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February 2012


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Front pg photo taken by Jon R. Lessans at Cheers Pub - South Bend

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Suds & Cocktails


or well over 100 years, Budweiser has been among the world’s best-selling beers and as a product of Anheuser-Busch, the largest brewing company in the United States, it’s no wonder that they’re ranked as highly as they are. Budweiser has given us over a dozen great tasting types of beer and although nothing new has been introduced from their line since 2009’s Bud Light Golden Wheat and 2008’s Bud Light Lime, the varieties they’ve already produced are enough to keep anyone busy. However, for those drinkers out there who are always itching for something new, recently announced Bud Light Platinum should grab your attention. This slightly sweeter tasting beer will be appearing in dark blue 12-ounce bottles and it’s frothy taste and appealing facts will definitely put it in competition with the original Budweiser choices. This “upscale light beer option” will contain slightly more calories but less carbs than even top-selling Bud Light and the extra punch provided by the additional alcoholic content (which is 6% in this new Platinum brew). The jump from the alcohol by volume of 4.2% in Bud Light and 5% for regular Budweiser is a significant one and goes to show that drinkers are becoming more interested in maximizing their fun while minimizing the effects on their wallets and waistlines. By continuing to provide these new ABV options with the same easy drinkability as the older and more familiar styles, long-time fans of Budweiser brands in general will find little to complain about with this new addition. Change isn’t always easy but it’s a part of life and luckily this new change in the Budweiser line-up will improve our drinking sessions rather than anything else. If you’re looking for something stronger yet just as easy to imbibe as your old trusty favorites, reach for the new cobalt blue bottle and give it a shot. Regardless of your age or favorite type of beer, you may soon realize that an entirely new demographic has been enticed by the sheen of Bud Light Platinum. By: Paige Turner

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February 2012

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A young lady in the maternity ward just prior to labor is asked by the midwife if she would like her husband to be present at the birth. “I’m afraid I don’t have a husband” she replies “O.K. do you have a boyfriend?” asks the Midwife “No, no boyfriend either.” “Do you have a partner then?” “No, I’ll be having my baby on my own.” After the birth the midwife again speaks to the young woman. “You have a healthy bouncing baby girl, but I must warn you before you see her that the baby is black” “Well,” replies the girl. “I was very down on my luck, with no money and nowhere to live, and so I accepted a job in a Porno movie. The lead man was black.” “Oh, I’m very sorry,” says the midwife, “that’s really none of my business and I’m sorry that I have to ask you these awkward questions but I must also tell you that the baby has blonde hair.” “Well yes,” the girl again replies, “you see I desperately needed the money and there was this Swedish guy also involved in the movie, what else could I do?” “Oh, I’m sorry,” the midwife repeats, “that’s really none of my business and I hate to pry further but your baby has slanted eyes.” “Well yes,” continues the girl, “I was incredibly hard up and there was a little Chinese man also in the movie, I really had no choice.” At this the midwife again apologizes collects the baby and presents her to the girl, who immediately proceeds to give baby a slap on the bum. The baby starts crying and the mother exclaims, “Well thank god for that !” “What do you mean?” says the midwife, shocked. “Well,” says the girl extremely relieved, “I had this horrible feeling that the little bastard was going to bark!”

OPEN 3pm-3am

1516 N. Ironwood South Bend, IN 574-855-2365

Catch March Madness On One of Our Many Hi Def Tv's Pool, Darts, & Golden Tee Live 32oz Domestic Drafts Mon-Thurs: $3.50

Casey’s - Laporte

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February 2012

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February 2012

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By: Lisa Trimboli

Pencil sketch of Wicket of “Wicket & Imp” © Jon Kulczar


ust ahead you will meet a handful of immensely talented individuals residing in the Michiana area from tattoo artists to cartoonists and then some. If you haven’t heard these names yet, you will soon. Behold the talented elite of Michiana’s underground art scene.

This mural transitioned into the launch of his clothing company the same year, Lymelite clothing. “Lymelite’s work represents my work,” he says. Inspired by Shepard Farey of “Obey” clothing line fame, Gabe’s ultimate dream is to open a “one-stop shop” studio, boutique and gallery all in one locale. He wants his artwork to be as known as Lymelite clothing has become and in the future wants to see his merchandise in stores such as the Buckle and Macy’s across the United States. Currently in the works is a day-long art show-turned-fashion show coming April 21st this year at Agave Lounge in which Gabe plans on having an art show by day and fashion show by night. “Beautiful Chaos” will feature street art and Gabe promises to be “the biggest art show this town has ever seen.” In conjunction with this will be the launch of Lymelite’s Spring and Summer collection. Gabe is dedicated to “showcasing the edgier side of an often overlooked Midwest,” and looks to his surroundings to find inspiration and push casual trends to a higher level. You can find his murals anywhere from bars and salons (surely you’ve seen the DJ booth and Jameson mural at Mulligans) to the walls inside of homes across the area.

Graphic designer

If you’re a clubber in the Michiana area chances are you already know who Pablo G is. Currently DJ’ing on Saturday nights at Sky Lounge in the 100 Center in Mishawaka, Pablo G has become a well known graphic designer in the area, designing promotional fliers and more for the Michiana nightlife scene. Pablo’s roots in graphic design began in his Elementary school days, when he would draw cartoons, logos and designs. By middle school he got into drawing text in graffiti style and would draw friends’ (Below) Graphic designs by Pablo G-Mixx

Graffiti artist and clothing designer

Gabriel Moskolis, or Gabe as he is more commonly known, began studying the art of graffiti back in his high school days, though never officially took a painting class or art class of any sort. Self-taught, “to paint with a spray can is unbelievable,” he says. Gabe painted his first mural in 2007 inside his house in South Bend and it made the front page of the South Bend Tribune. Surely, he was on to something. pg 8

February 2012

names complete with designs and added color with colored pens and pencils. By high school Pablo started experimenting with Adobe Photoshop and windows paint. Self-taught, he learned how to use these programs. Eventually he began posting his fliers on Facebook, which eventually lead to him promoting himself as a graphic designer to push business designing promotional fliers for bars, clubs and local artists in the Michiana area. Pablo’s services include Promo fliers, business cards, photo touchups and enhancements, mix tape cover design, custom graphic design for computer wallpaper, iPhone wallpaper, Twitter backgrounds, Facebook timeline covers and logos. Currently Pablo G is designing all the promotional fliers and the website for Sky Lounge, which you can check out at www. The infamous Sky Lounge logo you know so well was also created from scratch by the hands of Pablo. “I love designing something new, creating something with my own creativity that people can enjoy.”

Tattoo artist and owner of Wicked Ways Tattoo

Rodney Eckenberger, tattoo artist and owner of Wicked Ways Tattoo, was always into art growing up but it wasn’t until he turned 29 years old that he got into tattooing. Originally thought of as a “last resort” for Rod, it ended up being “the best thing that ever happened to me,” he says.. Wicked Ways opened its doors in December 2005 and since then has become known as one of the most high profile tattoo studios in the area offering good, clean, custom tattoos. “I really try to push the custom part of my shop, I want all my customers to have an original tattoo, not something you go pick off the wall,” he says. Rod says tattoo conventions leave him “really inspired.” Checking out other artists’ work and seeing how they continue to evolve and push this art form up to the next level is “mind blowing,” he says. “Be ready to work your ass off,” he kindly cautions to newbies in the field and those aspiring to walk in a tattoo artists shoes in their future. “If you think somebody is going to hand it over to you, think again! You get out what you put into it.”

Tattoo artist

Sam Ramos has been drawing since he can remember. “As a poor kid growing up, a piece of paper and pencil is a lot easier to come by than a Nintendo,” he says. Sam’s art “leans toward the dark side,” he

Two custom pieces by tattoo artist & owner of Wicked Ways tattoo shop, Rodney Eckenberger

says. “I lean towards realism and constantly ask myself where the light source is coming from, or is this perspective right?” His work is inspired by life and he tries to bring as much life to any creation as he can. He feels his tattoos stand apart from other artists’ because he takes his own approach to a standard design. When clients come in with a design in mind, he tries to make overall improvements on the design and in the shade and color to make it more tasteful. The “optimal situation” is when a client comes in with an idea but no set design, allowing Sam to use his creative juices on a “blank canvass.” To those aspiring to tattoo artist fame Sam highly recommends becoming an apprentice and learning the right way. He discourages those just looking to become an egotistical “rock star” and those with intentions that aren’t true to the craft to not waste their time in the field. “We have enough scratchers and kitchen magicians out there spreading disease and creating terrible, disastrous tattoos,” he points out. To all the tattoo lovers far and wide, “I hope to see some of you in a shop soon and remember, always ask to see a portfolio,” Sam says. “Take a good long look!”

(Above) Gabriel Muskolis mural at Mulligans, South Bend.

A custom full sleve by Tattoo artist Sam Ramos (Artist Note: Ramos did not do the buckles & straps.)-

February 2012

Artist and founder of Independent Artists Association of Michiana

Julian Alcantar has always been an artist. While always using his talent

pg 9

in every day situations, it wasn’t until his family came back from a trip to Mexico that changed his life and inspired him to take his talent further. He began painting on canvas in 2009. One day he broke open a paint set he’d received for Christmas two years prior and never looked back. Julian founded the Independent Artists Association of Michiana on January 19th, 2012. He partnered with Dan Brouillette, the building owner of what now stands as a space where artists can make a living while they exercise their skills and help the community by offering their services. Interactions with people are what inspire Julian to paint. “It is you people who make me paint what I paint,” he says. He noticed that people of all ethnicities and cultures are attracted to his work, so “one day when my paintings are known all over the world I will be able to deliver any kind of message…one of the messages I am trying to convey is love.” Julian’s work has been displayed at Meet Me on the Island, Art Beat, Art Walk in Elkhart, the musician’s co-op, South Bend Media and Sangria’s Wine Bar. His final words for aspiring talent: “Remember, we are what we think, what we think is what we do, so if you think of yourself as a starving artist then guess what? That’s what you’ll be. Think of yourself as a working artist, a great artist and you’ll produce work that’s great.” And so it is.


Jon Kulczar began reading comic strips at four years old. Reading Spiderman and GI Joe with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles was a typical Saturday morning for Jon, along with watching six hours of cartoons at a time. Eventually he picked up a crayon and created his own heroes and bad guys. “They were mostly badly colored rip-offs of Spiderman and GI Joe but to me, I thought they were the shit,” he says. He soon grew a Wicket & Imp © Jon Kulczar - Connect with Wicket & Imp on facebook & DeviantArt.Com

great love of being able to escape away into another world, “even if it was just for a half hour of rooting Azareal on to eat 30 to 40 Smurfs.” As he got older, Jon began reading novels by Clive Barker and Robert Jordan. By middle school he decided it was time to create his own comic strip. Jon promotes his comic strips through the internet and he is currently working on getting a website up and running. He has his own art page at www.5chmee. where you can find some of his work. He attends five to ten comic book conventions a year and was exhibited at the South Bend Art Beat. Taking his craft into the future, Jon is using his infamous Wicket and Imp A Mural titled, “Don’t Make Assumptions” cartoon series to draw up by artist Julian Alcantar prints and create a trading card series. He plans on having two or three new Wicket and Imp books done and is also working on a horror anthology for a buddy’s comic imprint. With the way things are looking, you just might see Wicket and Imp coming to a small screen near you.

In addtion to the amazing artists so far, we’d also like to offer a special shout out to the many graffiit artists out there that we weren’t able to speak with directly. Particularly,: Defile, Merk, Zasek, & Azer.

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February 2012

January 2012

pg 11

Fireside - edwardsburg, mi

main street - south bend

pg 12

February 2012

Frank’s Place - South Bend

Tuesday Trivia Night Special $6.95 All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner with Salad and Garlic Bread

$3 U-Call-Its Appetizers, Burgers, and Wings Over $60 in Prizes Every Tuesday

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February 2012

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place, you could wind up finding some new gift ideas that put the typical roses, chocolates and lingerie to shame. Not that there’s anything wrong with those presents, but you could stand to get a little more creative if you really want to spice up your sex life. If you still want to be somewhat traditional, cover your bed in the rose petals, cut the crotch out of that lingerie and melt your chocolate to use as body paint. However if you’re more interested in branching out, there are always many costumes, props and toys to choose from and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Plus, if you’re on the larger side in the size department, you might even find yourself a job as a model in one of the magazines that are also for sale!

Point of View with

Paige Turner

One Stop

Adult Shopping Whether you’re single or amongst the taken, February is a great month to treat yourself. You’ve made it through the holidays with your family hopefully still intact and now you’re faced with the rest of winter with nothing but the promise of eventual warm weather to look forward to. This is a time of the year where everyone deserves a little grown-up fun and it can quickly and easily be found at your nearest grown-up gift shop. If you can manage to not let the truckers and sticky floors deter you, you might just find the Valentine’s present that you didn’t know you

This is a time of the year where everyone deserves a little grownup fun and it can quickly and easily be found at your nearest grown-up gift shop.

If you happen to be single during this, the most publically romantic month of the year, walking solo into a store that sells huge c*cks and anal beads might be intimidating for even the most liberal-minded of women. Luckily, if you’re nervous you can just grab some gal pals and turn it into an educational sort of field trip. Sex shops are as used to groups of women walking around and giggling like teenagers as they are used to teenagers themselves so don’t be shy and take the time to find something that you really think you’ll like. As someone who’s single, your needs are more than catered to with various vibrators, dildos and pornographic material literally right at your fingertips. There’s something for everyone here and no matter what your tastes or fetishes might be, you can have guaranteed satisfaction by the end of the night. You might even be able to give yourself that satisfaction multiple times, depending on your purchases and how long you can stand to use them. Of course if you find yourself truly desperate for some human contact, one of those truckers with the sticky shoes would probably be glad to assist you. There are lots of creative ways for you to ensure a steamy indoors evening as the temperature drops outside and heading to your nearest sexy store will arouse your… interest…even if you walk out empty-handed. Throw your modesty out the window and enjoy the freedom that exploration offers as you step outside what may be your norm and play with other possibilities. Adults enjoy new toys too and treating ourselves never felt so good. Just make sure to hide that giant dildo before Mom and Dad come home!

couldn’t live without.

Paige Turner works in an office by day and writes columns and articles by night. She has two degrees, a sports trophy and a nine inch scar on her leg. If you’d like to get Paige’s Point of View on a particular subject, email her at:

If you’re part of a couple and you venture into such a


pg 14

February 2012

center Street - Mishawaka

February 2012

pg 15

Cheers Pub - South Bend

Don’t Look A Gift Horse In the Mouth... A guy goes down for breakfast and it is quite obvious that his wife is angry with him. He asks what is the matter. She replies, “Last night you were talking in your sleep and I want to know who Linda is?” Thinking quickly on his feet he tells her that Linda was ‘Lucky Linda’ and was actually a name of a horse that he bet on that day and won $40. She seemed quite happy with the explanation and he went off to work. When he got home that night, his wife was angry with him again. Asking her what the matter was now, she replied “Your horse just called.”

A Wife’s Revenge A guy dies whilst making love to his wife. A few days later the undertaker calls her and says, “Your husband still has a hard-on, what shall I do with it?” The wife replies, “Cut it off and shove it up his arse!” The undertaker does as he is told. On the day of the funeral the wife visits her husband for the last time and sees a tear rolling down his face, so she whispers in his ear, “It f**king hurts doesn’t it!”

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pg 16

February 2012

kelly’s - south bend

Jay’s Lounge - Niles, MI

327 W. Marion St South Bend, IN 574-232-2277 Monday - Sunday: 11am-3am

South Bend 4611 Grape Road Mishawaka, IN 46545 (574) 271-2333 Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-10:00pm Friday 4:00pm-11:00pm Saturday 3:00pm-11:00pm Sunday 11:30am-9:00pm


February 2012

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February 2012

Mixologist: Libby

Cocktail: Grateful Dead Mixologist: Tyler

Bar: Mitch’s

Bar: Main Street

Ingredients: Malibu, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine, and Cake Vodka.

Ingredients: Vodka, Rum, Gin, Triple Sec, Tequila, Blue Curacao, Sour, Splash of Sour Apple, Sprite, and Razz & Taz

Cocktail: Parson’s

Comment: “Feels like you’re at the beach.”

Cocktail: The All Day Mai (May)

Cocktail: Strawberry Lemonade

Mixologist: Mai

Mixologist: Jay

Bar: The Dew Drop Inn

Bar: CJ’s Pub

Ingredients: Malibu, Midori, Pineapple Juice, and French Vanilla Coffee Creamer.

Ingredients: Citrus Vodka, Lemonade, Strawberry Puree Mix, and Sweet & Low Sugar.

Comment: “Try an All Day Mai & make your troubles go away!”

Comments: “I don’t know what to say.”

Cocktail: Dude WTF Mixologist: Ema

Cocktail: Sparkler

Bar: Club Fever

Bar: Silver Horseshoe

Ingredients: 3 Olives Dude and Bubble Gum Vodka with a splash of redbull and cherry grenadine

Ingredients: 99 Bananas, Apple Pucker, Watermelon Pucker

Comment: Guaranteed to have you saying DUDE WTF in the morning

February 2012

Comment: “When the music hits you; You feel no pain.”

Mixologist: Lady Di

Comment: “It’ll put a spark under your ass!”

pg 19

A.M.P. Artists, Models, Photographers

Coming Together


by: Stephanie Vega

s an artist, you put forth your visions and since there are so many different types of visions and arts out there, it’s sometimes hard for artists to know how their work rates against other. So to solve that problem, a group of local artists have teamed up and started a group to critique each other’s work. The group is called Michiana Amp, and photographer Jason Mabie of JM Photography, is one of the newer members of the group. “The group was organized by Jude and Kaylee about a year ago and is made up of photographers, models and make-up artists,” said Mabie. “Some of us are professionals and some of us are amateurs but we are all there for one reason; to critique each other’s work.” Mabie says there’s no need for competition amongst the artists because are all there to hone their craft and they are really just a fun group that likes to get together to take pictures. “We have about 168 members, including models and we have monthly meets,” he said. “We’ll set up a shoot at different locations and have our members sign up to do it.” The shoot locations vary but usually consist of ten photographers and ten models. They usually sign up for an hour time slot and work together and getting their pictures. “It’s great because while we are there, everyone collaborates together and we do our thing,” said Mabie. “We get to work lighting, and how to get a certain look; it’s really a big learning workshop.” Michiana Amp does have a Facebook group and are always welcoming new members to their group. The love and dedication they have to the craft is so deep they just want to share it with others. Here’s a look at what some of the artists in the group had to say about Michiana Amp and about the love of their craft.

Photographer Kayley Hagberg with Starry Night Photography:

my dog. I started really pursuing photography in 2008, and to this day, I get excited before each and every shoot. I just LOVE to do it! My main focus is Portraiture & Boudoir Photography; I adore shooting Edgy Alternative fashion, and tattooed ladies, which you can see a lot of in my portfolio.”

Photographer Brigitte Dee Fries with D. Lila’s Photography: “I love all different types of photography, and enjoy taking a variety of pictures, from Weddings to Documentary. As for my style, I am not sure I have one, I love so many aspects of photography it is hard to say which I love the most. I love bringing out a person’s personality with color and technique, and I am always inspired by nature, people, and especially children. I thrive on the idea of capturing a moment in time; not only a picture, but an emotion that can be preserved and felt for a lifetime.”

Photographer Dakarai Breveard with Dakarai Breveard Photography “My style of photography is what I would consider alternative. While it doesn’t always show in the subject, I try to make it show in the poses and ideas that are in present in the still image. With photography, most people are nervous during the shoot. I try and comfort them, but I also allow that nervousness and freedom of expression to guide the shoot. It’s amazing what you can capture with those two elements.” To learn more about all these photographers, you can go to the following Facebook pages:

“Photography is a true passion of mine, and a creative outlet that I try to use each and every day, whether photographing a client, or even just pg 20

February 2012

office lounge - mishawaka

No Talking During Dinner A man wins the lottery and decides to buy himself a Harley Davidson, he goes down to his local bike shop and after purchasing a top of the range bike, the owner of the shop tells him to coat the bike in Vaseline every time it looks like raining. That night he goes and picks his girlfriend up on his new toy and heads over to her parents house for the first time. As they arrive there, she explains to him that whenever they have dinner, don’t talk. “If you talk,” she tells him, “you have to do the dishes.” The man is astounded as he walks into the house as it is a complete mess. Anyway, the family all sit down for dinner not saying a word. The man decides to take advantage of the situation by groping his girlfriend’s breasts, yet there is not a sound from anyone. So he decides to shag his girlfriend on the table, and still there is not a word. He then proceeds to do his girlfriend’s mom over the table, but still, amazingly, there’s not a word from anyone. Just at that moment he notices the rain on the kitchen window and remembers his precious motorcycle, so he reaches into his pocket and flops the Vaseline out. At which point his girlfriend’s dad leaps up and shouts, “Okay! Okay! I’ll do the f**king dishes!”

Mitch’s - South Bend

Over 130 Microbrews






February 2012

pg 21

KnowledgeBorn07 F By: Ralph Heibutzki

or some performers, music is merely an alternative to the loading dock or whatever nine-to-five nightmare they’re looking to avoid. For South Bendbased vocalist, lyricist and performer John Diroll, however, the music that he makes as Knowledge Born 07 draws from an activisit tradition. “I take notes from the great KRS One, Guru or Gang Starr – what you say can really influence people,” said Diroll. “I give a lot of it (music) away, because the main thing is the message. It’d be nice to make some money, so I could pay for my art. But the main thing is just to get a positive message into the community, instead of the negativity that people constantly put out there – and becomes popular.” Diroll began writing his first rhymes during seventh and eighth grade. Though he enjoys all genres – ranging from the Beastie Boys, to Beethoven, Creedence Clearwater Revival, ‘90s jam bands, and more – reggae and hip-hop loom large in his stylistic

pg 22

arsenal, because of its connection to “music of the oppressed.” “I saw it on TV, where people could speak out: ‘this is right, and this is wrong.’ You see people speaking out against injustice, and that really influenced me,” said Diroll. “That’s where I got my start, basically.” The ride hasn’t always been an easy one. In 2001, Diroll scored a deal with Bandudi Records, and appeared on a compilation with names like Soja, who have become a major touring reggae act. “They flew me to Sacramento, we recorded some songs in a week’s time, and then, the label crashed! Hard times came, and the economy crashed.” Diroll rebounded with Roots Of Creation, a sevenpiece band that built a dedicated following until its 2004 breakup. “We split, because we started having children, and taking on more responsibilities in life – as far as doing gigs, it wasn’t working with the whole band,” he recalled. These days, Diroll works with Chicago-based

February 2012

“I give a lot of music away, because the main thing is the message. It'd be nice to make some money, so I could pay for my art. But the main thing is just to get a positive message into the community, instead of the negativity that people constantly put out there mixmaster and producer John Gray, with whom he’d played in another band (Street Corner Prophets) before starting Roots of Creation. Diroll has also been a featured performer on all releases by yet another Gray band (Fluid Minds). Diroll credits those various creative experiences with cementing the free-flowing musical collaboration that he enjoys with Gray. “We bounce ideas back and forth – I’ll leave voice mails on his recorder. He’ll come at me and throw me some stuff: ‘Hey, I need some vocals for this,’ or, I’ll shoot him some melodies, he’ll create his part, and send it back to me,” said Diroll. “It’s a win-win deal – we use our talents with each other.” (For more details, visit Their music is also on, and iTunes.) The pair have also collaborated with artists in Germany, Italy and Japan – among other countries – and secured film and TV placements. One of the most satisfying experiences in the licensing realm came in Germany, where a filmmaker used “Daily Hope” – a song that Diroll wrote for his two children – in a documentary about people with mental disabilities. “They used that song in the beginning – it’s a really cool documentary, and it brought tear to my eye, to see the joy in them (the film subjects). That really February 2012

KnowledgeBorn07’s most recent album release, Cosmic Knowledge.

meant a lot,” he said. Diroll hasn’t ruled out returning to live gigs, but mainly if he can find some like-minded people interested in playing reggae – or along the lines of Roots, which has won praise for injecting a live element back into hip-hop. For now, he’s content to work with Gray, and see where their collaborations take them. “We’re not trying to get rich, or anything like that. Like I said, the positive message is the big, big, big thing – it’s therapy for us,” said Diroll, laughing. “Instead of talking to a therapist, we can play music, sing, and pass ideas – and be creative – ‘cause that’s just a huge part of us. You don’t have to give that up, if you’re not a superstar.”

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pg 23

Photos courtesy of Tamara Susa

Michiana Mix

react presents


eact Presents is a full service event production and promotion company established in 2008.

the Mid is the most unique nightclub in Chicago, in that it can host bands as easily as it can accomodate DJs.

Currently operating regional offices in Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Madison. React has quickly become one of the elite event marketing & promotional companies in the Midwest. Hosting major acts diverse as Korn, Nas & Damien Marley, Ice Cube, Deadmau5, Tiesto, Pretty Lights, Theivery Corporation,

React Presents is the exclusive Talent Buyer for the historic Congress Theater, a 4,500 capacity theater located on the Northside of Chicago. The Congress Theater is also the host of two seasonal festivals, Freaky Deaky (Halloween, Chromeo, MSTRKRFT, Boys Noize) and Spring Awakening (Benny

days, and hosted acts as diverse as STS9, David Guetta, Lettuce, Carl Cox, Common, Mayer Hawthorne, Claude VonStroke, Jay Electronica, Gogol Bordello, Moby, Flying Lotus, Zeds Dead, and more. React presents is the founder of the Spring Awakening festival, the largest dance music event in the Midwest with over 4,500 in attendance each year.

“We are excited to offer the same high quality talent one would see in a major metropolitan area such as Chicago, to Club Fever and the South Bend market on a regular basis.” - Jason Wakefield, Marketing/PR React Presents. Lil Jon, STS9, Foster the People, Wu Tang, David Guetta, Common, Moby, Fatboy Slim, and more in some of the most unique venues in the Midwest. Venues include The Mid, Soldier Field, Union Park, The Congress Theatre, Majestic Theatre, & The Shelter React Presents owns and operates The Mid, a mid-sized venue that has hosted everyone from Tiesto to Classixx to Skrillex to James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem). With an impressive Funktion One soundsystem, pg 24

Benassi, Paul Oakenfold). React Presents is a founder of the North Coast Music Festival, which takes places annually over Labor Day Weekend in Union Park, Chicago. With three stages, and over 45,000 people over the course of three days, the North Coast Music Festival has quickly become one of the most popular festivals in Chicago (competing with Lollapalooza and Pitchfork). In only its second year, the North Coast Festival sold out two of the three

React also is a joint founder of the Chicago Blue Grass Festival hosting acts such as Drive-By, Truckers, Dawes, Joe Pug, Bailiff, Van Ghost & many other popular artists in this genre. React Presents’ reach is very strong in the midwest and an extremely diverse company. We are a multi-genre entertainment company, so whether one is 14 or 40, React has you covered. ¤ February 2012

Puzzles 25. Make smile 26. Mats of grass 27. Carnival attraction 29. A Musketeer 30. Investigate 31. Safe place 34. Eagle’s nest 35. Mayhem 36. Catkin 38. Sleigh 39. Wagers 41. One who bestows 42. A more favor-

How to play: The numbers 1 through 9 will appear once only in each row, column, and 3x3 zone. There are 9 such zones in each sudoku grid. There is only one correct solution to each sudoku. Good luck!

able position

birds blast blunt cane caution chin claps cough earth error

escape fatal fence flown gloat grass growth hail hedge medicine

February 2012

melt mews mower mulch munch pollen river sags same scare

sneeze snow steeds swollen trees warmth water windows wolf

Across 1. Poison plant 6. Acclaim 11. Geographic illustration 14. A Muse 15. France’s longest river 16. Earned Run Average 17. A person who amuses 19. Lair 20. 1000 kilograms 21. French for “Queen” 23. Found at the end of a pencil 27. Mischievous one 28. Statistics 32. Avoid 33. Exchange 34. “Eureka!” 37. Catholic church service 38. Push 39. Smile radiantly 40. Wood chopping tool 41. Shakespeare’s theater 42. Vitality 43. Demonstration 45. Magazine feature 48. Bug 49. Diadem

50. Heavy pin 53. Chafe 54. Dinosaur with 3 horns 60. Bother 61. Not inner 62. Small Asian goat antelope 63. Encountered 64. Wheezy 65. Manicurist’s board DOWN 1. Behold 2. Ashes holder 3. Welcome ___ 4. Consumed food 5. A funeral procession 6. Distinctive flair 7. Metal money 8. Connects two points 9. “___ we having fun yet?” 10. Patio 11. First aid attendant 12. Sporting venue 13. A jury or board 18. A unit of pressure 22. S 23. Swelling under the skin 24. Unwind

43. Church bench 44. Level 45. Leave

46. Puritan 47. Android 50. Ritual 51. Chilled 52. Extremely 55. Regret 56. A male cat 57. Refinable rock 58. Average for a hole 59. Clever

pg 25

BARS in the REGION Elkhart

523 Tap & Grill Barney’s B J Stars Between the Buns Big Easy Bowly's Crystal Bar Inc Cappy’s Chicago Grill and Bar Chubby Trout Crimaldi's Dino's Firehouse Lounge Half-time Sports Bar Harrison Landing Heinnies Hunters Place Lakeshore Grill The Bee’s 3 My Dad’s Place PC's Bar and Grill Pete’s Simeri's Beardsley St Tavern Stirred The Vine Whiskey Dicks

519 S Main St 2700 Hammond Ave 405 Baldwin St 2041 Cassopolis St 160 Easy Shopping Pl 109 Freight St 1000 N. Michigan 2425 Cassopolis St 2730 Cassopolis St 117 W Jackson Blvd 1500 Osolo Rd 4000 E Bristol St # 8 26084 CR-6 600 S Main St # 102 1743 W Lusher Ave 2703 S Main 51330 State Road 19 1125 W Beardsley Ave 51425 S.R. 19 1915 Borneman Ave 51426 S.R.19 1737 W Beardsley Ave 115 E Lexington Ave 214 S Main St 561 E. Jackson Blvd

(574) 523-1523

Granger Between the Buns Eddie’s Steak Shed Tilted Kilt The Pitt Stop Yesterday’s

12797 State Rd 23 12685 Adams Rd 1032 E. University Dr 13020 State Road 23 12594 State Road 23

(574) 243-8889 (574) 277-1076 (574) 272-KILT (574) 272-7488 (574) 272-7017

(574) 264-9327 (574) 206-9900 (574) 293-4890 (574) 294-2440 (574) 262-3511 (574) 264-0183 (574) 264-5700 (574) 522-9125 (574) 264-1300 (574) 264-3412 (574) 264-3320 (574) 295-8882 (574) 522-9101 (574) 293-2117 (574) 266-0606 (574) 293-4056 (574) 262-2237 (574) 293-1915 (574) 264-9033 (574) 293-3941 (574) 522-4914 (574) 970-5006 (574) 294-7500

La Porte 3rd Base Bar and Grill Avenue Bar Bruceski's Casey's Lanes Dick's Bar Friends Nightclub Hilltop Bar I Street Bar Lady Rose Bar & Grill Los Coyotes Mickey's Pinola Saloon Ringers Rother's Pub Shooters Smutzer's Club Tavern The Warehouse Thunderbird Lanes Town Tavern Waterford Inn Western Inn

1201 Pine Lake Rd 617 Michigan Ave 332 Park St 610 Colfax Ave 912 Lincolnway 605 Washington St. 502 Pulaski St 1508 "I" Street 403 E. Lincolnway 517 Tipton St 501 Tipton St 702 S. 500 W. 311 Washington St 444 Pine Lake Ave 201 Washington St. 608 Monroe St 303 Brighton 1251 Pine Lake 1001 E Lincolnway 6466 W Johnson Rd 610 J St.

(219) 324-0300 (219) 324-2645 (219) 362-6927 (219) 362-1571 (219) 326-9702 (219) 362-7000 (219) 362-6308 (219) 362-4290 (219) 326-8048 (219) 362-4969 (219) 362-1826 (219) 324-4300 (219) 326-6412 (219) 362-4585 (219) 362-2471 (219) 362-7421 (219) 324-6325 (219) 362-3555 (219) 326-9723 (219) 879-9083 (219) 325-3094

Hanna/Wanatah Hanna Hub Rumors Back 40 Silver Horseshoe

2 Moore Street 12 Moore Street 109 South Main Street 102 N. Main st.

(219) 797-5675 (219) 797-2337 (219) 733-2624 (219) 733-9107

Michigan City Bartletts Barker Inn Benny's Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa

pg 26

131 e. Dunes Hwy 607 E Barker Ave 3101 E Us Highway 12 777 Blue Chip Drive

(219) 879-3081 (219) 879-9011 (219) 874-3663 (888) 879-7711

Center St. Bar Charley's Bar & Grill Clubhouse Driving Range Decoys Bar & Grill El Nopal Galveston's Steakhouse Gratty’s 12 on the Lake Hammers Holly's It's Vegas Baby! Joe's Bar & Grill Lakeshore Lanes Matey's Mc Ginnis Pub Mug Shots Lounge Nowhere Bar and Grill Pines Lounge Pumps on 12 Reilly's Rocks Lounge Rodini's Ryan's Irish Pub Sahara Sand Trap Shoreline Brewery Stadium Inn Kunckleheads Sportsman's Inn The Game Sportbar Three Sheets Bar & Grill

501 Ctr St 517 Barker Avenue 415 E US 20 1729 E US 20 110 West 9th st. 10 commerce Sq 1716 Franklin Street 12 On the Lake Drive 2134 E. Hwy 20 3705 Franklin St. 777 Blue Chip Drive 2958 W Dunes Hwy 2820 E. Michigan Blvd 110 Franklin St. 227 W 7th St 1901 S Woodland Ave 5868 E. Tioga Trail 3860 W Dunes Hwy 3085 E. Hwy 12 1103 Franklin 777 Blue Chip Drive 4125 Franklin St. 401 Franklin St 1701 Franklin Street 3015 E Michigan Blvd 208 Wabash St 2323 Wabash St 204 W Barker Ave 3201 E. Hwy 12 777 Blue Chip Drive 227 W Barker Ave

(219) 879-5254 (219) 861-2582 (219) 878-9556 (219) 878-0222 (219) 879-5555 (219) 814-4041 (219) 809-4000 (219) 879-0760 (219) 879-5124 (888) 879-7711 (219) 879-9336 (219) 879-9445 (219) 872-9471 (219) 872-8200 (219) 872-1223 (219) 778-2074 (219) 874-7330 (219) 874-6201 (219) 871-7000 (888) 879-7714 (219) 879-7388 (219) 872-0361 (219) 871-1223 (219) 879-9606 (219) 879-4677 (219) 879-9781 (219) 221-6763 (219) 879-9941 (888) 879-7711 (219) 878-9872

Mishawaka Bar Louie Bleachers Blue Lantern Center St. Pub Jerrys Pub Maury's Pat's Pub Midway Tavern Office Lounge Parkway Lanes Phoenix Bar & Grill Pit Stop Pone Express Press Box Riverside Tavern Roc's Sports Café Roxie's Manhattan Sky Michiana Smith’s Downtown That Place Bar & Grill The Pub

6501 Grape Rd 4609 Grape Rd 928 E. McKinley 112 N. Center St. 1211 W 6th St 901 W 4th St 810 W 4th St 1813 E 12th. St. 1504 Chestnut Street 101 Lincoln Way W 1753 E. 12th St. 1617 Milburn Blvd 1653 E 4th St 100 N. Center St. 212 W Edison Rd 424 W 7th St 100 N. Center St. 110 Lincolnway E 300 W. 6th St. 408 Cleveland St

(574) 277-9100 (574) 277-9332 (574) 255-2005 (574) 968-0244 (574) 257-1466 (574) 259-8282 (574) 255-0458 (574-259-3898 (574) 255-5424 (574) 257-8876 (574) 254-0389 (574) 254-1925 (574) 252-5753 (574) 259-1598 (574) 252-5780 (574) 259-9600 (574) 257-0759 (574) 255-2227 (574) 387-4499 (574) 273-5397

Three Thirty One Inn Trips traxside tavern Trumans Wings Etc. Wooden Shoe Yakety Yak Cafe

1123 Union St 318 So union st 100 N. Center St. 6502 Grape Rd 822 W 6th St 701 W 4th St

(574) 255-2790 (574) 259-7233 (574) 259-2282 (574) 273-0088 (574) 258-9201 (574) 255-8601

16409 Red Arrow Hwy

(269) 231-5205

600 W Water St 136 N. Whittaker St 310 E Buffalo St

(269) 469-1699 (269) 469-5800 (269) 469-9600

Union Pier, MI Mickey’s New Buffalo, MI Bentwood Tavern Casey's Bar and Grill El Ranchero Grande

February 2012

BARS in the REGION Jimmy's Bar & Grill O'Briens Roma Pizza Da Pub

18529 La Porte Rd 12578 Wilson Rd 17600 Red Arrow Hwy 19332 State Route 239

(269) 469-2100 (269) 469-3400 (269) 469-3698 (269) 469-4448

Niles, MI Corral Jays Lounge Pete's Patio Riverfront Café Wings Etc.

701 N 13th St 3025 s. 11th St. 2433 N 5th St 219 Front St 2008 S. 11th St

(269) 684-1185 (269) 684-8353 (269) 683-4565 (269) 684-2233 (269) 683-9464

Osceola Between the Buns Tapped Out Trevi's

1720 Lincolnway W 55581 Ash Rd 512 Lincolnway W

(574) 679-4474 (574) 674-6442 (574) 674-6261

South Bend Agave 53 Tequila Bar AJ's Anchor Inn Antonio's Bar Backstage Grill/Green Room Blarney Stone Between the Buns Bob's 19th Hole Bob's Pub Bootleg’ers Buffalo Wild Wings Centerfolds Chain O Lakes Cheers Pub Chuck's Tavern City Limits Lounge CJ’s Pub Clay Pub Club Fever Club Landing Corby's Irish Pub Dave's Pub & Co Donna Lee's Dew Drop Inn Franks Place Gippers Lounge Green Star Cafe Hoosier Tap & Grill Hoosier Wings & More Jeannie’s Joe's Tavern Jovi's Restaurant & Lounge Kate O'Connors Kelly's Pub O’Rourkes Public House Lonnies 23 Inn Linebacker Lounge Madison Oyster Bar Main St. Pub McCormicks Mitch’s Corner Moondogs Morris Performing Arts Center Mulligans Murpheys Backyard Pub My Place Oaken Bucket O'Sullivans Crossing Oscars Billiard Club Peddler's Pub

119 N Michigan St 4505 Ameritech Drive, 2224 W. Wester Ave 2227 Franklin St 222 S. Michigan 113 E Wayne St 1803 South Bend Ave 26582 US Highway 20 1406 Portage Ave 1302 Ford St. 123 W Washington St 1505 Kendall St. 26230 Southport rd 103 S. Dixieway North 1201 W Sample St 1807 S Ironwood Dr 236 S Michigan St 52170 Rt 933 222 S. Michigan 1717 Lincolnway East 441 E Lasalle Ave 3013 Mishawaka Ave 701 W Indiana Ave 822 S. Lafayette 327 Marion 515 N Dixie Way 1605 Miami St 718 W Indiana Ave 1835 Lincoln Way E 621 S Bendix Dr 1201 Dunham St 1905 Miami St 415 E. Michigan St. 1150 Mishawaka Ave 1044 Angela Blvd 1989 Prairie Ave 1631 South Bend Avenue 129 N Main St 2046 South Bend Ave 125 N. Michigan Ave 1516 N. Ironwood Dr. 4407 S Ironwood Dr 211 North Michigan Street 1705 S Bend Ave 3601 Mishawaka Ave 1509 Portage Ave 1212 S Ironwood Dr 235 S. Michigan 1902 S. Bend Ave 904 E Ireland Rd

(574) 232-9464 (574) 272-1800 (574) 237-9147 (574) 233-6114 (574) 232-0222 (574) 283-0452 (574) 247-9293 (574) 289-2318 (574) 233-0635 (574) 234-0744 (574) 232-2293 (574) 288-7827 (574) 232-9063 (574) 387-4642 (574) 289-9457 (574) 288-3636 (574) 233-5981 (574) 277-6982 (574) 232-5200 (574) 289-4122 (574) 233-5326 (574) 237-9195 (574) 237-9811 (574) 289-9829 (574) 232-2277 (574) 323-1015 (574) 287-9606 (574) 289-4318 (574) 232-0457 (574) 288-2962 (574) 237-9182 (574) 289-3770 (574) 654-8114 (574) 287-7379 (574) 251-0355 (574) 251-0282 (574) 289-0186 (574) 288-4299 (574) 271-9898 (574) 289-8031 (574) 855-2365 (574) 291-6544 (574) 235-9190 (574) 277-5666 (574) 233-5968 (574) 234-2280 (574) 289-1616 (574) 289-3333 (574) 277-6651 (574) 291-9192

February 2012

Pejza's Lydick Tavern

26444 Edison Rd

(574) 233-9542

Rum Village Inn

2209 Kemble Ave

(574) 288-1773

Tapped Out II Sean Ocasey's South Bank The View Vickie's Wings Etc. Wise Guys West Winds

2206 Mishawaka Ave 123 N. St. Joseph St. 1763 Lincoln Way E 515 E Jefferson Blvd 112 W Monroe St 2051 E. Ireland Rd. 3421 W Sample St 56629 Mayflower Rd

(574) 289-4888 (574) 245-7280 (574) 232-1980 (574) 288-8439 (574) 232-4090 (574) 291-0077 (574) 234-2670 (574) 233-5168

Middlebury Rulli’s Bella Luna

851 U.S. 20

(574) 825-7222

Westville Blackhawk Inn The Ville Ramsay’s Westpoint Crossroads

257 W. Main St. 351 W. Main St. 11042 W. US Highway 4817 U.S. 421

(219) 785-2296

Edwardsburg, MI Fireside Tap & Grill

69245 Maple St.

(269) 414-4103

225 N Michigan St 15147 Lincoln Hwy 116 East Laporte Street 1111 W Jefferson St 114 N. Michigan St

(574) 936-7004 (574) 540-2333 (574) 935-5514 (574) 935-9939 (574) 914-4123

109 S. Main St.

(219) 733-2624

Plymouth Brass Rail Club Omega Dandelion Bar Mayflower Opie’s Office Wanatah The Other Place

(219) 785-2621 (219) 785-4030

Tot Shots By: Paige Turner

With the material left over from their new skirts, these two women were able to clothe an entire village and have enough left over to make a new tablecloth for the Duggar family. pg 27

Michiana Bar

Jammin’ Openly Cheers Pub - South Bend


t’s the iconic television bar where Norm and the gang would hang out; a place where everyone knew your name; and keeping true to that memorable phrase, the Cheers Pub in South Bend truly is a neighborhood bar where everyone knows each other. Located at 103 S. Dixie Way, Cheers Pub provides an inviting atmosphere with great food, drinks and live entertainment. And it’s that live entertainment which is bringing so many to Cheers these days, especially Thursday night. “Thursday is when people are taking about going to Cheers,” said Danielle Slav, Co-Owner of Cheers with mom Sandie Slav. “We have Open Jam night hosted by the Joe Feingold project and it’s really popular.” Open Jam starts every Thursday at 9:30pm but Slav tells people if they want to sign up to play they need to get their before start time because the list fills up fast. “We’re forever asking people to show up early to sign up,” said Slav. “They only have so much time to play and since its first come first serve it really does benefit you to get to the bar around 8pm, 8:30pm.” So what do you get to play at Open Jam? Well, just about anything you want! There’s always a mic, drums, guitar and bass to play but you are more than welcome to bring an instrument of your own. “We had trumpets, keyboards, fid-

pg 28

dles and violins,” said Slav. “We even had this Jessica Jernigan come up and play her violin with Feingold and they did a battle back and forth. It was amazing; definitely something people would pay to see.” But at Open Jam night, there’s never a cover so amazing performances you’d normally shell out some cash to see is free for the taking. And you never know, the performers taking the stage may be ones you already know. “We’ve had fill bands from Second Season, House Arrest, Vawter, AKA Jed and Beyond Conformity,” Slav explained. “We’ve even had bands come from small cities around South Bend, some auditioning to try and get a show here for the weekend.” And while many bands and established artists participate in Open Jam, the stage is truly open to anyone; amateurs need apply. “We’ve had random guys come in and play; people who are in different bands get up and play together, said Slav. “It’s a great opportunity for anyone who’s ever wanted to take the stage in front of a crowd to do so. Sometimes we get the good, the bad and the ugly but it’s really all in fun and they get a chance to just jam out with the Joe Feingold Project. It’s always a good time.” Open Jam at Cheers has been going on about six months and the bar has done several promotions incorporate with their

By: Steaphanie Vega/ Photos Couretesy of Mark Rand

jam nigh. On February 2nd, they did a promotion for Ballers Beer and hope to do more events like that in the future. Until then, Cheers Pub offers great specials for those partaking Open Jam on Thursday night. “We have $2 domestic bottles and $4 Long Islands,” Salv said. “And for anyone wanting to grab a bite to eat we keep our full kitchen open until 2am.” So what’s a good choice to order up? The menu offers choice like Chicken Strips and Fries, Wings and Chicago Style Hot Dogs, but perhaps the most popular item is their burgers. “Our hamburgers are awesome and people love the Jalapeno Burger, we can’t stop selling them,” said Slav. “It has jalapenos in the burger and we top it with grilled peppers and onions. Instead of a bun we use Texas Toast Garlic Bread.” This family run business has been around for 25 years and the Slav’s bought it about a year and a half ago. Cheers Pub offers live entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook at cheerspubsouthbend.

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http:/ / February 2012

the ville - westville

Thursdays: Karaoke w/ Jeff the Karaoke Guy Fri & Sat: Glow Bowl w/ Digital DJ Sundays: $5.00 Pitchers $5.00/dozen hot wing special Dart Tournaments 3rd Friday of Each Month FRIDAY JANUARY 27: SATURDAY JANUARY 28: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3: SATURDAY FEBRUARY 11: SATURDAY FEBRUARY 18: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24: FRI FRIDAY MARCH 2: FRIDAY MARCH 9: SATURDAY MARCH 17:


Featuring DJ Sergeant Keebz

Club and Bar DJ Services Business Promotions Live Entertainment Personalized Event Planning Parties Weddings Karaoke

Lambright Premiere Entertainment

djsgtkeebz ◊ ◊ 317.642.3690

$100 Credit for All New Clients this February* *minimum obligation required

February 2012

pg 29

It’s Vegas Baby! - blue Chip Casino

69245 MAPLE ST. EDWARDSBURG, MI 269-414-4103




2/3/12 2/10/12 2/18/12 2/24/12




pg 30

February 2012

The elderly Italian man went to his parish priest and asked if the priest would hear his confession. “Of course, my son,” said the priest. “Well, Father, at the beginning of World War Two, a beautiful woman knocked on my door and asked me to hide her from the Germans; I hid her in my attic, and they never found her.” “That’s a wonderful thing, my son, and nothing that you need to confess,” said the priest. “It’s worse, Father; I was weak, and told her that she had to pay for rent of the attic with her sexual favors,” continued the old man. “Well, it was a very difficult time, and you took a large risk - you would have suffered terribly at their hands if the Germans had found you hiding her; I know that God, in his wisdom and mercy, will balance the good and the evil, and judge you kindly,” said the priest. “Thanks, Father,” said the old man. “That’s a load off of my mind. Can I ask another question?” “Of course, my son,” said the priest. The old man asked, “Do I need to tell her that the war is over?”

For band booking Please Contact Carissa Squadroni @ Smith’s Downtown 110 Lincolnway E. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-2227 Visit us on Facebook at February 2012

pg 31



TASTES LIKE: a turkey stuffed with sawdust.

SMELLS LIKE: a poorly managed pig farm.

Declining Health in America

Created by: Sam Mechling

NICKNAME: “Old Glitter Bones”

PERSONAL QUOTE: “You’re slipperier than a wet baby!”

Ed, a personal banker from Michigan City from asks:

Recently that woman from TV, known as Paula “Stick of Butter” Deen, was diagnosed with diabetes. Should she be liable for her viewers’ health?

Bernice, a flight attendant from South Bend asks:

Is it true that washing genital areas after sex can actually fight the spread of STD’s.

Will, a case worker from La Porte asks: Do you think people’s lack of income in this recession is contributing to a general decline in health?

pg 32

WINO: Arthur Romo



“Sh*t! They call me “Stick of Butter” too. You gotta do what you gotta do! Menopause dried me up like beef jerky!”

“Paula Deen has diabetes!?! I got some related news for ya! Four quarters make up a dollar!!!”



“That sh*t works! Every time a guy stabs me in my lady guts, he always washes his junk in the sink at the Speedway!”

“Oh man! You ever rub one out using a bar of Irish Spring. It works great, and afterwards your d*ck is cleaner than a hospital!!



“That reminds me! My money is looking a lil’ tight! I better get out there and do somethin’ strange for some change!”

“I don’t know man. I won $50 in a scratch-off last week and I still woke up with a blood-fart this morning.”

February 2012

February 2012 November 2010

pg 33 pg 33

didn’t buy their innocent act. Caviar experts say that such refrigeration would compromise the integrity and delicacy of the fish eggs and they wouldn’t be caught dead eating anything that came from the morgue.

from Around The World

Breeding like Hamsters Lawrence, MA Via: Paige Turner & the Entertainer Newsroom

Croc Crashes on Couch Canberra, Australia A family dog saved the day by barking and alerting its owners to a home intruder. However this was no masked man and the family was shocked to see a 5 and a half foot crocodile lounging in their living room. The dog was likely being stalked as prey and authorities were eventually able to trap and release the unwanted houseguest – but not until they had been repeatedly assured that this emergency call was no croc of sh*t.

An elderly Massachusetts man made a large donation to his local animal shelter and finally cleared the air in his house. He turned over nearly 100 hamsters, of which he had only a few of just five years ago. Apparently hamsters breed nearly as quickly as rabbits and before he knew it, he was overwhelmed. Local elementary schools are lining up to adopt the common class pet but given the hamsters’ amorous nature, only older schoolchildren are being considered for the honor.

Elvis Doesn’t Let Lawnmower Leave the Building… or Zoo Sidney, Australia

Woman Critiques Art with Her Ass Denver, Colorado An intoxicated woman was recently charged with a felony after punching, scratching and rubbing her bare ass on an expressionist painting at a Denver museum. Apparently unable to appreciate the fine arts without a little liquid courage, she created quite the scene while doing $10,000 damage to a painting worth more than $30 million. Her ass prints can now be seen all over the walls of her jail cell and have been priced as completely worthless, so the only financial transaction pending is her ability to make bail.

During recent routine maintenance in his habitat, a 16-ft crocodile named Elvis decided to display his dominance and wound up dragging a zoo worker’s lawn mower underwater to the bottom of a shallow pool. Workers managed to distract the reptile long enough to retrieve the lawnmower but it was beyond disrepair and has been taken to the junkyard. Nevertheless, Elvis was quite proud of his find and couldn’t have been happier unless he had found a toilet to pass out on.

Man Pays Real Money for Fake Sword China In an example of how people will blow their hard earned cash on just about anything, a man in China recently spent $16,000 for a virtual sword on a game that hasn’t even been released yet. The massive online role-playing game is a way for people to connect without leaving their living rooms and this purchase will help this serious gamer do just that. In related news, the man also made another large purchase in the form of an inflatable girlfriend.

Million Dollars Doesn’t Go Far at Wal-Mart Lexington, N.C. A man purchasing $476 dollars’ worth of items at Wal-Mart was sorely disappointed when he was told that his million-dollar bill would not be accepted. After insisting that it was legitimate, the police were called in to explain the basics of currency production in the United States. The would-be counterfeiter is now being held on bond but as his bail money consisted of more million-dollar bills, officials are still “trying to find change” and he could be there for quite a while.

Morgue Makes for Tasty Hiding Place St. Petersburg, Russia Employees at a morgue in Russia were recently arrested after police found nearly 400 pounds of caviar stashed away in the refrigerated space where cadavers are usually kept. The workers claimed it was for an office party but almost a third of the package was produced illegally from an endangered fish and so the police

pg 34

February 2012

smith’s downtown - Mishawaka

Dew Drop Inn - south bend

February 2012

pg 35

Featured Bartenders

pg 36 pg 36





frank’s place

Sky Lounge

south bend


February 2012 December 2010

Bartender of the

Month Brought to you by:

Vote For Your Favorite Local Bartender Now! 888-512-0881 or visit MichianaEntertainer.Com Get the free mobile app at

http:/ /

Each Month’s Winner will recieve a feature in the next month’s issue of the Michiana Entertainer and a chance to compete in the 5th Annual Bartender of the Year Contest in December February 2012

pg 37 Must be 21+ to win. No purchase necessary. For official rules go to Not applicable to Michigan locations.

Bleacher’s - mishawaka

What Dreams May Come? Three men go on holiday abroad together. The tourist office informs them that there is only one hotel in town with vacancies. The lads go along there, only to be told by reception that there is just one available room left in the hotel. They are not keen, but as it is their only option, they take the room for one evening and share its only bed. That night, they all enjoy a good night’s sleep. In the morning, the guy on the right side of the bed says, “I dreamt I had the best wank last night.” The guy on the left side says, “That’s funny, I had the exact same dream!”. The guy in the middle says, “I dreamt I was skiing.”

pg 38

February 2012

February 2012

pg 39

Michiana Entertainer February 2012  

Local Artists Showcase: See what local michiana artists have to offer

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