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Down’s Syndrome Awareness 2018

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Precious bonding time in a bubble of splashy fun! There’s nothing quite like the feel of your baby’s skin against your own. It’s one of the best things you can do to bond with your baby and being in cosy warm water enhances those cherished moments.

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Our world-class teachers could have trained as private pilots – five times over – in the time it takes to fully qualify with us. You can trust us to take the very best care of you and your little one.

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Geo2 Tried & Tested


4 - Why you shouldn’t use a home doppler David Walliams 5 - Enjoy a healthy holiday 6 - Childhome making your little world complete 7 - Introducing the Joolz Geo2 8 - Ask the Expert 9 - Daisy Birthing 10 - Getting to the Bottom of Nappy Rash 11 - Metanium Advertisement 12-14 - Life with 21 - Down’s Syndrome 15 - Geronimo Festival 16 - My Mood Stars 17- Autism Awareness 18-23 - Local Groups & Classes 24 - 29 - Idyllic Escapes & Getaways 30 - Fit for a Young Royal 31 - Annabel Karmel Edible Energy 32 - National Young Writer’s Awards 33 - Year 2 KS1 SATs 34 - Commando Dad Toilet Training 35 - Competitions Escapes & Getaways

Life with 21

Down’s Syndrome Awareness 2018


National Young Writer’s Award. Will your child win?

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Hello lovely readers!


In this issue we bring you more updates from beautiful Belgium baby brand - Childhome who have become a regular feature in our publication. They literally are a one-stop baby brand with something for everyone! Our Spring issue also shares the stories of 10 beautiful children with Down’s Syndrome and their family’s experiences. In addition, we take a look at diagnosis of Autism for Autism Awareness week and offer some support information for those affected. If you’re feeling a little low on energy, we have some great recipes from Annabel Karmel to bring up those energy levels. Commando Dad offers some Daddy tips on Toilet Training and we have some great competition so don’t forget to enter those to be in with your chance to win! This issue is literally jam packed so we hope that you enjoy it and we’re already working on a fantastic Summer issue celebrating 6 years of Mummy and Me Magazine!

Michelle Thompson

Magazine Founder & Director

Mummy to Eden (6 years), Bethany (5 years), Faye (3 years) Aimée (2 years) Felicity (6 months)

info dme myan m u @m gazine a m 790 : 07 o Edit r 9004 72

/mummyandmemagazine Magazine Founder & Director Michelle Thompson

Spring has sprung upon us and whilst we’ve had some chilly weather in the run up to publication of this issue, things are heating up to the holiday season and in this issue we have selected some top get-away destinations that we know you’ll love!


Assistant Editors Sue Bennett & Gill Pryce

Researchers/Critiques Eden, Bethany , Faye, Aimée & Felicity Thompson

Special Needs Consultant Anita Harris

Educational Researcher Danielle Furber Artist/Illustrator Ilan Sheady

Creative Learning Consultant Alan Bennett

Creative Designer Neil Bennett

Photographer & Stylist Elanza Butters

Why shouldn’t I use a home doppler? If you saw someone collapsed in the street would you check their pulse and walk away? Or would you call an ambulance? The same goes for your baby, if you notice a change in your baby’s regular pattern of movement, they could be unwell. Do not take the presence of a heartbeat that all is ok. If your baby is unwell or in distress the only time something can be done is when there is a heartbeat. When there is no heartbeat it is too late. If you notice a change in your babies regular pattern of movement call your midwife.

Do not use your home doppler for reassurance




Enjoy a healthy holiday


n the first and second trimester you are safe to travel. Once into your second trimester, the early sickness and fatigue hurdles you may have faced have been overcome and you may consider booking a holiday. As this is seen to be a safe stage in pregnancy, it is a great time to go on holiday, spend time with your partner and pamper yourself. If you decide to go on holiday while pregnant, there are some factors you will need to take into consideration. Energy levels - you may tire more easily so give yourself plenty of time to get everything ready before hand. Pack sensibly so you won’t have to carry heavy bags and make sure your break features plenty of relaxation time. Car journeys - If you’re going by car, then you may want to pack a few healthy snacks for the road, and don’t forget that you’re likely to need to pee more so you may need to factor is plenty of toilet breaks! Heat - if you’re going abroad then drink bottled water and plenty of it. When out and about try to avoid having ice cubes in your drinks as often these are made from tap water. Instead, opt for refreshing slices of fruit. Make sure you are well protected from the sun. The flight, coupled with an increase in temperature can also lead to water retention and swollen ankles, so drink plenty, raise your feet, use circulation exercises for your feet and ankles, and pack comfortable shoes. Also be aware that many women experience hot flushes in pregnancy due to the increased levels of the hormone progesterone. If you feel the heat abroad may cause discomfort maybe consider a staycation? - there’s some great places!

Book Recommendation: Pregnancy Fitness by Julia Di Paolo Written by three experts in prenatal and postpartum fitness, pelvic floor exercise, and core restoration, Pregnancy Fitness covers all physical and physiological aspects of pregnancy, birth, and recovery so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout your pregnancy and long after delivery. Available from AMAZON

Travel insurance - some travel insurance providers only cover medical expenses up to week 28 of your pregnancy. It is advisable to check that your cover includes everything you may need. Some couples find inspiration for naming their baby when they’re away somewhere special. Names such as; Paris, Sofia, Phoenix, Savannah, Chelsea, Albany, Florence, Georgia, Orlando, Sydney, India, Odessa and Brooklyn are place inspired. Do relax and enjoy yourself, but be aware of the extra health precautions you will need to take during pregnancy. It is always advisable to speak to your Midwife or GP before booking your holiday to check that they feel it is safe for you to do so. While pregnant it is even more important to find ways to relieve stress, so a relaxing holiday may be just the thing you need!

Bo M ok i um n m for y yM o 'We see many pain O ur As physiotherapists weuncomplicated, bring our T free pregnancies. However, we are also extensive knowledge of anatomy , experienced in treating antenatal fitness and evidence based practise spinal and andofcan offer a range of topelvic deliverdysfunction you a selection Women's physiotherapy Health Services under oneinterventions' roof.

Obstetric Physiotherapy Diastasis Recti Stress Incontinence Postpartum Physio Check Pre & Postnatal Pilates* *Babies Welcome

'We see many uncomplicated, pain free pregnancies. However, we are also experienced in treating antenatal spinal and pelvic dysfunction and can offer a range of physiotherapy interventions' - Sarah Johnson Clinic Director

0151 724 2060 (South Liverpool) 0151 924 4553 (North Liverpool)





ast Spring we visited the fabulous HQ and product Showroom of Belgian brand - Childhome. This beautiful brand literally has EVERYTHING you will need when becoming a parent and as your family grows. Their famous ‘Mommy Bag’ makes the perfect Hospital Bag as you await your new arrival. If you’re looking to decorate your nursery, then they have a vast range of beautiful nursery furniture, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. It doesn’t stop there! Childwheels by Childhome offers an amazing selection of prams and pushchairs. From first prams, through to pushchairs that can accommodate up to 6 children!


The Evolu ONE.80° won this award because of his swivel function. The swivel seat allows parents to place or feed the child in the seat in three different positions without moving or lifting the chair.

When you begin weaning your baby, their award winning Evolu Highchair is both fabulous in design and great value for money. This innovative highchair can be breakfast bar or dining table height and is a stunning piece of furniture available in a range of colours to blend in with your home. In addition, the award winning Evolu Highchair evolves into a beautiful children’s chair making it the perfect choice for any home. Making your little person’s world complete, Childhome also make products that young children adore. From character suitcases to beautiful and stylish toy rockers and fabulous teepees that are perfect gifts. visit and browse their beautiful and stylish range.


The Childhome Evolu ONE.80° won the Baby Innovation Award. The second award for the EVOLU ONE.80° high chair. In September 2017 Childhome won already the Kind & Jugend Innovation Award.



Mummy and Me Editor - Michelle Thompson, has 5 very young children and wouldn’t be without her Childwheels Quad Pushchair by Childhome. “ The Childwheels Quad was a lifesaver on our trip to Disneyland Paris. With tired children, the pushchair offered comfortable and ample room. It is surprisingly light weight and easy to maneuver, better than some of the double pushchairs I have used over the years ” We will be following ‘the adventures of the Quad’ as we bring you more on the Childhome brand in coming issues through 2018.



ith the Joolz Geo² you’re perfectly geared up for family adventures. The all-terrain pushchair is designed to run smoothly on any kind of surface while the extra-large, easyaccess basket, provides all the storage you need.

Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin. With the Joolz Geo², you’re ready to dive into every family adventure. From beaches to mountains, from markets to your favourite breakfast cafe. Wherever you go, Let’s Go Geo.

Mono & Duo Options: The modular design of the Joolz Geo² makes it possible to add a second seat or cot. A second baby or twins? The Joolz Geo² simply grows with you, while remaining as compact and manoeuvrable as ever. As Mono pushchair a spacious cot or seat on the top and XL basket underneath. As Duo simply swap the XL basket for a lower cot or seat.

Tailored options: Choose between; Earth, Studio, Quadro and Tailor. The Joolz Earth collection is available in 4 collections for the Joolz Geo²: Parrot blue, Hippo grey, Elephant grey and Camel beige.

Dimensions & Weights • Unfolded 93 x 60 x 94 - 108cm • Folded with seat and wheels 87 x 60 x 57cm • Folded with upper and lower seat 99 x 60 x 57cm • Joolz Geo² with seat 14,3 kg • Weight capacity XL basket 10,0 kg max. • Weight capacity Joolz Geo²

The fabulous Joolz Geo2 is currently being reviewed by the Mummy and Me team. We look forward to bringing you our full review next issue!

The Joolz Studio collection is available in three colours for the Joolz Geo²: Gris, Graphite and Noir. The Joolz Geo² Quadro collection is available in two colours: Grigio and Blu. Full range of accessories also available. Visit the Joolz website.

BOOK A FREE PERSONAL SHOP Save up to £450 when you go book a Personal Shopping appointment at our Liverpool Speke store. C0027502 Mummy and Me_Banner_125x25mm.indd 1

HOW TO BOOK: To Book your FREE Personal Shopping appointment visit personal-shopping



Birth & Beyond


ASK the

Exper t

Each issue we will be putting YOUR questions to our panel of experts.

This issue we put your concerns over the diagnosis of Eczema to Child Behaviourist, Parent Coach and Author of ‘Super Coach Arty Vs The Shadow - Taking the Fear out of Failure’.

Is it my fault? Eczema is largely a genetic condition and children who are born with genetic likelihood develop eczema. Certain things, such as pet dander, dust mites, and chemicals in bath soaks or soaps will then trigger this. Don’t be seized by guilt, however. With careful management, you can help your child live with the condition and happily, most children grow out of their eczema.

How can I get my child to comply with treatment regime? Establishing routines can take time to begin with but in the long run they are always very helpful. Routines, structure and schedules are all really important for children of all ages. If they know their eczema treatment is followed by something they love like their favourite story book, you can say ‘the faster we get your treatment done, the faster we can read together!’

I’m really worried having eczema will affect my child psychologically – what can I do? It is natural and normal to feel this way. Just like our children, we experience a whole range of

emotions - joy, excitement, guilt, fear, sadness, stress, anger, happiness. They all play a part in our emotional wellbeing. As a mum or a dad you want to try and make everything alright in your child’s world and if you see them struggling with something like eczema, it is bound to have an impact on you. The message we want to send to our children is that, just like them, we are working on managing our emotions. We don’t have all the answers – but we are going to keep trying. Managing emotions is a life skill and will boost your child’s resilience and confidence throughout life, so having to deal with something like eczema is actually a good opportunity to help them. It is really tough when you feel useless or guilty, but it means you can be a powerful role model for your family. The very best way to help your child with their emotions, is to work on handling your own stress with healthy habits.

Tested &



ummy and



Find yourself raiding the cupboards to refuel? Snacking on unhealthy food on the go? Tired? Mum On The Run is just for you! A blend of organic natural superfoods to nourish and refuel.


ved Lo

Need an energy boost?


Supported by the Cetraben Range available at Boots & Superdrug. For more information and expert support visit www.cetraben.




Send your questions to:

asktheexpert All questions sent to our panel will be published anonymously and any personal information will be treated confidentially. *Always speak to your own midwife or GP for any urgent concerns.

Classes available locally









Looking for a baby class?



The leading postnatal class for mum AND baby








The groundbreaking Active Antenatalâ„¢ class


s e s av a seisla ava clas ila

country country

e th


e th

rougho e th ut bl rougho h t e ut bl

e: w: Empowering education & support from pregnancy to parenthood

Birth & Beyond


Getting to the bottom of

NAPPY RASH If your baby has a pink or red rash around the nappy area, it’s likely to be nappy rash. A survey of parents found that there are certain ‘trigger’ times when babies are particularly prone to nappy rash. [1] These ‘trigger’ times include:

Teething Diarrhoea A cold First sleeping through the night Weaning onto solid food Antibiotic use A change in diet like switching to different type of milk

Knowing these ‘trigger’ times means you can take steps to help prevent nappy rash.

Skincare Advice

Good skincare is key and the following simple steps are 1. Change wet or dirty nappies as soon as possible. 2. Clean the whole nappy area gently but thoroughly, using water or fragrance-free and alcohol-free baby wipes. 3. Lie your baby on a towel and leave the nappy off for as long and as often as you can 4. Bath your baby every day. 5. Dry your baby gently after washing and avoid vigorous rubbing. 6. Don’t use soap, bubble bath, or talcum powder. 7. Use a barrier ointment at each nappy change.

baby’s skin being in *Your contact with wee or poo The nappy rubbing against *your baby’s skin Not cleaning the nappy area *or changing the nappy often


enough Soap, detergent or bubble bath

Reference 1.Morris H, Getting to the bottom of nappy rash, Community Practitioner, November 2012, Volume 85, Number 11

Tested &

Available on Amazon!




Nappy rash can be caused by:

ved Lo


Most cases of nappy rash only cause mild symptoms and can easily be manged with good skincare and a little help from your local pharmacist.

No matter how carefully you look after your baby’s delicate skin, most babies will get nappy rash at some time. At any one time around one in three babies will have nappy rash. [1] Most cases are mild and can be easily managed with good skincare and an ointment recommended by your pharmacist.


ummy and

Visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Let them know how delighted you are to hear of the safe arrival of a beautiful baby...

10 | Tel. 0151 724 4850


is here to help!

We all know how unpredictable babies can be!

Even if you follow a regular routine, no two days are the same, and there are certain trigger times1 when your baby may be more prone to nappy rash 1.Morris H, The bottom line on nappy rash, British Journal of Midwifery, September 2012, Vol 20, No 9, pages 540-543


we ani ng


for Nappy Rash For occasions when it does strike, Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment can be used to treat nappy rash, relieving the irritation and redness. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is a medicine. Always read the label. 9242 Mummy & Me


com mon cold

3 teething

4 antibiotics




cha ng e in die t

fi rst sleep throu gh the nigh t

dia rrh oe a


from Nappy Rash For daily protection, use Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment or Easy Spray Barrier Lotion at every nappy change to help protect against the irritants that can cause nappy rash.


babies’ bums

Life with 21

Birth & Beyond


ach year, 21st March (21/3) marks World Down Syndrome Day, the date represents the 3 copies of chromosome 21 that are present in those who have the condition. It’s a day to share our stories, signpost support and educate the general public about what Down’s syndrome means today. Generally, the only information we hear about Down’s syndrome is couched in medical terms. Rather than focus on their unique and fabulous qualities, individuals who share that extra chromosome are often reduced to a list of characteristics. So, in the year that saw the Church of England Synod vote to equally value those who have Down’s syndrome, it’s time we not only welcomed those with a learning disability into all areas of our lives but truly celebrated what they bring to the mix. Hayley Goleniowska - blog Downs Side Up

Beauty from Within Mum Emma Brown said that even from around 24 hours old, Connie’s personality and strength shone through: “It’s what got her through the first week of her life and what now makes people drawn to and love 6 ie, nn Co her so much.” This beauty is often captured on camera and is one of the main reasons Connie is a model for a national clothing company. “The other children at Connie’s school just see her beauty and not her disability, they see the fun and the joy. I have always dressed Connie to suit her personality: colourful, bright, varied and unique.”

O l ly , 1


By Hayley Goleniowska (Blog - Downs Side Up)

Just One of the Family Akhtar Kasia, vice chair of Downs and Special Friends Group in West Yorkshire, remembers the Ayyub, 13 stigma within the Asian/ Muslim community his family encountered at first. This didn’t stop him from taking his son Ayyub to their mosque to offer his prayers. “At first he was ignored or stared at, but now if Ayyub is not there people ask if he’s OK. They recognise the positive impact our children have and are making extra efforts to bring about change.” Akhtar jokes that his son is almost treated like Royalty now. “When I take him shopping he comes home with the purchases plus some extra money that people have given him along the way.”

Brutally Honest... Somehow our children don’t see the need to sugar-coat or hide their feelings, preferring to say exactly what they feel.

Actress Sally Phillips tells me that her son Olly is refreshingly in touch with his feelings. “Being a parent to a child with Down’s syndrome is definitely more of a comedy than a tragedy. When Olly spots his favourite breakfast cereal in a supermarket aisle he does a little dance, his joy just spills over.” Olly’s has a very pragmatic way of viewing the world. When asked the age-old question of what he wanted to be when he grew up, his answer was, “Fat!”. He explained further… “because that means I will have eaten a lot of cake and ice-cream.” You can’t argue with that logic.

12 |


“Being a parent

to a child with Down’s syndrome is definitely more of a comedy than a tragedy.” Actress Sally Phillips Mum to Olly

H a ze

l, 6



“ I wish I had known then what I know now – life is pretty regular, just more beautiful.”

Birth & Beyond

Harps Kaur says that when her son Saajan was born, one of her biggest sources of grief was that they would never get to experience their cherished family holidays again.

Our children might sometimes have to work a little harder than most to achieve their goals. This is what makes them resilient and resourceful as Hazel proves.

Hazel is a little girl with a “whole lot of determination!

Although she is yet to walk unaided, Hazel knows what she wants and how to get it. Horse riding, swimming, dancing, you name it, she wants to do it! Her muscles are getting stronger by the day through regular physiotherapy exercises as well as practising using a walking frame. Her fierce resolve to follow her own agenda and become independent means Hazel is determined to be up on her feet!” (Mum, Alison) A5 Mummy and Me Ad.qxp_Layout 1 17/02/2015 00:57 Page 1


Parent and Child Groups

“How ridiculous I was! In his first year of life we’ve been to Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Thailand and India… and that’s after open heart surgery! Saajan is like a mini celebrity when we go away – his infectious smile and vibrant personality means that he draws a lot of attention. I wish I had known then what I know now – life is pretty regular, just more beautiful.”

There will be challenges... We all face challenges in life, and for little warrior Rosie it was seven and a half hours of life-saving open heart surgery at the wonderful Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, to repair a complete Atrioventricular Septal defect (AVSD) .

Rosie, 7

“Nothing quite prepares you for the moment you meet the surgeon pre-theatre and they tell you there is a chance your baby may not survive.” Dad Tom Bachofner recalled. “As I took her for the anaesthetic her eyes gazed into mine, feeling safe in Daddy’s arms, the bond I had with Rosie reached a whole new level. She looked at me as if to say, “I’m fine Daddy, let me get this over with”. Rosie’s ability to cope with everything both pre and postsurgery (including a collapsed lung) gave my wife and I a lot of strength. She had already (in her short 6 months of life) endured more than I had in the 36 years of mine and for that she will always be an inspiration to me. For at least the last five years, Emily has served on the welcome team of her church - greeting people as they arrive, taking up offerings and serving communion.



Her father Paul Critchlow feels that it’s important for everyone else to see Emily, 25 that Emily has a place in society, that she can contribute, that she is not a burden and actually that she can be of service to others. Emily shows that when given the opportunity, she can thrive.

Box of Facts:

There are more than 4 million people with Down’s syndrome worldwide and around 2 babies are born every day here in the UK. The use of the apostrophe in Down(‘s) depends on where you live in the world. WWW.MUMMYANDMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK



Birth & Beyond

When I first held Lottie, at that moment, I was fully convinced that I had ruined my eldest child’s life and my husband and I were certain to divorce with the pressure of raising a child with special needs. I was scared too for my beautiful baby, the literature we received was depressing beyond measure.

Thankfully, I found Future of Down’s, a wonderful online community. A whole new world suddenly opened up and, through hearing the stories of families further down the line, I realised that there was no reason why Lottie couldn’t have the fabulous life I’d hoped for. Lottie is just Lottie and other than having a few more medical appointments than other children, Down’s Syndrome, it seems, really is no big deal. We are indebted to some truly amazing local support groups where we can socialise with other families, while also accessing some fabulous training courses and speech and language sessions to help develop Lottie’s communication skills.

Lottie, 6

I wouldn’t have shed a single tear on that May morning if I’d had just a glimpse of our lives now. Certainly, when I think of all the wonderful people that Down’s Syndrome has brought into our lives and see how our gorgeous girl is thriving at a wonderfully inclusive mainstream school, I can hand on heart say I wouldn’t change a single thing. Mum, Emma. South Manchester Down’s Syndrome Support Group, DSWestPennine,

From the offset I had a pretty awesome easy pregnancy, and loved every minute. 25.5 hours in labour and our beautiful baby was born! We called her Georgia Rae. What was to occur post birth was something no-one could prepare Georgia Rae me for. “She looks like she has Down’s syndrome” my partner said, the nurses confirmed his fears. My heart felt crushed. Where’s my perfect baby? What followed was a very dark month, awaiting her genetic test results to confirm her diagnosis. I imagined a life of challenges, struggles and limitations. Well goodness me, how wrong could I have been? How silly I was thinking that. My partner and I, in total panic contacted South Manchester Down Syndrome Support Group, thankfully the absolute foundations to where we are now as a family. We met an incredible family, one who will remain firm friends forever. I remember meeting their little girl and thinking how beautiful and happy she was. She wasn’t suffering, wasn’t sad and her mummy loved every minute. She told me everything would be ok, I didn’t believe it at the time. But I most definitely believe it now. I go to the South Manchester Downs Syndrome Support pre- school group on a Tuesday, a brilliant support. I’ve met some incredible children and Georgia has met some beautiful friends. We talk, we laugh, we cry, we eat biscuits, every little helps. I can honestly say... Georgia Rae is the love of our lives. She has far exceeded our expectations. Georgia has shown us how to be care free and to live each day as it comes. Yes she is different and her life will throw more challenges her way. But hey! How boring the world would be if everybody was the same. I celebrate my little girl Georgia Rae and I celebrate our journey. A difficult one at first but now we are just enjoying every minute and embracing our new life as parents to a very special child. She really is an absolute joy. Mum, Emma.

When our youngest daughter Natty was born we were worried and shocked. My head was full of questions and I wanted to map Natty’s life out completely. These two sisters however, were unaware of the stigma attached to the extra chromosome and had an immediate bond. They replaced my fear with love, pride and acceptance and showed me how to take each moment as it came. Last year Mia and Natty received a British Citizen Youth Award medal for their work to make society a more inclusive place via their Facebook Live broadcasts Chatty Natty, their book for children I Love You Natty and their contributions to our blog Downs Side Up.

N atty ,

14 |


M ia , 1 4

Not everyone with DS will become an actor, model, dancer or advocate, each will have their own abilities, likes and dislikes and will need bespoke levels of support. Each will be loved for exactly who they are by those that have the privilege to share their lives and each should be valued equally. Hayley Goleniowska - blog Downs Side Up


Thank-you to Hayley Goleniowska and the families who have shared their stories in this feature.

Tactile Toys and a Highly Effective Tactile Toys and a Highly Effective Developmental Resource Developmental Resource

The eight My Mood Stars enable children to immerse themselves in imaginative play, with others. Thistooffers a fun Theeither eight by Mythemselves Mood Starsorenable children opportunity for childrenthemselves to talk about they areplay, feeling. Use the stars and immerse in how imaginative either their board to by setthemselves the scene for storiesThis andoffers games to be made with orendless with others. a fun characters being shy, sad, cross, happy, to sleepy, surprised, opportunity for children talk about howscared they and silly!

are feeling. Use the stars and their board to set the scene for endless stories and games to be My Mood Stars have proven to be a very effective toy for encouraging children to made with characters being shy, sad, cross, talk about and acknowledge their feelings as well as the feelings of others. happy, sleepy, surprised, scared and silly!

My Mood Stars have proved to be a very effective toy for encouraging children to talk about and acknowledge their feelings as well as the feelings of others.

Autism Awareness Month


he National Autistic Society describes Autism as ‘a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them’. Getting a diagnosis for your child can be a positive thing as it can mean you have an explanation for some of the difficulties your child may have been experiencing and it will also give you access to support and services to help you and your child. Some of the main signs that a child may have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) include: • Not drawing their parents’ or others’ attention to objects or events, for example pointing at a toy or a book, or at something that is happening nearby (or a child may eventually do this, but later than expected). • Carrying out activities in a repetitive way, for example always playing the same game in the same way, or repeatedly lining toys up in a particular order. • Resistance to change or doing things differently. • Emerging difficulties with social interaction, social communication and social imagination. These are the three main areas of difficulty

Early Years

experienced by all people with ASD and are sometimes called the ‘triad of impairments’ • Behaviour such as biting, pinching, kicking, pica (putting inedible items in the mouth), or self-injurious behaviour. The Autism Helpline offers confidential information, advice and support. Call 0808 800 4104 Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (calls are free from landlines and most mobiles). Visit Locally, the Isabella Trust is a parent run information and support service funded by charity only. Visit or call 0151 792 8178 for more information. and contact Maria Wilson, offer many services for families. Including a postal lending library for books and sensory equipment, information service for sleep practitioners, grants, research centre and you can even apply for a weeks holiday at their holiday home! Further information can also be found at and USA websites and

custom-made safe rooms & child-friendly high sided beds for children with specific needs The Safespace has been a lifesaver. We wouldn’t be without it. Before we got it my son was waking at 3am and hitting his sister and messing with the electrics. The first night he just got in it & lay there and asked for the blinds to be put on. He went straight to sleep. Claire, Wakefield

 Are you are a parent or carer of a child who is unsafe in an ordinary room or bed?

 Our products can help if a child has specific needs, or if sleep or challenging behaviours are an issue.

 Our custom designed, safe rooms and high sided

beds can be used with sensory lighting to create a calming cosy space.  We also offer easy to assemble high sided travel beds. 01706 816274




Groups & Activities

Our pick of playgroups and children’s activities from across the region

Early Years


Toddler Cafe

St.John’s Tots

Stay & Play (0-4)


Lymm United Reformed Church, Brookfield Road Mondays 9:30 - 11:30am (Term Time)

St John’s United Reformed Church, Warrington Mondays 10am - 11:30am (Term Time)

Knutsford Children’s Centre Manor Park North Mondays 13:30pm 15:00pm

01625 374 904

Bramhall Library Bramhall Ln South Mondays 11:00am 11:30am librarys@

Stay and Play

Tiny Tots Time

Broken Cross Children’s Centre Parkett Heyes Rd Tuesdays 9:15am - 10:45am (Term Time)

Baby All Kinds of Play Sandy Lane Children’s Centre WA2 9HY Tuesdays 13:30pm 14:45pm

01625 374 470

01925 425 580

Jolly Bolly’s

Bosom Buddies

Bollington Community Centre, Thursdays 10:00am 11.:30am (Term Time)

Westy Children’s Centre Thursdays 10am - 12:00pm Drop in

St Ann’s Carer & Toddler Group At Ann’s Church Centre, Orford Fridays 9:30am - 11:15am Term Time

Fun and Sign Oakenclough Children’s Centre Fridays 14:00pm 14:45pm Call for info

01925 570 870

07929 345 146

01625 374 180

01625 575 557

18 |


Ash Grove Children’s Centre SK11 7TD Wednesdays 9:30am - 11am 01625 374 484

Toddler Time (12-24 months) Knutsford Children’s Centre Manor Park North Wednesdays 10am - 11:30am 01625 374 904


Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Toddler Morning Newton Lane Mondays 9:30 - 10:45am (Term Time) 01829 770 995

Breastfeeding Support Group Blacon Children’s Centre Tuesdays 9:30am - 11:30am (Term Time) 01244 976 225

Bickerton Baby & Toddler Group

Little Fishes Toddler Group

Under 5’s Storytime

Bickerton Village Hall, Malpas Mondays 9.30am - 11:30am

Burley Hall Village Road Mondays 10am - midday

Chester Library Northgate Street Mondays 11:15 - 11:45am


01244 336 668

01244 976 220

Wesley Toddlers

Sunshine Tots

Play & Weigh

Wesley Church Centre, Chester Tuesdays 10:15am 11:45am

Holy Ascension Church, Upton Tuesdays 9:15am - 11am

Lache and Handbridge Children’s Centre Wednesdays 9:15am - 11:15am

01244 323 037

Dodleston Babies & Toddler Group

NCT Bumps & Babies

Dodleston Village Hall Thursdays 10am - 11:30am

Cafe Nero, Foregate Street Thursdays 10:30am 12:20pm

0770 465 9251


sunshinetots@ 01244 38358

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Toddler Morning

01244 977 791

Chester SANDS

Newton Lane Fridays 9:30 - 10:45am (Term Time)

Chester Rural Children’s Centre Fridays 09:30am 11:30am 3rd Fri of Month

01829 770 995

0151 338 2227




Our pick of playgroups and children’s activities from across the region

Early Years

Wirral & Ellesmere Port

St Werburghs Sensory Play Park Grove CH41 Mondays 9:30 - 11 (Term Time) 0151 647 8404 Call for details

Wallabies (0-5yrs) Wallasey Library CH45 5DX Mondays 11:00am 12:00pm FREE

Stay & Play (0-4)

West Kirby Methodist Church CH48 4DQ Mondays 9:30am - 11am Donation

Lady Lever Art Gallery, CH62 5EQ Mondays 9:30am - 11am

0151 625 3224

0151 478 4136

Little Stars Playgroup

Stay and Play for Babies

Moreton Baptist Church, CH46 Mondays 13:10pm 14:30pm

Christ Church Toddler Group Moreton CH46 0PA Mondays 9:30am - 11:30am 0151 604 0049 christchurch

Active Tots (0-5) Brassey Gardens Children’s Centre Birkenhead Tuesdays 09:30am - 11am

0151 639 2334

0151 677 7902

Bromborough Children’s Centre CH62 7BW Mondays 13:30pm 14:30pm 0151 334 1381

Cheeky Monkeys (0-3 years)

Hummingbirds Sing-a-long

Sunbeams Playgroup

St. Catherine’s, Tranmere Tuesdays 10:00am 11.:30am (Term Time)

Woodchurch Library, CH49 Tuesdays 10:30am 11:30am

Moreton Methodist Church Tuesdays 13:15pm 14:45pm

Hillside Primary School, CH43 Wednesdays 09:15am 10:45am Call for info

0151 677 8068

0151 678 9339

0151 677 9960

0151 652 7379

20 |

Little Angels


0151 652 1916

Fun Tots (0-5)

Twinkle Twos 0-2 years

Baby & Toddler Rhyme Times

Let’s Play Drop In

0151 337 6425

Rainbows Group & Sensory Room (Autism Support 0-8years) Call for info Bromborough Children’s Centre, Wednesdays 16:00pm - 17:00pm 0151 334 1381

Rock Ferry Children’s Centre Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:00am

Ellesmere Port Library Wednesdays 10am & 11am

0151 647 4445

0151 337 4684

Stanlaw Abbey Children’s Centre Wednesdays 13:00pm 14:30pm

Baby Stay & Play 0-12 months

Baby Babble Under 1s

Wiggle to Giggles 0-5 years

Breastfeeding Support Group

Ganney Meadow Nursery School Thursdays 09:15am 10:45am

Seacombe Children’s Centre Thursdays 09:30am 10:15am

0151 666 4819

0151 630 1845

Brassey Gardens Children’s Centre Birkenhead Thursdays 09:30am 10:30am 0151 652 1916

Parklands Children’s Centre, Little Sutton Thursdays 09:30am 11:30am 0151 337 6324

Make & Explore

F.A.B (Friendship Breastfeeding & Babies) Support Group

Stay and Play 0-5 years

Heswall United Reformed Church Thursdays 10:30am 12:00pm

New Brighton Children’s Centre Fridays 10:00am 11:30am

Prenton Primary School Fridays 13:00pm 14:30pm

0151 342 8522

0151 630 2731

0151 652 1916

Williamson Art Gallery Thursdays 10am - 12:15pm 0151 666 3537




Our pick of playgroups and children’s activities from across the region

Early Years

Liverpool & Knowsley

Stay and Play 0-4 years Picton Children’s Centre Mondays 9:30 - 10:30am 0151 233 1200 Call for details

Faz Tots Fazakerley Primary School Mondays 09:30am 11:30am 0151 474 3060

The Old Police Station, Lark Lane Mondays 09:30am 11:30am £2.50

Big Art Parent & Toddler

Music & Movement

Walker Art Gallery, City Centre Mondays 10am - 11:15am

Millennium Centre, L25 2PR Mondays 13:30pm 14:30pm 0151 288 8309

0151 728 7884

0151 478 4136

Tots & Co Playgroup

Tots Health Club

Allerton United Reformed Church Tuesdays 9:30am - 11am Also Wed 1.30-3 07923 541 491

Boogie Babes

Stay and Play

Dingle Lane Children’s Centre Tuesdays 10:00am 11:00am (Term Time)

Toxteth Library Windsor Street Tuesdays 10:15am 11:45am

0151 233 4930

22 |

Parent & Toddler

0151 233 3069


Stoneycroft Children’s Centre Advise on potty training, weight... Tuesdays 09:30am 11:30am 0151 233 4770

Come And Meet Every One (CAMEO) Mossley Hill Parish Church Tuesdays 13:15pm 14:30pm 0151 724 6391

WAM Toddler Group Wellington Ave Methodist L15 Mattel Tuesdays 09:30am 11.30am 0151 733 4495

ABC Playgroup St Michael in the Hamlet, Aigburth Wednesdays 09:15am 11:30am 07950 147 565 / 07786 372 750

Playbox Mums & Tots

Once Upon a Story Tim 18m+ Garston Library, Bowden Rd, L19 Wednesdays 10:30am 11:00am

Branch Buddies

St Anne’s Stars

The Branch, Banks Road, L19 Wednesdays 13:30pm 15:00pm

St.Anne’s Church, Aigburth Road, Thursdays 09:30am - 11:00am 0151 727 1101

0151 233 6868

0151 233 6868

Garston Park Church Tots

Sing A Long A Tots

Tab Tots

Island Rd, L19 Thursdays 09:30am 11:30am

Church & Mossley Hill Children’s Centre, Dovedale Thursdays 09:30am 10:15am 0151 233 6868

Salvation Army, Cavendish Road, L9 1HQ Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:15am 0151 525 4785

07720 315 840

BAMBIS Feeding Support Group Dingle Lane Children’s Centre Fridays 09:45am 11:00am 0151 233 4930

City Tots 2 Blackburne Place, L8 9UB Fridays 10:00am 12:00pm 0151 703 1870

Toxteth Tabernacle (Use Dombey St Entrance) Thursdays 09:45 - 11:15am

Minnows Playgroup St.Peter’s Church Woolton Thursdays 13:30pm 15:00pm

0151 709 1907

0151 428 6810

BAMBIS Support Group

Greenbank Parent & Toddler

Belle Vale Children’s Centre Fridays 11:00am 12:30pm

Greenbank Sports Academy Fridays 12:30pm 14:30pm

0151 233 1705

0151 280 7757




Early Years

Idyllic Escapes & Getaways Spring has sprung and thoughts turn to booking a vacation. Whether you’re looking for a Babymoon before baby comes, planning a first holiday as a family, looking for somewhere picturesque not far from home or planning magical moments at Disneyland®

Paris, we have featured some exquisite resorts that you’ll just love. We’ve also put together some handy tips with Tots To Travel and product suggestions to take the stress away when travelling with little ones. So book your stay, pack your bags , relax and enjoy!



24 |

Stay in a luxury chalet and enjoy great food and drink, sunbathing, swimming, and a vast variety of activities available for those who want adventure. Temperatures can get up to 24oC and, whilst there might not be a beach on hand, there is something spectacular about sipping a drink by the pool looking up at the gorgeous Mont-Blanc.

BARCELÓ ILLETAS ALBATROS (ADULTS ONLY) The stylish, adults-only Barceló Illetas Albatros hotel is the perfect getaway for soon-to-be parents looking to spend some quality time together. Just a short walk away from the beach with stunning views over Palma Bay and access to a natural cove, Barceló Illetas Albatros has the picture-perfect backdrop for making precious memories. Endorsements for Cas Catala, Spain by WWW.MUMMYANDMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK

Early Years


The Park offers a heated outdoor pool open through the Summer months, Clubhouse with Sky TV, evening entertainment, café/pizzeria and on-site shop. The park is a great central location for exploring North Wales, with most tourist attractions less than half an hour away. Explore; the historic Caernarfon Castle, enjoy Dinas Dinille beach, see the beautiful Aber Falls at Abergwyngregen, enjoy the market town of Conwy, learn the history of Bedgellert, visit beautiful Betwys y coed, sun yourself at Anglesey, or put on your walking boots and head up Mount Snowdon (just 6.5 miles away). Snowdonia is an adventure playground, there is so much to see and do, or just relax in the tranquillity of Glan Gwna Holiday Park itself. Holiday Homes available sleep up to 8 people so great for bringing along the Grandparents! Facebook Group ‘Cabin 147 Snowdon Drive’ or Tel. 07830 329 170


Experience all North Wales has to offer with a staycation in the beautiful Holiday Homes in the scenic grounds of Glan Gwna Holiday Park in the heart of Snowdonia.

Experience North Wales at one of our Holiday Homes in

Glan Gwna Holiday Park

10/10 “Beautiful site and great base to explore North Wales”

( review)

Set 1.2 miles from historic Caernarfon Castle, close to the breathtaking views of Snowdonia, our cabins on Glan Gwna offer a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, poolside bar, on-site entertainment, BBQ facilities, all in a beautiful setting. Our cabin accommodation; 147 Snowdon Drive (sleeps up to 7 guests) and 246 Riverside (sleeps up to 8 guests), are perfect for the whole family to enjoy - even room to bring the grandparents! Beautifully furnished accommodation with balcony/patio and free WiFi. Family Friendly

Swimming Pool


Free Pets Parking Welcome

For further information & bookings join our Facebook Group ‘Cabin 147 Snowdon Drive’, or call Jenni on 07830 329 170



COUNTRY KIDS, SOUTH FRANCE Country Kids is a private estate. This is a beautifully restored and renovated Roquefort dairy that dates back to the 1800s. Country Kids is a luxury 5-star resort for the whole family. Enjoy exciting on-and off-site activities, nearby sightseeing opportunities, ample time to relax, and, of course, awardwinning professional childcare kids love. Choose from Absolutely Everything’s Included™” family holidays June through the Mid-September and self-catered holidays in April, May, Mid-September and October. A bonafide Paradise for Kids of all ages. Tel. Sylvain / Laure +33 (0)6 77 54 56 00



The bestselling Poppins Pouch wipeable changing bag by Zellie is the perfect size for travel. A small zipped pocket at the front for your phone and money and inside the main bag there is ample room for changing bag (included), 6 nappies, wipes and other essentials! - £25


Tested &


26 |

If you’re travelling with a weaning baby, the On-the-go feeding set by Oxo Tot is a must-have! Featuring a rollup bib, feeding spoon with travel case, and food masher, this clever set will help weaning continue smoothly! - £30 John Lewis or

ved Lo

When booking a Tots To Travel holiday, all the above items are ready and waiting for you when you arrive, at no extra cost. This includes an Essentials Kit of over twenty items. For more information visit: or call: 0845 269 4126

- Travel Must-Haves -


1. Blackout Blinds Creating the right sleep environment can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one. 2. Non-Slip Bath Mat - It’s a near impossible task trying to bath baby without a non-slip mat. 3. Children’s books and toys - Your little ones favourite toys can take up space. It’s best to book somewhere geared up for families and ask if they provide these, saving you room for that new bikini! 4. Pool Barrier - Something your can’t pack, but if you’re staying somewhere with a pool, this is a must have for safety and peace of mind. Check before you book. 5. Baby Blender - If you’re weaning then you’re likely to need this or ask if one is provided.

Mummy and Me

ummy and


xperts in luxury babyfriendly holidays, Tots To Travel, reveal their top five ‘must-have’ items for a stress-free holiday with baby.



Early Years

Find us on Facebook

For Kids Baby Equipment Crèche, Kids’ Club Petting Farm Swimming & Tennis Lessons and more...

2, 3 & 5 bedroom accommodation available

Discover Fun For Kids Relaxation For Parents

For Parents Expert Wine Tasting Spa Treatments Gourmet Meals Babysitting Washing & Ironing Service and more...

Quality Family Time Together Hidden away on 30-acres of farmland in the South of France, Country Kids is an ideal escape for families. With Kids Clubs for every age, tractor rides with farmer Syl every morning, and date nights for Mum & Dad – there’s no better place to escape and reconnect as a family. Reservations: Sylvain & Laure +33 (0)6 77 54 56 00

Walt Disney

VIENNA HOUSE DREAM CASTLE, DISNEYLAND® PARIS Situated next to Disneyland® Paris is the majestic Vienna House Dream Castle, designed in the style of a historic castle. Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland® Paris combines pure design, exquisite materials and spacious rooms. The ideal way to experience shopping in Paris, visited the Disney® Parks or exploring the Champagne region. With beautifully furnished; Double Rooms, Double Queen Rooms, Family Rooms and Suites.

28 |


Tested &

by Tel. +33 1 64 17 90 00


ved Lo

Dream Castle is the perfect place for your little Prince / Princess to rest their head after a busy day at the theme park.


Family Rooms benefit from King-size bed & double bunk bed, Free high-speed WiFi Flat-screen TV with free children’s channels Bath with WC, shower/bathtub and many other features. A Free shuttle bus to & from the Disney® Parks stops right outside and takes you right to Disney® Village and the bus & train station.

ummy and


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”


Early Years

Vienna House offer two luxurious hotels within close proximity of Disneyland® Paris - Dream Castle & Magic Circus. Having thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Vienna House Magic Circus on two separate occasions, we were intrigued to find out what Vienna House Dream Castle also had to offer. It is now clear from our experience of both Vienna House Disneyland® hotels that a high standard is maintained throughout the Vienna House hotel chain. The Dream Castle hotel certainly boasts grandeur from the moment it is in sight. A red carpet awaits you as you enter the grand hotel lobby adorned with medieval features, regal artwork, suits of armour and plush thrones that immediately made our children feel like Royalty.

Early Years

Vienna House Hotels DISNEYLAND® PARIS an

Editor’s Review

To the side of the main lobby is an area filled with children’s entertainment, with something for all ages. There is also a well stocked gift shop, filled with Disney® souvenirs and holiday essentials. The historic castle theme continues throughout, from the striking carpets down the corridors, medieval plaques and grand doorways that lead to each exquisite room - ours being no exception! Being a large family of 2 Adults, 5 Children (ages 6, 5, 3, 2 and 4 months), we stayed in one of the Suites in Vienna House Dream Castle. As a large family, we have stayed in other Hotel Suites to accommodate our family’s needs and the Suite we stayed in at Dream Castle is by far the best we have experienced. The Suite benefited from 2 bathrooms; a A medieval feast of fun, and accommodating of allergy separate bathroom as requirements. The food was you enter the Suite and reasonably priced (particularly luxury and comfort. an adjoining bathroom/ as we had been used to theme dressing-room between each sleeping area. With park food prices). At morning time, the Sans Souci 3 very young children, the Suite comfortably Breakfast Restaurant offers a vast array of breakfast accommodated travel cots without compromising on options which is always a relief when travelling space and the layout enabled our children to have with children who can be fussy eaters, especially in their own sleeping area, while Mum and Dad were foreign countries able to relax in the seating area and unwind after a A Free shuttle bus is available from both of the busy day. Vienna House hotels to Disneyland® Paris, Our stay was during the Winter months and our making Vienna House Dream Castle and Magic room was well heated, all rooms feature airCircus perfect to stay in if visiting the themepark. conditioning for the warmer months. We had a very Our stays at both Vienna House Disneyland® comfortable night’s sleep each evening. Paris hotels have been highly enjoyable and Medieval themed bars and restaurants can be found Dream Castle is certainly the jewel in their within the Dream Castle hotel with restaurants open crown! A medieval feast of fun, luxury and until 10pm and hotel bar until midnight. After a busy comfort. Book your stay for a royal treat. day taking in the sights of romantic Paris, we opted for Room Service. We found the staff very helpful, efficient Tel. +33 1 64 17 90 00




Early Years







4. 5.


1. Marie-Chantal Luxury Sleepsuit - 2. Blue Crown Toddler & Baby Leggings - £12 - £22.50 3. Cream Pique Swing Coat - available in sizes 4-10 years - £132 - 4. Mary Meyer Itsy Glitzy Musical Swan - £24

5. Limited Edition Personalised Ivory Robe with crown detail - £25 - 6. Gaspard Unisex Sandals - £45.90 7. English Trousseau silver plated baby rattle - £35

Luxury, handmade clothes, accessories & bedding for babies and children 0 – 6 years

Mu Enter m c a sp mya ode ecia ndM l di sc e




Baby Shower? Christening? Birthday?... Bespoke Packages for all events to suit all budgets * Balloon Clusters, Arches & Features * Personalised invites, banners, backdrops, instagram frames * Chair covers, sashes, centrepieces, venue dressing * Candy Cart, Wishing Well, Ferrero Rocher stand hire * Illuminated letters, signs, discos and much more!

Find SPEventsLiverpool on Facebook or Tel. 07809 377 079

30 |


Early Years

Annabel Karmel’s Edible Energy

Annabel Karmel recipes for all ages and all occasions. Visit her website

A delicious healthy snack to give you or your child a mid-morning or afternoon energy boost.

MINI ENERGY BALLS INGREDIENTS 200g/ 7 oz pitted dates 3 tablespoons smooth peanut butter 3 tablespoons sunflower seeds 125g/4 ½ oz porridge oats 40g /1 ½ oz raisins 20g/ ¾ oz pecans, very finely chopped 1 tablespoon chia seeds 20g/ ¾ oz Rice Krispies A pinch of salt (for babies over 12 months) METHOD 1. Put the dates in a saucepan with 100ml / 4 fl oz boiling water. Cover with a lid, bring to the boil and simmer for 2 minutes, then remove from the heat and set aside for 5 minutes. 2. Transfer the soaked date mixture to a blender or food processor and blitz until smooth (or blend in a bowl using a stick blender) 3. Place the peanut butter and date mixture in a saucepan and melt over a low heat until smooth. Remove from the heat and add the remaining ingredients to the pan. Mix well, then shape into 30 equal-sized little balls. Place the balls on a plate and chill for 1 hour before eating. 4. The balls will keep in the fridge, stored in an airtight container for up to 5 days. MAKES 25 BALLS PREP: 20 MINS COOK TIME: 2 MINS

TASTY CARROT & OAT ENERGY BARS INGREDIENTS 75g dried apricots 200 ml water 20g flaxseeds 150g gluten free oats 60g plan nuts, finely chopped 80g raisins 65g carrot, peeled and grated 50g dessicated coconut 1/2 tsp mixed spice 1/4 tsp salt (optional for over one year) 2 tbsp maple syrup 50ml sunflower oil METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 180C Fan. Line a 20 x 20 cm square tin with non-stick paper. 2. Put the apricots and

water into a saucepan. Bring up to the boil then leave for 5 minutes. Blend until smooth using a hand blender. Add the maple syrup and oil to the mixture. 3. Measure the remaining ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Add the apricot mixture and mix well. Spoon into the tin and level the surface. 4. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until firm and lightly golden at the edges. Remove from the tin and slice into 15 bars. Cool and store in the fridge or an airtight container MAKES 15 BARS PREP: 10 MINS COOK TIME: 20-25 MINS




School Years

‘World Book Day’ Reader Photos Mr Stink Smartest G iant in


a trip to Disneyland Paris £500 of books for your school PLUS a school visit from David Walliams


Dear Zoo

Emmeline Pankhurst

arl - Zog Princess Pe


he National Young Writers’ Awards is set to return with Elmer a bang as world renowned Bear Everywhere best-selling children’s author David Walliams has been named Sugarlump judge for 2018! The competition, organised by tuition provider, Explore Learning, has been running for ten years and has Alice in Wonderland Sherlock Holmes inspired hundreds of thousands of children across the UK to put pen to Dr Seuss paper and give writing a try. The theme for this year is ‘Heroes’ where children are tasked with writing a 500 word story all about their hero, whether that be their parent, a policeman or an idol they aspire to be like - Explore Learning cannot wait to hear some of the very best in heroic tales! The winner will be surprised at a school assembly by David who will announce the National Young Writer of the Year and present them with a trophy, a trip to Disneyland Paris for their family and £500 of books for their school! Every child that enters will receive a certificate to celebrate their story, along with personalised feedback from one of Explore Learning’s inspirational tutors. The competition runs from Monday 5th March until Sunday 29th April and is open to children aged 4-14 anywhere in the UK – from enthusiastic young writers to those who feel less confident. The top 10 entries will also receive £250 worth of books for their schools from Letts Revision, plus a large print of the opening line of their story by QuirkyLime. Each of the regional winners will also win £50 worth of books. It’s very easy to enter. Children are invited to pick up an entry form from their local Explore Learning or via Simply hand the story back in, file online or send to Explore Learning’s head office at NYWA, Explore Learning, 74 North Street, Guildford, GU1 4AW. Don’t forget your contact information!

Hamiltons Hats

Robin Hood



Highway Rat

32 |


Smartest Giant


Queen of

Paper Dolls




Ranger Power

Harry Potter



For more information about the National Young Writers’ Awards visit

Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland

Hungry Cat erpillar

Gruffalo Dinosaurs Lo Underpant ve s


School Years

Year 2 - Key Stage 1 SATs


t the end of Key Stage 1, Year 2 pupils sit national curriculum tests in English and Maths (more commonly known as SATs). The tests are carried out during May and pupils may not be aware they are taking them as teachers try to incorporate them into everyday classroom activities. Children take SATs in: • Reading, • English grammer, punctuation and spelling • Maths The results of these tests will measure your child’s performance and identify their needs as they move on to Key Stage 2. The new reading tests for Year 2 pupils is made up of two separate papers. The first has a selection of 400-700 words interspersed with questions, and the second, a reading booklet of passages totalling 800-1100 words with

answers written in a separate booklet. Past exam papers can be found in a variety of books and on various websites, however, it is better for parents to work on specific areas rather than work through past papers as often this is done in school in the run up to the tests anyway. Although Y2 SATs papers are set externally, they are marked by teachers within your child’s school. Pupils are given a scaled score. A score of 100 means a child is working at the expected standard. A score below 100 indicates that a child needs more support. The maximum score is 115; the minimum is 85. It is most likely that you will not receive your child’s results unless you ask for them. For more information search or visit

New Class es CADWA, Childwall & Ullet Rd Unitarian





Daddy and Me


TOP TIPS FOR TOILET TRAINING The brief: Toilet-training is a big transition for your MT. You need to approach it in an upbeat fashion and make it as pleasant an experience as possible. You may have hiccups along the way, but keep your eye on the prize: you are on the threshold of being free of daytime nappies and all their associated admin.


Whether to use a potty is a personal preference, but I went straight to the toilet-training seat with my MTs. I simply could not think of another place in the base camp I would rather have them take a poo than the thunderbox. Keep upbeat and positive. If you get stressed, so will your MT, and this could discourage them from using the thunderbox. You do not want your MT to hold it in as this could cause discomfort and lengthen the time it takes to toilet-train.

Toilet-training: what it is and how, and when, to deal with it Toilet-training is when your MT learns to master their bodily functions and can ‘hold on’ until they get to a toilet. It is sometimes referred to as being dry.

Recognising your MT’s cues

As you will know by now, every MT is different. There is no set time when your MT is ready to begin thunderbox training. Look out for the folliwing cues from about 18 months: • Your MT’s Bowel movements become more regular • Your MT is aware of when they are filling their nappy (and they may choose to be away from company as they fill it).

Some golden rules of toilet training

Do: • Prepare for little accidents by taking extra clothes and wipes with you (you will already have one full set in your basic survival kit) if on a sortie, and having appropriate cleaning supplies at base camp. • Be relaxed. Be calm. It’s only poo. • Praise, praise, praise. Even when your MT doesn’t manage to use the thunderbox, praise them for trying. • Dress your MT in clothes that they can easily get out of by themselves, and invest in training pants (a nappy that can be pulled up and down like pants). • Create a routine that involves flushing the loo, putting the toilet lid down, and washing and drying their hands, even if your MT doesn’t manage to use the thunderbox. This not only promotes good hygiene but also ensures that, no matter what else happens, the MT can successfully complete his routine. Don’t: • Get upset or angry about accidents. MTs take their cues from you and anger will not help them master

• Your MT tells you when they have filled their nappy and needs to be changed • Increasingly dry nappies during the day (MTs may need night-time nappies for years after they have mastered the thunderbox). this new skill. • Constantly ask them if they need to go, and make an issue out of it. But do ask them at regular intervals - when you are going to the thunderbox, or around the time you expect them to need to have a bowel movement for example - if they’d like to use the thunderbox. • Feel that you or your MT has failed if, after successfully being ‘dry’, they start to have accidents. It’s perfectly natural for this to occur. If your MT starts to get upset by the situation, it is fine to put them back in nappies for a while. • Put pressure on your MT to stay dry at night. Night-time nappies will need to be worn until an MT can keep them dry for at least a week. It is not unusual for MTs to wear night-time nappies right up until they are seven years old. • Persist if your MT is not keen, or even worse, upset. They will use the thunderbox when they’re ready. • Feel there is something wrong with your parenting if your MT’s peeers are dry before they are Thunderbox training is not a competitive sport. MT: mobile trooper. A trooper that can shuffle, crawl, stand up and, eventually walk.

34 |





he Geronimo festivals are unlike any other family event in Britain and offer something for both seasoned and newbie festival-goers.

Geronimo North takes place in the magnificent grounds of the Arley Hall Estate in Cheshire between 25th – 28th May 2018. Geronimo Festivals are the place to create magical memories for your children.

For your chance to

win a Family Ticket* email ‘Peppa’ to

info@ mummyandmemagazine

There’s over 130 activities to take part in at Geronimo from crafts, to stunts and even skateboarding but without doubt one of the most popular zones of any Geronimo Festival is the Main Stage. 2018 will see some of children’s TV royalty take to the stage including the one and only Justin Fletcher (see for dates). We also have the fabulous Mr Bloom as well as Andy Day and the Odd Socks, Alex Winter and Katy Ashworth! Dubbed ‘Glastonbury for Kids’, Geronimo has something for every member of the family whatever their age; including the adults! At our Arley Hall festival, Bathing under the Pig Sky are providing spa Peppa facilities and we have also provided a crèche so that parents can have some “me time”.

by May 31st 2018 to be entered into our draw!



eppa Pig and her friends are back in a brand new live show Peppa Pig’s Adventure, featuring a new story, loads of songs and heaps of fun! Produced by leading children’s theatre team Fiery Light, in partnership with licensor Entertainment One (eOne), Peppa Pig’s Adventure marks the ninth consecutive year of Peppa Pig live theatre tours since 2009 and the fifth Peppa Pig stage production in total.


We’re offering one lucky family the chance to win a family pass for up to four people for one day at Geronimo Arley Hall! For your chance to win, email

Join Peppa as she gets ready to go on an exciting camping trip to the woods with George and her school friends, including Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep and Gerald Giraffe. With lunch-boxes packed and Daddy Pig driving the bus, Peppa and her friends are excited about their outdoor adventure, full of games, laughter and live music!

by Friday 18th May 2018 with your answer to the following question:

Q: At which venue will Geronimo Festival North West take place? A: Tatton Park B: Arley Hall Benetton competition C: Chatsworth House Terms & Conditions: 1. Entry is open to UK residents aged 18 and over, excluding anyone professionally associated with Mummy and Me Media or Geronimo Festival. 2. The prize is one family pass to Geronimo Festival Arley Hall festival admission. The date must be specified at time of confirming the prize. Each pass admits 4 people, one pertson in the group must be over the age 18 (NB children under the age of 2 years do not require a ticket). 3. The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. 4. A £20 charity donation must be paid by the winner when claiming the ticket. 5. Travel and accommodation are not included. 6. The prize is non transferable and ID will be required at time of collecting the ticket wristband on arrival. 7. The prize includes most events and activities at Geronimo but not food and drink from stalls or bar or paid activities such as the fun fair and spa. 8. The prize draw will take place on Friday 18th May 2018 and winners will be notified by Saturday 19th May 2018. 9. Competition entry is free and must be made by Friday 18th May 2018.10. The name of the winner will be published on our website / social media page within 14 days of the competition closing. 11. Mummy and Me Media (Mummy and Me Magazine)’s decision on all matters is final and binding on all entrants. No correspondence will be entered into. 12. By taking part in this competition you agree to be bound by the competition terms and conditions. 13. Mummy and Me Magazine reserves the right to disqualify any entrants and / or winner in its discretion and without any notice in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Audiences will enjoy interactive fun, songs and games with Peppa Pig and her friends. Peppa Pig’s Adventure promises to be the perfect theatre show for all pre-schoolers. Suitable for ages 3+. Peppa Pig’s Adventure comes to the North West; 14/15 April New Brighton Floral Pavilion, 21/22 July Liverpool Empire Theatre & 15/16 Aug at The Lowry (Salford). Peppa Pig © Astley Baker Davies Ltd / Entertainment One

*2 Adults, 2 Children Liverpool Empire Theatre or The Lowry Salford




There can be little doubt that choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

So why choose Carleton House? We are an inclusive Catholic school committed to our faith, welcoming all denominations of girls and boys aged 3-11. We provide an education based on strong moral and personal values with Christ at the centre of all that we do. Our mission statement,

‘We Live, Love and Learn with Jesus,’

is lived out through our daily interactions.

Inclusivity enriches our school; our pupils grow in mutual understanding and respect. Our talented and experienced staff work closely with our pupils and parents to ensure the highest quality provision as evidenced in our consistently outstanding results both in national examinations and entrance examinations.

A rich academic and pastoral curriculum with a strong emphasis on creativity, independence and love of learning that produces well rounded, articulate and confident young people who strive not only for their own Outstanding Results benefit but for that of others. Academic Year 2016/17

Key Stage 2 Statutory Tests % of Pupils achieving the expected standards or above 95% in Reading 91% in Maths 91% in Punctuation, Grammar & Spelling 90% in Writing

Carleton House Preparatory School

145 Menlove Avenue Liverpool, L18 3EE Tel: 0151 722 0756

‘ They can because they think they can ’

Mummy and Me Magazine Spring 2018 Issue  
Mummy and Me Magazine Spring 2018 Issue