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APRIL 2017

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spring into


Community Involvement The Importance Of

Darla Hernandez Lippert Changing Lives One Charity At A Time

Little Black Dress FASHION SHOW & BOUTIQUE Thursday, April 27th Hilton Garden Inn, Gillespie Center South Bend, IN 10:00 am Boutique Opens 11:30 am Fashion Show

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EVERY MONTH 4 From The Publisher 5 Contributors & Testimonials SASS FACTORY: STUFF WE LOVE 6 Sassy Time SASS 8 Balancing Order & Chaos

By: Andrew Skipper

LIFE 10 Earth Day, Two Wheels, Blueberry Pancakes

By: Christina Clark

12 Cate + 8 (Kates)

By: Margo Bell

14 Stalk Talk

By: Margo Bell

HEALTH 16 Jump Into Spring

By: Abbi Pollyea

20 Spring Into Action

A Special Thank You To Darla Hernandez Lippert For Being An Amazing Cover Model!

By: Kristine Smith

ON THE COVER 22 The Importance Of Community Involvement

By: Cyndy Searfoss

WORK 24 Making The Most Of Your Performance Evaluation

By: Allison Boelcke Smith

26 Get More Physical Activity During The Workday Even If You Have A Desk Job

By: Allison Boelcke Smith

SCENE & BE SEEN 28 Art With Annie’s Gallery Night & Charity Auction 29 Elkhart County GO RED For Women Luncheon 30 University Park Mall Hosts Exclusive Shopper Night To Benefit The Center For The Homeless 31 Helping To End Domestic Violence One Dance At A Time


from the publisher President & Publisher: Sue Heinrich


t’s April and that means spring! I am really in the mood for spring in spite of the mild winter. My crocuses are in bloom and the daffodils and tulips aren’t far behind. Even the lilac bush nearby is already budding. I worry that we will have a late frost and destroy all these young buds that have ventured out so early in the year. I suspect the local fruit farmers are even more worried. However, these signs of spring are making me think about what flowers to plant this year and how soon to plant them. This year, Easter and Passover come in the middle of April with Passover on April 10-11 and Easter on April 16 - the weekend everyone is working on taxes with tax day on the 17th. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor? With Easter so late, it is quite likely that we will have good weather for Easter egg hunts this year as well as Easter fashions. April to me is also the time of renewal and rebirth as the outdoors come alive with new growth of flora and fauna. The birds come back and new baby animals are everywhere. I guess I am really talking about spring. This issue is packed with spring stories – Jump into Spring, Spring into Action and Getting More Activity In. I am thrilled to have Darla Lippert on our cover this month! Darla is a local TV personality, a mom and a philanthropist as a huge supporter of the Boys and Girls Clubs and other charities in the area.

MANAGING Editor: Jessica Haviland


GRAPHIC DESIGN Manager: Zuzanna Zmud

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I am also thrilled to be announcing the 2017 Class of Women to Watch in this issue! You will be hearing a lot more about them over the next few months. Now, think spring and enjoy this issue of SASSY Magazine! LOOK WHO’s TALKING

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Christina L. Clark


is a digital marketing specialist for Indiana University South Bend, and a freelance writer who loves to focus on topics of career and personal finance geared toward working women and mothers. She resides in South Bend with her husband and toddler daughter. During any free time she can manage, she is a foodie whose goal is to actually make more recipes on her Pinterest boards.

is a mom, fundraiser, writer, equestrienne, creative writing adjunct instructor, volunteer and insomniac (which is how she manages to fit everything into the space of 24-hour day). Her professional history includes stints as the managing partner of an advertising agency, director of creative services, director of alumni services at IU South Bend and director of advancement at a local independent school. She received her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in journalism and her master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Notre Dame in 1995.

Christina L. Clark is brunch lover and puppy snuggler. She studies Communication at IUSB, works as a licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist, and loves to write whenever given the chance!

was a research technician in medical, molecular, and marine biology before making a mid-life career change to writing for adults and children. She is a former magazine editor and has published more than 100 articles and features in magazines and newspapers. Margo and her husband Jim live in South Bend and have two grandchildren.

APRIL 2017


Please take one!


On the cover Meet the cover photographer and makeup artist!


spring into

action The ImporTance of


Darla HernanDez liPPert cHanging lives one cHarity at a time

Amy Reinert is Michiana's Premier HS Senior, Teen and Fashion

Photographer. She grew up working in her father's studio and then decided to start her own. Her style is clean, modern and with a flair for fashion. She shoots a variety of sessions in her new Granger studio as well as on location. 574-903-6383.

Esthetician and Head Makeup Artist of Bethza Professional Makeup Artist Studio located in Elkhart and has her own cosmetic company, Nethyel Pro Beauty. She worked as a freelance makeup artist in Chicago and Indianapolis. Her specialization in editorial, commercial and high fashion makeup inspired her to bring that style to her community. (574) 226-5261




Bethza Seminario is the Co-Founder, Creative Director, Licensed

READER “I share SASSY Magazine with all my co-workers! It gives great professional advice for women!”

- Cindy R. “Thanks SASSY Magazine for my giveaway prize! Your giveaways are always fun and practical!”

–Brenna B. “SASSY Magazine is a great company to work with. They have helped me reach my target market in a short amount of time!”

– Lisa V.

Thank you! SASSY | APRIL 2017








Riverdance, 7:30 P.M., Morris Performing Arts Center – South Bend

Dyngus Day

Meditation Yoga, 5:30 P.M., - 6:30 P.M., Elkhart Environmental City



SuperHero 5K And SideKick Fun Run, 9:00 A.M., Civic Plaza – Downtown Elkhart 1964 The Tribute, 7:30 P.M., The Lerner- Elkhart

22 Earth Day



River Bend Film Festival, 10:00 A.M., Downtown Goshen


Dirty Dancing, 8:00 P.M., Morris Performing Arts Center – South Bend


31st Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction, 6:00 P.M., Riverside Terrace – Mishawaka

Happy Easter

Goodwill “Stuff A Truck” Donation Drive, 7:00 A.M., Goodwill Retail Store – Mishawaka



Little Black Dress Fashion Show & Boutique, 10:00 A.M., Hilton Garden – South Bend

Taste Of Michiana, Rescued On The Runway Fashion Show, 5:00 P.M., 5:00 P.M., Century Center – South Bend Lerner Theatre, Crystal Ballroom – Elkhart

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Five Fun Facts About

Earth Day

1. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, 2. Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day while he was working as a U.S. Senator. 3. Some schools and communities celebrate Earth Day for a whole week to expand the time frame that people focus on the earth and how they can preserve it.

(Image from MPRM Communications)

Easter Decorations

4. On Earth Day in 2012, more than 100,000 people rode bikes in China to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel. 5. In Panama, 100 endangered species of orchids were planted and maintained to prevent their extinction in honor of Earth Day. (Information found at ) 6


Robins Egg Mason Jar

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Hayley Boling

Magazine is honored to highlight the 2017 class of Women to Watch! SASSY

Women from all over Michiana were nominated by their peers, colleagues, friends and family for their embodiment of the sassy spirit, combining work, life, balance and sass—at home, in their communities and in the workplace. We are truly pleased to bestow the honor of being named a 2017 Woman to Watch to all of these women who are working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of others. With an entire stack of nominations received, our panel had their work cut out for them to choose this year’s class—but these women all stood out for their professionalism, work ethic and spirit of volunteerism. These are all qualities that make up a SASSY woman—and will never go out of style!

Ashley Boling Molyneaux Katy Carlile Cindy Cohen Dallas Dreher Cecilia Garcia Redmond Pam Gunterman Francine Stanley Kimmi Troy Jeannine M. Villing


Congratulations to all of our 2017 Women to Watch!

SASSY Magazine wants to hear from you! Tell us how we are doing so we can keep providing you with the best articles that Michiana has to offer! Scan the QR code below to fill out the short survey and be entered-to-win a SASSY t-shirt!



Balancing Order and Chaos


ith busy schedules and the constant bombardment of technology, it can be difficult to live an orderly life. The moment you start to clean the house, a friend sends you a text message and wants to go out. As soon as you put your mind to a project, an urgent email comes through on your phone. Right when you go to do laundry, you remember that your favorite TV show is on. Even with all of these distractions, not to mention partners, kids and going to the gym, it is possible to bring order from chaos. The secret lies in balance. By incorporating a few routines into your daily life and utilizing some tricks in your home, you can relieve some stress from your days and pave the way to a more zen-like lifestyle.



By: Andrew Skipper

Routines and Rituals Does clutter rule your home? Living in a cluttered environment can add stress to your life, but figuring out the reason for the clutter is the first step in conquering it. If you tend to let paperwork pile up or leave laundry scattered throughout the room, chances are you don’t have healthy routines in place. An outward mess is always a sign of an inward situation, meaning you may feel out of control in one or more areas of life. The best way to remedy this chaotic pattern is to set up little routines and rituals in your daily life. For starters, stay on top of mail and paperwork. Every day when you bring the mail in, immediately place it into one of three categories: trash/recycle, read later and attend to immediately. All junk mail can go straight to the trash or recycle bin, all letters or catalogues can be placed on a desk to be looked at within the week, and all bills or urgent documents can be dealt with that day. Setting up a filing system is also a great way to keep things organized. If everything has a specific place to be filed, it won’t be taking up valuable space on tabletops. Another wonderful habit to get into is to keep the kitchen clean as you go. Every time you dirty a dish, it either goes into the dishwasher or is hand washed right away. After each meal, make it a ritual to leave the kitchen spic and span. Clear the countertops of anything that doesn’t belong, and wipe them down. Make sure the sink is cleared of dirty dishes, and take the garbage out. The same principle can apply to the bathroom. Every day, when you are finished getting ready, make sure countertops are clear of clutter and that everything is in its rightful place. This will also save you time searching for misplaced items. Finally, take five minutes each night before you go to bed to take a walk around

the house. Fluff throw pillows on the sofa, fold blankets, put laundry away and corral random items like remote controls, dirty dishes and shoes. Going to sleep with everything in its proper place allows you to wake up to a clutter-free house, which will help you feel more balanced in the morning.

and keep their homes tidy to the point of obsession. Even if you like to keep things practically perfect, it’s important to keep balance in mind as well. Adding a bit of fun and whimsy to your home gives it a personal touch and leaves people feeling less rigid. Try to incorporate a few less serious pieces into your home that will

“Color is a fantastic way to bring disparate pieces together in order to form a cohesive look. ” Unite With Color If you walk into your home and don’t feel relaxed or soothed, chances are you have too much going on when it comes to decor. Lots of different knickknacks and several colors and patterns can be overwhelming to the eye. Try unifying things with one color palate. For instance, if you love blue and white, why not display a collection of blue and white pottery on a table, and then hang a favorite art piece that incorporates those same colors above the table? What you’re doing is visually uniting all these various items into one “unit” so that the eye reads everything as one vignette rather than as a bunch of stuff thrown together. Color is a fantastic way to bring disparate pieces together in order to form a cohesive look.

Whimsy is Wonderful Some people are over the top organized

make you smile every time you see them. Perhaps it’s a child’s artwork, framed and hung on the wall. Maybe it’s a sculptural chair in the corner. You could even hang a chalkboard by the back door that you could write loving messages on each time you pass it. Whatever you choose, be sure to have some fun in your house.

Double Duty Whether you have a small apartment or an imposing mansion, it seems that we all could use more storage space. When shopping for furniture, look for pieces that can do double duty. Ottomans that open up for storage or deep shelving units that can hold baskets of necessary—but not so pretty—objects are ideal options. Increasing storage possibilities will help keep tabletop surfaces free of clutter, which will make your home more visually appealing.  SASSY | APRIL 2017




Earth Day, Two Wheels, Blueberry Pancakes


By: Christina Clark

rowing up, I remember my school going all out for environmental conservation. We sang songs, we learned about different habitats and ecosystems, we went outside and played more that month and we learned to identify different animals and plants. In fifth grade, the big project was building a solar oven and having the middle of the day’s class outside so we could cook our meals together. Looking back, it was a different time, and we are much busier as a society now. But the fact remains that we have one planet to live on, and taking care of it doesn’t mean that everyone has to start chomping granola (even if it’s delicious) and going barefoot. There are some local events that make it easy and fun to learn about our local environment. Own a bicycle? Did you know we have a greenhouse conservatory? Take a look at the small changes highlighted for Earth Day in the Michiana area that won’t require that you trade in your home for a yurt. Saturday, April 22, this year is our designation for Earth Day. The first Earth day was in 1970, and is credited with helping grow the environmental movement in America.

Learn! The Potawatomi Conservatories on Mishawaka Avenue in South Bend are hosting their annual Earth Day Show and Entertainment Event on April 22 from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. There will be a kids hour at 5 P.M., where there will be three crafts for children to make and take home (catnip toys, herbal sachets and small butterfly gardens) included in the small entrance fee of $2 per child, and $5 per adult. The event will include work from local artists, live music, demonstrations, food and door prizes for attendees. “Visitors will be treated to a many spring blooms, a lovely show of flowers blooming inside the greenhouse,” said Diana Mendelsohn, member of the Board for the Conservatories, of the event. Not really sure what the Potawatomi Conservatories are? According to their website, they are “a haven of tranquility with Potawatomi Park. Here, you can wander through lush, tropical foliage, explore the marvelous shapes and textures of succulent plants in the arid Desert Dome or just sit quietly in the peaceful surroundings.” 10


There is also an event in the morning on April 22 from 8 A.M. to noon at Rum Village Park and Nature Center in South Bend: “Arbor and Earth Day festival.” The event boasts over 50 displays representing local green businesses, ecology clubs, garden clubs, sustainability issues and even local government to be represented. This event features a wildflower hike, free trees on a first come first serve basis, crafting a bird feeder and other ways to explore initiatives in the area and celebrate the Earth. Lots of entertainment for kids, of which the crafts and activities come at no extra cost. There will likely be more events coming soon, so be sure to check in with the Conservatories and Rum Village if you can.

Ride! Michiana’s Bike to Work week always garners lots of attention. Cycling is not only a green activity, it is also a healthy and fun one. When many of us were younger, riding a bike meant a little extra freedom to roam. Today, it puts us a little more in touch with our surroundings again as we explore on two wheels. Prepare in April by starting to get your bicycle tuned up: put some air in your tires, re-adjust your helmet and take advantage of the warmer days that pepper our weather in spring. The cities of Mishawaka and South Bend have worked hard to incorporate new infrastructure that gives cyclists new lanes, more visibility and their own paths. “Increasing bike paths help get people cycling, families feel safer on paths with kids. I think the biggest challenge cyclists face is safety: getting cars to share the road,” said Karen Haun, of the Bike Michiana Coalition. “I think the number of women in the US is increasing, but women prefer recreational and safe routes for cycling,” said Haun.

“As safer routes continue to increase, women cycling increases. Men tend to ride more on clogged streets and more women prefer riding on bicycle trails. In the US, women make up 25% of cyclists, and in Denmark women make up 55% of cyclists,” Haun said. To help take a few cars off the road in May, and to get people inspired to try something new, there is the “Annual Bike to Work Week” from May 14-20. Registration is free, and it only requires that you register and record your rides. There is a blueberry pancake breakfast at LaSalle Grill on the Tuesday of that week, when South Bend will close the street in front of the restaurant to accommodate the cyclists able to attend. The Mayor’s Ride is on Sunday, May 7 from 8 A.M. until noon, and features both Mayors Pete Buttigieg of South Bend and Dave Wood of Mishawaka. There will be events leading up to the ride that will focus on bicycle safety for children, teaching them how to safely ride in busier areas. The event is to highlight the connected bikeways and bicycle friendly structure of paths and routes in and between South Bend and Mishawaka. It is free, with a suggested $10 donation to go towards further events to be held to teach children about bicycle safety and to provide helmets to them. “I also own a coffee roasting business, Bendix Coffee, and sometimes I deliver coffee on my bicycle,” said Karen Haun, highlighting a video on Bendix Coffee’s Facebook page of her transporting 50 pounds of coffee on her bike. You can do more on a bike than you think!

Photos Courtesy:

“Cycling is not only a green activity, it is also a healthy and fun one.”

There are many ways to get inspired to go green with small lifestyle changes in Michiana, and as we trudge slowly towards warmer weather with spring it becomes more feasible and attractive as well. Explore what the community has to offer, and if you start to get a craving for granola? Go with the flow. 






By: Margo Bell

Catherine, Kathleen, Katherine, Kathrin, Kathryn, Kate, Cate—and even Colleen—any way you spell it, there seem to be a number of actresses named Kate, or in one instance, Cate. Try matching up an interesting fact with the surname:

1. Was born in Michiana.

a. Bosworth

2. Practices Buddhism.

b. Beckinsale

3. Isn’t really an actress although she appeared in films.

c. Blanchett

4. Has one blue eye and one hazel eye.

d. Capshaw

5. Portrayed an even more famous Kate.

e. Hudson

6. Is the youngest actress to receive six Oscar nominations.

f. Moss

7. Portrayed Nick Nolte’s mother, although she’s actually nine years younger than the actor. 8. Is married to Steven Spielberg.

g. Upton

9. Portrayed both a vampire and a vampire hunter.

i. Nelligan

BONUS QUESTION: Which three of these nine actresses were born with the name Kate? 12


h. Winslet


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lAPORTE (800) 634-3437 (219) 362-8502 SASSY | APRIL 2017





By: Margo Bell

Astounding Asparagus


mong the lovely things that announce the arrival of spring are the slender spears of asparagus. This unusual vegetable is noted for its versatility and pairs well with a variety of dishes, not just at a holiday table but anytime at any meal.

A Perennial Wonder Although asparagus has been depicted in Egyptian friezes dating back to 3,000 BC, it wasn’t introduced to the U.S. until the mid-1850s. Asparagus is one of only three perennial vegetables, the others being rhubarb and artichoke. Most comes from California, Washington and Michigan. In fact, Oceana County, Michigan, on the Lake Michigan shore, declares itself the Asparagus Capital of the World, owning homage to the green vegetable in a festival each June. Thanks to worldwide production, primarily from China, Peru and parts of Europe, asparagus can be enjoyed year-round instead of the U.S. harvest time limited to six weeks or more in the spring.

A Big Payoff for Hard Work

blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid levels. Moreover, asparagus contains Vitamins K, C, A and E, in addition to high levels of fiber, folate and potassium. There is no fat or cholesterol, and each spear contains only four calories (if you don’t drown it in butter or sauce). Ideally, asparagus should have a bright uniform color, smooth skin and tips that are dry and tight. For storage the stems can be wrapped in damp paper towels or stored upright in a glass of water in the refrigerator for several days. Cut off woody stems and rinse well to get rid of sand and soil.

Now What You’ve Been Waiting For . . .

Growing asparagus requires patience. Planting “crowns” should produce a light crop the first year, but producing asparagus from seed needs three years to harvest. From then on a plant can produce asparagus for years, even decades, and can grow as much as an inch an hour! However, the asparagus plant is labor intensive, requiring plenty of sun, fertilizer and space—a minimum of about four square feet—to support the root system and an attractive post-harvest fernlike plant during the summer. There are three types of asparagus: the common green that we see in markets, a purple variety that turns green on cooking and a white type. This latter variety, or Spargel, is hand-snipped at the base once the tips pop through the soil and kept in boxes to keep the stalk white. While driving through Germany, Austria and other parts of Europe during the spring harvest time you can spot locals piling this much-loved vegetable into bags at outdoor markets and roadside stands.

A Nutritional Powerhouse Asparagus holds a wealth of saponins, phytonutrients that can produce anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, and are helpful as a tool to control 14


Ah, yes, the “Pee Factor.” The asparagus’s tender, tasty tips, or points d’amour, also produce the strongest flavor of the stalk. Blame the plant’s asparagusic acid for the give-off of smelly urine. During digestion the chemical breaks down into several related sulfurcontaining compounds that contribute to the odor than can be detected 15-30 minutes after ingestion. Despite several worldwide scientific studies involving hundreds of subjects, it’s still unclear why some people produce or can smell the odor while others cannot. Other investigators suggest that all asparagus eaters have the smell in their urine but only a certain number of people can detect it. Well, to many of us it’s a small price to pay for such a delicious, versatile and nutritious vegetable. 

By: Margo Bell

CATE + 8 (KATES) ANSWERS: 1-g: Kate Upton was born in

4-a: Kate Bosworth has

7-i: Kate Nelligan’s character

St. Joseph, Michigan. The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model (various years) and star in The Other Woman (2014) is the great-granddaughter of Frederick Upton, co-founder of the Whirlpool Corporation. Her uncle is U.S. Representative Fred Upton.

heterochromia iridium, an optic occurrence that causes each eye to be a different color. The congenital condition is rare, occurring in six out of 1,000 births. The supporting star of Still Alice (2014) is filming a new movie, Finding Steve McQueen.

in Prince of Tides (1991) was Lila Wingo, the mother of Tom Wingo (Nick Nolte). For this role she was tapped for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.


5-c: Kate Blanchett (pronounced

Although raised Jewish, Kate Hudson practices Buddhism like her famous actress mother Goldie Hawn. Probably best noted for her role in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Hudson currently is filming Marshall about U.S. Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall. Release date is 2017.

3-f: Pipe-cleaner-thin Kate Moss (size 0!) has appeared as herself in three films: The Boy in the Dress (2014), Ab Fab: The Movie (2016), and Zoolander 2 (2016). Incidentally, Moss denies ever having anorexia.

BLAN-chet) won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator (2004). In addition, she is one of only six actors to be nominated for playing the same role (Elizabeth I) in two separate films.

6-h: Kate Winslet (Titanic, 1997; Revolutionary Road, 2008) by age 33 garnered her sixth nomination in The Reader, winning Best Actress for that role in the 2008 movie. She bypassed Bette Davis, who was 34 at the time of her sixth nomination.

8-d: The Indiana Jones co-star has one child, Jessica, with her first spouse, Robert Capshaw, then married Steven Spielberg. The Capshaw/Spielberg combined family includes, besides Jessica, a son from Spielberg’s previous marriage to actress Amy Irving, and five other natural and adopted children.


A former student of French and Russian Literature at Oxford University, Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor, 2001) played a vampire in Underworld (2003) and a vampire hunter in Van Helsing (2004).

BONUS ANSWER: There are three actresses born with the name Kate: Hudson, Moss and Winslet. 






into Spring

Article & Photos By: Abbi Pollyea Spring is here! To mark this transition in seasons, take the time to freshen up your workout. Fitness routines can get a bit monotonous during the winter months; redesigning a healthy new exercise regimen can reboot both your energy and your workout stamina. It is also time to get your body toned, confident and ready for warm weather clothes such as shorts, tanks and cute summer dresses. The cardio component of the workout designed this month for SASSY readers is performed with a jump rope. Jumping rope can help burn a lot of calories, increase the heart rate, strengthen the legs, arms, and core and will also remind participants of playful childhood years. The rest of the workout was created to design a long, lean physique by incorporating Pilates, Dance Conditioning and Barre movements. So grab a mat, a jump rope and a set of light weights (3 to 5 lbs) and get ready to Jump Into Spring!

Abbi is wearing Onzie Capri Pants and a Lululemon Crop top. Purchased at Tu Sei Bella and Beyond Zen Studios respectively.

Movement 1-"Skipping Rope" Find a jump rope that is appropriate for your height. An 8 to 9 foot rope is going to be suitable for individuals ranging from 5 foot 3 inches tall to 5 foot 10 inches tall. Begin by skipping rope one foot at a time and work up to jumping with both feet simultaneously. Jump for 10 minutes to begin workout and then jump for 2 minutes in between each of the following exercises.

The Jump Into Spring Playlist 1. "Jumpin' ,Jumpin" by Destiny's Child 2."Jump (For My Love)" by The Pointer Sisters 3. "Green light" by Pitbull 4. "Into the Groove" by Madonna 5. "Chained to the Rhythm" by Katy Perry 6. "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran 7. "Me, Myself & I" by G-Easy & Bebe Rexa 8. "That's My Girl" by Fifth Harmony 9. "Rockabye" by Clean Bandit 10. "Hometown Girl" by ZHU 16


Movement 2- "Curtsy Side-Leg Lift" Begin movement in a curtsy lunge with right leg behind left and right arm up. Bisect the jump rope and hold with tension throughout. Lift right leg up and out to side with a bent knee and pointed toe. Bend at waist and lower arms to the right for a torso crunch then return to start for 1 rep. Repeat on right side for 12-20 reps and then perform the same amount on left side. After both sides are completed, jump rope for 2 minutes. *Works obliques, quadriceps and shoulders.

Movement 3- "PliĂŠ to Arabesque" Begin movement in second position, hips turned out with a straight back (don't lean forward). Light dumbbells are optional. Shift weight to left leg, straighten right arm down and away while lifting right leg to Arabesque (straight and still turned out at hip). Return to initial position to complete 1 rep. Perform 12-20 reps lifting right leg and straightening right arm then perform the same amount on the left. After both sides are completed, jump rope for 2 minutes. *Works inner thighs, triceps and glutes.

Movement 4- "Lunge with Attitude" Begin movement in a low lunge with right leg in front. Bisect the jump rope and hold taut throughout. Arms begin overhead. Bring hands to floor (still holding rope) while swinging right leg behind to an Attitude position (knee bent and hip turned out). Return to start to complete 1 rep. Complete 12-20 reps on right side and then perform the same amount on the left side. After completing, jump rope for 2 minutes. *Works core muscles, glutes and upper body. SASSY | APRIL 2017


Movement 5- "Up and Over" Begin movement on back in spinal flexion (a c-curve in spine), with head and chest lifted, lower back firmly down on mat and legs reaching out at a 45 degree angle (bent at 90 degrees to modify). Bisect the jump rope and hold taut overhead to start. Bend knees and curl up higher to lift rope "up and over" the legs. Reverse this and bring rope "over and up" to return to start to complete 1 rep. Complete 12-20 reps. After performing, jump rope for 2 minutes. *Works abs.

Movement 6- "Push-Ups with Good Posture" Begin movement in plank ( the top of a push-up). Put knees down to modify. Bend elbows and lower body down to the mat without bending the spine. Reach forward to grab bisected jump rope and lift the arms, chest and legs. Let go of rope and return to plank (without bending the spine) to complete 1 rep. Complete 12-20 reps and then jump rope for 2 minutes. *Works postural muscles, core muscles and shoulders.

Movement 7- "Bridge Up" Begin movement on back with knees bent and feet and head down. Hold bisected jump rope up toward ceiling to begin. Squeeze seat muscles and lift hips off of mat while arms come down and the rope touches front of hips. Return to start to complete 1 rep. Complete 12-20 reps. *Works glutes, hamstrings and abs. No more jumping! You are all done and you did a great job!* ď § 18


2017 St. Joseph County Go Red For Women Luncheon & Healthy Living Expo

Thursday, May 11, 2017 10:30 am—1:30 pm

Morris Park County Club

2200 McKinley Avenue

South Bend, IN

Fundraising to benefit the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Campaign. For table sponsorships and ticket information, go to locally sponsored by



Spring into Action By: Kristine Smith


r. Martin Luther King Jr. said “Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” As summer creeps closer, many of us are panicked by the weight gain and sluggishness that occurs through the winter. We seem to hibernate within the gloomy season and as summer arrives, wonder how we shape up to fit into our shorts and bathing suits. As Dr. King once said, “Have faith and take life one step at a time without getting too ahead of ourselves.”

There are many ways to improve ourselves and spring into action. Find Your Inner Zen Yoga is one example of a great way to center your mind and tone the body. While this is not for everyone (myself included), many find the mind/body connection that yoga offers to be a life saver. In the Michiana area, there are numerous classes offering yoga for all levels. The Tree of Life Yoga Center in Elkhart is one example of a studio that offers a calm environment in a retreat-like setting and a multitude of classes, some with a sliding scale fee. If you are already a yoga fan, check out the Michiana Yoga Association to step up your game and attend one of their informative workshops. Additional local places are Solace Yoga Studios in Mishawaka, Beyond Zen in Granger, Spacious Heart Yoga in Goshen and many other great locations!



get a little crowded. Always remember to wear a bike helmet too. Safety first!

Try Running In A Marathon

“I Like To Ride By Bicycle!” Another way to spring into action is to grab that dusty bicycle in your garage and go for a ride. This area has many options, from a casual three mile paved ride to a more intense mountain bike experience for those looking to challenge themselves even further. Potato Creek State Park’s 3.3-mile paved trail travels through forest and prairie. This park also has a 6.6-mile loop of single track that’s great for mountain biking beginners. If you are wanting something more urban, the 5-mile Riverwalk connects South Bend and Mishawaka downtowns via a loop along both banks of the St. Joseph River, over Kamm Island and past manicured parks. This is a popular trail however, so weekends may

While the trails are rather non-existent in the Michiana area for running, races seem to be the thing to try in this area. Many of the races are for any level and beginners are encouraged to join. Completing a race can get a person motivated to join another one, and maybe another. The sense of accomplishment when completing a race is as good for the mind as it is for the body. Tour de La Porte, in La Porte, is one example of a random race with multiple levels, from a kid’s run to a full marathon length run for the very fit, and every level in between. The grand event occurs on August 25 so one could spend the entire spring and summer training for this race. For more information on this race and any other local races, go to www. . When starting a training for a race, be sure to get the “ok” from your physician first.

Take A Walk Not into running? How about simply

walking? If you are looking for a simple exercise that will take 30 minutes out of your day, this might be for you. Think that walking will not help you lose weight? Think again! If you weigh 150 pounds and walk uphill for 30 minutes at 3.5 mph every day for one week, you will burn 200 calories. Multiply 200 calories by 7 days, for a total of 1,400 calories. In four weeks you will have burned 5,600 calories. This equals a weight loss of 1.6 pounds in four weeks. Obviously, if you increase the time, you increase the weight loss. Walking is a great way to kick start you into action this spring and you can do this anywhere.

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Just Keep Swimming If you are into burning the calories more quickly, swimming is the best low impact exercise to shed pounds and tone up. In the Michiana area, the YMCA might be the best indoor option there is. There are many times available for their open and lap swims, and many classes offered for swim lessons or water aerobics. Visit their website at to find the closest YMCA to you as well as their fees and schedules. If you are looking for a more beach like environment to frolic in, Warren Dunes is about a 35 mile drive and well worth the commute to get there. In fact, any beach along gorgeous Lake Michigan would be a great place to walk, run or swim. Springing into action this season means different things to different people. We all have individual goals we would like to meet and lucky for us, the Michiana area gives us ample means to do so. With some motivation sprinkled with determination, we can all meet these goals this year to ensure a healthy and happy you.ď § SASSY | APRIL 2017



on the cover

The Importance Of

Community Involvement Darla Hernandez Lippert Changing Lives One Charity At A Time By: Cindy Searfoss


arla Hernandez Lippert’s description of herself is an exercise in simplicity: “I’m a wife and mother who’s truly passionate about charitable work.” It’s when Darla goes on to fill in the spaces that surround that description that it becomes evident that this passion extends to making a significant difference to the community. It’s also evident in speaking with her for just a few minutes that she epitomizes the definition she gives of a SASSY woman – “To me, a SASSY woman is a woman who’s energetic, full of life and joy. She’s a woman who believes that anything is possible.” They are definitely words that could be used to describe Darla. If Darla’s name and face are familiar, it may be because you’ve seen her in her professional role on the air at WSBT-TV. She came to the Michiana area after working in TV news in Colorado and Michigan. Currently, she’s a special projects reporter whose work includes “Moms First” weekly reports. The subjects she covers for Moms First primarily involve children and health; they give her a voice in helping make the community a better place to live, particularly for kids. She says that part of her dedication is a way for her to set an example for her four own children. This passion for improving the community with kids in mind goes beyond her work on television. Along with her husband, Jason, Darla has been involved with the

Photo: Amy J Studios

Boys and Girls Club of Goshen in a variety of roles for the past 10 years. She describes the club as a place where “kids can dream and become successful. They get positive reinforcement there; it’s a place that just pours in love.” Darla has served in a variety of roles, each with an eye to helping as many kids as possible. She’s involved with the Goshen club’s “club kid of the year” as a judge and then working with the student to prepare his or her essay for the national competition. She noted, “We know what we’re doing at the club makes a difference. We’ve had kids there say, ‘I wouldn’t be in school if it wasn’t for the club,’ or ‘I would never have thought about going to college, if I hadn’t started coming here.’ Currently the club has approximately 1,200 members and serves about 400 kids each day.” Darla has also given career planning talks and served on the auction committee board, while Jason serves on the club’s board of directors. “My husband and I felt that we could make a greater impact on a larger scale for the club by joining together to help with the club’s fundraising efforts,” she said.

Photo Provided

By: Classic Image


“You can grow seeds with hate and with fear. Or you can grow them with love and positivity – that’s what this club does and the results are there to see.”

The Goshen Boys and Girls Club auction, which will be held on May 6th this year at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, is a showcase non-profit fundraising event. In fact, this event typically raises the club’s entire operating budget for a year in just one night. The organizing committee is dedicated to securing unique auction items – this year, one of those include Lady Gaga concert tickets. As a way of summing up the work done by the Boys and Girls Club, Darla said, “You can grow seeds with hate and with fear. Or you can grow them with love and positivity – that’s what this club does and the results are there to see.” In addition to the Boys and Girls Club of Goshen, Darla and Jason Lippert support a number of other area organizations including the Center for the Homeless, Granger Community Church, La Casa de Amistad and United Cancer Services of Elkhart County. It’s part of the couple’s ability to put their faith into action. “Our job is to serve others,” Darla noted. “It’s what God wants us to do – we can set an example and leave a legacy of caring for our kids.” 

Photos Provided By: The Boys and Girls Club of Goshen

Boys and Girls Club of Goshen

“Bids for Kids” May 6th The Boys and Girls Club of Goshen “Bids for Kids" auction is one of the top five boys and girls club fundraisers out of 3500 clubs across the country. This one-of-a-kind auction consistently raises over $1 million dollars each year for the club and 100% of the proceeds go to the club. The annual budget for the Goshen club is just over $1 million. Any funds raised over this amount are used to create new programs and adventures for the club’s kids each year – such as college campus visits, LEGO robotics, organized field trips to places like Washington DC. And after finding that many of the club kids were going home to a house with no food, the club serving the children dinner each day because of the money raised from the auction. Finally, any extra funds go toward an endowment. The “Bids for Kids” auction is truly unlike anything in the area. Featured items for this year’s auction include trips to Italy, Hawaii and Africa; private jet trips and NASCAR races with Jimmie Johnson and a Kurt Busch VIP meet and greet. In addition, there will be front-row concert seats and back stage passes to Lady Gaga and front row seats at a Bruno Mars concert, just to mention a few items. Each year, the auction committee strives to fill the event with new, exciting auction items – this year will be no different! The Boys and Girls Club of Goshen feels so fortunate to have the RV Hall of Fame filled with so many generous and giving hearts from the community for this event. This year’s event organizers include: Co-chairs: Jason Lippert and Michilah Grimes Boys and Girls Club staff organizers: Matt Fischer and Jamee Holmes Committee members: Stockton Schultz, Tom Sexton, Michael Gaeddert, Ross Gunden, Julie Bethel, Troy Eash, Jamie Schnur, Nick Fletcher and Kristen Lebaron





Making the Most of Your

Performance Evaluation By: Allison Boelcke Smith


nnual review time is often the most anxious time of the year for many

employees. Even if you’ve given it your all throughout the year, you may simply not know what to expect. And let’s face it, sitting down in a face-to-face meeting with your manager as they critique you is likely to be a bit nerve-wracking for even the most confident worker. Performance evaluations may get a bad rap, but you can utilize the opportunity to address topics for which you otherwise can’t find a good opening. Make the most of your performance evaluation by ensuring you take these steps:



1. Negotiate Your Salary

Don't forfeit your right to negotiate for additional pay because you can never find the "right" time to bring it up with your manager without feeling awkward. Review what you have accomplished the previous year, using objective metrics whenever possible (i.e., "increased sales by X %") and create a reference list. During the evaluation, bring up these accomplishments so you can demonstrate your bottom-line value to the company and why you deserve to be paid more. Even if your manager doesn't have the authority to grant salary increases, having your results on file will put you in a better position for when it gets passed along to the decision-makers.

2. Express Upcoming Goals

Performance evaluations generally have your direct manager communicating the goals they want you to focus on in the upcoming year, but that doesn't mean you can't include some of your own. Before you sit down with your manager, brainstorm what you would like to accomplish during the year. Be proactive and put forth your own suggestions to your manager. This is helpful because it not only gets your boss on board with your own professional goals, but it also shows that you are engaged in your work and a go-getter.

3. Solicit Constructive Feedback

The main purpose of performance evaluations is to inform you of your strengths and areas that need improvement so you can have clear expectations and know how you need to focus your performance. However, not all managers provide feedback that is direct enough to be helpful for you. If your manager gives you any vague feedback without supportive examples, don't just accept it and then later on, ruminate over what they possibly meant. Instead, be ready to ask if they could give you more detail or some specific instances. Use a calm, upbeat tone that shows that you're genuinely interested, and not being defensive.

4. Discuss Professional Development

pushed aside for more pressing issues. However, performance evaluation time is the perfect opportunity to talk to your manager about them your productivity is the topic of conversation and they should want to know if there are hurdles that could easily be removed.

If you aren't intentional with your career path, you could find yourself stagnant and never progressing toward your ultimate goals. Take advantage of your performance evaluation meeting and the topic of goal-setting, and bring up what types of professional development you would like to pursue in the upcoming year. This is separate from your actual employer-set goals - those benefit the company, while professional development helps you gain skills to grow as an employee, such as additional training, job shadowing or taking on new projects. Discuss what professional development you'd be interested in, so your manager can factor it in for the year.

Your performance evaluation doesn’t require that you be completely passive in the process. Sure, you’re the one getting assessed, but you can make it a collaboration if you update your mindset and prepare for the meeting accordingly. Your professional future is worth it - don’t miss out on the beneficial aspects your performance evaluation can bring. 

5. Address Challenges Holding You Back

Sometimes there are things outside of your control that act as barriers and limit you reaching your full potential. Some examples of professional barriers could include outdated software or machines/ devices, inefficient processes or any lack of tools that could help you succeed. When these challenges are brought up throughout the year, they may get






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DISCLAIMER: *Offer ends 05/14/17. Voucher redeemable at Massage Envy franchised locations nationwide by 08/12/2017. Not valid online for previous purchases. Min. $125 per transaction in gift card purchases. Cannot be combined with other offers. The 30-minute massage session upgrade must be used in conjunction with a 60-minute or 90-minute Wellness Massage session. Session times include hands-on service time and a total of 10 minutes of time for consultation and dressing, which occurs pre and post service. Additional taxes and fees may apply. Prices subject to change. Rates and services may vary by location and session. For a specific list of services, check with specific franchised location or see Gift cards are not redeemable or refundable for cash or credit except where required by law. Each location is independently owned and operated. ©2017 Massage Envy Franchising, LLC.





Get More Physical Activity During the Workday

Even if You Have a Desk Job By: Allison Boelcke Smith


esearch into the risks of inactivity have led health experts to proclaim that “sitting is the new smoking.” When you have a desk job, even regular trips to the gym may not be enough to counteract the workdays filled with nonstop sitting. Prolonged inactivity can lead to short-term issues like back and neck pain, as well as slow down your metabolism and put you at higher risk of obesity or heart disease. As scary as that sounds, a desk job doesn’t sentence you to a life of health issues - you just have to find small but consistent ways to increase your activity levels throughout the day. Get moving during the workdays with these tips for fitting in physical activity, even with a desk job:

Squeeze Extra Steps Into Your Commute Your trip in and out of work is a prime opportunity for more physical activity. Walking or biking to work is obviously a great way to do so if you live nearby. If forgoing a vehicle isn't a possibility, consider parking your car farther away or getting off public transportation at an earlier stop, and then walking the rest of the way in.

Track Your Steps There are more options than ever to track your steps, from smartphones that have the capabilities built right in, to high tech activity trackers, to inexpensive pedometers. Commit to tracking the number of steps you take in a work day, and then set a goal for how many steps you want to reach. It can be very eyeopening to see how low your step count is during the average workday, but very motivating to figure out small and creative ways to increase it. 26


Take Regular Breaks Avoid sitting at your desk for more than an hour at a time. Once an hour (or whatever is realistic for you), get up and take a quick walk to somewhere nearby. It's not about how far you walk throughout the day, it's how often you do so. Consistently take some steps (or at least stand up and move your legs within your desk area) to give your body the boost of activity it needs.

Start a Workplace Fitness Group You're likely not alone in your desire to counteract the negative effects of your sedentary workday. Talk to your colleagues to see if there is any interest in starting a workplace fitness group. You could get together to go for a walk at lunchtime, climb more stairs, or set other fun group fitness challenges. This will help keep everyone motivated and establish positive professional relationships as well.

Investigate the Possibility of a Standing Desk Standing desks are becoming more prevalent in the workplace, often as part of the health and wellness programs that are gaining more popularity with employers. Healthier workers are more productive and less likely to cost the company money due to absenteeism or health care costs. Consider your workplace culture and think about whether there may be a possibility of the company investing (or allowing employees to invest in) standing desks. Some places it would be a complete no go and seem odd for asking, while for others it may at least open up a conversation about long-term employee health and wellness needs.

Prioritize Exercise Outside of Work

“Physical activity outside of work hours is crucial.”

There's no way around it - if you have a desk job, physical activity outside of work hours is crucial for your well-being because you simply don't have the active daily lifestyle of someone with a more strenuous job. Make exercising a priority before or after work by scheduling it like any other appointment. Remember: consistency is key. Don’t opt for nothing at all just because you can't make an hour long gym session – even a 10 minute walk will suffice. The days of realizing by 5:00 P.M. that you hadn’t moved in hours can be long gone - your desk job doesn’t have to hold you back from staying physically active. By making it a priority and using your skills at thinking outside the box, you can fit some movement into your day and become more refreshed, happier and more productive. 



Scene Be Seen

Please send us some of your favorite photos from your organization’s or charity’s best events and fundraisers. They just may make the next issue of SASSY Magazine! We prefer snapshots of people that are full of life and enjoying the moment, so please send them our way:

Art With Annie’s GALLERY NIGHT & CHARITY AUCTION By: Jill Gunn, Volunteer/Event Coordinator “Art with Annie” is an art class held at Hope Ministries in South Bend every other week and taught by Annie Logan, a local art teacher. Annie teaches one class to Hope’s children and another to the adults and has been doing so for close to two years now. The residents of Hope love these classes! Annie encourages our residents to tell their stories through their art projects. She believes that while at a place of healing like Hope Ministries, residents can learn to rebuild connections in their lives and revive memories and inspiration to live better and thrive through the expression of art! These art projects also provide a way to ease tension and stress and to strengthen coping ability and provide a form of therapy. Art with Annie also provides an opportunity for positive relationships and the prospect for mentorship to happen through experiencing the class together.

Photos Provided By: Art with Annie and Hope Ministries

Recently, on March 4th, Annie held a Gallery Night and Charity Auction for her Hope students at Awakening Realm Yoga & Wellness Center in Elkhart. It was Annie’s hope that the event would help to rebuild the confidence of the Hope residents and invoke a sense of pride in their ability to achieve. The residents worked for a full month on their art sculptures for the event. The project itself was to focus on “creating emotion” in art as they worked with their hands conveying expression and emotion through their clay sculptures. The event was a total success! The residents had such a great time experiencing their sculptures being displayed publicly and the auction was a means to raise funding for future art projects at Hope. We at Hope Ministries are so very thankful for volunteers like Annie Logan who give so sacrificially of their time, talents and resources to bless our residents. Annie is making such a difference in the lives she is touching through doing what she loves to do! It is a beautiful thing! 

Photos Provided By: Amy J Photography

Elkhart County Go Red For Women Luncheon

On Thursday, February 23rd, the Lerner Crystal Ballroom in Elkhart was filled to the brim with passionate women wearing red. The American Heart Association in partnership with Goshen Heart & Vascular hosted the annual Elkhart County Go Red for Women Luncheon to raise awareness and funds for the fight against heart disease in women. The luncheon, emceed by Emily Evans of ABC 57 News and Jim Mackey of B100’s Mackey & Miles in the Morning, included health screenings, a heart healthy lunch, interactive doctor’s panel, a “Rock the Red” runway fashion show and a heartwarming story of survival from one local woman. The doctor’s panel regarding women’s heart health featured several local heart and vascular physicians from the region, prestigious cardiologists and medical professionals including doctors from Goshen Health and event cosponsor, Elkhart General Hospital. The Go Red for Women movement continues to gain momentum in Elkhart County and it harnesses the energy, passion and power women have to band together and collectively wipe out heart disease. When women know their risk for heart disease and take action it can reduce their personal risk. Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year – more than all cancers combined. Fortunately, 80 percent of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented with education and action. Tickets for the St. Joseph County Go Red for Women Luncheon which will take place on Thursday, May 11th at the Morris Park Country Club in South Bend are on sale now for $50 each. All funds raised will go towards lifesaving research, educational programs, and advocacy efforts targeting heart disease and stroke in women. For more information visit  SASSY | APRIL 2017


Scene Be Seen Photos Provided By: Peter Ringenberg for University Park Mall

University Park Mall hosts

Exclusive Shopper Night to benefit the Center for the Homeless University Park Mall in Mishawaka hosted their first ever Exclusive Shopper Night on March 19th to benefit the local Center for the Homeless. The special after-hours shopping event featured seven of the mall’s top retailers and was hosted in partnership with Morris Inn and the South Bend International Airport. Attendees were invited based upon recommendations by retailers and enjoyed wine, food, coat and bag check, and VIP gift bags, complete with personalized monogrammed champagne bottles. Participating retailers included Banana Republic, Andrews Jewelers, Coach, J. Crew, Michael Kors, Rogers & Hollands and Sephora. New York stylist, Samantha Brown, was also on hand to answer questions, give advice and discuss the latest trends. In addition to special event-specific promotions, shoppers could also take part in a raffle featuring items donated from retailers and sponsors, including a Michael Kors tote, a travel voucher from the South Bend International Airport, a gold and diamond necklace from Andrews Jewelers and more. All proceeds from raffle entries went to benefit the Center for the Homeless. “University Park Mall is a proud member of the South BendMishawaka community, and we’re constantly exploring new ways to give back,” said Tyler Andrews, director of marketing and business development for the mall. “We were so excited to partner with Center for the Homeless to help break the cycle of homelessness in our area.” In all, more than 120 South Bend-Mishawaka influencers attended the two-hour shopping benefit. University Park Mall plans to host two of these exclusive shopping fundraisers per year, to coincide with the release of fall and spring collections. The next event is planned for October. 

Helping to

End Domestic Violence One Dance at a Time

On March 10, fathers, role models and young ladies attended the sold-out Daddy Daughter Dance benefiting Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence at Shadowland Ballroom in Saint Joseph, MI. A larger than life fairytale book greeted guests before entering the ballroom with the following words etched on the page: “Once Upon a Time Safe Shelter Daddy Daughter Dance.” Inside the ballroom there were several other large, pastel colored, backlit decorations including a carriage, a castle, a crowned frog, a glass slipper and a wishing well—all added a touch of magic to the night. An assortment of refreshments including sparkling juice, sandwiches and cupcakes were served. The dance floor was active all evening. A professional DJ played great dance hits such as “My Girl” and the “Hokey Pokey.”

Photos Provided By: Barry Nelson from Twin City Camera Club

In addition to dancing in the Shadowland Ballroom, guests enjoyed activities in the Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone and Shadowland Carousel during the two-hour event. There were also two stations at the Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence information tables where young ladies enjoyed decorating and wearing colorful crowns they created during the evening. Every girl received a free chance to win one of many fabulous raffle prizes including an American Girl gift certificate. Guests also had the opportunity to enjoy the photo booth with fun props to create a special memory of the evening. Emily Smith Rice, Miss Sunset Coast 2017 was in attendance and graciously posed in many photos with the guests. Guests went home with a flower or balloon decoration and a “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” tote bag filled with Goody hair product and educational coloring activity worksheets along with a parents’ guide. Most importantly, men learned how they can be a more positive influence in the lives of these young ladies. This event created an evening of special memories between fathers, role models and the important girls in their lives. In fact, several fathers and role models arrived at the dance with two or more young ladies. Guests came from all communities throughout Berrien County and beyond. A special thank you goes to the Event Chair, Kaylee Williams and the Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence Advisory Cabinet, who helped plan, organize and execute this year’s dance. Please visit Child & Family Services of Southwestern Michigan, Inc. at cfsswmi. org or on Facebook to learn more about future events.  SASSY | APRIL 2017


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