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December 2011

December 2011

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Front page photo taken by Jason Mabie at Bleachers

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December 2011

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bar louie - mishawaka

December 2011

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Chrstmas in Heaven Three men all die on Christmas Day, and arrive at the pearly gates. Peter greets them and tells them that they are all evil men who SHOULD go to hell - but because it’s Christmas, he’ll let them into heaven if they have something representing the holiday with them. One of the guys has a Christmas ornament, and gets let in. Another guy has pine needles on his shirt, and gets let in. The third guy pulls out a pair of panties. “How do those represent Christmas?” asks Peter. “These are Carol’s.”

Smith’s - Mishawaka

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December 2011

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December 2011

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Suds & Cocktails

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale By: Paige Turner


ounded in 1979, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is the brainchild of two men who loved their beer as much as they loved hiking the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their Pale Ale was introduced in 1980 and within two years they had doubled their production to nearly 2,000 barrels of beer. Things haven’t slowed down for this once-local business and in addition to their five well-known, year-round brews, they also feature four seasonal selections and three “Special Release” beers.There is obviously plenty to choose from with this brand but now is the best time of the year to truly celebrate the Celebration. Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale has been a favorite winter seasonal brew since 1981 and has won medals under both the IPA category as well as a “bigger version” of the better known Pale Ale. Rich and robust, the Celebration is dry-hopped ale that features an intense aroma and a thick, white head. There’s a light orange, inviting look when poured and the hops provide a slight pine flavor with a hint of caramel. This is the

Opulent VODKA

Inspiring Ingenuity


By: Paige Turner

fter earning a gold medal from the Beverage Testing Institute on December 22, 2006, OPULENT Vodka went on to be Highly Recommended by Wine Enthusiast in October of 2008. It’s no surprise that this American brand has done so well for itself as it provides a clean yet decadent taste that works hard to earn its spot atop many drinking lists across the country. Most great-tasting vodkas are made with grain, specifically corn. OPULENT takes it a step further and creates its vodka from the finest corn grown in Midwestern America, so you can support your country while you support your drinking habit. Many types of vodka are double or even triple distilled but OPULENT goes through an intense five-step distillation process before making its way to store shelves. The water used in this pg 8

perfect beer to lead you into the holidays and the 6.8% ABV will help you relax as you enjoy the seasonal flavors. You can relax even more knowing that Sierra Nevada won the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Green Business of the Year” award in 2010 and uses solar energy and biodiesel to facilitate the brewing and delivery process. This is the time of year for fun and festivities and you can have even more fun during those festivities with the proper adult beverage in hand. Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale is an easy andpopular addition to holiday parties and any host would be happy to have someone show up with a six pack wrapped with (or without) a bow.Since the Celebration only comes around once a year, feel free to stock up and enjoy it while it lasts. Treating yourself to the present of a beer that’s both great tasting and great for the environment has never tasted or felt so good!

Visit the Sierra Nevada Site to Learn more about Celebration Ale

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process has been purified in a three-bed deionization process, which reduces the proof and ensures that every aspect of the creation of this liquor is of the highest quality. The results of this effort can be found in the taste, as it’s smooth and the creamy taste doesn’t leave the alcohol burn that’s common with some of the other brands that are currently on the market.With a sweet, lean element and an elegant finish, this is a taste that will leave you wishing for more. Whether you want to drink it neat or mix it up with a martini, OPULENT Vodka allows you to indulge your extravagant side by imbibing the best of the best.The unmistakable quilted glass look of the bottle will help you pick it out in a crowd but that’s obviously not the only thing that sets this vodka apart from the rest. If you want to treat yourself or someone else this holiday season, grab a bottle of OPULENT Vodka and enjoy a taste of the finer things in life.

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riverside - Mishawaka

December 2011

kelly’s - South Bend

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December 2011

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December 2011

club fever - south bend

cheers pub - south bend

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December 2011

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expecting a reward, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for what could be coming your way.

Point of View with

Paige Turner

This shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the women who are used to faking their way through certain things to begin with but for the more honest among us, it can be somewhat trickier.It’s even tougher because those ridiculous gifts often come from people we love (who may or maynot be ridiculous themselves). For example, your grandparents will always see you as a little kid but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept the latest Disney movie soundtrack for the eighth year in a row. Your immediate family should know you better but if your siblings have a twisted sense of humor, beware of opening anything in the presence of your parents. Nothing takes the holidays to a whole new level of awkward like seeing the look on your dad’s face when you hold up a large black vibrator with your shiny new anal beads.

Getting Scrooged S

ometime between the age where we can get away with throwing temper tantrums over a box of socks and the onset of puberty, we’re taught how to graciously handle unfortunate and unwanted presents.Some of us become a master of the poker face early on and some of us still roll our eyes or hide behind the couch when we get a box from Aunt Ethel. Women especially are expected to be lady-like

Nothing takes the holidays to a whole new level of awkward like seeing the look on your dad’s face when you hold up a large black vibrator with your shiny new anal beads. in the face of a crappy gift but it’s not always as easy as it should be. Getting screwed can happen all year long but in this season of caring and sharing, feigning enthusiasm for an unwanted present can become a gift in itself.If you’ve been a little bit more nice than naughty this year and are pg 14

Friends are family too and there’s a chance they’ll use this time to make up for getting trashed and throwing up on your bed or that time they accidentally had sex with your brother. Of course, if you ever got drunk and slept with theirbrother then things are now even and you both owe each other a fruitcake.Fruitcakes make good presents for others too and it’s a well-known holiday tradition to pass them out to those coworkers and acquaintances you feel obligated to buy something for but don’t know or don’t like well enough to spend real time and consideration on. This is also a great way to tell how well-liked you are by others too – if you wind up with more fruitcakes than anything else this year, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your behavior. Or maybe it’s just time to re-evaluate your friends. Unwanted presents are what things like yard sales are made forso pay it forward and get those crap gifts out of your house. Don’t feel guilty when your in-laws ask what happened to the creepy clown watercolor painting they gave you last year because chances are they got it from some random neighbor of theirs the year before.Just smile, say thanks and then pass the present along to someone who might actually use it. After all, you never know when someone will be in the market for a new dildo or set of pearls for their ass. Paige Turner works in an office by day and writes columns and articles by night. She has two degrees, a sports trophy and a nine inch scar on her leg. If you’d like to get Paige’s Point of View on a particular subject, email her at: PTurner@MichianaEntertainer.Com

December 2011

Bleachers - Mishawaka

December 2011

Casey’s - La Porte

pg 15

South Bend 4611 Grape Road Mishawaka, IN 46545 (574) 271-2333 Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-10:00pm Friday 4:00pm-11:00pm Saturday 3:00pm-11:00pm Sunday 11:30am-9:00pm


pg 16

December 2011

A Funky Christmas Carol


Funk Harmony Park


ave you been naughty or nice this year? If you lean towards the former and are running short on time to convince the big fat bearded man in the red suit to check you on his list (twice!) for that new flatscreen, Funk Harmony Park is hosting their seventh-annual Christmas charity concert, held at Club Fever in downtown South Bend this year and you just have to be there. Teaming up with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Saint Joseph County, Friday December 23rd, people of all ages will be rocking out for a good cause that will raise your spirits and warm your heart. Over the past years this event has consistently grown, with high hopes of eight to nine-hundred people walking through the doors for this year’s event. Big Brothers and Big Sisters is an organization aimed to help children ages 6-11 facing adversity build promising futures by creating a strong relationship bond through mentoring. Aside from donations, the Charity Extravaganza also promotes sponsoring. Sponsoring a “match”, or pair of volunteer mentor and child, is the crème de la crème of donations. You can sponsor a match for one-thousand dollars, covering a year’s worth of activities and support. Or you can also contribute another type of “donation” and donate your time to a child by becoming a volunteer mentor. While students may be headed home for holiday break, our family and friends and those of our neighbors will be home here in the Bend; one of the key motives for the charity event is to pull family and friends together to celebrate the Holidays and create memories you won’t soon forget, all while contributing to an organization that benefits underprivileged children in Michiana. Funk Harmony Park projects to pull in five thousand dollars with this year’s event. 100% of the proceeds from of the $8 charge at the door go to Big Brothers and Big Sisters. “If anyone wants to give us more money, we’re not opposed to that,” the guys joke. Aside from headliners Funk Harmony Park, Little Frank and the Premiers and Fillmore’s Ladder will be playing sets, amongst others. City councilman Gavin Ferlic will also be performing. This December 23rd, put down the spiked eggnog, turn off Frosty and brave the cold and snow. Bring the family out to kick off your Holiday weekend right with an evening guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit and smiles on the December 2011

faces of children who need a little extra love this season…before Dancer and Prancer leave a present on your car-and we’re not talking the IPhone 5 here, folks. Oh, and one more reason to be there: “We’re just really good,” state the members of Funk Harmony Park. Funk Harmony Park is composed of George Bonin, TJ Kanczuzewski, Nick Kovach, Mark Criniti and Connor O’Sullivan. The Extravaganza kicks off at 8:00 p.m. and carries through until 2:00 a.m. For more information check out Funk Harmony Park’s open event invitation on Facebook: Funk Harmony Park Christmas Extravaganza. Club Fever is located at 222 S. Michigan Street in downtown South Bend, Indiana. Check out Club Fever online at Out of town for the Holidays? For more information on becoming a volunteer or donating, please visit Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Saint Joseph County at

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pg 17

Q: What’s red, white and blue and makes the entire community happy? A: Smurfette deep-throating a candy cane.

pg 18

December 2011

Cocktail: Candy Coated Orgasm Mixologist: Jason Bar: Rivals Sports Bar Ingredients: Absolute Margarine and various liqours Comment: I just gave you’re girlfriend an orgasm

Cocktail: Kinky Cherry Mixologist: Ashley Bar: Golden Gnome Ingredients: cherry lemonade vodka, whipped vodka, kinky liquor, sprite, sweet and sour Comment: “ The drink I lost my Cherry to!”

Cocktail: White Cookie

Cocktail: Pumpkin Pie

Mixologist: Donna

Mixologist: Jayme

Bar: Mitch’s

Bar: Jays

Ingredients: Creame de Loacca, Cookie Dough Vodka, Splash of Milk

Ingredients: Goldslager, Kaluha, Baileys, Pinnacle whipped

Comment: “Great for the Holidays.”

Comment: “ I drink my Thanksgiving Dessert.”

Cocktail: Whiskey Kiss

Cocktail: 1 Night Stand

Mixologist: Melanie

Mixologist: Michael

Bar: Oyster Bar

Bar: Rock’s Lounge

Ingredients: Whiskey, Sour, Pinneapple Juice

Ingredients: Malibu Madori, Apple Pucker, Peach Absolut, OJ, Pineapple Juice, Greandine

Comments: “ Sweet kiss goodnight.”

Comment: “It’s the bomb!”

December 2011

pg 19


By: Ralph Heibutzki

or those who believe in premonitions, Lzzy Hale’s story should offer more than adequate encouragement. Asked when she knew that music would become her calling, Halestorm’s singer-guitarist thinks back to the summer of 1997, when she and her brother, drummer Arejay Hale, were competing in a school talent show. He was 10, and she was 13. “We won third place, lost to a tapdancing cowgirl. I’m still bitter about it, actually,” said Hale, laughing. “It was such a neat experience, because it was our first time playing outside of our living room. We ended up booking ourselves anywhere they’d let us play. After that summer, we were (saying), ‘Oh, my God, I don’t think I can stop doing this.’” Once Lzzy and Arejay made up their minds, Mom and Dad offered a little advice, which became a “Partridge Family meets Spinal Tap” scenario, she recalls. pg 20

December 2011


y mother, she’s like, ‘Look, you’re always gonna regret it, if you don’t go for it now,’” said Hale. “And my dad turned to me: ‘OK, you wanna start a band? First off, don’t do drugs.’” She pauses for the punchline. “Then he said, ‘But if you’re going to do drugs, make sure every member of your band does the same drugs.’ My dad’s a bass player – or used to be, in the ‘80s – and he believes whole-heartedly that was his downfall.” But that was middle school; this is now. After building a strong fanbase throughout Pennsylvania, the band began showcasing for labels in 2005, and signed to Atlantic, for whom they recently finished a new album, The Strange Case Of. Halestorm wrote 56 songs, which they whittled to 17 possibilities. “We started writing a lot of high energy songs, and then, I started writing some of the most personal songs I’ve ever written,” said Hale. “Everyone got excited, and the label called up: ‘Oh, my God, we didn’t know this about you.’ Can you please write more?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, OK.’” Hale expects Strange Case to show the fans a different side of the coin than they’ve heard so far. “It has a strange duality. The people that follow us are going to be seeing a lot of what they know, but a lot of what they didn’t expect. It’s going to be interesting when this (album) comes out, to see what people think,” she said. Halestorm performs with Adelita’s Way at 7 p.m. Saturday,

Halestorm Bass Player: Josh Smith December 2011

December 10, at Club Fever, 222 S. Michigan St., South Bend, IN. Advance tickets are $17; doors open at 6 p.m. Tickets are available at Club Fever, the Backstage Grill Restaurant and Ticketmaster. For more details, call (574) 234.5200, or visit http:// “You’re going to be hearing our full set. We’re debuting a couple songs off our new record,

Lizzy & Arejay Hale

which is exciting – we’re anxious to play stuff out,” said Hale. “What I will say about the people that come to our shows is, they are not satisfied, unless they are completely exhausted. I say that with the utmost respect. Considering the state of the business right now, it’s wonderful to see

kids just come out, and wanna have a great time.” The band will stay on the US. touring trail through December. After a short holiday break, Halestorm will head back for its fourth European tour, with Shinedown. “I can’t wait to go back – I enjoy trying new things, and seeing different cultures. It’s one of the perks of this business,” she said. Despite talk of the imploding music business, Hale remains upbeat, because she knows something about taking the long view. “We did 250 dates a year on our own, before we got signed to Atlantic,” said Hale. “I’ve seen so many bands that don’t even pass the three-year mark: ‘We’re not signed yet, we’re gonna break up.’ I am encouraged, though, because we always see a lot of young kids coming to our shows, starting to take up instruments, and it’s really neat to see.”

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pg 21

Photos by: Brian E. Kroeger

Dark Trilogy

Instrumental Attack Turns Convention


Upside Down

rom the music industry’s standpoint, purely instrumental music equals By: Ralph Heibutzki commercial suicide – who wants songs stuck in The Key Of Noodle? That’s not an issue for South Bend, IN trio, Dark Trilogy. Since 2009, guitarist Joe Feingold, drummer Keith Kuhns and bassist Clint Pagel have been turning that convention upside down with instrumental sets that appeal to musician and nonmusician alike.

pg 22

December 2011

What we try to do is to keep the average listener in mind – we don’t isolate people,” said Pagel. “We can actually entertain somebody that’s just sitting at the bar, having a drink, It’s acceptable enough that they can like it, too.” As a result, Dark Trilogy can operate on two levels. “We try to keep a groove, a riff in mind, so that people can still bob their head, and tap their foot to it,” said Pagel. “At the time, we’re doing some complex stuff. That’s all the vocals do, is provide the melody. Why can’t any instrument provide the melody?” Dark Trilogy’s next major local show is Friday, February 3, at Smith’s Downtown Tap And Grill, 110 Lincolnway East, Mishawaka, IN. For more details, call (574) 255-2227, or visit www.facebook. com/SmithsDowntown. Can’t wait that long? Feingold also hosts an open jam on Thursday at Cheers Lounge, in South Bend, IN. “Every now and then, Dark Trilogy will play, if we can do it, and want to do it, on a weeknight,” said Pagel. “So you never know when that’ll happen.”

“He [Feingold] brought a more metal aspect to the sound, whereas before, we were playing a hard rock fusion kind of thing,” - Clint Pagel, Dark Trilogy

The band has just finished a new CD, Dark Trilogy II, which it started recording last September at drummer Billy Canty’s South Bend home studio. Copies are available at Al Vega’s Music, Orbit, and Timmy’s Discount Deals, or from the band. (See for details.) Pagel sees Dark Trilogy II falling in line with the band’s signature heavy rock December 2011

instrumental fusion groove, with a sharper edge. “It’s pretty dark and heavy, for instrumental music,” said Pagel. “It’s like ‘Joe Satriani meets Yngwie Malmsteen,’ if I had to throw names out there. The first songs we did were still heavy rock instrumentals – just not quite so dark.” In Pagel’s view, Feingold’s blending of guitar pyrotechnics and melody helped pave the way for Dark Trilogy’s current approach. “He brought a more metal aspect to the sound, whereas before, we were playing a hard rock fusion kind of thing,” said Pagel. Getting Feingold solved a dilemma whose answer had eluded Kuhns and Pagel for some time. “When Keith and I were playing in a separate trio, we kept losing guitar players. We couldn’t really find a guitar player in the area that understood (the instrumental concept),” said Pagel. “They weren’t geared that way.” The first show with Feingold, which came at The Beanery (Mishawaka, IN), provided a hint of things to come. “He didn’t know any of the material, so he improvised over the chord changes,” said Pagel. “That entire show was basically made up! We figured, ‘God, if we can do it that well, not knowing what the hell we’re doing – we could probably do something pretty well, if we actually write it.”

As far as the future goes, Canty is taking some CDs to Florida, where he developed his recording skills. “He actually played on multiple recordings down there, and he’s got a lot of contracts,” said Pagel. “So he’s taking some copies (of Dark Trilogy II), to see the reaction to us, and his recording ability. Hopefully, we’ll get some kind of feedback. It has been pretty good so far.” Whether Dark Trilogy becomes a fulltime affair remains to be seen, but Pagel doesn’t expect the band to water down its approach. “Even the big time guys that do this style, they’re kind of limited, too – you’ve got (Steve) Vai, Joe Satriani, and there’s not a whole lot else,” said Pagel. “But if we generate interest on the Internet, get people to the gig, that’s all we want. If nothing happens, it’s no big deal. As long as we can play our local shows, that’s fine.”

Scan the Tag to watch a live performance by Dark Trilogy on your mobile Get the free mobile app at phone http:/ / pg 23

Puzzles Across 1. Distinctive flair 5. Operatic solos 10. Money owed 14. Location 15. Dining room furniture 16. Margarine 17. Skidoo 19. Ice cream holder 20. Poetic dusk 21. Licoricelike flavor 22. Canvas shelters 23. Smiled con-

How to play: The numbers 1 through 9 will appear once only in each row, column, and 3x3 zone. There are 9 such zones in each sudoku grid. There is only one correct solution to each sudoku. Good luck!


25. Coming and _____ 27. Donkey 28. Relax 31. Burn maliciously 34. High, low and neap 35. Orange pekoe 36. Salt Lake state 37. Fine thread 38. Female chickens 39. Bite 40. Shabby 41. Woman’s undergarment

42. University 44. What we breathe 45. Angler’s basket 46. Implore 50. Extraterrestrial 52. Tropical vine 54. 56 in Roman numerals 55. Backwards “Door” 56. Elephantine 58. Strike heavily 59. Coral island 60. Norse god 61. If not 62. Segments of DNA 63. Depend

DOWN 1. S S S S 2. Flax fabric 3. Redress 4. Not used 5. Makes amends 6. Fanatical 7. Nile bird 8. Supposedly 9. Behold 10. Instructor 11. Stetched 12. Not straight 13. Foot digits 18. Fen 22. Fastens 24. Every single one 26. Curved molding 28. Panorama 29. Care for 30. Not difficult 31. Bluefin 32. Ear-related 33. Voracious 34. Excite pleasurably 37. Disabled 38. German

40. Adolescent 41. Moon of Saturn 43. Scoop shovel 44. Chronicles 46. American symbol 47. Avoid 48. Utilize 49. Of very poor quality 50. Backside 51. Take it easy 53. Weightlifters pump this

56. Muzzle 57. Craggy peak


for “Mister”

pg 24



December 2011

Fireside - Edwardsburg, MI

December 2011

pg 25

BARS in the REGION Elkhart

523 Tap & Grill B J Stars Between the Buns Big Easy Bowly's Crystal Bar Inc Cappy’s Chicago Grill and Bar Chubby Trout Crimaldi's Dino's Firehouse Lounge Half-time Sports Bar Harrison Landing Heinnies Hunters Place JD's Watering Hole Lakeshore Grill The Bee’s 3 My Dad’s Place PC's Bar and Grill Pete’s Simeri's Beardsley St Tavern Stirred The Vine Whiskey Dicks

519 S Main St 405 Baldwin St 2041 Cassopolis St 160 Easy Shopping Pl 109 Freight St 1000 N. Michigan 2425 Cassopolis St 2730 Cassopolis St 117 W Jackson Blvd 1500 Osolo Rd 4000 E Bristol St # 8 26084 CR-6 600 S Main St # 102 1743 W Lusher Ave 2703 S Main 1109 W. Beardsley 51330 State Road 19 1125 W Beardsley Ave 51425 S.R. 19 1915 Borneman Ave 51426 S.R.19 1737 W Beardsley Ave 115 E Lexington Ave 214 S Main St 561 E. Jackson Blvd

(574) 523-1523 (574) 264-9327 (574) 206-9900 (574) 293-4890 (574) 294-2440 (574) 262-3511 (574) 264-0183 (574) 264-5700 (574) 522-9125 (574) 264-1300 (574) 264-3412 (574) 264-3320 (574) 295-8882 (574) 522-9101 (574) 293-2117 (574) 522-4640 (574) 266-0606 (574) 293-4056 (574) 262-2237 (574) 293-1915 (574) 264-9033 (574) 293-3941 (574) 522-4914 (574) 970-5006 (574) 294-7500

Granger Between the Buns Eddie’s Steak Shed Tilted Kilt The Pitt Stop Yesterday’s

12797 State Rd 23 12685 Adams Rd 1032 E. University Dr 13020 State Road 23 12594 State Road 23

(574) 243-8889 (574) 277-1076 (574) 272-KILT (574) 272-7488 (574) 272-7017

La Porte 3rd Base Bar and Grill Avenue Bar Bruceski's Casey's Lanes Dick's Bar Friends Nightclub Hilltop Bar I Street Bar Lady Rose Bar & Grill Los Coyotes Mickey's Pinola Saloon Ringers Rother's Pub Shooters Smutzer's Club Tavern The Warehouse Thunderbird Lanes Town Tavern Waterford Inn Western Inn

1201 Pine Lake Rd 617 Michigan Ave 332 Park St 610 Colfax Ave 912 Lincolnway 605 Washington St. 502 Pulaski St 1508 "I" Street 403 E. Lincolnway 517 Tipton St 501 Tipton St 702 S. 500 W. 311 Washington St 444 Pine Lake Ave 201 Washington St. 608 Monroe St 303 Brighton 1251 Pine Lake 1001 E Lincolnway 6466 W Johnson Rd 610 J St.

(219) 324-0300 (219) 324-2645 (219) 362-6927 (219) 362-1571 (219) 326-9702 (219) 362-7000 (219) 362-6308 (219) 362-4290 (219) 326-8048 (219) 362-4969 (219) 362-1826 (219) 324-4300 (219) 326-6412 (219) 362-4585 (219) 362-2471 (219) 362-7421 (219) 324-6325 (219) 362-3555 (219) 326-9723 (219) 879-9083 (219) 325-3094

Hanna/Wanatah Hanna Hub Rumors Back 40 Silver Horseshoe

2 Moore Street 12 Moore Street 109 South Main Street 102 N. Main st.

(219) 797-5675 (219) 797-2337 (219) 733-2624 (219) 733-9107

Michigan City Bartletts Barker Inn Benny's Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa

pg 26

131 e. Dunes Hwy 607 E Barker Ave 3101 E Us Highway 12 777 Blue Chip Drive

(219) 879-3081 (219) 879-9011 (219) 874-3663 (888) 879-7711

Center St. Bar Charley's Bar & Grill Clubhouse Driving Range Decoys Bar & Grill El Nopal Galveston's Steakhouse Gratty’s 12 on the Lake Hammers Holly's It's Vegas Baby! Joe's Bar & Grill Lakeshore Lanes Matey's Mc Ginnis Pub Mug Shots Lounge Nowhere Bar and Grill Pines Lounge Pumps on 12 Reilly's Rocks Lounge Rodini's Ryan's Irish Pub Sahara Sand Trap Shoreline Brewery Stadium Inn Kunckleheads Sportsman's Inn The Game Sportbar Three Sheets Bar & Grill

501 Ctr St 517 Barker Avenue 415 E US 20 1729 E US 20 110 West 9th st. 10 commerce Sq 1716 Franklin Street 12 On the Lake Drive 2134 E. Hwy 20 3705 Franklin St. 777 Blue Chip Drive 2958 W Dunes Hwy 2820 E. Michigan Blvd 110 Franklin St. 227 W 7th St 1901 S Woodland Ave 5868 E. Tioga Trail 3860 W Dunes Hwy 3085 E. Hwy 12 1103 Franklin 777 Blue Chip Drive 4125 Franklin St. 401 Franklin St 1701 Franklin Street 3015 E Michigan Blvd 208 Wabash St 2323 Wabash St 204 W Barker Ave 3201 E. Hwy 12 777 Blue Chip Drive 227 W Barker Ave

Mishawaka Bar Louie Bleachers Blue Lantern Center St. Pub Jerrys Pub Maury's Pat's Pub Midway Tavern Office Lounge Parkway Lanes Phoenix Bar & Grill Pit Stop Pone Express Press Box Riverside Tavern Roc's Sports Café Roxie's Manhattan Olivia’s Bar & Restaurant Smith’s Downtown That Place Bar & Grill The Pub The Comedy Kitchen Three Thirty One Inn Trips traxside tavern Trumans Wings Etc. Wooden Shoe Yakety Yak Cafe

6501 Grape Rd 4609 Grape Rd 928 E. McKinley 112 N. Center St. 1211 W 6th St 901 W 4th St 810 W 4th St 1813 E 12th. St. 1504 Chestnut Street 101 Lincoln Way W 1753 E. 12th St. 1617 Milburn Blvd 1653 E 4th St 100 N. Center St. 212 W Edison Rd 424 W 7th St 327 Union St 110 Lincolnway E 300 W. 6th St. 408 Cleveland St 1213 Lincolnway 1123 Union St 318 So union st 100 N. Center St. 6502 Grape Rd 822 W 6th St 701 W 4th St

(574) 277-9100 (574) 277-9332 (574) 255-2005 (574) 968-0244 (574) 257-1466 (574) 259-8282 (574) 255-0458 (574-259-3898 (574) 255-5424 (574) 257-8876 (574) 254-0389 (574) 254-1925 (574) 252-5753 (574) 259-1598 (574) 252-5780 (574) 259-9600

16409 Red Arrow Hwy

(269) 231-5205

600 W Water St 136 N. Whittaker St 310 E Buffalo St

(269) 469-1699 (269) 469-5800 (269) 469-9600

Union Pier, MI Mickey’s New Buffalo, MI Bentwood Tavern Casey's Bar and Grill El Ranchero Grande

(219) 879-5254 (219) 861-2582 (219) 878-9556 (219) 878-0222 (219) 879-5555 (219) 814-4041 (219) 809-4000 (219) 879-0760 (219) 879-5124 (888) 879-7711 (219) 879-9336 (219) 879-9445 (219) 872-9471 (219) 872-8200 (219) 872-1223 (219) 778-2074 (219) 874-7330 (219) 874-6201 (219) 871-7000 (888) 879-7714 (219) 879-7388 (219) 872-0361 (219) 871-1223 (219) 879-9606 (219) 879-4677 (219) 879-9781 (219) 221-6763 (219) 879-9941 (888) 879-7711 (219) 878-9872

(574) 255-2227 (574) 387-4499 (574) 273-5397 (574) 259-5233 (574) 255-2790 (574) 259-7233 (574) 259-2282 (574) 273-0088 (574) 258-9201 (574) 255-8601

December 2011

BARS in the REGION Jimmy's Bar & Grill O'Briens Roma Pizza Da Pub

18529 La Porte Rd 12578 Wilson Rd 17600 Red Arrow Hwy 19332 State Route 239

(269) 469-2100 (269) 469-3400 (269) 469-3698 (269) 469-4448

Niles, MI Corral Jays Lounge Pete's Patio Riverfront Café Wings Etc.

701 N 13th St 3025 s. 11th St. 2433 N 5th St 219 Front St 2008 S. 11th St

(269) 684-1185 (269) 684-8353 (269) 683-4565 (269) 684-2233 (269) 683-9464

Osceola Between the Buns Tapped Out Trevi's

1720 Lincolnway W 55581 Ash Rd 512 Lincolnway W

(574) 679-4474 (574) 674-6442 (574) 674-6261

South Bend AJ's Anchor Inn Antonio's Bar Backstage Grill/Green Room Blarney Stone Between the Buns Bob's 19th Hole Bob's Pub Bootleg’ers Buffalo Wild Wings Centerfolds Chain O Lakes Cheers Pub Chuck's Tavern City Limits Lounge CJ’s Pub Clay Pub Club Fever Club Landing Agave Laounge Corby's Irish Pub Dave's Pub & Co Donna Lee's Dew Drop Inn Franks Place Gippers Lounge Green Star Cafe Hoosier Tap & Grill Hoosier Wings & More Jeannie’s Joe's Tavern Jovi's Restaurant & Lounge Kate O'Connors Kelly's Pub O’Rourkes Public House Lonnies 23 Inn Linebacker Lounge Madison Oyster Bar Main St. Pub McCormicks Mitch’s Corner Moondogs Morris Performing Arts Center Mulligans Murpheys Backyard Pub My Place Oaken Bucket O'Sullivans Crossing Oscars Billiard Club Peddler's Pub

4505 Ameritech Drive, 2224 W. Wester Ave 2227 Franklin St 222 S. Michigan 113 E Wayne St 1803 South Bend Ave 26582 US Highway 20 1406 Portage Ave 1302 Ford St. 123 W Washington St 1505 Kendall St. 26230 Southport rd 103 S. Dixieway North 1201 W Sample St 1807 S Ironwood Dr 236 S Michigan St 52170 Rt 933 222 S. Michigan 1717 Lincolnway East 119 N Michigan St 441 E Lasalle Ave 3013 Mishawaka Ave 701 W Indiana Ave 822 S. Lafayette 327 Marion 515 N Dixie Way 1605 Miami St 718 W Indiana Ave 1835 Lincoln Way E 621 S Bendix Dr 1201 Dunham St 1905 Miami St 415 E. Michigan St. 1150 Mishawaka Ave 1044 Angela Blvd 1989 Prairie Ave 1631 South Bend Avenue 129 N Main St 2046 South Bend Ave 125 N. Michigan Ave 1516 N. Ironwood Dr. 4407 S Ironwood Dr 211 North Michigan Street 1705 S Bend Ave 3601 Mishawaka Ave 1509 Portage Ave 1212 S Ironwood Dr 235 S. Michigan 1902 S. Bend Ave 904 E Ireland Rd

(574) 272-1800 (574) 237-9147 (574) 233-6114 (574) 232-0222 (574) 283-0452 (574) 247-9293 (574) 289-2318 (574) 233-0635 (574) 234-0744 (574) 232-2293 (574) 288-7827 (574) 232-9063 (574) 387-4642 (574) 289-9457 (574) 288-3636 (574) 233-5981 (574) 277-6982 (574) 232-5200 (574) 289-4122 (574) 233-4959 (574) 233-5326 (574) 237-9195 (574) 237-9811 (574) 289-9829 (574) 232-2277 (574) 323-1015 (574) 287-9606 (574) 289-4318 (574) 232-0457 (574) 288-2962 (574) 237-9182 (574) 289-3770 (574) 654-8114 (574) 287-7379 (574) 251-0355 (574) 251-0282 (574) 289-0186 (574) 288-4299 (574) 271-9898 (574) 289-8031 (574) 855-2365 (574) 291-6544 (574) 235-9190 (574) 277-5666 (574) 233-5968 (574) 234-2280 (574) 289-1616 (574) 289-3333 (574) 277-6651 (574) 291-9192

December 2011

Pejza's Lydick Tavern

26444 Edison Rd

(574) 233-9542

Rum Village Inn

2209 Kemble Ave

(574) 288-1773

Tapped Out II Sean Ocasey's South Bank The View Vickie's Wings Etc. Wise Guys West Winds

2206 Mishawaka Ave 123 N. St. Joseph St. 1763 Lincoln Way E 515 E Jefferson Blvd 112 W Monroe St 2051 E. Ireland Rd. 3421 W Sample St 56629 Mayflower Rd

(574) 289-4888 (574) 245-7280 (574) 232-1980 (574) 288-8439 (574) 232-4090 (574) 291-0077 (574) 234-2670 (574) 233-5168

Middlebury Rulli’s Bella Luna

851 U.S. 20

(574) 825-7222

Westville Blackhawk Inn The Ville Ramsay’s Westpoint Crossroads

257 W. Main St. 351 W. Main St. 11042 W. US Highway 4817 U.S. 421

(219) 785-2296

Edwardsburg, MI Fireside Tap & Grill

69245 Maple St.

(269) 414-4103

225 N Michigan St 15147 Lincoln Hwy 116 East Laporte Street 1111 W Jefferson St 114 N. Michigan St

(574) 936-7004 (574) 540-2333 (574) 935-5514 (574) 935-9939 (574) 914-4123

109 S. Main St.

(219) 733-2624

Plymouth Brass Rail Club Omega Dandelion Bar Mayflower Opie’s Office Wanatah The Other Place

(219) 785-2621 (219) 785-4030

Tot Shots By: Paige Turner

My list shows which Ho Ho Ho has been naughty this year and she’ll be getting her stocking stuffed with a lot more than coal before this holiday is through! pg 27

Michiana Bar

Rolling on the River... Riverside in Mishawaka


By: Stephanie Vega

ike the title of Tina Turner’s hit song “Rolling on the River”, you’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter at the Riverside bar in Mishawaka. Riverside, located at 100 N. Center Street has been around for about four years and they pride themselves in being a bar that offers comedy. When they first opened, the offered comedy once a month, now it’s every week of Friday and Saturday nights. “We offer two shows back to back; one at 7:30pm and then another at 9:15pm,” explained Amy Gatchell, Owner of Riverside. “The comedy acts are always changing but we definitely have some diverse comics.” So…if you’re wondering how the bar is set up for the comedians, let me explain. A temporary wall is put up in the bar, making it totally private for those coming out to see the comedy show. Between the three levels of the bar, there’s enough to seat about 200 and Gatchell got creative to make more seating. “I have tables that are built over my pool tables to accommodate the comedy crowd,” she said. “And we also have cameras around the stage and TV’s set up throughout the bar so you can catch the show from wherever you are sitting, you won’t miss a thing.” And you certainly won’t want to miss a thing, after all these comedians are the best around and Gatchell wants to keep it that way. “I’m trying to keep the same quality of comedians that the Funnybone brought,” she said. “And we’ve been getting pretty big, especially this past month. We have people coming in from Michigan and Chicago.” Could it be because every comedian is different? Perhaps, after all Gatchell wants to have a variety of entertaining comedians. The hour and a half show includes a host, a featured comedian and a headliner and with the three comedians you never know what you’re going to get. “We welcome all types of comedy but I say the dirtier the better, that’s what comedy is all about,” she said with a laugh. “You never know what someone is going to come out with so I can’t say we are going to keep it clean. Who knows what they are going to say? That’s what makes it funny!” Gatchell is in the works of getting several national acts to the Riverside stage. The comedy shows are getting so popular,

pg 28

Event Schedule December 2nd and 3rd - Kevin McPeek December 9th and 10th – Operation Comedy

*John Sikes will bring his comedy troops in for military comedy

December 16th and 17th – Carl Verduchi December 21st and 22nd - Comic Therapy with Brad Cassell December 31st - NYE Party with Balloon Drop and over $300 in Prizes

Text RIVERSIDE to 72727 for Event Info

December 2011

Riverside has their house DJ who comes on after the comedians every Friday and Saturday night and there is no cover.

Riverside offers party packages as well. “This month I have a company bringing in their employees and last month we had a bachelorette party,” she said. “We do offer packages for large parties, and we have bottle service as well.” Tickets for the comedy show are general admission and cost $12.50 but when a big celebrity is brought in to perform, pricing varies depending on what section you are sitting in. So what can you expect at the Riverside this month? Well, a tribute to our country’s finest as a military tour of comedians will make their way through the Riverside. Here’s a look at who will be performing and when: Plans are in the works for a New Years Eve Comedy Show which will offer a dinner and show package so you’ll want to call Riverside to get more information (574) 259-1598. Also on New Year’s Eve, Riverside will host their annual New Year’s Eve Party which will be complete with drink specials, dancing, giveaways and of course a balloon drop at midnight. The cover for the New Year’s Eve party is $5 and is free to those already there at the Comedy Show. Riverside offers comedy but let’s not forget that they are a bar and offer great specials not only to those coming out for a show but also those coming out looking for a good time. “I have daily drink specials every day,” Gatchell said. “We’ve got $3 domestic pitchers and $15 import buckets on Monday, $2 Tuesday, $1.75 Miller Lite bottles and $2 domestic bottles on Wednesday, $2 wells and $1 12oz. domestic drafts on Thursday and we have Fat Fridays which is $3.75 for 16oz Fat Tire’s and we also do $3 Bacardi, Jack and Morgan drinks.”

December 2011

The specials continue through the weekend as Riverside offers $3 imports on Saturday and a whole slew of specials on Sunday including $4 Bloody Marys, $11 domestic buckets and $3 domestic pitchers. They also offer $1 Jello Shots and $2 Pudding Shots and they have six beers on tap. And if you think the party stops when the comedy does…you’re wrong. The Riverside has their house DJ who comes on after the comedians every Friday and Saturday night and there is no cover. In addition, Riverside recently opened up their kitchen and will be offering a wide selection of sandwich items and pub fare. Riverside is open Monday through Friday from 11am-3am, on Saturday from 12pm-3am and Sunday from 12pm-12am. To learn more about the Riverside, check them out on Facebook or on their website You can also text Riverside to 72727 to get alerts on specials and upcoming events.

pg 29

Center Street Pub - Mishawaka

Frank’s Place - South Bend

69245 MAPLE ST. EDWARDSBURG, MI 269-414-4103




Thursdays: Karaoke w/ Jeff the Karaoke Guy Fri & Sat: Glow Bowl w/ Digital DJ Sundays: $5.00 Pitchers $5.00/dozen hot wing special Dart Tournaments 3rd Friday of Each Month



pg 30



December 2011

December 2011

pg 31



Created by: Sam Mechling

NICKNAME: “Fluffer Nutter”

PERSONAL QUOTE: “Three fingers, or a d*ck?!”

Terry, a tennis instructor from Granger asks:

Any idea on what to buy for a mom who just brought her first child home from the maternity ward?

Madeline, a law clerk from South Bend asks:

Is it a good idea to buy my husband season tickets to Great America to give him something to look forward to during this Winter?

Would it be wrong to buy an “escort” for my buddy? He hasn’t been laid since his girlfriend left him.

pg 32

SMELLS LIKE: a bear’s den filled with hospital garbage.

Being Creative This Christmas

TASTES LIKE: The dirt at a rodeo.

Nate, an account executive from Michigan City asks:

WINO: Randy Skinner



“Buy that b*tch a good bra! When I take my top off these days, my tits just unravel like a cartoon wolf’s tongue!”

“F**k maternity wards! I got kicked outta there last week for robbing cribs! How else am I supposed to build my dirty-diaper-tuxedo?!?”



“Have you ever been trapped upside-down in a roller coaster when your Irritable Bowel Syndrome kicks in? Woo! I was combing chilishits out of my weave for three hours!!!”

“Oh Sh*t, Fluffy! Is THAT why there’s always flies orbiting your head like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown!?!”



“Why not? Every now and again, I’ll buy myself a gigolo! Ain’t nothing wrong with spending $50 to get your BUSH PUSHED.”

“Man, I don’t like them paywhores. They’re too rough! Lady, it’s my pecker, not a damn cigarette machine!”

December 2011

December 2011 November 2010

pg 33 pg 33

his two children.After being caught red-handed, the man admitted to wanting his wife to gain weight so she would stay at home, cook all his meals and tend to their children. After making the discovery the wife got her revenge by immediately losing over 200lbs of dead weight,which was formerly known as her husband.

from Around The World

Woman Catches Flak for Horsing Around with Dead Horse Portland, OR

Via: Paige Turner & the Entertainer Newsroom

All Elvis’s Have Left the Building Kent, England Patrons of a Holiday Inn were more than a little confused during a recent evacuation of the hotel. A malfunctioning smoke machine set off a fire alarm and everyone was escorted outside, including about 60 Elvis impersonators who were fully decked out in rhinestones and wigs. All of the guests but one made it out safely and he was later found drunk and on a toilet, where he thanked everyone very much for their concern.

The internet is full of weird and wild things and recent photos of a woman standing naked inside of a dead horse just proves that anything goes on the web. What a Portland woman recently did may not have been illegal but it was certainly gross and outraged people all over the country. However, she didn’t think it was that strange and while she has no problem posing in and eating it, she doesn’t understand why everyone else wants to keep beating this dead horse.

Prison Full of Prostitutes, Peacocks, Pot and Plasma TV’s Acapulco, Mexico

Man Relives Childhood while Stuck in Swing Vallejo, CA A group of friends recently made a bet that ended with one man lubing himself up with laundry detergent and sliding into a children’s playground swing. Unfortunately for the betting man, his buddies left him stuck and he swung around for about nine hours. Firefighters had to cut the man free and gave him a ride to a nearby house, where he had to be restrained from using the cast cutters to open up his “friend’s” skull.

A surprise search in a Mexican prison turned up all of the above when police found a downright party in the back of the building. Apparently the guards have been slacking as female inmates were found living in the male portion of the prison and alcohol and weapons also turned up. Prison officials don’t see what the big deal is and boast that theirs is the most popular prison in the country. They’ll be able to experience it firsthand soon enough as the guards who let the partying slide will soon be residing on the other side of the bars. No word yet on whether any of the prostitutes will make return appearances for conjugal visits.

Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Scorpion’s Bite Shenzen, China Tenants awoke in an apartment complex with scorpion’s walking the halls after the landlord allegedly made an effort to evict residents in favor of a more favorable construction project. The unfortunate renters spent nearly 24 hours tracking the scorpions down and removing them from their homes while the management company denies any wrongdoing, even though the landlord was seen with a large bucket and dumping its contents through the windows. The tenants plan to return this early Christmas present by letting the arachnids run loose in the landlord’s house sometime over the holidays preferably when women and children with high-pitched screams are around.

Teamster Tossed in Toilet Richland, Washington A forklift operator was just doing his job when he picked up a chemical toilet to relocate it, not realizing there was a man sitting on the throne inside. It was lifted about a foot off the ground and moved about 15 feet with the door trapping the unlucky workman.There were no serious injuries reported but Union officials offered to let the Teamster use their executive bathroom for the remainder of the year in an effort to make up for his extremely shitty experience.

Husband Drugs Wife so she’ll Make Dinner Leicester, England Most men complain when their wives put on weight but a husband in England was recently jailed for slipping steroids into the meals and wine of the mother of

pg 34

December 2011

Corby’s - South Bend

- Beautiful Lingerie/Shoes - Club Wear/Swim Wear - Adult Novelty/ Party Supplies

- DVD’s - Magazines

Every Day Dancer Appreciation Day 25% Off Club wear & Shoes (must show proof of club employment) Wednesdays... Ladies get 30% Off any Purchase

Jay’s Lounge - Niles, MI

December 2011

pg 35

Featured Bartenders

pg 36








south bend

December 2011

Bartender of the

Year Brought to you by:

How to Vote:

Call: 877-512-BOTY (2689) Online: Text: Text your bartender’s code to 72727

Voting Begins December 5th through December 20th





Text BOTY1 to 72727

Text BOTY2 to 72727

Text BOTY3 to 72727

Text BOTY4 to 72727





Text BOTY5 to 72727

Text BOTY6 to 72727

Text BOTY7 to 72727

Text BOTY8 to 72727

This year’s winner will receive a cash prize of $500, a South Bend Private Pub Tour, a Custom Trophy, and a feature in next month’s Michiana Entertainer! December 2011

**Pub Tour restrictions apply. All participants of pub tour must be 21+ with valid ID to enter bus. pg 37 Must be 21+ to win. No purchase necessary. For official rules go to Not applicable to Michigan locations.

It’s vegas baby - michigan city

pg 38

Office Lounge - Mishawaka

December 2011

December 2011

pg 39


Michiana Entertainer December 2011  

Bartender of the year voting begins this issue & a feature on the band Halestorm

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