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investing in our future 2011/2012 REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY




























FROM THE INTERIM PRESIDENT AND CHAIR This past year was about investing in our future both inside and outside the classroom. With a significant refresh of our capital equipment, we are able to offer our students an enhanced educational experience in a number of programs. The installation of contemporary X-ray and SPECT/CT platforms will enable new learning experiences in both the Radiological Technology and Nuclear Medicine Technology programs, respectively. In these updated environments, our faculty can apply their knowledge and skills to create an innovative curriculum that engages students from their first day of class.

Sylvia Schippke, BA, MSW Interim President & CEO, and Vice President, Academic

Michener continued to invest in our students outside the classroom. We supported the establishment of The Michener Interprofessional Applied Health Students’ Association (TMIAHSA), with student members placing first at the National Health Care Team Challenge conference. This student event promotes teamwork and collaboration. Students across various programs also attended the Radiological Society of North America conference (RSNA). This international meeting focused on emerging education and technology solutions, and provided our students with an outstanding opportunity to participate in preeminent sessions and to test the latest technology. A number of students also presented at conferences locally, nationally, and internationally. Our students are well positioned as the health care leaders of tomorrow. For the sixth year in a row, Michener has been recognized as a Top Toronto Employer. Investing in our employees strengthens our academic programs. We would like to thank our faculty, staff, academic and clinical partners, and community supporters for their continued dedication to Michener. Through their efforts, they make it possible to strive for excellence and truly provide Best Experience, Best Education.

Blair Baxter, BComm, CA Chair, 2011 - 2012

At Michener, the passion and commitment of our students and our graduates is what motivates us to deliver current and relevant program offerings. For our learners, the aspiration to succeed and make a difference in the lives of patients is fostered throughout their educational experience from the beginning of their full-time studies at Michener to continuing education throughout their careers. We will continue to focus on programs and initiatives that contribute to a quality health care system that is responsive to the patient’s needs. We look forward to an exciting future.



The Michener Institute is dedicated to the education of preeminent applied health science practitioners capable of providing transformational leadership, performance, and evidence-based best practice.

VISION VISION The leader in Applied Health Sciences through excellence and innovation.


We embody excellence. We transform lives. We celebrate relationships. We lead by example. We create opportunities.

2012 - 2013 Board of Directors Chair: Cliff Nordal, BSc, MBA Vice Chair: Arlene Wortsman, BA, MES, MBA Treasurer: Peter O’Brien, MBA, CHE Interim Secretary, President & CEO and Vice President, Academic: Sylvia Schippke, BA, MSW

Blair Baxter, BComm, CA Paul Bertin, BA, BEd Cathy Fooks, BA, MA John Gilbert, CM, PhD, FCAHS Robert Howard, MD, MBA Nizar Ladak, BA, MEd Anne LeGresley, BScN, MScN Rajesh Sharma, RRT Sarita Verma, LLB, MD, CCFP Peter Walker, MD

Executive Leadership Team Sylvia Schippke, BA, MSW, Interim President and CEO, and Vice President, Academic Brad Niblett, BA, MBA, MSc, DBA (ABD), Vice President, Operations Marco DeVuono, BA (Hons), CPA, CA, Chief Financial Officer

STRATEGIES Michener’s vision to be “the leader in Applied Health Sciences education through excellence and innovation” has moved forward significantly over the past three years as we implemented the Academic Innovation Strategy. The Academic Innovation Strategy builds on the strengths of our innovative curriculum while focusing on continuous quality improvement. To be successful in this endeavor and to ensure an effective organizational foundation, we are supported by integrated organizational strategies that are intrinsic to the advancement of Michener’s Academic Mission.




People Strategy

Quality Strategy

• Maximize the potential of our people

• Embed continuous quality improvement into all of our processes and practices

• Understand, promote, and live our vision and mission

• Support a culture of planning and review

• Build a culture of trust and collaboration

• Sustain quality systems and processes

• Manage change and transition effectively

• Inspire excellence

• Build leadership capacity at all levels

Knowledge Strategy

Resource Innovation Strategy

• Drive inquiry and knowledge creation

• Identify the resources needed to support our strategies

• Seek out opportunities for innovation and remain open to new ideas • Promote knowledge building and sharing within the Michener community • Advance the professions through scholarship and research

• Build strategic alliances in education, health care, and technology that advance our core academic business • Diversify our funding and resource base


DELIVERING QUALITY EDUCATION Michener’s comprehensive curriculum helps students develop their confidence and clinical skillset to successfully enter their chosen profession. Classes are led by a dedicated group of faculty who are licensed health care professionals and educated in their respective fields. Students graduate from Michener ready to start making a difference in people’s lives.

Enrolment Numbers 2011 - 2012


Advanced Diploma


Graduate Diploma


Advanced Graduate Diploma


Graduate Certificate


“As I am nearing the end of my second year in the Respiratory Therapy program, I know firsthand exactly what Best Experience, Best Education means to Michener and why they take such pride in this promise. The hands-on experience paired with qualified staff makes the best learning environment for students. I like that instructors know each of their students on an individual basis and are always willing to lend a helping hand to achieve success. Finally, Michener isn’t just about the education it provides, but the experience that comes with meeting some pretty amazing people and developing memories with classmates that you just know will become lifelong friendships.”

Continuing Education* Lisa Chuang * This number does not include CE off-site contracts

Respiratory Therapy 2014

Michener programs are held to a high quality standard through the accreditation process of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and the Council on Accreditation for Respiratory Therapy Education (CoARTE). These accrediting bodies have designed a process to ensure national standards for educational programs in applied health science programs are achieved. This contributes to the competence of graduates and the quality of patient care in Canada. In an effort to continually improve the delivery of our programs and services, Michener conducts annual surveys of students and graduates to ensure our quality education experience and to drive informed decisions when making changes to our programs, policies, and procedures. Experts within the professions are also invited to serve on Program Liaison Committees (PLCs) to support Michener in its commitment to continue providing relevant curricular experiences in alignment to the contemporary health care environment.

78% 77%


do something meaningful

help others

The most frequently reported reasons for choosing a health career were to do something meaningful (78%), and to help others (77%)

Full-time programs offered at Michener

Cardiovascular Perfusion Chiropody Diagnostic Cytology Genetics Technology Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Medical Laboratory Science


Nuclear Medicine Technology Radiation Therapy Radiological Technology Respiratory Therapy Ultrasound

students entering Michener holding a previous degree 5

INVESTING IN THE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE Acquiring contemporary imaging and diagnostic equipment is critical to helping Michener deliver relevant curricular experiences, enhancing the educational experience of our students, and preparing students for the clinical environment.

New Equipment, Enhanced Learning Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) Machine Arrives Thanks to a donation from Xtron Imaging, Michener has a fully functional BMD platform. This investment has allowed Michener to offer an enhanced BMD curriculum for students in both the Radiological Technology and Nuclear Medicine Technology programs. The community extends its thanks to Bruce Shaw, CEO of Xtron, for this generous investment.

“During the year I received outstanding support from my colleagues and manager that has helped me to deliver my course at a higher standard. The commitment from management to upgrade the radiological equipment is a great example of support for the program. This provides students the opportunity to learn on equipment that is as upto-date in the clinical setting allowing them easier transition from lab to clinical.�

Masood Hassan

Faculty, Radiological Technology

Digital Radiography Suites The majority of Michener’s X-ray rooms were updated to contemporary digital imaging platforms. The Radiological Technology program now has three innovative Philips Digital Diagnostic X-ray rooms that provide our students unique learning environments. Different approaches are required in performing imaging procedures between film-based analogue and digital imaging systems. Michener students now have the opportunity to practice utilizing both types of image acquisition systems, and as a result are better prepared for their clinical placements. Michener also acquired a new Philips mobile C-arm diagnostic X-ray image acquisition and viewing system (BV Pulsera), which is used for radiologic guidance and visualization during diagnostic, interventional, and surgical procedures. The operating room (OR) is a very stressful learning and practice environment and students now have an enhanced opportunity to familiarize themselves with this type of equipment so that they will be better prepared to work as part of the health care team in this environment.


Ultrasound Unit for Michener Michener is the recipient of a new Ultrasound Unit, generously donated to the program by True North Imaging. Thanks to the wonderful team at True North: Gerald Hartman, President and CEO, Dr. Alex Hartman, Director of Imaging and Head of the Research Division, and Colleen Taylor, VP Operations and Michener alum.

SPECT/CT Scanner An industry-leading SPECT/ CT camera was installed on the 10th floor of The Michener Institute this past year. This camera incorporates the ability to fuse the functional images inherent to Nuclear Medicine with the anatomical detail of Computed Tomography into an integrated hybrid unit. Hybrid imaging has brought about a significant technological advance in the diagnostic accuracy of medical scans, and our students will be able to gain competence with this exciting technology before entering their clinical rotations. The installation of the SPECT/CT and the renovation of the existing camera room highlight Michener’s commitment to training the Nuclear Medicine Technologists of the future.

A crane is used to install the SPECT/CT on the 10th Floor

CENTRE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SIMULATION AND EDUCATION (CASE) At Michener, CASE represents an integral part of our students’ educational experience. The Centre is an innovative environment where interprofessional, simulation-based learning and evaluation occurs. The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) suites enable students in all disciplines to learn together in simulated scenarios and debrief those scenarios in a safe learning environment.

“To sum it up in one word, the Chiropody Clinic [housed in CASE at Michener] is simply amazing! Also, as an added bonus, there are one-way mirrors/ windows in each treatment room, which is such a great learning tool, allowing the students to watch procedures without crowding around the patient, which can sometimes make the practitioners and patients uncomfortable. This too improves the safety culture in the clinic as unnecessary anxiety is reduced.” Ryan Kerbel Chiropody 2014


STUDENTS CHAMPION INTERPROFESSIONAL EDUCATION Michener’s educational model, based on the principles of Interprofessional Education (IPE), can be summed up with this statement: “learning from, with, and about each other.” We have come to understand that students need to experience the multifaceted interactions between health professionals, interactions that form the basis of high-functioning teams. This can be accomplished by providing learning environments in real-life settings and developing team-based scenarios that provide students with knowledge and skills to learn and later practice interprofessionally. Within the context of these observations, interprofessional education in support of patientcentred care has been the model of education advocated and developed by The Michener Institute over the past five years. Michener has led curricular reform in IPE and learned from studies conducted in health care systems, and it continues to study trends in this area. Michener embeds into its curricula the focus and resulting practice of high quality health care that recognizes patient safety. In 2011 The Michener Interprofessional Applied Health Students’ Association (TMIAHSA) was formed and Michener joined the National Health Sciences Student Association (NaHSSA) to promote IPE. NaHSSA is recognized globally as the model for a student IPE organization. At the annual NaHSSA meetings, students participate in the Health Care Team Challenge (HCTC). This competition provides a forum in which student teams from a variety of health professional backgrounds can demonstrate their knowledge and experience of team functioning. Michener’s team won the 2nd Annual National Health Care Team Challenge in March of 2012. They competed against seven other health science schools, which included University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of Manitoba, Conestoga College, McMaster University, Queens University, and Dalhousie. The success of Michener’s team, composed of students from six different disciplines, clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of Michener’s central focus on a curriculum that is based on the principles of interprofessional education for collaborative patient-centred care. The continuing development of the IPE curricula and the success of our students at a national level of IPE provide the Michener community with great pride.

“My experience at Michener was invaluable, as it prepared me for the real-life environment of being part of the health care team at large. The time invested while at Michener has given me returns greater than ever expected. I am delighted to have formed lifelong friendships [with] classmates and professors, as well as benefit from clinical and research experiences in many of Toronto’s hospitals. Looking back, this is what Michener’s slogan of Best Experience, Best Education means to me.

Albert Razvan Gheorghita

Radiological Technology 2012

There were many opportunities that allowed students to develop their leadership and teamwork skills. Having been part of many committees, the most influential experience I had was being a cofounder of The Michener Interprofessional Applied Health Students’ Association (TMIAHSA) in 2011. The experience of collaborating with students and faculty from many of Michener’s other programs in TMIAHSA taught me the values of effective teamwork, trustworthiness, accountability, and mutual respect. The interprofessional members of TMIAHSA all had the responsibility of representing Michener in our local community and conference presentations. The team went on to become national champions of the Health Care Team Challenge in 2012. Being part of TMIAHSA has truly enriched my lifelong learning and relationships.”

CLINICAL EDUCATION During the past academic year, Michener placed students in over 100 partner sites. Clinical education is a major component of all Michener programs, making our affiliated clinical sites essential partners in the education of allied health care professionals. They include teaching and community hospitals, private laboratories and clinics, and home care providers across Canada. Working closely under the supervision of clinical coordinators and educators, students have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills into clinical practice during the clinical phase of their programs.


CONTINUING EDUCATION AT MICHENER Helping Health Care Professionals Define their Course Educational excellence and quality curriculum are integral components of Michener’s Mission, and this goes beyond our full-time programming to include continuing education (CE). Our CE programs play a crucial role in addressing the needs of a changing health care environment— expanding opportunities for our own graduates as well as for a wide range of health care providers. The intent of our CE programs is to enable our graduates to remain current in their professional practice; to upgrade their skills with technology changes; and to expand their respective scope of practice. We are also committed to certificate programs and courses that open pathways to career growth and flexibility for all health professionals. Flexibility, agility, customization, and responsiveness have become cornerstones of who we are and what the Continuing Education Department offers. Michener’s Continuing Education Department had a record year in 2012, in which it focused on strengthening our core course opportunities and establishing new plans for growth. Some of our key accomplishments include: •

Increasing the availability of our flexible online courses from 30% to 60% of overall programs

Introducing popular hybrid options that combine the best of online with critical hands-on experience for applied health professionals

Providing self-learning options for refresher courses

Improving the quality and consistency of our Diabetes Educator and Primary and Critical Care programs

Unveiling exciting new marketing plans that gave us a new look, significantly reduced print materials (and costs!), expanded our reach and targeted our efforts

We are poised for an exciting year ahead, focusing on new programming that meets the health care priorities as set out by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), enhancing the quality and flexibility of our curriculum and course delivery, and venturing into new areas that respond to the growing needs of our learners and health care partners.


As at August 31, 2012

Assets Cash and short term deposits Short term investments Accounts receivable Prepaid expenses


Long term investments Property and equipment Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Unearned income Deferred capital contributions Net Assets

$ 2,807,606 2,795,939 341,123 526,929 6,471,597 7,925,842 23,581,744 37,979,183 6,117,475 4,001,635 17,735,713 27,854,823 10,124,360 37,979,183

SUMMARY STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS For the Year Ended August 31, 2012 Revenues Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Operating grant Fees recieved Rental income Sundry other income Scholarship and bursary funds income

$ 17,242,106 6,578,560 560,534 912,052 151,497 25,444,749

Expenses Salaries and employee benefits Building occupancy costs Other operating expenses Education programs and support Scholarship and bursary awards

17,530,044 2,649,364 2,793,048 2,328,531 63,800 25,364,787 2,442,733 (2,124,062) 25,683,458

Depreciation Amortization of deferred capital contributions

3.6% Excess of Expenses over Revenues 3.6% Ministry of Health and Long2.2% Term Care Operating Grant 2.2%



3.6% 0.6% 0.6% 2% 1% 0.6% 3%

Salaries and Employee Benefits

Rental Income Sundry Income

26% 68%

Scholarships and

25.9% Bursaries Income 25.9% 25.9%


Ministry of Health and Long Term Care- Operating G Ministry of Health and Long Term Care- Operating G Fees Fees Received Received Other Operating Expenses 12% Fees Received Rental Income Education Programs Rental Income Rental Income 11% and Support Sundry Sundry Income Income 68% Scholarship and Income Sundry Scholarship and and Bursary Bursary Funds Funds Income Income Bursary Scholarship Awards Scholarship and Bursary Funds Income

Health and Long 9% Term Care- Operating G BuildingMinistry OccupancyofCosts

Fees Received

O P E R AT I N G EXPENSES 67.8% 67.8%


EXCELLENCE REALIZED IN THE WORKPLACE Michener has once again been selected as one of the Top Employers in the Greater Toronto Area, a list compiled annually by MediaCorp Canada Inc. This is the sixth consecutive year that Michener has received this honour. Each year, the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project selects winners based on the following eight criteria: Physical Workplace; Work Atmosphere & Social; Health; Financial & Family Benefits; Vacation & Time Off; Employee Communications; Performance Management; Training & Skills Development; and Community Involvement. This award identifies Michener as an employer of choice in the city of Toronto.


Michener Staff in 2012

66 Academic Staff 77 Support Staff 18 Admin Staff “I come to work each day with the knowledge that the work we do as members of the Michener team has a direct impact on the quality and excellence in health care services within our community. This is a responsibility I take very seriously. It is the foundation on which everything rests and fuels my inspiration to do my best work every day.” Karyn Roscoe

Manager, Student Enrolment

STAFF & FACULTY GIVING The annual contribution from staff and faculty to support student scholarships continues to be strong. In 2011/2012, staff and faculty gave over $11,000 to Michener. We applaud and recognize the continued generosity of the staff and faculty, whose commitment makes Michener what it is today. “I really believe in the support we give to students. It grounds us in the reason that we are here. Michener has been good to me and this is a great opportunity for me to give back in an easy and convenient way.” Gillian Nichol

Director, Continuing Education

MICHENER ALUMNI: CREATING A LASTING LEGACY Michener alumni are trusted members of the health care team in hospitals and clinics across Ontario and Canada. They are well-educated, professional, responsible, and socially aware. Michener graduates are dedicated to the health care community, as many were inspired to become health professionals to improve the lives of others. Michener’s success is reflected in its alumni, and that is never more apparent than when we are able to honour one of our own. In 2012, Neena Kanwar, a graduate of the Nuclear Medicine Technology program in 1981, became the recipient of the Honorary Diploma of Health Science. This honour is awarded to individuals who demonstrate leadership and commitment to applied health care and who are dedicated to the advancement of applied health sciences education. The contributions Neena Kanwar has made to health care research and education align with Michener’s core values, especially embodying excellence and transforming lives - and indeed, her contributions make her an outstanding individual and one deserving of this honour.


DONORS - WITH GRATITUDE The Michener Institute extends our heartfelt thanks to all of our donors - our alumni and friends, staff and faculty, our Board of Governors, clinical and government partners, and corporate friends. Every single donation to Michener is directed to benefit our students, who are our Future Health Care Heroes. Thanks to the generosity of our community, the highest total amount in scholarships, bursaries and awards was presented to our students in 2012. ORGANIZATIONS Adventure Marketing Solutions Art Gallery of Ontario Canada Life Caprice Akram Carstar Brampton Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine Convocation Flowers Inc. Covidien Elekta Canada Inc Elsevier Canada Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP Footmaxx General Electric Canada GiftIdeaz Grenville J.P. Bickell Foundation

K & M Toys Canada Co. L & J Cycle LifeLabs Inc. Lippincott Williams & Wilkens/WoltersKluwer Health Login Brothers Canada Mallinckrodt Mangiacake Medical Mart Supplies Limited Medieval Times Michener Alumni Association Michener Continuing Education Department Ministry Of Training, Colleges and Universities Nelson Education Ontario Home Respiratory Services Association Ontario Society of Chiropodists’ Association OOLab Inc. Orthaheel Paris Orthotics Ltd Philips Medical Systems Physiomed Yorkdale ProResp Quality Footcare Products Rembrandt Awards Manufacturing Limited SING-AIR Sorin Canada Superior Medical Ltd TD Insurance Meloche Monnex The Michener Institute Student Success Network Toronto Argonauts Football Club True North Imaging VitalAire Canada Inc Vittoria Phoenix

Mauran Patkunashingam Respiratory Therapy 2011

“As a scholarship recipient, I truly appreciate the existence of a student scholarships program. These awards took some of the pressure off paying my tuition and helped me focus on what’s important – my education.”

THANK YOU! INDIVIDUALS Joanne Adolphe A. Anonymous Iliana Arapis Rosemary Argier Lorinda Ashley Catherine Babiak Karim Bandali Donald Bartlett Sonja Bata Blair Baxter Julia Bentley Paul & Wendy Bertin Jessica Bowes Peter Bridge Martin Burke Caterina Carnovale Fiona Cherryman Joseph Chiappetta Timothy Chipman Alice Chow Cindy Chow Edgar Chua Joyce Clitheroe Debbie Cohen-Benudiz Tim Colfe & Cecilia Alfonso Mary Catherine Crippin Susan Crowley Degan Davis Alex DeOliveira Marco DeVuono Maria Diesta Paul Duffy Susan Dunington Teresa Eaton Wudasie Efrem Antonio Estrella Florence Facchini Kim Frederick-Reid Paul Gamble Zita Gardner Michael Garvey David Grattan Winnie Ho Jordan Holmes Nancy Hwang Winston Isaac Ruth Jackson Peggy Kiely Aruna Kolhatkar Catherine Ladhani

Anne & David LeGresley Richard Lim Anita Lo Susan MacLean Emmy Mak Lissa Manganaro Eileen McDonald Jennifer McLennan Kelly McPherson Tony Merendino Andrew Miszyn Michelle Mohammed Sean Morphy Robert Mulgrew Meera Narenthiran Julie Nestorovski Bradley Niblett Gillian Nichol Christine Nielsen Jennifer O’Leary Elizabeth Officer Nadia Orrico Cathy Pearl Claudio Pellegrino Angelo Pesce Robin Porter Denis Poulin Nicole Racz Rami Rahal Janet Reader-Day Sydney Redpath Karyn Roscoe Lisa Rosenberg Ann Russell Sylvia Schippke Nicole Smith Paul Smith Caroline Souter Susan Spunde Rochelle Straker Chris Turney Diane Tyczynski Rita Wagner Roger Webb Susan Weltz Andrea White-Markham Brian Wong Arlene Wortsman Lynn Yawney Shu Liang Zhang

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you find your name has been misspelt or omitted, please call us at 416.596.3101 ext. 3406.


The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1V4 t. 416.596.3101


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