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By: Meagan Church

n this fast-paced, always-on existence, feeling overwhelmed can be a daily, even hourly occurrence. We wear so many hats and juggle multiple roles, all with their own sets of expectations and demands. So what do we do when with feelings of overwhelm? Well, we could follow that sage advice and find our inner happy place. But, let’s face it; even that happy place sometimes fails us.

So, when your inner ocean-retreat just won’t cut it, try these tips: Breathe.

Have you ever heard an exercise instructor say, “Don’t forget to breathe,” and wondered, “Really? We need to be told this?” The truth is that when we are stressed, our breathing is often short and shallow. So, take a few moments to relax your shoulders, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Focus on your breaths instead of your problems, and your body will thank you for the increased oxygen intake.

“Laughter is the best medicine.”


We all have a love-hate relationship with social media, but did you know that it can actually make you less happy? A study by the University of Michigan found that the more adults used Facebook, the worse they felt. By engaging in social media, we subject ourselves to an onslaught of content: some good, some bad. So in your moments of overwhelm, log out. Turn off the notifications and pings. Remove the apps from your phone, if necessary. Disengage and be more intentional about the time you do spend on social media. 26

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Many of us spend our days multi-tasking, carrying on conversations with one person, while texting another; caomposing an email, while watching the new email notifications; listening to a conference call, while finishing that spread sheet. While it seems that multi-tasking would be beneficial, it can have adverse affects when we force our brains to jump from task to task at a rapid rate. It can cause our memory to fail and our brains to produce stress hormones. So, instead of trying to accomplish more at once, instead focus on a single task at hand before moving on to the next.

Say no.

Life is busy, especially when we have a full-time job, kids to carpool from school to sports to music lessons, volunteer opportunities, church commitments, oil changes, manicure appointments and more. So just say, “No.” Take a serious look at your calendar and prioritize. Chairing the charity board is great, but not when it comes at the cost of your sanity. Ask yourself if Dakota really needs Mandarin lessons or if Azaria’s life will be less fulfilling if she doesn’t participate in underwater basket weaving. There are unfortunately only 24 hours in a day. Be intentional about how you spend them.

Profile for FAMILY Magazines of Michiana

SASSY Magazine October 2014  

The Michiana Career-Driven Woman Who Does It All.

SASSY Magazine October 2014  

The Michiana Career-Driven Woman Who Does It All.