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Quick reference guide: Profit and Loss - Financial Purpose To provide Profit & Loss reporting for both current period and year to date, presenting results at total company level, as well as broken down by selected Element 2 group type and/or Business Stream. The report contains variance analysis against both current year budget and the previous years result, and also contains analysis of 5 key statistical elements. This report does not show the P&L by Product or at a product level (refer Product Profit & Loss reports for this level of detail). Output The report consists of 6 Tabs:

Info Page

Displaying report details including prompt selections and report overview 他


Includes the report at the 2 digit (high level) account level, outlining actual revenue, direct and indirect costs ALONG with 5 key pieces of Statistical information. These are compared against Budget and Last Year. The report also includes the % of revenue made up by each account.

The report breaks into sections down the page by the selected Group Code and/or Business Stream in the prompt screen. Refer below for further guidance on how to use the prompt screen to obtain the breakdown of data you require. In all cases, the section at the bottom of the report is the TOTAL. 他

Statistics Total

The 5 key pieces of statistical information shown on the Category page are analysed out by the Informa Group Product Type in the format illustrated below.

In addition there 2 calculated sets of statistics providing average delegate and delegate yield data, as well as a breakdown of Total Revenue and Gross Profit by Group Product Type TIP: Data for these statistics is dependent upon Group Product Type (2GT) data, highlighting the importance of ensuring the accuracy of this data in CODA.

Quick reference guide: Profit and Loss - Financial ¾

Statistics (per section)

This presents the same statistical information as on the Statistics Total tab, but provides additional detail by breaking down the figures by the Group codes selected in the prompt screen. ¾

Detail (4)

This has the same information found on the Category tab but at a greater level of detail at account code level. The financial information is broken down at the 4 digit account code level, providing access to an increased level of detail if required. ¾

Detail (6)

This has the same information found on the Category but provides the highest level of detail at account code level. Financial information is broken down to 6 digit account code level, such that sub account information can now be analysed.

Selections and Prompt The prompt window allows you to specify the nature of the data you wish to view within this report, including the relevant period, year, company and currency. The prompt screen that you will see upon opening this report is shown below Report will only ‘Run’ if all prompts selections have been ‘Ticked’

Select the required Period and Year from the prompt as seen above; the Company Group enables predefined grouping of multiple companies, just highlight and use the arrows to either add or remove selection:


Currency Selection

If the company you are analysing has been set up with either a HOME or DUAL currency, either of these can be selected.

However, if no DUAL currency is set up for the company you are analysing, then the home currency should be selected.

Quick reference guide: Profit and Loss - Financial ¾

Categorisation/Aggregation of Report

The remaining selectors relate to level of detail you wish to have contained in the report. A useful overview of how you can use the prompt screen to determine the level of aggregation you wish to see in your report is summarised below. This takes into account both Business Streams and Group Codes/Group Types.

¾ Business Streams The business stream selectors allow for the profit and loss information to be broken down by business stream. Individual business streams can be selected (for example BEVE, BSPEX etc), or B* can be used to select all business streams. N/A can be chosen if you do not wish the data to be broken down by business stream. Selecting 1 – as Total will group all selections together in one table, whilst Selecting 2 – as Section will provide a separate table for each selection. ¾ Group Codes/ Group Types The group code selectors allow you to obtain profit and loss information broken down by Group codes. The first Group code selector defaults to 2GD – Group Division, which allows the report to break down the profit and loss statement by Group Division. Provided they are set up and maintained in CODA, other group codes that can be used to break down the profit and loss statement include: ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

2DV - Local Division 2TM - Team 2PM - Producer 2MK - Marketeer

¾ ¾ ¾

2GT – Group Product Type 2PT – Local Product Type 2SE – Sector/Topic

Once you have chosen which group code you wish to analyse with, the second selector allows you to choose individual codes within that group code range to analyse. However if you wish for the report to include all codes within the selected grouping, you should enter *. The final stage is to enter the grouping level at the next prompt. Selecting “1 – As Total” will group all individual group codes into one table. Selecting “2 – As Section” will provide a separate table for each group code within the selected grouping. In both cases, the last section of the report will be the Total Company result, reflecting the sum of all preceding sections. TIP: The accuracy of the breakdown by group code is dependent upon the relevant group codes being accurately established and maintained in CODA



The exclusion selector provides and additional means of tailoring the report to your specific needs. It allows you to choose specific GL Account Codes or Departments to be excluded from the report. Related Reports • • •

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Informa - Quick Reference Guide - Profit and Loss Financial  
Informa - Quick Reference Guide - Profit and Loss Financial  

Informa - Quick Reference Guide - Profit and Loss Financial