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to interview a couple of business what they have been up to and to learn is a well-known family from Le Mars that you know, and love. They are downtown, and they’ve done a good anticipating what’s coming.

to meet with Nathan and Clint Kass loved listening to them share about through the years going way back to their started Bob’s Drive-Inn, 75 years Myles took over the family business Nathan took the helm in 2002. Clint and working there, but in 2003 Clint family to open another Bob’s.

opened another Bob’s in Okoboji in Kevin took over the store in 2016. We and we hear often of the competition the summer to see who can sell the depends on which one of them you

moved back that they were noticing in LeMars – Wells’ Enterprises had office in 2003. They began to dream,

honesty in our discussion about the struggles and the pitfalls of owning a business and for them, multiple businesses. I can tell you that Mike and I have always respected the Kass brothers and seen the hard work and the determination of this family. And there is so much more to their story. Four Brother’s Bar & Grill in Sioux City opened the end of 2015, and it is owned by Dan Hiserote. This was a franchise for the Kass boys.

In 2017, Myles Kass, their beloved father, passed away. Myles was known for loving his family and his community, as well as hard work. This really resonates in his sons and the businesses that have opened as a result of his humble beginning and work ethic.

There’s still more to talk about with these hard-working brothers. In 2018, six years ago, a Sioux Center businessman came to them and asked them to open another Four Brothers Bar & Grill. It has been a huge success for them, and Clint is the Owner/ Manager to this day. He manages both Le Mars and Sioux Center, but with some very dedicated leaders in LeMars, he spends most of his time in Sioux Center.

As we talked, I was so excited to hear the details of this new venture, I could hardly wait! The authenticity of these two brothers and their love and respect for each

but that they were very intentional to not overstep by coming in and taking over. Clint said that they are just “hometown kids” excited about what is happening right now in Le Mars. He said it is so obvious that great things are happening everywhere, but downtown has become a focus for them.

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In 2022, Nathan purchased an old building right on Central Avenue in the midst of a lot of downtown renovation and they just opened Chaos on Central Burger Bar. It’s a beautiful space that seats 50-60 people. They have a small menu and will be serving signature cocktails and appetizers, as well as burgers and other specialty sandwiches. The hours are Wed/ Thursday 4PM-11PM and Friday/ Saturday 4PM-Midnight. Carrying on the family tradition, Nathan’s sons will be helping him with the LeMars Bob’s Drive-Inn, so that he can manage both the Drive-Inn and his new Burger Bar downtown.


Heather Jordan |


Cory Johnson 605-951-3567 |


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chief of operations

Clint and Nathan have been working on this space together over the last year and more, and we often would see each other as we exited our building next door and talk. However, now I know more and have a deeper appreciation for them as people and as entrepreneurs. I will be eating often at Chaos on Central. Hope to see you there soon, and a big thank you to the

Hanna Michels 605-760-4269 |

brothers for

Maureen KNECHT Filling Others’ Cups

Maureen Knecht was born and raised outside of northern Detroit, MI, nurtured by a big, Catholic family. Her drive and strong work ethic in addition to her warm and inviting personality would end up taking her around the country on a life journey, while teaching her valuable lessons about perseverance, determination and the depth of connecting with others.

Growing up with six other brothers and sisters, Maureen learned the importance of communication and cooperation by being instilled with faithbased values. In high school, she was active on the basketball team and the downhill ski club and also worked at J.L. Hudson Department Store at the 12 Oaks Mall location in Novi, MI.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after I graduated high school, but naturally, I enrolled in college to see if it would help me figure out which career was right for me,” Maureen shares.

After a year in college, Maureen dropped out and at that time in her life, she didn’t feel college was right for her. Instead, Maureen continued working at J.L. Hudson Department Store doing computer input of bridal registries when computers were just beginning to enter the retail market and she and also accepted a position with Republic Airlines in their reservation division.

Republic Airlines was acquired by Northwest Airlines on Maureen’s first day on the reservation sales floor in 1986, and for the next five years, Maureen continued to work at both J.L. Hudson and Republic Airlines. As she approached her second year of employment at Northwest, Maureen began

Lydia Gleiser Photography By: Shane Monahan
Maureen learned the importance of communication and cooperation by being instilled with faith-based values.

to experience sexual harassment by one of her superiors, and it became relentless and personal.

With her job on the line for not reciprocating feelings, Maureen spoke with her father about the severity of the harassment and he suggested that she go to the union. At the time, Maureen wasn’t familiar with the union, but this unwanted harassment showed her the value of having the union’s guidance and support. Maureen ended up becoming a voice for the union as later on she became a Union

Worker’s Rights Advocate within the airline company.

During this time, Maureen had a daughter, Ashley, and then a son, Shane. She was also transferred to work in the airport where she would be interacting with customers more; something she loved to do. After working in the airport for a couple of years, Maureen transferred to Memphis, TN in March of 1994 to serve in the customer service department followed by the fleet service department until she left in May of 1997. At that time, she

transferred back to the reservation division in Tampa, FL.

“This move was wonderful,” Maureen smiles. “From the moment we got there, we loved it. I loved the beach, the water, the weather, the people, seriously everything.”

Over the next 11 years, Maureen continued to be an advocate for the employees of Northwest Airlines, providing support to others, while continuing to work in the reservation division. “I had recently gone through a life

Not one to give up or sit still, Maureen decided she wanted to open her own coffee shop.

change and I was looking for a fresh start for the children and myself,” Maureen says.

Ironically, I had some friends and co-workers from Tampa and Baltimore transfer to Sioux City for a fresh start, and I chose to relocate myself and my kids for a fresh start as well at the Sioux City call center to continue my work on the Northwest/Delta Airlines transition team for both the company and the union.

Maureen’s coworker and friend Cyndi, a Sioux City native, worked for the Northwest Airlines call center in Sioux City, IA. (Maureen is forever grateful to her friend, Cyndi for bringing them together.) “Delta had just bought Northwest Airlines,” Maureen shares. “The union needed someone to represent and lead the new employees. I was also a part of the transition team to make sure everything went smoothly internally with the acquisition. The thought of moving here just made sense.”

Seeing it as a rare opportunity to make a new beginning for her family, Maureen and her children moved to Siouxland in 2008 where she was able to transfer positions and stay within the Delta company.

“I absolutely loved it here,” Maureen says. “Being able to talk to other people, getting to know them on a personal level, and helping them became so meaningful and purposeful to me.”

In 2011, Maureen met the love of her life, Darwin, after being introduced by a mutual friend, Cyndi Mauer. What once started out as a friendship had now evolved into a relationship as Darwin became the one who completes Maureen in ways that she never imagined. Maureen wishes to extend a special thank you out to her dear friend, Cyndi, because they are forever grateful for the introduction.

In 2012, Delta made the choice to close the call center and Maureen decided instead of relocating again, it was time she retired from the airline industry. “My kids were just starting high school and finding themselves,” Maureen recalls, “I felt Siouxland was a great and stable place for my kids to call home.”

“Although Darwin wasn’t a factor,” Maureen jokingly laughs, “I decided to look for a new job in the Siouxland area where we could continue to live here and not have to uproot anymore.”

Maureen felt confident that her 27-year career with the airlines and wealth of experience would reflect her abilities and dedication to future employers… She was wrong.

“I couldn’t find a job here that matched some type of salary that my family could live off of,” Maureen recalls. “I was 50 years old and unemployed!”

Maureen and Darwin talked about future plans and the possibilities of opening a coffee shop on family farm land right on the outskirts of South Sioux City, NE. The concept of opening a coffee shop was something that wasn’t too out of the question for Maureen. Over the last couple of years, Maureen and Darwin had developed a love for traveling together and they both enjoyed visiting family-owned coffee shops and seeing what made them special and unique.

Exploring new cities with longtime friends. Boston, Massachussets in the fall is gorgeous
Maureen pictured with family at a family trip to the Northwest in Pebble Beach, CA where Darwin proposed a long time ago. It is one of Maureen’s favorite places with her favorite people
Maureen pictured with husband Darwin, who is her world and her everything. He has completed her in ways she never even imagined
“Meeting and talking with people is something that I truly love to do.”

Not one to give up or sit still, Maureen decided she wanted to open her own coffee shop, and with Darwin’s love and support, she put her plan in action.

Maureen went to Iowa Work Force for help and she was offered the chance to go back to school on a twoyear grant provided by Delta and Iowa Work Force. She then enrolled as a non-traditional student at Western Iowa Tech Community College where she immersed herself in her studies, wanting to make sure she had the knowledge and education to be successful in her new career path.

“I knew I wanted to go for business management, but after looking at other management positions and the courses that I would need, I decided that I was going to overload my class schedule so that I could major in human resources, business and entrepreneurial management,” Maureen explains.

Over the course of a year, Maureen graduated with three associates degrees and a new perspective on life on achieving your dreams and creating your own success.

In 2014, Maureen’s dreams of creating a one-of-a-kind, home-away-from-home coffee house came to life. The Koffie Knechtion was literally built from a run-down hog shed that had sat vacant on the property. Darwin constructed the coffee house by hand, repurposing everything they could. In the end, Darwin was able to build Maureen a beautiful oasis of a coffee shop complete with koi ponds, outdoor seating areas, and a variety of beautiful succulents, plants and flowers.

“It’s something that we wanted to make worth the drive for people who wanted to come not only to get coffee and maybe a bite to eat, but also a place that they could stay a while and enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of everything planted out here,” Maureen shares.

On top of learning how to operate and manage her amazing coffee house, Maureen also became known for her baking and cooking skills. In addition to coffee drinks, she also offers a variety of baked goods and her sought-after delicious quiches, something she couldn’t do if they had just bought into a chain coffee shop. “Darwin and I thought about franchising a coffee chain,” Maureen admits, “but it just didn’t feel right and we would’ve lost all creativity and personalization that this coffee house ended up bringing to us, our family and our customers.”

In addition to the coffee house, Darwin has also built a rustic, yet livable tree house that is rented out and a half in-ground hobbit house that also accommodates people.

Maureen downplays the positive attention she has gotten from The Koffie Knechtion, and instead thrives off of the connections that she has been able to make through meeting new and old customers and creating friendships that have become so meaningful and a major factor in her opening her coffee shop.

In choosing the name The Koffie Knechtion, Maureen paid special attention to make sure that she honored their family name ‘Knecht’ in the name of the shop. “For me, life is all about the connections you make with others and making them feel heard, validated and appreciated,” Maureen shares. “Meeting and talking with people is something that I truly love to do.”

Maureen is proof to always believe in yourself and what you are doing because anything is possible. She is also a living example of how important it is to slow down and enjoy life with making connections with others by making sure their cup is always filled whether it’s with coffee, positive interactions, or both.

Maureen with her kids Ashley Metz and Shane Lyle at their favorite place, Siesta Keys Beach, FL
Maureen pictured with Darwin and the secret that most don’t know: she loves to ride
Maureen enjoying a fancy dinner at The Warrior with her family including her grandblessings; teaching them the importance of elegance, etiquette and manners


Maureen didn’t lose her love of Florida and shares that she travels to Florida at least three times a year to see friends and family that still live there. Relaxing on the beach is one of her favorite things to do.

Maureen and Darwin have a beautiful blended family. Their daughter Ashley works for Maureen, their son Shane lives in Phoenix, AZ, and their son Tyler lives in Elk Point, SD.

Even though Maureen can make just about any type of coffee drink, she prefers just a light roast cup of coffee. Sometimes, she will have her daughter Ashley make her an Americano.

Maureen loves giving back to the community by donating overnight stays in both the tree house and hobbit house to various non-profit organizations in the Siouxland community.

Maureen is very family driven and oriented as she makes family time and creating traditions a priority. Every Sunday night they have family dinner where their friends and family come over for a traditional, sit down-style family meal.

Saturday, August 17th

100+ mile ride through Western Iowa 5+ stops at unique small town bars

Raffle | Auction | Food | Drinks

Get ready to rev your engines and feel the adrenaline rush as Camp High Hopes presents the Miles For Smiles poker run! On Saturday, August 17th, embark on an exciting 100+ mile ride through scenic western Iowa, stopping at 5+ unique small-town bars. With raffles, auctions, delicious food, and refreshing drinks, this event promises fun at every turn. Join us in supporting over 500 individuals with disabilities who attend Camp High Hopes annually. Stay tuned for route details!

with the old

With every year, decade and era, trends and fads come and go. Nothing is more true than in home décor. What was the rage in the 1990’s, we did away with by the new millennium. Anyone paint over honey oak?

The same is true with items in a home that were once the ‘top-of-the-line’ or cutting edge of convenience. I took a walk down memory lane and made a note of what no longer serves a purpose in today's modern households.


The Home Intercom System

The 60’s and 70’s were really the heyday of the home intercom system, though intercoms in the office existed far before then. Now for sale on eBay and described as “vintage” a speaker set with radio may be worth up to $400.

I have seen these systems in homes in the Sioux City Northside area, most often a large, sprawling ranch home. The speakers are on the wall, now a dingy yellow color with push button options, typically in the kitchen and in the lower level.

This was a convenience for mom to announce that dinner was ready rather than yelling from the top of the stairs. Some I’ve seen still work, a bit crackly sounding but regarded as a “cool” feature with the kids who have never seen one.

The Wall Mount Phone

The dependency on telephone use has exploded, the mobile phone that is. According to News-Press Now, in 2019, just over 31% of American households still had a landline.

In my childhood home, our telephone hung on the wall in the kitchen, a black, rotary dial with an exceptionally long cord. The long cord was an important feature to be able to stretch around the wall to the living room for conversation privacy. The ring tone was the classic ring that could be heard clear to the barn!

Today these phones are a décor item, also sold on eBay and described as nostalgic. The exact replica of our old phone now sells for $69.99; Western Bell dated 1974.

The Clothes Chute

Considering the designs in current new construction, a clothes chute is no longer a part of the average household. Homes now built with main floor laundry rooms have reduced the need to conveniently toss dirty socks down the hatch.

I grew up with a very small laundry chute in our family home. It was a time saver and probably one of the most convenient features of our old farmhouse. Located in the one bathroom we had; it was an easy throw down to the washer. This saved the dreaded trip to the basement with a basket full of laundry.

Central Vac

Central Vacuums are still in use; however, they were at their height of popularity in the 1990’s. This vacuum cleaner was a semi-permanent fixture with specialized duct work in the walls. It was a slick trick to hook up a hose to the inlet that collected your dust bunnies to a container located in the garage or basement.

The emergence of the robotic vacuums has become a game changer for the busy lifestyle with the time-saving convenience of not having to actually operate the system. Automatic products such a Roomba will scurry across the floor and bump along the edges to satisfy even the pickiest of cleaners. The added bonus is the ability to schedule a floor sweep from your phone while you are at the gym.

It may be a debate of convenience versus cleanliness as the Central Vac may win a white glove test over a robotic cleaner. This one is not obsolete, but it is no longer as common as it once was.

Analog Thermostats

The days of turning up the heat are becoming scarce. Manual analog thermostats are being replaced by programmable and smart thermostats. The push for better energy efficiency and control has taken over the temperature market.

Who does not like the ease of making temperature changes from your phone? The new technology gives peace of mind or can alert a potential problem.

I spotted a gold Honeywell thermostat that was just like the one I grew up with on eBay for $17.99. It was definitely a blast from the past.

Look for this article at and add to the list.

is the Broker/Owner



The bright sunny days of July and August are an invitation to relax and savor the beauty of summer. A comfortable, well-designed patio, deck or backyard can be a fun, functional extension of your home for outdoor living now and well into autumn.

Whether you’re furnishing a new outdoor space or updating your current one, let Lisa and the staff at Mod House Interiors help you select furnishings and décor that are perfect for your outdoor living needs.


There are several essential factors to consider when you’re designing an outdoor living area.

- Lifestyle: Will you host large gatherings such as barbecues and pool parties? Will your outdoor space be a place you retreat to relax and unwind? If you have multiple outdoor living spaces, define which ones will be used for dining, cooking and entertaining, and which will be seating areas for lounging.

Consider the size and layout of your outdoor area or areas. Think about the furniture you’ll need and how to arrange it for optimum use. Choose furniture that fits well in the space without

What’s the overall look and feel you want to achieve? Do you want a cozy place to unwind at the end of the day, or a well-stocked area for dining and entertaining?

- Weather: Opt for weather-resistant furnishings and fabrics that stand up to sun, wind, rain and even hail that can all occur during a Midwestern summer. Choose items that can be easily cleaned and maintained for long-term use. If your outdoor living areas get a lot of bright sunlight, you may want to add umbrellas or pergolas that provide shade in the heat of the day.


Invest in furniture that can withstand the elements and therefore will give you years of use. Purchase seating and tables made from such weatherresistant materials as teak, cedar and metal. Make sure the furniture is comfortable. The furnishings should fit your deck or patio without being too cramped. Be sure to allow space for clear pathways in and out of your house.

Rugs made for outdoor use add texture and color while helping to define or anchor a space. Décor, too, should be weatherresistant and durable. Decorative signs, lanterns, art and more made from stone, metal, pottery and wood can withstand sun, rain and wind. Opt for weatherresistant fabrics on pillows for easy maintenance. Use easy-care throws and removable pillow covers to transition the look of your outdoor living space from summer to fall.

When choosing furniture, fabrics and décor, mix and match colors and textures for visual interest. As September arrives, decorate for fall by switching summer accessories for items with richer colors and an autumnal vibe.


You might choose to have permanent outdoor lighting installed, or you may prefer ambient lighting that can be changed seasonally. String lights, LED lanterns, solarpowered lights, spotlights, wall sconces and battery-operated candles, for example, set a cozy mood while providing practical lighting at dusk or after dark.


Plants and flowers in pots, vases and container gardens add a wonderful finishing touch. Local nurseries can help you choose varieties of flowers that bloom through the summer and fall for months of beauty and color.

Choose plants that thrive in a Midwestern climate and note the amount of shade or sun in your outdoor spaces. When selecting containers, pots and plants, use a variety of sizes and shapes for greater visual interest.

Finally, incorporate some fragrant flowers and herbs to add a pleasant aroma to your perfect and practical outdoor retreat.

Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 2pm

1 July 26-August 1

A Dance Hall Legacy Lives On:

The Heartwarming Story of Storm’n Norman’s

In the charming town of Waterbury, Nebraska, Storm’n Norman’s has been a beloved spot for live music and dancing for the past 27 years.

Jeanette Schwartz, alongside her late husband Norman, transformed an old gymnasium into a vibrant dance hall that quickly became a haven for rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts. The venue has become a magical place, filled with music memorabilia, motor vehicles, and countless memories. Hundreds of people from miles around line up once a month for live music from some of the most notable bands around.

This year, however, Storm’n Norman’s will not open its doors on schedule.

Jeanette recently suffered a stroke and currently resides at StoneyBrook Suites Assisted Living in Dakota Dunes while completing therapy. Despite this setback, the spirit of the dance hall lives on.

A Touching Tribute

A member of Surfin’ Safari, a band that regularly performed at Storm’n Norman’s, reached out to set up a visit with Jeanette. That quickly turned into the idea to bring the full band to perform at StoneyBrook Suites. Jeanette recalls the conversation: “He said we want to come and see you, and I said, well, that would be great. Do you want to come and see me, or do you want to bring your instruments and your singers, too? He said we want to do it all.”

With the help of StoneyBrook Suites and Surfin’ Safari, Jeanette and family organized the special event at StoneyBrook Suites. The team created the dance hall atmosphere, allowing residents and visitors to experience the joy of live music and dancing. The event saw a remarkable turnout from the Storm’n Norman’s family, celebrating a day filled with nostalgia and support for Jeanette.

Keeping the Spirit Alive

The story of Storm’n Norman’s is one of community, resilience, and the enduring power of music. Even though the dance hall’s physical doors remain closed for now, its spirit continues to thrive through the people who cherished it. Jeanette’s dedication and the support of her friends and family ensure that the legacy of Storm’n Norman’s lives on, bringing joy to all who remember the good times spent on the dance floor.


We are a full-service assisted living community “To foster the well-being of each resident by nurturing the mind, body, and spirit while maintaining each resident’s enjoyment of independence and dignity in a secure and supportive environment. We invite you to come to StoneyBrook Suites, where our joy is in serving you.”


• Coffee Shop

• Salon

• Walk-in Whirlpool Spa

• Centrally located meals and activities


• Caring, trusted, 24-hour staff

• Personal housekeeping

• Theater

• Courtyards

• Spacious suites all on one level

If you’re considering assisted living, we are here to help every step of the way. Schedule a tour and see the quality of life available to you or your loved one.

• Three homestyle meals per day

• Professional medication administration and laundry

• On-site physical, restorative

• Scheduled daily social and and cognitive therapy exercise activities

• Wellness clinic

• Personal pendant system

• Assistance with activities of daily living

JULY 19 12:00

You are the “key” to our success, and we can’t thank you enough for your support!


Red Taco Tray

20 Barbacoa tacos with cheese Includes: medium rice, carrots, onions, jalapeños, chips, spicy salsa consomé

$64 99


Combo Taco Tray

$59 99

$49 99

10 hard shell tacos and 10 barbacoa tacos (steak, carnitas, chicken, chorizo) Includes: medium rice, carrots, chips, spicy salsa, onions, jalapeños and consomé)

Soft Taco Tray

20 Regular tacos (steak, carnitas, chicken, chorizo) Includes: medium rice, carrots, chips, spicy salsa, onions and jalapeños)

Taco Platters


Hard Shell Taco Tray

20 Regular tacos (steak, carnitas, chicken, chorizo) Includes: medium rice, carrots, chips, spicy salsa, onions and jalapeños)

Combo Taco Tray

$59 99

10 soft tacos and 10 barbacoa tacos (steak, carnitas, chicken, chorizo) Includes: medium rice, carrots, chips, spicy salsa, onions and jalapeños and consomé)

$56 99

Fall Classes

Start Thursday, August 29th

MADE FRESH P’s Pizza House Brings the BEST

At P’s Pizza House, the guest comes first. You’ll notice that from the moment you walk through the doors at either their Dakota Dunes, SD or Le Mars, IA locations.

“We put a lot of energy into the details,” says Joe Sitzmann, owner of P’s. “That goes to our atmosphere and our menu. We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the best ingredients to prepare the best dishes.”

Joe discovered his passion for the industry while waiting tables and bartending to get by during his college years. After getting married to his girlfriend Bobbie, they decided to move back home to the Midwest and landed in Omaha where a new Dave & Buster’s was opening. Joe worked his way up the ladder and had an opportunity to move to Kansas City, but soon realized he wanted to run his own place one day.

“The owner of P’s, which was Mr. P’s Pizza and Sports Grill at the time, called me up and we worked out a deal. In 2009 I officially became the owner of the Le Mars location,” adds Joe.

“Our atmosphere sets us apart as well,” says Le Mars general manager Audra Grosenheider. “You’ll feel welcome no matter if you were working in a field all day or working at a corporate office.”

Nine years later Joe expanded his dreams once againopening another location in Dakota Dunes.

“I try to create an environment where it is fun to work, but we get our work done,” says Dakota Dunes general manager Jesse Sneller. “I believe in our brand. I believe in our product. I believe in our service, and I believe in what we do for the community.”

Jesse’s passion for P’s didn’t start when he got the job. Long before that, he was a frequent customer.

“I remember trying P’s as part of my ‘Fat Boy Food Blog’ Facebook page and I just LOVED it. At the time, I was working at a power washing place,” Jesse explains. “I saw the GM position for this place was open so I texted Joe, and I said, ‘Are you still hiring?’ He asked if I had anyone in mind, and I said, ‘Yeah, me.’”

While you may not see every customer applying for jobs at P’s like Jesse, you will see them coming back time and time again for some delicious menu items.

“If I had to pick a segment of the menu as my favorite, it would have to be our coal fired pizza that we offer only at the Dakota Dunes location,” says Joe. “We put a lot of time and effort into the

formulation of that dough. We have Toni in the Dunes and Nate in Le Mars. It takes a great deal of work and the process is significant. It’s relatively light and fluffy, but gives you a bit of a crisp as well.”

“Without a doubt, the pepperoni cream cheese pizza is easily our best seller,” says Jesse. “You have your pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and then we add the dabs of cream cheese that we put on top of it. We send it through the oven so the cream cheese kind of caramelizes a bit, and we finish it off with pepperoncinis.”

“That pepperoni cream cheese pizza has always been a favorite of everybody’s in Le Mars, too,” says Audra. “But other hands down favorites might have to be our burgers, as well. The cackle burger is VERY popular. It has peanut butter and jelly, with egg, bacon and cheese on it.”

Other popular items at both locations include wings, chislic, smothered fries, pasta and Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.

“We sell 100+ Phillies every Wednesday,” says Jesse. “I would say it’s one of the best Phillies in town.”

So, what makes all these options so mouth-watering good ?

“We make nearly all of our items in house,” says Joe. “We only use the best sourced tomatoes for our pizza sauce. We do our own bacon and pork belly in house sourced from a local company called Porculture, and we bring in fresh, wild mushrooms and cook and season them in house for our pizzas. We make our own sausage and also beef for our pizzas. It all makes the overall food experience that much better.”

You’ll find that same passion at Joe’s other concept: Iowa Barbeque, which opened in 2018.

“I lived in Texas and wanted to bring authentic southern style barbecue to Le Mars. We make everything in house here, too and our brisket is far and away the guest favorite. My pit bosses Kody and Matt are working through the night to ensure we have fresh barbeque every day,” Joe shares.

P’s also stands out because of their work in the community including the local school districts and sports teams like the Bandits and Musketeers.

“We are a family sports bar,” says Joe. “So, we feel responsible that we stay connected. We see these kids grow up. We see them work for us and we see them move on to have families, come back and be patrons of ours. They support us, and we support them.”



Life is too short to eat boring food.

All of us at Siouxland Woman know that food is the ingredient that brings us together! In the coming months, we will be featuring the best foodie spots in Siouxland!

Want to feature your foodie spot? We’d love to have you! Email for more information!

Offers Programs for All Ages

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center (LCIC) is much more than the explorers of the same name.

According to Executive Director Tracy Bennett, in addition to presenting the story of the Siouxland leg of the Corps of Discovery, the Center offers more than 135 children’s classes and activities, 65 programs for adults and families, and ten new, temporary exhibits per year -- all free to the public.

“And our programming options are growing!” Tracy insists.

Closed Monday Open Tuesday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Open Saturday & Sunday Noon to 5 p.m.

900 Larsen Park Road, Sioux City, IA 51103 Exit 149 off I-29 712-224-5242

Friday, July 12 at 7 p.m.

Walker Mathison, Country Concert

Wednesday, July 17 at 10 a.m.

Uh Oh Lamb Theatre, Kids Show

Sunday, July 28 at 7 p.m.

Ballet Folklorico, Hispanic Dance

Friday, Aug. 2 & Saturday, Aug 3 at 7 p.m.

Music of Jerry Herman

Friday, Aug. 16 at 7 p.m.

Prairie Wind Big Band

Dakota Valley High School’s softball team strives for excellence on the field as well as in the community. For the second year in a row our girls are one of the top 8 teams in South Dakota “Class A” and are headed off to the State tournament. With a very young team, strong foundation of young talent, and a culture of excellence, the Panthers are poised to continue their success in the coming years. These young ladies are not afraid to fight the outdoor elements to get it done. Here’s to Dakota Valley’s softball team, building a culture of work ethic to become the leaders of tomorrow.

- Head Softball Coach T.C. Weinandt

Building Relationships

with Integrity

Making clients feel like they’re truly taken care of is the goal of Innovative Business Consultants.

“We really are more than just insurance,” says Chris Ferry, partner at IBC insurance. “It’s not just handling claims. It’s making sure our clients feel seen and heard whether they have two employees or three thousand.”

As a full-service agency, IBC handles everything from personal assets, commercial accounts, property and casualty, work comp services, preventative health services, employee benefits and more.

“When IBC was formed by Stuart Lee, it was a benefits agency. Over the years it’s really transformed into a

comprehensive company with a wide range of services.” That’s when Chris says she came on board as a partner. “At the time, I was president of a large staffing company and Stuart handled all of our benefits. I got to know him over the years and we became friends. Eventually he asked if I would be interested in coming on board.”

That was 17 years ago. Chris says she knows how great it is to be a client of IBC, because she was one. “There is no ‘one size fits all approach’ here. We really value our clients,” adds Chris. “People are our biggest asset. Once we get a client in the door, they stay here. We have about a 96 percent retention rate, and I think that speaks volumes to who we are, what we offer and how we treat our clients.”

But it’s not just their clients that they value – it’s the community as well. “We really believe in being an active part of the community, not just being a business in it. We have lots of involvement through volunteering.”

Another way they’re engaging the Siouxland community, is through an internship program which officially launched this year. “Over the years we’ve taken on interns here or there whether it’s a high school or college student in the summer doing some filing, but we really started thinking how we could expand that into a larger group and provide an actual curriculum for them,” Chris explains.

So that’s exactly what they did. During the paid internship program, students spend the first couple of weeks learning the industry. Once completed, the interns work on many different projects. “It’s about being exposed to different environments,” says Chris. “One student is working on the benefits side, another is working on marketing projects, another is doing claims and accounting work or work in our safety department. So, they are learning a little bit about everything.”

IBC is also bringing in speakers from other industries, so students can be immersed in other industry experience.

“We have speakers like a vice president of Travelers, a community leader and a national Instagram influencer. We really just wanted to find people that would come in to talk

about different topics outside of insurance as well,” Chris adds.

This year they accepted four students into the program from Briar Cliff University. “Briar Cliff provided extremely impressive young individuals who all bring different strengths and skill sets to our agency. We really believe in fostering our relationship with all educational facilities or institutions in the area and would definitely welcome students from other schools to reach out to us.”

The goal – keep young, bright minds in the area once they graduate. “Our plan is to keep the interns long term, through their college careers. None of them are originally from Sioux City and that was on purpose. We wanted to attract other people to this area, to our local businesses. Once they come here for school, they’re often kind of sucked into a bubble. We wanted to expose them to our city and hopefully make them want to stay here after graduation,” Chris expands.

Most importantly, Chris says the program has been a great step to improving IBC’s already excellent company culture.

“I think it’s so critical for a company to bring in new ideas and perspectives. It helps us grow and increase productivity in our agency and that’s a win for us, our interns and our clients.”

If you’re interested in talking to IBC about their internship program or looking to become a client please call 712-277-2424.

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Inked Up:

Maya Modification looks back on 25 Years of Piercings and Tattoos

Works of art come in and out of Maya Modification every day in downtown Sioux City. But the artists aren’t using paint brushes or pottery and their canvases aren’t something you hang on the wall. Instead, they’re living, breathing and walking pieces of art.

“We make beautiful stuff happen every day, whether it’s a piercing, tattoo or scarification work,” says Eva Nieto-Baker, owner of Maya Modification.

25 years ago, Eva says she was just a young woman – pursuing a degree in biology when everything fell into place.

“I got an apprenticeship as a piercer and not long after, the shop owners decided to get out of the business. So, I bought their equipment and about a year later, started Maya Modification.”

The name holds special meaning to Eva as she wanted to find a way to honor her culture.

“My ancestors are Mayan Indian from southern Mexico. They did a lot of tattoos, piercings and scarification work. As a culture you can see it in their hieroglyphs and in their drawings,” Eva explains.

25 years ago, Eva says there wasn’t a woman in the industry in Sioux City that owned their own business.

“There were maybe two other studios back then and they were both male-oriented. I faced a lot of sexism and a lot of discrimination back then – for being a woman, for being proud of my culture, for having tattoos and piercings of my own. I had to push all those feelings aside and keep going.”

With that perseverance, Eva continued to grow the shop – bringing in other talented artists for tattoos and piercings and becoming part of the Association of Professional Piercers, an international organization of piercers.

“That’s what sets us apart from other places in the area. No one else is a part of the association. The standards that we hold ourselves to is a lot higher than what’s required. That’s why we carry quality jewelry like implant grade surgical steel, implant grade titanium and solid gold.”

Jake Small apprenticed as a body piercer at Maya Modification back in 2011. After moving back from Maryland, he immediately knew he wanted to be back. “It’s so fun and neat to come to work with someone who is so passionate about this industry like Eva is. Marking 25 years is such an incredible achievement,” Jake shares.

Celebrating 25 Years

Jake’s love of piercing started as a fascination of what the human body is capable of. His passion has continued to grow ever since.

“The way your body just heals around a piercing and accepts it is so cool. And then that gratification you see on someone’s face when they go through this kind of stressful experience and they come out on top, with something to show for it, is just so rewarding and makes every day incredible.”

Richard Menke marked eight years with Maya’s in June as a piercer and says he loves how every day is a little bit different.

“I could be doing nothing but ears or nose piercings all day, but it will be different,” says Richard. “Everyone has different taste in jewelry and different ears. I’m here and I get to put a smile on their face. That’s the coolest and most rewarding part of my job.”

Richard says he’s excited to see how piercings continue to evolve.

“It’s not as taboo as it used to be. Now you see people with their nose pierced or with tattoos that you might not have 10 years ago. We’re also seeing piercings become more high fashion and are seeing more curated looks.”


As Eva looks back on the last 25 years, she pauses and remembers all the milestones. From training as a body piercer and body brander in San Francisco, to getting a piercing law passed in Sioux City to protect minors, she’s had a hand in shaping the art of Siouxland.

“I’m very proud to be here for 25 years and be the oldest studio in Sioux City. It makes me feel like I did something worthwhile as a female minority business owner for my city. I can go to sleep at night knowing that I accomplished something great.”

Maya Modification is celebrating their 25th Anniversary June 28th at 5 p.m. at Jackson Street Brewing and unveiling their new beer collaboration –named Maya.


It’s a basic necessity and when we don’t get enough of it, our lives can feel out of focus. “Sleep gives your brain time to relax and process the events of the day so you can function the next day,” says Shawn Rasmussen, PLMHP. Shawn is a mental health therapist at Heartland Counseling Services.

That ability to function is crucial. Being able to focus enables you to make decisions easier, retain the information you’re given, and will positively impact your overall mood.

“You’re not going to be as stressed, which is going to positively affect your mental health and your anxiety likely won’t be as high,” Shawn adds.

In turn, not getting enough sleep or being sleep deficient, can have a big impact on your life.

“You’ve probably heard it in terms of, ‘You woke up on the wrong side of the bed today’. If you are sleep deficient, you may have trouble making decisions, solving problems and your behaviors and emotions may be off. You might notice overall that you’re a little crabbier or have a shorter fuse,” Shawn explains.

Shawn points out that you may also struggle to cope with change, have poor concentration and suffer lapses in memory.

“That’s why sleep is key,” Shawn says. “Everyone is different, but I would say on average adults should be getting eight hours of sleep. If I get less than that, I can feel the difference. But again, everyone is different. If you are used to getting a little bit less, and you’re able to function efficiently and effectively, you’ll probably be fine.”

Shawn identifies that it becomes a concern when you start to get four hours or less of sleep consistently.

“That’s when we start to worry about sleep deprivation, and you’re probably going to start feeling some of those things I mentioned like trouble making decisions and poor concentration.”

Sleep is also important for kids and teens.

Trying your best to maintain a steady sleep schedule and have a set bedtime is so important.

“Kids are still developing. They need a lot more sleep than what an adult would need to process the events of the day. If they aren’t getting enough sleep, they’re going to have many of the same issues as adults – crabbier or showing a shorter fuse, and they’re not going to be able to function well,” Shawn explains.

Shawn recommends that children get between eight to 10 hours of sleep.

So how do you ensure you’re practicing good sleep hygiene for yourself and your kids, and what does adequate sleep look like?

The first tip is to maintain a steady sleep schedule. “This means throughout the entire week and weekend. If you’re getting up at 6:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, you should try your best to get up at 6:00 a.m. on the weekends. That can be really hard because we are all tired from the week and we live busy lives, but trying your best to maintain a steady sleep schedule and have a set bedtime is so important,” Shawn explains.

Finding ways to wind down is another important step to maintaining good sleep. Shawn recommends trying meditation or other ways to relax your mind and body. Part of winding down means putting your phone and other electronics away.

“They say you should put them away at least an hour before you go to sleep,” Shawn adds. “Your brain is still being stimulated if you’re watching TV or scrolling through Facebook or TikTok. The light of those electronics also impacts your brain. It is processing all of that information and it needs time to wind down so it can shut off.”



Shawn began working at Heartland Counseling in 2020 as our Community Support Provider, Crisis Responder and Life Center Case Manager for the South Sioux City office. In August 2022 she moved into the role of School Based Mental Health Therapist and in August 2023 she moved to the SSC clinic doing therapy. Shawn has her PLMHP.

If you need help please visit

PO Box 355, South Sioux City, NE 68776

1201 Arbor Dr., South Sioux City, NE 68776 402-494-3337

221 W. Douglas St., O’Neill, NE 68763 402-336-2800

938 E. Zero St., Brown County Clinic, Ainsworth, NE 69210 402-336-2800

Putting down caffeinated beverages or alcohol before bed can also help improve your sleep.

“Watch that intake. You’re not going to want to drink those beverages three to four hours before you go to sleep. Now again, that’s different for everyone, but caffeine and alcohol can keep your brain stimulated and you don’t need that before trying to sleep.”

And as good as they sound, Shawn recommends that you avoid taking naps.

“We all love them, right?” jokes Shawn. “But when we do take one, we aren’t as tired when we try to go to bed. They can throw off our sleep schedules and in the long run, hurt our sleep patterns.”

In turn, too much sleep can also have a negative impact.

“You’re still going to be lethargic on the other side of the spectrum because you’re getting too much sleep. Your brain gets used to it and just wants to go to sleep all the time. You start to feel like you could always use more.”

Shawn says that if you’re being consistent with your sleep patterns and you aren’t seeing improvement, it could be beneficial to talk to your primary care doctor.

The Dakota SkyStone Differnce


Nestled in the heart of historic Deadwood and Wall, South Dakota lies a hidden gem for turquoise enthusiasts; Dakota Sky Stone. This unique, family-owned jewelry store offers more than just exquisite pieces; it also provides a journey into the rich heritage and artistry of Native American Culture.

Demand for turquoise has changed and evolved throughout the years. With more than thirty different types of turquoise, the possibilities for artistry and beauty are really endless. Throughout that evolution Dakota Sky Stone has remained dedicated to their mission of bringing high quality turquoise to the Black Hills and available to everyone who may want to take part in its beauty.

“The Turquoise is changing by people’s demand because the most common used to be sleeping beauty turquoise,” Jim Tice explains. “Then, they started finding other mines and deciding turquoise didn’t need to be just blue, as long as it tests as a turquoise stone.”

Dakota Sky Stone elevates the turquoise industry, truly setting itself apart with their commitment to authenticity and quality. Every member of the family can recall a recent expedition to a turquoise mine across Nevada or Arizona. The Tice family is a part of every step along the way, making the process of shopping with them easy from their family to yours.

The Sunnyside mine located near the town of Tuscarora, Nevada is especially special to the Dakota Sky Stone Family. Throughout their travels there to mine stones they were fortunate enough to know the owner of the mine, and were given the opportunity to buy all of the remaining stones from the mine.

The process of creating a piece of jewelry is deeply rooted in tradition and out of respect for every member of the Tice family.

“If we were not involved with what we do, in meeting with the artists and becoming family with these people, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing,” Nettie Tice shares.

The bond is strong from a lifetime of traveling to the reservations, meeting and developing relationships and trust with artists, hand picking and curating the stones that resonate with them, to learning the spiritual meanings and symbolism behind each specific stone they select.

“The stone has to speak to you,” Annie Tice-Poseley explains. “It has to spark your interest and it kind of chooses you more than you choose it.”

According to Nettie, that dedication to authenticity and quality is reflected in the knowledge they have been afforded throughout the years that they share with their customers every day. She added that someone selling a quality piece knows the details about how it was created.

That is what makes Dakota Sky Stone stand out. They were there, they heard the story and they are ready to share it with you in your own piece of the culture. Nettie encourages anyone seeking turquoise to ask questions and learn as much as possible about the piece, which helps to assure its quality.

“I guarantee every piece in this store and if it breaks you can bring it back and we will repair it. This family is passionate about what they sell,” Nettie shares. “Trust your jeweler and ask them about the piece. Ask them what kind of turquoise it is and who made it, and if they can’t answer that, they probably don’t know what they are selling.”

The stones may be the first thing to speak to the Tice family in the process of jewelry making, but Annie adds that a number of different aspects can really speak to someone looking at a final piece. Whether it is the intricacy of the silverwork, the color of the stones, or the webbing or matrix found throughout a piece of turquoise, there are many aspects to selecting the perfect piece.

In addition to turquoise, you can find other hand-picked stones such as bumble bee jasper or even shell pieces like spiny oyster. Dakota Sky Stone stays connected making sure these pieces equal the high quality of the stones they select from within the mines they visit.

The extensive process and radiant passion present at Dakota Sky Stone helps to ensure each selection isn’t only visually stunning, but also carries a story and a piece of cultural significance.

According to Navajo culture, turquoise is a stone known for soul and bodily protection branching back to the Navajo wearing it for protection in wars. It is said that if your turquoise pieces ended up holding small cracks, that that stone was picked for you and took a blow for you.

Something Nettie says she believes to be deeply true as she has seen that significance in her own life. This collaboration and respect for the culture guarantees that heritage and spirituality is at the forefront of everything Dakota Sky Stone produces and sells.

“We do our research so our customers can always rest assured things are 100% authentic,” Annie adds. “When customers come in here no one ever has to worry. The stones are the highest quality we can find, and so is our artistry.”

Sunnyside Turquoise

• Found in the Sunnyside mine in northern Nevada

• Sunnyside turquoise is extremely hard and contains bright blue ripples against a darker host rock

Kingman Turquoise:

• Found in Kingman, Arizona.

• Kingman turquoise can range from pale to dark blue, and sometimes includes shades of green. The color is determined by the copper and iron in the stone, with copper creating a blue tone and iron creating green hue

• Matrices can be white, light brown, or black

Royston Turquoise:

• Found in the Royston Mining District, Nevada

• Royston turquoise can be two-toned, with both light and dark green or blue

• Known for heavy matrix dark brown to gold in color

INCAPACITY: It Can Happen to Any of Us, At Any Time – PLAN NOW!

Many people think estate planning is merely directing where you want your assets to go when you die. This could not be further from the truth. Among many other things, estate planning includes planning for your potential incapacity while you are living. Planning for your incapacity – whether it’s long-term or short-term – means taking control of your future, regardless of what may happen. This planning includes choosing who will make decisions on your behalf, who will be able to access and handle your finances, pay bills, etc., as well as outlining your wishes for medical treatment.

Incapacity planning isn't just for the elderly. Unexpected life events can happen at any age. Consider how many cases we hear of where a college athlete (or any other young adult) gets injured and goes into a coma, has an unexpected cardiac arrest, or has some other medical emergency which leaves him or her temporarily incapacitated. Without a valid medical power of attorney, the medical care for some of these young adults is at a standstill until their parents or other adults petition the Court for authority to make medical decisions for their loved one.

Every adult (meaning from high school graduation on) should have a financial power of attorney and a medical power of attorney. These documents are relatively simple and inexpensive, especially when you consider the complexity and cost of a Court-ordered guardianship and conservatorship which may otherwise need to be opened without a power of attorney. Despite being a relatively simple document, however, following are a few things to consider when making these important decisions:

Who will act on your behalf?

This person is referred to as your “attorney-in-fact” or “agent.” I prefer the latter term because “attorney-in-fact” is downright confusing and a bit outdated, in my opinion. An agent for your financial power of attorney should be reliable, trustworthy, a good communicator, and have the time to pay your bills and handle all financial matters. An ideal agent for a medical power of attorney is someone who can handle stressful and emotional situations, be a good listener (to ensure she’s understanding all options from your medical team), a good communicator, and is decisive in timesensitive situations.

Do you want two or more people working together as agents?

If not, do you have an alternate agent in case your first choice is unable or unwilling to serve for you? Having co-agents may be beneficial for a “checks and balance,” but can also lead to disagreements when more than one person is in charge. If you have co-agents, consider adding language to the document to address this potential issue, and decide whether the signature of one co-agent is sufficient.

Do you want the power of attorney to take effect immediately or only upon written confirmation from a physician that you are in fact unable to make decisions?

Unfortunately, I’ve seen some situations where an agent takes financial advantage of a person who is incapacitated. On the other hand, having the power of attorney effective immediately allows an agent to act quicker when there is an emergency.

Are there any powers you don’t want your agent to have?

For example, do you want your financial agent to be able to make gifts with your money or modify your estate plans? Most likely not, so be sure to discuss these things with your attorney.

In conclusion, financial and medical powers of attorney are a must for all adults. Whether you’re headed to college, a young adult, or an elder, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and sign your powers of attorney. None of us know what lies ahead for us in the future years, yet alone days, hours, or minutes from reading this article – act now!

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only, and is not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel. You should not act or rely on any information herein.

; there may be sorrow but there are also celebrations. So, if you can get together, play a round of golf and enjoy a day of celebration, that makes all the difference.”

Eric Carlson knows firsthand how important it is to celebrate the little moments. His mom Sandy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993.

“My mom was a fighter. She was given a seven-year prognosis and she made it 25.”

Sandy was known for pushing through adversity and was always thinking of others.

“She and my dad really wanted to raise money for treatment, and they were both avid golfers, so, they thought what a better way to do both,” Eric adds.

But Sandy didn’t just golf in the Pink Ribbon Golf Classic which benefits the June E. Nylen Cancer Center. She was also a very active committee member.

“Sandy was my dear, dear friend,” says Cindy

“When I was diagnosed, I was questioning whether I would have reconstruction, and someone told me to talk to Sandy. It just became an instant friendship. We met at least every other week for lunch,” Cindy shares.

Over the years, Sandy and Cindy were recovery volunteers and visited women who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. But it’s the memories of the Golf Classic that Cindy says she holds so dear.

“It just became a part of our lives. I have met so many wonderful people and helped raise so many important funds.”

Over the 25 years, the Pink Ribbon Golf Classic has raised nearly $650,000 to fund a new state-of-theart PET scanner, purchase cutting-edge radiation treatment equipment, benefited the Patient Assistance Program, and supported the wig boutique and patient support services. This year’s proceeds from the event on September 6th will support the renovation and expansion of the chemotherapy infusion mixing area and the medically integrated dispensary.


2024 Pink Ribbon Golf Classic Committee members include: Barb Arens, Lisa Berkenpas, Kaye Dunlop, Christie Finnegan, Cindy Fleckenstein, Lynn Fleckenstein, Kathie Guggenmos, Cari Kellen, Lexi Mounts, Jill Patee, Monica Powers, and Linda Rees.

“Cancer is a terrible disease,” says Cindy. “Almost everyone is touched by it somehow. The money raised goes to such important things to help get you through the diagnosis and treatment.”

“Every year we’re full and we have an overflow list. We have teams come from Le Mars and Hawarden. So, it has spread its wings and has been very successful. When I first started, teams were mostly women but now it’s mostly men. And they all come with pink shirts on.”

“We have many long-time, generous sponsors. Our sponsors are amazing! Aggies provides all of the food for the event. The Plymouth County Pork Producers provide pork chops. People say the food is delicious every year!”

“Our committee is awesome! Everyone is committed to making each year’s tournament fun and successful.”

“We have a silent auction and raffle. We also have a big pair of dice on the golf course that you can roll. Last year my daughter donated two tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs game. We get Iowa State game tickets. Just a lot of really good prizes.”

“My mom was so passionate about this event,” Eric adds. “She always made it out to the tournament. The last couple years she didn’t feel well enough to play, but we would come out and make an appearance and wish everybody a nice day. That was really important to her.”

That passion for finding a cure and for others was evident all the way to the end when Sandy passed away in January of 2019. It’s why Cindy says she’s so passionate about continuing to take part as well.

“She fought so hard, and I miss her every day. I want to honor our friendship and her memory,” Cindy shares. “I want my own family and daughters to realize how important early detection is.”

“If my mom was here, her message would be that there’s always hope,” says Eric. “Treatments get better each year. Even though they gave her a prognosis of seven years, she made it 25. So don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.”


saucy this summer

The smoky earthy flavor of chipotle peppers are perfectly blended with tart raspberries to create a delicate taste sensation. Perfect as a finishing sauce or to use for grilling. For a quick and easy appetizer, pour over cream cheese or brie and serve with crackers. Makes a perfect accompaniment for cheese boards or charcuterie.

Gluten-Free | Vegan | Dairy-Free

Crockpot Meatballs with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

• Approximately 1 jar Terrapin Ridge Farms Raspberry Chipotle Glaze

• 1 (28oz) bag fully cooked, frozen meatballs


1. Place frozen meatballs in a 3-4 quart crockpot and pour our Raspberry Chipotle Sauce over meatballs. Stir so all meatballs are coated evenly. Cook on LOW for 4 hours, stirring occasionally.

2. Serve in crockpot with toothpicks handy or on a dish with toothpicks placed in each meatball.


5 BEDROOMS | 3 BATHROOMS | 3-CAR GARAGE | 4,534 SQ. FT. | 1.73 ACRES | $837,000

Don't rule this house out because of year built! This home doesn't show its age. Total transformation from current owners, interior and exterior! Sitting on 1.7 acres with Adams Nature preserve in the backyard, this home is nestled within the gated community of Wynstone. New siding and stone front with new Gerkin Windows in 2021. New garage doors in 2017. New 20' x 44' in-ground salt water pool with automatic cover and new landscaping done in 2017, making the outdoor spaces enjoyable and private, Bose speaker system, firepit, and oversized deck for gatherings. Four inches of black dirt and all new sod in 2018. The front entrance opens into the great room and formal dining. All wood floors on the main floor.(2016) Open floor plan, electric FP in great room with 12' ceilings. Lots of windows for morning sun. Kitchen was completely remodeled in 2016 with Jenn-Air refrigerator, wine fridge, Kitchen Aid 6 burner stove, Zephyr hood, GE Profile DW, Jenn Air oven, oversized island with quartz counter and high end white

cabinets, walk-in pantry. Kitchen has more upgrades than most new construction homes. Access to deck is from the kitchen spaces. Master bedroom is another upgrade in 2019. Totally transformed master bath, heated tile floor, soaking tub, tile shower with 3 heads, large double vanity with white high gloss cabinets. Walk-in closets and builtin drawers. Another feature is wide hallways and elevator. Lower level updated in 2018 with new flooring, 11' x 22' bar area with tile floor, white high gloss cabinets, black and white quartz counters, sink, combo oven, dishwasher, mini fridge and beverage fridge. Fourth and 5th bedrooms, 3rd bath, den and hallway closets. Heat pump and water heater 2022. Lite Form foundation. Garages: third stall was built for an RV; currently used as work out room with heat/air. Buyer can store special toys in this stall if so needed. Enjoy all the amenities this home has to offer. You will be impressed.

"Barb Maxon is a consumate professional. She knows the Siouxland market and went above and beyond to help us purchase our new home. Barb has the experience, market knowledge and skills to help any home buyer or seller with their real estate needs."

- Pat and Marilyn, Dakota Dunes, SD


For almost 30 years, the Nohava family has been providing people with local, grass fed, premium beef. In 2023, their son, Bryan Jr., and his wife, Lexi, had a dream to bring our family’s grass fed beef from our farm to your table. Today we offer a culmination of care and quality in every bite, ensuring that our standard of excellence is extended to your family’s dinner table.

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