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IBM Sales and Distribution Solution Brief

Distribution Sector

Expand your distribution business with seamless integration Innovating with Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e) built with IBM Power Systems and IBM AIX Highlights •

Optimize inventory levels and respond to evolving customer requirements

Improve profitability and enjoy low total cost of ownerships

Implement and easily manage an integrated IT platform

Provide robust applications on a system optimized for IBM AIX

Succeeding in distribution has become more challenging. External pressures include increased complexity, global competition, and volatile prices. Add an interconnected client base that increasingly expects to access real-time information and you uncover a B2B market that resembles many B2C environments. Like tech-savvy consumers, businesses expect to search for products, place and revise orders, and review invoices online or on a mobile device. Yet many distributors have not embraced implications of this new reality – or how they can quickly adapt. Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e) solution together with IBM Power Systems™ and IBM AIX® delivers an integrated solution that serves the traditional needs of distributors and provides the innovation needed to compete in this environment.

An integrated hardware and software solution to get more out of your business Getting more out of your business requires more than core ERP. You also need robust applications, comprehensive customer intelligence, an online storefront, and high processing speed working together seamlessly and securely. IBM and Infor offer an integrated, optimized combination of software, hardware and services for companies deploying UNIX or Linux. The solution includes Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e), implementation and migration services, together with a choice |of optional software and services.

Provide high availability at lower risk and cost

Three-year costs for [IBM] Power Systems equipped with IBM AIX 6.1 average 42 percent less than for use of HP Integrity servers with the HP-UX operating system, 38 percent less than for use of Sun Solaris servers, and 24 percent less than for use of Windows servers.1

Technology can be vulnerable to breaches and outages. IBM Power Systems deliver the speed and cost-effectiveness of IBM POWER7® processor-based hardware with the high security and reliability of IBM AIX. Since 2003, fewer security vulnerabilities have been found in AIX than in HP and Solaris. And AIX is designed to provide the most efficient performance of any UNIX operating system.2 IBM Power Systems offers a virtualization solution that optimizes IBM AIX to help you provide a cost-effective infrastructure with around-the-clock availability. The solution was developed to enhance the way each piece works together to meet the unique needs of your business.

Actively manage inventory successfully Inventory ownership differentiates distributors. A customizable, secure ERP solution that can process, track and manage items regardless of source can allow a distributor to grow or shrink product lines with customer usage, enhancement requests and market trends. Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e) provides comprehensive functionality to address critical business processes, including order entry, kit production, purchasing, warehouse management and financial management. Business (SX.e) can be customized for distributors in a wide range of industries, especially: • • • • •

Meet customer service requirements According to a 2011 IBM Institute for Business Value and National Association of Wholesale Distributors study, most distributors offer value-added services linked with purchases. By 2015, modern distributors will offer discrete, fee-based services also—effectively acting as information management service providers.3 To profit from this expanded reach, distributors must get closer to customers, developing a deep understanding of client operations and priorities that informs and proactively defines the structure, pricing and value of service offerings.

Electrical Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning Building materials Industrial supplies

A comprehensive services strategy requires integrated valueadded services, effective customer relationship management (CRM) and an online storefront designed to enhance customer experience while providing intelligent feedback to influence future decisions.


From 120 locations across Canada and the United States, Winroc and its affiliates supply everything required to build first-rate wall and ceiling systems.

Additional functionality can add value to the base Infor software to help jump-start your profitability in the new economy: •

Infor Storefront provides an excellent shopping experience on B2C or B2B websites, automating selling, servicing and sourcing. Features a robust catalog with advanced searching, order entry, tracking and account maintenance capabilities. Infor Workspace makes information accessible and actionable, presenting current information from virtually any data source into a tailored web page, complete with reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on roles. Infor CRM Business provides a 360-degree view of real-time client information to manage and track prospects and customers, improve business communications and dramatically increase customer satisfaction. Infor Financial Reporting links your general ledger (GL) or Microsoft Excel data to create financial reports easily, accurately and confidently. Infor Document Management improves efficiency and reduces cost by replacing paper-intensive manual processes with automated, optimized document storage, retrieval, and business process workflow. Infor Forms Management automates your paper forms by producing, delivering and storing them electronically, moving your company into a new era of efficiency, savings and accuracy.

An Infor customer since 1995, Winroc’s primary goal was to improve customer service while effectively reducing inventory costs. The Infor Distribution software has helped them manage their business so well that they have successfully grown their business organically and through acquisitions (resulting in a user license count increase from 150 in 1995 to 600 currently) without increasing their administrative overhead. In 2004 Winroc migrated their production and test servers to IBM pSeries and have subsequently upgraded models twice. They currently operate two identical IBM POWER7 servers with real-time data replication. When describing Winroc’s long partnership with Infor and IBM, Keith Bellingham, Winroc’s Director of Information Technology, says “Their intimate and always current knowledge of our industry ensures the technology solutions we introduce to our users are practical and efficient. They are very strategic partners who we rely on as we continue to grow our top-line and bottom-line performance.”

Benefit from the growth opportunities of the new economy Distribution is a multi-tiered process, and each step can dramatically affect profitability. Gaining visibility into processes and optimizing each one efficiently is crucial to compete globally, open up new markets and leverage IT investments. By offering an integrated hardware and software solution, Infor10 Distribution (SX.e) together with IBM Power Systems and IBM AIX simplifies the distribution environment to allow companies to benefit from new economic opportunities. Distributors can assist their customers with information management, helping them increase cash flow, optimize inventory, forecast demand and make better decisions, all driven by a shared, security-rich information environment.


Improve performance and increase profitability IBM Power System solutions are built on IBM POWER7 processor-based hardware, which represent a true leap forward to more intelligent systems. Each IBM Power System solution provides a simplified, manageable, high-performance IT environment for core business applications. The IBM Power® 720 Express and IBM Power 740 Express models offer flexible configurations for memory, disks and network adapters, and your choice of tower or rack mount, to address your individual requirements.

The bottom line—a faster return on investment A streamlined and effective implementation process coupled with non-disruptive upgrades helps reduce the total cost of ownership. This is accomplished by reducing complexity and energy consumption, automating processes, and reducing downtime and other operational costs, making it possible to recognize a rapid return on investment. Distributors can leverage today’s latest technological advancements, including mobile and cloud-based applications, social collaboration, analytical capabilities and other functionality that customers simply expect. In addition, attractive pricing and financing options result in a solution uniquely suited to improve operations and promote growth. Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e) built with IBM Power Systems combines the power of IBM POWER7 and IBM AIX with affordable enterprise software tailored to help transform business processes, backed by superior service and support that make deployment and management simpler than ever. You can benefit from: • • • • • •

Increased insight for effective decision making Improved productivity, efficiency and responsiveness Reduced costs through increased flexibility Adaptability to business change Higher productivity and reliability Proven low total cost of ownership

For more information To learn more about Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e) built with IBM Power Systems, contact Infor at 800-260-2640 or For more details, you can also contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

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IBM AIX for Infor10 Distribution Business SX.e with Winroc  

IBM AIX for Infor10 Distribution Business SX.e with Winroc

IBM AIX for Infor10 Distribution Business SX.e with Winroc  

IBM AIX for Infor10 Distribution Business SX.e with Winroc