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September 2, 2010 • Ann Arbor, Michigan

It's About That Time Again, 5 Top 5 Tips For Sorority Rush, 7 Photo Credit: Danielle Toll

Friday, September 10th v.s. Youngstown St. 7:30pm Cliff Keen Arena

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to the ODYSSEY 2 •

We Say: Welcome to Your Odyssey



As summer slips into memory and the dawn of Fall approaches, we find ourselves back on campus here at the University of Michigan. Much has changed over the summer. Our perspective due to traveling abroad, our knowledge due to taking internships or classes, and our spirit due to reuniting with old friends—we can look forward to a new school year full of the traditions of our university and our houses. We have many football Saturdays to look forward to, many chapter meetings and date parties, and many freshmen joining us. However, there will be something new on campus this year besides freshmen, "The Odyssey."

invaluable communication tool for Greek students for the campuses on which it already has a presence, and our mission is to make it this for all Greek students at the University of Michigan.

If you have not heard by now from your friends, our emails, or our Facebook page (check it out if you haven’t yet), "The Odyssey" is the largest nationwide publication for the Greek community. It is a voice and an

There are many different views about what Greek life is. What we are can’t be defined in simple terms, as those who aren't in the Greek community may try to do. Yes we are social, but we also value hard work and determination


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"The Odyssey" will not be a rumor-filled tabloid, or a censored publication sponsored directly by the school. It will be a platform for Greek students to write and share their interests with each other, and to improve communication throughout the Greek community. Our goal is not to be biased by supporting only the views of a minority, but to be a balanced voice for all of Greek life.

(as many pledges will tell you). Yes, we may indulge ourselves at times, but we give so much back to our community with various philanthropy events and charities. This publication will be able to hopefully defog any misunderstandings that people have about what Greek life is. It will hopefully bring us together as a Greek community, instead of just a bunch of Fraternities and Sororities at the University of Michigan. I hope you enjoy our first issue of The Odyssey at the University of Michigan, and Go Blue! Casey is a sophomore majoring in Business and Chemical Engineering. You may reach him at

Vol. 1, No. 1


Alex Perlman, Phi Kappa Psi • Matthew Goldstein, Phi Kappa Psi Leann Arcori, Alpha Phi



Welcome Week Musts After months of anticipation, the hormonal hustle and bustle of welcome week has finally come knocking at our doors. As Michigan students, we have been granted a seven-day grace period to say goodbye to summer fun and reunite with the faces of friends we have missed for far too long. Although most people see the end of August as the beginning of responsibility, we march proudly on into September as though we are fighting for survival. During this time when hearts throb and livers grow weaker, it is nearly impossible to stay seated for more than a second after move in. There are three welcome week musts that every returning student in Greek Life should abide by.

this long awaited game comes the campus’s first Saturday morning of the year, a tradition that defines our college experience. It is mandatory to dance around to the foghorns, cowbells, and blasting stereos that these limited Saturdays are famed for. So get out early

"Attending a University with over 40,000 students means survival of the fittest when it comes to off-campus housing."

Hail to Saturday Mornings! On September 4th, the Wolverines will kick off the Michigan football season against the University of Connecticut Huskies. Coming hand in hand with

and flaunt your maize and blue while you can! Make sure to endure the celebration and make it to the game, as promising new players and a fresh school year offer hope for a successful season.

The Hunt Housing



some good locations and get to a realtor before someone else snatches up your ideal home.

Attending a Heartless Hookups University with over 40,000 students We all know that welcome means survival of week is a wild mess of relationship the fittest when births and deaths. What we it comes to offalso know is that it is a time to campus housing. test the waters and feel regret Some of us have free about people we choose had the unfortunate to pursue. Everyone has their, experience of “I can’t believe I did that, but it shacking up with happened during welcome week close friends in Ann so it doesn’t count” moment, so Arbor homes that are ERICA SALMIRS let yours shine too. There are only run down and unfit RECRUITMENT seven days on the welcome week for living. For this calendar, so be safe and make reason, it is essential every moment one to remember. to begin looking for next year’s housing upon immediate arrival. Let’s face it- as the snow begins to fall, and the Michigan Erica Salmirs is a Junior studying winds pick up, we all wish we were even Economics and Environmental Studies. You may contact her at esalmirs@umich. a foot closer to our classes. Scout out edu.



Rush Advice with it to the end. I just wish as Is it really that a freshman somebody had given time again already? me a little advice beforehand Although UM gives so I had known what to expect. us a lovely four Therefore, I’ve thrown together month long summer, some pointers that can help it just really seems to out any girl who is considering fly by. I’m not very rushing. My advice to those of excited to trade in you not yet involved in Greek my tanning lotion for Life but considering it – just rush! text books, but I am You just might find your future looking forward to friends and home. two things - football season and of course My first piece of advice is to rush season! As wear comfortable shoes. Who a sophomore, I’m knew there was so much walking definitely curious to see the flip side of OLIVIA QUINN involved in rushing? Well, it is called rushing and you’re sure to everything. Now I RECRUITMENT be doing a lot of just that; rushing can sit back and relax from house to house is a must. a little – no more You’ll have back to back parties with just sprinting from house to house or losing a short break in between. Sometimes the that little schedule! Don’t get me wrong! I’m not trying to complain or bash rushing. houses are just a few blocks from each It’s definitely an unforgettable experience other and you’ll have time to safely teeter and I am so happy and grateful I stuck in those heels. However, sometimes

Pick-Up and Delivery Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

We have many on-campus pick-up and drop-off locations, contact us for more information! 402 Maynard St. Ann Arbor, MI Visit Us at or call us at (734) 663-0041 - (734) 846 - 2086

you’ll have to make the mad dash down Washtenaw. Trust me; a bloody knee doesn’t look good with any outfit! Next, avoid garlicky foods. Nobody told me that rushing would be so up-

"My first piece of advice is to wear comfortable shoes. Who knew there was so much walking involved in rushing?"

close and personal. There are a lot of girls in just a couple rooms at one time so needless to say there isn’t a lot of extra space. Bring along a couple aspirin as well if you get headaches easily (it gets

pretty loud)! Extra-strength deodorant anyone? Like I said before, there are a lot of girls in one house at one time – think 100+ people. Add the hot September sun and a lack of air conditioning and what do you get? You get sweaty! No need to be embarrassed. Just think of rushing as a daily work out! I hope these few points will help out any curious rushers and brought back some great memories to those of us who have already been through it. Let’s all come together for a fun and fair 2010 rush season!

Olivia Quinn is a sophomore studying English. You may contact her at oliviaq@




It’s About That Time Again... By the looks of everyone’s Facebook statuses, we’re all more than anxious to dip our feet back into the Ann Arbor pool of something we like to call...Welcome Week. Year one was built upon nerves, confusion, and probably partying a little too hard (Wait, is that possible?). As a soon-to-be Sophomore myself, I’ve decided to shelve those two eventful, yet scary semesters. Don’t get me wrong, my Freshman year wasn’t some terrible experience, I just have this overly confident feeling that nothing will be able to top round two. I vividly recall my first night of Welcome Week last year; I’m pretty sure I spent more time asking people on the street where I could find PIKE and SAMMY than I actually did attending the festivities. Never have I ever felt more selfconscious than when the guys at the door of some fraternity analyzed whether or not my girlfriends and I would add to their unfortunately uneven girl-to-boy ratio.

However, once we navigated our way through this seemingly huge campus and were let in, I realized the world of college was going to be very different than high

"The seven or so days before Labor Day provide us with the one and only reason to throw quite possibly the biggest party on this campus before classes begin and the homework piles up." school - basement party upgrade, whoa. The seven or so days before Labor Day provide us with the one and only reason to throw quite possibly the biggest party on this campus before classes begin and the

exactly we belong at U of M. I homework piles up. think I can speak for the entire On the other hand, Greek community when I say it’s Welcome Week isn’t good to be back. solely about night life; rush chants will Dear class of 2013, we’re not be echoing down at the bottom of the totem pole South University and anymore. No longer will we Hill Street by day. be clueless about what we are For most of us, this supposed to do for fun around is the first time we campus. We’ve made some get the inside scoop friends, we’re comfortable in our of how the process own skin, and we’ve found our of recruitment niche in the Greek world at the goes down. Now, University of Michigan. So who’s instead of looking ready for a themed mixer? I know up at the colossal I am. houses wide-eyed KENDALL and curious we will SZCZERBA be on the hunt for RECRUITMENT as many pro-Greek Freshmen we can Kendall Szczerba is a Sophomore find. Now, we hold on our shoulders, studying Pre-Medicine and Spanish. You the duty of illustrating what each of our may contact her at houses represent. And now, we can relax a little because we already know where

Tuesday 21 September • 10am - 2pm Central Campus Diag Thursday 23 September • 10am - 2pm North Campus Diag (The Grove) Join us for free food, giveaways, activities, and entertainment! n n n n

Help us spread the word! Cut out this ad and post in your house Connect with Earthfest on Facebook Win prizes!



Back Where I Belong Now moving Roughly four months into an ago I ended my old house freshman year, left without air Ann Arbor, and conditioning began a summer in August is with a lot of work not the most and some play. Aside enjoyable from caddying for thing to do. the majority of that My move-in time, I was fortunate process did not enough to travel to hold a candle Israel on a Michigan to climbing Hillel Birthright trip, Massada in attend the United time to watch States Golf Open the sun rise at Pebble Beach, over the and take a leisurely Ben Kurland Mediterranean family vacation to Phi Kappa Psi Sea, it was Colorado. It has now not as intriguing as Graeme been four and a half days since I moved into the Phi Kappa Psi McDowell's Sunday round to win the Fraternity house on State Street, and these U.S. Open, and it was nowhere near as last 108 hours have been the wildest of much fun as white water rafting down the Arkansas river. On paper the days have the summer. been long and exhausting, and while I

phenomenal is that I am back in the place I love, I am home, I am in Ann Arbor. While I was able to do some pretty extraordinary things this summer they all lacked a certain entity, that being my true home with my closest friends. If these last four days are any indication of things to come my guess is I'll go bankrupt, fail out of school, and wake up in plenty of places not being my bed. For my sake and my parents' sake let's pray that doesn't happen. Damn am I glad to be back again and able to cheer, "Go Blue!" party at night the following days continue to exhaust me as this move-in process has taken much longer than I originally expected. What has made these last couple days so

Benjamin Kurland is a Sophomore majoring in Political Science.


CONNECTIONS The Camp Experience The staff came from all around the world to work at Camp Modin. There are the Kiwis (New Zealanders), the Aussies (Australians), the English(wo)men, the Irish, and of course, the Modinites (American former campers). For the first couple hours or so there is a divide amongst the staff; but by the time the ice has been broken, it doesn’t really matter anymore. The I entered Camp Modin language barrier is strong in (a Jewish, summer sleep the first week but after a while, away camp) nervously elements of dialect become excited. Nervous common to us all like the BENJAMIN because I had been a phrases: “heaps” which just SEIDMAN camper there for 7 years, means a lot, “sweet as” which Alpha Epsilon Pi and was well aware of just means sweet or cool, the long hours that the and “keen” which means that staff had to work. Upon arrival, I soon you’re down to do whatever. learned that this would be one of the most On the 3rd day of pre-camp you are enjoyable and eye-opening summers of paired up with 7 other counselors with my life. This past summer I had the awesome opportunity of being a counselor at a Camp in Maine and getting paid at the same time. You might be thinking, what’s this guy talking about? The thing about camp is, that sometimes it really is too much fun to handle. •

whom you will be co-counselors for your age group. On the 7th day, the kids arrive. By this time, it feels like you have been there an entire month. What a joy it is to see your kids get off the bus, and try to carry bags to the bunk that are two times the size of them. From then on, its magic. You bond, you listen, you encounter, you learn. Simply put; camp is the perfect place to make friends because the environment allows for friendship to grow and prosper. It allows for memories to be made and for adventures to be had. I shared a bunk with a 6”4 man, who we referred to as Big Al because of his stature. He was born in Israel, moved to South Africa when he was three, and then to England at the age of 9. Needless to say, I learned a lot from the guy. Being a counselor comes with great responsibilities. Sometimes you have to look after 30 or more screaming 9-year-


olds, but in the end it is all worth it. Earning the respect of your campers and of your co-counselors is also something that you will take with you as you move on from camp. Camp has so much to offer and while it is not reality, in many ways it is the purest place in the world. Free from the worries of life; it gives you the time and place you need to be yourself. I even earned my own nickname, Seido, which sticks with me wherever I go. Some campers and counselors say they live 10 months for 2those 2 being camp.

Ben is a sophomore interested in Global Change. You may contact him at

Greek Life


2. Have an Open Mind: Instead of listening to friends or other people, go into recruitment with an open mind. Michigan

4. Look Around: In the later rounds, look at the other girls in line with you. See what type of girls that sorority is attracting

and gauge if you think that you will fit in with them. This is especially important during preference round. Many of these

"Be flexible because as much as you might love a house doesn’t mean that it is a fit. Remember that recruitment is a mutual selection process."

girls will be in your pledge class, and they are the ones you will spend most of your time bonding with during your college experience.

5. Be Yourself: This is the most important tip. Keep in mind that the girls you are meeting during rush are the girls you will be spending the next 4 years with. You don’t want to create an image of yourself that you think your “top” house wants to see. You want to be able to be comfortable with the girls in the house. Recruitment may seem overwhelming and confusing, but consider it two weeks well spent in finding a place to create bonds that last far beyond the next four years. Keep in mind that you need to be open, honest, and realistic in order to find the perfect house to spend your next four years!


is home to sixteen different 1. Just Do It: Panhellenic organizations, Whether you and each one has their own think you want to personality. The large number of go Greek or not, houses means every girl can find recruitment is a great her place, whether you think you way to meet new are a sorority girl or not. girls. As a freshman, it is important to 3. Be Flexible: Your first day in get involved on recruitment you may fall in love campus. You may be with some houses and feel like convinced that you you don’t fit in at all at others. don’t fit the “sorority But be flexible because as much girl” stereotype, but as you might love a house doesn’t you might meet girls mean that it is a fit. Remember during rush who that recruitment is a mutual change that. If you don’t rush freshman LAURA RAINES selection process. Don’t worry that one house you liked didn’t year, it is much more RECRUITMENT ask you back because there is difficult to do it later, bound to be another house that and you can always loves you and that you will love too! drop out if you feel that it isn’t a fit.


Top Five Tips For Sorority Rush:

Laura Raines is a sophomore studying Communications. You may contact her at

Greek Life



Rush Hour Let’s face it: the thought of Rush as an incoming freshman girl is intimidating. The idea of trekking from sorority house to sorority house in your dangerously short skirt and uncomfortable new flats in the heat, while trying to make an awesome first impression on everyone you meet even scares me as a junior who has already been through the process. The night before Fall Recruitment began, my roommate’s and my dorm room looked like a tornado had swept through our closets and sent a whirlwind of clothes flying across chairs, beds, and dressers. We hoped for good weather because our outfits, hair, and makeup had to look perfect; and our luck held out for most of the afternoon. But soon, tragedy struck in the form of one huge, single plop of rain that landed square in the face of a friend I had made in my rush group. Before we had time to react, the heavens opened and, within seconds, we all looked more like sopping wet dogs than potential “sorority girls.” In just

moments, the unnatural amount of time we had all spent in order to transform our everyday appearances had gone to waste. I can’t even begin to describe the utterly

"Rush is all about finding a place where you feel at home for the next four years. It’s about meeting the girls who will become your sisters for your college years and beyond." crushed look on some of the girls’ faces as their perfectly polished hair frizzed and makeup began to drip down their faces. Rejection seemed imminent…

generalizations are really Not necessarily. Sure, not a fair representation of everybody likes to look the girls themselves. Lastly, their best on first meeting, present yourself in the most but that shouldn’t be genuine light possible. Doing what matters most. Here this will ensure that you end is where I get up on my up in a sorority where you soap box and preach truly fit in. If I were you, some good advice to I’d even pray for a little rain all of you potential new come Recruitment—it might sorority members: First, help you focus on what really worry less about your matters. smudged mascara or your fly-aways and more about the connections you make with the girls you meet in each sorority. SAMANTHA Rush is all about finding a place where you feel SCHARMETT at home for the next four RECRUITMENT Samantha Scharmett years. It’s about meeting is a junior studying the girls who will become your sisters for your college years Communications and French. You may and beyond. Second, take the sorority contact her at stereotypes that float around campus with a grain of salt. Remember that these

Gr k

Health & FITNESS

10 •

Worried About Weight Gain During Welcome Week? I know tons of people who spend How excited their summers getting in shape so are you to be back when they return to school they can at school? I’m guessing pretty A. Become drunk quicker because damn excited. they now hold less fat on their I bet some of bodies so alcohol is more quickly you even had a absorbed, and cheesey facebook status countdown B. Not look as huge when they do of the days until start putting on pounds and pounds welcome week. of fat from all the beer and jungle Yeah, I am talking juice that’s practically raining from to you. Your back the sky. with your sorority sisters/fraternity If you did not spend your summers brothers, you have trying to get in at least a little better SEAN YANG spent enough shape… its too late now. Do you Sigma Alpha Epsilon time catching up want to know what my personal with old friends, advice on the kind of mindset you and you are ready should have when thinking about to party hard and start boozing again. your weight during welcome week? Its Needless to say, you must have planned easy, let loose. ahead for all the weight you are about to put on during these weeks of complete The first few weeks of fall are the most inebriation…right? fun time of the year at the University

Of Michigan. There is welcome week, football games, catching up with friends, and meeting tons of new people who are just as excited as you to be at school. Most people will only have the opportunity to

" If you did not spend your summers trying to get in at least a little better shape… its too late now."

experience welcome week four times in their lives so there is no point in trying to sacrifice fun during the best weeks of your year over a few extra pounds. I will write future pieces on tips for losing weight during the school year but for now, let loose, have fun, worry about your health

at a different time, and go all out. Losing fat is an all out battle. Its not something you can half ass and hope to achieve. If you are trying to eat healthier and drink more water while pounding down shots seven nights a week, you are not going to see much fat loss at all. Save the intense diet and exercise for another time of year. Most people choose sometime in winter before spring break to get back into shape, or during the summer when there is not as much to do. Either way, enjoy your welcome week and procrastinate on the healthy stuff.

Sean Yang is a sophomore studying Finance. You may reach him at:

Something to TALK ABOUT •

While You Were Out Ann Arbor. For most Michigan students, it’s hard to imagine a better place to spend four incredible years both living and learning in today’s age. The streets are bustling, spirits are high, the bars come in numbers, and the food’s not bad either. But if you find yourself spending a summer here, you might notice a bit of a change while you’re posted up somewhere off State Street. For all the times you’ve wandered Ann Arbor, you’ve probably seen the likes of your friends, classmates, and professors, too. As you wave at familiar faces, you’ve probably glanced at the homeless guy sitting on the ground next to you. Maybe you’ve even tossed him a quarter. But outside of that, interaction remains relatively to a minimum, and you’ll go on your way. Summertime, however, provides a different atmosphere. With fewer people to cloud your vision, Ann Arbor’s most interesting locals become much easier to see while the sun is high and the classrooms are sparsely populated.

“Spare some change?” A frazzled older woman asked as I passed by quickly. Her hair was matted to her head, clothes ripped and stained with mud and God knows what else. The smell of stale human odor berated my nose as a slight breeze kicked up. “Sorry, I only carry cards,” was my reply, spoken quickly over my shoulder as I pivoted forward to continue my trek. “YEAH, WELL I’VE GOTTA PLACE FOR YOU TO SWIPE THAT CARD,” the woman shouted in return, leaving me feeling rather annoyed. Yeah, I’m definitely going to want to bankroll your next fix (for whatever that might be) now, lady. Public embarrassment really gets me jacked up for charity. Almost as disturbing are the two men who sit outside of Silvio’s on North University, who will also heckle you for not tossing them some change as you walk by. Mighty bold for two dudes who are too lazy to even change up their asking routine and location. I give minor creativity points to the honest ones with signs that read, “Why lie? Money for

beer?” Frank as they may be, I’d rather give a few dollars towards a new shirt rather than a double can of Red Dog.


complaining if you have nothing to spare. But if you turn back and look, you probably will witness him resuming conversation with an invisible crowd, excitedly waving his hands about in front of him and seemingly explaining himself to the air. If you’re really lucky, you might even run into the man who claims he’s the last prophet of Allah. After explaining to you the depths of hell and the promise of a new world to come, he might feel free to ask you to buy him some soda- A Pepsi for his thoughts.

Perhaps even more interesting than the overly c o n f i d e n t h o m e l e s s population is the understated presence of KYLIE KAGEN So next time you’re walking wandering crazies. RECRUITMENT through downtown Ann Arbor, take Just outside of the the time to see passed the faces you Baptist Church on know and pick out the ones you Washington Street, an old man stands every day. Clad in a may have missed. You might be in for an short-sleeved button down shirt, high rise interesting exchange. pants, and an old trucker hat; he stands Kylie Kagen is a sophomore studying and asks for change with a tip of his Communications. You may contact her at hat to passerby. You’ll never catch him




As a senior here inappropriate to date two boys in at the University the same fraternity (oops). Most of Michigan of all I learned that the memories I feel it’s my I would make would last me a duty to hand lifetime (and take up at least 57 out cliché and facebook albums. Invest in an overwhelmingly external hard drive). patronizing pieces of advice. Over the next couple months I Sitting on my will share stories and memories flight from that will hopefully help you from LAX – DTW I making some of my mistakes. In reminisce on honor of Welcome Week… what I didn’t know going into A Love Story my freshman year: My Welcome Week, freshman year. ELLIE SCHIFF roommate in It was a humid summer evening. RECRUITMENT Lloyd who I had My new roommate called me never met would crying, lost at some ambiguous turn out to be fraternity. She panicked, I put my best friend. I would make terrible down the Nintendo 64 controller dating decisions that would haunt me (everyone knows you make the best and amuse everyone else I knew. I guy friends via video games) and set learned it was completely acceptable out to retrieve her. I walked down to to steal trays from the dining hall the front of Lloyd and that's when I and go sledding, and yet completely met him... Bill.

Or as we dubbed him that evening, Amazing Blue Bill. Bill and I have been going on three years this Welcome Week. We've had our ups and we've had our downs - but he's been there for me when everyone else was either MIA or passed out. I can remember frantically calling Bill when I was locked out of a boy's room Junior year, all alone in yet another ambiguous frat house. Or when my heels hurt too much to make the torturous walk from Skeeps to Zaragon. Or when I needed needed a quick getaway from North Campus year... Bill was always there. I've known my cab driver Bill longer than some of my close friends. He's seen me at my worst, and looking my best (Skeeps Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays...) And yet he'll never judge me (which probably has everything to do with three years as a regular and legitimate tips). So freshman, while yo u ' r e

looking out for that special someone this Welcome Week keep your other eye open for a loyal, relatively uncreepy cab driver. Chances are he'll have your back when your friends are too busy hooking up, throwing up, or putting in hours at the Ref Room ("The Silent Skeeps").

Ellie Schiff is a senior studying Political Science & English. You may contact her at


Our Generations’ Woodstock: Lollapalooza As summer is sadly coming to an end, it is impossible not to reminisce on all the crazy events that took place this season. For me and many other students at University of Michigan, Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago was definitely one of the DANA NARENS RECRUITMENT highlights. What could be better than a giant music festival set in Grant Park, right in the middle of the fabulous windy city? People traveled from all over the country to the three-day event that took place August fifth through seventh. Lollapalooza featured big name headliners such as Lady Gaga,

Green Day, and Arcade Fire in addition to giving rising stars such as Dan Black, Matt and Kim, Neon Trees a chance to show off their talent to the Midwest. In my personal opinion, stars such as these were not overshadowed by the big names performances. Lollapalooza gave off a new-generation Woodstock feeling. WIth the eight different stages, enormous masses of congregated people partying day and night, plethora of different talented performers, and a completely carefree atmosphere. Tickets for the event were not exactly a steal, going for about $215 for a threeday pass and $90 for an individual day. But the tickets were without a doubt worth every penny spent. I was sad to find out later after the event, that there were in fact early bird discounted prices. So, if you are in fact interested in attending the 2011 event, I would look into this. The three-day pass was only $175 with the discount! Aside from the incredible musical talents, there were also many talented DJs

spinning day and night at the Perry’s stage. I have to admit, I spent a good portion of my time at Lollapalooza at this stage. The atmosphere was euphoric. People were dancing, drinking, and having a good time all the way from the eleven am beginning through the ten pm closing. Though I did not personally stay at this stage for that long, there was never a dull or empty moment. Well-known DJs such as 2ManyDJs and Kaskade were featured at this stage. But, my personal favorite of the weekend was Rusko. Rusko’s mix of electric beats and smooth rhythm is an unbeatable combination. It is the type of music that makes you want to get up and dance, but could also be enjoyable from the sidelines. Rusko, in fact, just had a show in Detroit at the Majestic Theater on August twenty-first. The growing popularity of musical festivals around the country has created not only a following of people that travel around the nation to see their favorite artists, but also a futuristic-inspired style of dress. Both boys and girls were decked out in vibrant neon shades, modernized


tie-dye apparel, and funky sunglasses. There was even a little bit of a throwback to the carefree days of the 60s with the hippie-inspired body paint station in the middle of the park. Here, people had a chance to get in touch with their “artistic side”. The eighty-degree and sunny gorgeous weather the weekend provided allowed for people to really get into their summer concert outfits. Some outfits were clearly a sight to see, but there were also many people dressed in regular clothes (no need to stress about your outfit if your thinking about attending a music festival)! Lollapalooza was not only an unforgettable experience, but also my first music festival experience. I would definitely recommend checking out a music festival, even if you only attend to get a glimpse of our generations’ new take on the concert experience. Dana Narens is a sophomore studying Communications and English. You may reach her at:




Sounds Like Teen Spirit So how did it happen? Did Disney We all have guilty pleasures; some small things we enjoy but aren’t proud themselves enlist the help of Leo and enough to announce to the world. Mine pull an "Inception" stunt on us all? Was unfortunately was Miley Ray Cyrus. For there some subliminal message in Miley’s some strange reason, I really don’t mind melodies that rendered our music taste senseless? The the cut-out minx. I’m answer was not going to rush off to a simpler than Miley concert and scream "it's quite an amazing all of that, her name next to the the reason so Justin Bieber fan club. But feat to be able to prompt many others in all honesty every now all the great feelings and and I could and then when the time memories of yesterday appreciate is right, "Party in the USA" just by playing a song." m i s s will find its way onto my Cyrus was iPod and I don’t mind. It because of a wasn’t always this easy psychological coming to grips with that realisation. As a person who prides phenomenon known simply as Positive himself on having an appreciation for Party Music Conditioning or PPMC. good music, being able to deal with (let How PPMC worked in Miley’s case alone enjoy) Disney’s latest bubblegum was that during the best times of last pop sensation was a hard pill to swallow. year at Michigan, she could be heard in What is worse is that I know for a fact that the background. "Party in the USA" was I was not alone.

the pre-party anthem when played at the right time and could be heard on can infect our minds. any given Ann Arbor But then again it’s quite front yard, on any given an amazing feat to be able to Saturday. Soon enough prompt all the great feelings just hearing her brought and memories of yesterday back all the feel good just by playing a song. It emotions of many a means that no matter where football Saturday, mixer, one is, recollections of the or day party. Known as best-of-times are only an Dance floor Hypnosis earshot away. One can only in some circles of the wonder what the anthem of psychology world, PPMC Fall 2010 will be. My money is one of the greatest is on Tiao Cruz’s Dynamite, phenomenons of the human mind. Forget WANDILE ZIGGY which is fine as long as it is not Lady Gaga- we have to the trivial mysteries of MTOBA draw the line somewhere. the brain like: what are Theta Chi emotions ,or how is time represented in the brain. PPMC is the most important phenomenon Wandile Ziggy Mtoba is a sophomore of the mind because it means that even studying Aerospace Engineering. You may artists as irritating, generic, and talentless contact him at as Justin Bieber, can produce music that

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