runners stuck around for the post-race goodies, to trade war-stories, and generally to enjoy a the day on a beautiful island. ========================= MRN On the Road - Chicago ========================= A visit to our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren (aged 2, 5 & 7) finds us in Chicago yesterday, today and tomorrow morning. From our hotel half a block from Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River, we've logged miles along the lake front, in Lincoln Park, Millenium Park, Grant Park, the Museum Campus and along Michigan Avenue. Shades of running geek: we passed dozens of upscale stores and headed straight for the Adidas store in Watertower Place and Niketown. Niketown hosts weekly group runs Thursdays at 6:30 pm, post-run refreshments and socializing and running clinics by experts-- a reminder that running clubs everywhere are a great way to meet new people. The surprise in the Adidas store was the Stella McCartney designer collection-- an eye-catching, fashion-forward collection of running, yoga, tennis and other sports gear. Definitely fun and out-sidethe box.

============================================================= 85th Comrades Marathon, Sunday, May 30, 2010 - How They Fared ============================================================= Francincine Robinson alerted us to another Michigan athlete running Comrades on Sunday: ". . . I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about another Michigan runner who is running Comrades this year. He is Terence Reuben, PT, CPT, CSC. Terence is a certified physical therapist with Metro Health Sports Medicine. Metro Health Sports Medicine is a huge supporter of many local running events (and other sports) here in West Michigan, most notably the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon. Terence contacted us our inaugural year (2004), eager to help out, and Metro Health Sports Medicine has volunteered their services each year ever since. When we first met Terence, he was nervous about training for his first half-marathon. And now he has completed two Ironman triathlons, and this will be his first Comrades. Terence is from South Africa, so he will also get a chance to be with some of his family while visiting. Terence was also one of the founders of myTEAM Triumph ( He's just a great guy!" Stephen Muzhingi, 5:29:01 - winner Michael Wardian, 6:02:36 Elena Nurgalieva, 6:13:04 - female winner Josh Cox, 6:51:29 Gary Morgan, 9:23:53 Terence Reuben, 11:33:37 Bart Yasso, 11:33:38 =================================================================== Comrades 2010; An Experience for a Lifetime, by Gary Morgan =================================================================== Coming here to Durban, South Africa to run the 85th edition of the Comrades Marathon has been a fun-filled experience I won't forget. Getting here last Wednesday and seeing this city and South Africa getting ready for the World Cup has been exciting. I went walking on the beach and there's a new pathway that goes for miles along the beach-- a great place to walk and ride a bike. I saw all kinds of sand sculptures on the beach along with a concert stage for the World Cup. Plus, the warm breezes from the Indian Ocean couldn't be beat. Thursday I did a fun run with some other Comrades runners from Australia USA, England, and India-- goodwill ambassadorship here in South Africa. Headed to the Expo where I picked up my packet and checked out all the products and races that are in South Africa. Flora, the margarine giant from the UK, was giving out cool yellow Comrades shirts for having a cholesterol check. Runner's World was there promoting their pasta dinner. The Expo also included the Comrades Marathon wall of history. The most notable name on it from the USA was Alberto Salazar, winner of the 1994 race. Friday, I took a great course tour from PeterMaritzburg, where the race starts, to Durban where it finishes. Saw the Comrades museum in Petermaritzburg and the notable and famous spots along the fabled 56 mile route. Once back in Durban, I went to a new film on the Comrades Marathon. It was a documentary of the race along with the life stories of different runners getting ready for a recent Comrades Marathon. It was really good and inspiring. In the evening went to the Runner's World pasta party at the Durban Country Club. Bruce Fordyce, nine-time winner of the Comrades Marathon, was the guest speaker. His show was about getting excited about the World Cup and how it was going to change South Africa forever. Bruce is a charismatic guy who can make things

humorous. It was a busy fun day. Saturday went to the National Youth 5 and 10k put on by the Comrades orgainizers. It was a great event having a course on the new beach pathway and going by the fantastic new soccer stadium. It is a work of art. Plus, Durban is a beautiful city to run through. After the race some Americans stuck around and played games with the kids and took pictures. We all had a great time. TThat's what running is all about. Checked out the Expo one last time, had dinner, and called it a day before the big race. Sunday morning came early as the alarm went off at 2AM. Caught the bus up to Petermaritzburg which was a 56 mile ride. It's still dark but the spirits are high as everyone is excited about the race. At 5:30 AM the gun goes off and we are on our 56 mile journey to Durban. 23,000 runners take off and I knew it was going top be a special day. It was cool to see spectators out at that early hour. After we left town, we were running on a two lane road for miles out in the country side where there were lots of farms. The sun finally started coming up at about 7:30. It was nice to be able to see everything again. Aid stations are a little different there, because they give you these little sealed plastic bags of water and Gatorade that you have to squeeze or bite with your teeth to open. It takes practice. Then they give you coca cola in a little plastic bottle. There were aid stations every one to two milees after 5k. After about 13 miles we come to this small town and the crowd was huge. All the spectators were cheering us on as we came by. As we kept going throughout the course there were always spectators. This is a national event that South Africans love. At 44.6K, approximately 28 miles, we hit the half way point. The crowds are fantastic as we climb a large hill to get there. Music playing, DJ announcing all day, a totally festive day. I felt great about making it to that point thinking I'm halfway home. We go up and down hills for miles and miles. I think the hills are never going to end. What is crazy about this race, is that it was a downhill race but there were stiil a ton of uphills. The Comrades marathon changes direction every year: uphill one year; downhill the next. Only race officials made it downhill two years in a row with the finish in Durban to commemorate the World Cup coming to South Africa. The last hill finally comes at 5k to go. I crested that one and I knew I was home free. I run into the stadium and the crowd there is fantastic, music is playing, a race announcer is talking and it is a circus. I've never finished any other race like this. It is exciting. I cross the line and I'm exhausted and elated at the same time. What a day. After I recover, I go and video the other runners crossing the finish line. It was like pandamoniam, a million things happening at once, such as the pace teams (called busses) crossing the line with hundreds of runners, signs runners had carried for miles, crazy costumes, and runners passing out from exhaustion. I got to see Bart Yasso from Runners World finish his dream race. I was very happy for him. At the 12 hour mark an official shot the gun and if you were'nt across the line you didn't get a medal. The last person to cross the line, a 28 year veteran of the race, received a bouquet of flowers. When it was over I knew I wasn't going to see a day like that for some time to come. Comrades has all the things to make memories of your race experience here. I would recommend for any runner to run Comrades.

==================================== YOU TUBE AND GLSP, by Art McCafferty ==================================== Five years ago, April 23, 2005, You Tube launched itself upon the world. Imagine that, an online site created just for videos. GLSP, who was in the forefront of online video with its first online video being put online on March 9, 2001 watched this channel go through its growth cycle, but chose not to put its videos on the site, as at the time, the channel was not into serious programming. We felt our clients would feel that their listing on the channel would be demeaning. All of that changed on May 5th of 2007, the day we put our first video on You Tube. Later it was a matter of survival. In late September 2007, our internet service provider indicated that they had a couple of servers "melt" down and they had lost all of our Running Canada and Michigan Runner online content, which represented 10 years of our Michigan Runner Magazine, seven years of our online Michigan Runner Television channel and all of our Running Canada videos. The loss was devastating and it took us the better part of a year to repair the tv site, but we never were able to get the magazine site back online. We no longer felt our Internet Service Providers were dependable and devised a series of back up plans. On the video side, we decided to restore as many of our shows as possibly and to put any new shows on You Tube. By that time, You Tube was more highly regarded in the online world, and our clients were a little more understanding. All that has changed now, as You Tube, purchased a few years ago, by Google, is in the forefront of innovation. Since May 5th of 2007 we have uploaded 1,309 videos on You Tube and just over 710,000 viewers have seen them. Of the 1,309 total, nearly 900 are of running, the remainder being shows for our other channels

================================ Great Performances - Road Racing ================================ -- Memorial Day Run 5K, Grosse Ile, Monday, May 31, 2010 1st overall) Angela Matthews, Westland, 17:30 -- Hartland Memorial Day Run 5K, Monday, May 31, 2010 1st) Josh Karanja, Ypsilanti, 15:18 2nd) Paul Jellema, 15:28 1st master) Jay Owens, Fenton, 18:32 1st) Dot McMahan, Rochester, 17:26 1st master) Lisa Veneziano, Fenton, 19:36

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

GLSP INTERNET TELEVISION NETWORK (est. 2001) Channels Michigan Runner Michigan Skier Michigan Golfer Michigan Travel Running Canada Running Network You Tube

Josh Karanja, winner, Hartland Memorial Day 5K

-- Traverse City State Bank Bayshore Marathon, Saturday, May 29, 2010 1st) Jessica Graf, Holton, 2:49:36 2nd) Erin O'Mara, Ypsilanti, 2:50:26 3rd) Marybeth Reader, Bloomfield Hills, 2:54:44 1st master) Marybeth Reader, Bloomfield Hills, 2:54:44 2nd master) Sarah Plaxton, Highland, 3:03:30 3rd master) Sandy Stafford, Tecumseh, 3:05:22 2nd) Matt Fecht, Warren, 2:25:45 3rd) Adam Roach, Saginaw, 2:32:18 1st master) Todd Vigland, Traverse City, 2:41:51 2nd master) Steve Menovcik, Grand Ledge, 2:43:55 -- Mackinaw Memorial Bridge Run, Saturday, May 29, 2010 1st) Ryan Linden, Rochester, 26:23 1st) Desiree Davila, Rochester Hills, 31:14 ==================================== Great Performances - Track and Field ==================================== -- NCAA DIII Track & Field Outdoor Championships, Cleveland, May 27-29 2 national titles: 1st) Rachel Boerner/ Calvin College, 400m dash, 54.50 1st) Rachel Boerner/ Calvin College, 400m hurdles, 59:50 3rd) Sarah Reasoner/ Calvin College, discus throw, 46.37m -- NCAA DII Track & Field Outdoor Championships, Charlotte, NC, May 27-29 1st)Jonathon Allen / Lake Superior, triple jump, 16.27m 2nd) Matt Armstrong/ Grand Valley, shot put, 18:05m 2nd) Jason Stomps/ Hillsdale, hammer throw, 65.66m 3rd) Tony Filipek/ Saginal Valley, 800m run, 1:49.38 3rd) Jarek Krout/ Hillsdale, long jump, 7.69m -- NCAA D1 Track & Field Outdoor Championships, Rd 1, Charlotte, NC, May 27-29 1st) Emily MacLeod/ Michigan St., 5000m run, 16:14.52 1st) Rebecca Buchholtz/ Michigan St., high jump, 1.81m 2nd) Greg Pilling/ C. Michigan, discus throw, 55.57m ============================================================================ Results: NCAA DIII Track & Field Outdoor Championships, Cleveland, May 27-29 ============================================================================ Event - Men name class/ school time place 5000m run Nick Kramer So Calvin College 14:44.02 8 110m hurdles Kelby McClelland Sr Calvin College 14.48 did not advance 3000m sc Nick Kramer So Calvin College 9:04:28 4 3000m sc Ben Van Wyk Jr Calvin College 9:23.99 11

3000m sc

Aaron Goodman

Sr Calvin College



Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Event - Women name class/ school time place The remarkable Rachel Boerner won two national titles on the same day: 400 & 400 hurdles.

Josh Karanja, winner, Hartland Memorial Day 5K

400m dash 5000m run 10000m run 10000m run 400m hurdles 3000m sc 3000m sc 4x400m relay

Rachel Boerner Jr Calvin College 54.50 1 Elizabeth Smit Sr Calvin College 18:18.50 17 Jessica Koster Sr Calvin College 36:28.33 6 Jesi Hale Sr Calvin College 38:09.58 14 Rachel Boerner Jr Calvin College 59:50 1 Elizabeth Smit Sr Calvin College 10:43.79 5 Gretchen Braymer Jr Calvin College 11:06.22 15 Calvin College (Katie Roelofs, Jordan Gabrielse, Kaitlin Diemer, Alison Tuuk) 3:57.54 did not advance shot put Sarah Reasoner Jr Calvin College 13.34m did not advance discus throw Sarah Reasoner Jr Calvin College 46.37m 3 discus throw Leigha Oberle Jr Calvin College 42.09m) 7 high jump Rebekah Van Dyk Jr Calvin College 1.62m 17 pole vault Joy Leach Sr Calvin College 3.63m 16 Teams: Calvin Women: 35 points, 5th ====================================================================== Results: NCAA DII Track & Field Outdoor Championships, Charlotte, NC, May 27-29 ====================================================================== Congratulations Grand Valley State Women for a 3rd place podium finish! Event - Men name class/ school time place 800m run Tony Filipek SR Saginaw Vall 1:49.38 3 800m run Ken Gilkerson SR Michigan Tec 1:51.08 10 800m run John Dyer FR Grand Valley 1:51.56 13 10000m run Paul Zielinski SO Grand Valley 31:32.76 13 3000m sc Tyler Emmorey JR Grand Valley 8:55.42 6 3000m sc Jeff Nordquist SO Grand Valley 9:28.16 did not advance pole vault Quinton Dennis JR Grand Valley NH long jump Jared Krout SR Hillsdale 7.69m 3 triple jump Jonathon Allen JR Lake Superio 16.27m 1

shot put shot put shot put hammer throw hammer throw

Matt Armstrong Donny Stiffler Ian Evans Jason Stomps Aaron Falk

SO Grand Valley FR Grand Valley SR Grand Valley SR Hillsdale SR Hillsdale

18.05m 16.48m 17.11m 65.66m 61.42m

2 13 9 2 4

Teams: 13) Hillsdale 19 23) Grand Valley St. 11 27) Lake Superior State 10 38) Saginaw Valley 6 Event - Women name class/ school time place 100m dash Cathryn Humphries FR Hillsdale 12.06 15 200m dash Cathryn Humphries FR Hillsdale 24.87 20 400m dash Kayla Vallar JR Grand Valley 56.06 19 800m run Jennifer Shaffer SO Hillsdale 2:12.30 16 800m run Chanelle Caldwell SO Grand Valley 2:06.60 3 1500m run Monica Kinney SO Grand Valley 4:23.00 2 5000m run Monica Kinney SO Grand Valley 16:24.67 4 5000m run Eileen Creutz JR Grand Valley 17:05.65 14 5000m run Megan Maceratini JR Grand Valley 16:44.64 12 5000m run Amy Kolin JR Grand Valley 17:33.13 18 10000m run Megan Maceratini JR Grand Valley 35:25.22 10 10000m run Lynsey Ardingo SR Grand Valley 36:22.42 13 100m hurdles Candice Wheat SR Grand Valley 13.57 4 400m hurdles Danielle Fonseca SR Grand Valley 1:00.37 8 3000m sc Karie McDonald SO Grand Valley 10:56.09 12 3000m sc Rebecca Winchester JR Grand Valley 10:55.22 11 3000m sc Jessie Vickers JR Grand Valley 11:09.60 17 4x100m relay Hillsdale 1) Cathryn Humphries, 2) Marta Scheiwe 3) Circe Cansino, 4) Jazmin Williams DNF 4x400m relay Grand Valley 1) Chanelle Caldwell, 2) Kayla Vallar 3) Leiah Hess, 4) Candice Wheat 3:41.81 5 high jump Maegan Doyen SR Grand Valley 1.70m 7 high jump Bailey Franklin SO Northern Mic 1.67m 13 pole vault Kayla Caldwell FR Hillsdale 3.73m 7 pole vault Jocelyn Kuksa SO Grand Valley 3.83m 4 pole vault Christi Kettelhut SR Grand Valley 3.63m 10 shot put Lauren Buresh SO Grand Valley 13.17m 15 shot put Sam Lockhart FR Grand Valley FOUL discus throw Sam Lockhart FR Grand Valley 45.34m 7 discus throw Jamie Smith FR Grand Valley 38.87m 18 discus throw Melanie Huhn SO Grand Valley 42.34m 15 hammer throw Liz Murphy FR Grand Valley 55.38m 2 hammer throw Anna Leutheuser SR Hillsdale 54.06m 6 hammer throw Emily Fox SR Grand Valley 47.21m 20 hammer throw Krista Squiers SR Northern Mic 52.09m 11 * hammer throw Kristin Cameron SO Northwood 54.96m 4

Teams: 3) Grand Valley St. 37) Hillsdale

47 6.50

============================================================================== Results: NCAA D1 Track & Field Outdoor Championships, Rd 1, Charlotte, NC, May 27-29 ============================================================================== A couple of participants we missed listing last week: *high jump Ariel Roberts FR/North Carolina 1.74m 21 did not advance *hammer throw Brittany Horne SR/Detroit Mercy 56.12m 14 did not advance Men Qualified for Finals Eugene, Oregon, June 9-12, 2010: Event - Men seeded name class/ school 1500m run 5 Josh McAlary FR Michigan St. 1500m run 14 Jason Bigelow SR Oakland 10000m run 9 Lex Williams SR Michigan 10000m run 8 Dan Jackson JR Notre Dame 400m hurdles 10 Carl Buchanon JR Michigan triple jump 6 Kyron Foster SR Michigan St. discus throw 2 Greg Pilling SR C. Michigan discus throw 7 Alex Rose FR C. Michigan decathlon 20 Frank Shotwell JR Michigan ----------Women Qualified for Finals Eugene, Oregon, June 9-12, 2010: 100m dash 5 Shayla Mahan JR S. Carolina 400m dash 11 Victoria Chatman JR W. Michigan 5000m run 1 Emily MacLeod JR Michigan St. high jump 1 Rebecca Buchholtz SO Michigan St. long jump 5 Ashley Hunault JR W. Michigan discus throw 8 Erin Pendleton FR Michigan discus throw 3 Emily Pendleton JR Michigan discus throw 4 Beth Rohl FR Michigan St. hammer throw 7 Beth Rohl FR Michigan St. ============================ Recent Results - Road Racing ============================ -- Alma Highland Festival 5K, Saturday, May 29, 2010 1st) Nathan Sanchez, Alma, 17:14 2nd) Matthew Chovanec, St. Louis, MI 17:35 3rd) Marty Delo, St. Louis, MI, 18:05 1st) Kirsten Olling, Breckenridge, 18:30 2nd) Raquel Serna, St. Louis, 19:14 3rd) Ashley Meyer, St. Louis, 19:19 1st master) Matthew Chovanec, St. Louis, MI, 17:35

qualifying mark 3:43.87 3:47.09 29:57.88 29:29.89 50.66 5.79m 55.57m 54.69m 7379D

11.34 53.31 16:14.52 1.81m 6.32m 51.82m 54.48m 54.48m 57.44m

2nd master) David Mohlman, Owosso, 18:27 3rd master) Steve Wimmer, Alma, 19:45 1st master) Angela Clabrese Barton, East Lansing, 21:45 2nd master) Roxanne Morey, Alma, 23:56 3rd master) Chris Sipka, Alma, 24:58 --------------------- Alma Highland Festival 8K, Saturday, May 29, 2010 1st) Tyler Noble, Shepherd, 42:21 2nd) Jason Jaloszynski, Clio, 43:43 3rd) Lateef Ogunjobi, Woodstock, IL, 50:04 1st) Tori McConnell, , Mt. Pleasant, 55:21 2nd) Sarah Hondorp, Zeeland, 55:38 3rd) Heather Strong, Ithaca, 58:31 1st master) Greg Thomas, Clio, 50:48 2nd master) Tim ambrecht, Alma, 50:58 3rd master) Jeff Senkowski, Auburn, 53:40 1st master) Liz Hendershott, Ortonville, 58:45 2nd master) Maggy Zidar, Pontiac, 1:05:29 3rd master) Sharie Reznich, Alma, 1:06:20 --------------------- Memorial Day Run 5K, Grosse Ile, Monday, May 31, 2010 1st overall!!!) Angela Matthews, Westland, 17:30 2nd) Andrea Karl, Casco, 18:56 3rd) Shannon Dusute, Grosse Ile, 22:00 1st master) Carrie Montgomery, Livonia, 24:56 2nd master) Karol Ostrowski, Northville, 26:09 3rd master) Marie Conflitti, Trenton, 26:10 1st) Nicholas Headon, Brownstown, 18:55 2nd) Michael Adamczyk, Northville, 19:13 3rd) Brian Harville, Goodrich, 19:34 1st master) Michael Adamczyk, Northville, 19:13 2nd master) Brian Harville, Goodrich, 19:34 3rd master) Jim Oleksinski, Grosse Pointe Woods, 20:12 --------------------- Memorial Day Run 8K, Grosse Ile, Monday, May 31, 2010 1st) Scott Setzke, Wyandotte, 28:01 2nd) "big daddy", Pontiac, 28:12 3rd) Joshua Hoy, Allen Park, 29:00

1st master) Doug Kurtis, Livonia, 29:46 2nd master) John Tarkowski, Northville, 30:27 3rd master) Kevin Florey, Northville, 31:26 1st) Nicole Ozimek, Taylor, 36:05 2nd) Lisa O'Reilly, Perrysburgh, OH, 37:37 3rd) Charla Chinavare, Newport, 37:39 1st master) Lisa O'Reilly, Perrysburgh, OH, 37:37 2nd master) Ann Kurtis, Livonia, 38:18 3rd master) Debra Bennethum, Rochester, MI, 38:26 -------------------Hartland Memorial Day Run 10K, Monday, May 31, 2010 1st) Rp White, Hillsdale, 33:39 2nd) Pat Sarver, Rochester, 35:09 3rd) Billy Milburn, Ypsilanti, 37:17 1st master) Philip Fisher, Westland, 39:53 2nd master) Bob Hillier, Brighton, 44:25 3rd master) Tom Morris, Novi, 44:30 1st) Erin Webster, Dearborn, 39:06 2nd) Tracey Cohen, Farmington, 46:30 3rd) Liz Hendershott, Ortonville, 46:42 1st master) Liz Hendershott, Ortonville, 46:42 2nd master) Lori Leach Davis, Lapeer, 48:03 3rd master) Maggy Zidar, Pontiac, 54:14 -------------------Hartland Memorial Day Run 5K, Monday, May 31, 2010 1st) Josh Karanja, Ypsilanti, 15:18 2nd) Paul Jellema, 15:28 3rd) Ovidiu Olteanu, Walled Lake, 16:59 1st master) Jay Owens, Fenton, 18:32 2nd master) Roger Lara, Grand BlankGrand Blanc, 19:04 3rd master) Tim Quaintance, White Lake, 20:13 1st) Dot McMahan, Rochester, 17:26 2nd) Denisa Costescu, Walled Lake, 18:34 3rd) Lisa Veneziano, Fenton, 19:36 1st master) Lisa Veneziano, Fenton, 19:36 2nd master) Jan Pethaen, 22:55 3rd master) Ruth Lara, Grand Blanc, 23:26 --------------------

Mackinaw Memorial Bridge Run, about 5.6 miles, Saturday, May 29, 2010 1st) Ryan Linden, Rochester, 26:23 2nd) Dennis Paull, Cheboygan, 28:34 3rd) Micah Milliman, Huntertown, IN, 28:36 1st master) Dennis Paull, Cheboygan, 28:34 2nd master) Bob Horan, Mt. Pleasant, 29:38 3rd master) Robert Price, Quincy, MI, 31:56 1st) Desiree Davila, Rochester Hills, 31:14 2nd) Jessica Shehab, Northville Twp, 34:15 3rd) Dawn Schutt, Steger, IL, 35:57 1st master) Dianne Hannon, Clarkston, 38:04 2nd master) Karen Hannon, Clarkston, 40:02 3rd master) Susan Sharp, Petoskey, 40:03 =========================================== GLSP Television Network 2010 Event Coverage =========================================== Art McCafferty - Producer Jennie McCafferty - Associate Producer Peter Allen - Reporter MIke Duff - Reporter Gary Morgan - Reporter Tim Hygh - Reporter Brad and Bill Shelton - Reporters David Manwiller - Videographer Carter Sherline - Videographer Scott Sullivan - Videographer JUNE 6 Dexter to Ann Arbor Run, Ann Arbor 6 Whistling Straits PGA Championship - Media Day 26 Solstice Run, Northville JULY 2 Fireworks, Helen, Michigan 2-3 Volklaufe, Frankenmuth, MI 25 Carrollton Marathon, Carrollton, MI 26-28 Boyne Tournament of Champions, Boyne Mountain, MI 31 Steve's Run - Presented by Fifth Third Bank - Dowagiac, MI AUGUST 1 Women Only Triathlon - Sylvania, OH 3 Grand Geneva Golf, Lake Geneva, WI 9-15 PGA Championship, Kohler, WI 28 Crim Festival of Races, Flint, MI

SEPTEMBER 3-5 Marathon Oasis de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, CAN 4 Milford Labor Day 30K, Milford, MI 17 MSU Spartan Invitational for Playmakers, East Lansing, MI 19 Run Wild for the Detroit Zoo, Royal Oak, MI OCTOBER 2 20th Anniversary Red October Run, Wayne, MI 10 GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon, Victoria, BC 17 Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon, Grand Rapids, MI NOVEMBER 21-22 NCAA Cross Country Championships, Terre Haute, IN 25 5/3 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. Detroit, MI DECEMBER 31 5/3 New Year's Eve Run, Detroit, MI =============================== Race Calendar - June 2010 =============================== WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 2010 * Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #1, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm Hansons Running Shop, 3407 Rochester, * Tooth, Fang & Claw 10K Run and Swamp Party, Pinckney, 6:30 pm, 10KR, SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 2010 * Dexter-Ann Arbor Kids Run, Ypsilanti, 4:00 pm, Ypsilanti HS Soccer Fields, races distances vary by age, * Dodge Park, 3.1 Mile Run, Sterling Heights, 8:00 am, Dodge Park, 3.1MR, 1MR/W, Mark DiSanto, (586) 446-2700, * Michigan Trail State Championships, Lowell, 7:00 am, Fallasburg Park, 100KR, 50KR, 25KR, 2 & 4 person relay, SUNDAY, JUNE 6, 2010 * Ann Arbor Triathlon / Duathlon, Pinckney, 8:00 am, Pinckney Recreation Area, Halfmoon Lake Beach Tri or Du: 1/2MS/ 14MB/ 5MR or 2MR, 14MB, 5MR, * Dexter to Ann Arbor Run, Ann Arbor, 8:00 am, Main Street & Ann Street, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR, kids run, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 2010 * Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #1, Utica, 6:30 pm Road,

Hansons Running Shop, 8409 Hall

* NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Eugene, OR, Hayward Field, SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 2010 * Brian Diemer Amerikam 5K, Cutlerville/ Grand Rapids, 9:00 am, Legacy Christian School, 5KR/W, 1MFR, kids’ runs, * Flirt with Dirt, Novi, 7:30 am, Lake Shore Park,10KR, 5KR, * Midwest Track & Field Meet of Champions,Fort Wayne, IN, 11:30 pm,. Northrop HS, Spuller Stadium, * USATF Michigan Open/ Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Hillsdale, 1:00 pm, Hillsdale College Muddy Waters Stadium, 5000m race walk, 200m, 400m/300m hurdles, 1500m, 100m, 80/100/110m hurdles, 400m, 5000m, 800m, 3000 steeple chase; shot put, javelin, discus, hammer, superweight, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 2010 * Motor City Triathlon,Detroit, 8:00 am, Belle Isle, triathlon: 1.5KS/ 40KB/6.6MR or 500meter S/ 20KB/ 3.4MR, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16, 2010 * Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #1, Lake Orion, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 2010 * Kalamazoo Klassic, Kalamazoo, 7:30 am, YMCA, 1001 West Maple St., 10KR, 5KR/W, 5KFW, Michigan Runner Race Series 10K, SUNDAY, JUNE 20, 2010 * Big Fish Triathlon, Duathlon, Sprint, Hadley Township, 8:00 am, Big Fish Lake State Park, 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR; 500mS/ 20KB/5KR; 5KRDuathlon: 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR, * Plymouth YMCA Father’s Day Run, Plymouth, 7:30 am, Downtown Plymouth, 10KR, 5KR/W, 1 MR/W, Triple (all 3 races, 10.3 miles), Kid’s trot/jog, * XTERRA Bikesport Torn Shirt Triathlon /Duathlon, Brighton, 8:00 am, Brighton Recreation Area, Bishop Lake, Tri: 1/2 MS/ 15MB/ 6MR; Du: 2MR/ 15MB/ 6MR, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 2010 * Hansons Marathon Clinic #1, Grosse Pointe, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, 20641 Mack Ave., * Triceratops Triathlon, Brighton, 6:30 pm, Island Lake Recreation Area, Tri: 1/2MS/ 12.4MB/ 5KR/, FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2010 * Hansons 3 Mile Cross-Country Race, Sterling Heights,7:00 pm, Dodge Park, 3 MR, http://hansons- SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 2010 * Charlevoix Marathon, Charlevoix, 7:00 am, Bridge Street, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W, * Open Door Julie Run/Walk, Commerce Twp., 9:00 am, Walled Lake Northern High School, 6000 Bogie Lake Road, 10KR, 5KR/W, * Solstice Run, Northville, 7:30 am, Ford Field, Griswold St. north of Main, downtown Northville, 10MR, 10KR, 5KR/W, Kids Run, SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 2010 * Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, * Pictured Rocks Road Race - Run for the Red Cross, Munising, 8:00 am, R.W. Nebel Field, 13.1MR, 5KR, FW, * Ronald McDonald Foundation Tri-Michigan, Detroit Metro Area, 8:00 am, Triathlon,

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