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Eagle Forum Hatches Collegiate Groups by Adam DeVore "Radical feminists must not be allowed to run roughshod over people's liberties," according to Leslie Alexander, national director of the fledgling conservative activist group Eagle Forum Collegians (EFC). These feminists "do not represent American women, and they must be challenged," said Alexander. The inception of EFC, an offshoot of Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, the selfproclaimed "leading pro-family movement since 10/72," marks the beginning of "a national effort to recruit college age conservative activists across the country," according to Alexander. EFC's objective, as Alexander puts it, "is to provide the foundation for an authentic conservative representation on issues of social, economic, and nati(:>nal security concern." "Weare very concerned about the environment of political correctness on campuses and very interested in provid-

ing an alternative" to the liberal-left political perspective to which university students are most frequently exposed,

explained Alexander. ing conservative groups such as National The students whom EFC hopes to Empowerment Television, a project of recruit "are not necessarily Republicans the Washington, DC-based Free Conor involved in politics already, but greSs Foundation. students who feel that they presEFC plans to provide students with ently have no alternative," said Schlafly's newsletter, The Phyllis Schlaj1y Alexander. "EFC is very interested Rq;ort, as well as other resources to keep in education and getting out conthem well abreast of national and local servative literature," she added. issues of import to conservative students. According to Alexander, EFC Letter writing campaigns will be plans to establish representative strongly encouraged as well, according groups on various university and to Alexander, and students will be noticollege campuses which will then fied "when they should put pressure on their representatives." bring in nationally known speakThis week marks EFC's national kickers and generally form an "impetus for a rejuvenatipn of conservaoff and will be spent establishing contacts at colleges and universities across tive activism in this post Cold War era." _ . -~···~ the country. EFC hopes to promote cOhSer-

Phillis Schlafly, Eagle Forum President ·

vative and traditional values with respect to all levels of political activity, ranging from domestic issues to foreign policy. "We are very active at all levels," said Alexander. In order to achieve this goal, EFe int~nds to network with exist-

Students interested in learning more about the group should write to leslie Alexander, National Director, Eagle Forum Collegians, 316 PennsylVania Ave., S.E., Suite 203, Washington, DC, 20003. Interested students may also telephone Alexander at (202) 544-D353.

Gargoyle Nearly Gels Wings Clipped by Tony Ghecea Not every time that someone cries" censorship" is the complaint legitimate. But when the publishing wing of a public institution such as the University of Michigan begins selectively rejecting clients based solely on their would-be publication's content, one must take the charge quite seriously. A recent experience of the Gargoyle, a U-M humor magazine, provides a disturbing case in point. According to editor lee Ranieri, the Gargoyle had previously printed two issues with University of Michigan Printing Services without encountering any problems. "We seemed to have a pretty good relationship," noted Ranieri. 'They were reliable and we were happy to be on their client list." On December 4, 1992, Ranieri brought the then up-coming issue to UM Printing Services and was told to expect a two-week "tum-around time." "We told them we would need the issues

by December 18 to be able to mail them out to subscribers and advertisers while we still had a few people left on campus before break," said Ranieri. Printing Services subsequently called to confirm December 18 as the chosen printing date. To his surprise and dismay, on December II, said Ranieri, "I came to my office and the manager of Student Publications, David Friedo, who oversees the three publications in our building, told me that Printing Services had called him to say that they would not complete our job because they had found some of our material to be objectionable," Ranieri, naturally, was somewhat taken aback. "The first thing I did," he related, "was look through the issue and see what it might have been that they found objectionable. I didn't think there was anything in there that they had had a problem with in the past. '1 was looking on two levels," Ranieri

_ : "_ "~""", ,,,,-, ,~

continued. "Maybe someone was offended by something that we said in making a statement about something or someone. I couldn't find anything of that sort. Then I went through on an entirely different level, looking for bad pictures or words." After exhausting these avenues, Ranieri contacted Printing Services to inquire as to what, exactly, the probll?Ol was. According. to Ranierj/"~ob Hubbard, the director of PrintingSer~ 1 vices, said he wouldn't get i~to specifics, but that they had found somepbjeqi(>nable materia~ in the issue and that they weren't interested in printing it./I Ranieri asked Hubbard whether anything in the issue was new, something that the Service had not printed before. "He gave me no answer," said Ranieri. "I asked him again what the problem was, and I noted that we had never run into any trouble with them before. Was he offended by the quality of our layouts?

..""... -.-~.-~~ " "~,_ ..~~, .",,, "'''~ ' '''-_''''''''' ' _ ' _'''» .. _ .... ;'-:;;~* .. _" _.

..,;:::: ~

What could we change?" Ranieri asked, "because we would like to keep working with you. But he wouldn't tell us anything.

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January 13, 1993

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Serpent's Tooth



The Campus Affairs Journal of the University of Michigan We are the Establishment

equipped than men to nurture the economy back to health." Sexist! Just because men can't breast-feed the industrial base ... but, then again, they can pump-prime the economy.

According to retiring Ohio Congressman Don Pease, ''The underlying philosophy of the tax code is that you tax income from whatever source. It doesn't make sense to let a substantial amount of income go untaxed altogether. If it walks and talks like income, then it is income and it should be taxed." Did we mention that Mr. Pease is a Democrat?

"Someone's HIV status shouldn't be a determining factor for a job, and thernilitary is a job," says Daniel T. Bross of the AIDS Action Council. Cmon, Dan, it's not just a job, it's an adventure - an adventure in hateful, right-wing, bloody gore. , i, ,

Patsy Schroeder recently proclaimed, "\ have a brain and a uterus, and I use both." Upon learning of this statement, Rush Limbaugh replied, "1 have a brain and a penis, and I only need to use half of each." Touche.

~ :~

/~~ .-' )

'" ./


., -..-.. \vy .

Michigan State Representative Lynn ~'V:ers (D-Go Figure) declared this week, Ford Motor Company pr.o¥~W~ ~n- , :; "The ,national iS9ues.~,cNld care, faJ!lnounced last week that its r:a~N~~aq ; •. :iiy: Rob v: Wade :-:-m~qe people look 'at become the ttl selling car i'1 tlt€! 1¥~ij~q : .;,:. \.~Jmen ahd want to elect them." If this is i States last ye. \U" .th: first Su'~t:~chi . lit. r ;~e, how does one explain the succes$.I ment for a domestic auto maktlt ~l'f . ~ ~. ~ampaign of Diane Feinstein? 1988. Thank God for Clinton! ' i !~.~ ..· ~' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-:-


Does anyone ·' loathe ' George Stephanopolous as much as we do? Arrogant little maggot. He's pathetic. Quote of the issue: "Greenpeace doesn't




.; :: :.

1- 1l-\.\MK AMER1CAN~ p.~t &L\J'l'rot6 FO~ . .' : '

t>lj~\5\-\~~NT.~ 'jJ " "} ;




1_' \ )l/



According to Illinois Senator Carol Moseley Braun, "Women are better


Slick Willie, National Education Association lapdog and subsequent opponent of open school choice, has hypocritically decided to send his daughter Chelsea ~o the private Sidwell Friends School fpr $10,000 year. Convictions, anyone? .

- - - - - - - - - - -,-, -:. ":"',tt". · ~r-,

The latest issue of IV Guide has reported that Ronald Reagan cast his vote for Billy Boy Clinton in November. Yeah. And George McGovern has invited Pat Buchanan to have tea and crumpets with him on Inauguration Day.

~ 1 N6 ... I SAiD WE f~ M\09L-E (J.ASS TAX

like incinerators h' :ause they get rid of industrial wask, and Greenpeace would rather get rid of industry" (Wall Street Journal, 8 January 1993).


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.The headliheto an article on page seven of last Mortday's Michigan Daily read "Clinton 'Left to Face Republican Red Ink." Btit'the article, written by the Associated Press, states that "Democrats and Republicans hotly dispute who is to blame" /for the gargantuan federal debt. Well, well. Just goes to show that when politicianscan'tfind the answers to difficult questions, don't 'worry ~ the Daily can.

~ ! ~-->'

)t i ~

TilE :j '

.MTS "'ElSTER,: ~oUg Thlese . SYSTEMS ANALYST: MKCh Rohde , '

"U-M is pretty homophobic in mqst .ADVERTISING D1RECTOR: JonalhanLajlnesS places;''"said' Billie Edwards, soon'::'f6-be . BUSINESSSTAFt: Jacob Bourne, Peler DaUgavietis, former coLCoordirtaroi- of the LesbUm Gay Erica De Santls, Tori Dlromualdo, Chris Fruendt, John Male Programs Office (LGMPO). Oh, give Gustalson,Jeny Kowal, ErIc Larson, Aaron Steelman, 't air eady.I Lik e th e U- M lsn " t one or' ' ., f--Barry Chat 1 up -Stem, --Zarko -- - - - - - - the most blatantly liberal places in the EDITORS EMERtTI: Brlan Jendryka. John J. MUler entire country. Say! Why not check out PUBLISHER EMERITUS: Karen S. Brinkman Colorado for a few weeks, then come back and tell us how oppressive Ann The Michigan Review Is an Independent, weekly stu· dent-run journal at the University of Michigan. We nei· Arbor is. .

People who doubt the success of Madonna's Sex because of its hefty price tag obviously haven1tvisited a college bookStor'e .late!y; ur·sseej a t<:>llege textbOOK ongovernrrtent regulation Willi cost you.a'cooJ $6.9, while:Madonna's Jftext" n:'tails at a mere $50. Ftee enterprise (com- . plete with pictures) wins again! ' r



EDlTOR-IN-CHIEF: Adam DeVore PUBLISHER: Andrew Bockelman

In the wake of the Political 'Science 111 fiasco, we wonder whatever became of U-M "Professor· of English Alan Wald, who slightly over a year ago at his flagrantly tendentious conference "The PC Frame-up: Whafs Behind the Attack?" called allegiltions of PQIiticai Correctness a "masSive slander campaIgn" (Michigan Review, 20 November 1991).

We won't be complete until we have "iew." Join the staff of the Michigan Review. ,,,<,~.~.',,,,"

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·'Hoffa' sucks, just like our culture." Daily headline from January 11 , 1993 "I have always been among those who believe that the greatest freedom of speech was the greatest safety, because if a man is a fool the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fad by speaking." Woodrow Wilson

..,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,..,, ..,,,,,,,, .. ,, <''''''''''''',',...,....'''>.•''''.''' ~'.,'' 4¢'''''...'''.,.....,-,_,,'.,,'''.......'''l'j'''.~,,~~I(>;~~l'I"'''' ......_ _......._

January 13, 1993



. ~'

Scientifically Speaking

- 1;1'''' .

U-M Bulks Up Research Funding by James Elek and Brian Schefke In his annual financial report to the University of Michigan regents on December 17, 1992, U-M Vice President for Research William C. Kelly remarked, ''The University's fiscal year 1992 was still another financially sound year in research, one that saw our total research volume climb to levels that set both a record for this institution and a leading pace for the nation's major research universities." A recently released National Science Foundation (NSF) study, "Selected Data on Academic Science and Engineering, R&D Expendi~ FY91," monitors total research expenditures of all sources including national, state, corporate, and non-profit sources. The study ranks the U-M second nationally among all colleges and universities, both public and private, in fiscal year 1991, with Johns Hopkins University again ranked first. As U-M President James Duderstadt notes, ''The fact that Michigan is one of the leading research universities in America, as measured by research activity, is evidence of the exceptional quality of our faculty ." Adds Duderstadt, ''It is also a measure of the University's impact on our state and our nation, since the results of this research directly affect the welfare of our citizens. Finally, it is important to note that the University has brought federal R&D dollars to Michigan that repreSent critical investments in our state's future." The latest report of the NSF shows a continuing upward trend in the U-M's research activity. Since 1986, when the NSF began compiling statistics on university research expenditures, the UM has moved from eighth to second among all colleges and universities and from fourth to first among all public universities. ' "I believe it is timely to pause and to consider some of the practical benefits that accrue to the Michigan community as a result of the University's sponsored research," said Kelly. "[r]hese dollars do not remain within the confines of the University," Kelly

continued. "On the contrary, they flow through to the State and surrounding community in a variety of ways, such as

factor in their decision to locate here. There can be no question as to the affiliation of 28 of these local companies,

Sources of U-M Research Funding U-M Funds


Non-Federal Sources

$77,601,264 Federal Agencies

$227,036,1 S9

through purchasing of research supplies and equipment and through job and income support of the thousands of individuals involved in our sponsored research activities; individuals who, in tum, further support our local economy as both consumers and taxpay~rs." Kelly suggests that "there are other, perhaps less obvious, ways in which the University's research activities directly influence the development and affluence of our local community." He cites 140 new high-technology companies in W ashtenaw County and their increased hiring levels as proof of his claim. "We estimate that these firms provide a total of 13,500 jobs within the city of Ann Arbor. [W]e also estimate that, collectively, these firms annually contribute over $11 million in real property taxes to the economic base of Washtenaw County." "Now, it would be blatantly presumptuous for me to claim that these firms were drawn to Ann Arbor solely by the magnetism of our research activities," admits Kelly, "but we think it reasonable to assume that proximity to the University's research libraries, laboratories and faculty expertise in these same fields was a strong, unot dominant,

Speak your mind. Tell us you love us. Tell us we're a bunch of hateful right-wingers. Bash a liberal. Bash a conservative. Bash Bill Clinton. Suggest an idea. Bemoan an opinion. Debate an issue. Enlighten us. Inform us. Complain about campus politics. Make us laugh. Make us' cry. Dial in. Sign on. Hang' out. MREV:FORUM.

because these firms Originated as direct 'spin-offs' from a variety of internal U-M research programs. _.., ." "These 'spin-off' companies 'are but

Main Bookstore: 549 East University Art/Engineering Store and Electronics Showroom : 1117 South University Ann Arbor, MI 313-662-3201

Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00 Sat 9:30-5:00 Sunday Noon to 4:00


.•.:.,......" __.._ •.

_ __ ._ _

one example of the University's technology transfer activities and we have been taking major steps over the past year to intensify those transfer activities, the driving motivation being to provide stronger assistance to our state and national economies." Kelly concluded by faulting the NSF study in light of what it lacks. "The NSF study is a valuable information source that helps us track the size and vitality of the U-M's overall research efforts. However, it gives no indication whatever of scholarly quality and achievements in the humanities, performing arts and other fields where research is pathetically underfunded and cannot be gauged in terms of dollars."

James Elek is a senior in physics and a staff writer for the Review. Brian Schefke is a junior in chemistry and cellular and molecular biology and an assistant editor of the R~iew.


41 A._."III 't; V~RE

.:.~ , --:.......,~~...,.;.,,, __



i •• • ;i....

. ... 'J ;




From Suite One: Editorial

January 13, 1993

III ,v

U-M Mishandles Poli Sci 111 Incident In our October 28, 1992 issue, we reported on U-M sophomore Shawn Brown's unfortunate experience in Political Science 111, "Introduction to American Politics." In critiquing telephone polling as a means of gathering data, Brown invoked a hypothetical example involving "Dave Stud," a "businessperson" who, despite being "knowledgeable" about the capital gains tax. refused to answer a pollster's questions on that topic because he was busy "entertaining three beautiful ladies in his pent- , house." Brown's teaching assistant, Deborah Meizlish, penned a caustic and intimidating reply to his example in the paper's margin: This is ludicrous & inappropriate & OFFENSIVE. This is completely inappropriate for a serious political science paper, It completely violates the standard of non-sexist writing. Professor Rosenstone has encouraged me to interpret this COOlment as an example of sexual harassment and to take the appropriate formal steps. I have chosen not to do so in this instance. However, any future comments, in a paper, in a class or in any dealings w/ me will be interpreted as sexual harassment and formal steps will be taken. Professor Rosenstone is aware of these comments - & is prepared to intervene. You are forewarned!

on the whole fiasco. Vice President for Student Affairs Maureen Hartford has held her tongue too, even though she oversaw the drafting of the dangerously vague Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, a policy which could now be used to prosecute students for using language as innoCuous as Brown's, provided that someone is willing to feel harassed by it. Some, however, have heard rumblings from the University's public relations folks. Calls placed by friends of the Review to Executive Director of University Relations Walter Harrison revealed that the University is currently seeking to downplay the gravity of the Brown incident. The U-M's standard line essentially asserts that Meizlish and Rosenstone have come to see their handling of the situation as inappropriate. But Brown reports having been told by a local reporter that Harrison has stated that Meizlish and Rosenstone have apologized to Brown. Yet according to Brown, as of Monday evening, nobody from the U-M had contacted him with any sort of apology whatsoever. It would behoove the U-M to get its story factually accurate. As this milieu developed, it quickly became obvious, even to the U-M, that some comment from or reaction by the administrative peanut gallery was required. But nobody took pains to publicize anything more than Saxonhouse's formal response. In fact, however, lSA Dean Edie Goldenberg sent a letter (coincidentally dated November 5) to Saxonhouse which read, in part:

Confronted with such hostility, Brown withdrew from the course. Neither Meizlish nor Professor Steven Rosenstone, the course's instructor, would comment on the situation; Meizlish deferred to Rosenstone, who in tum would only remark that it is I appreciate your efforts,to learn more about the circumstances in Political his policy "to discuss students' papers with the students and their teaching assistants Science 111 described in the October 28 issue of the Mrlzigan Review and to fill and with no one else." me in on important details omitted from that account. I also applaud the After the October 28 article's publication, the chairman of the Political,Science Department's commitment to heighten awareness of sexual harassment and Department, Professor Arlene Saxonhouse, provided a formal response (dated Noto work to create a climate that iswelcoining to our female students, staff and vember 5 and published November 11), but her effort to defend and justify her faculty. ..-',. ..... underlings' silliness was wanting; her subsequent failure to answer the author's rebuttal to her response - despite an explicit invitation to do so - has done little to As we heighten awareness and increase sensitivity for such positive purimprove the plausibility of her defense. Perhaps Saxonhouse hoped that the controposes we all must take care not to overr~act in ways that stifle expression. I versy would wither and fade away into the U-M's already shoddy First Amendment reg9fd that as especially important in the classroom and on campus. We need record. to keep our focus on learning. Sometimes that requires a certain patience with Since early November, however, the incident has been treated by Professor of ignorance,and insensitivity as we educate and learn. Philosophy Carl Cohen in a letter to the University Record, as well as by Regent Deane Baker in an address to the Board of Regents on November 19. The incidentsubseIn the absence of clear university policy on these matters and in the face of quently gained repeated mention by television and radio talk show personality Rush evolving legal interpretation and community standards, we're all feeling our Limbaugh, whose daily audience averages about three million. More recently, the way in responding to specific circumstances .. . sordid affair earned the acerbic derision of the Wall Street Journal's editorial page on January 5 in a piece which speculated that Brown dropped the course "in the hope of That's a bureaucratically correct tongue-lashing if ever there were one, and to finding a political scientist at Michigan who was interested in teachihg him political ; Goldenberg's credit, it was apparently drafted promptly after the October 28 article science instead of political correctness." . appeared. Yet it is unclear what Goldenberg means by "important details," for All of this, and not a peep from Meizlish, Rosenstone or Saxonhouse. Nor a word Saxonhouse's letter contributed no new pertinent facts to the Review's October 28 from Behavior Code Advocate and U-M President James Duderstadt, who on Decemaccount. Indeed, nothing contained in her letter could pOSSibly justify the threats to ber 12 received an electronic mail message from a Review editor soliciting his opiruon whiCh Brown was subjected. More troubling, however, is,that Goldenberg'S statement leaves open the possibility of punishing Brown for employing a controversial or tasteless example were there only a clearer University policy in place. Her response clearly should have been more forceful. Perhaps Mary Louise Antieau, the incoming judicial coordinator who will administer the Statement; will have the courage and decency to promise that the policy shall not be construed to include expressions such as Brownfs. Such a commitment would begin to allay widespread concerns that, despite its lip service to students' First Amendment rightsl the Statement empowers the thin-skinned to punish those who . would withstand controversial, robust and ardent debate or expression. A specific amendment to the Statement protecting language such as Brown's is unquestionably i more desirable; yet hoping for one might be slightly optimistic. But what of the Political Science department'sPolicy on Sexual Harassment itself? Adopted in Dece'mber 1990, the Policy's final provision states that it "shall be reviewed in the Fall of 1992." That process had barely begun when the Brown incident surfaced, and it remains incomplete. But as long as the Policy is stranded in Bureaucratic Limbo, those charged with its review have a splendid opportunity to reflect upon a lamentable case of poor judgment and the public relations conundrum that it has evoked. However salutary the Department of Political Science and the U-M's policies may be in theory, Brown's experience demonstrates how even the most well-intentioned speech regulations are inevitably abused in practice. Both the Department and the UM should learn from Brown's experience rather than focus on its justification or its obfuscation.

Hey, Dude! You don't really con'done Brown's mistreatment in PS 111, do you? Your silence grows deafening.



.' ....-.-.. . ., ...

...- - - "--,..,....,."""_



....C""V __ ..... ... _ _ _ _ _ _ _. . .


January 13, 1993



Letters to the Editor ,

Donation to U-M cancelled To the Editor: You have no doubt read the Wall Street Journal's editorial "Language Censors." In the editorial, it clearly designates female Debbie Meizlish and her cohort, Prof. Rosenstone as being candidates to a Gestapo-like organization against free speech, which these same type of people so "cherish" as long as it is favorably reflective of their agenda. Arlene. Saxonhouse didn't clear it up either and pandered to the original perpetrators of nonsense so flagrant in today's educational system. Go to college and get educated ... hog wash! Get educated to an agenda that suits certain members of a liberal and restrictive society. This type of reprimand to a student is what caused the Weimar Republic to finally accept a Hitler. Female Meizlish and Prof. Rosenstone should study more of the effects they have on the political scene. Their kind of harassment caused a very aggressive "party action" with annbands. They should think about their censorship and, even more, what prompts it. I have cancelled my University of Michigan donation because of this "window" to education.

Anonymous Riviera Beach, FL Shawn Braum lIas informed us that he has received three phone calls from individuals who have voiced their support and are not donating money to the University. -Ed.

TA Needs Sense of Humor To the Editor: I read in the newspaper that our football team won the coveted Rose Bowl and solidified their place in history as the best undefeated-and-three-tie team in , history. I wished I were still a student. I read in the newspaper that our basketball team beat the number 20th, 5th, and 2nd ranked teams in the country in a period of three days. I wished I were still a student. I read in the Wall Street Journal (1/ 5/ 93) that Sophomore Shawn Brown used an inappropriate example when discussing political pollsters. ''Dave Stud '" entertaining three beautiful ladies in his penthouse ... " was viewed as sexual harassment Now I remember what being


a student at Michigan entailed. It's called a sense of humor, Ms. Meizlish. Go find one.

Jamie B. Dolin '92

Same coercive mentality underlies all speech restriction The following letter, dated January 5, 1993,

was sent to U-M President James Duderstadt and carbon copied to U-M sophomore Shawn Brown, political science teaching assistant Debbie Meizlish, and, poUtical science Professor Steven Rosenstone. ~Ed.

Dear Mr. Duderstadt: Rarely do I have the opportunity to address people in ordinary life who are the subject of articles in the Wall Street Journal, but "Language Censors" (copy enclosed) gave me an opportunity which was too significant to ignore. As a businessman I am offended at serious violations of women which amount to violations of law, whether or not based upon statutes or the common law. However, the accusation that the submission of a paper violates some University of Michigan "standard of nonsexist writing" seems to me not only to be absurd and offensive but violates Mr. Brown's First Amendment rights as well. Admittedly, the reference in Mr. Brown's paper to a "stud" was misplaced, sophomoric and not well thought out. It was a poor choice of words which could have been replaced with something more appropriate. In a nutshell, the thinking that such a submission> constitutes sexual harassment coupled with acts of recrimination against students such as Mr. Brown amount to little more than acts of totalitarianism. Totalitarians are far more dangerous to society than sexual harassers which Professor Rosenstone would seek to condemn. When these totalitarians are women, they additionally not only fail to advance their cause, but are labeled with epithets, some humorous, e.g., "feminazis" as by Rush Umbaugh. The last sentence of the [WaIl Street Journal] article is one that Professor Rosenstone and Ms. Meizlish would do well to understand. [''The genderfastidious profs and teaching assistants at Michigan may still be conveying something useful about America's political system, but they are also likely turning out many ardent enemies of their relentless and watchful cause."] I cannot see any difference between the

Well, Forrest, you have certainly outdone yourself this time. I have been a passive observer, over the past three years, of the ongoing disputes between the excuse-for-a-newspaper, the Daily, and the Review. The trend that has developed, at least from this man's point Very truly yours, of view, is that of incoherence, fallacies, Robert Hardy Falk name-calling, whining, and now as far Attorney at Law as Mr. Green is concerned, racism on Falk, Vestal & Fish behalf of the Daily, and on the other side Dallas, Texas logical, concise, entertaining arguments on behalf of the Review. Forrest, you are P.S. After reading this article, I am glad the champion of the incoherent. I gradua!ed from the University ofTexas! I am currently a junior in Spanish and communication here at the U-M, and will no longer wait in the wings until graduation having said nothing in response to the seemingly endless attacks on white people, the most recent, and incoherent of which comes from Mr. Green. His response to the Review's challenge is quite enough. To the Editor: The entire claim of Mr. Green's Until January 6, I never really knew response, with a little racism in for good Forrest Green m. As an avid reader of the measure, is that the Michigan Review is an Michigan Review, however, I was aware open vehicle for, and purveyor of, white of yet another poor fellow who was on supremacist thought and action. Sure. the receiving end of the conservative Real believable. I've heard better claims wrath of the staffers at your paper. I on A Current Affair. (It seems to me that knew of a man who said some fairly controversial things, for what seem,edt<f"' 01' Forrest should have read more than his proclaimed "few" glances at the paper be solely for the sake of being he is so harshly criticizing, after which he controversial, as people have a tendency might just learn something about real to do here in Ann Arbor sometimes, but journalism.) It is simply incorrect, to say I nonetheless remained without a stance as far as Forrest was concerned. Until the Continued on page 12 6th.

attempts at mind control of totalitarians in the fashion revealed in this article and those in 1933-45 by the German Reichminister of Propaganda, Herman Goebbels.


Forrest Green III is the champion of the incoherent

r--------------------------, Do you think Debbie Meizlish did the I


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January 13, 1993



Feature Essay: UMyths of the Month"

SAPAC's Stats: What's Myth, What's Fact? by Tony Ghecea You see them all over campus, stapled to corkboards, taped to windows, doors and kiosks, a different flavor every thirty days. These eye-catching little fliers, called "Myths of the Month," represent the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center's (SAPAC) latest barrage in the statistical war on rape. Each brightly-colored flier sports a supposedly popular rape "myth" followed by a purported refutation of that "myth," which SAPAC calls a "fact" all-in-all an instant burst of rape reeducation for the inquisitive student with little time to spare. While most Myths of the Month come across as fairly enlightening (if not unduly brief) reminders of the "do's and don'ts" of sexual relation.<;, one wonders whetherSAPAC's "myths" and "facts" are really worthy of their given names. An analysis of SAPAC's catalogue of Myths reveals a little myth, a little fact, a lot of opinion, and at times an excruciatingly biased - albeit salvageable - explanation of the truth about sexual assault.

The Numbers Most of SAPAC's "facts" are statistics obtained from rape studies and crime data reports. On the surface, these numbers seem reasonable - a bit drastic, perhaps, but believable. A large part of what SAP AC offers as indisputable fact, however, is often the product of questionable research, selective citation, and less-than-objective reasoning. September

MYTH: Rapists are usually strangers FACT: 60-80% of all assailants are friends, dates, or lovers. Most mpes happen on first or casual dates. September's Myth implies that most rapes are "date-rapes," a premise which SAP AC defends poorly, since it gives no citation for either of the "facts" which purport to back it up. This absence of legitimate sources detracts from SAP AC' s credibility; unfortunately, it also characterizes most of SAPAC' s Myths. According to SAP AC, September's "facts" come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Representatives of the FBI's data clearinghouse - the Bureau of Justice's (BJS) Department of Statistics - however, claim that this is not the case. BJS records show that only 58 percent of rapes in 1990 (the last year

tabulated) could be classified as "nonstranger." While BJS provides no figure that corresponds preCisely to SAP AC' s "fact" on "first or casual dates," 57 percent of rapes did occur during leisure or other non-work activities at or away from home (Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1990). September's Myth, while essentially correct, exhibits two problems which hinder SAP AC' s Myths in general: they seldom provide citations for their data, and even when they do, their citations are often inaccurate or incapable of being directly corroborated.

undecided) on par with a field-tested FBI statistic. Despite appearances, the two are not equally credible. ' More troubling is that SAPAC chose "10%" over an FBI reporting rate of 54 percent. SAP AC' s figure implies that for every woman who reports being raped, nine more victims do not. If SAPAC used the FBI's estimate, the picture would seem much less bleak (and probably more realistic). Instead it engages in selective citation of the worst sort - choosing one source (the FBI) when it suits its purpose, and neglecting it in favor of a more shocking (and less trustworthy) source (Koss) when it does not. February The nonchalance with which SAPAC deems Koss' "10%" as factual as the FBI's MYTH: Women lie about rape. "1-2%" masks an audacious liberty with the facts which tends toward fear-monFACT: False reporting of rape is 1-2%; the same as any other violent crime (FBI statisgering by appropriating only the most tic). Remember: Rape is the most under restriking statistics. It is a trend which reported [sic) crime, only 10% of peats itself throughout rapes are ever reported. SAP AC' s Myths. OCTOBER'S MYTH OF tm MOIn1l


Despite possessing an Ianuary FBI citation, February's Myth fails BJS muster as well. AcMYTH: Men don't get raped. cording to the 1990 Uniform FACT: According to FBI statisCrime Report, false reporting tics, 1 in 10 men will be sexually does in fact account for one to assaulted at some point in tlzeir If you're two percent of all rape reassaulted. lives. Both gay and straight men don't fight back. ports. Rape, however, is anyare sexually assaulted. In 98% thing but "the most under reof tlze cases, the rapist is a heteroFACT: 85% of women ported [sic) crime." At a 1990 sexual man wboyeBand reporting rate of almost 54 physlcaDy percent, rape ranked higher resist, get away. January's Myth makes than six of the eight crime rape an equal-opportunity E"<ery lI_tIoD II dI1ferart: classifications tabulated by proposition: men are in grave whether or not JOG BJS (only motor vehicle theft danger, too. Despite its FBI I14ht back. temember路 ~ was reported more often). In Ilyou .... citation, however, this Myth ....uIted.1t 10 reality, the most NEVER yout faultl fares no better than its citaunderreported crime was tion-less peers: no "FBI stapersonal larceny without contistics" support it. tact, which mustered only a Based on BJS analyst 28 percent reporting rate. Herbert Koppel's method of So where does SAP AC calculating likelihood of vicThe Best get a figure of "10%"? A look timization, one in 100 men at some of its other self-rewill be raped in his lifetime. ported sources reveals some troubling FBI statistics do not specify the sexual answers. One such source is psycholopreference of victims, though it is likely gist Mary Koss. I/[R]ecent surveys have that both gay and straight men are vicindicated that as few as 10% of rapes may timized, albeit pOSSibly at different rates. be reported to authorities," states Koss in The FBI also does not specify the sexual a 1985 study, citing (interestingly enough) preference of offenders, and while it is one of her own surveys (Koss, 1985). demographically probable that most rapKoss later speculates a figure as low as ists are heterosexual, SAP AC cites no four percent. Elsewhere she cites a figure research to support such a claim. of seven percent (Koss et ai, '1985). Quarrels over sexual preference What is scary about SAP AC' s choice aside, it is comforting to know that of 1/10%" as an accurate reporting rate is SAPAC cares as much about male welthat it places a highly debatable estimate fare as it does female. It is disheartening, (one over which Koss herself appears however, to see it spew the same sort of


____ ....

_ _ _ _ \.MIl' lIlIII ...... _ _ ua~_ .w_~

biased figures for male rape as it does for female rape. Just as "I in 10 men" dwarfs a figure like one in 100, SAPAC's figure for the likelihood of female rape - one in three - eclipses the FBI's, which suggests a female lifetime likelihood of only one in 12 (Herbert Koppel, "Lifetime likelihood of Victimization"). By promoting overestimations like these, SAP AC implies that rape is appallingly epidemic - which, at least according to FBI statistics, it clearly is not. That it exaggerates figures for both sexes does nothing to absolve SAP AC of its bias in the matter. Iuly/August

MYfH: Incest is taboo. It almost never hap-

pens. FACT: Only talking about incest is taboo. 1

out of 4 children are sexually abused before age 14. 90% of the abusers are known to the child. 2/3 are relatives. Remember: Children <.4,ou't lie about sexual assault. If you hear about abuse from a child, believe her or him & take steps to intervene. The July / August Myth approaches legitimacy, moreso than most of its peers. But it, too, has its problems, including a lack of citations and an abundance of factual inaccuracies. Childhood incest rates conSistently range somewhere in the teens, with numbers in the vicinity of 19 and 9 percent (Finkelhor, 1979) and 12 and 8 percent (Baker and Duncan, 1985) for girls and boys respectively. SAP AC' s rate of "I in 4" is therefore not an extreme exaggeration, but again, in the absence of proper citation, it is questionable. That "90%" of abusers are known to children and "2/3 are relatives," however, are much more dubious assertions. Baker and Duncan (1985) found that 49 percent of abusers were known to children, with only 14 percent of all such abuse occurring within the family. Russel (1983) recorded a 60 percent rate of victim-offender familiarity but only a 29 percent rate of such offenses being committed by relatives. Beyond statistical problems, however, the July / August Myth is deficient in another way. "Children don't lie about. sexual assault," the flier warns, "believe [them] & take steps to intervene." Where this unsupported assertion comes frol)1 is unclear; children lie as much if not more than the average adult, and a parent who overzealously picks a child's brain for evidence of abuse might well

......""''''''..........._ _..


.. January 13, 1993


terns in Forcible Rape, Menachem Arfut'(a an objective education on rape with a researcher whom SAPAC cites elsecourse in leftist propaganda. where) provides data suggest that November black women comprise nearly 80 percent of all rape victims. And some studies don' t support this statement. Koss' 1985 MYTH: Rape is an impulsive act of sexual study of "hidden" rape victims found of passIon. 'v1aylIune FACT: Anger, not sex, is the primary motiher interview pool that 91.7 percent were \1YTH; People with disabilities are not 5eXIIwhite, only 7.9 percent black. vation for men who rape. During a rape sex is Illy assaulted. used as a weapon to intimidate, The FBI also speaks on control, and humiliate. FACT: Persolls u.nth disabilities are 10 times this matter. One in nine black nore likely to be assaulted than persOlls withfemales is likely to be raped in JUt disabilities (Seattle Rape Relief). November's Myth is not her lifetime, versus only one worthy of the title "fact." It is in 12 white (Herbert Koppel, blatant opinion, the roots of "Lifetime Likelihood of VicSAPAC cites the May / June Myth to which can be found in the timization"). In light of such ,eat tie Rape Relief, but according to words of Davis: "[M]en's convincing evidence, it is hard ::::aroline Page, a counselor at the center, motives for rape often arise to understand why SAP AC 'iUch a citation is incorrect. "Seattle Rape MYTH: Rope is on from their socially-imposed chose not to cite the FBI. Relief has collected data which show that impulsive need to exercise power and More perplexing, howlSSaults against the developmentally disoct of sexuol posslon. control over women through ever, is SAPAC's assertion abled are three to four times more likely the use of violence," Davis that black women are more than those against persons without disFACT: maintains in Violence Against abilities," Page notes, "but we ne,ver pubsusceptible to rape "because ANGER. Women and the Ongoing Chalthey are seen as suitable tarlished a figure as high as ten times." Page NOT SEX. IS THE F>RIMARY lenge to Racism, a sentiment suggests that SAPAC may have come to gets for sexual and racial vioMOTIVATiON based more on trumped-up, lence." None of the "studies" FOR MEN WHO its figure by extrapolating from the work RAPE. feminist rhetoric than fact. of various researchers, but concedes that SAP AC generically cites ever DURING A RAPE Every criminal possesses such a number is both inordinately large make this daim. Nor does any SEX IS USED AS a different motive. Feild study back up SAPAC's next and incorrectly cited to her organization. A WEAPON TO INTIMIDATE, (1978) found that incarcerassertion, namely that this CONTROL , AND ated rapists are likely to "en"myth" is "rooted in the racist October HUMILIATE. belief that women of color are ''0. • _ .< 7 ::. .~.-c-- _ dorse beliefs such as 'Rape is , - ._,,- - ~ " .--. motivated by a desire for MYTH: If you 're assaulted, don 't fight back. more promiscuous & less reFA CT: 85% of women WilD yell and physispectable than white women." sex'" (Koss et ai, 1985) . The Worst ::ally resist, get away. "Myth" or not, this is a belief No "fact" can be found in this which compels some rapists statement - though certainly October's Myth advises women on a wealth of opinion - an observation to act - a fact contrary to SAP AC's glohow best to deal with a rapist, informawhich aptly describes many of SAPAC's rified opinion. "facts." tion invaluable to any prospective vicBut SAPAC maintains Davis' thesis tim. For once SAPAC's work is evidently without unearthing any data to support it. That it presents Davis' opinions as beneficial. But is it correct? Two studies The Opinions indirectly cited by SA PAC do support facts in numerous Myths without citing such a claim: Javorek (1979) found her on a single flier makes SAPAC's trickSAPAC is obviously a dubious purveyor of statistics. That, however, is the ery worse; by tacitly claiming Davis' thescreaming to be "the most useful predictor of rape avoidance," and Bart (1980) sis as its own, SAPAC lends it a degree of least of its problems. Not all of SAPAC' s found that "fleeing or attempting to flee" formal credibility it would otherwise lack. "facts" are as straightforward as numyielded an avoidance rate of 81 percent This is worse than lying, for it involves bers culled from rape research and crime (Koss, 1985). Most convincingly, 1990 BJS the subtle hoax of presenting pure opindata collections. A good bit of what ion in the guise of official fact. statistics show that in 51 percent of cases SAPAC offers as "fad" is, in reality, opinwhere women resisted, the final outcome ion - opinion of a decidedly liberal bent. April (I) Mary Bejian of SAPAC cites Angela was good - either the rapist fled or the woman escaped unharmed. Davis' Violence Against Women and the MYTH: "In certain situations, women ask In short,. fighting back seems to work Ongoing Challenge to Racism as a primary for it" (rape). - almost as well, in some instances, as source for SAPAC' s "facts." Davis, a comFACT: Research shaws that rapists look for SAP AC says. By destroying the myth munist icon, holds a unique view of rape, available targets who [sic] thf¥ perceive to be asserting that "rising violence against that" passivity is the best policy," SAPAC serves an admirable purpose. vulnerable. No behavior or type oj dress juswomen is related to ... global imperialist tifies sexual assault, the rapist must always aggression." In Women, Race and Class, be held accountable for his actions. March another Davis text which SAPAC cites, Davis preaches that the "anti-rape moveApril's Myth asserts that it is imposMYTH: Women of color dOll 't get raped. ment .. . must be situated in a strategic FACT: Some studies shaw that women of context which envisages the ultimate desible for women to share any responsibility for rape. This is a difficult assertion to color may be more susceptible to sexual asfeat of monopoly capitalism." sault, because they are seen as suitable tarThis is not the best (let alone the most support because it is just that - an assertion - and not the clear-cut fact which gets for sexual and racial violence. This myth objective) source for supplying any sort is rooted in the racist belief that women of of "facts" to unsuspecting students. For SAP AC would like it to be. color are more promiscuous & less respectWhile research to support SAP AC' s SAP AC, a student-funded outlet of what first "fact" is lacking, common sense dicable than white women. should be reliable information, such intates that it is probably true - predators tellectual disingenuousness is indicative Some studies do show this. In Pattend to look for easy prey. What is not so of an alarming trend: the replacement of

lnd proof of such, whether the child was lbused in reality or not. Opinionated :eminders like this one combined with ~emotely accurate statistics have no busiless bearing the label "fact."


clear is the actual "logic" behind what comes across as so simple a deduction. "No behavior or type of dress justifies sexual assault, the rapist must always be held accountable for his actions," the flier continues. Something begins to sound fishy here, and it's not just the absence of non-sexist language. Granted, the claim is correct - nothing justifies rape - but see whence it was derived: "[W)omen have refuted the myth that the victim is morally responsible for the crime committed against her - a myth ... based upon the notion that women have control over whether or not their bodies are violated during the act of rape." This is Davis speaking, and while she, too, is partially correct, she's missing an important point. Most "victims" cannot stop a rape in progress. But the assertion that a rape "victim" might bear some blame for a given assault relies not in the least on the idea that he or she can stop a rapist Davis herself argues the impOSSibility of that a&>'Umption brilliantly. What is most at question is whether a would-be victim has a duty to make it very clear to his or her partner that sex is out of the question before an encounter begins. The need for this mutual understandios,and its presence or absence in any specific case is not something a "fact" like SAPAC's can decide, solely by assertion, for every possible incident We can't ask it of a victim of stranger rape, who has little say in the matter; we must ask it to determine what constitutes date rape. This is a question, however, which neither SAPAC nor Davis will ask. Both are content to absolve all women (or so the Myth goes) of any responSibility in the sphere of sexual relations. Despite its appearance, this is not fact; it is merely wolfish opinion in Davis-fashioned sheep's clothes.


December (I)

MYTH: Most rapists are Black [sic] men; their victims, white women. FACTS: In over 90% oj rape cases, the victim and the rapist are oj the same race and socioeconomic class. White men rape Black [sic) wcmen twice as often as Black [sic] men rape white women. The charge oj rape has historically been used against Black [sic] men as a justification for racism and lynching.

In some cases SAPAC is so concerned with presenting its own (or Davis') ideological agenda that it neglects to mention the most effective data for refuting certain "myths." This is the case with December's Myth, where SA PAC provides a lot of debatable infonnation when an adequate and simpler defense is already near at hand. According to BJS, 1990 statistics show that 59 percent of all rapes were commit-

_ '--~'--'--"~'-'-_ _ ·~_''''''~-:::::::==

· ·~ ·" '·"" "'''' ·-'''-~_~'''''''''''·;''''· ~''·· ·' .'''l';'<lM.>

January 13, 1993



really myths, and "facts" really facts? doesn't disprove what SAPlAC chooses ted by white males, and only 26 percent Analysis yields a mixed bag: seven to call a "myth." A poll of all women by black. Despite the indication that black "good" (some of which could use immight show some who like "force" of males commit more rapes per capita provement) and five "bad" (some of some type during consensual sex. (whereas they make up 11 percent of the which are worse than others). In light of SAPAC, however, makes matters total male population, they committed even worse. Just what is "force"? "Force this less-than-perfect tally, it is impor26 percent of all rapes), the fact is clear: can be: emotional coercion, verbal threats, tant to draw some conclusions about white men overall commit more rapes. intimidation, [or] physical force with or where SAPAC went wrong and what it SAPAC, however, doesn't mention should improve. without a weapon." Emotional coercion? this. Nor does it note that, based on popuCertain questions are immediately 64 percent of Americans say it's not rape. lation percentage, it is statistically probapparent. What is SAP AC doing citing Verbal threats? Intimidation? 62 percent able that a white male majority would certain statistics as irrefutable "facts" say it's not rape (Yankelovich, Clancy, commit a majority of rapes, regardless of Shulman, 1991). when it knows full well - as is evithe races of victims. Finally SAPAC states, "[C]o-operadenced by the very experiments it uses What SAP AC does say is that 90 - that drastically different data for the percent of rapists and victims come from tion [sic] does not equal consent." While lithe same race and ....-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- - -_ _--. this is insame phenomena e:xi$? Why does it treat biased sources like Davis as factual ausoci~onomic class" A va r i ab I y r1. trueofrape, t1;torities on rape? Lastly, what allows it - certainly a demoif cooperato choose sides in hotly.2.debated argugrap~cprobability.AccordIng to B}S, howtion never ments concerning sexual relatioI)s and equals conpresent its own opinions as gospel truth? ever, only 67 percent of whites are raped by .._____________- - - - J sent, then The answer is troubling. SAP AC' s whites, and 83 percent all sex must intention - to put a stop to rape - is of blacks are raped by blacks. So where undoubtedly a good one. But admirable be rape. By thrOWing opinion into the does SAPAC find its figure? The citation intentions convey nO license to distort mix, SAP AC, succeeds only in muddling the issue of force altogether. listed on another SAP AC hand-out is the truth. SAPAC, despite (or perhaps in Menachem Amir. It repays noting that light of) its just' cause, cannot tell the December (II) this is the only time SAP AC ever uses difference between what it wants to call Amir; when his data contradict a point it "fact" and what. truly deserves that name. is making, Amir disappears. MYTH: There is nothing we can do to stop In its haste to do "something" about rape, SAP AC has introduced the most rape. This is painfully true of SAP AC' s next assertion, that "White men rape FACT: Women Can: Fight back!; Report expedient material it can find into the·~· Black [sic] women twice as often as Black sexual assaults to sexual assault centers and discussion without noting the validity or [sic] men rape white women," a claim so the police; Hold rapists accountable for their ideological roots of what it cites as "fact." incorrect that one wonders if it is simply actions. Women &.Men Can: Confront sex· In so doing it has assumed the burdens of some wishful figment of SAPAC' s imagiism; Re-educate people about sexual assa~tlt; inaccuracy and political baggage, burnation. Amir's data, which were so inDiscuss how sexual assault has affected their dens which its Myths have steadily valuable in SAP AC' s previous assertion, lives. shifted onto the backs of students. suggest that the opposite is 1.6 times more Prominent among these burdens is a likely. Moreover, BJS statistics for 1990 Sounding more like a call to arms tendency toward fear-mongering. show that black men raped white women than a factual refutation, December's Through selective citation of rape re6.7 times more often than white men Myth confronts inaction concerning rape search, some of which is of dubious naraped black women. SAPAC is playing with with a series of recommendations, ture to begin with, SAPAC has assembled with dangerous numbers here, and domost of which seem reasonable. Of course, a series of statistics which vividly suping a poor (and unnecessary) job of it. none are "facts," per se, and while it is port its Myths. The problem is that these Finally, SAPAC asserts that the indeed a myth that we are helpless in the numbers so artificially amplify the mag"charge of rape" has historically served face of rape, it is by no means clear that nitude of rape that they incite exaggeras a "justification for racism and lynchSAPAC' s recommendations are superior ated fears of a "rape epidemic." ing" of black men. This is a claim made to other forms of advice, let alone preNot all of this has occurred wittingly, by Davis, one which I find true. But it is eminent "facts." but much of it can't be counted off as neither a fact nor something SAP AC The list of actions deteriorates in plauunintentional. When it comes to a choice needs to note in order to support sibility as it progresses. Fighting back, between two or more statistics, for exDecember's Myth. reporting rapes, and holding rapists acample, SAPAC favors the most alarming countable are all actions which SAP AC option. While there is really nothing April (lI) correctly - and realistically - prescribes. "wrong" with this approach - sensaBut confronting sexism? It's an importionalism yields greater results in less MYTH: Ouring sex, a little force is o.k. tant goal, but one surrounded by a furitime - one might posit that rape is alarmFACT: Whenever a person is forced into ous debate, to which SAP AC offers no ing enough in the absence of overblown unwanted sex, it is sexual assault. Force can definitive answer (short of leftist data from overzealous rape researchers. be: emotional coercion; verbal threats; inproselytization). "Re-educate people"? But SAPAC is being disingenuous. timidation; physical force with or without a "Reeducate" is a dangerous word; just You don't just seize the worst statistic weapon. Remember, co-operation [sic] does who gets to do the teaching? And discusyou can find and call it a "fact." You not equal consent. sion? Certainly a good idea, but hardly either present a fair range of available the most potent means of pursuing the data, or you call your figures what they While most people agree with war on rape. This is a decent Myth, but, are - not "facts," but certain astonishing SAP AC' s response to forcible rape - 58 like most of its cousins, one which could statistics from a field of many others. percent of Americans find a man who stand improvement. I cite a number of statistics in this forces his wife to have sex against her will essay, many from the same studies which to be guilty of rape (Yankelovich, Clancy, Conclusions SAP AC has cited - statistics which Shulman, 1991) - SAPAC's "fact" really How many of SAPAC's "myths" are SAPAC chose to ignore. I don't cite them

SAP' C's... a d' mIra b 1e I intentions convey no license to distort the truth.


because I think my numbers are better. I cite them to make a point. Every "fact" that SAP AC cites is debatable; if something is debatable, it's not a fact. This rule likewise applies to SAP AC' s second burden: opinion. Opinion is factually unstable; people seldom agree on even the most trivial issues. Rape is more volatile than any trivial issue; that there would be total agreement on what causes it, who is to blame for it, or how to stop it is as likely as having one presidential candidate gamer 100 percent of the popular vote. To say that there is such agreement - to take one side of the rape debate and call it an end-all fact - is to deny the existence of any other opinion; in short, to lie. SAPAC's "facts" for the most part amount to selectively-chosen statistics and opinions; if SAPAC wants to call them that and throw in citations for each, then so be it. But SAPAC's "facts" are not facts. To say they are is to misinform students in a criminally negligent way. SAPAC can accomplish more good with its Myths, however, by taking two critical steps: call rape statistics what they are - statistics, not facts - and substitute objectivity for personal opinion. That means more (and more representative) numbers, and no more Angela Davis. Tell women it's better to fight back; tell them truthfully how big a problem rape is, who commits it, and how to be wary of it. Tell men what - according to the law - constitutes rape; tell them what its consequences are, why it's wrong, and what it does to its victims. And tell both men and women to make their wishes known. If "no means no," then say lind' and mean "no" and say it loudly and clearly. And learn to take "no" for an answer. Don't attack myths by substituting your own (or Angela Davis' or anyone else's) opinions for a student's beliefs. Education, not indoctrination, is the key to enlightenment. Give students the real facts, not just opinions cloaked in the guise of "fact." When you take one side of an argument and call it "the truth," you don't enlighten. You only deceive. The first step in this direction is to get politics out of SAP AC. To do otherwise is to do students an unforgiveable disservice. Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Royster Harper, head of the committee which selected SAP AC Director Debra Cain, described her position as "an activist and advocacy role." Let it be more advocacy, less activism, and objectivity in educating students. The true facts are in SAPAC's favor. It need only present them objectively to make a legitimate difference in the war against rape. Tony Ghecea is a senior in English and executive editor of the Review.

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• UtI




...! muary 13, 1993


-:onservative Manifesto




Improving Race Relations with whom I am unfamiliar, probably consciously and repeatedly stereotyped their condition in the long run is by because they do not attract the attention vast and psychologically diverse groups helping themselves, not "as a people" garnered by Mr. Lee. I have nothing but of individuals. As a conservative, I cannot and not by demanding progressively contempt for such practices. There is no emphasize enough how important it is more and increasingly grandiose group room in the conservative agenda for that the individual be judged and entitlement-type programs, but rather discrimination of any kind. Individuals as individuals. This was one of the ideas recognized as a unique entity. If I fail or should be helped or hindered on their succeed, it is not a white male failing or which I found most appealing in Malcolm rooking. own merit, not conditions of birth. X's autobiography. He did not want any succeeding, but rather Erik Berg failing After writing my first article for the As the conversation continued, the or succeeding. handouts because he knew that such teview, 1 received a phone call from a caller asked many questions focusing on Those who view matters differently handouts only treated the symptoms of tudent who was concerned about a the extent of social ills, and not the underlying disease. deprive themselves not ouple of statements that I had made in Each black person must, like every other my attempts only of the ability to view he piece. She and I spoke for about an to reach out person, take responSibility for himself. and relate to others as lour, and in that time I rediscovered to the black Conservatism says much the same thing: more than members of nany of the reasons why I have embraced community homogeneous masses, Individuals are responSible for ·onservatism. and try to overcoming their own problems and for but also (and more My article covered two broad, working for their own prosperity. importantly) of the ability mend ibrary-related topics: first, the University . differences Perhaps the most ironic thing that to request that they be so )f Michigan library system's continued that exist we discussed occurred at the end of our viewed. They sacrifice )ush for diversity despite a budget crunch bet we en chat. One idea that I tried to impress their individuality and "Ihich has resulted in the scaling back of whites and identity in the name of a upon the caller was that I often do not Jniversity science departments' budgets, hear about the time and location of racism destructive martyrdom. blacks. I told her about'''",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r---~ md second, the Peer Information seminars but I would like to attend them My interlocutor's more often. I asked her to call me again if ::ounseling (PIC) program, a minoritythe racism seminars that I have attended most memorable remark came while we ~xclusive library hiring program. In the she heard of any such seminars. More and in fact make a point of attending were discussing the PIC program. I :ourse of our discussion, this student than'a week went by and I did not hear when I am aware of them. She replied, commented that I felt the PIC program was wrong in having anti-white hiring md I talked about both subjects in detail. "Well that's great but what books have from her, so I called her back to find out practices and that any or all applicants you read?" Her first complaint was that I used if she knew of any. She did not, but she should be judged on an individual's own I told her that I was just about to he phrase "reverse discrimination" in said that there would probably be some merits, without being subject to the ny article. She contended that there could finish Malcolm X's autobiography. "Well after winter break. She then asked for my lever be any such thing as "reverse criterion of skin color. I extended my what about your friends? I bet they phone number again so that she could iiscrimination," since blacks and other haven't done anything to reach outto the, commentary to include affirmative notify me, and I gave it to her. action, a program which I find ninorities do not have the power in black community," she said. It was hard One part of the irony is that she was objectionable for much the same reason. ;ociety to discriminate. My response to to see the relevancy of her attack, but I so concerned that I wasn't reaching out She replied by asking in a rather 1er contained two premises. First of <\11, responded that my roommate just enough, but she couldn't even hold onto emotional tone, "If you don't give us ",hites can discriminate against other finished Malcolm X' s autobiography; that my phone number to alert me of the next ",hites if employers tear that they might I have a Jewish friend who is taking, by . these. programs,. how are we ever going discussion or seminar. Even worse is that to get ahead?" :>e sued should they fail to maintain the his own choice, an honors seminar on it is now The whole notion that proper proportion, race relations, and that I only five )r quota, of have a black friend who blacks are dependent upon days until whites to improve their minority agrees with what I wrote in Martin ~mployees. my article. I prefaced these situation is rather startling,' Luther 3econd, while I remarks with a statement of twice as disappointing, and King, Jr. thrice as wrongheaded. I felt agree t hat my outrage at the caller's D a y, that for a young black minorities do not stereotypical views on my w h en student at the University of possess the power friends and myself. My there will Michigan to fe.el powerless to create any form • conservatism makes no be many of institutionalized . .",,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,.----:-' rO,Qm for such except for what whites, will seminars. give her was indeed a raosm like that which used to exist in this presuppositions, for they are prejudices But I have tragedy. She ought to be in the most literal and blatant sense of fue country, they do have the power to not heard word.·. embracing the J discriminate individually. from her. opportunities that this At another point in the conversation, One look at any of Spike Lee's Will she IfJ~e University provides instead she told me that whites just don't care production teams would provide a prime reach out of wondering :who is going example. This is not merely my about what happens to blacks and that, the to I to lend her aid. interpretation of his actions. Rather, he because I am a white male, I naturally white This illustrates well one have it made in this world, with no chance himself has said, as he did during his aJllInlliy? visit to campus last year, that he wants to of failing. I was amazed that she was able of my m os t si nc ere .1",,,,,,,,,,_,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r-----' If the objections to affirmative to make such broad assumptions. In fact, keep black money in the black caller, who identified herself only as action. It relates the message to minorities community. I would contend that as an throughout the conversation, she "Merna" is reading this, I would still that they need some kind of help to get individual, Mr. Lee has accumulated a demonstrated a remarkable capacity for appreciate the gesture. ahead and, as shown by the caller' 8 wealth of power and he has used it to knOWing exactly how all white people question, they can come to depend on feel and how they will perform in life. discriminate. I am sure that there are Erik Berg is a sophomore in engineering this help. The only way that white directors who discriminate against The main and most horrible problem physics and a staff writer for the Review. disadvantaged minorities.will improve with her approach ,was that she minorities in much the same way but 'y Erik Berg This conservative manifesto differs :om its immediate predecessor in that it ; not so much a theoretical essay as a .arration of an experience that I recently ad which, in many ways, illustrates how onservatism differs from other ways of


There ls--no -room in the conserv,ative agenda for discrimination of any kind. Individuals should be helped or hindered on their own merit, not conditions of birth.

[AJs an individual, [SpikeJ Lee has accumulated a wealth of power ... he has used .. : to discriminate, ,

i I I

II i



\, i


1 i


I asked her to call me

again if she heard of any such seminars . ... [iJt is now only five days until Martin Luther King, Jr. Day., when there will be .many such seminars. But have not heard from her. · ... caller ... is reading this, would still appreciate the gesture.





...; YI,


t, 4




.":1 '


January 13, 1992



Gargoyle C


Ccmtinued from Page 1 "I went down to Printing Services and spoke with the manager," Ranieri continued, "and he said that Hubbard didn't like 'F-words.'" With little other information upon which to make a decision, Ranieri proceeded to solicit estimates from other printers. "We still wanted to see if we could get the issue published by the 18th, because we had some dated advertisements in it and subscriptions to worry about." He then discussed the issue with the junior editor and manager of the Gargoyle, and learned that U-M Printing Services "is ultimately under U-M control. We figured that if Printing Services had to answer to the UM. maybe we could make them print the issue after all." Ranieri first called Vice President for Student Affairs Maureen Hartford, who was unavailable. He then called U-M President James Duderstaclt's office and spoke to his assistant '1 told her what w~ happening," said Ranieri, "and that profanity was the reason. I explained that I was unaware of any University policy on this sort of issue, and that seemed to spark the process." U-M Executive Director of Relations Walt Harrison and General Counsel Elsa Cole were notified of the incident. They subsequently spoke to Gayl Ness, cochair of the Board of Student Publications, who began formal inquiry. According to Ranieri, the manager of U-M Publishing Services explained that "two previous employees had read the [Gargoyle's] key-lines and seen a cartoon character speaking the phrase 'Jesus fucking Christ: It was in no particular religious context; it was just an expletive." Hubbard had apparently told the manager that they had found this religiously objectionable. "Based on that," Ranieri noted, "they were going to reject our business." Ness consulted Cole, who notified him that the phrase in no way fit the legal

definition of obscenity. "Ness called Hubbard," Ranieri explained,"and asked him if he would like to reconsider his decision. If he wouldn'~ she let him know that she would speak with U-M's chief financial officer Ferris Wommack" and take action concerning the Printing Services' University funding. "Hubbard wasn't satisfied," Ranieri pointed out, "so he called Cole himself to confirm what Ness had told him." After verifying Ness' information, Hubbard called Ranieri and ~ked him if he was still interested in printing the issue with Printing Services. "I said yes," noted Ranieri, "and then I talked to our staff. We decided that we had intended no real harm (with the phrase in questionL but that we also didn't want to turn people off. So we decided not to print the phrase, since we saw no point in hurting ourselves." The aftermath of the incident, despite the notoriety it has already gained, had been well deserved, but the Gargoyle continues to do business with U-M Printing Services. Although the favorable resolution of the Gargoyle incident may seem to trivialize the event in the eyes of some, it in fact displays rather plainly how the sensitivity of some can lead to the overregulation of others. It illustrates, in other words, how a society burdened by copious volumes of "victims' rights" legislation would leave everyone substantially less free. However valuable or laudable it may be to maintain an openminded sensitivity to others, the Gargoyle's experience should remind us of how insidious the temptation to overreact can be and of the need for eternal Vigilance to counteract it.

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The tiny island naticm of St. Vincent in the British West Indies beat the United States not cmly chronologically, by issuing King stamps sooner, but also in the category of diversity.

1'HE. UBY 1\ UN£.

1~~~;~-QUP:,~D~t~ I>\SC.O"E~

'(OUR t:'A.~ FROM ~E' MAN. W\-\,o

HST I-H S OWN. Tony Ghecea is a senior in English and the editor-e1ect of the Review. 50

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A 1'-1 (.~ IJ'\E.


:--:--~;-:;,; .; ,: ;: ;c:; ;-_--;;;;;;;---=;; ; ;'"

......._ __

=- '"



' :",

January 13, 1993





" .,,"



ink Continues Pumpkins' Tradition

still be a rock record, but hopefully it will by Drew Peters By no coincidence, Caroline Records stretch more, be a little more developed." has chosen Walt Mink to continue the Over itsfour years of existence, Walt tradition of Smashing Pumpkins' heavyMink has come a long way. Formerly a to-light grooves and fuzzy vocals. But it two-man college band, they added basswould be too easy to dismiss them as a rip-oH, and that they certainly aren't. Walt Mink's debut album, Miss Happiness, consists of heavy jams from beginning to end, complete with , frequ~nt twists. Whether it be v~alist/ guitarist John Kimbrough:,s ·occasionallY whlrt~y vocals, the classic rock introto thetitJe track (presently looped in a TDK:~qbm­ mercial), or the occasional pluckins:,of an acoustic guitar, Miss Happiness displays satisfying stylistk variety, And it seems: ' we will get more of the same on Walt Mink's next alb~ <;oming in the SP~;i ; :; "The new albwn will be a little m,ot~ eclectic, a little ~~irder," comments JoNt, c '~ ~ ( ,:' : "at least one acoustical song, some mOte , experiments ... a.n other batch of weitd ist Candice B~Ianoff and named themselves after 'a Macalester College psysongs. Miss Happiness was straight ahead, but this one will be stranger. We were chology professor. Soon after that, they satisfied with the first album. It was this became the major band of the St.Paul, one certain thing that we wanted to do: Minn. area and released a few Singles. make a rock record . The next record will "We have some really hard-to-find, j


really obscure stuff out there," relates John. "One is on a label called Red Decibel, one's on Crackpot, and one's on some hardcore label." Then came Miss Happiness, along with some successful touring with the likes of the Lemonheads, Soul Asylum, Cra'cker and Mudhoney. "For the most part, . our reo:iption' was good, except for arew places in Virginiar Where no one :. had heard of us," . says John. "Being with biggerbands on bigger tours is good; because you uSually get to play formore'people." , , Walt i Mink never •, ! reached theMfY-loving altematypes, so John displays a little animosity towards the whole TV video , scheme. "We did a video last spring, and like most independent labels it vanished in 120 minutes," says John. "It's really lame i


how MTV can take some jive band like Ugly Kid Joe, put them on heavy rotation for a couple of weeks, and basically make the band. Ugly Kid Joe sucks and everyone knows they suck. MTV was testing its power, taking some crummy band and pulling them out of obscurity to see if they make it. And of course they did." Walt Mink's major influences include such classics as Jimi Hendrix, Bad Brains, Stooges and MCS. Presently, however, John is enjoying a few pre-releases that won't come out for another month or two. "Right now I am listening to this unbelievable record that is completely blowing my head off. A band called Pond, they're on Sub Pop. They are super heavy, smart, and cool as shit. And the guitarist for Blake Babies has a new group called . Antennae, which is great. The new Dinosaur Jr. album is incredible, too." Walt Mink will be playing Friday, January 15 at the Blind Pig. :"

Drew Peters is not only a staff writer for the Review, but he's also a client.

Beethoven Without the·Romanticism ,

Glenn Gould Ludwig van Beethoven Glen Gould Edition Variations & Bagatelles Sony Classics by Frank Grabowski ' .., With record companies ptomotii\g . various "special edition" sets commemOrating the great interpreters of the classical repertoire, it only seems fair that pianist Glenn Gould should receive a similar dedication. Vladimir HorOWitz, Wilhelm Kempf, andClaudio Arraujust to narit~ a few - continually gt:a:~ : the Sclrwanncatalogue of;CDs With;th~fr " magnificent interpr~tati6ns Q£ th~ 'p~'P.1- . dard repertoire; one ~comeS' ~ W::£tu~ : trated, however, upondiSco"~Arit p1at' a) the choice of performers is generally limited to the aforementioned three, and b) if one wants to obtain a somewhat esoteric piece, i.e. the 32 variations of Beethoven, WcIJ 80, a tum to vinyl is the only viable solution. Gould crafted his career as a pianist around these same esoteric works. He neither possessed the ultra-romantic flair of a Horowitz nor did he establish a library of recordings like Alfred Brendel. Gould's strength rested in hisr.a\,-,: i.nter-

pretive skills. ArrauanclHorowitz o~r­ tainly possessed such talent,but Gould presented , his .w ork with a certain untarnished quality and a 'great reliarice on rhythm and continuity. He felt thal a certain "qeliberateness"and homogeneity should perva~e each piece. This cqn,tinuity Ei'xpresses itself especially weW in . his Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven interpretations. On Variations, Gould performs some of Beethoven's lesser-known pieces, but thiS. by no means renders the collection bOririg,fQr each bears the unmistaka~le stamp of 'Ludwig van. The Edition's f!cst ; 9isc contains thfee sets of ,variations for :: solo keyboqrd: the 32 variations, WbO . 80; 6 variati¢ms, op. 34; and, the 15 Erqica > variations, op. 35. Of these pieces, the latter-most set of variations probably has the greates,t number of entries-in !he Schwann catalogue. I am familiar with the Brendel and the Gilels recordings of the Eroica variations; I prefer the latter. Gould 's approach is less majestic than that of the Russian, Gilels, but he instills a greater sense of liveliness within the variations. This liveliness pervades the entire first disc. Some may find the tempos a bit stagnant; .those who desire a more ro-


mantic Beethoven should opt for Gilels' guid pace conSideri ng the quick tempo. or Brend~r s interpretation. Is this rather slow tempo advantageous? "The G~)Uld rendition, however, harMinor keys tend to elicit feelings of rage borsan unmi's takably powerful appeal. or angst. In the Bagatelle in B minor the The 'temposshould not be 'viewed as latter tends to be the case. The slower, tediously stagnant, but rather as skiUmore "deliberate" tempo helps to emfully structured and appropriately un iphasize this angst, and the flowing reforll1' Gould's rhythmic ~niformity is of gard of Gould instills within the piece the . the utmost importance within varianecessary continuity . tions. The WOO 80 variations, the highSony has accomplished a major feat light of the first disc, constitute an often in releasing the Glenn Gould Edition and underrated set which Gould shades with making available many of the extinct Gould recordings. Although the content ; a deliberate classical tinge to comple, ment ~ef~ho!ven's fi~eYr ~qmp:o~iF.onill .of this paJ;ticuiar set of Beethoven's solo . tendencies. Gould's urgent sense of works for piano may not appeal to you, the Edition also includes works by Bach, : tempo uniformity within keyboard varia, tions (no dou~t the cpre ~.s work)riy ~ ~ ¥?~ary" ~41l10:e contemporary com. even more eVIdent ,witlW1 bf$1980 net ~ i, Jt~I'!>,?~ch ~ Hmderruth. Sony also ofcording of Ba<;~'s Goldberg Variatio;ns, fe.~s a sample of the Edition on a low~Ch] ~$l<\hle throogtl theAlfrpi : ' '~.4pget disc ~if you want an inexpensive Gould EditIon. ' ,. ' . ; , , ' . . .. , ' " " introduction to the world of Glenn Gould. The second disc devotes 41 minutes Frank Grabowski is a junior in philosoto Beethoven's two sets of Bagatelles, phy and a staff writer for the Review. ops. 33 and 126. The Bagatelles are short keyboard pieces containing a Single movement wi.t bout much development; they instead derive their potency from their highly self-contained structure. Of these two sets ofBagatelles, personal Become a music critic for the Review! favorite is the Bagatelle no~4 in B minor, , , ~all. 662 -1909 and ask for Crusty op.126. Gould takes this piece at a lan-




Got Ears? Enjoy Music?


'---~-'--~"-'---'---"'-"'··''''<·''· ' ..·'··.... ..,. · ·~·,.· · ''''''...''''' ~lMW<''.''''....,''''''''' _If~~:;>>;r..._

, _ ---...''''..~_ _ _ ..-.._._ .... _ .•

January 13, 1993



Letters Continued C~tinued from page 5 the vel)' least, and if Mr. Green had a due, wouldn't have written 1,719 words to argue an angrily misconstrued point. As far as Mr. Green's ludicrous daim, preposterous. Complete and total bile. (Must've missed the class on logiC, eh Forrest?) I've heard three year olds come up with better arguments. His entire argument is founded from an obviously subjective source, Textbook for Victims of VYhite Suprema<-y Whatever happened to both sides of the issue, I do not know. Next, Mr. Green cries about a "hideous" Iroquois Indian ("coon face," was it?) that, to "many" (l'm curious how many) people seemed a demonstration of "vicious racism." Hideous. Vicious. Tl)'ing to add a little verbal life (I avoided using color here for obvious reasons) to your excuse for an argument, Forrest? I think so. In Mr. Green's next feeble claim, of "many insulting attempts at expanding and refining racism" on campus here, he cites one example of an individual expressing his or her personal views (that is allowed in America, Forrest) on affirmative action. Why is it that when anyone even mildly challenges

affirmative action, he or she is labelled a racist? Enough of this walking on eggsaffirmative action sucks. At its inception, it was an entirely necessary entity, but regretfully over the years such alienatory programs, the Satan of which are quotas, have spawned from a once benefiCial idea. Forrest continues his amazing display of intellect by citing the "truth" (who he is to determine this, I still cannot figure out) "that the dominant sociomaterial system throughout the known universe is dominated by white people, and used to subjugate all non-white people - including Asian Americans at all times, and in all places." Wah, wah, Forrest! Why don't you grow up and try your hand at a little optimism, instead of bitching and moaning, wasting energy you could be using, say, to better your golf game? The next is in response to a completely racist statement made by Mr. Green: Forrest, damn you. Damn you for saying that I have "bought" white as a description of myself, for implying that I, whom you do not know, do not take responsibility for my own action, and go to hell for saying that my people are trying to "reinvent" themselves as white and innocent through ignorance and

deceit. Damn you. It is statements and roundabout logic such as yours that serve solely to perpetuate ill will between our two peoples, but it became evident to me after reading your response that that is just what you want. And anyone who says to me that black people are incapable of racism after this I will 'gladly refer to Mr. Green's eloquent essay. Two more things, and I'll pass the conch to the fellows at the Review. Forrest claims to have written a "revelation." And he says the Review's arguments are comical? Hah! A resounding guffaw! And finally, I must dismiss Forrest's wonderfully analogous "color blind, colorless, white" correlation as having no more merit than an odoriferous effluviation after a night of cheap ale. Oh, they'll call me a racist. They'll hoot, they'll holler, but in the end it doesn't matter, because I know the truth about myself, and it is far from that, and I can rest knowing so.

James D. Boyes LSA Junior

Green's attack was ,.-.-


Just write it. Or just edit it, draw it, or photograph it.

If you're interested in working for the Michigan Review, just show up at one of our weekly staff meetings (Sunday, 7pm, 3rd floor of the Michigan League), introduce yourself, and let us know what you'd like to do. .



Letters to the Editor


can be sent to 911 North Unlversity Avenue. Sulte One. Ann Arbor. MI 48109-1265 or via e-mail to "The MicWgan RevieW@UM.CC.UMICH. EDU" Authors should include a phone number where they may be reached.

i !


To the Editor: I must preface this letter by saying that I have never written a letter to any publication in my life, as I like to keep my opinions to myself unless specifically asked for. I stand by the principle that people have the right to believe in whatever they want, as long as they express it in a responsible, courteous manner. This is where I have a problem with Forrest Green ill's approach (Review, 1I 6I 93) and political position in respect to racism and affirmative action. Although he obviously feels his hostility is justified, he never seems to acknowledge that there is any other perspective on race relations and equality., He seems to stereotype everyone who doesn't agree with every minority movement as uneducated, closedminded, and advocating white supremacy. This is absolutely untrue. As a result, I would like to share my views on some of the topics he brought up while trying to prove the Review is a "White supremacist publication," as I feel that many of them are representative of his "unacknowledged" opposition. First, he constantly tries to redefine words such as racism, discrimination, etc. to substantiate his views. I pulled out my trusty Webster's last night and the dictionary definition of racism does not even mention the power structure. How can Mr. Green justify basing his beliefs .._""


on definitions that do not exist? His quoting of definitions from sources such <t5

Textbook For Victims of White Supremacy

is far from effective. This invalidates his entire argument that minorities cannot be racist. Why don't I just make up a new definition of murder? MURDER intentionally killing another person, unless done by me. Now I can kill someone legally, as it can never qualify as murder. Pretty convenient. Second, Mr. Green contends opposing affirmative action is blatant racism. What he doesn't realize is that most opposition to affirmative action is color-blind and has nothing to do with race. Instead, it is a purely philosophical issue. As I see it, any instance when a person's color is a factor in making a decision, it is racist and inherently discriminatory. When a minority takes a job away from a White person not through qualifications, but instead because hel she is a minority, it is NOT ending racism. It is simply transferring it. Therefore if the goal of affirmative action is racial equality, then it has failed. By stating my opposition to the movement, that in no way means I am opposed to racial equality; I just feel we need to look to a solution other than displacing it onto another group. The best solution I see is instilling motivation and values among everyone. Lastly, I would like to touch on the effectiveness of taking responsibility for one's actions without blaming others. I have lived in the Washington, D.C. area for my entire life. Two years ago, racial tensions there were as bad as anywhere in the country. Consequently, the murder rate was astronomical and inner city riots were commonplace. However, during the last year or so I have noticed a change. Blacks realized that they were murdering each other, which does nothing. They began looking introspectively to find a solution to racism and they found it responsibility for one's actions. Instead of blaming others and legitimizing their actions by claiming they were the victims of racism, they began to take responsibility. For the first time in years, the murder rate dropped (considerably) and tension has decreased. Detroit and many other cities should learn from D.C. Mr. Green, I do not doubt that your goal is equality and not Black supremacy, but you need to understand everyone's goal should be fairness. The policies you advocate do not achieve this goal, and generally work against it. As for your assertion that Adam DeVore's "petty insults" didn't affect you and weren't fair, I think it's pretty hypocritical to refer to him as an "arrogant maggot." It sounds like it got to you pretty good in my opinion.

Larry A. Luskin, LSA Junior "



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