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Chris Alexander Wants Canada to Boost Immigration Chris Alexander, the former immigration minister of Canada, confirms his plan to compete in the conservative leadership elections. He said his main aim after winning would be to make sure that as many as 400,000 immigrants come to Canada every year. The oxford graduate said that he is not yet done with the paper work and it may take a week or two. After completing the paper work, he has planned to take a cross-country tour by car to meet the people or groups that sent him an invitation. He intends to have a look at the conditions of those areas. As per the world newspapers, Alexander also expressed concern over his opponent Kelly Leitch’s views on allowing those immigrants only who show Canadian values. He asked that how can a person be judged if she or he has Canadian values or not before they reach Canada and stay there for a while.

The former immigration minister also said that in order to protect the integrity of the system that processes 300,000 immigrations every year, Harper government’s reforms need to be followed. Alexander believes that what they offered was the best immigration system in the entire world. Since, these reforms came into being, more and more educated people migrated to Canada because the system allowed immigration only on the basis of merit.

When the former minister was part of the government his ways were criticized and called barbaric. But he says that he is very much pro immigration and he wants it to be an essential part of Canada as it helps in boosting the economy of the country. Canada newspapers say that Alexander feels that, apart from immigration, improving relations with first nation communities is also important and this can be done by signing treaties with them. He also said that the pending land claims also need to be settled. These changes in the country will lead to a better economy. Alexander, who also served the country as Canada’s ambassador to Afghanistan, accused the present government of being neutral and less proactive on global issues. He also cited an example, where Canada withdrew from UN’s mission to defeat ISIS. The former immigration minister believes that he lost in election because of the population of Canada couldn’t see the full agenda of the government and how they will work for each community of the country. Chris Alexander’s Take on Syrian Crisis He also talked about the Syrian crisis and the toddler that died due to drowning in Syria. He accused media of being TRP-hungry and not showing what was need to be seen the most. He said, during an interview, he lost his temper on media because it was not doing its job properly. He also said that he still is traumatized by the entire experience. According to Alexander, not just Canada but the whole world should promote immigration so that the world becomes one place and something like Syrian crisis doesn’t happen again. Canadian newspapers believe that a generous gesture like this is going to save a lot of lives every year. Ref. Link:

Chris alexander wants canada to boost immigration  

Chris Alexander, the former immigration minister of Canada, Wants Canada to Boost Immigration. Know about this news of Canada then this PDF...

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