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August 2011

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August 2011

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November 20, 1954 - July 13, 2011

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harrison landing: mic check one, two

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3311 Willow Creek Rd. Ste. 169

Portage, IN 46368

(888) 512-0881 August 2011

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Front page photo taken by Michael Finney at It’s Vegas Baby!


Mitch’s - South Bend 327 W. Marion St South Bend, IN 574-232-2277 Monday - Sunday: 1am-3am

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August 2011

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That Place - Mishawaka

August 2011

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Jay’s Lounge - Niles, MI

club fever - south bend

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August May 2011

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Suds & Cocktails


By: Paige Turner

Visit the Margaritaville Website on your Mobile Phone

ntroduced just this year, Maragritaville Premium Malt Beverages prove once again that it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. This is an idea pioneered by the famous father of Parrotheads himself, Jimmy Buffett, and one that his followers truly take to heart. These people know how to enjoy a drink and their entire mentality is the inspiration for this libation. Luckily, laid back living doesn’t just appeal to those wearing gaudy Hawaiian print shirts and these new drink mixes provide a quick and easy way for all of us to relax in style. Margaritaville Brewing Company, which is owned in cooperation with Anheuser-Busch, released these beverages just in time for the summer drinking season. They’re available in 12-ounce bottles in six-packs and in 24-ounce cans so they’re handy to grab on your way to the beach or a pool party and they’re priced reasonably enough to share, if you can manage to let them go. The Spiked Lemonade is a lightly carbonated drink featuring 100 percent natural lemon flavors. The carbonation and citrus flavor balance each other out and provide a refreshing taste that needs to additions. The Spiked Tea lacks carbonation but is still made with 100 percent sweet natural lemon flavors and uses natural fine select tea flavor as well. The 5.5% alcohol content in these tasty beverages proves that they aren’t your grandma’s lemonades and teas, although if you introduced them to her at the next family picnic things would likely get a little more interesting. Since following Jimmy Buffett’s mantra of “no shirt, no shoes, no problem” will probably get you kicked out of a bar, you can instead take his advice to heart in the comfort of your own backyard with the Margaritaville Spiked Lemonades and Teas. Perfect for a wild night on the beach or a quiet night on the porch, these drinks are a newfound staple for summer. Hammock living can’t be a reality for everyone but with these bottles in hand, it’s easier than ever to escape to the island state of mind.

Casey’s Lanes - La Porte


Cigar and Cigarette shop

26084 County Road 6 Elkhart IN 46514 574.264.1125 pg 8

30913 Old US 20 West Elkhart, IN 46514 574.679.4500 August 2011

kelly’s - south bend

Need Financing? $299 Delivers*

The solution to getting a good car is JD Byrider, where we don’t rely on outside banks for approval, so you can drive today!

August 2011

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Michiana Bar

Mic Check One... ...Two By: Stephanie Vega

Some of the artists are young, some unknown, and others who’ve never played infront of an audience; this Thursday night event is giving them the chance to make a name for themselves. “These artists really pack the house because they bring in their own following they have and sometimes they bring in an insane amount of people.” Since April, Paco has teamed up with the Harrison Landing Bar in Elkhart to bring this Artist Talent Showcase every Thursday night. He picked Thursday because it’s his favorite day of the week and decided he should bring in these artists who maybe didn’t have enough of their own material to book a full gig. “What’s great about this is that we also provide a DJ for the night so when each artist is done performing, our DJ takes over.” But it’s giving these artists a chance is what Paco gets excited about and it’s why he has a featured artist of the month every month. What this does is provide a rotation of sorts for the monthly Talent Showcase. The featured artist will get the chance to perform for two weeks in a row in the middle of the month, letting them build a fan base of sorts and hone their skills even more. Acoustic artist Emilee Allan was the first featured artist of the month and she’s one of Paco’s favorites. “She’s a country folk artist and only does covers right now,” he told me. “She has put together a CD and goes back and forth to Nashville. She plays at other places as well and I know she’s going to do great things.” Another favorite is Amber Russell, a strong vocalist with a spunk that gets the crowd going. She performs a lot of original songs and Paco says she brings friends with her who are also very talented to sing along with her. “She plays guitar and she may have someone playing backup for her for a couple of songs,” he explained. “This is what it’s all about, bringing everyone together for a good time.”

It gives people something to do on a Thursday night and it’s an early night for them because it starts at 8:30pm,” Paco told me. “Plus there’s no cover and they offer great drink specials.


hey take the stage, some for the first time, in hopes of making their dreams a reality. Whether they perform solo, with a partner, or with an entire band these talented local artists put their all into their performances and they do thanks to the help of Promoter Angelo “Paco” Colon, also known as DJ Tiburon. “We put on an Artist Talent Showcase at Harrison Landing in Elkhart, every Thursday night,” Paco, CEO of PR1 Promotions explained. “I bring in artists from all over the area and give them that foot in the door.” pg 10

For the August Artist Talent Showcase, Amber will perform the first week, followed by the Artist of the Month Mud Flap Revival. Paco says Mud Flap Revival has an Americana Style sound that has really made an impression on him. He believes the band is making their mark in the music world and believes they are not only talented; but artists who truly love what they do. “I love the energy they have and their youthfulness,” he said. “You can tell they have a passion for what they’re doing and it’s exciting.” Performing the last week in August will be B.E.A.T. They were the featured artist in June and are very well known in the Michiana area. When they take the stage, they bring their own entourage of acts, even their own DJ and always draw a big crowd. “We normally have about 50-60 people on these Talent Showcase nights but we’ve definitely had more,” Paco said. Originally, the Artist Talent Showcase was supposed to run through September, but because of such a good response, they are planning to continue the Showcase through the rest of the year. “It gives something for people to do on a Thursday night and it’s an early night for them because it starts at 8:30pm,” Paco told me. “Plus there’s no cover and they offer great drink specials.”

August 2011

Drink specials that include $3.50 Three Olives Vodka, $4.50 Jager Bombs, $5 Bud Light Pitchers and $2-off select Martinis. Throw in the fact that they offer great food like pizza, burgers, and sandwiches and it truly makes for a great night. “We are on the bus route so it’s easy for people to get here,” Paco firmly state. “We are giving people a reason to come out!” Harrison Landing is located at 600 S. Main Street in Elkhart. For a complete list of their entertainment and drink specials visit their website, www.harrisonlanding. biz. To learn more about Paco and PR1 Promotions you can check them out at or their Facebook page: PR1 Promotions.

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Frank’s Place - South Bend

pg 12

Corby’s - South Bend

August 2011

Center Street Pub - Mishawaka

lonNie’s Inn - south bend

August 2011

pg 13

Woman’s Point of View with

Paige Turner

Diet Schmiet!


at sure isn’t what it used to be. Back in the good old days, women with curves were seen as especially sexy because being voluptuous meant you could afford to sit around on your ass and eat all day. Now that such a large portion of Americans take constant advantage of this former luxury, those extra pounds are often considered a few too many. Whether you’re happy with your body and what you do about it if you’re not is entirely up to you and if you’re satisfied with the way you look then nothing else really matters, especially not that extra piece of cake in the middle of the night. However, if you’re surrounded by women on a daily basis then chances are you’ve at least heard talks of dieting.

If you’re looking to make yourself and everyone around you completely miserable for an unknown amount of time, consider one of the fad diets so popular with models and celebrities.

little jars of mush around for meals and snacks. Solely eating pureed food fit for infants isn’t exactly nutritious or satisfying and since babies can’t tell you how disgusting it is, many figured that out the hard way. If regressing to infanthood isn’t for you then you could always dip cotton balls in orange juice and eat them as a hunger suppressant, which is apparently something models do on a regular basis. However, visible rib cages aren’t exactly indicative of perfect health and eating cotton sounds like a great way to plug up your toilet. You won’t need a plunger if you stick to a strictly liquid diet but as someone who enjoys actually chewing her food, I’d only be interested in this if the liquid was alcoholic.

Perhaps you want to lose weight without watching what you eat or drink, especially since your basic food groups can be found in pizza and beer anyway. If this is the case, consider having children. You may gain some pounds initially but that baby weight will melt away once you start losing sleep and no longer have time to feed yourself because you’re chasing a messmaking kid around the house all day. If committing yourself to a dependent human being for the rest of your life doesn’t sound like fun, well…don’t get married, forget about having kids and consider getting a dog instead. You’ll still be getting exercise by taking walks but at least you won’t have anyone talking back to you while you clean up their shit. If you really want to make a diet work it should become more of a lifestyle change than a crash course in weight loss. Or you might just be too lazy to try to lose any weight at all, which is fine too. There are websites devoted to the larger ladies and the men who love them so you’re still in good company. Hell, there are even women who make money online by letting men pay to watch them eat and if you’re too large to fit out your front door that’s always a viable employment option. So if you can’t cut it with a diet you can always cut into some cake instead.

If you’re looking to make yourself and everyone around you completely miserable for an unknown amount of time, consider one of the fad diets so popular with models and celebrities. The baby food diet was recently all the rage and women were seen carrying

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Paige Turner works in an office by day and writes columns and articles by night. She has two degrees, a sports trophy and a nine inch scar on her leg. If you’d like to get Paige’s Point of View on a particular subject, email her at: PTurner@MichianaEntertainer.Com pg 14

August 2011

antonio’s - south bend

fireside - eDWARDSBURG, mi

Thursdays: Karaoke w/ Jeff the Karaoke Guy Fri & Sat: Glow Bowl w/ Digital DJ Mon-Thu: $5 Pitchers Tue: $2 Margaritas Thurs: $3 Mai Tai’s Dart Da Tournaments 3rd Friday of Each Month Youth Bowling League Registration Aug 13th & 20th.

August 2011

pg 15

Toys of Summer

Car Show

Corner of Wayne & Michigan Streets Downtown South Bend

pg 16

August 2011

Photograph: Sidestreet Studios

Bordeaux et Burlesque a le Fievre Called ‘Bordeaux et Burlesque a le Fievre’ this broadway style dinner show draws its inspiration from the recently released film Burlesque. “People may hear the world burlesque and think nudity but it isn’t like that,” said Chris Heroy, Producer and Main Choreographer. “It’s going to be like a Broadway show you’d see in Chicago but with our own local talent.” The different acts in the show will include singers, belly dancers and even a sword routine and guests will enjoy a formal meal while they’re entertained. The club is being turned into a lounge style atmosphere for the evening and dinner menu items include: Shrip Cocktail or Insalate Caprese as an Appetizer, Main course choices are Prime Rib and Chicken Marsala, with chef choice for sides & Desert options are Cheesecake or a French Tart. All of which are being prepared by guest cheff Red Fisher. The show is scheduled for Friday August 26th and tickets cost between 60 to 70 dollars and can be only be purchased in advance at the Backstage Grill and Club Fever, as tickets will not be available the day of the event. Doors open at 6:30. Hors d’oeuvres will be served at 7:15 and dinner will be served around 7:45. When everyone has their plate, the show will begin. The show consists of a 45 minute first act, a 20 minute intermission and dessert will be served, and then a 45 minute second act. It’s important to note that a percentage of food sales for the burlesque show will go toward two local charities, The Food Bank of South Bend and Hello Gorgeous, an organization that takes female cancer patients on a night out on the town. To purchase your tickets contact the Backstage Grill at (574) 232-2222. Tickets must be purchased by August 24th.

August 2011

pg 17

pg 18

August 2011

Cocktail: The Big Bird

Cocktail: Astropop

Mixologist: Drew

Mixologist: Carissa

Bar: Riverside

Bar: Club Fever

Ingredients: Cruzan banana and mango, pinapple juice, and oj

Ingredients: Stoli raspberry, blue curaco, grenadine, sweet and sour, sprite

Comment: “ It will make you think of Sesame Street.”

Cocktail: Italian cream soda Mixologist: Kopey Bar: Cheers Ingredients: Frangelico, diaronno, Galliano, gingerale, with a splash of coke Comment: “It will sneak up on you just like Rocky Balboa.”

August 2011

Comment: “ Popsicles never tasted this damn good.”

Cocktail : Yoshi Mixologist: Katie Bar: McGinnis Pub Ingredients: Orange, Van Gogh Rasp Vodka, OJ, Pineapple Juice Comment: “Enough of these will make you eat mushrooms & stomp turtle heads”

Cocktail: Orange Crush

Cocktail: The F#*K Up

Mixologist: Tina

Mixologist: Peanut

Bar: Lakeshore Lanes

Bar: Lonnies

Ingredients: 3 Olives Rangtang, Peachtree, Triple Sec, OJ, Sprite

Ingredients: Vodka, Peach Schnapps, kiwi strawberry punch

Comment: “Call Kyle”

Comments: “ It will F#*K you up.”

pg 19


very band courted by major labels has its “moment of truth” anecdote, when the dream seems with reach, but also comes with strings attached – and Pure Star Movement’s frontman, Lwan Easton, doesn’t need to think too hard before telling one of his own. During its first yeaar, Pure Star Movement met a major label executive who swooned over its sound, “but said, we wasn’t ‘rock enough,’” recalled Easton. “He had connections out of this world. It basically came down to, ‘If I sign you, then you have to do this.’ We actually walked away from it: ‘I’m not gonna change this sound, it really goes over well. The live experience with the people is amazing, and I’m not gonna do it.’” However, major labels continue to scout the South Bend-based band, which celebrates its third anniversary in September. “God was just trying to show us, ‘You can definitely be at the big leagues, but what are you willing to sacrifice?’” said Easton, of that original interest. “I think his vision was, ‘Why don’t we just have this all-black rock band?’ That was a big deal to him: ‘I can market the heck out of you guys.’”

“God was just trying to show us, 'You can definitely be at the big leagues, but what are you willing to sacrifice?'”

Needless to say, surfing trends isn’t on the agenda for Easton, and Jamie Dyer (guitar), younger brother, Brent Easton (drums), Adrian “Gizmo” Taylor (bass) and Ray “RTjman” Thomas Jr. (turntables, keyboards). “We definitely want to fly heavy on the alternative rock side – that’s what you’ll hear, with a heavy dose of some powerful, soulful vocals, brought together with a really melodic sound,” said Easton. “Visually, we love to jump around. We give it everything we got onstage.” Pure Star Movement grew from Pure Star Production and Media, which Easton and Thomas ran together. “We loved doing live music, but we loved producing music just as much. And we had the bright idea of, ‘Hey, why don’t we just take this production side to the stage?’” said Easton. “That’s why our show is so engaging, because you hear all these different elements that come from the studio.” For right now, the band’s immediate priority is continuing to promote its album, “Arrival To Earth,” which would likely be picked up – and revamped – as part of any major deal, according to Easton. Despite the oft-cited headaches of dealing with majors, he does see one obvious benefit coming out of such a relationship. “I mean, we’ve been self-sufficient for awhile, and we’ve been really holding strong with everything,” said Easton. “We just need that little extra push, just to become more of a national band. We don’t many shows locally, because we really want to see if we can handle ourselves in a major market.” For those reasons, the next local show – a repeat appearance at “Outside In The Park,” which hasn’t been confirmed– isn’t likely to happen until Aug. 28, according to Easton. (For updates, check

pg 20

“We definitely love our city – but even me, as a fan, I just get tired of going to see the same bands over and over again,” said Easton. “I thought early on, ‘That won’t be us.’” However, Easton doesn’t see the band’s ambitions stopping entirely with its music. One long-term plan that remains on the table is Star Laboratories, a school that would help young people make a life through music. “We may end up connecting with someone and doing it on a larger scale, or start from the beginning, and just continue to build it,” said Easton. “That’s a lot of our long-term goals, besides hitting the mainstream, and being a force within the music industry. We got a ton of steam rolling – we’ve got the greatest fans so far, and they’re keeping us afloat. We’ve rubbed elbows with a lot of people in the industry, who really like what we’re doing. Time will tell.”

Scan the Tag with your mobile phone to watch PSM’s video for their single “More of You” off the album, Arrival to Earth.

August 2011

Michiana Mix


ny DJ can milk crowd response, but what happens when the mood shifts? For DeeJay Ott (Elliott Lampos), the job doesn’t get done without thinking ahead – because “if you can’t read your crowd, you’re dead,” he said. “If you can’t adjust on the fly, you’re gone.” “Last night, I went from a wedding, to the club – I was playing Frank Sinatra,” said Lampos. “Then I had to play Usher, just to appease everybody at the wedding. When you go to a club, it’s a totally different world, because they want to hear other styles of music.”

Success Is All About Thinking Ahead

The same philosophy applies to mixing styles. “I can take a current hit like ‘Ice Cream Paint Job,’ mix ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me,’ by Def Leppard, right into it – and you won’t hear it coming,” said Lampos. “A lot of DJs out there just drop songs in. When I mix a song into the other song, it’s smooth.” Lampos specializes in house and Top 40 music. “I do a lot of work with U93 – I’ve done a lot of on-air stuff with them, and also, I do pretty much all their off-location stuff, so I’ve got to keep (the styles) more mainstream,” he said. His regular gigs are 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday, at Club Fever, 222 S. Michigan St., South Bend, and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, in the alley outside Club Fever. To hire him, call (574) 3155142, email, or go through hotwithott. Based in South Bend, IN, Lampos has been DJ’ing for about six years now, and he also runs his own construction company. His DJ name is taken from his nickname of “Ott.” “Then the whole slogan, ‘You’re hot with Ott,’ came up, then, ‘Are you down with OTT?, instead of, ‘Are you down with OPP?’ So it just kind of worked,” he said. Lampos’s entry into the DJ life came through his cousin, DJ Grind. “He really got me into the DJ’ing aspect – one gig turned into two, then another one, and another one,” said Lampos. “Here we are, six years later, and I can’t complain on where I’m at.” Unlike many DJs, Lampos doesn’t use Serato digital software to sync up his songs automatically – which he considers “cheating.” “I do everything with my hands, and my ears,” said Lampos. August 2011

By: Ralph Heibutzki

“Anybody can press ‘sync’ on a computer and think they’re a DJ. If you don’t do it for the love of the music, don’t do it at all – you have to feel it.” Those aren’t idle words for Lampos, who played drums before taking up the DJ’s art. “You have to feel it through your whole body – it doesn’t matter what style of music it is. I’m constantly mixing in my head,” he said. However, nothing happens without reading the crowd, which is never off Lampos’s mind. “They’ll (other DJs) play an hour of just, ‘Trying to get the crowd into it’ – and they get hot on the dance floor,” said Lampos. “They don’t have a break to get a drink, so they get heated, and it just turns into a confrontation that could have been avoided.” To minimize those issues, Lampos will alternate between a half hour of current hits, followed by one or two “recurrent hits,” or older songs that have been out awhile. “You’ll still keep your dance floor, but a lot of people clear off, get a drink, and cool down. Then you bring it back with a current hit,” he said. In other words, the rewards are great for DJs willing to master the art of thinking ahead, Lampos thinks. “When you’re behind turntables, and you’ve got a crowd, there’s nothing like it,” said Lampos. “You can make them do whatever you want to do. You play a song that says, ‘Put your hands up!’, they’re going to put their hands up. It’s an incredible feeling when you get into it, and feel the bass. It’s awesome.”

pg 21

High End Taste


r o v a l ol cal f By: Stephanie Vega

If you thought you’d only find the trendiest, most fashionable clothes on the streets of Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue, you’re wrong! There’s a Michiana designer who’s turning heads in the fashion world all with hopes of putting South Bend on the map. Gabe Moskolis is the man behind Lymelite Clothing, a label that started in 2006. “I started designing, kind of kept it on the down low until I knew what I was going to do,” Moskolis explained. “I was going door to door in Chicago trying to find someone to do the high fashion I wanted to do.” And then one year later he found that someone and was able to orchestrate a fashion show which was held on his birthday, September 28th. The first Lymelight fashion show received a lot of attention and even took notice by the people from the Lucky Jeans brand. He started to design for them, and then his women’s’ tee he made was sold at over 500 Buckle stores nationwide. A pg 22

great start for the up and comer, but not enough as this designer had bigger and bolder dreams. . “I went back to the drawing board and began researching manufactures because I still wasn’t happy with the quality of my product,” he explained. “I needed to find someone who could manufacture the high fashion clothing I designed with the best materials out there. Then everything Gabe had been looking for came to life in late 2008 when he found the manufacturing company Culture Studio in Chicago. They would do all the printing of Lymelite the way he wanted it to be done and he was able to be hands on in the entire process from start to finish. “I work with pattern makers and design every piece,” he explained. “I draw it, put it in the design program then go to the manufacturer, pick out inks, the garments. Everything is hand selected by myself.”

And Gabe is all about keeping things local and supporting the city that inspired him from the beginning. He’s involved with the night club life and does various promotions in the South Bend area. This past July, a fashion show

“Lymelite isn’t just clothing, it’s a ””


August 2011

8 2 9

“I put the number 928 in every article of clothing, it’s like my trademark. “ Gabriel Mosokolis

Founder Lymelite Clothing

was put together at Agave Lounge in South Bend and it drew a crowd Gabe couldn’t even believe. “It’s a new format for a fashion show and the response was unbelievable,” he excitingly told me. “We put the event together in a week and it was awesome.”

Just like when it comes to making the decisions with his clothing line, Gabe had hands all over the fashion show. From picking the models and selecting what garment suited them best, to the hair and make-up, this entrepreneur does it all. “Lymelite is a lifestyle not just clothing,” he said. “I want the people who represent my clothing to represent who I am.” So what kind of clothing does he specialize in? Well, hoodies, long sleeve thermals, tees and tanks for starters. They aren’t your run of the mill type of clothing either. In fact, wearing one of these tops is like wearing a piece of Gabe’s art. “They are unique, decorated with stones, studs, foil printing,” he said. “I use oversized screen printing and of course high fashion cuts and washes and high end inks.” Even though he uses the top of line goods, prices are affordable and have quite the range in price. “We’ve got our affordable long sleeves than range from $28 to $32,” Gabe said. “Then there’s a mid range of about $50 and then we have a high range that goes up to $100” Gabe is working hard right now on his Fall 2011 line which he says will have a lot of variety and feature some of his work best. You’ll be able to buy his clothing from his website, but also at several boutiques around the area. After all, those areas bring in his largest clientele. “We are making sales throughout Michiana and Chicago through our online store,” he said. “I get really good traffic from my website but I want to target those area to have our stuff sold in the stores as well. I do have Lymelite at several locations throughout the Chicagoland area.”

life! “I do the put the number 928 in every article of clothing, it’s like my trademark.” You can visit the Lymelite website at www.lymeliteclothing. com. You can also visit the Lymelite facebook page for more information promotions and special offers from the clothing line.

And if you notice your shirt or hoodie has the number 928 somewhere on it, it’s because it’s a number very special to Gabe. Remember when we said his first show was, September 28th. It’s also his birthday so the number means a lot as it marks not only the day of his birth, but the day his clothing line came to August 2011

Scan the Tag with your mobile phone to view the Lymelite Clothing Promotional Video. pg 23

Cheers Pub - South Bend

riverside - Mishawaka

pg 24

August 2011

cappy’s - elkhart

If it is true that girls are inclined to marry men like their fathers, it is understandable why mothers cry at weddings.

August 2011

pg 25

BARS in the REGION Elkhart

523 Tap & Grill B J Stars Between the Buns Big Easy Bowly's Crystal Bar Inc Cappy’s Chicago Grill and Bar Chubby Trout Crimaldi's Dino's Firehouse Lounge Half-time Sports Bar Harrison Landing Heinnies Hunters Place JD's Watering Hole Lakeshore Grill Malcom's Pub My Dad’s Place PC's Bar and Grill Pete’s Simeri's Beardsley St Tavern Stirred The Vine Whiskey Dicks

519 S Main St 405 Baldwin St 2041 Cassopolis St 160 Easy Shopping Pl 109 Freight St 1000 N. Michigan 2425 Cassopolis St 2730 Cassopolis St 117 W Jackson Blvd 1500 Osolo Rd 4000 E Bristol St # 8 26084 CR-6 600 S Main St # 102 1743 W Lusher Ave 2703 S Main 1109 W. Beardsley 51330 State Road 19 1125 W Beardsley Ave 51425 S.R. 19 1915 Borneman Ave 51426 S.R.19 1737 W Beardsley Ave 115 E Lexington Ave 214 S Main St 561 E. Jackson Blvd

(574) 523-1523 (574) 264-9327 (574) 206-9900 (574) 293-4890 (574) 294-2440 (574) 262-3511 (574) 264-0183 (574) 264-5700 (574) 522-9125 (574) 264-1300 (574) 264-3412 (574) 264-3320 (574) 295-8882 (574) 522-9101 (574) 293-2117 (574) 522-4640 (574) 266-0606 (574) 293-4056 (574) 262-2237 (574) 293-1915 (574) 264-9033 (574) 293-3941 (574) 522-4914 (574) 970-5006 (574) 294-7500

Granger Between the Buns Eddie’s Steak Shed Tilted Kilt The Pitt Stop Yesterday’s

12797 State Rd 23 12685 Adams Rd 1032 E. University Dr 13020 State Road 23 12594 State Road 23

(574) 243-8889 (574) 277-1076 (574) 272-KILT (574) 272-7488 (574) 272-7017

La Porte 3rd Base Bar and Grill Avenue Bar Bruceski's Casey's Lanes Dick's Bar Friends Nightclub Hilltop Bar I Street Bar Lady Rose Bar & Grill Los Coyotes Mickey's Pinola Saloon Ringers Rother's Pub Shooters Smutzer's Club Tavern The Warehouse Thunderbird Lanes Town Tavern Waterford Inn Western Inn

1201 Pine Lake Rd 617 Michigan Ave 332 Park St 610 Colfax Ave 912 Lincolnway 605 Washington St. 502 Pulaski St 1508 "I" Street 403 E. Lincolnway 517 Tipton St 501 Tipton St 702 S. 500 W. 311 Washington St 444 Pine Lake Ave 201 Washington St. 608 Monroe St 303 Brighton 1251 Pine Lake 1001 E Lincolnway 6466 W Johnson Rd 610 J St.

(219) 324-0300 (219) 324-2645 (219) 362-6927 (219) 362-1571 (219) 326-9702 (219) 362-7000 (219) 362-6308 (219) 362-4290 (219) 326-8048 (219) 362-4969 (219) 362-1826 (219) 324-4300 (219) 326-6412 (219) 362-4585 (219) 362-2471 (219) 362-7421 (219) 324-6325 (219) 362-3555 (219) 326-9723 (219) 879-9083 (219) 325-3094

Hanna/Wanatah Hanna Hub Rumors Back 40 Silver Horseshoe

2 Moore Street 12 Moore Street 109 South Main Street 102 N. Main st.

(219) 797-5675 (219) 797-2337 (219) 733-2624 (219) 733-9107

Michigan City Bartletts Barker Inn Benny's Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa

pg 26

131 e. Dunes Hwy 607 E Barker Ave 3101 E Us Highway 12 777 Blue Chip Drive

(219) 879-3081 (219) 879-9011 (219) 874-3663 (888) 879-7711

Center St. Bar Charley's Bar & Grill Clubhouse Driving Range Decoys Bar & Grill El Nopal Galveston's Steakhouse Gratty’s 12 on the Lake Hammers Holly's It's Vegas Baby! Joe's Bar & Grill Lakeshore Lanes Matey's Mc Ginnis Pub Mug Shots Lounge Nowhere Bar and Grill Pines Lounge Pumps on 12 Reilly's Rocks Lounge Rodini's Ryan's Irish Pub Sahara Sand Trap Shoreline Brewery Stadium Inn Stimley's Town & Country Bar Sportsman's Inn The Game Sportbar Three Sheets Bar & Grill

501 Ctr St 517 Barker Avenue 415 E US 20 1729 E US 20 110 West 9th st. 10 commerce Sq 1716 Franklin Street 12 On the Lake Drive 2134 E. Hwy 20 3705 Franklin St. 777 Blue Chip Drive 2958 W Dunes Hwy 2820 E. Michigan Blvd 110 Franklin St. 227 W 7th St 1901 S Woodland Ave 5868 E. Tioga Trail 3860 W Dunes Hwy 3085 E. Hwy 12 1103 Franklin 777 Blue Chip Drive 4125 Franklin St. 401 Franklin St 1701 Franklin Street 3015 E Michigan Blvd 208 Wabash St 2323 Wabash St 204 W Barker Ave 3201 E. Hwy 12 777 Blue Chip Drive 227 W Barker Ave

Mishawaka Bleachers Blue Lantern Center St. Pub Club Bed Hooters Jerrys Pub Maury's Pat's Pub Midway Tavern Office Lounge Parkway Lanes Phoenix Bar & Grill Pit Stop Pone Express Press Box Riverside Tavern Roc's Sports Café Roxie's Manhattan Olivia’s Bar & Restaurant Squad's 2nd Precinct That Place Bar & Grill The Pub The Comedy Kitchen Three Thirty One Inn Trips traxside tavern Trumans Wings Etc. Wooden Shoe Yakety Yak Cafe

4609 Grape Rd 928 E. McKinley 112 N. Center St. 100 N. Center St. 205 W Day Rd 1211 W 6th St 901 W 4th St 810 W 4th St 1813 E 12th. St. 1504 Chestnut Street 101 Lincoln Way W 1753 E. 12th St. 1617 Milburn Blvd 1653 E 4th St 100 N. Center St. 212 W Edison Rd 424 W 7th St 327 Union St 502 W 6th St 300 W. 6th St. 408 Cleveland St 1213 Lincolnway 1123 Union St 318 So union st 100 N. Center St. 6502 Grape Rd 822 W 6th St 701 W 4th St

(574) 277-9332 (574) 255-2005 (574) 968-0244 (574) 254-0677 (574) 259-7786 (574) 257-1466 (574) 259-8282 (574) 255-0458 (574-259-3898 (574) 255-5424 (574) 257-8876 (574) 254-0389 (574) 254-1925 (574) 252-5753 (574) 259-1598 (574) 252-5780 (574) 259-9600

16409 Red Arrow Hwy

(269) 231-5205

600 W Water St 136 N. Whittaker St 310 E Buffalo St

(269) 469-1699 (269) 469-5800 (269) 469-9600

Union Pier, MI Mickey’s New Buffalo, MI Bentwood Tavern Casey's Bar and Grill El Ranchero Grande

(219) 879-5254 (219) 861-2582 (219) 878-9556 (219) 878-0222 (219) 879-5555 (219) 814-4041 (219) 809-4000 (219) 879-0760 (219) 879-5124 (888) 879-7711 (219) 879-9336 (219) 879-9445 (219) 872-9471 (219) 872-8200 (219) 872-1223 (219) 778-2074 (219) 874-7330 (219) 874-6201 (219) 871-7000 (888) 879-7714 (219) 879-7388 (219) 872-0361 (219) 871-1223 (219) 879-9606 (219) 879-4677 (219) 879-9781 (219) 879-9061 (219) 879-9941 (888) 879-7711 (219) 878-9872

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August 2011

BARS in the REGION Jimmy's Bar & Grill O'Briens Roma Pizza Da Pub

18529 La Porte Rd 12578 Wilson Rd 17600 Red Arrow Hwy 19332 State Route 239

(269) 469-2100 (269) 469-3400 (269) 469-3698 (269) 469-4448

Niles, MI Corral Jays Lounge Pete's Patio Riverfront Café Wings Etc.

701 N 13th St 3025 s. 11th St. 2433 N 5th St 219 Front St 2008 S. 11th St

(269) 684-1185 (269) 684-8353 (269) 683-4565 (269) 684-2233 (269) 683-9464

Osceola Between the Buns Tapped Out Trevi's

1720 Lincolnway W 55581 Ash Rd 512 Lincolnway W

(574) 679-4474 (574) 674-6442 (574) 674-6261

South Bend AJ's Anchor Inn Antonio's Bar Backstage Grill/Green Room Blarney Stone Between the Buns Bob's 19th Hole Bob's Pub Bootleg’ers Buffalo Wild Wings Centerfolds Chain O Lakes Cheers Pub Chuck's Tavern City Limits Lounge CJ’s Pub Clay Pub Club Fever Club Landing Club Noma Corby's Irish Pub Agave Lounge Dave's Pub & Co Donna Lee's Franks Place Gippers Lounge Green Star Cafe Hoosier Tap & Grill Hoosier Wings & More Jeannie’s Joe's Tavern Jovi's Restaurant & Lounge Kate O'Connors Kelly's Pub O’Rourkes Public House Lonnies 23 Inn Linebacker Lounge Madison Oyster Bar Main St. Pub McCormicks Mitch’s Corner Moondogs Morris Performing Arts Center Mulligans Murpheys Backyard Pub My Place Oaken Bucket O'Sullivans Crossing Oscars Billiard Club Peddler's Pub

4505 Ameritech Drive, 2224 W. Wester Ave 2227 Franklin St 222 S. Michigan 113 E Wayne St 1803 South Bend Ave 26582 US Highway 20 1406 Portage Ave 1302 Ford St. 123 W Washington St 1505 Kendall St. 26230 Southport rd 103 S. Dixieway North 1201 W Sample St 1807 S Ironwood Dr 236 S Michigan St 52170 Rt 933 222 S. Michigan 1717 Lincolnway East 119 N Michigan St 441 E Lasalle Ave 2018 Western Ave 3013 Mishawaka Ave 701 W Indiana Ave 327 Marion 515 N Dixie Way 1605 Miami St 718 W Indiana Ave 1835 Lincoln Way E 621 S Bendix Dr 1201 Dunham St 1905 Miami St 415 E. Michigan St. 1150 Mishawaka Ave 1044 Angela Blvd 1989 Prairie Ave 1631 South Bend Avenue 129 N Main St 2046 South Bend Ave 125 N. Michigan Ave 1516 N. Ironwood Dr. 4407 S Ironwood Dr 211 North Michigan Street 1705 S Bend Ave 3601 Mishawaka Ave 1509 Portage Ave 1212 S Ironwood Dr 235 S. Michigan 1902 S. Bend Ave 904 E Ireland Rd

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August 2011

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Pejza's Lydick Tavern

26444 Edison Rd

(574) 233-9542

Rum Village Inn

2209 Kemble Ave

(574) 288-1773

Tapped Out II Sean Ocasey's South Bank The View Vickie's Wings Etc. Wise Guys West Winds

2206 Mishawaka Ave 123 N. St. Joseph St. 1763 Lincoln Way E 515 E Jefferson Blvd 112 W Monroe St 2051 E. Ireland Rd. 3421 W Sample St 56629 Mayflower Rd

(574) 289-4888 (574) 245-7280 (574) 232-1980 (574) 288-8439 (574) 232-4090 (574) 291-0077 (574) 234-2670 (574) 233-5168

Middlebury Rulli’s Bella Luna

851 U.S. 20

(574) 825-7222

Westville Blackhawk Inn Latitiude 24 The Ville Ramsay’s Westpoint Crossroads

257 W. Main St. 363 W. Main St. 351 W. Main St. 11042 W. US Highway 4817 U.S. 421

(219) 785-2296 (219) 785-2440

Edwardsburg, MI Fireside Tap & Grill

69245 Maple St.

(269) 414-4103

Plymouth Brass Rail Club Omega Dandelion Bar Mayflower Opie’s Office

225 N Michigan St 15147 Lincoln Hwy 116 East Laporte Street 1111 W Jefferson St 114 N. Michigan St

(574) 936-7004 (574) 540-2333 (574) 935-5514 (574) 935-9939 (574) 914-4123

(219) 785-2621 (219) 785-4030

Tot Shots By: Paige Turner

”Your balls better be bigger than this if you think you can use those long legs to steal from me”

pg 27

On the Patio with

Bud Light Lime By: Lisa Trimboli

Lonnie’s 23 Inn South Bend The friendly and charming Lonnie’s Inn of South Bend has been apart of the Michiana bar scene for nine years and just opened their brand new patio this summer. To all you 90-degree heat-seekers out there, here’s your chance to enjoy a new locale this late summer and early autumn season in northern Indiana. If you’re looking for a place to escape the meat-market club scene where they like to charge an arm and a leg just to let you in after you’ve waited in the world’s longest line, you’ve come to the right spot. If you’re looking for a place to chill out with friends and converse, this is the place. Lonnie, owner of Lonnie’s, says everything on the patio is all new and “very attractive… everyone who’s seen it is very impressed with it.” An increase in business signifies the verdict is in: Everybody’s digging the patio at Lonnie’s. With a perfectly relaxed vibe for summertime, it’s easy to see why. Corn hole boards are available and the drink prices are unbeatable. Lonnie keeps her clientele happy with prices that don’t require you to blow all of Friday’s paycheck. Domestic beer is $2.25 and mixed well drinks just $3-every day. Now, there is one special, original Lonnie’s signature concoction…but she says the name of that drink is “not fit to be printed.” You do the guesswork….or just head down to Lonnie’s after you’re finished reading this magazine and ask her to make you the unmentionable beverage you pg 28

August 2011

just read about. College students back in town for the new school year will be happy to know starting August 6th Lonnie’s will have a DJ on the patio every Friday and Saturday evening, weather permitting. Lonnie’s is ready for football season, so plan your football game gatherings this year on their patio. Lonnie’s 65 inch TV is ready to go for your viewing pleasure of all your favorite sports teams and in the mix of a tiny bar, the big screen beams out “like you’re in a movie,” Lonnie says. So what does Lonnie herself, have to say about the Lonnies Inn? “It’s just a good, comfortable bar and patio…I keep it safe and comfortable,” Lonnie says. “Anyone causing trouble doesn’t get a second word in.” While Lonnie says the bar is “fun and lively,” you and your friends can actually converse with one another without having to yell at the person next to you. “You can sit and talk and not have to scream,” she says. Bikes are welcome, students are welcome…anyone ages 21-99 is welcome to enjoy the comforting atmosphere out on the Lonnie’s Inn patio, whether you’re just in the mood for some beer and conversation or an all-out dance party. So c’mon over and stop by for a cocktail or two (or ten) and enjoy what’s left of summer. Kick back on the patio at Lonnie’s Inn, located at 1989 Prairie Street in South Bend.

Mulligan’s South Bend

reason to throw a fun party than for a great cause?! “If you can touch people in your own quirky way, they will come home,” Sue Mulligan says of the bar’s give-back philosophy. Aside from the obvious, (ahem, alcohol) food is a really big deal at Mulligan’s. Everything is home-made, including wings, just 30 cents every Monday, to be enjoyed with $5 pitchers. Enjoy $1 tacos on Taco Tuesdays, which you can enjoy with an icecold Corona for $3. Each day of the week has its own food and beverage special. Music always sets the tone, drifting out onto the patio at all hours, be it country on the jukebox at happy hour or DJ Ruffcutt tearing up the turn tables Wednesday nights. For the record, there’s a DJ in-house every night Wednesday through Saturday.

College students are slowly trickling back into the Bend for the new school year, which could only mean one thing: tailgating season is just around the corner. Sue and Pat Mulligan, owners of Mulligan’s Bar and Grill in South Bend, openly invite you to their patio this late summer and autumn when their hours expand to seven days a week, welcoming friendly faces from new students to long-standing citizens. While most establishments’ patio areas are strictly open for warm weather only, you can expect to see Mulligan’s multifunctioning patio available until Frosty comes out of hiding, in which the patio transforms into extended parking for winter. From summertime lounging to autumn tent parties, there’s a little something for everyone on the patio at Mulligan’s. Over the course of summer Mulligan’s has given back to the community by hosting benefits, including their two-year anniversary party this past July, also a benefit for a local woman who survived a brain aneurysm. Car washes, rummage sales and Nedderman’s sirloin tips have all been apart of the fundraising festivities out on the patio this past summer. What better August 2011

Every home-game Saturday Mulligan’s will be hosting tailgate parties on the patio with Froggy 102.7 and Budweiser, with Bud light on special. Not to mention Jameson Irish Whiskey is the official “house shot” of Mulligan’s at $3 all day, every day. And of course we can’t forget Bud Light Lime bottles for $2.75. When you’re stumbling your way back to your car after the game or need a great place to hang out with your friends and watch the game on TV, Mulligan’s is ready to go with additional TV’s placed out in the tented area on game days. With so many patiofriendly establishments within walking distance of Mulligan’s, what makes it stand out from every other bar on the strip, let alone every bar in Michiana? “We try to make sure everybody knows everybody…you will know everybody,” proclaims Sue Mulligan. “This is a safe bar…I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Surely anyone who’s heard Pat Mulligan’s “We leave the nest; we come back to the nest” chant wholeheartedly agrees. College students, enjoy free cover seven days a week with your student ID from 11am until…whenever you’ve had enough drinks. As the Mulligan’s motto states, welcome home. Mulligan’s Bar and Grill is located at 1705 South Bend Avenue in South Bend, Indiana. Find them on the web at www.

pg 29

Puzzles Across 1. Historical periods 5. Stone 9. Colorful parrot 14. A girl’s toy 15. Wheel shaft 16. Make amends 17. Bright thought 18. A gas found

in some lights 19. A simple seat 20. Sure thing 22. Floral leaf 23. ___ pole 24. Safe place 26. Before 29. Writer 33. Exist in a changeless situation 38. Mourn 39. A unit of pressure 40. A very light wood 42. Medicine bottle 43. Bury 45. At one time 47. Peyote 48. Coloring agent 49. Bowel cleansing 52. Increase 57. Reject 60. A baseman in baseball 63. Any habitation at a high altitude 64. State of mind 65. Mélange 66. A type of beer 67. False god 68. Manage 69. Lock of hair 70. Formally surrender 71. Tall woody plant

DOWN 1. Decree 2. Cowboy sport 3. Warning 4. Formerly, a writing tablet 5. Hindu princess 6. Beasts of burden 7. Fabric 8. Country in Africa pg 30

How to play: The numbers 1 through 9 will appear once only in each row, column, and 3x3 zone. There are 9 such zones in each sudoku grid. There is only one correct solution to each sudoku. Good luck!

9. Massager 10. Heedful 11. Henhouse 12. Dwarf buffalo 13. Water source 21. Ends a prayer 25. Whim 27. Mob 28. Estimated time of arrival 30. Inheritor 31. Elliptical 32. Count upon 33. Flower stalk 34. Sound 35. Products of human creativity 36. Foodstuffs 37. Imp 41. Turf 44. Social deportment 46. No more than 50. Imitate 51. An electrode 53. In the air 54. Do-nothing 55. Parisian river 56. Chip away at 57. Sodium chloride 58. Brandy flavor 59. Encourage 61. What we eat 62. Doing nothing

Word Search: Summer Word Search!




it’s vegas baby! - bLUE cHIP cASINO

Mulligan’s - South Bend

August 2011

s ’ o i n Anto

pg 31

STREETWALKER: Lizette Nowak TASTES LIKE: 5 pounds of freezer-burned hamburger.


WINO: Percy Waters SMELLS LIKE: an old inner-tube filled with coffee breath.

Coping with the Summer Heat

Created by: Sam Mechling

PERSONAL QUOTE: “I’m shitting my own fingernails over here!”

NICKNAME: “Skittles” Rena, a group counselor from South Bend asks: I love the cozy feeling of sleeping under the sheets, but my room is just too hot! What am I supposed to do?

Chad, an auto mechanic from La Porte asks:

My job requires me to wear a really hot suit while I’m at work. Can I legally complain about this?

Wendy, a cell phone sales rep from Elkhart asks: Why don’t they just make a drug that’ll make you feel cool all the time? STREETWALKER:

pg 32



“I was under the covers with a client last week and I farted so hard: the sheets were flapping like an old man’s handkerchief when he blows his nose!”

“Forget sheets! I just gotta remember not to sleep on the ground anymore. I woke up last night and there was a line of ants going to my a$$hole like it was the door to the hottest nightclub in town!”



“Sorry baby. When it gets hot; the thongs come out and my skirts just keep getting shorter! During that heat wave last month, a cop told me my butt looked like a hippo choking on a rubber band!”

“Back in the 90’s I used to wear the Porky Pig costume at Six Flags. I used to pull my arms inside the belly of the costume and jerk off all day long. Best job I ever had!”



“Well sometimes, I’ll pop an Altoid in my mouth while I’m rocking’ a “Beej”. I got a guy who says it feels like f**king a wet pack of Kool Cigarettes.”

“Be careful. I tried this drug “Ice” one time because I thought it would cool me off. Three days later, I woke up on the roof of a hospital with ice cream sprinkles all over my d*ck.”

August 2011

August 2011 2010 November

pg 33

News from Around the World By: Paige Turner, Entertainer Newsroom

Woman Makes a Boob of Cop Delaware, OH After having a few too many drinks at a wedding, a new mother locked herself in her car after a booze-fueled domestic dispute with her husband. He called the sheriff’s office and the local deputies were dispatched. As they tried to calm her down she became even more irate and decided her best defense was in her bra. In one of the least attractive displays of nudity ever, the inebriated woman sprayed the deputies with her own breast milk. She contacted marketing executives in an attempt to make bail but this was one “Got Milk” ad that you won’t be seeing anytime soon.

Conjugal Visit Leads to More Jail Time Chetumal, Mexico A 19-year-old woman is now behind bars with her common law husband after trying to smuggle him out in a suitcase after a recent conjugal visit. Her nervousness caused the prison guards to check her bag and when they did they discovered her man curled up in a fetal position, trying to escape. Now the jail-crossed lovers are under the same roof but officials won’t be letting them shack up again anytime soon.

A brand new spa in Spain has an interesting idea of what it takes to relax. Advertised as tickle therapy, the pampered tickling experience starts with therapists’ fingertips and ends with a feather, ensuring maximum anxiety and discomfort. While experts say this really is a good way to de-stress, anyone who been pinned down by an older sibling and tickled until they wet their pants will beg to differ. No word on whether or not the entire experience comes with a diaper.

Everything Really is Bigger in Texas Tyler, Texas A newborn baby has stunned doctors and nurses after weighing in just over 16lbs, roughly three times the average weight for a child after birth. This heavy load is the fourth child in the family and the size of a four-month-old, causing visitors to stop by the hospital room and stare in wonder. The big boy’s father believes he’s got a future linebacker on his hands while his mother, after taking some time to sit on an ice pack and let her initial resentment fade, declared this to be the last child that she’ll ever have.

Porta Potty Peeper Apprehended by Police Vail, CO A yoga festival revealed an unexpected guest when a woman went to use a portable toilet and found a man hiding in the tank. Apparently he had been getting his kinks by letting yoga enthusiasts do their business above his head and managed to hide for a while before being caught. The woman and another man tried to run after the peeper but his flexibility proved useful and he quickly made a get-away. Police used the trail of human waste he left behind to catch the pervert and they unanimously agreed to spray him down with a hose before drawing straws over who had to handcuff him and take him to the station.

Klepto Kitty Keeps Neighborhood Watch Busy Geneva, Switzerland A cat named Speedy has stolen over 100 items from its neighbors in a Swiss city in an effort to impress its owner. Gloves, scarves, t-shirts, socks and underwear have all found their way home via the cat’s thieving mouth and Speedy doesn’t quit until the loot is appreciatively inspected. Speedy’s owners have posted fliers around town letting residents know where to stop by if they’re suddenly missing some clothing because this is one cat burglar that the police will just have to let run wild.

Gorilla Vs. Banana in Storefront Brawl Strongsville, OH As part of a curbside advertisement, a cell phone store sent a man in a gorilla suit out to strut on the sidewalk. All was going well until a kid dressed as a banana jumped from some nearby bushes and tackled the store mascot. A 911 call regarding a banana attacking a gorilla wasn’t taken seriously at first since it sounds so fruity but store video can’t be argued with. The gorilla was seen stomping around angrily for hours as the banana split before being apprehended.

Spaniards Tickled Over Tickle Spa Madrid, Spain pg 34

August 2011

August 2011

pg 35

Featured Bartenders





the ville



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south bend

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Jon Hancuff &

The Bloomington 6

By: Ralph Heibutzki

A funny thing happened to Jon Hancuff when his comedy career began in the early 1990s – his style turned out differently than he imagined. “My style’s a little more absurd – it’s kind of dry,” said Hancuff by phone, from his Bloomington, IN home. “It’s not a lot of long storytelling, it’s more (about) short jokes. I thought I was going to be like a Bill Cosby, or Robin Williams, but when I got onstage, I wasn’t like that – which made sense, because I’m not like that in every day life.” However, Hancuff isn’t unhappy about the payoff that he gets from his dry, ironic mode, which is influenced by favorites like Stephen Wright, Louis C.K. and the late Bill Hicks. “George Carlin talked about how a good comic takes you down a road you’ve been down 1,000 times, and at the last second, takes you into the ditch. I just love that feeling, and that’s what my favorite comics do,” he said.

On Saturday, Aug. 13, Hancuff leads “The Bloomington 6”’s return to the Midway Tavern, 810 W. 4th St., Mishawaka, IN. Showtime is 9 p.m., and the cover is only $5. For details, call (574) 255-0458 (after 5 p.m.), or visit online at Hancuff’s collabrators will include Matt Clemens, host of “The Matt Clemens Show”; Stephanie Lochbihler, host of “Fox’s Dating Rehab”; Matt Alano Martin; and Ryan Niemiller, who will close the show. “This is our third one. The first two shows were just awesome, and the room is set up perfectly for comedy,” he said.

“It’s not going to be ‘airline food jokes,’ and stuff like that.”

Look for something beyond the norm when Hancuff and company show up at the Midway. “There’s a wide age range. We’ve got some people in their early twenties, and I’m actually 41,” said Hancuff. “Most of the people going up that night are going to talk about stuff in their own life, so there’s going to be a lot that people relate to, regardless of how they old are. It’s not going to be ‘airline food jokes,’ and stuff like that.” Hancuff has equally fond memories of audiences in South Bend, which always made an impression during his touring comedy days. “The audiences here are pretty receptive. You can get a little wild, as far as what you’re going to say, “ said Hancuff. “They’re not easily offended. I’d been booked at the Funnybone (in South Bend), a couple times, and it was always packed, and it was always a great show. I’d be there for an entire week, and just not have an off night. It’s a good comedy crowd area.”

By: Ralph Heibutzki

Life runs a little slower for Hancuff these days After his early ‘90s hot streak, Hancuff took a break that lasted until the summer of 2009 – when he returned for a festival at the Comedy Attic, a hometown club. “I just didn’t enjoy being on the road, didn’t like living in hotels, and all the driving – I just got burned out on it,” he said. During that time, Hancuff did all those adult things that he’d postponed before. He went back to college, started a family, and got remarried along the way. Hancuff still does weekend comedy gigs – mostly in Bloomington, with the odd trip to Indianapolis, or Louisville, KY – when he’s not at his day job of assembling a medical device company’s employee magazine. As far as Hancuff’ is concerned, returning to regular life was the best medicine for getting his comedy game up. “When I was doing it in the ‘90s, every show started to feel like life or death – and now, it’s not like that,” said Hancuff. “I can actually enjoy it, and I have fewer off nights, because I just don’t have that pressure. When people ask me about it, the phrase I use is – ‘it’s a terrifying hobby.’ I do it enough that I don’t get sick of it, but I’m also reminded of why I don’t want to do it for a living.”

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