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MAY 2017


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Figuring Out “Fit� How to Uncover Company Culture During a Job Interview

Blooming Mad Tips for the Accident Prone Gardener

Helping Indiana Women Celebrate Their Inner and Outer Beauty


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EVERY MONTH 4 From The Publisher 5 Contributors & Testimonials SASS FACTORY: STUFF WE LOVE 6 Sassy Time BOOK REVIEW 7 The Whistler By John Grisham

Reviewed By: Patrice Dado

LIFE 8 Blooming Mad

By: Christina Clark

10 The Art Of Quilt Gardens

By: Terry Mark

HEALTH 12 Hibernation To 5K

By: Christina Clark

WORK 14 Figuring Out “Fit”

By: Allison Boelcke Smith

TRAVEL 16 Discovering Portugal

By: Phyllis Rose

ON THE COVER 18 Helping Indiana Women Celebrate Their Inner & Outer Beauty

By: Allison Boelcke Smith

SCENE & BE SEEN 20 Goodwill Little Black Dress Fashion Show Celebrates 8 Year! 21 Rescued On The Runway 22 CAPS Superhero 5K 23 Concord Junior High School Students Raise $43,000 For Make-A-Wish


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ay is for mothers! It’s the time to honor them for all the wonderful things they do for us.

From the nine months of pregnancy through childbirth and the sleepless nights with a newborn, it’s not easy becoming a mother, but you did it! But that’s just the start. There are still the terrible twos, nursery school, colds and flu and lots of “firsts” – first word, first steps, first day of school, first date, first kiss and on and on. But moms are always there to encourage us, to pick us up when we fall, to fix the hurts whether physical or emotional. And they do that throughout our lives, not just throughout childhood. In addition, of course, they also cook our meals, clean the house, do the laundry and drive us everywhere until they teach us to drive. Then they worry about us. And most of them also have to work outside the home. For all they do, mothers deserve more than just one day of honor, they deserve to be honored in some way every day - whether it’s with a hug, a phone call, a small gift or just a simple “thanks, Mom.” To all of you mothers out there, whether young mothers with new families, moms with growing teens or grandmas, I salute you! I personally am not a mother, but I had a great one and I tried to honor her every day I had her around. On the cover of this issue of SASSY we have a wonderful mother, Julie Dilorenzo, a former Mrs. Indiana and the current director of the Mrs. Indiana America Pageant. You can read all about her in this issue. In addition, you will find other interesting stories such as “Blooming Mad,” “The Art of the Quilt,” “Hibernation to 5K,” “Figuring Out Fit” – “How to Uncover Company Culture During a Job Interview” and “Political Talk at Work.” I hope you enjoy reading these stories as well as the rest of the issue. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there! I hope you have a day of relaxation, joy and fun!


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Christina L. Clark


is a digital marketing specialist for Indiana University South Bend, and a freelance writer who loves to focus on topics of career and personal finance geared toward working women and mothers. She resides in South Bend with her husband and toddler daughter. During any free time she can manage, she is a foodie whose goal is to actually make more recipes on her Pinterest boards.

is a mom, fundraiser, writer, equestrienne, creative writing adjunct instructor, volunteer and insomniac (which is how she manages to fit everything into the space of 24-hour day). Her professional history includes stints as the managing partner of an advertising agency, director of creative services, director of alumni services at IU South Bend and director of advancement at a local independent school. She received her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in journalism and her master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Notre Dame in 1995.

Christina L. Clark is brunch lover and puppy snuggler. She studies Communication at IUSB, works as a licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist, and loves to write whenever given the chance!

was a research technician in medical, molecular, and marine biology before making a mid-life career change to writing for adults and children. She is a former magazine editor and has published more than 100 articles and features in magazines and newspapers. Margo and her husband Jim live in South Bend and have two grandchildren.

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MAY 2017


Please take one!


Figuring Out “Fit” How to Uncover Company Culture During a Job Interview

BlOOMing MAd Tips for the Accident Prone Gardener

HelPing indiana Women Celebrate Their Inne r and Outer Beauty

Amy Reinert is Michiana's Premier HS Senior, Teen and Fashion

Photographer. She grew up working in her father's studio and then decided to start her own. Her style is clean, modern and with a flair for fashion. She shoots a variety of sessions in her new Granger studio as well as on location. 574-903-6383.

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Bethza Seminario is the Co-Founder, Creative Director, Licensed

Esthetician and Head Makeup Artist of Bethza Professional Makeup Artist Studio located in Elkhart and has her own cosmetic company, Nethyel Pro Beauty. She worked as a freelance makeup artist in Chicago and Indianapolis. Her specialization in editorial, commercial and high fashion makeup inspired her to bring that style to her community. (574) 226-5261

“My girlfriend gave me a copy of SASSY Magazine a year ago and I’ve been hooked since!” – Halie S.

Thank you! SASSY | MAY 2017





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Memorial Day


Lucky Penny Day



Mamma Mia, 7:30 P.M., Morris Performing Arts Center – South Bend

Singin’ In The Rain, 7:30 P.M., The Lerner – Elkhart



Community Grange Spring Bazaar 2017, 9:00 A.M., Community Grange Hall - Niles


2017 Girls On The Run Michiana 5K Celebration, 7:00 A.M., Potawatomi Park – South Bend


Brothers & Sisters Day



Cinco de Mayo


American Heart Association GO RED Luncheon

National Teachers Day

First Fridays, 5:00 P.M., Downtown Goshen & South Bend



Memorial Day Parade, Noon, Downtown St. Joseph, MI

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Famous Mother/Daughter Match-Up

Strawberry Rose Gin Fizz

Directions: 1. Wash and de-stem the strawberries and dice into small pieces. 2. Sprinkle the sugar over the top of the strawberries and let it sit for five minutes. 3. Mash strawberries with a fork. 4. Fill cocktail shaker with ice, strawberry mixture, gin, rose water and a pinch of salt. Shake and then divide between two glasses. 5. Top each glass with club soda and squeeze a lime wedge into each glass. 6. Enjoy! 6

MAY 2017 | SASSY

1. Goldie Hawn 2. Demi Moore 3. Blythe Danner 4. Melanie Griffith 5. Lisa Bonet

A. Gwyneth Paltrow B. Zoe Kravitz C. Rumer Willis D. Kate Hudson E. Dakota Johnson Answers: 1(D)2(C)3(A)4(E)5(B)

Ingredients: - 6 Strawberries - 2 Teaspoons Sugar - 4 Shots Gin - 1 Teaspoon Rose Water - Pinch Of Salt - ½ Cup Club Soda

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Homemade Lotion Bars

Coffee Cup Candles

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book review

The Whistler By John Grisham

Reviewed By: Patrice Dado, Customer Service Supervisor, Francis Branch, St. Joseph County Public Library


According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a whistle-blower is “one who reveals something covert or who informs against another”. In his new legal thriller, John Grisham tells the story of one such whistler. This fast paced story revolves around a Florida casino, a judge who has been corrupted by those who run the casino, and the prosecutors who have been informed about these circumstances by said whistler.

with an informant late at night on the Tappacola Indian Reservation that is home to the Indian casino. When a terrible event occurs, the action and suspense ratchet up from here, and when Lacy finally meets her “whistler”, the story comes to a satisfying conclusion. John Grisham writes what he knows, which is law, and this book gives us insights into Indian tribal laws, especially in relation to casinos, gambling, and

Indian lands. The book also illustrates what can happen when a judge has been corrupted. Grisham is best known for his plot twists and turns, as well as his well-written characters, especially Lacy and Hugo. This is Grisham’s 29th book, but it was as interesting as many of his early novels. If you like this one, you may want to try some of his earlier works, such as A Time To Kill and The Rainmaker. 

Lacy Stoltz and her partner, Hugo Hatch, are ethics lawyers who have been assigned to investigate Claudia McDover, a Florida judge. Lacy and Hugo have a good working relationship, and Lacy even babysits for Hugo and his wife when they need time away from their four children. The first stop on their investigation is to visit an Indian named Junior Mace, a member of the Tappacola Indian Tribe who opposed the casino and was framed for two murders he did not commit. The trial took place in Judge McDover’s courtroom, and it turns out that the courtroom informers whose testimony put Junior in jail were paid to lie, while the judge did everything in her power to ensure that Junior was found guilty. Now Junior is on death row and may have important information about his case and Judge McDover. has motives for turning in the judge, but these motives, and the whistler’s identity, remain secret throughout most of the book. Lacy and Hugo are summoned to meet SASSY | MAY 2017




Blooming Mad Tips for the Accident Prone Gardener By: Christina Clark


ardening seems easy, right? Plant seeds, water them regularly, get excited when a sprout peeks through the dirt, keep caring tenderly for the little plant until it grows into its full form and continues blooming all through the season. It all sounds so simple until one actually tries. Then it’s realized that as with all skills, there is a learning curve. Here’s some tips to get started cultivating some green spaces of your own, confidently. What might be simple? Focus on finding low-water use plants. These will be low maintenance from the start!

Indoor succulents Going with something super simple, and on trend, will be succulents. There are many beautifully arranged succulentscapes available, but let’s start with the very basic challenge of keeping them healthy. According to article by Erin Boyle “9 Secrets to Growing Succulents Indoors”: “Varieties in the Crassula genus are a dependable option,” such as the Crassula “Gollum” Jade plant. Another suggested option is starting with 8

MAY 2017 | SASSY

an agave or aloe plant. These require not a lot of attention, but they do require plenty of sunshine. When there is more moisture in the air, as long as plants have pillowy leaves they are fine. Add moisture when the soil looks dry, while the leaves are still healthy and puffy.

Going outdoors “I am working on a garden this summer called the Garden of Peace, located at the Miller’s Vets Cemetery off of Portage Road,” said master gardener and gardening event coordinator Diana Mendelsohn of a project she is beginning this spring. “This garden features both low-water use plants and the colors red, white, and blue. Blueberries will be the best bush we plant!” Plants that can be enjoyed without needing to have the planning required from planting bulbs are a bit easier for the struggling green thumb. Also, purchasing or attending an exchange with plants already started is a great help. For example, at the Arbor and Earth Day Festival at Rum Village Nature Center in April Mendelsohn had Shasta Daisy, Lily of the

Valley, Hibiscus, and Luminaria plants for exchange to get gardener’s started and excited to grow.

A gardening secret? “As I like to keep the water needs down as much as possible, invest in a bag of SoilMoist,” instructed Mendelsohn. “You will be amazed at how easy all of these flowers are to grow, enjoy the beauty of the flowers!” Be on the lookout for gardening classes at libraries and at nature events in the Michiana area, for upcoming classes with Mendelsohn.

Savor the Moment Experience a world-class culinary team and made from scratch cuisine in Sorin’s and Rohr’s at Morris Inn. Reserve your table today: 574.631.2000.

“I present many garden classes; it is my passion,” Medelsohn said. There is hope for those of us born without naturally green thumbs yet, it seems! Diana Mendselsohn’s favorite seeds to plan after May 25 include: • Zinnias—“Both tall and short, and every variety in-between, they are great for picking and attract butterflies all summer.” • Marigolds—“All colors and heights you will enjoy.” • Sunflowers—“Plant in the back [of your garden], since they grow tall. All varieties that you can find, you’ll be glad you did.” • Begonias—“Plant white, red and pink. These gems keep looking good all summer long.” 

130 MORRIS INN // NOTRE DAME, IN 46556 // 574.631.2000 // MORRISINN.ND.EDU SASSY | MAY 2017






By: Terry Mark

Of Quilt Gardens

Popular Quilt Gardens Opening 10th Anniversary Season with Two New Sites, Major Sculpture Exhibition

Photos Provided By: Elkhart County, IN CVB

The 10th anniversary of the popular Quilt Gardens will feature two new sites, a new Quilt Mural and one of the largest-ever exhibitions of Seward Johnson bronze sculptures outside of the artist’s personal retrospective. Planting of the 19 Quilt Gardens in late May has become an annual rite of spring, bringing out expert gardeners and volunteers alike to plant the thousands of plants that will flower into one million or more blooms at their peak. The Quilt Gardens, which are free to the public, open officially May 30, 2017, and close Oct. 1, 2017. This year, this one-of-a-kind exhibit will be accompanied by something else unprecedented — 56 life-size bronze sculptures by noted American artist Seward Johnson throughout the downtowns of Elkhart, Goshen, Nappanee, Middlebury, Bristol and Wakarusa. The sculpture exhibit will be topped off by a monumental, 25-foottall sculpture that will tower over downtown Elkhart’s Central Park.


MAY 2017 | SASSY

The new Quilt Gardens sites will be at Wellfield Botanic Gardens in Elkhart and at The Barn Door in Middlebury. Wellfield Botanic Gardens is returning as a Quilt Gardens site after a hiatus of five years, while The Barn Door is a recently opened shop featuring antique, vintage and re-purposed furniture and household items. In addition to the 19 Quilt Gardens, there will be 22 Quilt Murals returning on display, including a new mural at the Elkhart Public Library. “When you put it all together, you have an Epic Art Adventure,” said Diana Lawson, chief executive officer of the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau, making reference to the theme of this summer’s public art displays. “Come to any of the Quilt Gardens sites from May 30 to Oct. 1 and you’ll likely run into an avid quilter, gardener, photographer or family enjoying beauty in its various forms.” Each year, the Quilt Gardens bloom in exciting new combinations with patterns selected by each site to complement their surroundings. It takes an estimated 2,000 man-hours to plant, weed, water and maintain the gardens each year.

“The annual Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail has been an integral part of extending the stay of our current guests while warmly welcoming new visitors to experience Das Dutchman Essenhaus for the first time. It’s truly an honor to partner with the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau as they celebrate 10 years of success with this countywide event,” said Hannah Walsh, director of marketing for Das Dutchman Essenhaus.

Make Her Day Order Now for Mother’s Day!

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The Quilt Murals are at 16 sites, with a location in Nappanee and Middlebury each having four. The newest Quilt Mural is the Educate, Enlighten & Entertain mural at the Elkhart Public Library’s main branch downtown. “Displaying a Quilt Mural and hosting a Seward Johnson sculpture are two of the many ways we fulfill Elkhart Public Library’s mission to education, enlighten and entertain our community. We’re grateful the Friends of Elkhart Public Library support our active participation in local arts and culture initiatives, and we invite the public to come to the library and learn more about the artist, the style, and the themes and ideas depicted in these works,” said Lisa Guedea Carreno, director of the Elkhart Public Library. 


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MISHAWAKA/SOUTH BEND (800) 643-4604 (574) 256-2929

LAPORTE (800) 634-3437 (219) 362-8502 SASSY | MAY 2017




Hibernation to


The uber-beginner’s experience

“Another reason to start? Low startup cost.”


By: Christina Clark

armer weather means for many Midwesterners that we get outside a bit more, and become more inspired with our physical activity. It seems every week there is a 5k within driving distance in a few directions, and many, including myself this year, will use it as a personal challenge to keep themselves motivated. Having had lots of friends my entire life who swear by running, whether to keep their weight in check, their stress down, or just to have some time to themselves, I knew there had to be a reason people do it and a place to start. On the other hand, I have almost always hated the activity. Where to begin?

Running Apps I have used apps on my smartphone off and on to keep myself active and accountable. The Zen Labs Fitness C25K (Count to 5K) program that prompts you when to walk and run, in intervals, until the intervals get longer and longer and suddenly, supposedly: you’re running a 5k. I know many who have had success with the program. If simply being prompted to run isn’t enough to light a fire, there is Six to Start’s “Zombies, Run!” app. A friend pointed me this direction as it gives you a reason to move. The app is an immersive game where you must avoid zombie hoards and gather supplies, and you have to run in real life to avoid pitfalls in the game. If ever there was a reason to run, that’s it, right?

Group Training If you’re walking into a real-world training scenario, it’s always a little daunting. Especially with the hardcore training videos advertised on television, the massive people flipping tires outside of crossfit studios…what does it take to start this? I wanted to find out. Joining up on Mishawaka’s Riverwalk in Beutter Park on a Wednesday evening, the Fleet Feet No Boundaries 5K session is abuzz with conversation. They move locations for different settings and challenges. People seem to have brought friends or recognize those showing up and welcoming 12

MAY 2017 | SASSY

them. The couple at the center of the group, Kristin and Brett Albers, owners of Fleet Feet in Mishawaka, IN, are friendly and approachable, and making sure that everyone they have registered is staying accountable.

“I’d been sort of running for three years,” said Phyllis, who joined the group last year. She said that she enjoyed training with others and with coaches because they both kept the group moving but also taught the runners how to be safe.

Walking into this, I wasn’t sure that I’d measure up: I am brand new to running myself, a little softer around the edges than I’d like, and run out of breath even easier with spring pollen in the air. But I showed up. This has to be half of the battle, right?

She also had signs of osteopenia, or bone loss, prior to running. Osteopenia is a step before osteoporosis. After pounding the pavement for a dedicated time, Phyllis has had her bone density increase.

Kristin and Brett rally the group and they lead us over to a clearing to start warm-ups. There’s an explanation for each warm up, including one alternating walking on one’s toes and walking predominately on one’s heels: to prevent injury, strengthen joints, and guard against shin splints. Another nugget of wisdom that was given to the group was that when you’re jogging up hills, it might feel like you are running slower than you can walk, and that’s OK as long as you keep pushing yourself. The couple also emphasizes to not look down at your feet while scaling hills, and to push yourself up the hill, not pull. The group splits into two, “the runners” and “the run/walk group.” There is emphasis on starting where you’re comfortable pushing yourself. The groups start out with a warmup, and then the runners take off for their timed run, and the run/walk group listens for their cues for alternating activities. Everyone in the groups is friendly and encourages one another. Susan, who is doing the No Boundaries 5K training program for the second time, gives me a little wisdom about setting your personal pace that I missed from the past training sessions: “They say you should be able to talk while you run, but not sing.”

Sharon’s motivation was her health, after a cardiovascular wake-up call, and has been running for two years in July. She has done six 5Ks and finished a 10K last October. “I didn’t think I could do it at all, maybe I’ll just go with this group and walk. Then I decided to at least try and run,” she said. “I didn’t hurt at all after my 10k,” Sharon said, “If I can do it, anybody can do it.” She likes to be social with her workout, and that’s a motivation to keep showing up. Another reason to start? Low startup cost. “I just started running because all you had to do was buy shoes,” said Nancy. She bought shoes at Fleet Feet and was told about the group, so she decided to make her investment work for her. Having proper footwear is important, and finding the proper fit is something that Fleet Feet provides its customers. They have running mentors and training groups available, and more information can be found at 

Quick tips: • Staying hydrated is very important when beginning any physical activity, including training for a 5k. Try not to down a bottle of water all at once before running, but rather drink it throughout the day or make sure to drink a bit before and more after a morning workout, to stay comfortable while moving. • Fancy clothes you can Instagram not required. Wearing something comfortable and breathable is important. After wrestling with what I thought were some cute running leggings on a treadmill, that kept slipping down every time I sped up, I decided my best bet was some ugly drawstring pants for now. They stay up when I move and I don’t worry about how I look: I worry about moving forward. • Start out slow. Walk a pace fast enough to warm your body up and increase your heartrate. I’ve now trained with fast and slow runners, and the ones who have run marathons tell me the same thing: run your pace. It might be slow. You might be able to walk as fast as you can run, and that’s OK. Just commit to the form, and the speed will follow. • Register for that 5K! Keep yourself accountable by investing the registration fee. Make sure you give yourself enough time to confidently train, and get friends on board with you! Make it a fun event. If it’s more motivating, start some friendly competition with friends, or just set your sights on finishing!

Others have started the program to stay social and accountable, motivated, and for health reasons. SASSY | MAY 2017




Figuring Out “Fit” How to Uncover Company Culture During a Job Interview By: Allison Boelcke Smith


hen you’re comparing nearly identical job duties, what separates a job you like versus one you loathe is typically company culture. The definition of company culture boils down to “how things are done around here.” It encompasses everything from how leadership treats employees to whether or not you can wear headphones while you work or snack at your desk. Fitting into a company culture is a major part of your success - no matter how much you excel or enjoy the work, it can be draining to clash with a company’s mission or dayto-day inner workings.

Asking about these types of topics during a job interview can help you gain some insight into a company’s culture:


MAY 2017 | SASSY

1. Career Growth How employees are supported in their professional development can tell you a lot about their culture. You can ask if internal promotions are common, if employees opt to stay and advance their careers, or if there's mentorship or other professional development opportunities. If you're ambitious and want to grow within a company, carefully consider indicators of career growth.

2. Company Values The core values of a company influence its objectives and the roles of its employees. Research the company's mission statement and ask how the position supports it. This can help you figure out what is most valued, such as innovation, customer service, stability, or profits, and if your own values align with it.

3. Feedback Find out how feedback is given and received by an employer. A lack of feedback given to employees is frustrating because you may not know

where you stand, while employers who aren't open to feedback from employees likely don't show respect in other ways as well.

4. Flexibility If work-life balance is especially important at this stage in your career, a company culture that emphasizes flexible work arrangements is crucial for you. Pay close attention to anything the interviewer has to say about scheduling, working remotely, or how time off requests are handled to get a sense of their overall flexibility.

5. Employer Branding Give the employer an opening to promote the company culture by asking the hiring manager, "What are the best things about working for Company XYZ?" Take note of not just the response itself, but how passionate the manager seems as he or she communicates it to you.

6. Success Traits

8. Team Relationships

Company culture may dictate that certain employee personality traits are held to more esteem than others. Personality traits that may have served you well in previous jobs may not necessarily help you get ahead at others. Ask about what personality traits have separated good employees from the really great ones, and consider how you would measure up. For example, being able to get along well with others may not serve you well at a place where being competitive and cutthroat is necessary for success.

The people you work alongside can make up a significant part of the sub-culture within a company. While there's obviously no guarantee if you will get along with your coworkers, whether or not the employer prioritizes team building can help predict the likelihood of having a supportive environment. Bring up the topic of team building, or ask how members of a department interact.

7. Work Environment Carefully observe your potential workspace if the employer gives you a tour, or ask about the environment during the interview. Open floor plans, sharing desks, being isolated from other employees, a noisy atmosphere, etc. - these may make a difference in your day-to-day happiness at your job.

9. Self-Description When in doubt, there's nothing wrong with outright asking the hiring manager what the company's culture is like. You may not get the most straightforward response, but it can give you an idea if you even somewhat align with it or are a blatant mismatch. No matter how much you are drawn to a job description or company name, you will not be happy in the long term if you don’t align with the company culture. Prioritize learning about company culture in job interviews, so your “dream job” on paper doesn’t end up being a nightmare for you if hired. 






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Photos Provided By: Phyllis Rose


By: Phyllis Rose


Discovering Portugal

he gleaming white Monument of the Discoveries on the Tagus River in Lisbon, Portugal, celebrates the country’s Age of Discovery during the 15th and 16th centuries. It stands where explorers such as Vasco da Gama departed to find a sea route to India and Ferdinand Magellan departed for what became the first circumnavigation of the globe. Today, tourists are discovering Portugal. According to Reuters, the over 10 million tourists last year set a record. Having recently returned from Portugal, I would not be surprised if that number is surpassed in 2016. There were many more tourists than when I first visited Portugal 20 years ago.

castle’s archaeological museum, but we most enjoyed climbing the ramparts in the oldest part of the fortress for more views of the city. Finishing our Lisbon tour, we took day trips to Queluz Palace, Sintra, Fatima, Nazare and Obidos. Queluz Palace, the 18th century summer home for Dom Pedro of Braganza built in Rococo style, is reminiscent of Versailles, but much smaller. The beautiful rooms include the Don Quixote room decorated with scenes from Miguel de Cervantes’ novel. The Hall of Ambassadors with its crystal sconces, tall mirrors, and mirrored columns reminded us of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

In five days, my cousin, Judy Thomas, and I enjoyed discovering Portugal, starting in Lisbon where a two-day Hop On, Hop Off bus ticket helped us see Lisbon’s major attractions. Built on seven hills, Lisbon has many panoramic views. The best are from Saint George’s Hill at the Castle of Saint George, a fortress located on the site where Lisbon was founded. For the steep climb to the castle, Judy and I boarded an old-fashioned tram. These pre-war electric trams are a tourist attraction in themselves, screeching and lurching along the narrow streets. Alighting at the castle stop, we had a short, steep climb to the castle itself. But the view was worth it with the Tagus River and the red tiled roofs of the city below us. In the distance, we could see the faint outlines of the 262-foot Christ the King statue and the 25th of April bridge, a suspension bridge crossing the Tagus River. We visited the

From Queluz, it was on to Sintra, a small town perfect for wandering through shops and having lunch at an outdoor cafe. But the highlight was visiting Pena Palace, one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, located high on a ridge with views of Lisbon and the Atlantic. A chapel and a monastery were built here in the Middle Ages. However, the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 destroyed most of the monastery and it lay in ruins until acquired by Ferdinand II who turned it into a summer residence. The vivid red and gold palace towers make it stand out from the surrounding lush green

landscape. The palace’s interior has been restored to its look in 1910 when the royal family fled to Brazil due to a coup d’etat and the establishment of the Portuguese Republic. Among the palace’s rooms are the dining room where an elegant table has been set for a banquet, the tile-lined cloister remaining from the original monastery, and the banquet room lined with stags’ heads. Our last day in Portugal, we visited Fatima, Nazare and Obidos. Fatima is the home of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, commemorating the Virgin Mary’s appearance in 1917 when she revealed three secrets to three shepherd children. Today, the sprawling site with two basilicas, an open air chapel, and a huge esplanade is a destination for Catholic pilgrims and tourists alike. The oldest basilica is the Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima, a neoclassical church completed in 1953. Two of the three shepherd children, who died in the flu epidemic shortly after Mary’s visit, are buried in the basilica. A newer basilica, Church of the Holy Trinity, was completed in 2007 to accommodate large crowds during inclement weather. When we were there, many worshippers were gathered in the open-air Chapel of Apparitions built on the site where Mary appeared. Others were scooting on their knees across the esplanade and up to the chapel. Leaving Fatima, our driver/guide took us to the nearby village of Aljustrel to the childhood home of Maria Lucia, one of the children who saw the Virgin Mary. A constant stream of visitors flowed through the tiny, rustic cottage, seeing what life was like for Maria and her family.

Nazare, located on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic, is named after Nazareth, Jesus’ birthplace. Legend says a small wooden statue of Mary, originally from the Holy Land, was brought here by a monk in 711. It is now displayed in the Church of Our Lady of Nazare. In the church, we were so taken by the beauty of the golden altar, we failed to pay the one euro fee to go behind the altarpiece to see the statue.


Don’t leave Nazare without visiting the Fortress of the Archangel Michael, dating to the 1600s. Located high on a rocky promontory on the Atlantic, the fortress has spectacular views of the coastline. During certain times of the year, waves create extreme surfing conditions with waves topping 78 feet. Fortunately, when we were there, the sea was calm and peaceful. Before arriving in Obidos, we stopped at the Batalha Monastery or “Battle” Monastery, built to commemorate the Battle of Aljubarrota in 1385. The afternoon sun poured through the stained glass windows, creating a kaleidoscope of colors on the basilica’s floor. Obidos is a walled town dating to Roman times. It’s possible, they say, to walk all the way around the town on the old walls. We opted for a more leisurely activity, shopping the boutiques along the main street, Rua Direita, where we purchased our final Portugal souvenirs. Sadly, our visit to Portugal had come to an end, but we’ll have to go back to see the things we missed. With Portugal having contributed greatly to the world’s discoveries, it’s only fair we return the favor by discovering Portugal. 

If You Go: This trip was booked at which allows you to customize your trip to Europe, picking your flights, hotels, and sightseeing activities all on one site. Recommended Hotel: We stayed at the delightful boutique hotel, Hotel Portugal, www. It is centrally located and within easy walking distance of two major squares where public transportation is available. The closest square, Figueira, is a departure point for some of the Hop On Hop Off buses.


Free Public Art Exhibit May 30 – October 20 only!

Grab the whole family and see how many poses you can recreate with 56 life-size bronze sculptures & one 25-foot-tall monumental. While you’re out, enjoy 19 super-sized Quilt Gardens. Download Heritage Trail Adventures free from your app store for useful tips and interactive maps.

#EpicArtAdventures | | 800.262.8161 All sculptures by Seward Johnson: God Bless America ©2005, 2012, Los Mariachis ©1994, Forever Marilyn ©1996 Based upon the photograph by Bernard of Hollywood, Captured ©2013, Time For Fun ©2000 All rights reserved by The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc. SASSY | MAY 2017



on the cover

Helping Indiana Women Celebrate Their Inner and Outer Beauty

By: Allison Boelcke Smith

The pageant circuit isn't just a young woman’s game, as Julie Dilorenzo can attest. As the director of the Mrs. Indiana America pageant, Julie works with contestants who are married women spanning from their twenties to fifties. “You’re never too old to compete. I get girls from 25-55, and let me tell you, I have seen some amazing women in their 40s and 50s standing next to a 20 or 30 year old looking just as good!” Julie is no stranger to the pageant stage. A native and current resident of Elkhart, she has been crowned Mrs. Indiana International and Mrs. Indiana-America, and was 42 years old when she won her last title. She has more than 25 years of experience in the pageant industry, and as she says, “You name the area in pageantry and I’ve done it!” For the last 16 years, Julie has run the Elkhart Distinguished Young Women scholarship program (formerly known as Junior Miss), in which young women in high school can compete to win money for college. The participants are not evaluated on their appearance, but rather scholastic achievements, interview, talent, fitness, and self-expression. “There are so many things that pageantry gives to women, in the way of confidence, great friendships, scholarship money, and the opportunity to share their personal successes.” From working with high schoolers to married women, Julie has personally witnessed the ways pageants positively benefit the participants that go far beyond the outer appearance. “You cannot participate in any pageant, in which you are putting yourself in front of the public and judges, and not grow in certainty and self-esteem,” explains Julie.

The Mrs. Indiana-America pageant, which is for married women, in particular is filled with contestants from all walks of life, who defy the stereotypical beauty pageant conventions and use the program to empower themselves. “Lawyers, teachers, those in the fitness industry, firefighters, college professors, stay at home moms - women from all different backgrounds use this pageant to improve personally, physically and emotionally.” says Julie. The pageant circuit isn’t as cutthroat as some would believe - in Julie’s experience, the contestants are supportive of each other and there to make connections and achieve their own personal goals, not to tear down the competition. “The contestants want to get to know each other as women and empower one another,” states Julie. “We really want to create a sisterhood, when it’s all said and done.” She says one of the most common reasons women participate in the Mrs. Indiana-America pageant is to bring attention to a cause for which they’re passionate. “A title and a crown give your platform a voice. It opens a door for you and makes people and the media more likely to listen to what you have to say,” she explains. Julie has utilized her role, as director, in the pageant industry to bring attention to a national cause for which she is passionate: Victoria’s Voice Foundation. Providing support and education, the organization advocates to fight the national drug epidemic by equipping first responders with Narcan, which can reverse opioid overdoses, with the goal of hopefully making people less afraid to call 911 for help in overdose situations. While Julie believes there are many benefits of pageants, she also acknowledges there are misconceptions associated with them. “A common misconception about pageants is that you have to have the perfect body or spend a lot of money, which is not necessarily true.” She recommends contestants ask for support in their endeavor, through requesting sponsorships for expenses or bartering services. And the fear of creating or exacerbating body image issues should not hold women back from competing in a pageant. “I have never experienced in either the teen or Mrs. pageant, any unhealthy dieting or exercising habits. We’re educated so much better now on being healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is no one secret exercise or diet plan that will make you ‘pageant perfect’ because there is no such thing. It’s not just about being beautiful, it’s about being well-rounded and creating a complete package that represents you,” explains Julie.

In addition to her director roles in the local pageant organizations, Julie is also the owner of Blushing Bride on 17, a bridal boutique in Elkhart. She relishes in the joy of helping brides-to-be find the perfect dress because she sees just how much the perfect dress brings joy and confidence to the bride. “When you wake up in the morning and love your outfit and are having a good hair day, it just makes you feel good. It gives you an extra pep in your step. As women get older with families and careers, we put everybody before us. And at the end of the day, week, or month, you’ve left yourself last.” Her involvement in the Mrs. Indiana pageant allows Julie the chance to help women invest time and energy into themselves, and reap the personal benefits. Like most working women, Julie is constantly juggling to find that perfect work-life balance. “It’s all about prioritizing what’s right for you at this point in your life.” She is married to her husband Mike, and has two adult daughters Leslee and Laura. She enjoys playing tennis, working in her yard, hosting get-togethers with friends at her home, and traveling to new places. And although she has a jam-packed schedule, especially as Blushing Bride on 17 continues to grow, slowing down is not a current goal. “I like to be busy. I’m 60, but I don’t see myself retiring anytime soon,” says Julie. She opened Blushing Bride on 17 four years ago, and wants to give it at least another five years. But she remains open-minded and ready to go with whatever God has in store for her in the future. 

“The contestants want to get to know each other as women and empower one another. We really want to create a sisterhood...”

For more information about Distinguished Young Women of Elkhart scholarship program, visit and for more information about the Mrs. Indiana-America pageant, visit www. Blushing Bride is located at 901 Parkway Avenue in Elkhart, 574-294-2217 and carries bridal gowns and accessories, bridal party wear, tuxedos, mother of the bride attire, and specializes in carrying designs unique to the area. SASSY | MAY 2017


Scene Be Seen

Please send us some of your favorite photos from your organization’s or charity’s best events and fundraisers. They just may make the next issue of SASSY Magazine! We prefer snapshots of people that are full of life and enjoying the moment, so please send them our way:

Goodwill Little Black Dress

Fashion Show Celebrates 8 Years! Models walked the runway at Goodwill’s Little Black Dress Fashion Show on Thursday, April 27th at the Hilton Garden Inn Gillespie Center. Guests enjoyed an elegant lunch, saw the latest in spring fashion and shopped the Goodwill Boutique, for an enjoyable afternoon. Goodwill Industries of Michiana partnered with WSBTTV and B100 in support of their Mission to strengthen communities by empowering individuals and families through education, training and job placement. “In this our 8th year of bringing the Little Black Dress Fashion Show to the community, we are so appreciative of the support attendees provide. It allows us to continue the work of helping people change their lives through obtaining a high school diploma at The Excel Center, job training for individuals who are looking to re-integrate back into society upon leaving prison, or job placement for individuals with disabilities. When you attend this event, you are a part of our mission,” commented Debie Coble, President and CEO.

Photos Provided By: Cassie Mills

Kathy Friend, nationally known as a stylist and image consultant and President of the Style and Image Institute, produced and hosted the program. She was joined by Emcee Cari Peugeot, WSBT-TV Meteorologist. B100’s Deb Miles, Co-Host of Mackey and Miles in the Morning, joined the fashion show as Goodwill’s Celebrity Model. “Our fans always enjoy a great runway show, and this year was no different. We worked with local women as our models; and they showcased many of this season’s hottest trends. They really do an amazing job,” says Kathy Friend. Each year, Goodwill features another local non-profit during the Community Spotlight segment of the program. Andrea Popielski, Hannah’s House Executive Director, joined the models and shared their mission with the audience. If you love fashion, you won’t want to miss Goodwill’s next Little Black Dress Fashion Show on Thursday, November 9th at Avalon Manor in Merrillville. For more information, visit: or call: (866) 649-7300. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Kelley VanField & Holly Wiese

Rescued on the Runway On April 20 of this year, the efforts of a group of dedicated individuals culminated with the 14th annual Humane Society event, the Bernice Simms Furry Friends Rescued on the Runway. In honor of the founder of the event, Bernice Simms, this fun and enjoyable fund raiser has been dedicated to raising money to carry out the day to day operations of the shelter in nurturing and caring for the thousands of animals admitted to the shelter. The success of this event which was held at the Lerner Theatre and Conference Center, a wonderful and pleasant venue where staff are always so accommodating, was due to the numerous individuals who worked to coordinate and carry out the event. A special thanks to event cocoordinators, Stephanie Krol and Nicole Cripe, along with their entourage of individuals who helped to obtain donations, contact sponsors, prepare donations for the event, marketing, etc. (Lana Davis, Janet Graham, Anne Reel, Lindsay Feher, Della Fink, Heather Dickey, and Bernice Simms). Event support volunteers and shelter staff members were also on hand (too many to name but definitely greatly appreciated) to help with registration, photos, directing attendees to their tables and fantastic dog handlers to keep the canine crew entertained throughout the evening. Event Emcee, Greg Fink, bantered with participants has he encouraged bids on three major silent auction items as well as the paddle raise that generates direct support for daily care of the shelter’s animals. The main attraction included fabulous Stephenson’s fashions being worn by 21 models who were accompanied by their adorable dogs which included some of the Humane Society alumni dogs! Thanks to Danny Reynolds and his generous team! Hosts for the show included Danny Reynolds with cohostess, Zarah Skelton, 2016 Mrs. Indiana. Thanks to tops sponsors, LaVanture Products, Rick Burns Orthodontics and Johnson Hardware along with pre-event support from sixteen corporate sponsors and twenty-two individual gifts along with sixty in-kind donations. Lastly, a huge thanks to the approximately 300 individuals who attended the event and shared their generosity! Overall, a total net of $80,000 was raised to care for the over 4,400 animals encountered by the shelter which includes 53 species. 

Scene Be Seen

CAPS Superhero 5k This Saturday over 700 people supported CAPS-Child And Parent Services 3rd Annual Superhero 5k and Sidekicks Fun Run despite the chilly weather. CAPS’ Superhero 5k is a family fun event held in Elkhart County in honor of National Child Abuse Awareness Month. The race was held in Downtown Elkhart at the Civic Plaza at 9am with participants dressed in their favorite superhero costumes. The outreach event honors a Superhero in Elkhart County every year that is fighting to end child abuse in Elkhart. This year’s Superhero is Brian Replogle. Brian Replogle is a former CAPS Board Member who is raising his nephew Austin who suffers from Shaken Baby Syndrome. Brian adopted Austin and has dedicated the past 17 years to teaching others about Shaken Baby Syndrome, in the hopes that no other child has to endure the effects of this tragedy that Austin faces every day. “Brian’s story is a reminder that we must all come together to help prevent child abuse in Elkhart County. We each have a responsibly as community members to help children live happy, carefree lives,” stated CEO Candy Yoder. This family event is full of fun, music and most importantly provides an opportunity for the community to join CAPS in its mission of keeping kids safe from abuse and neglect while encouraging strong families. Kids get an opportunity to join in on the fun with the Sidekick Kids Fun Run and take pictures with the super-powered team from Elkhart's own Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum. “This event is about reaching more families throughout Elkhart County and beyond as well as sharing CAPS and what we do as an organization,” stated Event Specialist Claire Guy Powell. All proceeds from the race benefit the CAPS mission of keeping kids safe from abuse and neglect. CAPS is a non-profit organization in Elkhart County ensuring that every child lives a life free from abuse and neglect. CAPS accomplishes this through education, advocacy, and intervention with families and the community to support safe, stable, nurturing relationships for all children. 

Photos Provided By: Darrel Yoder

Concord Junior High School Students Raise $43,000 For

Make-A-Wish During Concord Junior High School’s Closing Ceremony for their Make-A-Wish Fundraising Campaign on March 31, it was clear that not all heroes wear capes. Some come in the form of 7th and 8th graders making a difference. That morning, Concord Junior High School stunned the community by announcing they had raised more than $43,000 to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation during this year’s month-long “Heroes in the House” fundraiser. Since starting this campaign in the 90s, this school has inspired the community with their dedication toward giving to others. Adding this new amount to their historical total, Concord Junior High School has raised nearly $350,000 to support the Make-A-Wish mission, setting a record for school fundraising in the Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana territory. Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana is the local serving chapter of the national Make-A-Wish Foundation. The mission of Make-A-Wish is to grant wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Every dollar raised locally stays locally and goes on t-o grant local children’s wishes. Making wishes possible in Indiana has been something Concord Junior High School takes seriously. Between a 5K, trivia nights, a Family Fun Night and other fundraisers, every single member of the Concord Junior High School family was involved. Students and staff thought of creative ways to help raise more money. In one case, a teacher allowed her students to cut off her hair, one dollar per snip, which was also then made into a wig for a child in need.

“I am blown away by all of the hard work and effort that was put into these events,” said Morgan James, Development Associate at Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana. “I want the students at Concord Junior High School to know they all are changing the lives of kids who constantly hear no—‘no you can’t go to school, play sports or have a sleepover.’ Generosity like this helps Make-A-Wish say yes to their wishes. The students at Concord are all heroes, and we could not do what we do without supporters like them.” Through this year’s fundraising of $43,000, Concord Junior High is able to grant the wishes of wish kids Lilie (14), Neveah (9) and Christian (6), plus several more local wishes (as the average cost of a wish is $8,000). All three area wish kids will now get to take trips of their dreams with their families. Wish kid Lilie (14) of Walkerton, Ind. is battling Chron’s Disease and wishes to take a Caribbean cruise. Wish kid Neveah (9), of Mishawaka, Ind. is fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and wishes to visit Walt Disney World® Resort with her family. Wish kid Christian (6), of Elkhart, Ind. is battling Cystic Fibrosis and also wishes to visit Walt Disney World® Resort. For schools inspired by Concord Junior High School wishing to host their own fundraisers, call 1-877-206-9474, visit, or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @ makeawishohkyin. 

Photos Provided By: Concord Jr. High

SASSY Magazine May 2017  


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