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5 Quotes You’ll See…

…In This Issue of the Law Quadrangle

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“My inspiration for going to law school, at least in part, was to mend this disconnect between the City of Detroit and the urban agricultural community.” (p. 30) “I see the city’s financial troubles being taken head-on and starting to reverse, and it’s exciting.” (p. 39) “Really, though, the city’s bankruptcy is a trailing indicator. The city has been on the rise at least for the past three years.” (p. 45) “It can be an opaque process, and these insights and anecdotes help to pull back the curtain.” (p. 46) “I don’t think many people do the race in their 70s because most people in their 70s have more sense.” (p. 66)


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Quadrangle Spring2014  
Quadrangle Spring2014