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BI-SUIT A Biomimicry Inspired Wet Suit Set Gear for Female Scuba Divers and Free Divers

Final Problem Areas:

Interview Feedback: After the interview, three new problems areas are developed

“This research concluded that there is a lot of room for improvement in the design of wet-suits for the mass-market.�

Female Body Contour Cloth Template The Texture of Cat’s Upper Tongue inspired me of a new possible Non-slippery Material texture to use on the palm and fingers area

Final Design After brought the initial prototypes back to the users. I shortened the length of the zipper on the side of the gloves and increased the area of non-slippery material on both hands.

Magnetic Bottom Stop helps the user to zip up easily with one hand The hundreds of tiny hooks that are on Cat’s Tongue can be transform into a conjunction tape to tight wrist area of the gloves

Removable Pockets on the inside of lower arm and outside of thigh and calf

Removable pockets



LONDONER A series of shoe designs that are inspired by London Underground culture


Mood Board The funky, colorful and unique London Underground culture become my inspiration for this series. Each station has its own story, and each art on the walls tells an unique story about their areas.





Prototype 30 minutes quick mock up with limited materials

Design Philosophy To follow the London Underground’s funky, colorful and unique style, I designed a series of shoe outsoles as the main point. All the soles are a part of the London Underground’s wall arts. Then, started from the outsoles, I developed a wider range of design with different materials for the whole collection.

Material Knit Fabrication



Outsoles are inspired by the Wall Arts at London Underground Stations

A Court Shoe that is made and designed by me


BAG’IT A Eco-friendly and User Friendly Picnic Baguette Carry Bag

User Research Use questionnaire and interviews to obtain first-hand quantitative data of people’s preference about picnic, in the research we listed place, frequency and package as the criteria for the research. We analyze the data to understand the user’s needs and use it as a reference for our design criteria.

How might we design a package for two baguettes for traveling to picnic?

We used the Lotus Blossom Map to ideate around this opportunity statement. This creative critical thinking method helped us come up with ideas from different perspective, it’s a circler thinking direction compare to traditional linear design thinking process.

Strap of The Baguette Bag

Baguette Bag Laser Cut Template

Cost $8.37 each

Material One 40’’ x 24’’ chipboard

Production Laser Cutting


UX CLUB WEBSITE A more flexible advertising way for the UX Design club

Project Goals The ISU UX Design Club currently has an online presence limited to social media, a student organization page, and information on personal pages. While for some organizations this may be satisfactory, a club involving UX Design will require more exibility and customization than current outlets allow.

Sliding Carousel

First version wireframe

Wireframes & Visual


Based on the user needs, goals and user case wireframe sketches, we designed the first website version that include 5 main functions.

Event Page


Damascus Primary Colors Contact page





WEI.FENG A Intuitive Inhaler With Integrated Collapsible Spacer


1/12 Children have asthma

27.5 Million in the US have asthma

$3,200 in medical cost / year

80% children failed to use inhaler with prescribed spacer




Secondary Research After doing secondary research, we found some potential problem areas. One of the potential problems is that there is a chance of failing to remove the cap when an asthma attack happen. This could cause an unnecessary tragedy that could be avoided. Another problem we noticed was that to ensure the best medication performance, users have to seal their mouths around mouthpieces. However the mouthpiece size is not always the correct size for people with small mouth. Moreover, users are required to take a deep breath first. Then, push the air out as much as possible before they take a dose. This is relatively hard for small kids to use correctly and even for adults that is challenge to do perfectly every time. Thus, a spacer is a good solution. However, carrying an extra object is not always convenient.

According to the answers from the questionnaires that we sent out, we found out that users are experiencing social, emotional and physical pressures.

‘Also, from the results that we got from the survey proofed on the side that our potential problems areas are on the right track.’






Monitoring the usage of the medicine to avoid dangerous situation, avoid overtaking doses

Create a connection between children and inhaler to improve the joyfulness and make it interesting and unique to reduce the social awkwardness

Simplify the process of using, and keep everything simple and clear

Upgrade to a safer inhaling process

An appropriate design to help kid use the spacer to improve the medication performance Also engage kids with the inhaler and build more personal emotional connections to makes them feel natural when use inhalers in public


Re-design the inhaler and spacer to fit children’s anatomy better and easier to carry around



Remove Cap

Shake it

User Guide


After usability test, there were three problems showing on the feedback One, the at rectangular mouth piece shape is uncomfortable Second, the extra raised edge of mouth piece is confusing Third, the half moon cut shape on the top of inhaler body makes the canister harder to press down

Pull out Spacer




Press Down


TRI-CLEANER A compact hand-held device to make cleaning small space become an easier work

Project Brief How can we more effectively clean the small spaces?

Cleaning Environments Consumer




Small Spaces

Tennant is looking to expand their reach by providing full cleaning solutions to customers (not just the floor) and tap into smaller space markets that have been relatively overlooked for traditionally big-box environments.

60 different small spaces, varying from quick serve to gyms and movie theaters.

User Research Use card sorting and tracing tools to help us indicate the insights from the massive quantitative data and qualitative data, that we got from observing and interviewing at 60 different small locations.

Use workflow to look for problems and difficulties within the cleaning process

How might we design a compact handheld device to make scrubbing kitchen easier? Problems and difficulties identified from the quantitative and qualitative research data

Current Process After the observing how workers do their required cleaning process. We draw out a current workow (cleaning process) map. In the current workflow, employees are required to finish 6 steps, 3 wipes and an average 30 minutes long lasting cleaning process. This was set as the pain point for the project. From here, we looked further into competitors, market space and future trends as a reference for our ideation phase.

Grease accumulates during cooking process

Use sanitizer to dissolve the grease

Use scrubber to scrub the grease

Dip rag into clean water

Re-wipe with clean water and clean towel

Rinse dirty rag for reuse

Future Trends Use the visual and detailed comparison results from bi-axle map and Position Map to identify the possible market space and opportunity space for our product. These informations helped us decide the design criteria for picking the most suitable one.

Opportunity Space

VS Dupray ONE

Relatively efficient Depends on brush choice Safety instructions needed before use Gets very hot Good quality Powerful steam beam No use of chemicals Loosens grease with steam

Dremel Versa

Moderately efficient. Increased operating time Replaceable brush One button remote

Very good in cleaning stubborn areas Durable Splashes grime Aggressive motor

Vapor Clean

Machine is heavy Small wheels Easy to refill Very rigid stainless steel Strong vapor beam Physical effort to move Variable pressure No use of chemicals

Deep Clean

Monthly Deep Clean


KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS Takes time to boil (15mins) Clean relatively quick

Daily Deep Clean

Tri - Cleaner


Instantly ready to use Short usage time

Easy to use

Straight forward and intuitive to use Flexible and extendable head


EfďŹ ciency

Low Effort

High Effort

Sophisticated OS3 technology Durable design Oscillating scrubber and vacuum head reduces workload No use of Chemicals

Spontaneous Cleaning

Light Clean

Inefficient Cleaning

Our Process Based on the user research, market research and future trend exploration we decide our first workflow (cleaning process) by following quick, effortless and long lasting quality criteria as the guide. After we discussed with the sponsor, we improved few parts of the design to create a better experience for both the user and the environment.

Turn on Tri Cleaner. Carry device to desired place to clean.

Take the scrubbing handle of the Tri Cleaner and hydrate the the scrubbin After cooking stove is dirty, grease surface with OS3 Take technology

After cooking stove is dirty, grease dries and is very stubborn to clean

Turn on Tri Cleaner. Carry device on Tri Cleaner. device toTurn desired place toCarry clean. to desired place to clean.

After cooking driesstove and isisdirty, verygrease stubborn dries and is very stubborn to clean

Tri of Cleaner an the scrubbing the handle toTake clean the Tri Cleaner and surface hydrate the with OS3 surface with OS3 technology

The system will filter out the The OS3 soaks the grease. Use the Grab the vacuum handle and suck away water to reuse and filter out all the water and grease on the stove. triangulair scrubbing surface to get Take thesoaks scrubbing handle ofUse rry device After cooking stove is dirty, grease The system The system will out thewill fi The OS3 soaks the grease. Use the Grab the vacuum handle and suck away The OS3 the grease. the Grab the vacuum handle and suck away the residue. Openfilter the waste TakeCarry the scrubbing handle ofcooking stove is rid of the grease on the stove. Take the scrubbing handle of Turn on Tri Cleaner. device After cooking stove is dirty, grease After dirty, grease the Tri Cleaner and hydrate the triangulair an. dries and is very stubborn to clean container of theand Tri water Cleaner to reuse an scrubbing surface to Cleaner get all the water and grease on the stove. to reuse filter all the water grease on the stove. triangulair scrubbing surface the and Tri and the the Tri Cleaner andUse hydrate thetechnology to desired place clean. dries is very stubborn to the clean dries After and Cooking is very stubborn to clean stove is dirty, Carry device totodesired place the scrubbing handle to to get After OS3 soaks the Grab thehydrate vacuum handle and water Theand system will filter out theout get rid of the residu. surface with OS3and the residue. Open rid of the grease on the stove.

grease dries and is very stubborn to clean

to clean. surface Turn on Tri Cleaner

of the grease on the stove. hydrate the surface with OS3 withrid OS3 technology technology

surface withsuck OS3away technology grease. all the water and Use the triangular scrubbing grease on the stove surface to get rid of the grease on the stove

Thethe systemGrab will filter out the handle and suck away ease. Use the Grab the vacuum handle and suck away Use The OS3 soaks the grease. the vacuum water toout reuse andwater filter and out grease on the stove. urface get the water grease on theThe stove. triangulair scrubbing surfacewill to get all the system filter the Grabto the vacuumallhandle andand suck away residue. Open the waste e stove. of the grease on the water tostove. reusethe and filter out all the water and grease on therid stove. container of the Tri Cleaner the residue. Open the waste and get rid of the residu.

The system will filter out the water to reuse and filter out the residue. Open the waste container of the Tri Cleaner and get rid of the residu.

the residue. Open theout waste water to reuse and filter the container of the T residue. of the Tri Cleaner container and getofrid of the Open container and getthe ridwaste of the residu. the Tri Cleaner and get rid of the residue

Product Development Started with rough sketches and evaluated it with the design criteria that is set with the research result. Then, we presented them to the sponsor and discussed about the movable station, exchangeable heads, chemical use and oscillating brush functions to achieve a better design

Product Development We changed our design from base station to mobile station to improve the maneuverability, exchangeable heads to extendable arm for a better range of motion, OS3 technology instead of chemicals for sustainability also shows the company’s advantage when compared to others and the last is the oscillating brush instead of motorized brush for a cleaner working environment.

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