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FAMILY mommy & daddy By: Meagan Church

Dear Mom,

Someday is a Myth Dear Mom, I have a tendency to live in the someday. And, it has only gotten worse since becoming a mother. Someday I will write that great American novel. Someday I will go to Europe. Someday I will run a half-marathon. Someday I will go to the bathroom uninterrupted. Over the last eight years, I have spent a lot of hours dreaming of those somedays as I sat in a rocking chair, breastfed my babies, changed their diapers, cleaned the house and made dinner. Again and again and again. The thing about those somedays is that they affected my todays because as I was dreaming of something better, I was forgetting that the moments before me were where I needed to be.

“I’m not going to let the somedays rob me of the present days with my kids.”

FAMILY Magazine May 2015  

Connecting the Savvy Mom in Michiana

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