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Why Choose an Immediate Income Annuity?

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Immediate Income Annuity

Buying an immediate income annuity is a complex decision, and usually you can't change your mind once you've made the purchase. That's why it's critical to do your homework first.

2 Things You Must Do When You Buy it

• Diversify Across Insurance Carriers • Spread Your Immediate Annuity Purchases Over Time

Immediate Income Annuity • An immediate-income annuity has little or no accumulation phase. • You purchase it with one payment and may begin receiving income payments (monthly, quarterly, etc.) right away. • It could help secure your financial future by locking in a guaranteed income stream.

Types of Immediate Annuities Fixed


Inflation-adjusted In addition you will need to choose the term of your immediate annuity

Immediate Income Annuity Rates

Number of websites showcase immediate income annuity rates often called a payout rate. You should not use an immediate annuity rate to compare it to other investments.

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Why choose an immediate income annuity  

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