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Introduction This is a collection of compositions that I created during this school year ,so far I have written five compositions the first one was a description. I have learned how to describe a famous actress and singer, I also have learned how to talk about food, restaurants, and my favourite foods and drinks.I learned to describe back covers of books and talk about my dreams in the future, I also created one resume. I created during this Christmas Vacations, I enjoyed working on these writings.

Learning reflection Writing helps me practice English to learn the vocabulary, grammar and how to communicate in writing. Thanks to this I can say that have improved my writing and I can think faster in English than before. I have learned how talk in different context to activities of everyday life. This allows me practice to increase my knowledge in English, but I specially to learn from my mistakes.

Contents Profile Singer, Taylor Swift

Eating and drinking

Back cover of a novel Starcrossed of Angelini Josephine

Hopes and fears


Profile. Singer, Taylor Swift. She is a singer and a famous actress. Her original name is Taylor Alison Swift. Taylor was born in Pennsylvania, United States. Her date of birth is December 13 rd 1989. Taylor studied at the Aaron Academy, It is a religious school. Swift used to write songs, poetry and a little book, when she was little girl. She worked at Big Machine Records. In 2006 I had her first album, called “Taylor Swift”, this won one grammy, Taylor published more albums in 2008, 2010 and 2012. She had two boyfriends, their names are Joe Jonas, singer of the band “Jonas Brothers”, and Harry Styles, singer of the band “One Direction”.

Eating and Drinking I almost never go to restaurants because I like to eat in my house with my family but I go to my aunt’s house in Day of the Dead and my aunt likes to go to a restaurant with me and my brother. The name of restaurant is “Las Nuevas Galias”. They serve delicious food but Their speciality are desserts. They have a selection of cakes and pays. Their cakes have good presentation and are tasty so delicious that you want more.

Back cover of a novel Starcrossed of Josephine Angelini

The book tells the story of Troya but this story in this time. The main characters are Helena, Lucas and their families. Starcrossed is a passionate love story but the author adds a science-fiction adventure. This story is a serie of three books. Helena and Lucas are in love but they can’t be together because If they are together the Olympian gods come down to Earth and gods make wars. Only Helena and Lucas can change the destiny of Earth and safe their love.

Hopes and Fears Dear Karen, I plan to arrive by plane at quarter to nine in the morning. I don’t know the address of the office. I need your mobile number. Is the reception at half past ten in the morning? I hope to be at the reception. I am going to lodge at the Star Hotel. The number of Hotel is 45 46 78 96. Sincerely, Michel.

Dear Michel, I received your email, the address of the office is number 3 Rosas street in Washington. My mobile number is 35 28 42 32 27, call me, if you have problems with the address. The conference begins at eleven o’clock. Then you can go to the hotel to take a break. The Star hotel is near the office. Sincerely, Karen

Resume Dear George Ellis, I’m getting in touch about your advertisement for volunteers at the Major International Sporting. I’m very interested in all sports, especially in athletics. I can speak English very well, I also speak good Spanish and I can speak some French too. I’ve worked as a volunteer at other international events. I worked in the ticket sales at Expo07. I was a tour guide at a local museum last summer. I enjoy meeting people and I am available in July. I hope to help in this event. I work be grateful, If you could send me more information about event. Sincerely, Michel Pérez.

Collections of compositions  
Collections of compositions