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                                                               Red  Roses                                    

Roses Are  Red   Violets  Are  Blue     No  Matter  How  Much  We  Hurt  Each  Other   I’ll  Still  Love  You   I’m  Gonna  Be  True  To  My  Roots   Bury  Me  With  Heart   Our  Love  Is  A  Spark   Through  Hell  And  Back  I’ll  Still  Love  You   Even  In  The  Dark     1  VS.  All   Is  Everyone  Against  You   No  Is  Common   Now  Ask  If  They  Holding  You  Up   Are  They  Making  You  Better   You  Decide  Your  Destiny   They  Don’t   Don’t  Be  Under   Be  Over   Being  Cool  Now   Isn’t  Your  Future   Being  You  Is  Your  Future  

Someday Can’t  Walk  To  Perfection   How  You  Act  Will  Put  You  In  A  Section   To  Be  The  Best   You  Have  To  Be  You   To  Do  What’s  Right   Scratch  And  Claw   Till  It  Hurts   Till  It  Hurts  To  Work    Keep  Going   Because  You’ll  Get  To  The  Top   Someday  


Somewhere In  The  Sky   Look  In  The  Sky   If  You  Lost  A  Love  One   Look  In  The  Sky   They  Lived  Their  Life   They  Want  You  To  Live  Yours   The  Right  Way   Don’t  Be  Dead  Being  Dumb   Be  Dead  Being  Loved   One  Day  You’ll  Be   Somewhere  In  The  Sky     Have  You  Ever  Wondered  Why  You  Are   Here   Have  You  Ever  Wondered  If  This  Never   Happened   Have  You  Ever  Wondered  If  Your  Smart   Enough   Have  You  Ever  Wondered  If  Your  Cute   Enough   The  Answer  Is  Yes      

Poems by Jamel Purnell  
Poems by Jamel Purnell