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Project No.3 OneDay

1.Background & Research

iOS APP Individual Project Aug 2016 Beijing,P.R.China

Pain Point

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One Day is an iOS APP with a focus on providing a brand new format of travel. Like Uber and Airbnb,linking cars and houses worldwide,I hope that OneDay could form as a platform linking travelers and local people worldwide, in order to meet the needs of growing demand in experiencing travel and share economy. As a travel enthusiast myself, at the beginning,it was my own pain point in travel experiences inspired me. How to find non-tourism spots in a city?Where and how can I experience the city like local people do without one known local people known in this area?These realistic issues motivated me throughout the whole process of launching this program.

Yufei YAO (Michelle) UI/UX Designer


My friend and Beryl and I went for a trip to Italy last winter!However,we encountered a series of problems.


Our destination was Levanto,a small town near France,we have to change trains, but we don’t know any transport information in Italy.

Today s traveller seeks experiences. More than the amenities and creature comforts, more than the attractions and canned entertainment, more than the must-sees and photos, the real-life experiences are what compel people to travel.

2014 2015


Every step from booking hotels to local transportation,food ,language issues were hustling;(


Accoding to the data provided by Chinese Government, the number of Chineses Travelers increased by 18% from 2104 to 2015.


After sightseeing around all the spots, the two of us spent lots of time wondering around and don’t know where to go;(

This unpleasant travel experience of mine reminds me of this vital issue: It won’t be hard to be a tourist.But it’s truly a difficult task to explore the city besides sightseeing spots when you know nothing about the language,local regulations or relvant practical information. God!I really wish I could guide by a local and tell me all these information like I used to do!

What this means is a change of focus. Travelers noadays shift their thinking and connect with them on a deeper, more personal level,they want to be touched by the stories of the people and actively participate in culture and community. By no doubt, analysising these data in my Design Research, a postive trend for Experiental Tourism and Sharing Economy would be accomplished.

50% chose Traditional Tour Group,while independent traveler reaches 50%.Among them,65% are people born in 1980s and 1990s. Future A growth on traditonal sightseeing spots & Hotel services is decling,while experiential products like local hiking,backpacking,and local cottage residence is on a rise.

Present Past Traditional Sightseeing

Produced in Beijing,P.R.China, Year 2016.


Farther Travel (Abroad)

Sharing Economy Experiental Tourism

In order to explore more user needs to nowadays travel experiences, I carried out a survey ,invited 100 people who aged from 19-60 travel 2.2 times / year on average participated in my design research. Among them, 11% say them rather choose Traditional Tour group while 89% others prefer travel without an agency.

Improper Route Planning Rude Tour Guide. 9%

Can’t explore the true culture&Life.


72 %

Drawbacks on Traditional Tour Group

Not Interested to the sightseeing spots.


11 people voted for the main issue on their trip with Tour Agency.

Being Forced to Shop.


Poor Food!

“Reasons for choosing a tour group rather that traveling independently“

36.36 %

While choosing Traditional Tour Groups,lots of unpleasant experiences are also vital.

Too much trouble with transportations.


Don’t Know the destination. Unsafe to travel independently.

63.82 %

Problems with Hotel Bookings&Visa application.

37% Poor 18% Accommodation! Too much

54.55 %


Don’t Know How to manage/plan the whole trip.

time on transporta tion.


Reasons of choosing to travel independently

Critical Issues & Solutions


Which method did you try to solve these issues? TOP

Visa Problem More Flexible&Free dom.

Easy To plan own trips due to personal interest. Transport ation

Controllable Budget.

Explore & Experience Local Life

Don’t know how to plan the trip.




Use Electronic Tools (Google maps,Lonely Planet App…) Search in the internet for information. Consult my local Friends!




Analysis & Critical Thinking 43.82%


Too many Sightseeing Spots to go.And they looks quite similar:P

Besides basic questions in the questionnaire,I split few selections focusing on route planning of every candidate in the survey ,so as to explore the area I would like to focus on in this Design Project.

Not interested in non-tourism spots,but don’t know where else to go.

Don’t know how to reach the nontourist spots.

100 Candidates Voted for the main issues they encountered during trip planning.

Don’t know what to do in unfamilair cities.



Focus& Comprtitive Analysis There are many route planning IT products nowadays in the market. However,in the questionnairs and interviews, many users expressed that these route planning products cannot fully satified their needs. As for Competitives like Trip Advisor, MaFengWo ,Couchsurfing and is vital to see their strength and drawbacks.

Competitive Analysis

25% said they can’t find the interesting nontourism spots in here.

Sufficient Practical Information





Non-Tourism Spot Introduction





Local’s guidance/ Topic Page





Tourist’s travel notes for referece Personalized Trip Planning&Guidance









50.6% found there’s no enough practical information but all sightseeing spots introduction on these websites.

2.Persona & User Needs

3. Design Positioning & Vision Statement

In order to explore user needs, I did in-depth interview with 5 typical users to build persona,which we could divide users into 2 categlories.

User’s Info


20 | Student Shanghai,CHN

Travel 3-5 times/ year(for leisure) Used to stay in Youth Hostle Limited Budget for each trip.

What is user like? Travel enthusiast Unwilling to follow tour groups Seeking for new experiences Wish to meet new friends Worried about safty of traveling independently

What Would User do? Trying to explore the city Seek for unusual travel experience Get lost in unfamiliar cities Having trouble for language and transportation Too shy to ask strangers for advise

What does user need? Safety Guarantee Practical Advise rather than sightseeing spot’s introduction Oppotunities to talk with local Meeting new friends with common interests. Reasonable price for guided tour

User’s Info Freelance. Host on Airbnb. Keen to meet friends Benjemin 24 | Photographer worldwide. Needs Extra money. New York City,USA

>>>>As A Host 1.Property Safe Gurantee 2.Social Needs 3.Financial Aids 4.A Method to Spend Free Time 5.Show the habitual City and local culture to people worldwide.


What is user like? Have a local life experiences Have more free time Precious own personal property Keen to share/ communicate Love to meet new people worldwide.

>>>>As A Traveler 1.Safety Gurantee 2.Practical Information anbout the destination 3.Tips for exploring the city 4.Conquer the language barrier 5.Social Needs 6.Reasonable Prices

After exploring user needs and design researches, I summarized CRITICAL&KEY FEATURES, IMPORTANT FEATURES and LESS IMPORTANT FERATURES to identify “NOFE” as an iOS App.


What Would User do? Introduce the city to every guests he ever hosted. Seek for more chances earning money with pleasure make ground rules for guests entering his home,make sure every property is protected.

Vision Statement For WHO

Travelers Worldwide Seeking for deep exploration and experience for their journey The OneDay IS AN iOS APP THAT Provide a paltform of sharing economy for both locals and travelers UNLIKE other travel Apps “OneDay” focus on non-touristy day trip with local.

What does user need? A stable platform to bring new extra income financially A method to meet people worldwide safely Use extra free time like weekends to do interesting stuff


5. Logic Flow & Wireframes

4. Information Achitecture Home/Recommends





3 Trip Listed & Booking Details

Trip List


Message List

Present Trip Emergency Contact Dial

Analysis Through User’s Habit

With Sufficient Data Source

Select Arrival Time

Trip Content

According To Search History According To Popularities

Trip Content

Basic Info


Identity Vertification

Messages & Contact your Host

Upcoming Trips


Detail Page Local Information Filters

According To User’s GPS

Profile Photo

Trip Tracker Contact Host

Intelligent recommended

Without Sufficient Data

Contact With Host

Personal Info

Contact Host

Comments Recived Comments Sent


Host Price Range

Previous Trips

Account Management



Log In/ Sign Up

Home/ Recommends

View My Trips (Ongoing,Upco ming,Precious)

Trip Content Trip Details Rate this trip

Password Management Payment Management

6 Personal Account & Profile

Rate this host Detail Page


6. Design & Prototyping Interfaces

Logo Design Ideas I designed the logo as a letter “D” with two extentions on two sides. The letter D and the outline circle stand for the intitial letter of “One Day”.

I designed the logo as a letter “D” with two extentions on two sides. The letter D and the outline circle stand for the intitial letter of “One Day”.

One Day allows users to search for the destination with different themes & Filters.While choosing a route, the user could edit it with host!

Color Schemes & Typograohy Rating&Stars : Host Info: Pic Intro:

Button Text:


Hiragino Sans

Pic Title: Title:







12px W2

14px W2 16px W2 16px W3

#FF9A75 #FFC0A9 #F8F8F8

18px W7 30px W6 #FFFFFF #7FC7AF #6F6F6F


Upon booking a trip, user could dial local emergency call, track the ongoing trip to ensure their safty.Rating system is also designed for both host and guest.

7. Finish & Final Works!

Multiple Filters Trip Details&Information

Like Uber and Airbnb,linking cars and houses worldwide,I hope that OneDay could form as a platform linking travelers and local people worldwide, in order to meet the needs of growing demand in experiencing travel and share economy. Follow me , and I ll promise to make your trip count;)

Elaborate Design & Images 6

OneDay APP  

Design Research Project Spring 2016

OneDay APP  

Design Research Project Spring 2016