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September 16, 2010 • Ann Arbor, Michigan

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to the ODYSSEY 2 •

We Say: Where Are You From? As the new school year begins, we are all busy on campus and meeting new people. You’ve all seen the shirts that say that there are 4551 members of Greek Life at Michigan, and at the current rate I feel as though I’ll be able to meet them all by the time I graduate. And because Michigan is such a large a diverse school, one of the first questions we always ask people when we meet them is “Where are you from?”



Now the most common response to this is the person shoving their hand in your face and pointing on it somewhere (well we are going to school in the state of Michigan). Then there are a lot of hubs from which a lot of students hail, such as Chicago, Long Island, New Jersey, and Maryland. These responses are expected and once you tell someone that you are from one of these


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places you will frequently be regaled with a list of people they know from your area.

ever lived and I plan on living there after I graduate.

Well when I am asked this question people are often surprised when I ask them if they would prefer the long or short answer. It is a difficult question for me because I am a modern day nomad. I spent my early years in various locations in Maryland in the Greater Baltimore area. In elementary school I made my first out-of-state move to Atlanta, Georgia. After about 18 months, just as I settled in, we packed up and moved across the nation to San Diego, California. I was fortunate to be able to spend fifth through ninth grade in Cali until we made a slightly less desirable move to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Then, when my parents asked if a senior year move to London, England was fine with me I jumped at the opportunity. This happened to be the most exciting place I have

Although I may never have a close knit group of friends when I go “home”, I don’t regret my frequent relocation. I have experienced vastly different cultures both within this country and abroad and my advice to everybody is to travel and explore as much as possible before you settle down. This doesn’t just mean to study abroad—which you should definitely do if possible—but take any opportunity possible to travel and throw yourself into foreign environments. You learn more about human nature, and you learn more about yourself. Casey is a sophomore majoring in Business and Chemical Engineering. You may contact him at

SALES REPRESENTATIVES Alex Perlman, Phi Kappa Psi • Matthew Goldstein, Phi Kappa Psi Leann Arcori, Alpha Phi

Greek Life

TRADITION It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

When I was woken on Saturday, September 4th by a bunch of screaming frat boys, I felt like a child waking up on Christmas morning. The day of the first football game (and preparty of course) that I had been so anxiously awaiting since the end of last season had finally arrived. I quickly threw on my GO GREEK t-shirt and other Michigan game day gear before jogging (yes, jogging) a few blocks down the street to the senior house of our pregame partners. It was approximately 9 am, and I knew I had long and fun day ahead of me. As an extremely dedicated Michigan fan, I knew I was going to make it to the game – no excuses! So as I danced atop kegs and sang at the top of my lungs, I remained conscious of how much I was drinking. I mean, I had about six and a half hours of partying before the game even started, and then I would have to stand for hours all the while shouting the fight song and participating in the stadium wide wave initiated by our student section. The game was just going to be too fun to miss!

Now, I’m not going to even attempt to talk about the specifics of the game

"College life is extremely different. It’s the best days of my life by far – don’t get me wrong – but it’s a lot different than high school. " because I’m far from a football expert. All I know is that we beat UConn hands down and it was a great start to season – definitely a game I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on. If I hadn’t been watching what I had to drink during the morning, I definitely wouldn’t have made it. Now, I know a lot of students choose beforehand not to go to the game – and that’s totally fine! Why not sell your ticket and make $40 if you don’t feel like making the treck

all the way to the stadium and then standing for hours? I’m not trying to condemn all the students who don’t make it to the game, because the games are obviously a great time! I’m just saying that I heard about some scary stuff happening during the first campus wide preparty. In my opinion, freshmen especially need to pay careful attention to how much, and what, they are drinking. Most of them aren’t used to the party atmosphere – so it's better to be safe than sorry. •



makes for a smaller community in such a huge university. When I see a student repping their letters and promoting their house and Michigan Greek Life as a whole I feel a certain bond to them that I wouldn’t feel for just any other student. That’s why I think that every student who is on the fence about rushing should give Greek Life a chance – you might find out that it’s a perfect fit. So pretty much all that is left to say is GO BLUE and GO GREEK!

College life is extremely "Recruitment" different. It’s the best days of my life by far – don’t get me wrong – but it’s a lot different than high school. There are over 40,000 students here. You don’t know them all and you can’t trust everybody like you may have Olivia Quinn is a sophomore studying in a school of 1,000 or so. That’s a reason English. You may contact her at oliviaq@ among many why I love Greek Life – it

Gr k



4 •

Transition Into Reality But more bothersome than “I hate to say it, but I the amount of money I’ve can’t wait until classes overspent is which parts of start so I can become a my body have gotten the most real person again.” Yes, attention. For the past 14 this quote came word days, I have exercised my liver for word out of my a lot, and I think my brain is roommate’s mouth just getting jealous. It sounds super yesterday. After what cheesy, but it’s true. Sure, bar is fondly known to banter is fun—especially when the underclassmen of you’ve poked and prodded (and University of Michigan poisoned) your liver a little bit— as Prelcome Week and but I wouldn’t exactly call that Welcome Week, two intellectual stimulation. Plus, full weeks of partying at least for me, the inevitable has definitely given us partying for two weeks straight a run for our money… SAMANTHA is exhausting. Each year, there literally. Going out is a silent law that dictates how every night—dropping SCHARMETT what seems like an the week should be spent: "Recruitment" endless supply of cash You must party every day. You on the bar fees, the must take advantage of every inevitable late-night Pizza House runs, day and every night, and you must feel and the cabs home at night has definitely guilty when you don’t go out because it’s the highly anticipated and legendary burnt a hole in my wallet. Welcome Week.

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Day parties, pool parties, theme parties, and house parties make up our afternoons: bars, clubs, and apartment parties are

"For the past 14 days, I have exercized my liver a lot, and I think my brain is getting jealous. It sounds cheesy, but it's true"

the options at night. I’ve attempted to stay in on numerous occasions, only to be harassed by my friends until I finally relent and get out of bed, put on a skirt, grab my house keys, and go.

I hate to say it, but the start of classes will be a welcomed vacation from vacation. I speak on behalf of my roommate and myself and hopefully at least some of those on campus when I say that it will be a relief to have something productive to do besides succumb to the power of the Welcome Week Gods. A little library time here and there won’t hurt, and maybe a night in from the craziness is just what we need to start feeling like a real person again.

Prelcome and Welcome Week, you’ve been great. See you next year!

Samantha Scharmett is a junior studying Communications and French. You may contact her at

Greek Life



Go Greek or Don’t Go at All To greek or not to greek? That is the question. Well let me help you make one of the best decisions in your life a little easier. If you aren’t interested in forming lasting relationships with people, having your social calendar filled with great events, or finding a somewhat smaller community within the University of Michigan where you feel like you belong, then don’t read any further. Reason #1: New friends. Personally, this was my primary reason for getting involved. As a Freshman last year, I felt uncomfortable, unsure, and super shy, but once I got involved in rushing a sorority I realized that there were so many girls just like me that were looking to make friends, too. During recruitment you not only get to meet people your age, but those who are older than you. By living in a house with such a large group of people, you can always find someone to do pretty much anything with; someone to work out with, someone to study with, or someone who will stay in and

watch a movie you. With new friends in Greek life, comes networking and different opportunities presented to you. For example, we get internship offers, old books and notes from upper class-men, and job opportunities once we graduate. Reason #2: Social events. Who doesn’t like knowing where the hot parties are every day and night? What with fraternity and sorority themed mixers, day BBQs during welcome week, and philanthropy events, the possibilities are endless. I always look forward to the e-mails I get from my social chair telling me exactly what I will be doing for the next week. I mean, hey, one less thing for me to worry about! As Pat Birney, one of my friends in the Greek system put it, “The University of Michigan is hard enough to get through on your own. Why not enjoy these years just a little more with 70 or so of your best friends? The brotherhood is the best aspect. We have a nice balance between parties, grades, and hanging out. I made my choice last year as a freshman [to go

greek] and a year later I couldn’t be happier.”

athletic, interested in politics, or a musical theater major, and still feel welcome in a house. Everyone is different, which is what makes Greek life so versatile.

Reason #3: Finding your niche. With it being mid-September A huge school can we are well into the recruitment seem inviting and process, but that doesn’t mean that exciting, but even there aren’t more opportunities for after a few weeks you to get involved; there are some of the university houses that hold a Winter rush and experience one can find themselves you can find more information a little lost in if you go to http://www.umich. translation. When I edu/~greeks/. asked a fellow Greek life member, Sam KENDALL Zetlin, why she chose SZCZERBA to rush, she said, “I "Recruitment" love being a part of a close knit group that is a part of a larger community. You share similarities not only with your sisters, but with different houses Kendall Szczerba is a Sophomore and even fraternities.” Being in a sorority studying Pre-Medicine and Spanish. You or fraternity doesn’t mean you have to may contact her at be a certain type of person: you can be

Gr k

Greek Life


clearly are intelligent enough to respond, we don’t want to raise our hands because

"Now that the first week of the school year has kicked off, we have all begun to fall back into the same routine of classes and homework that we have developed since we were five years old."

on the 1% chance that god forbid we’re wrong, we have just plastered a permanent “I am a huge idiot” sign across our foreheads. Doesn’t everyone in the room just feel more idiotic for sitting there without saying anything anyway?

Lost in Space and Time

During the first day of class, it is inevitable that we will check our classroom numbers 50 times before we go, while we’re walking there, and outside of the room, even if we have been there before. Even if we know that the classroom number is correct, it never feels like we are in the right place. Why is it that we not only develop a short lived and sudden inability to remember a group of three numbers on the first day of class, but also leave about a half hour earlier than we ever will again to make sure we get there on time?


icebreaker. During those Now that the first painful two minutes when week of the school year everyone introduces has kicked off, we have themselves, we ignore more all begun to fall back people than we do in an into the same routine of entire year, just so we can classes and homework that we have developed repetitively recite our own since we were five years basic information in our old. A significant part heads. It is as if a rule has been of that yearly pattern established letting all students unfortunately involves act like amnesia patients the embarrassing, with very poor manners for questionable, the first few minutes of class. and unnecessary Why is it that we hopefully experiences that we all know our names, hometowns, have as students. These and majors, but become so beginning of the school ERICA SALMIRS nervous when we say them "Recruitment" out loud that it feels like we year occurrences are just realized we forgot to put listed below, along with our clothes on that day? some simple questions we should ask ourselves about them. You KNOW the answer My Name Is… In almost every class we take, we get Lets face it- there is nothing more asked a simple question that we obviously dreadful than a classic classroom know the answer to. Even though we


Confessions of A College Student

Erica Salmirs is a junior studying Economics and Environmental Studies. You may contact her at esalmirs@umich. edu.

Greek Life

TRADITION Splash, Into the New School Year There is no party anything like That’s AEPi’s motto. For those of you who do not know what Splash Splash. Anyone who attended this Bash is, it is a philanthropy event held at club Necto located around the corner from "There is no party anything like Scorekeepers on E. Splash. Anyone who attended Liberty. This year, AEPi’s Splash Bash this year will tell you this. Necto raised a whopping covers speakers, electrical $12,000 for C.S. equipment, etc. in an effort to Mott’s Children’s preserve their sound system from Hospital. To get the sprayed paint." inside you need your ID and your 20$ Splash Bash t-shirt. Once inside, you get wet. Water bottles containing watered-down paint are year will tell you this. Necto covers sprayed literally everywhere. It does speakers, electrical equipment, etc. in not take long before you are drenched. an effort to preserve their sound system from the sprayed paint. The setting for •

Wet, because oh well, if you didn’t get wet then you either wore a rain jacket or chilled at the bar all night. Satisfied because you just topped off your welcome week with a ridiculous amount of fun.

this is just incredible. Yes, it could be outside in the fresh air, but because it happens in a crowded and limited space, it provides for one big mosh of fun. One freshman party goer, Zach Crane commented, “Splash Bash was arguably the highlight of welcome week.” Happening at the end of an exhausting yet lively welcome week, Splash Bash is clearly the pinnacle of every welcome week no matter what age you are. It marks the end of a week of festivities and the beginning of an academic term.


Join us next year.


Alpha Epsilon Pi

Lastly, you stumble out of Necto wet and most definitely satisfied.

Ben is a sophomore interested in Global Change. You may contact him at

Gr k

Health & FITNESS

8 •

The Typical Sorority Girl Workout First you hit up the elliptical for anywhere from 30 minutes to what seems like forever. If you are feeling real adventurous you might use the treadmill, track, or stair master; but those are only for real special occasions. After your marathon of cardio you then proceed to do some sort of abdominal training that leaves you feeling pretty good. Your ab workout usually consists of a marathon of crunches on a stability ball or some form of something that isn’t very effective. If you’re a real ranger you might even go try out a few leg machines exercises just to get in that extra kick. During all this you usually go with a sorority sister or two so you are constantly chatting about boy drama and debating whether or not she should stay with him. You might even step on the scale the next day and see you dropped a pound or two. Hooray! The thing that bothers me most is that girls often times really want to get into shape. They go to the gym on a consistent basis and spend hours trying to lose a few extra pounds. In a lot of cases they spend more time in the gym then guys. Its sad

to see that all that time is wasted doing ineffective exercises that may not provide any noticeable changes in the way they look. It is like watching someone that’s seven feet tall and extremely athletic want to play golf, such a waste of talent.

Girls, it is not entirely your fault. I have been to the weight room in the CCRB, its literally dude central. The room with the free weights is usually packed with guys and the only girls that I have ever seen in there are legitimate professional female body builders. So I can see how something like that where it appears as if tons of guys are staring at you and watching your every move can be intimidating. My advice, grab a pair of 5lb and 10lb dumbbells and head to the dance studio across the hall or the ab room (the room with all the blue mats). Depending on how fit you are, use either the 5lb or 10lb set of dumbbells and try out the following workout circuit. -Reverse Lunges, 6 reps on each leg -Romanian Deadlift, 8 reps -Bent

Over Row, 8 reps -Side Lunge, 6 reps on each leg -Arnold Press, 8 reps -Good Mornings, 8 reps -Floor Press, 8 reps -Skull Crushers from floor, 8 reps Repeat 3-4 times with 60 seconds rest between each set. No rest between each exercise. Perform the concentric portion of each rep quickly, and the eccentric slowly. Move up or down weight in the future based on how difficult you find the exercises.


Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Obviously you have no idea what half those exercises I just listed look like. I suggest you either look them up online or ask a friend. More importantly, make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing to go with you the gym at least one time to make sure you are using proper form on all the exercises so you do not get hurt and so that you can get the maximum benefit

out of them. It is way too difficult to properly explain an exercise in words because there are so many things that someone could be doing wrong. Find a guy that you trust with a good knowledge of fitness (there is usually 2-5 guys in each fraternity per grade) and ask him to help you out; odds are he would be thrilled at the opportunity to show off.

Sean Yang is a sophomore in the Ross School of Business studying Finance. You may contact him at yangsean@umich. edu.



Jay-Z/Eminem Show One for the History Books For any of you who missed out on the Jay-Z/Eminem concert last week, be very sad. It was epic. First announced in May, appropriately during a Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees game, rap fans across the country cried tears of happiness over the idea of the “Home and Home” tour. Demand for tickets was so high that the two show tour quickly multiplied into four: September 2nd and 3rd at Comerica Park in Detroit, and September 13th and 14th at the New York Yankees Stadium. After an opening act by B.o.B, Jay-Z graced the stage with “I like how this is going Detroit. Feels like a special night.” And a special night it was. Jay-Z played for over an hour covering everything from "Empire State of Mind" to "99 Problems" and "Hard Knock Life." Towards the end of his show, Jay-Z said, “I feel at home tonight,” and it was no different for the fans. The feeling of comradeship and love due to the legendary rappers and the mutual feeling of knowing you were witnessing something great filled the air. And then the moment we had all been waiting for. “You are all here to witness Eminem’s Recovery” filled the screen and out comes Eminem sporting the famous Detroit D. “Detroit I’m back,” he announced, “Did you miss me or what? I missed y’all too. It feels good to be back.” Earlier this summer, Eminem was questioned about the playlist of the concert and he responded by saying that there wasn’t any one theme, and he stayed true to his word. Although he did play popular hits off of his most recent album “Recovery,” he also included classics such as "3 a.m." and "Without Me and I’m Sorry


Mama." One of the highlights of the concert? Drake making a surprise guest appearance during "Forever." Another highlight? During "The Real Slim Shady," after getting to the words “And Dr. Dre said…” Dr. Dre himself appeared on stage. And those are only a couple. Amongst the other surprise guest appearances were Trick Trick, Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, and D12. After an amazing performance, Eminem pleased the crowd once more with his encore performance of "Lose Yourself." It truly was a magical night. The entire concert was brought to an end with fireworks lighting up the Detroit skyline, bringing to mind the magical feeling you had when you were six and it was your first trip to Disney, only ten times better. I can’t stop reiterating how much of an amazing concert it was, and for those of you who get the chance, jump on the opportunity of receiving tickets for the New York Show, because it is one that simply cannot be missed.

Danielle is a sophomore studying Informatics and German. You may contact her at


Diary of a Football Saturday As a senior I take Football Saturday’s very seriously. While Welcome Week is epic, I truly believe Saturday mornings to be the best day of the week. No lines, no exclusivity – Football Saturdays are a time when everyone puts aside their differences and celebrates our love for the best thing in the entire world… Michigan Football. September 4th, 2010: University of Michigan vs. UConn

9:45 am: Pancake Pre-Pregame * I live in an apartment of six girls: half Kappa half SDT. Being too old to live in our respective houses we opted to serenade our neighbors across the hall to be our faux pregame partners. As such, we provide the chocolate chip pancakes and they provide the mimosas.

ELLIE SCHIFF "Recruitment"

9:15 am: Jump out of bed and into the shower. Put finishing touches on my game day apparel: Navy blue eyeliner, metallic blue fanny-pack, maize & blue nails.

11:00 am: Pancakes are finished (along with our handle of Svedka) meaning it’s time to make The Rounds. From 11:00 – 3:30 we hit up houses on Hill, Oakland, and State… with a couple of notable/ridiculous highlights:

12:30 pm: Moonbounce Fiascos AEpi is known for its carnival themed pregames. Highlights include pledges dressed as clowns, spiked snow cones, balloon animals…but nothings as popular as the moonbounce. Being slightly

claustrophobic I avoid this attraction– but happened to be at the perfect place (dancing on the house railing) at the perfect time to witness three of my friends smushed as the moonbounce imploded.

"In short… there’s no wrong way to do Football Saturday’s. Just try and keep the dancing on the lawns and out of the streets." 2:15 pm: On the walk from Phi Psi to Fiji I run into one of my friends. I drunkenly confide in her that I’m doubting my ability to make it to the game. Her boyfriend (a recent grad) offers to buy my ticket. I decide instead to be charitable and hand it over in exchange for her burrito. 3:00pm: Partying at Psi U and loving life, a friend and I are dared to go dance

in the street… and what’s better than having a great time while simultaneously risking your life? Apparently a lot of things, which was made clear when a cop pulled up and told us to promptly, “get the hell out of the street.” 3:30 pm: Bopping between Theta Chi and Psi U when everyone decided to go to the game. Heartbroken to see the party stop I decided to buy a ticket. I realize I could have saved myself the $25… but without that burrito who knows if I would have had the energy to go in the first place? With an amazing first half (followed by an even better nap) I couldn’t have asked for a better last first game of the season. In short… there’s no wrong way to do Football Saturday’s. Just try and keep the dancing on the lawns and out of the streets. Ellie Schiff is a senior studying Political Science & English. You may contact her at

ENTERTAINMENT Steve Aoki Rocks Ann Arbor I think everyone would agree that welcome week is the best way to start off a new school year and no one does welcome week parties better than greek life (particularly Michigan Greek Life). It is a week of chaos: day parties, night parties, concerts and days just enjoying a fishbowl outside at Goodtime Charley’s. The week was full of many theme parties. As I passed people on the way home from a highlighter party, I could not help but wonder if the freshmen think we really dress like that on a nightly basis. Out of all the madness that has occurred this week, it would be impossible to pick just one event that was my favorite. But, the Steve Aoki Concert at Club Necto this past Tuesday night, August 31st, is definitely up there in my books. For those who don’t know who Steve Aoki is, he is well known around non-concert goers for his song “I’m In The House”, "The Jersey Shore" theme song. Although this was not an event on everyone’s agenda this welcome week,

the select group that decided to purchase a ticket definitely made a good decision. Necto is a great venue for house and electronic music concerts because of the darkly decorated interior and the layout

"I think everyone would agree that welcome week is the best way to start off a new school year and no one does welcome week parties better than greek life (particularly Michigan Greek Life). "

made for dancing. The doors were opened at 8:00 p.m., but the majority of people who attended did not arrive until about 10:30 or a little bit later. This did make •


that all house music followers the line to get in really could not live without. He long because everyone creates crazy new beats by decided to come at incorporating many classic once. Everyone was songs with house beats and decked out in the voice-overs. His music makes typical electronic it impossible not to want to get concert attire, neon up and dance. The club was and futuristic-inspired packed with hyped up college outfits. Some girls students jumping to the music even wore bathing suit as the strobe lights and colored tops with their skirts lights raced around the room. or shorts because this Aoki matched the excitement type of concert tends his music brings with his to get really hot from own personality, popping all the dancing. Aoki did not go on until DANA NARENS champagne bottles on the "Recruitment" about 12:30 am, but crowd and even crowd surfing Phi Psi’s own Logan at the end of the finale. When Light showed off his the concert was over, he did not disappoint the fans, coming skills in the DJ booth to get everyone hyped up for the concert to back for a two-song encore. start. Dana Narens is a sophomore studying Aoki’s sound is very original, mixing Communications and English. You may everyday sounds (such as the ticking contact her at clock in “Warp”) with the dubstep beats


An Afternoon in the Big House From the moment you step After a trip to South outside on your first football Bend, IN to take on Saturday as a freshman, you know the Notre Dame there is something special about Fighting Irish, the that walk down State Street. Loud Michigan Wolverines cheers of "go!" with immediate return home to take responses of "blue!" begin the on the University atmosphere. Continuing down of Massachusetts State, you see each sorority Minutemen. The paired up with a fraternity to Minutemen are pregame. With people dancing part of the Football on roofs and porches, you know Championship you want to be apart of this. Subdivision (FCS, While living in the house, your formerly Division fraternity partners will come at 8 1-AA) and when am on game day to wake you up they travel to the Big LAURA RAINES and make sure no one is skipping House, will play in "Recruitment" out on the fun. Walking down front of the largest the street seeing all the Michigan crowd to ever watch fans enjoying themselves and a Minuteman athletic event. The huge crowd will once again their surroundings gives you a sense of be filled with rowdy students. Michigan community—we all love our Michigan students got a week off from football Wolverines! Saturday and pregames only to get right People will wear anything on game back into the swing of things this week.

day as long as it is maize and blue. From striped overalls to knee-highs and

"From the moment you step outside on your first football Saturday as a freshman, you know there is something special about that walk down State Street."

about Michigan football. The best part of the day is walking with a sea of maize and blue down Hoover to enter the big house. With 110,000 of your closest friends (or a record breaking 113,000 at the UConn game) singing the fight song or yelling "you suck" on fourth down, the atmosphere of a football Saturday in Ann Arbor is one that can't be beaten in all of college football. Go Blue!

Laura Raines is a sophomore studying Communications. You may contact her at PINK jerseys, the outrageous outfits you see walking down the street in freezing weather confirm how crazy our fans are

ENTERTAINMENT For All the Free Time You’ve Got Although everyone’s getting back into the swing of things with classes just starting up, there’s always a little time for some mindless online time-wasting. While facebook stalking your weekend conquest during lecture is a great time, a little variety is simply necessary from time to time. A few months back, I was introduced to two great online blogs that everyone should take the time to check out. Trust me, they’re more interesting than your professor will ever be. I don’t want to believe that our population is simply becoming less and less intelligent. I don’t want to believe that we’re too simple to appreciate good music and sacrifice lyrical creativity for computer generated waste. However, the reality of it all is simply this: We, as a society, LOVE crappy music. If not for anything else, the following blog serves as a fantastic reality check for the hiphop enthusiast: www.snacksandshit. com. It’s an extremely entertaining blog

that features and comments on ridiculous lines from today’s hip-hop tracks. It also makes you wonder where the better days

" The amount of icing, syrup, beef, cheese, and pure grease you will see may actually give you a heart attack as soon as the page loads."

of hip-hop have gone… the 90’s decade is simply rolling over in its grave. You truly

could spend hours sifting through the collection, and while it’s pretty funny, it also might make you second guess spending that $1.29 on that new Gucci Mane “song” (Side note, look up Gucci’s “Pillz’” if you’re looking for a laugh). •


just be tempted to throw together a Meat Tank (you’ll be able to find out exactly what that is if you sift around the site a little… trust me, it’s worth searching for). I’m absolutely certain that you’ll be able to waste an obscene amount of time carousing both of these blogs throughout the school week. Best of luck pumping out those first few assignments!

Equally as funny, but completely unrelated to the previous blog is www. , a hilarious photo blog that features pictures of the most ridiculously unhealthy KYLIE KAGEN dishes that men have ever "Recruitment" created. The amount of icing, syrup, beef, cheese, and pure grease you will see may actually give you a heart attack Kylie Kagen is a sophmore studying as soon as the page loads. My best Communications. You may contact her at suggestion is to definitely not check out the site while you’re hungry… you may

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