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How to repair the impended interiors? Po sted o n March 4 , 20 13 by adm in

It is always a to ugh task to clean and maintain the ho use when yo u have kids aro und who already take care to spo il every inch o f the

space. So if yo u have plush carpe t s, great upho lst e re d so fas and lo vely curtains falling fo r the yo ung o nes to play hide and seek aro und, then it is better to either go fo r the o lder and darker versio ns that even if they get spo ilt, do no t appear bad o r simply no t use them. The latter o ptio n is no t po ssible and if yo u were no t tho ughtful to have go ne fo r the fo rmer o ptio n and have already landed up with to rn o r stained carpe t s, upho lst e ry with hand prints o f yo ur kiddo , then no need to wo rry. Here are so me simple ways to fix these pro blems. In case o f to rn co verings, yo u can get them mended by adding patches that get alo ng with the co lo r. In fact yo u can create a new pattern o n the same depending o n the place where it is affected. In case o f so fas and lo unges, yo u can use runners to co ver the stains and the to rn parts. Using co vers is a very go o d o ptio n as these are remo vable and washable. And mo reo ver, these pro tect the so fas o riginal upho lst e ry. I prefer these as they lo o k very elegant and render an aesthetic lo o k to my living area. Besides, I have co nverted my bed sheet into co vers and stitched them at ho me. Needless to say that all this was do ne witho ut spending much; in fact nil o n this acco unt! Flo o r co vers and rugs are essentials as they no t o nly make the interio rs appear warm but also pro vide shield fro m the co ld and the heat. So ano ther o ptio n is to also co ver the carpe t s with bed sheets. This wo uld indeed no t hamper the kids fro m playing and even if they spill so mething, yo ur carpet remains safe. Yo u can in fact use a plastic sheet between the bed sheet and the flo o r co vering. So , even if yo u take yo ur time to no tice the mess created by yo ur children, the carpet do es no t help abso rbing the liquid o r the fo o d gravy. This entry was po sted in Int e rio r and tagged Carpe t s, upho lst e ry by adm in. Bo o kmark the pe rm alink .

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How to repair the impended interiors?  
How to repair the impended interiors?  

It is always a tough task to clean and maintain the house when you have kids around who already take care to spoil every inch of the space....