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December 13, 2010 • Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Giving Back during the Holiday Season When we think of the holidays, we tend to think of going home, spending time with family and friends, eating good food, receiving gifts, Christmas trees and pretty lights. Amidst all of the warmth and sparkle, we often forget to think about those who won’t really have a holiday; those who don’t have a warm fireplace to cozy up to, nor a holiday feast to enjoy, and those who won’t get to open presents because they can barely afford their next meal. Many Americans cannot afford to travel home to visit family, while others cannot afford presents much less a roof over their heads. What about that holiday feast? Several million people cannot afford that either or any other meal. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a little over 1/8 of all Americans go hungry from day to day. What I am suggesting that you do? Anything you can to give back. You don’t need to contribute much effort, money or time, because giving back to those less

fortunate than you is so easy and there are so many ways to do it. Perhaps you could start by donating a dollar or two to the Salvation Army Santa Claus you always see ringing the bell by grocery stores and malls. This money goes to several projects that the Salvation Army funds; in the past, it has gone towards relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina, programs that prevent human trafficking and towards youth camps. You could also volunteer at a soup kitchen, work at a rummage sale that raises money for charity, or participate in any other event that you don't need to give money to, only your time. Do you have clothing, books or furniture that you never use? Donate it to one of many organizations that will pass it on to those who would get much more use out of it than you would, such as Purple Heart, which has several locations throughout Michigan. If you and your family, fraternity/sorority, or friends want to do a little more, consider •

participating in an Adopt-a-Family program. One nearby program is Lighthouse of Oakland County (an organization at works to provide relief for low income families), and each holiday season they coordinate many groups where people can help get families necessities that they need, such as gas cards, toothpaste, coats and mittens, and more. We all know that we will enjoy, or at least be comfortable, during our holiday breaks. If nothing else, we should all remember those who will not have a holiday and those who won’t have the luxury of feeling comfortable during the cold season.


Lindsey Mandich is a sophomore studying political science and English. You may contact her at

Delta Delta Delta

Contributing Editor


Greek Life


This year Pi Kappa Alpha, a fraternity more widely referred to as Pike, is facing a problem that many frats would kill to have: their house is too small. To remedy this issue, Pike will move into a new house this summer, one with enough space to accommodate the big plans the brothers have for the 2011-2012 school year and beyond.

“Everything from social to brotherhood events will be a lot bigger.”


Although everyone in Greek life will benefit from Pike’s expansion, no one is more energized than the brothers. “Everyone is so excited, it’s unbelievable,” says Drancik. “It puts a fire under the brothers to know that they are part of a great fraternity.” With such anticipation in the air Pike, who has only at Pike, it makes sense that occupied their current residence at 915 Oakland JENNY HINKLE the prospect of moving has been, “a constant source of for one year, has been Sigma Kappa conversation at the house.” looking for a stable home The anticipation has also for a few years. Before the been a positive impetus for house on Oakland, Pike leased 1501 Washtenaw from Triangle. increased participation in the fraternity Moving around has limited Pike from for many of the brothers. “Everyone is creating a house that is uniquely their motivated and wants to get more involved own, but they hope that will change in the house,” says Drancik. next year when they begin their five year Many of the brothers have already formed lease from Sigma Nu of 700 Oxford. It is clear that Pike’s housing corps, made committees dedicated to revamping the up of alumni of the fraternity, adhered to house this summer in preparation for the the tried and tested maxim of “location, move. The boys will have limited time to location, location,” because there aren’t make their mark on the house before the many better spots for a frat. Located at school year begins because of the terms the corner of Oxford and Hill, Pike will of the lease, but they plan to use all the be smack-dab in the middle of Greekland, time they have. Drancik says that the across from the Fiji house and surrounded committees will be dedicated to building by Sammy, Alpha Phi and not too far from new tables and furniture, painting, and moving composites and furniture that Sigma Kappa. they plan to keep. The alumni will provide Pike, which has expanded this year, funds for new couches and other furniture needed a house that could accommodate for living areas throughout the house. more people than the 32 that they were The brothers plan to finish redecorating limited to at their house on Oakland. Their before students return for the fall for a very new house can lodge up to 50 people and specifi c reason. That reason is Welcome has far more open space and common areas for hosting mixers and other events. Week. When asked if Pike would be Among the special features of the house hosting a housewarming party, Drancik are a spiral staircase, a sizeable back replied, “Welcome Week next year, Pike porch and a second floor balcony that will be the place to be. Its right in the looks down upon a large foyer area on the middle of everything.” Pike’s plans about their future at 700 Oxford extend past first floor. Welcome Week 2011, however. “Looking Sophomore President of Pike, Timothy ahead, it will be the best thing not just for Drancik, says that the new house will the guys living in next year, but for the “completely change the way that the next five years.” In the words of the Pike fraternity operates and functions.” The President himself, “Its gonna be sweet.” added space will give the brothers a lot more freedom and opportunity in planning events at the house. “The biggest Jenny Hinkle is a freshman studying change that we will see is in our social English. You may contact her at jrhinkle@ scene. The way the house is structured, it makes a huge difference,” says Drancik.


Pike's New House

Something to TALK ABOUT •

The F-Word There are so many things to look forward to in December: The snow, the tray sledding, the holiday music and the Christmas lights. It’s finally time to whip out the big, fluffy sweaters and the furry Ugg boots, dust the cobwebs off your earmuffs and scarves and off your pencils and pens. That’s right, my friends: December rings in the holiday cheer with our favorite six-letter word: Finals. Since high school, the word itself has been enough to make me shudder. When I used to hear “finals,” the most appropriate comparison I can make is the feeling you get when you’re about to board a plane and realize you left your iPod in security. It’s that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you're assigned to a semester-long group project with “that guy/ girl from that party that one time” whom you haven’t spoken to since… Pure misery. Of course, the relentless studying isn’t fun. Neither is missing the Tuesdays at Skeeps, the

Thursdays at 5th Quarter, the Fridays at frat parties, and the Saturdays at Rick’s. Oh, and neither are the all-nighters you will inevitably pull and the inordinate amount of money you will spend on cups of extra-caffeinated coffee. But the impending arrival of the dreaded F-word doesn’t have to be Doomsday. The way I look at it, finals represent something exciting: a new chapter. I don’t know about you, but by the time December rolls around, I am often a little bit bored with the redundancy of the material I learn in class and ready for a fresh start. Finals symbolize the last hurdle we need to jump before we can cross the finish line (hopefully in first place, but that all depends on the curve). For me, finals are also the gateway to winter break. Thanks to Michigan’s oddly planned breaks sprinkled throughout the year, I am rarely home when my friends from high school are home. Winter break is the one time during the school year when we can all be together again. Lastly,

for all the juniors who won’t be returning to Michigan next semester, finals represent the gateway to the international adventures we will have while we’re abroad. Now when I think of finals, I don’t compare it to losing my iPod or an awkward encounter. In that typically dreaded word, I see my family, my best friends, a new lesson plan, some Nutella crêpes and la Rue Félix. Bonne chance, everyone!

Samantha Scharmett is a junior studying French and communication. You may contact her at



Something to TALK ABOUT 6 •

All I Want for Christmas… be hurt if I return their gift? Now that the madness Etc, etc, etc… of Thanksgiving and Black Friday is over, we have When did everything another solid month of begin to revolve around holidays to look forward gifts? While I agree that to. What is it exactly that presents are an important we love so much about part of the holiday, but the holidays? While the when you compare what important thing really is they really mean in the spending time with friends grand scheme of things, and family, it is easy to get they don’t stand a chance. caught up in the consumer Think about it, what if you aspect of everything. When could have every gift you I think of Christmas, one of wanted this year: a new car, the first things that comes that bag you’ve wanted for to my mind is shopping. so long…anything, but you OLIVIA QUINN It’s easy to get stressed have to spend the holiday Delta Delta Delta out over the perfect gift to all alone. You have to buy somebody. So many open all the presents by questions pop into our yourself, eat dinner all by minds: What do they want this year? How yourself, watch Christmas movies all by much does it cost? How much will they yourself. If you have a heart at all, I’m spend on their gift for me? What if they guessing that this solo holiday doesn’t don’t like my present? Will their feelings

sound like much fun. I mean, come on, even if you don’t have the best time of

"This Christmas season, while I’m making my list for myself and thinking of what to buy for my friends and family, I’m going to try to keep the consumer craziness out of my mind."

This Christmas season, while I’m making my list for myself and thinking of what to buy for my friends and family, I’m going to try to keep the consumer craziness out of my mind. Instead of focusing on “how much,” I’m going to focus on “how original.” When it comes down to it, I want my gifts to others to really stand for something--to mean something. Anyone can buy their own pair of socks, but a personalized Michigan Dad coffee mug? I think not…

Olivia Quinn is a sophomore studying English and economics. You may contact her at your life when your crazy grandma comes to stay with your family over the holidays, it’s still contributing to what really counts.

Something to TALK ABOUT •


New Years Resolution It is kind of scary how quickly the “real world” is approaching. I still remember being in elementary school and having parents and teachers ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I would always think to myself, “I’m still a kid, I don’t have to worry about that stuff for a while”. Even in high school, I felt that I was still a long way from having to decide what I wanted to do with my life. Fastforward to sophomore year, and it feels like everything is being accelerated up to speed. While I always considered going into finance, I never really looked into the subject in any great depth and instead expected to learn the material in school

at some point. On the other hand, I have friends who are interested in finance that are already heavily trading stocks with their own money and starting up investment funds. Gone are the days of care-free summers and in come the days of high expectations. It seems like everyone is in an eager hunt to try and land an internship that will help give them an edge in the job field when college ends. While I personally have never taken new years resolutions seriously in the past, I think this year is a good time to start getting my life on some sort of track. Here are some tips for what I think could help.

1. Plan ahead, make it serious: Do not make a new year's resolution ON new year's eve. Start thinking of a new year's resolution as a serious goal that you are setting for yourself and do not make it some spur of the moment promise you make to yourself while counting down the strokes to midnight.

your goal is to do it in six, divide your goal up into segments. If you do the math, your mile time should improve by thirty seconds every three months. If half a year has passed and you haven’t broken seven minutes yet, you can see that you are behind schedule and need to pick things up.

2. Write it down and tell If you want to make sure people about it: Make sure you have an internship to write down your new by the summer, you year's resolution somewhere cannot quite quantify this that you can see everyday but you can still divide so you remained focused. it up. Make promises I find it helpful to use the SEAN YANG to yourself to contact at sticky note application on a Sigma Alpha Epsilon least ten companies by macbook whenever I need February or something to be constantly reminded like attend at least three of something. You may try networking events before laminating a big piece of paper on your wall, whatever works for March. you. Secondly, tell people what your new 5. Lastly, don’t freak out: If you see things year's resolution is. If other people can hold you accountable, then you are much start to fall off track a bit, do not freak out more likely to stick to something than if and have a panic attack. You did after all get into the University of Michigan and you only rely upon yourself. if you really think about it, things tend 3. Categorize or focus: If you absolutely to have a way of working out in the end. need to direct all your attention to This is not an excuse to throw out your something such as earning a 4.0 gpa new year's resolution after the first speed in school, then feel free to focus on bump but rather just a reminder that it's something specific. Otherwise, if you not the end of the world if you fail. feel like you just want to improve overall then you can split up your goal into different aspects of your life. I think four categories that are applicable to everyone can be social, school, physical health and Sean Yang is a sophomore studying financial. finance. You may contact him at 4. Make it quantitative and divide it up: If you want to focus on a physical goal, do not make your goal to “get in shape”. That is both vague and unspecific. Instead, make your goal a number. Something like lose ten pounds or run a mile in six minutes is much easier to track progress on than to get in shape. If you currently run a mile in eight minutes and

Something to TALK ABOUT 10 •

Airports Are the Worst Although the holiday season is among the most enjoyable times of the year, it’s also the time that many of us find ourselves spending copious amounts of time in airports all around the country. While there’s no denying the necessity of these fine establishments, there’s just no getting around the fact that they’re absolutely wretched.

will allow them to, you find yourself staring at a massive security line full of people looking almost as eager as you are to make it through this mess. After trudging along for what feels like forever, you’ll invariably end up behind someone who apparently has no idea how to function under the pressure of the security line, often forgetting to take off their shoes, or perhaps even trying to walk through security with a bag in hand. If your luck is anywhere KYLIE KAGEN Your frustration builds as you near as terrible as my Alpha Delta Pi stand barefoot on the cold own, it’s more than likely (probably germ-infested) that you’ve experienced floor of the place, just an airport situation much like this: begging the gods of airport security to put you out of your misery right there. After hauling your bags behind a pack of people walking as slowly as their legs

Once you’ve grabbed your bags and tossed your outer garments back on, you might stop by the bathroom, a most impressive location indeed. As if having to cram your entire luggage collection into your stall with you wasn’t enough, the fact that everything is soaking wet could just send a person over the edge. If you can make it out of the aqua jungle that is the public restroom, the gates are a treat, right? Of course not! No matter where you are, where you’re going, or what time it is, there will almost always be one or two (or seven…) disgruntled small children sitting somewhere within earshot. If you’re really lucky, you might even get an especially tasteful display of diaper changing right on the carpet, as the guy sitting next to you, who obviously is the businessman of the millennium, insists on broadcasting his workday to you and everyone else around via his

freaking Bluetooth earpiece. Of course, there’s relief in sight as you begin to see the crew lining up to board the plane for which you’ve been waiting patiently. The airline assistant who has no concept of volume control uses her best Wookie impression to notify you that zones 1 and 2 may begin to board…When “this just in… your flight’s been delayed due to mechanical problems. We’ll notify you of any further changes to your flight.” Fantastic.

Kylie is a sophomore studying communication. You may contact her at



10 Last Minute Gift Ideas Now that we don’t have any more football games to occupy our Saturdays, we are now able to spend them searching for gifts for our family and friends this holiday season. However, with finals starting up, it’s pretty much impossible for us to find time to do anything but study. I thought I would collaborate a list—for the readers as well as myself—that provides gift ideas no matter who you happen to be giving to this year. Well, take it or leave it, but I found these 10 gift ideas to be my top choices: If you’re shopping for your mom, she might enjoy monogrammed bath towels and bed linens. If you shop on, you can find a whole page dedicated to all of the household items you can monogram. You could surprise your mom with monogrammed soap to coffee mugs to cosmetic bags. What better than Michigan gear to have your proud dad unwrap over the holidays? We have numerous shops around Ann Arbor including Underground Printing, Moe’s Sports Shop, M-Den, etc., but you can also order online from the M-Den official website. Your dad would definitely appreciate a jersey that you can personalize with his name and favorite number online. Say you’re in need of a gift for your girlfriend; is a website with some of the best spa products I have found online. There’s an option to create your own “Bliss gift” in which you can pick out whatever Bliss products you like, from body butter to a salt scrub; not to mention there’s free shipping through December 31st! Another thing to consider is that you can never go wrong with a Bliss gift certificate.

A present that I’ve always enjoyed giving, whether it was to my boyfriend, parents, sister or girlfriends, was a create-yourown photo calendar or photo book. There are a number of options for making these. You can create an account on the Snapfish website and upload pictures through your computer, bring your pictures into Kinkos KENDALL where they can make SZCZERBA a calendar for you, or Delta Delta Delta you can simply take your memory card to CVS and make your photo book on the spot. The good thing about these types of gifts is that you can make it as creative as you want. Personally, I think the most exciting gift I ever received from a past boyfriend was a pair of concert tickets. Whether they’re tickets to your favorite band or to a hockey game, this is something that both of you can look forward to even after the holiday season is over. A digital picture frame is a perfect gift for a family member or friend if you’re willing to spend a little more money because after looking at www. they can range anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00. Ladies, another idea for your man would be a new set of headphones. If you check out www.UrbanOutfitters. com there are a few different types of groovy headphones, some as low as $50 and some nicer brands that are about $100. Guys, buying clothes for your girlfriend isn’t an easy task, so why not

try something simpler like perfume? If this still seems like a foreign gift category, I would suggest this: go to a department store and ask for the advice of the sales reps around you. If you genuinely pick the one that you would like on your girlfriend, I’m sure she would gladly wear it. One of my favorite solutions to giving gifts to a big group of people, is baked treats. EVERYONE loves chocolate around this time of year, and it not only satisfies your tummy but also your

wallet. I highly recommend you google the recipes of “Yuppy Chow” and “Haystacks” whether you plan on giving them as gifts or just making them for yourself! If you happen to be buying for a TV fanatic, a season of their favorite show would serve as the perfect gift. However, if the gift receiver is more of a movie-buff, Netflix gives you the option of giving 1 month to 1 year subscriptions to that special someone.

Kendall Szczerba is a sophomore studying pre-medicine and majoring in Spanish. You may contact her at



Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide In the midst of our never-ending finals schedules, it seems that everyone gets caught up looking for the perfect holiday present at the last minute. Even though we promise ourselves not to get behind on holiday shopping as every year passes, we repetitively find ourselves in a mess of holiday confusion year after year. Although finding the perfect present may seem like the one test that you can’t seem to pass this holiday season, there are plenty of last-minute gifts you can grab that look as thoughtful and caring as a present that took weeks of planning. Below is a list of cheap gift ideas to look into this holiday season.


Gifts for Guys Under $50 Head on over to Target and grab yourself an iPod shuffle with an extraordinary price cut.

Even though it may seem predictable to pick up one of the countless gadgets Apple has to offer, it is easy to put a fresh and fun twist on this commonly seen present. One quick way to add a unique edge is to upload all of the music that you have on your computer that you think the recipient will like to the new shuffle. This is one of the quickest ways to be thoughtful without having to come up with a crazy holiday scheme. The recipient can use the music as they wish and wipe it out for a clean start whenever they choose. Gifts for Girls Under $50 The pressure of the end of the year gets to us girls easily. There is nothing better to take off a little bit of stress than heading to a local spa. One option this winter is to grab a gift certificate to Bellanina Day Spa & Gift

Boutique, an Ann Arbor find that can complete any service from facials, to massages and steam therapy. This relaxing location can be found in the Kerrytown district, just minutes away from campus. To find out more information about the company, please visit their website at

Erica Salmirs is a junior studying economics and environmental studies. You may contact her at

Catfish: The Other Social Network Movie Thanksgiving break was as good a time as any to catch up on a few missed movies. A friend recommended watching a somewhat obscure film named Catfish that he heard was about Facebook. I was thinking if it was anything like the recently released, The Social Network, then it couldn’t be too bad. Turns out, the film wasn’t anything like The Social Network. Nonetheless, it blew my mind. [Spoilers!] Catfish is a film about a guy named Nev who has these two friends that decide to start documenting his online relationship that Nev develops with a family he meets through Facebook. The connection is made first through an eight year old girl named Abby who paints a pretty impressive picture of Nev’s that was previously published in a newspaper. Through Abby sending Nev all of these pictures, he eventually makes contact with Abby’s mother, and later Abby’s sister, Megan. He and Megan develop an intimate online relationship with that includes “sexting” and late night phone conversations. Nev carries on this communication with the family for close to year before he and his friends begin to realize that Megan is lying to Nev about certain things including her sending him songs she supposedly “wrote” for Nev that end up being cover songs Nev finds on YouTube. Nev and his friends

drive from New York to Ishpeming, MI (a few hours from Ann Arbor) to surprise the whole family. When Nev shows up at the house, he meets Abby’s mother, Angela (who is far less attractive than her pictures posted on Facebook), Abby (who does not know how to paint), as well as Angela’s husband, and his two mentally handicapped sons. Nev slowly begins to realize that the girl he has been having this relationship with is actually Angela, a forty-something year old married woman. Her Facebook profile for Megan and all of Megan’s friends were faked by Angela in order to deceive Nev. Nev, clearly emotionally messed up in the head by the whole ordeal, decides to softly interrogate Angela until she comes clean, admitting she used Facebook to try and relive moments of her lost childhood and also to develop this pseudo-relationship with Nev because she is in love with him. The movie is remarkably well done. It really captures the raw emotion of Nev. As the viewer, I could appreciate the feelings he has for the fake Megan. The progression of their relationship is fleshed out well enough so that when all of the identities are revealed, it’s a terrible shock. It definitely takes a while to pick up steam, however, it’s worth the wait. Catfish is really eye-opening to some of the consequences of online social

herself, realizing her mistakes. networking and However, when Nev receives internet dating. I fully a package of a final drawing appreciate how useful that Angela did of him when a tool like Facebook they met in person and the is for all of the cameraman asks to interview potential social aspects him, Nev just looks on and including meeting new says he doesn’t want to talk people, rekindling old about it. relationships, and even forging new business Social networking is an prospects. Evidently, unbelievable thing that allows it can be used for us to communicate in ways much more devious that our parents never could means. We all know have dreamed of previously. about Internet child However, Catfish is a sobering predators and other film that really reminds us SEAN creepy people who do that even our tech-savvy GORDON funky stuff on the web. generation who knows all Psi Upsilon Angela was ultimately about how to spot Internet harmless in the sense predation and “weirdos” that that she wasn’t going to bring any physical harm to Nev. However, in one of the final things on the web (and even Facebook) scenes where Angela pretends to talk to are not necessarily how they appear. Nev in the voice of Megan, softly telling Armed with just a computer and Internet him how happy she is that they have met access, a person can play God: create a and how beautiful his smile is in person, life and create any circumstances and you can tell that the mother successfully experiences they desire. It’s a frightening crippled Nev psychologically. She made concept that is surely important to a man fall in love with a fake person who remember and beautifully executed on had the body and face of professional screen in Catfish. model (whom it turns out is actually married with kids). The film seems to end on a happier note with the mother Sean Gordon is a junior studying changing her profile back to a picture of communication. You may contact him at


Covers Can Be Good There is no doubt that new material is preferred when bands perform, but every now and then there are covers that can be equally as riveting as the original. I must warn you that I'm a sucker for female vocalists covering male artists, so my advanced apologies for the bias report. Whether you are into these artists already or perhaps if you are not, I highly recommend listening to these covers at Kristine's Favorite Covers (in alphabetical order because they are equally great): Band of Horses (accompanied by the University of Georgia's Marching Band) Genre: American Rock - Georgia, originally by Cee-Lo Green Cee-Lo Green covered Band of Horses for the Twilight Soundtrack, so they returned the favor. The Marching Band really adds something of value to the song; in fact I think it's safe to say I prefer it to the original.

It's almost impossible to put Emily Wells in a category. She has an eerie voice and often pairs it with orchestral sounds. She is the epitome of a self-starter, rejecting multiple record deals and producing her music alone.

Carolina Chocolate Drops Genre: American Folk - Hit 'Em Up Style, originally performed by Blu Cantrell

Ingrid Michaelson

This might be one of those songs you don't recognize right away, but the minute you hear it, it makes you go, "Oh, that song." Carolina Chocolate Drops just performed at the Michigan Theatre on December 3rd.

Genre: Indie-pop - Creep, originally by Radiohead Sorry to double up on the Radiohead, but you can't have too much of a great thing! This cover sounds distinctly Ingrid Michaelson, yet it's Radiohead? quite good all the same.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Genre: Indie, Lo-ďŹ - God Only Knows, originally by the Beach Boys



Hailing from Detroit, this duo dresses up in racecar suits when performing (I saw them open for Sleigh Bells). However, their sound is anything but NASCAR friendly: light, airy and doing justice to this great Beach Boys jam.


Jj Genre: Electronic, Dream pop - Ceo Birthday (Birthday Sex), originally by

A summer hip-hop hit turned into a piano ballad, this slow and haunting rendition by the Swedish duo is sure to give anyone chills.

Easy Star All-Stars


Genre: Reggae

Genre: Post-rock, Ambient

- Karma Police, originally by Radiohead This is a pretty well known cover, but the reggae beats get me every time! Ellie Goulding Genre: British Pop -Your Song, originally by Elton John - Sweet Disposition, originally by The Temper Trap A voice like a bird, Ellie Goulding warbles beautiful covers of these two songs. They're both so good that I couldn't choose just one. Emily Wells Genre: Avante Garde - Juicy, originally by Notorious B.I.G.

- Time to Pretend, originally by MGMT Jonsi, a solo project by Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros, showcases his unique style and beautiful vocals in this cover. Lissie Genre: Americana Folk-Rock - Bad Romance, originally by Lady Gaga Lissie is an up and coming female vocalist with a beautifully raspy voice. Think Lady Gaga does the Wild West. Stripmall Architecture Genre: Indie pop, Shoegaze - Drunk Girls, originally by LCD Soundsystem With a female vocalist, the song gets a whole lot popier, but in a good way. Kristine Colosimo is a junior studying communication and American culture. You may contact her at kacolosi@


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