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1963, The Year Of The REVOLUTION: How Youth Changed The World With Music, Art And Fashion Reviewed By: Helen Cawley




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Five Tips For Staying Youthful

By: Robert Clemency, Jr., M.D. By: Rachelina Kvietkus, M.D.A. By: Jessica Haviland


Day Trip: Go RVing


Operation Boomer

By: Phyllis Rose


Travel Must Haves: What To Take With You By: Phyllis Rose

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Movie Star Name Game Part 2


5 Hobbies To Try

By: Margo & Jim Bell By: Kristine Smith


Fruit Salsa & Sweet Chips

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Chickens In Your Backyard


The Perfect Father’s Day Present

By: Evie Kirkwood

By: Chuck Bergman

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Finding Love After 55 By: Kristine Smith

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“Summer time and the livin’ is easy...”

Executive Forum By: Glenn J. Hansel

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Things We Learned Making the June Issue

Photography: Classic Image photography Makeup: CamellIa Cosmetics, Granger

Betsy Tavernier Publisher & Editor-in-Chief 2. Michiana has several RV attractions for you to visit this summer. See where our travel expert stopped at on page 14.

1. Riding a bicycle is a great form of exercise. Visit page 10 to discover your love for biking but learn how to embrace the safety precautions.


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3. No matter what age you are, love is still alive. Learn where you can go to find your soul mate page 36.

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4. Craft beer is the perfect father’s day present to give this year. Check out the different types of options that your kids can give to their dad on page 39.

June 2014 Volume 3: Number 6

5. There is life after surgery. Visit page 19 to see our Operation Boomer section and read some inspirational success stories.


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6. Inform your credit card company that you will be going on vacation. This will help bypass your card to get declined. See what other items you need to do before you leave on page 16. 4

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june / contributors

Phyllis Rose With a love for the English language and travel, Phyllis Rose became an English teacher, freelance writer and traveler. She taught high school English for 29 years while also working as a freelance writer and editor. Retiring from teaching, she turned her part-time writing career into full-time, writing for newspapers and magazines. Phyllis loves international travel, especially to Europe. When not writing or traveling, she loves to read, do counted cross-stitch projects and plan her next travel adventure.

Evelyn Kirkwood

Evelyn Kirkwood is Director of St. Joseph County Parks in Indiana and the host of Outdoor Elements, which is broadcast Sundays at 9 AM and Wednesdays at 5:30 PM on WNIT Public Television.

Chuck Bergman Chuck Bergman is a local Michiana marketing professional and an avid home brewer. He fell in love with craft beer a few years ago and has never looked at beer the same way. He encourages everyone to support local breweries, home brew stores and be willing to ‘experience new tastes.’

Margo Bell Margo Bell, a first-wave Boomer, has a B.S. degree in Biology from Arkansas State University and worked in medical and marine biology research before making a midlife career change to writing for adults and children. Margo is a former magazine editor and has published over 50 articles and features in newspapers and magazines. She and her husband Jim live in South Bend and have two grandchildren. Photo Credit: Classic Image Photography

boom / testimonials

The beer articles are very interesting and they give me an idea of what to try next at a local brewery.” – Donna S.

What I love about BOOM Magazine is how much it caters to the baby boomers and their interests.” – Mary-Ann R.

I keep the latest issue of BOOM Magazine on my coffee table each month. The cover always looks fantastic!” – Leeann G.



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Antonio's Italian Ristorante

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Hubbard Hill Retirement boom | JUNE 2014


JUNE Events Su M





Date Day Andy Griffith’s Birthday, 86 Years Old


W Th


F Sa Su




W Th




Friday’s By The Fountain, 11:45 A.M., Downtown South Bend 4th Annual Huntington’s Disease Team Hope Walk/ Silent Auction, 9:00 A.M., Discovery Middle School


M Tu

11 14

Sa Su M








F Sa Su Mo








F Sa

To Kill A Mocking Bird, 7:30 P.M., South Bend Civic Theatrea

Monthly Meditation Yoga, 5:30 P.M., Elkhart Environmental Center

Wednesday Wine Walks, 5:00 P.M., Downtown South Bend


Flag Day

A Touch of Italy

Enjoy hot summer nights while dining on our patio enjoying a glass of wine and one of our many authentic Italian entrees! Antonio's Italian Ristorante, Elkhart 574-295-8424

Friday The 13th


Father’s Day

Fruit Salsa &

Sweet Chips Brit Floyd Discovery World Tour, 8:00 P.M., Morris Performing Arts Center Elkhart Jazz Festival Begins





Cyndi Lauper’s Birthday, 60 Years Old







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Summer Solstice

St. Joseph County 4H Fair Begins

Hannah & Friends 5K Run & Fun Mile Walk, 9:00 A.M., Hannah & Friends Neighborhood


For Tortilla Crisps: • 8 Whole-Wheat Tortillas • 1 Tablespoon Sugar • 1/2 Tablespoon Cinnamon For Fruit Salsa: • 3 Cups Diced Fresh Fruit (Apples, Oranges, Kiwi, Strawberries, Grapes, Etc.) • 2 Tablespoons Sugar-Free Jam, Any Flavor • 1 Tablespoon Honey • 2 Tablespoons Orange Juice Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350 F. Cut each tortilla into 10 wedges and lay the pieces on baking sheets. Spray the tortilla pieces with cooking spray.

2. In a small bowl, combine sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle evenly over the tortilla wedges. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until the pieces are crisp. 3. Cut the fruit into cubes and gently mix the fruit together in a mixing bowl. In another bowl, whisk together jam, honey and orange juice. Pour this over the diced fruit. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for three hours. 4. Serve as a dip or topping for the cinnamon tortilla chips.

What We Are




Name Game PART II

By: Margo & Jim Bell

Trash Can Laundry Basket (

Pop Of Color (

Here we go again to the movies! Last month we matched up male stars with their birth names. This time it’s the ladies’ turn. Good luck! 1. Natalie Wood

a. Doris Kappelhoff

2. Hedy Lamarr

b. Winona Laura Horowitz

3. Shirley MacLaine

c. Jane Alice Peters

4. Meg Ryan

d. Lucille LeSeuer

5. Anne Bancroft

e. Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler

6. Judy Garland

f. Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia

7. Joan Crawford

g. Cherilyn Sarkisian

8. Sandra Dee

h. Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko

9. Doris Day

i. Norma Jean Mortensen

10. Cher

j. Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra

11. Marilyn Monroe k. Frances Gumm 12. Whoopie Goldberg l. Angeline Brown 13. Twiggy m. Shirley M. Beaty 14. Carole Lombard

n. Leslie Hornby

15. Winona Ryder

o. Anna Maria Louisa Italiano

16. Angie Dickenson

p. Caryn Johnson

17. Connie Stevens q. Alexandra Zuck

Wallpaper Bookshelf (

Find the answers on page 28. boom | JUNE 2014



book review


The Year of the Revolution: How Youth Changed the World with Music, Art and Fashion By Robin Morgan and Ariel Leve

Reviewed by Helen Cawley, Reference Librarian, Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library


was a pivotal year for baby boomers and seemed to mark the creation of the boomer identity. The Cold War was easing a bit but the countries involved were racing to the moon, feminism and civil rights were causing riots and the youngest President in United States history was assassinated. But behind these headlines lay a mental shift, one governed by the trends of the young adults of Great Britain and the United States in their taste in music, art and fashion. The youth at this time were growing up in a period of postwar posterity, with plenty of jobs, cars and money available to them. Many young teens left home for the first time to seek their fortunes in the big cities, shedding parental priorities and regulations, discovering a freedom they never had before. They expressed this freedom in their music, as bands such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Animals changed popular music significantly into what it is today. Artists, such as Andy Warhol and Roy

Lichtenstein, also embraced the new sound, interpreting it visually. And what we wore and how we looked became essential to the new attitude, as miniskirts and Vidal Sassoon haircuts multiplied. This book, by Robin Morgan and Ariel Leve, is a fascinating oral history of some of the legends of 1963. Snippets of interviews are woven together in a masterly retelling of what it was like to be young in1963, when they were catapulting society into the modern age. Celebrities such as Mary Quant, Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, Mary Wilson, Keith Richards, Stevie Nicks, Carly Simon and more are heard here telling the remarkable stories of how they changed the world. Baby boomers that were young themselves at this time can relive a momentous point of history, while younger people will be able to understand more clearly how 1963 changed everything and is still with us today.

boom Book Picks


JUNE 2014 | boom


The Hot Flash Club

By: Haywood Smith

By: Nancy Thayer



The Last Original Wife By: Dorothea Benton Frank

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Healthy living

Boomers on

Bikes By: Robert Clemency, Jr., M.D.

Tips for Preventing Bicycle Injuries


ost of us learned to ride a bicycle as a child.

Who can forget coasting down a long hill with your feet off the pedals and legs stretched wide? Certainly this is one form of exercise that is easy to learn and gives a great workout to your cardiovascular system. It strengthens the leg and abdominal muscles while burning calories. It can also help reduce pain and increase flexibility in your joints.

such as a tree or parked car will leave an impact injury. These can be as simple as a soft tissue injury to the muscle or as severe as a bone fracture. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a bruise and a break. In both injuries, the impact area will be discolored and swollen. In the case of a full break, there could be skin deformity. Both injuries will be painful, but a break is usually a sharper, more intense pain. The only way to confirm a break is with an x-ray. If you injured yourself while riding and feel you have suffered a fracture, see your doctor and get an x-ray.

Cycling is a great, low-impact way to stay fit, as well as enjoy the great outdoors, but it isn’t without risk of pain and injury. The majority of cycling injuries fall into two categories. Acute injuries are usually the result of a single, Cycling is a great, traumatic incident, such as falling off the bike or being hit by an object. Overuse low-impact way injuries occur as a result of stress on to stay fit, as well the muscles, joints and soft tissues over time. These injuries most often occur as as enjoy the great we age and our bodies begin to feel the wear-and-tear of years of activity. outdoors, but it isn’t The good news is that such injuries can be prevented with some changes to technique and the use of proper equipment. Your goal is to have a healthy, active and injury-free lifestyle, that’s one of the reasons you enjoy riding. In this article we will discuss some of the more common injuries associated with cycling, as well as prevention and treatment of those injuries.

Watch Out For That Tree

Always be aware of your environment when riding. Make sure roadways are clear, watch out for potholes and be vigilant of cars and other riders. Falling off your bike or running into an object 10

JUNE 2014 | boom

without risk of pain and injury.

A sprain is a simple stretch or tear of the ligaments. Your ankles, knees and wrists are most vulnerable to sprains. A sprained ankle can occur when your foot turns inward. This can put extreme tension on the ligaments of your outer ankle and cause a sprain. A sprained knee can be the result of a sudden twist when falling and hitting the ground. A wrist sprain most often occurs when you fall on an outstretched hand. As with many sports injuries, use the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate) treatment method to reduce pain and swelling. If possible, apply an ice pack immediately to the affected area for about 15 to 20 minutes. This will reduce the swelling and improve healing time. When using ice on the injured body part, remember to use a cloth or towel between the ice and skin to avoid frostbite. You may need to stop cycling and exercise for a few days to allow your body to rest and the inflammation to decrease. Compression and elevation can help limit swelling, allowing extra fluid to drain away from the

injury site. Anti-inflammatory medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, will help with pain and inflammation. If you are unable to bear the pain or it doesn’t decrease after several days, it is time to see a physician. If you fall and hit your head with enough force, you may suffer a skull fracture or concussion. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms: headache, sensitivity to noise and light, confusion, lightheadedness and/ or dizziness, problems with balance, nausea, blurred vision or ringing in the ears. Many of these injuries can be prevented by simple safety precautions. As I stated before, be aware of your surroundings when riding. Wear proper safety equipment such as kneepads and a helmet. If you ride at night, make sure to have a light attached to your bike and wear reflective gear.

If you have ever experienced numbness, tingling or pain in your hand or wrist after a ride, then you may be suffering from an overuse injury. And you are not alone, over one-third of all cyclists have overuse injuries involving the hand. Handlebar palsy, the medical term is ulnar neuropathy, is caused by compression of the ulnar nerve at the hand and wrist. This nerve controls sensation in your ring and little finger, as well as most of the muscular function of your hand. The compression is usually the result of direct pressure on the ulnar nerve from the grip on the handlebars. If you have this condition, you may feel numbness and tingling in the ring and little fingers. You may also have hand weakness and feel like you can’t grip the handlebars properly. Applying less pressure or weight to the handlebars and avoiding hyperextension can help prevent a reoccurrence.

Absolutely make sure your bike is in good working order. Check that there is enough air in the tires and also be sure to check the brakes. Have someone adjust the seat for you if necessary. Make sure the bike is sized for you so you are not straining or uncomfortable when riding it.

Oh My Aching Joints

Cycling by its very design is repetitive. During one hour of cycling, a rider may average up to 5,000 pedal revolutions. So although it is a low-impact activity, senior riders are at risk for overuse injury. These types of injuries often begin as a small, nagging pain but can grow into serious injuries if they aren’t properly treated early on.

The knee is the most common site for overuse injuries in cycling.

The knee is the most common site for overuse injuries in cycling, with an estimated 40-60% of riders experiencing knee pain. Patelofemoral pain syndrome, often called cyclist’s knee, usually refers to pain under and around the knee cap. The stress placed on your knees while cycling and muscle imbalances might contribute to this condition. The pain, sometimes severe, often occurs after your ride rather than during. Besides pain, you may also experience swelling, grinding at the knee joint and muscle weakness. If you experience an ache or burning sensation at the side of your knee during cycling, you may be experiencing iliotibial band syndrome. Your iliotibial band, or IT band, is the fibrous tissue on the outside of your leg that extends from your knee to your hip. The repetitive leg movements of cycling can lead to a tight IT band, causing it to rub on your knee and hip. Over time this band can become inflamed, leading to pain, stiffness and snapping at your knee or hip. Knee pain is usually associated with a seat position that is too high or low, or too far forward or back. When you have improper foot position on the pedal, this creates a misalignment in your leg rotation. You adjust your body, often unconsciously, to compensate which puts added pressure, friction and compression on your lower body.

Most people don’t associate carpal tunnel syndrome with cycling, but you can contribute to an existing condition when you hold the handlebar on top and apply pressure directly to your median nerve. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve through the carpal tunnel in the wrist area. When the nerve is constricted, nerve impulses cannot flow freely through the hands to the fingers, causing numbness and pain. With both of these conditions, wearing padded gloves and adding padded handlebars to your bike can prevent your hands from further injury. The padding absorbs the shocks and jolts from the road, limiting the stress transmitted to your hands.

Achilles tendonitis is a common injury that can occur in recreational cyclists. Overuse of the Achilles tendon can cause inflammation of the large tendon in the back of the ankle that can lead to pain and swelling. The main complaint is pain behind the heel. Cyclists with this condition usually experience the most significant pain after periods of inactivity, but you may also experience the pain during a ride. The most common causes of Achilles tendonitis are a lack of flexibility and overpronation, which is excessive rolling of your foot while pedaling. Most often this condition is a result of shoe and pedal wear. It may be time to replace your biking shoes or pedals. Hopefully I have provided you with some helpful tips on staying injury-free while enjoying a ride in the great outdoors. On a final note, listen to your body. As we age and our flexibility decreases, we may have difficulty tolerating the same levels of activity. •••

Remember to wear the right gear, make sure your bike is in excellent condition, and occasionally coast down a hill with your legs stretched out! boom | JUNE 2014



Healthy living

Head-To-Toe Tips For Staying Healthy For Years To Come By: Rachelina Kvietkus, M.D.A

Studies have shown that keeping both your brain and your body active can stave off mental decline.

If 40 is the new 20, then 70 is the new 50, right? Perhaps if you take a few savvy steps that can help slow the natural aging process.

Your Brain

Losing memory and brain function is not a normal part of aging. But just like any other part of your body, the brain needs exercise to stay strong and healthy. Studies have shown that keeping both your brain and your body active can stave off mental decline. I’ve given patients a prescription to take a ballroom dancing class because it exercises your body and your brain. Any mental stimulation is beneficial, whether it’s doing crossword puzzles, working on the computer or having an engaging conversation.

Your Bones, Muscles And Joints

To build strong bones, you need to do weight-bearing exercise, even if you have arthritis, which a majority of people will develop as they age. Lifting weights (even light hand weights or resistance bands), doing push-ups and walking all count as weight-bearing activities. Getting enough calcium and vitamin D is also important to maintain strong bones and many people need a vitamin supplement to get adequate amounts. Exercise is equally good for your muscles and joints, which you need to keep strong and flexible to maintain maximum mobility. I recommend stretching, such as yoga, to stay flexible and exercises that promote good balance, like tai chi. 12

JUNE 2014 | boom

Your Eyes

Many people notice changes in their vision as they get older and 17 percent of those older than 65 report having trouble seeing. Wear sunglasses, which can help reduce cataract formation, and asking your doctor about taking vitamin supplements specially formulated for eye health.

Your Skin And Hair

Over time, our skin loses elasticity and our hair loses pigmentation and starts to thin. The best way to keep your skin healthy and young looking is to avoid sun exposure. Using too much soap can lead to dry, cracked skin so limit soap to only really dirty areas like your feet and underarms. The same goes for shampoo; if you wash your hair a little less often, you’ll have healthier hair that’s less prone to thinning.

Your Immune System

As you age, your immune system weakens, which is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that older adults get a flu shot every year. Also ask your doctor about other vaccines you may need, such as a booster shot for whooping cough or protection against pneumonia and shingles.

Your Core

It’s not unusual to gain weight as you get older; in women, menopause can add about five pounds, including fat to your waist. Help keep the core of your body in shape by toning abdominal muscles through exercises like sit-ups or using a stability ball. Plus, a stronger core will protect your back, improve your posture and can help your balance. And be sure to maintain a healthy weight, which is good advice at any age. •••

boom | JUNE 2014



C over story


Go RVing By: Phyllis Rose Photos: Phyllis Rose

“Summer time and the livin’ is easy”

especially if you go RVing. In Michiana, you don’t even have to own an RV to enjoy RVing. Just visit the RV/MH Hall of Fame, the Jayco Visitors Center and then watch RVs being built at the Thor Motor Coach facility; all within a few miles of each other. You’ll relive your summer days RVing with your family and maybe even consider buying an RV and hitting the road in your retirement years. I started my day at the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart. Jerry Pickrell, docent and a former Hall of Fame board member, greeted me and gave me an overview of the facility so I could make the most of my visit. Entering the museum, I walked down what looks like a twolane highway lined with campers and RVs showing their history and development, starting with the oldest travel trailer in the world, a 1913 “Earl,” custom made for a California professor. Then, there’s the 1916 “Telescoping Apartment,” an accessory for early trucks which included slide outs to provide a sleeping area for campers. With some units, you can step inside and see what the living conditions were like for these early RVers. The 10’ Teardrop camper, which looks like a teardrop, is compact with a folddown compartment in the rear for your camper stove and then sleeping space inside the teardrop. While many of these units were commercially produced, some were handcrafted by do-ityourselfers for their own use. One vehicle, built by Paul Jones in 1988, has a 1976 Eldorado Chassis and a 1976 Olds Toronado 14

JUNE 2014 | boom

455 cubic inch engine. It looks like a Cadillac on steroids but it was designed to fit through a standard garage door. Another fascinating vehicle is the Mae West Housecar, given to the actress in 1931 by Paramount Studios to persuade her to leave the vaudeville circuit and make movies for Paramount instead. So, don’t think camper. Think a “chauffeur-driven lounge.” There are so many interesting vehicles, you could spend the whole day just learning about each one, but the museum has other interesting exhibits as well. You can see a 1/24 scale

model of an RV factory, a video showing how Winnebagos are made in an Iowa factory and step inside some 2014 RVs and marvel at their amenities, making them definitely a homeaway-from home. On the second floor, you can see the plaques honoring the Hall of Fame inductees, admire the RV models on top of the bookshelves in the library, and then go out on to the balcony overlooking the museum displays for a bird’s eye view of RV history. Bidding Jerry goodbye after getting a restaurant recommendation from him, I drove to Stacks Pancake House and Restaurant. It’s a comfort food kind of place, just what you’re looking for when you’ve been RVing all day. Another site to work into your RVing day is the Jayco Visitors Center in Middlebury, only about 20 minutes away from the RV/ MH Hall of Fame. Located in an 1880 farmhouse, the Visitors Center details the history of the Jayco Company from its founding in 1968 by Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager in a chicken coop on their farm. The rooms in the Center are filled with Jayco and Bontrager family memorabilia, including family photos and the funeral program for Lloyd and his son, Wendall, age 16, who died in a plane crash in 1985. You can also view a video, “Generations of Family Fun,” detailing the history of the company and introducing you to the third generation of this family-owned business. At noon, Monday through Thursday, you can tour the factory. A trolley will transport you from the Visitors Center to the factory. When we did the tour a few years ago, we visited the cavernous sewing room where a machine quilts two yards of fabric every 45 seconds. The fabric is used in bedspreads and pillows. We also watched an employee fill a pillow cover with a foam cushion. If you’ve done that, you know it can be challenging. But not at Jayco. The employee placed the foam cushion on a vacuum machine, covered it with plastic, turned the machine on and instantly it shrank. She popped it inside the covering and in a nano-second, it re-inflated and filled the covering. On this visit, however, I was too late for the Jayco tour, but I had planned to do the 3 p.m. tour at Thor Motor Coach in Elkhart, about 20 minutes away. Greeted by Mitch Johnson, sales coordinator, I was taken out onto the production floor where I saw how Thor vehicles are made. I was right in the middle of the action, at times having to dodge a chassis being driven in to begin the construction process or getting out of the way so workers could install a floor or attach a wall. All along the way, Mitch provided me with details about the process, pointed out innovative materials and techniques and answered my questions. Then I got to step inside a couple of newly finished models where Mitch showed me all the neat innovations such as mirrors that are also cameras so drivers can see what’s behind them as they’re backing up. You’ll be impressed.

For More

Information: RV/MH Hall of Fame 574-293-2344 800-378-8694

Jayco Visitors Center 800-RVJAYCO

Thor Motor Coach 866-919-4444 Note: Many area RV manufacturers offer factory tours. You can find a list of them at It’s always best to call head to confirm times. Some manufacturers require reservations. Tours are given on weekdays, so plan accordingly.

If that California professor who had a custom-built camper made for him back in 1913 could see how RVs and campers have evolved in the last 100 years, he would not just be impressed but amazed. So, whether you’re an RVer, Rver wannabe or even an RVer neverto-be, you can enjoy a day in RV country, exploring the history of this industry and dreaming of “those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” ••• boom | JUNE 2014



the traveler

Travel Must Haves:

What To Take With You


By: Phyllis Rose

fter settling into my London hotel many years ago, I went shopping. You probably think we were looking for kitschy souvenirs - a Big Ben statue, a mug with the Queen’s picture on it or a T-shirt.

No, we were seeking washcloths.Why washcloths? We had quickly discovered our hotel did not provide washcloths, something we later found to be true in most European hotels. Now, I have a special washcloth I keep in my suitcase for my next European adventure. So, as you begin your retirement travel adventures, here are a few tips for what you need to take with you.

Credit/Debit Cards

Take your credit and debit cards, but before leaving on an international trip, call the card companies to inform them you’ll be out of the country. Otherwise, your purchases or ATM withdrawals may be declined, since they will assume your cards have been stolen. Prepare copies of your card numbers and the numbers to call in case your cards are lost or stolen. Always have a second credit card available in case there’s an issue with your main card. Trying to purchase a nutcracker in Rothenburg, Germany, I was surprised when the transaction was declined even though I had informed the company I would be in Germany. I used another card and completed the purchase. Back home, I called the company to learn a fraud alert had been put on my card because a retail establishment where I had used the card had had their system compromised.


Pack your prescription medications, making sure you have enough for the entire trip, especially if you’re going overseas. Fortunately, I don’t take any prescription meds, but I always pack over-the-counter cold medications in case the change in climate leads to sniffles.


For international travel, you will need a passport. Make copies of the photo page of the passport and keep it separate from the passport. Should the passport be lost or stolen, the copy will make it easier to get a replacement.

Extra Glasses/Contacts

Take an extra pair of glasses or contacts - just in case the glasses get broken or your contacts tear when you’re rubbing them prior to putting them into the contact case.

Prepaid Phone Card

I don’t have a cell phone that works in Europe so I take a prepaid phone card to avoid the high phone charges for international calls from hotels. The card has an access number for the country you’re visiting. Dial that number from your hotel room phone and it will connect you with the American system. For example, my card is an AT&T card so it automatically connects me with AT&T in the United States and then I just dial the numbers as if I were in the U.S. Be aware that fewer minutes are deducted if the call originates in the U.S. so give your family the card PIN so they can call you.

Copies Of Reservation Confirmations

Take copies of reservation confirmations for hotels, car rentals or tours. Should there be a glitch, you’ll have proof. When three friends and I arrived at our Munich hotel to check into our two rooms which I had booked through an online site, the hotel only had a reservation for one room, but I had our confirmation and soon we had two rooms.


Opening Summer 2014

Of course, the clothing you pack will depend on the climate in your destination, but there are some things not to forget. Be sure to have comfortable walking shoes. When I first started traveling overseas, I’d always pack cute sandals, totally unsuited for the uneven cobblestones and paths in Europe. Now, I take comfortable, sturdy walking shoes. If I need something dressier, I throw in comfortable sandals. Make a list of the clothing you will need. Then, check items off as you pack them.

Purse/Day Bag

I carry a cross body purse with lots of zippered pockets. This style thwarts purse snatchers, leaves my hands free and gives me easy access to what I need. If I’m going to be out all day, I often put the purse inside a larger cross body day bag which can hold my umbrella and my purchases.

Camera, Photo Cards, Batteries

To record all the memorable events, don’t forget your camera. I recommend a small, easy-to-use point and shoot. I always take a photo card with enough gigabytes so I don’t have to change cards. I also take high-powered batteries and keep extra ones in my camera bag. Forgetting to pack certain items creates funny stories to tell when you return home, but when you’re living through them, it’s not always so funny. So keep your dream trips from becoming nightmares by making a list and checking it twice. And, don’t forget the washcloth. •••

Wellbrooke of South Bend is under construction and slated to open Summer 2014. Our new approach to health and wellness sets a new standard: a distinctly different design and unique hospitality experience with three exceptional choices in one location:

• Service-Rich Assisted Living • Short-Term Rehabilitative Care • Long-Term Care Interest is high, and we are currently taking reservations for the service-rich assisted living apartments. We promise you’ve never seen anything like this before, so call (574) 247-7044 to learn more today!

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“Forgetting to pack certain items creates funny stories to tell when you return home, but when you’re living through them, it’s not always so funny.”

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Five Tips

For Staying


By: Jessica Haviland


veryone wants to fight the process of aging. In today’s society, staying youthful has become such a necessity that we forget that ultimately age is just a number. Life is too short to worry about wrinkles, sagging, soreness and what not. At this time of our lives, we need to sit back and reflect on what we have accomplished and enjoy the world that surrounds us. Applying these five tips below will not only make you healthier and feel more youthful but in the long run make you happier with life.


Keep Up With Your Grandkids: One of the best ways to stay busy is to spend time with those you love; your grandkids! No matter what age they are, your grandchildren will always keep you moving and on the go.


Set A Daily Routine: Each day for at least 30 minutes, plan to do some sort of physical activity. This can include riding a bike around town, playing tennis or take a day and go golfing. Try something new and sign up for a yoga or spin class. Sticking to a daily routine will help keep you motivated.


Get Your Yearly Exam: Don’t forget to visit your doctor every year for your yearly exam. This exam will help determine what your body needs and doesn’t needs in order to stay healthy.


Don’t Skip Your Vitamins: Start taking your daily vitamins each morning. Vitamins will help boost your energy and improve your immune system!


Stress Less, Enjoy Life: The most important thing in life is to stress less and enjoy each and every day. Stress causes wrinkles, anxiety, high blood pressure and so much more. Why ruin your health over events in life that cannot be changed? ••• 18

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Thriving After Surgery...

Operation boomer {a special boom promotion}

June 2014

Life after surgery can be a struggle but local physicians make it easier for you to get back to your normal routine. In this special section, Operation Boomer, you will read success stories from Michiana residents that experienced a healthy road to recovery.

Thriving After Surgery... Operation boomer

Beacon Medical Group


Speedy Recovery Racecar Driver Back on Track


he cockpit of his racecar is where Terry McMillen, a professional National Hot Rod Association Top Fuel driver, feels right at home. But without good knees, he couldn’t put the pedal to the metal. Speed is what Terry, 59, likes and a speedy recovery is what he experienced from double knee replacement surgery performed by Mark Klaassen, M.D., orthopedic surgeon with the Elkhart General Hospital Center for Joint Replacement. The pain Terry suffered from was the result of severely arthritic knees––bone on bone in both legs––and it progressed to the point where he couldn’t move. “I suffered for three years and they weren’t going to let me race anymore, so that was a catalyst that moved me toward meeting with Dr. Klaassen,” he said. Dr. Klaassen recalled Terry’s tenacity from the very first consultation. “Here I have this racecar driver come see me and I talk with him about different options and he says, ‘I have a week between this race and this race to get better.’ And I said, ‘How tough are you?’” “Pretty tough,” Terry responded. “But I was scared of having surgery. At least when I’m driving my racecar I feel I have some control. Undergoing

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surgery means having no control. But Dr. Klaassen helped me know what to expect.” Terry underwent the double knee replacement procedure on a Thursday and Monday morning showed up to therapy without a walker or a cane. “I was just amazed because there was no pain compared to before surgery,” he said. Within two weeks Terry was back driving the course. “It’s been life-changing,” he said. “Elkhart General gave me my life back and allowed me to do what I want to do with my family and my race team.” Beacon Medical Group Elkhart General Hospital for Joint Replacement (574) 523-3344

Seeing is Believing


hen your vision isn’t clear or focused, it gets rather frustrating for yourself and others around you. When Glenna Nickell visited Boling Vision Center, she was experiencing trouble seeing up close. “As I got older, I began having trouble seeing and the doctor told me that I had cataracts that were developing,” Glenna said. “It became evident that I couldn’t read up close and to hold a book off to the side. I realized I really needed to do something about it.” Glenna’s decided to visit Boling Vision Center. “When I came to Boling Vision Center they had something new available,” Glenna explains. “They had contact lenses that would correct my vision and asked if I would be interested. I said, ‘you mean I wouldn’t have to wear glasses again?’ They had contact lenses in bifocals so I could see distance as well as up close after my cataract procedure. It has been an amazing experience.” As Glenna’s vision improves with the contact lenses, she no longer has to worry where she left her glasses. “In the classroom I used to have the kids help me find my classes because I’d lay them down somewhere,” she said. “I don’t have to do that anymore. It’s just been wonderful.”

Not only has Glenna seen positive results with Boling, Stan Robinson, 73, received his cataract procedure with them as well. “That cataract process was one of the most amazing things,” Stan said. “Dr. Boling was keeping track of my cataracts for years and finally he said ‘it’s time.’ He introduced me to the ReStor multifocal lenses. He said they were more expensive but he used them for his mom or dad and that he highly recommended them.” Since using these new lenses, Stan has seen a remarkable difference. “I wore glasses or contacts since I was 9 years old and until that day Dr. Boling did my surgery,” he said. “I’ve have no problems with my vision at distance or near since the surgery.” Boling Vision Center is the perfect experience for people of all ages to starting seeing clearly again. Boling Vision Center 2746 Old U.S. 20 Elkhart, IN 46514 574) 293-3545

These eyes have witnessed a lifetime of memories. With proper care, the best is yet to come.

Thriving After Surgery... Operation boomer

Boling Vision Center

Richard, Elkhart

As we age, we naturally become more prone to eye health problems like cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. But that doesn’t have to mean missing out on the sights that make new memories. That’s why it is so important to have a thorough eye health examination every year, or at the first sign of vision problems. Boling Vision Center can identify any underlying conditions, which often have no noticeable symptoms, and recommend a treatment program that could potentially save your sight.

Marie, South Bend

If cataracts are the culprit, Boling Vision Center has a team of doctors that is second to none and an onsite state-of-the-art surgical center. We are equally equipped to diagnose and care for glaucoma, macular degeneration and other vision conditions. We offer the highest quality expertise in the industry and consistent excellence in compassionate patient care. Learn more about eye health for maturing adults on our website or call for an appointment. We’re here to help you continue making a lifetime of amazing memories.

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Amazing Here Amazing Happens Happens Here 800.283.8393

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Thriving After Surgery... Operation boomer

Jeremy Kwon DDS and Associate Bringing Happiness with a Smile


smile is one of the best and fastest ways to reflect your inner self. Unfortunately, many people hide their smile because they are not comfortable with their smile. But, Dr. Kwon helps people overcome their hesitation and gets them to smile once again. He creates a healthy and beautiful smile that will give you confidence, a positive attitude and live a better life style. When Donna, 67 years old, visited Dr. Kwon, her main concern was the “excruciating pain from a broken bridge and tooth.” After a comprehensive exam was done, Dr. Kwon discovered a deep bite due to tooth wear and tear. Donna was afraid she would have to get dentures but Dr. Kwon recommended a full mouth rehabilitation instead. “After much discussion and weighing the cost, we decided to go with the recommended option,” Donna said. “After much preparation, adjusting to a normal bite and healing time, I am very excited with the end results and beyond thankful for everything Dr. Kwon and his staff has done to give me a new beautiful smile and a normal bite that I will enjoy for the rest of my life.”

Jeremy Kwon DDS and Associate 6910 North Main Street, Building 6B Unit 46 Granger, IN 46530 (574) 247-2521

Now, it is YOUR turn.

Missing & Short Teeth


Not only was Donna happy to smile again, she started noticing additional positive results after her full mouth rehabilitation. “The headaches, jaw pain, neck pain and sinus pain are becoming less and less,” Donna said. “The ringing in my ears were noticeably gone almost immediately. Another benefit is that I have been told I look younger. People have commented on my smile which hasn’t happened in years!” Not only has Donna seen tremendous results but another client of Dr. Kwon’s, Dawn, feels happier after her visit. “The beauty of the teeth and wanting to smile more seems to make individuals a happier individual,” Dawn said. “So many compliments from friends, family members and even strangers.”

Have the smile you deserve!


Exposed Roots

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Complete Smile Makeover



Overbite & Dark Teeth

Cosmetic Crowns & Veneers


Oral Sedation Dental Implants


Donna is a current patient of Dr. Kwon’s.


AFTER *No extractions were involved

Jeremy Kwon D.D.S and Associates 6910 N. Main Street, Building 6B Unit 46 Granger, Indiana 46530 Phone: 574-247-2521 Fax: 574-271-7566 E-Mail: 22

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McDonald Physical Therapy Notre Dame Campus Office hat does an owner of a favorite South Bend is directed to MPT. MPT’s St. Liam Hall, Rm. 229 breakfast restaurant, an ex-Mayor turned reputation, as an independent (574) 631-4317 Governor and a well-known head college football physical therapy clinic for over 25

Therapy at its Finest


coach have in common? When they had knee, shoulder and back surgery (respectively), they were sent to McDonald Physical Therapy for therapy. Why were these high profile patients sent to MPT after very challenging surgeries? Over the years surgeons and patients know MPT has a reputation for success with challenging surgical patients. They know when a very active woman runs a “Tough Mudder Race” and tears most of the ligaments in her knee, she wants to get back to an active lifestyle, and MPT gives her the best chance of accomplishing her goal. They know, when an extremely active man just over 60, tears his rotator cuff beyond recognition and doesn't get it surgically repaired for six to seven weeks (because of an unusually high pain tolerance), an avid golfer, with the energy of a 21 year old, MPT is the only place to go. Last but not least, when a younger man has back surgery and is told he may need another in a few months, he

years is something the staff is proud to be a part of. One of the three patients mentioned is Peg Dalton, owner of La

25 Y o Excel 1989 Thriving After Surgery... Operation boomer

1005 Hickory Rd. South Bend, IN (574) 233-5754

Peep. She wrote the following of her physical therapy; “The entire staff, from the front to all of the physical therapy team members, were outstanding. They gave me what I needed to get stronger every day!” McDonald Physical Therapy is honored to have the respect of the orthopedic surgeons. If you are looking for physical therapy to improve your quality of life, please call. They would love to help you get “stronger every day.”

“Stronger Every Day

McDonald Physical Therapy 1005 N Hickory Road South Bend, IN 46615 (574) 233-5754

Walk Ins Welcome! 1005 Hickory Rd. South Bend, IN (574) 233-5754 Notre Dame Campus Office St. Liam Hall, Rm. 229 (574) 631-4317

25 Years of Excellence 1989-2014

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Thriving After Surgery... Operation boomer

Mahoney Family Dentistry Restore Your Confident Smile


implants to either help replace missing teeth, resolve joint pain or bite problems, restore a confident smile, enhance facial tissue and so much more.

ou exercise to stay fit, eat right to stay energized and use the best beauty products to keep your youthful glow. Why consider anything else except dental implants? The mouth is a complex biological system that changes as we grow older. When you lose an adult tooth from trauma or decay, it will unfortunately not grow back. In the past, there weren’t many options for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. As modern implant dentistry has evolved, dental implants can now be used to fill in missing tooth space without having to make modifications to other teeth.

When Spencer decided that he was tired of not being confident with his teeth, he visited Mahoney Family Dentistry. “As a 65 year old with teeth that I have always been ashamed of, Dr. Mahoney and all of his staff made my venture very enjoyable,” Spencer said. “Dr. Mahoney’s approach made me very comfortable knowing that he preceded a pace that makes me comfortable. I would recommend this dental office for any dental care.” If you need to replace missing teeth or a single tooth, implants are a stable, fixed solution. Remember, stay youthful and smile confidently at Mahoney Family Dentistry.

If you’re considering dental implants and to replace missing teeth, Dr. Terrance P. Mahoney would love to discuss your tooth replacement options. Richard visited Mahoney Family Dentistry to receive some dental work and was surprised by his service. “I have found that the quality of their dental service is everything I could have imagined,” he said. “I would recommend Mahoney Family Dentistry to anyone as the best there is in dental care and would be willing to express this to anyone.” There are several reasons to consider dental

Mahoney Family Dentistry 17901 Turners Drive South Bend, IN 46635 (574) 217-4709

RESTORING YOUR SMILE with Dental Implants!

Reasons to consider Dental Implants: • To replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth. • Dental implants can sometimes resolve joint pain or bite problems caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth space. • To restore a patient’s confident smile.

• To restore normal chewing, speech, and digestion. • To restore or enhance facial tissues. • To support a bridge or denture, making them more secure and comfortable. • If you need to replace missing teeth or a single tooth, implants are a stable, fixed solution.

MAHONEY FAMILY DENTISTRY 17901 Turners Drive South Bend, IN 46635 574-217-4709

“Stay youthful. Smile confidently.” 24

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Creating New Opportunities with Knee Replacement


couple of winters ago, Sandra started having a tremendous amount of pain in both knees. “I really felt the pain while out shoveling snow,” states Sandra. “At first I thought I had just pulled a muscle but after a week of pain and swelling I realized that I needed to seek medical help.” At her neighbor suggestion, she scheduled an appointment at South Bend Orthopaedics. Due to the excruciating pain, Sandra couldn’t walk up or down the stairs, couldn’t bend over and wasn’t able to do any of her regular chores. Her normal routine was completely disrupted. Most of all, the pain prevented Sandra from enjoying her two great passions: playing with her grandchildren and ballroom dancing with friends.

after about three months of rehabilitation, she had her right knee replaced.

After a physical exam and x-rays of both Sandra’s knees, it was clear that she had osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis attacks the cartilage in your joints, causing it to erode away. Given the severity of Sandra’s osteoarthritis, a total knee replacement in both knees was the best treatment option. SBO performed the replacement surgery on her left knee, then

South Bend Orthopaedics 53880 Carmichael Dr.South Bend, IN 46635 (574) 247-9441

For both surgeries, it was an overnight stay in the hospital. She immediately started therapy to improve mobility and keep the tendons from over tightening. “Overall the experience was terrific,” exclaims Sandra. “The physician and staff were kind and wonderful. The surgery was a great thing … it brought my life back to me. Without the surgery, I would not have been able to return to the activities that I enjoy doing.” Sandra quickly returned to gardening again and has no problem bending down to weed and trim bushes. Best of all, she is able to actively play with her five year old grandsons.

Thriving After Surgery... Operation boomer

South Bend Orthopaedics

Stop Suffering From Back and Neck Pain Visit p s d n e b h sout t to reques e -pag a FREE 36 Book. medy Home Re For Appointments: 574-247-6556 60160 Bodnar Blvd., Mishawaka Just South of US20 Bypass off Elm Road boom | JUNE 2014


Thriving After Surgery... Operation boomer

Studio I Boutique Beautifying Cancer One Step at a Time


inding out you have breast cancer is a scary moment in any woman’s life. Studio I owner, Sharie Conard, lost her best friend to cancer and experienced what her friend struggled with. “There were no hair or breast prosthetic services for her, let alone a private or compassionate environment,” Sharie said. “There was only a blue bandanna that came off her head every time she moved.” Sharie wanted to make women feel beautiful no matter what medical problems they were having. “My goal is to provide a place where women can come to; a place where they are understood and encouraged,” she said. When Eileen found out she had breast cancer and had a partial mastectomy, radiation therapy and took several medications, she felt insecure about her appearance. “A friend suggested I call Studio I to see what they could do for me,” she said. “I dialed the phone number in tears not knowing what to say or how I would be treated.” But after only a few moments on the phone with Studio I, Eileen’s doubts and fears faded. “Not only did I get a compassionate person on the other end of the line but an appointment was set to meet with an expert fitter within that hour,” she said. “Studio I helped me regain

the confidence I needed in my outward appearance and once again my form fitting sweaters can be worn. Would I go anywhere else to make these purchases? Definitely not!” Studio I offers wigs, breast prosthetics, mastectomy swimwear, headwear and so much more. Sharie truly believes that every cancer patient and survivor is beautiful inside and out and cherishes the moment when she can brighten up their day. “We learn from them. They are strong,” she said. “After all, they are survivors and it is an honor that they allow us to help them in their journey of life.” Studio I Boutique Located Inside Michiana Hematology Oncology 5340 Holy Cross Parkway Suite 110 Mishawaka, IN 46545 (574) 231-6470

After Breast Surgery

Mastectomy • Lumpectomies • Reconstruction • Augmentation • Reduction • Biopsies POST L ICA SURG NTS E M R GA

SPECIAL FEATURES: • Front closure drain management immediately after surgery with or without compression • Soft cotton fabric for sensitive skin

“Do you have trouble filling out your bra?” Shapers are ideal for all coverage, lumpectomies, reconstruction, uneven breasts and enhancers.

• Leisure puffs included until silicone prosthesis can be fit or reconstruction surgery is completed.


Most post surgical products are covered by Medicare and many insurance companies. Medicare allows up to six bras per year and one breast form every two years as needed.

NEWEST INNOVATIVE BREAST FORM FOR TODAY’S WOMAN. Diamond layer technology reduces perspiration and increases comfort.

Visit one of our two locations: MICHIGAN Phone 269-428-3400 2540 Paulmar Ave St. Joseph, MI 49085

INDIANA Phone 574-231-6470 5340 Holy Cross Pkwy Ste 110, Mishawaka, IN 46545


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Popping Into the Right Place


hen Mary’s children could hear her jaw clicking and popping while she ate, she knew there was some sort of problem. “It started with a lot of jaw pain. As I was eating there was a lot of popping in my jaw. Even my kids looked at me and said ‘Mom, you can hear that, right?’” Mary said. “You kind of learn to ignore, adjust and accept it until you open your mouth and your jaw gets locked. That is a little terrifying. At that point I felt like this probably isn’t normal and I should look into some kind of treatment.” Her family dentist, Dr. Terrance Mahoney referred Mary to his partner, Dr. Daniel Klauer at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana for a non-invasive therapy for her TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder). After going through several tests, screenings and questions, Dr. Klauer started Mary on her treatment. “I was wearing a mouth piece on the bottom in the beginning for about six to eight weeks and then once that treatment was over I had a mouth piece that I now wear at night to maintain,” Mary said. After her treatments, Mary noticed a difference right away. “I can’t even describe how much better things

are for me,” she said. “I don’t wake up with jaw pain any longer or clench my teeth.” The best thing that came out of her treatments is that her children don’t hear her jaw popping anymore. “I can eat without the horrible popping noises in my ears and in other people’s ears,” Mary said. “I don’t recall the last time my jaw has been stuck open or closed. It’s been an amazing change in the way that I’ve been able to live life and not having pain.” The TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana offers free consultations before any treatment for their patients. To hear Mary’s full testimonial, please visit TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana 17901 Turners Drive South Bend, IN 46635 (574) 968-5166

Thriving After Surgery... Operation boomer

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana

We can treat your Craniofacial Pain in a non-surgical, non-invasive manner! Many patients seek treatment for craniofacial pain because they believe they are having recurring migraines when, in fact, their headaches are caused by disorders in the facial muscles and nerves. Common symptoms of craniofacial headaches that are not migraines include: ► Daily headaches ► Having a headache when you first wake up ► Headaches that feel like they originate in the temples, in the back of your head, or behind your eyes

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana 17901 Turners Drive South Bend, IN 46635 (574) 968-5166

► Migraine medications don’t get rid of your headache ► You are aware that you clench your teeth, or you are told that you do

There is great hope for sufferers of craniofacial pain. Recently, dental appliances have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat craniofacial pain in a non-surgical, noninvasive manner. If you would like to learn more about the various treatment methods for craniofacial pain in South Bend, IN, please contact us, or request a consultation with our TMJ and Sleep Therapy experts in South Bend. boom | JUNE 2014






By: Margo & Jim Bell

Name Game PART II



Marilyn Monroe

Whoopie Goldberg

1-h: Born Natalia Zakharenko (or Zacharenko) in San Francisco to Russian immigrant parents, her name was changed to Natalie Wood by RKO executives David Lewis and William Goetz. Her sister, actress Lana Wood (Diamonds Are Forever), was born Svetlana Nicolaevna Zakharenko. 2-e: MGM chief Louis B. Mayer insisted that Hedy change her last name in reference to silent screen star Barbara La Marr; “Hedy” is a nickname. She is also known as a co-inventor of a device that helped pave the way to modern wireless communications. 3-m: First name was given to her in honor of child star phenom Shirley Temple. Her chosen surname is a variation of MacLean, her middle name and mother’s maiden name. As a child Shirley earned the nickname “Powerhouse” for the home runs she scored on an all-boy’s baseball team. Actor Warren Beatty is her younger brother. 4-j: “Meg” is a nickname for Margaret. Ryan is her mother’s

maiden name.

5-o: She went into stage acting with the name Anne Marno but was asked to change it for the movies. Anne was considered for the leads in the movies Terms of Endearment, Mommie Dearest and The Exorcist. She was married to actor/producer Mel Brooks for 41 years until her death. Anne wrote and directed the 1980 movie Fatso, wherein the family name DiNapoli was taken from her mother’s maiden name. 6-k: Three versions exist of the name origin: 1) named for a movie character Lily Garland; 2) vaudevillian George Jessel said she was “prettier than a garland of flowers;” and 3) the name was mentioned in a telegram from Jessel to actress Judith Anderson and the name stuck in his mind. 28

JUNE 2014 | boom

Answers Winona Ryder

7-d: Although she started in the film industry under her own name, MGM publicity head Pete Smith didn’t like “LeSeuer” because it sounded like “Le Sewer.” Smith launched a contest in a fan magazine to pick out a new name. Joan Arden was the winner, but another actress already had that name. “Crawford” was chosen, a name Joan hated because it sounded like “crawfish.” 8-q: Sandra’s first name is a shortened form of Alexandra, and her last name was the first initial “D” of her stepfather (actual name not given). 9-a: When she got the job as lead female singer with Barney Rapp’s jazz orchestra, Rapp determined that her last name “Kappelhoff” was too long for a marquis. He suggested “Day” after her rendition of the song Day After Day. 10-g: Once known as Cheryl LaPiere, the last name from her stepfather. She simplified the entire name to “Cher” when she launched her TV career with then-husband Sonny Bono, their act known as “Sonny and Cher.” 11-i: Switching from a successful modeling career to the film industry, Norma Jean (also may be known as Norma Jean Baker) selected the name Carole Lind, but 20th Century Fox executive Ben Lyon didn’t like the name. So Norma Jean decided on her mother’s maiden name “Monroe,” and Lyon added “Marilyn” because of its alliteration. 12-p: She took her first name from the whoopee cushion because of her tendency toward flatulence. Her mother insisted she take a Jewish last name to help her succeed in show business. Whoopie once worked as a phone sex operator.

13-n: At 5’6” and 114 lbs., this London supermodel of the 1960s got the name from her thin build. Leslie switched back to her birth name for her film career, appearing in such movies as The Blues Brothers. 14-c: Studios thought her first name

“Jane” was too plain, so this Fort Wayne native took the name “Carol” from a tennis partner. (Don’t know how the ending “e” came into being.) As the studios didn’t like her last name either, Carole adopted “Lombard,” the surname of a family friend.

15-b: Her first name is a tribute to Winona, Minnesota, near her birthplace in Olmsted County. Her father picked out “Ryder” during a phone conversation with Winona’s agent while at the same time listening to a song by rocker Mitch Ryder. 16-l: Angie (shortened form of Angeline) took her last name from her first husband, football player Gene Dickenson. Her second husband was pop composer Bert Bacharach. 17-f: Connie’s first name is a variation of her birth first name. She adopted “Stevens” from the professional name of her musician father Teddy Stevens, born Peter Ingoglia.


Ethel Merman began her singing career in New York nightclubs but considered her last name “Zimmermann” too long for a marquee (see Doris Day). She mused over other names such as Gardner, her mother’s maiden name, but Ethel’s father was hurt that she didn’t want to keep her German birth name. To get back into his good graces, Ethel shortened “Zimmermann” to “Merman.” Interestingly, Ethel never had a voice lesson. Swoosie (rhymes with “Lucy”) Kurtz was given her unusual first name by her father, Col. Frank Kurtz, a decorated WWII bomber pilot. “Swoose” (half swan + half goose) was the nickname of the early Boeing B-17D Flying Fortress that he flew. •••

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By: Kristine Smith


recent study from San Francisco University researchers found that having a hobby not only can enhance your personal lives but can even improve our work performance. According to the study, it can improve problem solving skills and gives people a chance to express themselves even for an hour or two a week. But, with all the options of extracurricular activity, where do you start? Below is a list of five hobbies that is easy to start and fun to do with groups of people:


Wine Making/Beer Brewing is growing in popularity thanks to the increase in the microbrew market and the various wine tours that have expanded in our area. Wine making


An estimated 50 million people of all ages enjoy the hobby of crocheting and knitting. This is a fun and creative hobby with yarn that

some swear is a form of meditation. Consider joining a local knitting and crocheting guild or group that meets up in locations in your community or online and take a class offered at a local retailer, school or library. When you are ready to buy yarn, you'll find lots of choices. Check out the yarn departments at your local craft stores.

and beer brewing are skills that predate recorded history and these days, buying a kit to help you get started is an affordable way to jump start your new hobby. Kits come in a variety of types and include instructions on how to make the wine or beer. About 8.6 million barrels of craft beer were sold in 2008 and the number of artisanal beer suppliers in the U.S. is growing. The microbrew industry is growing at a fast pace and many of the breweries got their start in someone’s garage. An easy way to learn more on these two hobbies is to visit a small winery or brewery and ask detailed questions on how they make their beverages. Odds are, they are happy to tell the tale of how their hobby developed into a small successful business. Cheers!


Photography has been made obsolete by the use of our handy cellphones to capture every single moment of our lives. However, some

of us remember when they had to use an actual camera to take photographs. One of the most obvious outcomes of photography is that it enables you to capture life moments and experiences. Photography brings you closer to reality, to nature, to life. This empowers you to re-connect with your creative side. If you are really good, you can make some additional cash by lending out your skill to create photo shoots or by entering your photos in contests. Photography can make you content and you may discover facets of your personality you did not know existed. There are many classes available, from beginner to advanced, offered as well as many online instructional videos and websites.


Cooking may seem like it is a time consuming hobby that a person with limited time might find it hard to truly enjoy. However, getting creative

and checking out crock pot recipes or finding recipes that take 30 minutes of less is easier to do than ever. Find a cooking class locally and find one that focuses on one aspect of cooking, such as a casserole class or a class that examines how to make different kinds of omelets.

Hobbies, simply put, are good for the soul. This is a small list of options as the possibilities are truly endless. Take a skill or task you love and turn it into a hobby by simply having the courage to learn more about it. Doing something that you love can help ease stress and expand your horizons. What do you have to lose? •••

Enjoy the Freedom

to Choose!

Granger and Mishawaka’s premier independent senior living community.


Whether you live in the big city or in the countryside, it’s easy to enjoy gardening. Plant flowers

and wait for them to blossom or plant vegetables and enjoy your harvest all summer and fall. Most communities have gardening clubs or seed exchanges. If you live in an apartment or a condo, try container gardening. You may be surprised to learn that there is almost nothing that cannot grow in a container. If you do have a yard, till up part of it and experiment. Try growing heirloom tomatoes or a wide variety of pepper plants. If you prefer flowers, concentrate on a type you love.

Stop in today to see what you’re missing. Customize your living options to meet your needs, you choose the optional services you want and when you want to use them! No bundling or packages required.

820 Cleveland Road East, Granger, IN • (574) 247-4680 • TTY (800) 743-3333 boom | JUNE 2014




Chickens In Your Backyard By: Evie Kirkwood


s I stood in line at the farm store, clutching my cardboard box with two baby chicks, the man in coveralls ahead of me peered cynically over his glasses. “What? Have you been watching Martha Stewart?”

I assumed he assessed my business attire and concluded I’d gotten a crazy idea to start a new hobby. I smiled smugly. My husband and I have had a backyard flock of chickens for over 30 years on our little rural lot in Cass County, Michigan. In contrast, KC and Ruth Ann Nieboer started their flock in 2013, shortly after the city of South Bend established an ordinance allowing backyard chickens. According to KC, Ruth has always wanted chickens. “Even though she’s a city girl, she’s a farm girl at heart,” he laughs. Interest in keeping chickens has swelled as part of the local, sustainable and organic food movements, although KC was ambivalent at first. He remembers his grandfather’s “crazy” bantams. But now, after a year of chicken husbandry, he’s come to appreciate the varied personalities of the hens that share space in a custom pen he built in his garage. He also admits he and Ruth are now “egg snobs.” When hens have access to the outdoors, grazing on plants and bugs, their shells are stout and the orange yolks stand up in the skillet. The consistency of the white is firmer, too. The Nieboers raise traditional heavy breeds, such as Barred Rock, Wyandotte and Buff Orpington, all of which lay brown eggs.

“Chickens are great

Getting Started

composters, and will eat all

Tending to backyard chickens can be surprisingly simple. Check zoning ordinances and neighborhood covenants for pen and flock limitations. Within South Bend, for example, a permit is required and roosters are not allowed.

sorts of vegetable scraps. Watermelon rinds, squash hulls, green pepper cores and apple peels are favorites.”

You need a hopper for chicken feed, a self-waterer and some room for the hens to run. They also need an elevated nest box in which to lay eggs and roosting bars, usually in a structure that gives them shelter, such as a small shed, barn or coop. Straw or corn cob crumbles on the floor provide insulation and absorb some of the prolific droppings the birds produce. Most folks start their flock with mail ordered chicks, or those purchased from a farm store. Hatchlings require an ambient temperature of about 95 degrees. We start ours in a big cardboard box, with an incandescent bulb and a thermometer to check the temperature. As the chicks get older, we reduce the temperature by about five degrees each week.

Adult chickens are quite hardy, and KC says he was surprised his hens continued to lay eggs through the harsh winter. When asked what advise KC would share, he suggests starting with just two or three birds. The Nieboer’s six layers can produce over three dozen eggs each week. “That makes a lot of custard, bread pudding and egg casseroles,” he smiles. “We also give away lots of eggs to our friends.”

A Few Other Tips If zoning allows your flock to free range, the hens will feast on insects, grass, dandelions and clover. If you treat your lawn with chemicals, however, don’t let the hens roam. Chickens scratch the soil as they look for bugs and will fling mulch and plants. Consider fencing your garden and protect your ripe tomatoes, too! Chickens are great composters, and will eat all sorts of vegetable scraps. Watermelon rinds, squash hulls, green pepper cores and apple peels are favorites. If you will be away more than a couple of days, line up someone to check on the hens and gather eggs. •••

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By: Chuck Bergman

Is there a perfect Father’s Day present?

When we were in school, we made cards and ceramic ash trays for our dads. When we got a little older we probably bought a tie or Mom took care of the present for us. As an adult you have given your father every imaginable gift for this holiday. So what is left? Have you thought about craft beer? If the father in your life enjoys a high quality craft beer, then this may be the perfect opportunity to find a unique craft beer gift for him. You could just buy a twelve pack and be done, but it is not as easy as you think. What style of beer does he enjoy? Is he a hop head, or does he prefer darker stouts? Does he like high gravity beers or something with low alcohol content so he can enjoy more than one on a nice hot summer day? Picking the Best Craft Beer If your first thought is to buy craft beer for your dad, but you don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking him specific questions regarding his beer preference; never fear, there are some great gift ideas out there for the craft beer lover. The more simple option is a multipack from one of the larger craft brewers, such as Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada or New Belgium. Many local liquor stores now offer a build your own 6-pack program where you can select individual bottles of beer to create your own custom 6-pack. Easier yet, most sell individual bottles from 12 ounces all the way up to 22 ounce bombers. If your dad is a beer collector, then look for specialty, seasonal or limited edition brews. These often distribute during a specific time of year, so you may have to do some advance planning for this special gift. And some limited releases are only available during an annual event, like Dark Lord Day at 3 Floyds in Munster. If you can’t tell a pale ale from a porter and are overwhelmed by the selection of beers at your favorite beverage store, you may want to consider a monthly club membership for your father. Many enthusiasts have turned to beer of the month clubs to make the process easier. Each month your dad gets a different selection of beers available to sample. Most offer 12 packs combining three to four different styles of beers. Some offer two to four 22 ounce bomber or 750mL sizes. This isn’t just a Father’s Day gift, but something he can enjoy all year long.

Attending Tours and Events Another great alternative is taking your dad on a tour of a local brewery. Not only do you get to sample amazing locally-brewed beers in their tasting room, but you also get to spend some quality time with your dad. He gets to learn about different beer styles from the brewers themselves. There are numerous craft brewers in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan to choose from. If you have never seen how beer is made, this is a fun and informative adventure that all the adults in your family can enjoy. For the craft beer aficionado, maybe turn it into an overnight trip. If the brewery you select is over three hours away, it makes sense to spend the night. You get to spend more time enjoying the brewery without wasting the entire day driving. Chicago, Indianapolis, northern Michigan and southern Indiana all have some incredible breweries to tour. Why limit yourself to just one brewery? It is easy to plan a Saturday and visit three to four tasting rooms over the course of the day. Pick ones that have a brewpub and enjoy some great food during the tour. There are even local bus tours organized that will save you the hassle of driving. Tickets to an area brewfest are another great gift. For a set fee, you and your dad can enjoy local and national craft beers in an organized setting. Chat with brewers and distributors to learn more about what makes their ales and lagers unique. There are many brewfest events throughout the year. Some local ones includes the South Bend Brewfest, Blue Chip Brewfest in Michigan City, Crown Brewfest in Crown Point, Indiana Microbrewers Festival in Indianapolis, Summer Solstice Music & Microbrews in St. Joseph, Weko Beach Brewers Festival in Bridgman, ZooBrew at Potowatami Park and many more. Brew Your Own Beer Why just buy a quality craft beer when you can make your own? If your dad is like me, he may be ready for the next step. Learning to homebrew takes enjoying craft beer to the next level. Most homebrewers start out brewing five gallon batches with an equipment kit. These include the basics you will need to start the hobby, including a fermenting pale, measuring equipment, boiling pot and empty 12oz bottles.

You can purchase these kits online or locally. I prefer the personal service of shopping locally, as well as supporting our Michiana economy. There are three area home brew stores including Brew Werks in downtown South Bend, Quality Wine and Ale Supply in Elkhart and Red Arrow Hobbies in Stevensville. These stores stock the ingredients you will need to start brewing as well as provide helpful advice on getting started. If your dad is already a homebrewer, then the gift ideas just got a lot easier. All homebrewers need ingredients and equipment. A larger brewing kettle, a stronger propane burner and another glass carboy are all great gifts for the homebrew enthusiast. Brewing software is another gift to consider. These programs allow you to save your recipes as well as profile your equipment and brew day process. It makes the calculations much easier and improves your brewing efficiencies. Another great gift may be membership in a local homebrew club. Michiana Extract and Grain Association (MEGA) and Chapin Park Brewer’s Association are two local groups comprised of home brewers. They meet regularly to discuss brewing techniques, compare recipes, plan brewing events and, of course, sample each other’s home brews. If he already belongs to a local club, then consider paying his annual dues to the American Homebrewers Association. This membership gives him a subscription to Zymurgy and access to their archive of recipes and DIY articles. Finally, local bookstores or online bookstores both have a large selection of beer books. Help your dad refine his brewing skills or find new recipes with a craft beer book. I personally recommend “The Complete Joy of Home Brewing” by Charles Papazian and “How to Brew” by John Palmer for the beginning home brewer. “Brewing Classic Styles” by John Palmer and “Designing Great Beers” by Ray Daniels are good reads for the intermediate brewer. I hope this helps you find the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day. •••


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By: Kristine Smith

“With online dating, boomers can easily find some convenient time to socialize and flirt online with their dates.”

ating over 55 can be intimidating and downright scary for men and women who find themselves single again at an age where society implies they should have been settled in a long term relationship by that age. However, we all know life does not go according to the plans we held dear back in our 20’s. Whether it is a death of a partner, a divorce or simply not finding ‘the one’ at an earlier point in life, seniors often can find themselves alone and wish to seek companionship. Seniors may feel it is a daunting task, to even begin dating at this age. Baby Boomers represent approximately 28% of the population, with over 24 million boomers 50 and over and by the year 2030, the baby boomers will be ages 66 to 84 and make up 20% of the total population. With numbers like this, it is easy to see that the amount of seniors entering the dating scene will be growing steadily in the coming years. With the senior single world bound to grow in numbers, where do they look for companionship? Online dating for people over fifty is a practical choice. There are many dating websites that are dedicated to people who are 50 and over. They even make it simple for the mature singles by narrowing down the survey for perfect matches to help eliminate the waiting time. It is more convenient for them to start the relationship online by sending emails and making phone calls right from the comfort of their own home. Boomers do not need to hang out at the conventional social places trying to identify and woo a partner. With online dating, boomers can easily find some convenient time to socialize and flirt online with their dates. Statistics show that almost two-thirds of adults between the ages of 50 to 64 use the Internet and that almost 20% of traffic to on-line dating sites is from users 55 and over. For those not as comfortable using this newer dating tool, meeting face to face is the other obvious choice. There are many social groups available for seniors to find new friends. Enrolling in classes of interest or book clubs is another way to socialize. One regional social group called “Meet Up,” a social networking grouping based on various interests. This network offers singles groups, bridge, Mah Jong, book clubs, hiking and skiing clubs to name a few. One simply


JUNE 2014 | boom

needs to join these groups online at, then they email the member the meet up times and locations. At the very least, you will end up meeting new people with something interesting to do together or talk about. This will help you relax and have confidence about entering the social scene again. Another great way to widen your social circle is to join social groups which are involved in giving back to the society. Volunteering at a local hospital or a museum is a great way to reconnect with the community while meeting interesting people that may become good friends, at the very least. Getting a part time job is another way to become more social and expand your potential dating horizons. There are many chances at love after 55 and it's often a better love than what you felt at a younger age. You are more mature, learned from your mistakes and accomplishments, you know what you want out of a partner, a relationship and even life. Fully understanding yourself allows you to carefully consider what you want and gives you the wisdom to go out and get it. Above all, just be yourself and enjoy good company. Be honest with people and about your single status. The companionship you find and the associations you build will become cherished assets and enrich your life. •••

“Just be yourself and enjoy good company. Be honest with people and about your single status.”

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boom Advice from Area Execs


oom Magazine and the Renaissance Executive Forums have partnered up to bring you this monthly business column, The Boom Executive Forum. Feel free to submit your business questions to and your question just may be answered in an upcoming issue of Boom Magazine.

This article is provided by Executive Forums which helps executives achieve their goals and reduce risk by providing input from a confidential team of their peers and tools from thought leaders. For information, contact them at 574.243.0175 or visit their website:

This Month's Question:

As a boomer I know that I am not the only one who has difficulty with the generations that follow us. That includes my children as well as young new executives that are entering the workforce. What are the characteristic traits in those generations that can help me connect with them better? Glenn J. Hansel

Glenn J. Hansel has over 40 years of marketing and business experience. He has extensive experience in brand and corporate marketing, national advertising, sales management and business management and operations. He has worked for Wilson & Company, Hardee’s Food Systems, Sarah Lee Corporation and Edward Lowe Industries. He has owned or been a partner in three businesses during which he consulted for over 40 companies across the United States.


JUNE 2014 | boom


his a is very common dilemma facing the generations as they interact in today’s workplace as well as in their homes and places of worship. Our Executive Forums members face the impact of the different generations every day and they have had to adjust the way they hire, reward and motivate employees in order to keep generational diversity. You are a boomer and with the Boomer generation comes a unique set of values that are different than any generation before or after you. Boomers grew up in the golden age of society. Jobs were plentiful, transportation was cheap and social taboos were torn down. Independent thoughts and accountability became the norm. For that reason, the Boomer generation has produced more small business owners than any other generation. There are two powerful value drivers for your generation. First, Boomers are a career-driven generation that has proven to be brilliant in the workplace. Their job is their identity.

they individually accomplish. Group activities will slow them down. In the market place they live in the here and now. They live life to the fullest every day and let tomorrow take care of it’s self. GenXers work to live and will be content to work in a job forever as long as it provides the resources for them to enjoy life. The youngest generation are the Millennial's. They are roughly age 21 to 35 and are still growing. They are destined to be the largest generation in US history with over 100 million members. They are very different from the Boomers and the GenXers. They have already seen a lot in life. They saw the devastation of earthquakes and floods. Thet saw tsunami’s and typhoons destroy large populated areas. They want to help. They were shocked by school shootings too numerous to mention and had a front row view of the horrors of war. Therefore, they are very compassionate and patriotic. They are spiritually sensitive and are returning to churches and synagogues in droves. They want people to be real and not hypocritical about what they say. They can’t stand irresponsible companies, governments or religions. Millennials work to help. In the workplace they are team players. Money is not their driving value but enjoying their job is. They have to love their job and the company they work for or they will leave. They will live at home longer, get married later and have

If you talk to a Boomer and ask them to tell you about themselves, they will usually start with where they work and what they do. That is also why many have struggled during the recent recession. They find it difficult to find a new job because they can’t see themselves doing anything new or different. Second, with the help of Dr. Spock, they introduced indulgent parenting. Boomers GenXers Millennials That gave the world latchkey kids and duel Finances Spenders Demanders Givers income households. Job is... Identity Means to an end Passion They want to buy Religion is.. Duty Individual Expression Life Purpose their kids everything. Whatever is newest Reward Company Performance Individual Accomplish Community Support and best is just what Communication In Writing Email Text/Tweet they want for their kids. Boomers live to work Teaching In Groups Electronically On Line and so the thought Purchase Lifestyle Conscious Brand Ambivalent Cause Loyal of retirement is very frightening. children later than any other generation. They will not wait to enjoy The next generation, the GenX generation, were impacted by those what life offers. They will travel more, see more and do more at a values and rebelled against some of them. They are approximately younger age than other generations. They want anything that will 35 to 55 years of age. They are often called “The Island Generation” make life easier. Technology is their key to being better at everything. because they are the most different from all other generations in Their cell phone is the single most important thing they own. today’s society. Eight out of 20 GenX’ers were raised by divorced parents. Many of them spent the first two hours after school at home So in order to connect with Boomers is to understand and in front of a television with their siblings or alone. To the GenX appreciate their efforts on the job. To connect with a GenXer, generation, the kids are most important. They have given us "Soccer talk about their kids. To connect with a Millennial, recognize and Moms" and "Helicopter Parents." Their kids come before work, before support their social causes. ••• religion, even before each other. In the workplace, a GenXer wants to be self-reliant. They do not thrive in the committee mentality Glenn J. Hansel, Vice-President that is popular with Boomers. They want to be measured by what Executive Forums of Northern Indiana

Generational Values

boom | JUNE 2014


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