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Michelle Siemerink

Hello MICHELLE SIEMERINK Ir. Msc Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences

Here I am, Michelle. I like to reflect my work as a part of myself. I just graduated and finished a memorable chapter of my life in where I got to know a passion and practiced it with all the joy in the world. Now it’s time to fly. Searching for new places where I can do what I loves the most. I am convinced that I will feel home everywhere in who I am and what I do.




Technical University Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, the Netherlands Ir. (Engineer) MSc Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences Sept. 2016 - Jul. 2018 Specialisation/Track: Architecture MSc1: Complex Projects Landmark Studio, Belgrade MSc2: Landscape architecture ON site - being part of the Oerol festival, Terschelling MSc3-4 (thesis): Methods & Analysis Position in Practice, Valparaiso Chile Graduation Project: Towards a Memorised Perspective: Monumentalising the Daily The creation of unity within a common physical and mental fragmentation of people. To solve pressing issues by filtering out key elements within city and bringing them together. workshop: Participant in the workshop “Play-Ground-Structures”, organised in cooperation with Studio Ossidiana. BSc of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences Sept. 2013 - Jul. 2016 A study of the interaction between technology, design, society and the built environment by the exploration of engineering, theory and design in an interdisciplinary manner. Development of analytical skills and spatial aptitude to analyze complex issues in a clear and structured way. The bachelor programme is among analysis and engineering courses, existing within a range of different design projects. These encompass private housing, social housing, public buildings and spaces, Urbanism and landscape architecture. Minor in landscape architecture

EXPERIENCE Renovation private house | DeneKamp, The Netherlands Aug. 2016

Freelance designer The Oerol festival | the Island of Terschelling, The Netherlands Mar. 2017- Jul. 2017 Landscape architecture on site, working on an interactive art installation The Open City | Quintero, Región de Valparaíso, Chile Nov. 2017 Building on site, working on an experimental installation Medisch Spectrum Twente | Enschede, The Netherlands Jul. 2013 – Aug. 2017 Nursing Sports & Culture Center, TU Delft Sept. 2013 - Jul. 2018 Modern Dance Choreography Assistant, Dancer

PUBLICATIONS 2017 Pin(k) a Place, Argus | Architecture Annual 2016 -2017 Project presentation 2018 Tidal Dunes, Atlantis | Magazine for Urbanism & Landscape Architecture #28.4 June 2018 Poem and graphic contribution

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22.07.1994 Oldenzaal, The Netherlands @michellesiemerink







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MOTIVATION A Social Manifestation Landscape architecture got me involved into different ways of researching and exploring context, place attachment and perception. How to get involved into the system and the dynamics of a society. The landscape of the built environment is a human artefact. Architecture is a social manifestation, driven by people. Architecture has always meant a lot more to me than a response to program solving or meeting the demand. My approach to architecture lies in process thinking. Design solutions are hidden in the social, cultural, environmental, political and economic conditions of the place. My architectural position arises from the underlying coexistence people tend to evoke. I want to gain a deeper understanding in

order to be able to design something that matters, that inhales the essential or underlying meaning of experience. It makes architecture not a temporary solution. I position myself as an architect who wants to find a human condition, who wants to expose a human structure, who wants to design within the ongoing processes. To gain insides from invisible structures that are the bones of the spatial appearance. Architecture is operating in the field of tension between the invisible and the physical environment. Architecture lives forward and at the same time embeds itself in the existing. It becomes part of the process, a respond for a starting point of a new conversation.

CONTENTS EXPLORATION Path & Place | A Journey towards Relief

1 REALIZATION Pin(k) a Place & Strawberry Fields

2 ESTABLISHMENT Towards a Memorised Perspective | Monumentalising the Daily


Concept collage: A journey towards relief, accompanied with an atmospheric architecture guided by the programmatic spaces of the water purification process and the bathing ritual.

Sept. 2016Feb. 2017 Tutors. Ir. Albert Takashi Richters, Ir. Aldo Trim, Prof. Ir. Kees Kaan In collaboration with Eleanor Morgan


Belgrade is a city materialized through a continuity of ruptures, following a history, where every social and political system caused drastic changes in the city’s tissue. The morphological evolution of Belgrade highlights five historical stages, each developed in antagonism towards the previous one. Each period left a distinctive spatial imprint on the city, marking abrupt and traumatic political changes in its structure and identity. At present we are witnessing a new denial of the inherited city, in Belgrade’s efforts to position itself on the map of global cities through the Sava riverfront transformation project. It’s public-private endeavour of excessive proportions likely to generate new spatial and social discontinuities. The hypothesis is made that the palimpsestic identity of Belgrade is consolidated through the succession of ideologies and developments, each with their own Landmarks. It’s defending morphological and semiotic complexity as means of enhancing the relationship between the city and its waterfront. This will be tested on five landmarks. Each one resembles a different ideology, time and function. Their position has the potential to improve the embedding of the Riverfront in the city.


Path & Place A JOURNEY TOWARDS RELIEF Water purification plant & Bathhouse Belgrade, a city based on conflicts. History barely knows a pause or a moment of peace in between them. The human reaction to find safety in times of danger created Belgrade’s culture of collecting. Different groups of people gathered in one place, but within that place lived divided. This has caused a great amount of boundaries within the city. Between the city districts is very little interaction. Our response to the current situation lies in the physical and symbolic connection of two different areas. It is an example of two urban settlements with their own boundaries. The project creates the continuation of the Path. A transition point where people are drawn to three essential, but often hidden

processes. By descending into the ground people start a journey in where they will be exposed to several common sensorial experiences. A human process that is manifested with three additional main spaces providing an atmospheric architecture, each with its own particular shape. These three spaces are connected by the accompaniment of the programmatic spaces that support the water purification process and the bathing ritual. Architecture as a sequence of spaces that differ in character, which will affect on people’s minds. Architecture that brings people to them self’s. We offer a place where people have the chance to look back, to be within themselves and to interact with other people in terms with their past and in peace. In order to reach a certain relief, a moment of peace.

Stripping social hierarchy and cultural background together with ones clothes off. The washing takes place in a sphere. People are centered around the filtering part of the water purification process and exposed to the ones that are not in their closest surrounding (1).

A city based on conflicts

Movement along the path shows the diversity and boundaries in the city. The project connects and creates the continuation of the path in the most central place where it in the same time is part of a sequence of green public places.

FORTRESS RESIDENCE SULTAN OF OTTOMANRULE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF SERBIA - 1938-2006 Parliament of Yugoslavia - Initiative of King Peter in 1907








The journey from hill to hill as the representation of the awareness of time. We want to create a starting point towards new times, located on the transition of two directions.

Section B-B original scale 1:200, reduced to fit media

Floor plan Original scale 1:500, reduced to fit media





Section A-A original scale 1:200, reduced to fit media

The end of the journey is adorned with a moment of relief. Relief in many aspects. Architecture as a public space where interaction between different people takes place in peace. Drinking water is provided.

Physical site model 1 : 1000

Physical sectional Model 1 : 200 (4) (1) (2) (3)

Site plan original scale 1:1000, reduced to fit media




Bathing in the final pool filled with clear purified water, people are fully exposed to each other; awareness (2).



Vertical section (2) original scale 1:20, reduced to fit media

The entrance; People descending down at the periphery of a cylinder. Ones entered the space, they are fully surrounded by water after sedimentation, dripping down along the walls. People have to find one’s own path further down.

Accumulations of personal place attachments

Realisation Mar. 2017- Jul. 2017 Tutors. Ir. Denise Piccinini, Ir. RenĂŠ van der Velde In collaboration with fourteen students https:// iopm2017. wordpress. com/

Apr.-Jun. 2018 Tutors. Alessandra Covini, Francesco Apostoli In collaboration with three students

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE ON SITE The Oerol festival, Terschelling

This project is an analysis, interpretation and design of the topography and spatial identity of a landscape. The given site and the theme of the festival are expressed in a landscape art project, which will be performed during the Oerol festival on the island of Terschelling. By mainly sensory perception the context and identity of the place will be discovered, which is the starting point for further research and analysis. The study of distinctive and unique aspects of the landscape are translated into a design. Experience of the place and results of the research shape the base for an interactive art installation, which puts specific aspects of the landscape on stage at the festival, where visitors with different backgrounds join the design process.

PLAY GROUND STRUCTURES A concrete workshop with studio Ossidiana and Tomaello

The workshop supports to understand playgrounds as integral to the urban fabric as platforms for all ages and catalysts for interactions. Expanding the concept of the playground to the realm of the city. Looking at urban spaces and elements as potential playful structures that could stimulate imagination, creativity and interactions among citizens of all ages. The aim of the workshop is to make a series of expressive, tactile, colorful play structures by experimenting with concrete. The material is explored by working with different types of formwork, textures and aggregates.


Site plan of 3245 sticks, each of those is representing a personal but anonymous relation to the forest. Each of them marks a place in the forest, where people felt the strongest.

Analysis of the structure and distribution of the installation in the forest. Six different types of accumulations are identified. Each of those appeared repetitively in the entire structure and can be related to specific characteristics and elements of the forest.

Pin(k) A Place DISCLOSING LANDSCAPE Sense of place Pin(k) A Place is a project that operates on the surface of the forest, overlapping the existing landscape without deleting or modifying it substantially. It is a project, which strives to be reversible; impermanent but at the same time trying to provoke reactions. By introducing icons to the landscape and engaging the visitors physically and emotionally, it tries to choreograph a relationship between the visitors and the forest. Thereby, the visitors of the forest become co-authors and an integrative part of this investigative research project. The intention behind this interactive research of people’s perception of the landscape is to understand and document what, where and why people feel most attached to. Doing so the project opens a conversation with the visitor, stimulates their conscious examination of their environment as well as active participation. It locates the individual findings and builds a collectively authored archive of perceptions. By doing so we are trying to improve the understanding of perception of the landscape, searching for the sense of the forest. The percentages of the chosen feelings randomly shown by the ratio of the colored squares per quadrant.

Visitors pinning a place, documenting it with a pinhole camera and writing down why they had the strongest feeling on this particular spot.










Excited Energetic Cheerful Creative Hopeful Daring Fascinating Stimulating Amused Sensuous Playful Optimistic

Faithful Important Appreciated Respected Proud Aware Confident Discerning Valueable Worthwhile Successful Suprised

Content Thoughtful Intimate Loving Trusting Nurturing Relaxed Pensive Responsive Serene Secure Thankful




Opgewonden Energiek Vrolijk Creatief Hoopvol Gedurfd Fascinerend Gemotiveerd Geamuseerd Sensueel Speels Optimistisch

Vertrouwd Belangrijk Gewaardeerd Gerespecteerd Trots Bewust Zelfverzekerd Herkend Waardevol Lonend Geslaagd Verrast

Tevreden Nadenkend Intiem Liefhebbend Vertrouwend Gekoesterd Ontspannen Nadenkend Sympathiek Sereen Veilig Dankbaar

Sad Guilty Ashamed Depressed Lonely Bored Tired Remorseful Stupid Inferior Isolated Apathetic Sleepy

Verdrietig Schuldig Beschaamd Depressief Eenzaam Verveeld Moe Berouwvol Dom Ondergeschikt Geïsoleerd Onverschillig Slaperig



Hurt Hostile Angry Selfish Hateful Critical Distant Sarcastic Frustrated Jealous Irritated Skeptical

Confused Rejected Helpless Submissive Insecure Anxious Bewildered Discouraged Insignificant Inadequate Embarrassed Overwhelmed



Pijnlijk Vijandig Boos Egoïstisch Hatelijk Kritisch Afstandelijk Sarcastisch Gefrustreerd Jaloers Geïrriteerd Sceptisch

Verward Afgewezen Hulpeloos Onderdanig Onzeker angstig Verbijsterd Ontmoedigd Onbelangrijk Ontoereikend Beschaamd Overweldigd



Visitors waiting for their picture being developed. Meanwhile they are ask to classify their emotion in the forest, this by choosing one of the main human feeling from the color wheel.

The archive. Each table is corresponding to a quadrant in the forest. A live infographic.

The note paper with the written notes, photo and chosen feeling.

Fragment 1:1 of the spherical slide. One side high polished and one side washed, equal to the slide side and the climb side.

Strawberry fields FERTILE CONCRETE GROUNDS Playground Three prefab playgrounds elements are developed within the same theme; The Stair. We decided to see the stair as a landscape which gave us the opportunity to let it perceive as much as possible by its texture, color and shape. By converting them into the

ground the elements themselves - together with the sky - are the only instruments of navigation and orientation. The focus is brought on the perception of the material. Three different elements that are true to their shape and suggest different kinds of movements.

Physical model 1 : 50 with the three prefabricated elements. Each one can be freely placed depending to the particular site.

The mold of the slide fragment and the concrete after different kinds of treatments.

Concept drawings of the three elements.

Fragment 1:1 of the triangular climbing wall, one side polished one side washed.

Fragment 1:1 of the stepping stones. Sides are polished, top is unprocessed after the mold has been removed.

Concept collage: layers of vocation, evoking the central axis from memory to perspective.

Sept. 2017- Jul. 2018 Tutors. Oscar Andrade Castro, Klaske Havik, Ir. Pierre Jennen, Prof.dr. Tom Avermaete


A rather spontaneous settlement acquired during the Spanish colonialization of Latin America. A flat bay directly connecting to the ocean surrounded by a system of among fifty hills growth out to the most important port city of the 19th century. Until today it remains as the 3th largest metropolitan area of Chile. Valparaiso is going through a critical and decisive phase of development at several scales and challenges. First of all one that is constantly impacting the urban transformation; the several natural disasters the city is exposed to. Earthquakes, tsunamis and fires marked a history of destruction and reconstruction of the city urban tissue. In front of the government’s lack of tools, resources and capacity of reaction to the emergency, the self-organization of the citizens has imposed the most of centralized planning efforts. On top of this, any approach or solutions need to be aligned with a sustainable preservation of the city cultural values which have been recognized by UNESCO, declaring Valparaiso a world heritage site. Valparaiso is currently in a state of social, economic and urban stagnation. The studio addresses the present of the city by lining up with the main actual urban transformation processes.


The top layer, a viewing point at daytime and the reception space after the funeral at nighttime.

Towards a Memorised Perspective MONUMENTALISING THE DAILY Open air communal center and Cemetery A historical framework underlies the city of Valparaiso, which brought a certain type of city planning with it. One wherein the city operates in fragmentation. Not only in the way how the city operates and solves its problems, also in the way people deal with each other. Therefore the tackle of bigger problems is not there. These problems tend to come back in a viscus circle and seems part of a lifestyle. In this project I try to break this circle and the fragmentation. Trying to solve the bigger problems by filtering out

key aspects in the city and bringing them together. The project aims to create unity and operates on mainly two scales; the scale of a neighborhood by offering different kinds of communal spaces. This part of the program is combined with a ritual which is known through the whole city; The Fireman’s Funeral, a lighted parade at nighttime. To bring smaller expertise to one place can solve problems than affecting the whole city, by the strength of people.

Different ethnic groups came, settled and left their marks in the port city.

Fire that celebrates negligence as a political tool

Urban Framework

B C’ C

C’ C







Plan +2 original scale 1:200, reduced to fit media



+1 0 -1

Section A original scale 1:200, reduced to fit media

Section C’ original scale 1:20, reduced to fit media

Section D original scale 1:20, reduced to fit media

Section E original scale 1:20, reduced to fit media

The cemetery embedded into the earth. The core is rising up from this layer and is bringing the memory, the monumentality through the whole building.

North faรงade original scale 1:200, reduced to fit media

The core provides the main circulation source. The place where the ritual and the daily will always be woven. The stair as an icon of the city, monumentalizing the daily. Connecting and becoming one with the ritual.

Monumentalising the daily.

September 2018

Profile for Michelle Siemerink

Michelle Siemerink | Architectural Portfolio  

The landscape of the built environment is a human artefact. Architecture is a social manifestation, driven by people. My approach to archite...

Michelle Siemerink | Architectural Portfolio  

The landscape of the built environment is a human artefact. Architecture is a social manifestation, driven by people. My approach to archite...