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APPAREL DESIGNS i. Apparel Company, “Chic Signora” ii. Cotton Inc. Fiber & Trend Forecast, “Stay Dry” iii. Cultural Influenced Wear, “Lykkeclectic” iv. Mixed Media Project, “Nemesis” v. Fabric Rendering & Flat Production Drawing, “Citrus” vi. T-Shirt, “Fiore” APPAREL TECHNICAL DRAWINGS i. Apparel Company, “Chic Signora” ii. Cotton Inc. Fiber & Trend Forecast, “Stay Dry” iii. Cultural Influenced Wear, “Lykkeclectic” VISUAL PRESENTATIONS i. Apparel Company, “Chic Signora” ii. Cotton Inc. Fiber & Trend Forecast, “Stay Dry” iii. Cultural Influenced Wear, “Lykkeclectic” iv. Capstone Project, “Exos” INDUSTRY VISUAL DISPLAY i. Palmer Events Center Partnership, “A Christmas’ Affair” RESEARCH POSTERS i. “Wearable Technology” ii. “The Enigma of the Santa Anna Serape” PHOTOGRAPHY i. Nike ii. Seventeen Magazine May 2014 iii. Cotton University, “Cotton Through the Ages” iv. Fabric Magazine Spread, “Chiffon” v. Editorial Conceptual Fashion Spread, “Alice” COVER LETTER RESUME

Apparel Company, “Chic Signora” Color Range #1

Apparel Company, “Chic Signora” Color Range #2

Cotton Inc. Fiber & Trend Forecast, “Stay Dry” Family Underwear

Cotton Inc. Fiber & Trend Forecast, “Stay Dry” Family Casual Wear

Cultural Influenced Wear, “Lykkeclectic”

Mixed Media Project, “Nemesis”

Fabric Rendering & Flat Production Drawing, “Citrus”

T-Shirt, “Fiore”

Apparel Company, “Chic Signora”

Cotton Inc. Fiber & Trend Forecast, “Stay Dry”

Cultural Influenced Wear, “Lykkeclectic”

Apparel Company, “Chic Signora”

Cotton Inc. Fiber & Trend Forecast, “Stay Dry”

Cultural Influenced Wear, “Lykkeclectic”

Capstone Project, “Exos”

Palmer Events Center Partnership, “A Christmas’ Affair”

Nike, “Street Style” for Gregory Gym UT Campus Nike Store

Seventeen Magazine May 2014

“Cotton Through the Ages” & “Alice” & “Chiffon”

Portfolio’s Design Projects’ Information April 30th, 2014 Dear reader, I’m deeply flattered you took some time to review my portfolio with the projects that I have done throughout my current years as a student in the Textiles and Apparel division at UT. This compilation reflects the final works of assigned projects from Spring 2013- Spring 2014 semesters. Following are the details of each category in the Apparel Designs section: TXA 212L- Apparel Design Lab • The Apparel Company Project :“Chic Signora” is inspired on the high regards I hold towards a target market that is not often credited for their style, which is women in their golden years. I gathered my inspiration from 65 year-olds or older fashionistas who radiate vitality through their garments and wise sense of style. The specific source of inspiration comes from the ladies in Ari Seth Cohen’s blog, “Advanced Style.” The chosen fabrics include mostly knitwear and decorative trims. This business would consist of not only apparel but as well of millinery as the main products. • Cotton Inc. and Fruit of the Loom Trend Project: “Stay Dry” is based on the specification given by Fruit of the Loom to develop an underwear and casual wear collection for a family of five, mother, father, daughter, and son. This collection has to depict the brand’s core characteristics: fun, stylish, budget, active, and comfortable. I gathered inspiration mainly from cotton used for lace, appliqués and mesh, as well as from a bright, almost neon yellowish-green color. • Cultural Influenced Collection- “Lykkeclectic,” the combination of Lykke and Eclectic, were inspired by pop Swedish singer Lykke Li whom I chose as my muse. This collection reflects a fun-yet-serious attitude with a bit of mystery as well as sensuality, as well as having the synthesis of ethnic and urban. The main fabrics used are leather, synthetic mesh, and woven. • Mixed Media Project- “Nemesis” expanded the horizons regarding methods to illustrate a design through the use of non-traditional media to render an aesthetically attractive illustrated design board. Purpose being to serve as an inspiration board for a collection or to promote a particular style; in my case, romance and boldness. • Fabric Rendering & Flat Production Project- “Citrus” was inspired by the chosen knitted fabric, in order to develop my skills of flat production and communicate the construction of a garment to the pattern and sample machinist. • T-Shirt Design- “Fiore” is inspired by nature’s blossom. On the front I illustrated the roots of a tree in two different color schemes, and on the back I imagined a construction where two flaps opened along the shoulders as if blossoming, showing inside colors representative of either spring or fall. The most adequate fabric to accomplish this effect would be neoprene.

Thank you for reading, I hope that the work I have invested so much time into has a positive effect in your criteria. All observations and comments are more than welcome.

Best Regards,

Michelle Villa

MICHELLE VILLA (512) 586-9939 EDUCATION The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas Bachelors of Science in Textiles and Apparel Concentration in Retail Merchandising and Business Foundations; GPA: 3.33/ 4.00 December 2015




WORK EXPERIENCE Fossil Brand Store Watch Expert, El Paso, Texas 2011-13 • Ensured safe handling of merchandise • Offered assistance and information to customers with inquires about the products • Met and surpassed goals of $350 -$12,000.00 a day College of Education A.R.C Center Work-study, El Paso, Texas 2012 • Clerical support. Underwent one day training regarding UTEP College of Education’s advising, recruitment, and career system for certification and student- teaching Angel Keeper Daycare Multiple Assistant, El Paso, Texas 2010 • Provided care for 10 to 20 children under 11 years of age. Sanitized dishes and facilities Private Tutor El Paso, Texas 2009 • Assessed a handicap child with a mental impediment Vista del Sol Elementary School Receptionist, El Paso, Texas 2009 • Administered mail, routed calls, set appointments, filed records, performed keyboarding/data entry, operated copier, fax, scanner, and answered visitors inquiries about the school and its services


• • • •

• UTEP Honors Student • Top Ten Percent Student 23/660 • Triple “A” Award of Virtual Business BPA District Competition 4th Place Recycle Fashion Show First Place! UT in NYC 2014 participant ! Seventeen Mag. photo publication!

ACTIVITIES University Fashion Group Co- Director of Development, Austin, Texas • Worked backstage dressing for Tess Giberson and Lela Rose during NYFW S/S 2014 • Overseeing fundraising through contacting prospect donors and sponsors • Volunteer with Austin’s fashion community working backstage at local fashion shows • Collaborate in UT Austin’s Senior Fashion Shows, Transcend 2013 & Spectrum 2014 School of Human Ecology Ambassadors PR Committee- Web Developer, Austin, Texas • Participate in the production of SoHE’s events, volunteer in the community, update association’s web page, and inform prospect TXA major student about the program American Marketing Association VP of Communications, El Paso, Texas • Kept all records except financial, handled written correspondence, performed other related duties as the president delegated, and prepared a written report of each meeting Promoted and attended business events, performed community service, fundraised •

HONORS & AWARDS 2012-13 • School of Human Ecology 2013-2014 Louise Shelley Hewlett Brane Scholarship! • College of Natural Sciences Award for Excellence in Textiles and Apparel Research UTEP Dean’s List Student! Top Ten Percent UTEP Scholarship! American Marketing Association Scholarship! • • •


Languages Communication Skills • Fluent Spanish. Basic French • Proficient experience in sales Software • Proficient delivering written messages, and managing • Proficient in MS Word and MS networking web pages PowerPoint Applied Art and Visual Presentation • Familiar with MS Excel, Adobe • TXA 119L Industry Partner Lab - a hands-on real-world Photoshop, iMovie, and HTML & SQL visual merchandising and store planning exercise with coding work hours and potentially large scale project implementation being done at Palmer Events Center



Textiles & Apparel Portfolio Jan 2013- Apr 2014  

Michelle Villa del Hoyo's Portfolio is a compilation of her work throughout two years of completed credits at the Textiles and Apparel divis...

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