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013 April 25, 2 7 pm 66 Library

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Program Opening Remarks Digital Video Premiere

Kelsey Gamble Elizabeth Dunne & Digital Committee

NSAC Presention

Hannah Ryan & NSAC Committee

Most Valuable by Class Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Most Valuable by Committee Executive Board Honorable Mentions Most Valuable Executive Board Member Closing Remarks


Diana Lee

John Buysse Jessica Murray Kelsey Gamble Monica Behrmann Hannah Ryan Committee VPs Gordon Utendahl Marissa Jaeckel Diana Lee



e Pre h t m o r f r Lette

Dear AAF Illinois, This year I had the pleasure of working with some of the best and the brightest students here on our campus at the University of Illinois. AAF is an organization that truly values and cherishes enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and hard work from all of our fellow members. I have met with wonderful students who are always seeking opportunities, innovation, and improvements, and I am extremely honored to have worked with these students. This has been a great year for our executive board members and the chapter as a whole. Many of our committees grew tremendously from the past years, and it is all thanks to you and our leaders. Together, you all have made our success. We achieved an impressive membership number of more than 550 individuals. We placed second in the NSAC regional competition. We had multiple events and conferences in different cities such as New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C. We had the most winners for the AAF Most Promising Minority Student Awards nationwide. We had the top two Vance and Betty Lee Stickell Internship winners in the nation and achieved an incredible amount of Multicultural Advertising Intern Program winners. We have many of our members interning with the most successful and prestigious advertising agencies in the nation and the world, and last but not least, great friendships were made along the way. On a final note, I would like to sincerely congratulate each and every one of you on your astounding accomplishments this year. You all have earned every win, both big and small. I wish each and every one of you the best in your future endeavors and hope to see our students carry out this valuable and prestigious organization in the future. Sincerely,

Diana Lee President



Most Valu


omina N s r e b m Me

The votes are in and they have been counted and recounted to give you the Most Valuable AAF members from each class and committee. Thank you to everyone who voted! Our members are the reason our club is so successful and we are thrilled to be able to honor you tonight. All nominees were suggested by the VP and SVP of each committee. They looked at involvement in the committee, positive attitude and passion for AAF as factors in who they selected. Every person nominated was integral to their committee’s success and we are so grateful we have so many amazing and dedicated members. Congratulations to all of our nominees!


Aaron We

He is awesome! Without Aaron this video never would have reached its full potential. Any time you need him, he is there and ready to bring creative ideas and suggestions to the table. He is a humble guy who has a lot to offer and with his talent in video production he is a wonderful asset to our team. From day one he stepped up, and has been my right hand man throughout the entire semester. ~Digital Video Execs

h a DiJosep


Alyssa has helped out tremendously this year. Without her, AdBuzz could not have run as smoothly as it did. She edited all of the articles you guys read and helped make executive decisions! ~AdBuzz Execs

ood Andrew W Andrew did a lot of creative work on the Eat CU team. He was always available to submit ads with extremely short deadlines. As a sophomore, he showed a lot of great creative potential! ~Midnight Oil Execs



Braden Th

We had a number of great seniors this year; however, Braden prominently stood out among other members. He has a “big picture” mindset, and it became something very beneficial for our strategy and creative work. He immediately took on a leadership role with other team members and worked to gain the most out of his experience. ~NSAC Execs


Hannah M

Hannah did a great job acquiring business for Midnight Oil this year. Hannah’s leadership abilities and organization were evident from her work with the Cream & Flutter client team. ~Midnight Oil Execs


Jaclyn Sc

Jaclyn has always taken the initiative to assist the executive board in whatever assistance they need. Ever since the first semester, she has always inquired about how to get more involved in the organization and because of her effort we selected her as a co-leader. She is an extremely valuable asset to our organization. ~On The House Execs

Jaclyn contributed immensely to our committee this year. She came to several events, and helped us plan and execute a happy hour. In addition to contributing ideas during committee meetings. She was one of our best assets and we were really lucky to have her! ~Event Management Execs


James Fle

He is full of personality and not afraid to put himself out there. Even as a freshman he came to many of the Chicago events including Advasion, Digital Bootcamp, and Mosaic. He has taken initiative by collecting footage from these events for the AAF promotions video and has been a fun person to work with ~Digital Video Execs

Jenna Liu Jenna had been a very involved member of NSAC throughout the year. She really stood out towards the end as she took on a lot of important tasks outside of her initial role. She was one of the most dependable members we had on the team the entire year, and we could not be more grateful to have her. She definitely made the team’s plans book look beautiful! ~NSAC Execs Jenna was very active in the creative team and did work for a variety of clients. Jenna really stepped up when there was an extremely short turn around for clients. She always submitted great work and demonstrated her ability to think creatively and master Photoshop. Jenna was a great asset to Midnight Oil this year, and Jenna’s skills were a large part of our success this year! ~Midnight Oil Execs


Jenny So

Jenny has been the most valuable member of our committee this semester. As a team leader, she has exceeded my expectations of her by continuing to be committed to the organization time and time again. I know that I can come to her with ANY project and she and her group will produce great work. She has been extremely helpful and consistent within our organization. As one of the team leaders who continued through the second semester, she has been an extremely important member and role model for other leaders in the committee. ~On The House Execs



Jonathan has NEVER hesitated to help us with any extra tasks outside of the team meetings. Any extra work that we needed in regards to OTH, Jonathan was always eager and ready to assist us. He helped us with fundraisers, website, and played a valuable role in the special team. ~On The House Execs


Katie Coll

As a senior, Katie has continued to work with OTH as we moved through the semester. She has been committed, dedicated, and extremely helpful whenever we needed her. She took on the role of team leader during the second semester and has been doing a phenomenal job with keeping us updated as well as taking on this new role. ~On The House Execs



Gan Khishgee

Khishgee has been there every week doing amazing things within Digital. She’s great at doing lot of the planning and organizational work that has been crucial within Digital this year. Such a great personality and always has a smile on her face! ~Digital Execs


Laura Ca

Laura has been an amazing addition to On The House committee this year. She has not only gained new clients for us, but she has also taken the initiative to become a team leader after one of them could not make the committment anymore. She has been an amazing team leader by increasing morale and updating the executive board on the progress of each meeting ~On The House Execs


Lauren H

Lauren has been a fabulous asset to the Professional Development Committee this year. She’s taken the time to work with us to plan and organize the ADV 360 Talks and also was instrumental in the planning of our first ever Freshman Rules of Professionalism Seminar. She’s really fun to work with and I never have to ask her to do anything twice. Lauren is on top of it! ~Professional Development Execs



Madeline was the first to ask how she could help, all the time. She was outside in the cold selling candy on green street, and outside the union selling even more! Never complained and was always very nice and polite! ~Public Relations Execs


Madeline joined later than most in Community Outreach but she became an integral part of our committee. She is a pleasure to work with and is always excited to be involved. ~Community Outreach Execs We’re almost positive that Madeline wrote every single week this year and went to every meeting! She also helped bake tons of sweets for our fundraiser!


Mefah Jo

Mefah was one of the few Freshman that was determined enough to join the NSAC team this year. Right off the bat, she was very enthusiastic to work with other team members, and she was continually at meetings and contributing to the overall goal. I can see her doing NSAC again in the future and really growing to become a leader throughout AAF. ~NSAC Execs


Mia Kave

Hands-down the most energetic and enthusiastic member of the PR committee! Always coming up with new ideas and is the first one to try and implement them. ~Public Relations Execs


Mike Mad

Mike was great at regularly attending our Professional Developments and also took a leadership position upon himself when executing our City Nights initiatives. He always brought new ideas to meetings and frequently volunteered to do random tasks. He’s intelligent and a great member in AAF! ~Professional Development Execs


Molly Male

I have to nominate her! She has done so much Graphics work for Digital - its amazing! We’re so glad she joined my committee because we don’t know what we would do without her! ~Digital Execs


Nicole Go

Always at every meeting, executes every assignment beautifully. Great member. ~Digital Execs


Nora Stan

Nora got things done, plain and simple. Always going the extra mile and coming up with new ideas to make the committee she worked with better through strategic PR/Social Media work. ~Public Relations Execs We love Nora! Not only is she a great worker and does whatever is asked of her, she is so fun and enjoyable to work with! She did a fabulous job working on the City Nights initiative twice this year and you can tell she really cares about the success of our committee. She’s also been a highly attentive PR liaison. Nora is an awesome co-worker and friend. I see her doing great things in the future! ~Professional Development Execs


Rachel Pe

Rachel did a great job managing her leadership role on NSAC as well as other leadership roles with AAF. Even though she was clearly very busy, she never missed NSAC and was always there to teach other members how to make the campaign successful. She was definitely someone that showed other members what it takes to be a great leader. ~NSAC Execs



Sari Bern

Sari was switched over to the Cream & Flutter account during second semester. She worked really hard on a creative brief for our new client. ~Midnight Oil Execs


Shayne S

Shayne did a phenomenal job writing this year. All of his pieces were a huge hit and got a ton of views. ~AdBuzz Execs

n Tim Artma

Tim Has helped us out so much with the design and interactive component of the digital development for AAF. His work has been incredible that he produces and he’s just an allaround great member to have on the committee ~Digital Execs


io Westin Ell

As a transfer student and new member of Midnight Oil this year, Westin was always an enthusiastic and important member in MO. Westin continued to contribute creative ideas; his attendance and dedication to Midnight Oil was blatant. ~Midnight OilExecs


Rebecca also edited all of the articles that were put out every week! As a senior, we were happy that she was so involved and active in AAF! ~AdBuzz Execs



AME F F O L L 2013 HA

For the first time in AAF Illinois’s history, our chapter would like to introduce this year’s Superlatives. We would like to thank all our members for nominating some of our highlighted characters as we remember them by how we know them best.

Agency Geeks

Diana Lee

Best Dressed





Class Clown

iel than

Na le Tommy Doy

Miss &


ngen Mr Co

Mary Lee

Eunice Lee




Kevin Dwyer

Hardest Fighting Illini

Life of the Party

tendahl Gordon U


Marty Ma


Most Creative

Kristen G


Kelsey Ga


Corey Au

Marian Jo



nvo Most I


Rose (Tie




Madeline Jenna Liu (Tie)






Sydney T

I am so grateful to have found AAF! It is one of the top organizations that will not only prepare you for the advertising world but also adding to my professional development. The team(s) I have worked with in the past three years were all supportive, smart, and energetic people. We have all learned from each other and helped each other develop professional skills as well as made long lasting bonds. AAF was my favorite organization throughout my college career and I know they will only continue to succeed.

smile on my face, is thinking about the friends I have made. In the last year I have been to Los Angeles, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Paris, New York, and Merillville, Indiana where I have created some of the greatest memories of my life. These experiences have allowed me to meet dozens of amazing people that, not only share my love for advertising, but that I hope to stay friends with for years to come. This organization has helped me improve my leadership skills, and provided me with opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone in order to grow and gain a deeper understanding of what type of person I strive to be. AAF has helped me find myself, my passion, and true friends, and for that I could not be more grateful.


Kristen G


Kelsey Ga


Everyone hopes to graduate with a degree in something that they are truly passionate for, and thanks to AAF, I have found that passion. Looking back on the past four years, one of the things that always puts a

AAF has been one of the best parts of my college experience. I’ve worked with NSAC, On the House, and the event management committee, as well as being a part of the executive board for two years. I’ve made many great friends and had amazing experiences that have prepared me for the real world, and helped me enjoy college to the fullest. I’m really going to miss AAF!


Sarah Die

committee or reach out to the alumni and recruiters because everyone you encounter will help you learn something new.


Gina Cav

I just want to thank AAF for helping me through these 4 years of college. Without this organization I wouldn’t feel nearly as confident about my next chapter. I have many memories and friendships that I cherish thanks to AAF and it has been a pleasure to serve on this year’s executive board.


Jessica M

Over my four years of being a member, I have learned a lot about the advertising world and have made many friends. As much as it was enlightening to listen to speakers and meet different agencies, my favorite times were the ones I got to spend making new friends in committees and social events.I am really going to miss happy hours, barcrawls and barn dance but the memories I have made and all the pictures that were taken are what I will look back upon most fondly. One thing I think that I have taken from this experience is to put yourself out there in order to experience great things. Talk to someone new in your

Through my time with AAF, I’ve been able to tour agencies, meet distinguished professionals and was exposed to many different aspects of a career in advertising. From being nominated as the Stickell 2012 intern, uprooting and moving to Austin, Texas, for a summer or connecting with recruiters on campus, I have so much to thank the AAF Illinois chapter for. Despite all of the professional elements and career building networking opportunities, I’d be nowhere near as confident in myself graduating without my fellow peers. I’ve made some of the greatest relationships with friends through this organization. From complaining about my feet hurting from wearing heels all day at Mosaic with friends during lunch to late hours at Gregory Hall for NSAC, AAF Illinois truly was a home away from home, sometimes literally, for me. I’d like to thank Steve Hall for supporting and believing in me as a future advertising professional and my friends in the chapter, who are too many to name, for always supporting me. Best of luck to all on whatever your next adventure may be for “there are always far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind” (C.S. Lewis).


numbers one, two and three on my speed dial. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this year without them. I am truly going to miss every single one of you, and can’t wait to see what next year brings for AAF! Thanks to everyone for an awesome year, and good luck in all of your endeavors.


Corey Au


Amy Mad

It’s been a lot of fun! In parting, I have two things to say. 1) We learn to do by doing. My experiences with the Federation are some of the best confirmations of that truth I’ve had. My advice to the youngsters: Do NSAC. It might kill you, but if it does, you’ll be reborn as an advertiser. 2) I lied. Run away. It’s a trap!” idding) ’s k


aeck Marissa J


I’m happy I’ve been involved in AAF. It helped me meet a lot of people in advertising which is so helpful both in college and out of college. You think about networking with older professionals but not as much with people your own age or even younger. However, it will be helpful in the future to know so many people in advertising that I’ve met in AAF. And most importantly this was the most fun networking that I’ve ever done!

r Lang

Alexande In my four years at the University of Illinois, I have learned many things. I have learned that good friends can be found in the most unusual places, and that you can accomplish almost anything with the help of a few supportive classmates. AAF has provided me with countless opportunities to advance my career and has truly prepared me for what lies ahead. (scary!) Over the past year, Diana, John and Gordon have become


Came in a mere caterpillar, exited as a beautiful butterfly


Marty Ma

We’ll see if this ends up working out for me post college... but I think it worked pretty well for me during my four years here. A single word -- a single action -- can and will drastically improve any chances you have with success in AAF, work, social settings for sure (but maybe not academics, regrettably)... I have this theory that as as long as you do this, you’ll be fine. Smile :) That, and don’t ever be afraid to coldemail someone at a place you want to work. Prove to them how you would make a great fit, even if that means creating an entirely new internship for yourself. It’s how I literally got almost all of my internships! “


Katie Coll

Being a part of AAF has taught me a great amount about the advertising field and about myself as an individual. Whether it ranges from attending different general meetings to creating advertisements with a close group

of my peers, I learned that working together has helped to reach an amazing outcome. I started in the club as a general member and have ended as a team leader for the Pro Bono committee. The teamwork displayed in AAF has led me to discover that it is a multitude of creative ideas that create the best outcomes, and that working together builds strong relationships. I want to thank AAF for teaching me values that I will live and work by on a daily basis, and for giving me a great college experience.


o Tommy D

My experience in AAF at U of I has been invaluable. The chapter consistently offered opportunities for experience, resume building, and job openings in some of the most prestigious ad agencies around. AAF also fostered strong relationships among its members. The friendships I have built in this chapter exist beyond a mere networking level, as each one was forged through shared blood, sweat, and beers. I want to shout out to all of NSAC, especially to my fellow presenters Mary, Nathaniel, and Nicole. I was so proud to share the stage with the three of you. You guys rocked the house. I also want to thank Colleen, Hannah, and Monica. You guys were the best NSAC leaders we could have asked for. Your dedication was the foundation of our success, and it was an honor working for you guys. Smooches.


3 2012-201


Diana Lee President

John Buysse

Senior Vice President of Finance

Marissa Jaekel

Senior Vice President of Management

Gordon Utendahl Senior Vice President of Communications

Haley Sandoff

Vice President of Internal Communications

Alexandra Georgelos Vice President of External Communications

Marty Malone

Vice President of Public Relations

Elizabeth Dunne Vice President of Digital

Kelsey Gamble Committee Chair of Digital

Imani Jackson Committee Chair of Social Media



tive B u c e x E is Illino

Kristen Gray

Patrick Lange

Amy Madden

Sarah Dietrich

Jane Johnsen

Sarah Adell

Abby Batis

Rachel Perzek

Lauren Feingold

Clara Lagatutta

Hannah Ryan

Michelle Francisco

Monica Behrmann

Jessica Murray

Sydney Thompson

Eunice Lee

Jessica Leno

Robert Shin

Vice President of Event Management Committee Chair of Event Management Vice President of Midnight Oil

Agency Coordinator of Midnight Oil Agency Coordinator of Midnight Oil Vice President of NSAC

Agency Coordinator of NSAC Vice President of On The House

Agency Coordinator of On The House

Justin Goldberg Agency Coordinator of On The House

Vice President of Community Outreach Committee Chair of Community Outreach Vice President of AdBuzz

Vice President of Professional Development Committee Chair of Professional Development Vice President of Member Relations Committee Chair of Member Relations Vice President of Multicultural Programs Committee Chair of Multicultural Programs

AAF 2013 Award Ceremony Program  

AAF Annual Award Ceremony at 66 Library on April 24, 2013 7pm

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