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How to take care of PKD patients in daily life If your family member has diagnosed with PKD. You should learn some knowledge about how to take care of this patients.So that recuperated his health . Besides proper treatment, nursing care for PKD patients in daily life is also very important. 1. Preventing catching cold: if PKD patients catch cold, especially recurrent cold, kidney injury of PKD patients can be aggravated further, which can speed up the development of renal function injury. 2. Preventing trauma: Cysts internal pressure increases continuously with cysts growing, which can cause bilateral kidneys enlargement and abdominal cavity internal pressure increase. At this moment, any tiny trauma may increase abdominal cavity internal pressure and cause strong crash to enlarged cysts directly, which can lead to cyst rupture or bleeding, inducing infections easily. 3. Controlling blood pressure: Most PKD patients get

Hypertension before renal function is injured. Hypertension can speed up renal function injury. Besides, Hypertension can also cause damage to heart and brain, which can causes severe complications like cerebral hemangioma rupture or even Apoplexy,






effectively has a significant role in delaying renal function aggravation and preventing complications. 4. Taking a proper diet: A scientific diet is very important to control the development of renal function aggravation. PKD patients should take a diet with low salt within 2g to 3g per day. Besides, patients should take less food with potassium and phosphorus. Diet with low protein and low fat is necessary. Patient should also take more food with rich vitamin vegetable coarse fiber in order to keep smooth stool. 5. Optimistic attitude: Gloomy mental condition is harmful to patients ’ illness condition. For this reason, patients should keep a good mental condition and accept treatment actively. If you have any other questions about the disease and the methods to take care of the patients send me an email to


How to take care of pkd patients in daily life  

How to take care of PKD patients in daily life