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January 13, 2011 • Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Life Hacks



What is hacking? Wikipedia defines it as “re-configuring a system to function in ways not facilitated by the owner, administrator, or designer…a clever or quick fix to a computer problem.” Although the term “hacking” now carries with it some level of negativity, or association with criminal uses such as identity theft, fraud, or other computer crime; its' meaning was originally related to solving problems. A new phenomenon that has been spreading is the prevalence of life hacking. Life hacks are tips and strategies that aim at increasing productivity or competency in dayto-day life. The following are a few examples to get you started.

time, and most likely they have a collection of them lying around in some bin.

1. Get a free replacement phone charger. If you’ve recently (or frequently) lost a phone charger and don’t want to buy a new overpriced one from your phone carrier, you don’t have to. Simply go to a hotel and tell them that you believe you left your charger there. They are left behind in hotels all the

4. See better in the dark. If you wake up in the middle of the night, or you are going from a dark place to a brighter one with the intention of returning shortly, then cover up one eye. As you leave the dark your other eye will adjust to the light, but upon your return to the dark open the covered eye and it will

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2. Get free air for your tires. At a Shell gas station simply press the button on the side of the sir pump three times, and it should start without you having to put in any change. 3. Have control over your sneezing. If you have to sneeze and it just isn’t coming out, look at a bright light. This should cause you to sneeze quickly. Want to hold in a sneeze? Simply press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and this should make the sensation go away.

still be able to see. This is why pirates wore eye-patches, it helped them go from broad daylight above to the quick sight in the dark below deck. 5. Unlock a chain locked door from the outside. To do this you need a rubber band. Slide the rubber band around the end of the door handle and attach the other end to the lock. If you do this properly then it should slide the lock out of its track when you close the door. 6. Quickly get a beer ice cold. Put the can in a bucket, pot, or large bowl with ice and a generous portion of salt and fill with water. This should get your beer nice and frosty within a couple minutes. Casey Goldman is a sophomore studying business and chemical engineering. You may contact him at cgoldman@


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Greek Life

TRADITION Little Bonding (TSM) Here at Michigan, it seems that it’s almost impossible not to be insanely busy at any given time. With all of the work that you’re undoubtedly dealing with, you might find it to be rather difficult to find time to spend with your Little. Although your Little is probably tremendously busy as well, it’s more than likely that she wants to spend some time with you. Because my freshman year was only last year, I remember enjoying every opportunity I had to bond with my Big. Even if you feel like you barely have time to breathe throughout the day, there are a few things you and your Little can do together to take a break from the daily grind and enjoy each other for a while. First off, spending the afternoon or evening baking sweets with your Little is among one of the most fun (and easy) things you can do. Even if you’re the world’s worst cook, there are plenty of recipes that take little to no skill

to put together, but still taste great. If you spend a few minutes browsing through The Food Network website ( com), you’ll be able to find a recipe that makes your mouth water, but doesn’t make you sweat. If there’s nothing online that entices you, you can never go wrong with place and bake cookies. If baking just isn’t your thing, you can always look out for some neat events coming up around campus. More often than not, there’s a student organization putting on some sort of fun activity or presentation somewhere close by. Between free movie showings, interesting speakers, performances, and demonstrations, you may be able to find something that you and your Little will really enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting events posted on Facebook, as well as flyers posted up in many academic buildings around campus. •

Finally, if you can’t seem to find the time in your schedule to set aside some time for your Little, why not bring her along to the activities that are making you so busy? Even though making a trip to the grocery store or the library doesn’t exactly sound thrilling, there’s plenty of good conversation and fun to be had while doing the mundane tasks that seem to run your life. So even if it puts a strain on your time budget, spending time with your Little is something that you both may end up loving – especially if she’s as cool as mine. :]

KYLIE KAGEN Kylie Kagen is a sophomore studying communication. You may contact her at

Alpha Delta Pi




5 Friends Can Impact a Country Getting involved on campus is easier said than done. Sure, there are plenty of things to do, organizations to join and events to attend, but sometimes it’s impossible to find the time. Somehow, Eileen Dolan and Danielle Kinsella, two juniors in Tridelta, discovered not only how to find time but their shared passion for helping those in need. The two girls decided to take matters into their own hands, and along with three other friends they started a new club at the University of Michigan that is known all across America and even internationally. Children’s Rights and You, or CRY, is a previously wellestablished non-profit organization that focuses on improving the rights of children primarily in India. After finding out about this incredible feat, I had to interview them. Eileen explained to me that CRY works on improving the conditions in India for children, specifically: getting rid of child labor, eliminating child abuse, donating supplies to schools, providing immunizations, health check-ups and birth registrations, lowering drop out rates and integrating them into government schools. Just to give you all an idea as to what milestones CRY has already tackled as of 2009: 45,388 children in India have received health check-

ups, 43,173 children have been integrated into government schools, 372 villages have had 100% school enrollment, 327 schools have had 100% retention and 363 villages/slums are 100% child labor free. CRY has taken 1,762 villages/slums under its wing and worked towards their improvement.


a school can make more of a difference than building an entire new institution, and that’s what we hope to continue to do.”

work hard for those in need upon the other new members that will be joining us. We want people to know that even half way across the world, we can do something. We can make a difference.”

Do you have any advice for people who want to start their own club at Michigan? Can just anyone do it?

What do you want members to gain out of being a part of CRY?

Danielle: “It takes dedication and passion. If you stay Delta Delta Delta true to these two What was your things, then you can inspiration to start start whatever you would like on something like this on campus? this campus. It’s also important to Eileen: “Well, we and our friends consider if you can see other people who are building CRY at U of M sharing the same dedication and are all pre-med and last summer we passion for the cause that your club all went on a mission trip to Peru or organization is working towards, where we had witnessed some pretty you can’t do all of the work yourself.” impoverished living conditions. This What do you think will contribute truly opened our eyes to how people have to live outside of our country, to the success of CRY at this campus? and it gave us the motivation to want Eileen: “I think the fact that 5 out to do something about it. We chose of the 9 executive board members CRY as the organization we wanted to work with because it is unique took the same mission trip and found since it not only focuses on one that we shared the same interest in country, but it does a bunch of little making a change in the world will things that truly make a difference. contribute to the success of this Surprisingly enough, something as group because I believe it will help simple as donating chalkboards to us all be able to impose our drive to

Danielle: “Definitely awareness of the impoverished states and unfortunate situations of countries all over the world. We want the members to realize how big of an impact their involvement with this group can have and hopefully this will be illustrated through increasing statistics of the children that are better off in their country.” Want to join? You can find out more information by going on the organization’s website: www. or by contacting and find out where their first meeting on January 18th will be taking place.

Kendall Szczerba is a Sophomore studying pre-medicine and majoring in Spanish. You may contact her at

NEW YEARS 2011 •

Staying on Track...Is it possible? With each new semester comes new possibilities and new goals. Even if we didn’t do as well as we would’ve liked this past fall, there’s no saying that we can’t achieve 4.0 this semester (wouldn’t we all just love that?). Just a few weeks into our classes, we’re at the point where we have the option of either staying on track (let’s just say that getting ahead is out of the question) or falling behind. With the few following tips, I hope we can all manage to stay on top of our game while still making time for our social lives and a little sleep.

that paper one hour before it’s due!

Get a Planner. A planner really has helped me stay organized and remember due dates, assignments, and readings. Personally I like having an actual notebook, but any type of organization system works just as well. A calendar on your computer or your cell phone will suffice.

Figure out your priorities. Okay, so we’re all students, and we all obviously want to get good grades. Academic achievement is most likely at the top of your priority list, and if it’s not, it’s probably pretty far up there. However, we all fall victim to stressing too much and trying to cram too much work into one day. At some point, we need to relax and be regular human beings. That being said, set a goal to get two or three small assignments done for homework each day. Limit the recurring Facebook breaks, and reward yourself by going out at night if you finish all you planned to do.

Set dates. I always try to have a different date than the actual due date set for major projects and papers. Even if you don’t think you’ll be able to have it done a week early, setting them in advance can motivate you and allot you the extra time necessary to make revisions and changes. No more writing

Okay, so all these tips are probably easier said than done…and in no way, shape or form am I trying to claim to be an expert at balancing my time.

However, I think we all have the ability to get the kind of grades that we want. I mean, we got into this school didn’t we? Now all that stands between us and that 4.0 is The Michigan Difference…

Olivia Quinn is a sophomore studying English and economics. You may contact her at oliviaq@

OLIVIA QUINN Delta Delta Delta


Something to TALK ABOUT 6 •

Paying the Piper The first week of my cop or what went down. freshman year, I stood on a I had heard that it was street corner with a group of an undercover drug bust, other freshmen who had no but who knows? The clue where they were going point is, this was a pretty or what they were doing. As wild exchange between we stood around pretending an alleged police officer to have a plan, across the and a member of the street was a sketchy looking Greek community that guy wearing a Greek T-shirt generated plenty of talking to an equally sketchy attention. older man. We couldn’t Skipping forward hear what they were saying to a week or so ago, but continued to watch their different Internet sites exchange. All of a sudden, were filled with a story the man pulled a badge out reported on one site as from under his hoodie and SEAN “The Great Columbia the kid took off running. GORDON Frat Boy Drug-Dealing Before he got more than ten Psi Upsilon Ring.” Supposedly, a feet, he was tasered and fell group of fi ve or six kids to the ground like a sack of was busted for selling potatoes. We never found out the official story, whether that older man was even a a large amount of drugs and other illicit

items. To get one thing straight, I believe this is a very stupid idea and probably retrospectively in the mind of these kids, a very big mistake. What is unfair to these five guys is the public humiliation they now have to deal with because of this occurrence. I’m sure the wrath of their parents and that of the law is more than enough to deal with. However, because they are “frat boys,” websites can make a great headline out of them. As of December 7, three of the guys involved with the crime were found on Facebook by different news services. They linked these Facebook’s to their websites, showing off pictures, classes, information, and hobbies among other reasonably private things about these kids. Obviously, we could make that age-old argument about how what people put on their Facebook is in the “public domain”. If people wanted to look up these crimes,

they could have physically done so and then found these kids themselves. I’m not trying to come off as someone who has sympathy for those who break the law. In fact, I believe that if you get caught, you have to pay the piper. Take this as perhaps a cautionary tale, that being Greek definitely makes you an easier target for the news, police, etc. People love to read about “fratty” or Greek stuff. Keep in mind, however, the bad stuff is just as interesting to others as the good stuff.

Sean Gordon is a junior studying communication. You may contact him at

Something to TALK ABOUT •

Boys, Listen Up: Think Before You Speak Boys, we get it. After a few years of loving the repeated hook up and noncommittal relationship mentality, a lot of you have decided to settle down and couple up. I’m not sure if it’s the ever-nearing sight of the finish line (graduation) inching closer, or that three girls in one week doesn’t exactly scream ‘cool’ anymore, but it seems a lot of you are on the prowl for a girl to spend some quality time with. While many of you are in a rush to find the girl of your dreams, this doesn’t excuse your attempt to cut to the chase with cheesy pick up lines. I feel I can speak on behalf of all girls when I say keep it short and sweet. The simpler your introductions are, the better the chance that we will put in the effort as well, and steer away from looking up the first mainstream 800 number pedophile line we can find. The following include a list of pick up lines you

say out loud, and what we are thinking and not saying.

What You Say: Do you know karate because your body is kicking.

What You Say: You’re too cute to be dancing by yourself.

What We Think: You found that online for a reason. The next time you drop that on a girl, know that Jayden Smith said that on the set of “Karate Kid” about a year before you did.

What We Think: I take back all of those times I sat in front of the mirror wishing my nose wasn’t as crooked, and my forehead was a little bit smaller. Maybe if I put my hands out in front of me while I dance he’ll see my arm fat, take that back, and run away. What You Say: How is it that a girl like you isn’t here with another guy? What We Think: Um, you’re alone too, loser. Thank you for trying to pick me up by reminding me absolutely no one wants to be with me. You’re a total conversational wizard.

What You Say: Hi, I’m (Insert Name Here). What’s your name? What We Think: Finally, a normal human being. Erica Salmirs is a junior studying economics and environmental studies. You may contact her at



Something to TALK ABOUT 10 •

We’re Home… and Here to Stay As I sit writing to make this deadline, I am simultaneously going through withdrawals from being home and cramming for a final, so excuse my triteness.

whom I haven’t truly seen for months. In a few weeks, I’ll be wishing for times of solitude and family gathering; no work and no worries.

Although I love getting sentimental, these times Obviously being back in should be cherished A2 is wonderful in its own and not dwelled upon. right, but being home has We should recognize an appeal that nowhere why we’re here and else does. (If you haven’t embrace all that our noticed, I’m attempting vibrant community has to to avoid saying, “home is offer. The only thing we where the heart is.”) Within should be worrying about the last few weeks, many EAGHAN during break as Greeks of us enjoyed our holiday DAVIS is enjoying our homes in break at home. This annual Phi Kappa Psi Ann Arbor and getting time of holiday bliss was ready for a packed Spring filled with food, family, football games and much exuberance semester. With parties such as Eski-bros, Saint Patrick’s day (practice day is valid about gifts we received. too), and events that range from ski-trips Before we went on break, we were to spring festivities, we shouldn’t dread stressing out about exams. Currently, being back in Ann Arbor. I and many of my cohorts are stressing For now, plow through the pain, we about what our next semester entails. Coupled with the stress of not having have much to look forward to. I’ll see you your mother at your side, and the out… and hopefully not in the context of encroaching amounts of schoolwork the Ugli. we’ll be completing soon, Ann Arbor isn’t that welcoming. I can guarantee you that in the next few weeks, I will be in the Eaghan Davis is a freshmen interested library more hours in the coming weeks in business and literature. You may than my bed. At those times I’m sure I’ll contact him at be wishing for the days of basking in the glory of my mother’s cooking, football with my father and time with siblings


A Social Media Addiction

1. Turn off your Internet. This will last for a short while until you need to see that girl your friend hooked up with last night. That will turn into you looking up a friend group of yours, which will lead to an elaborate album of photo booth pictures your “friend” uploaded last night.

Facebook can be a useful social resource for all of us college students. It can also be a recess from our real responsibilities. Just a click away, it can sometimes be way too accessible for many. As an avid Facebook user and my personal “friend” Billy Grenis admitted, “While I do have the self control to stay off Facebook, I am somewhat addicted. It is usually the first website I surf before moving on to my real duties as an engineering student”. That about sums it up.

For those of you might not be a regular Facebook user on the world’s leading social networking site, let me describe to you Facebook’s applications. So, we’ve got pictures, the most intriguing facet of Facebook, which allows one to browse through your “friends” photos at will. I say “friends” like Dr. Evil because in order to be friends, one user has to request the other and then they can see a limited amount of their profile. On your profile you have your wall, which features comments and messages that your friends have posted on your wall and statuses, if you choose to make them public. Facebook, for the most part, is what you make of it. It is there when you want it and there even when you do not sometimes. I’ll explain…Okay, back to the main point.


2. Use in moderation. Facebook can be a reward system. Write a page of your paper, and then stalk that “friend” for a little bit. This is also risky because if users could do this, they probably would have already been moderating.


Alpha Epsilon Pi

The tricky part is admitting you have a problem and removing yourself from the addiction of Facebook. Unfortunately, there are not prescription pills for this ailment of Facebookitis or rehabilitation centers but there is a thing called control. How can we Facebook addicts recover from this addiction you ask? I have three simple solutions:

3. Learn how to communicate in the real world. Become a true member of society and contact your friends through telephone, carrier pigeons, or post mail. I know it’s harsh, but as incredible as Facebook is, it is toxic in that it distorts your perception of reality. It is entertainment as much as it is social networking, if not more. It stores our memories and books our faces. Facebook can be accessed on computers, cell phones and even laptops. It is basically everywhere, besides the real book you should be studying. So if you want to get your work done, stick your head in a book, face the book, do not log on to Facebook.

Benjamin Seidman is a sophomore shopping around for majors. You may contact him at



Sadly, this is my last article (I’m leaving to spend 5 months in Milan, Italy and beyond). Therefore, you all will be left to your own devices in the musical realm. There has been an incredible array of new ways to find upcoming music thanks to the Internet and subsequent evolution of the music industry. Pandora was a lovely idea and is perfect for the general radio listener, but if you want music that is more tailored, personal and actually chosen by a human, there are a plethora of options. I’m going to tell you about some of my favorites:


Hype Machine is pretty well known (and rightfully so!). It uploads the songs posted by leading music blogs around the world. This makes it incredibly easy to compare what everyone is talking about, listening to, and likes. The popular section is an easy way to hear some great tracks, but Hype Machine is so much more than this section. As you become an avid user, love (press the heart button) the blogs you have similar tastes to. You can determine if they fit your tastes by pressing the “Read full post >>” button or clicking on the blog

name, which will show you all the previous uploads from that blogger. Take this a step further and search for your favorite artists and click the love button. This will ensure you see everything uploaded about or by those artists. The last step is following/loving other users who have similar style to you. With these three actions you will have created a “Watchlist” (located under the button “dashboard”) of bloggers, artists and friends that is specifically customized to your tastes. It won’t be fool proof, there’s no way you’ll like everything each blogger or friend posts, however it makes navigation that much easier; you won’t miss out on anything important to you. Grooveshark is like the online DJ. You can look up any song or artist and play the song in full. The variety of songs they have is quite impressive. If you’re looking for a longer-term use, you can add songs to your library, make playlists, and listen to other people playlists. For me, Grooveshark is my website of choice when I want to listen to the full discography of a band that I may have only one or two songs by. This lets me assess whether it’s



worth downloading the rest of the album. My other primary use for Grooveshark is in preparation for a concert when I want to listen to everything by the opening bands as well as the main act. I’ll never have much use for that playlist again (thus why iTunes isn’t practical) and I probably won’t have any music by the opening groups. You can of course use Grooveshark to DJ parties, however I don’t have many of those (I mostly just attend them). 8tracks allows users to upload their own mix tapes and label them for the world to listen to. There are more than 150,670 mixes. You can find a mix for just about anything: “The Perfect Homework Music for Hip-Hop,” “Coffee Shop Music,” “To make a bad day better,” “The saddest music in the world,” the list is never ending. You can search by popularity, artist or genre. When one mix is over, it will automatically shuffle to a new mix and you can love/heart mixes so they are easy to find and •


listen to again. So go out there, make a username and find your mix of the day, or upload your very own! Stereomood is uber simple: there’s a cluster of emotions on the screen, click on the one you feel most like, and BAM, an instant playlist to suit this mood. If you’re not feeling the first few songs, go back to the home page and click on a new mood. Moods range from “Angry” to “Let’s Party” and back to “Psychedelic” and “Spring Cleaning.” You can add individual songs from playlists to your library and further customize your listening experience. It also gives you the option of shuffling the tracks or listening in the order previously chosen. Stereomood was started in Milan, Italy, which makes this a deliciously ironic website to end on.Ciao mia amici, for links to the websites and my accounts/playlists visit http://

Kristine Colosimo is a junior studying communication and American culture. You may contact her at


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