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Mi ao ( Mi chelle)Xue StudentI D:387344

from awholeprojecton Herri ng I sland.Herri ng I sland i san i solated opeparkand gallery3m from theci ty.Envi ronmentalsculpturesmadefrom naturalmateri alsreflectthei sland’ s tranqui lsetti ng.Thi sexerci sei sto bui ld aprospecti n thelandscape,thati sastructureasan observati on tower.Workmustbond to localculturewhi lereflecti ng i sland’ suni quenessand beauty.

Stone House


Artworks Cai rn Tanderrum

Vegetati on

Touri sts

Canoei st


Shadi ng A t t a c h e d to pi ral FloorPlate S K e e p t h e Stai rcase Staggeri ng Pattern

Aperture Translucent Ski n

Wi th theemergi ng parametri cti de pushi ng desi gn i nto thenew era, advanced technologyand waysof thi nki ng wasasked to bei ncroporated i nto theprojectforWyndham ci ty-TheGatway.Thedesi gn needs to workwi th localhi storyand culturewhi ch createsasenseofpri deto expressWyndham ci ty’ svalue seen i n thepastand futrue.Also whi lebei ng exci ti ng and i nspi ri ng, thedesi gn hasto provi desomefresh experi ences.

Constructi on Panelswi llbeheld together byaclaspsystem setupon theframeswherenai lsperforatethepaneland wi llbe hung from hori zontalframes. Also,theywi llbecutto fi t thetunnel’ sstructure. Frameswi llbemadeofstai nlesssteel.Each i ndi vi dual framewi llbeconnected to theothersbyalong hori zontalframeon top,from whi ch panelswi llbeableto hang as well.Frameswi llbeanchored to theground bymeansofa foundati on held on aconcretefooti ng.

TheBarlow fami lyhasalwaysbeen a legend i n thecarretai li ndustry.Somepeopledescri bethem ashi ghlyi nnovati ve-i fsi li ghtlyshady-busi nessmen.Theprojecti sto desi gn anew bui ldi ng forBarlow Motorsi magi nei fthe oncesuccessfulbusi nessmen weresti llali fe.Thenew bui ldi ng should reflectthei nnovati veand adventurous spi ri tofthebarlows.

A thorough and allencompassi ng approach hasalwaysbeen akeyto asuccessforacardesi gn.I n thi sproject,I tookon thi sapproach to adynami cbui ldi ng forBarlow Motors.Thethemei s to percei vebui ldi ng asali ttlecommuni ty,oreven aci ty:rampsasi tsstreets spacesformed i n between areforhouses,pedestri ans,motori sts,soci alacti vi ti es,greenery,open space,servi ces and artworks.Wi thouthavi ng to struggleforgood vi ewsoranyotherthi ngs wi thi n such anarrow si tesurrounded byhi ghri ses,thebui ldi ng i tselfcontai nseverythi ng i tneeds. ‘ Everyarchi tectcarri esan utopi an dream’ ——RemKoolhaas