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Dear Mom,

Be Thankful for Your


By: Meagan Church

Dear Mom, So my three-year-old has this adorable phrase she uses when she has asked for something, but has been told she won’t receive it: “but I want it.” Okay, maybe “adorable” isn’t the correct term. Perhaps “annoying” is more appropriate. She whines those four words as if, because of her proclamation, her father and I will change our minds. Because she has whined her injustice, we will permit her to bring home every stuffed animal she sees at the store. Or, we will shower down marshmallows upon her as if she is one of those bear things in “The Lorax.” Or, maybe, just maybe, if she puts enough emphasis on the word “want,” we will let her adopt every kitten she sees, encouraging her towards a future as a crazy cat lady. As frustrating as it can be to hear her declare those words, that phrase has taught me something: she only envies what she is passionate about. She doesn’t ask to consume massive amounts of kale. She doesn’t request to stockpile lizards. She breaks out that phrase when it is something she really enjoys.

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