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ULC10 Metal Cutting • 26 Ga Steel Capacity • Cuts Aluminum Siding and Trim Coil. • Weighs less than 10 oz. (269 g)


ULC10 Metal Cutting

L i g ht we i g ht S n i p s Heavyweight Attitude at less than 10 ounces!

ULV10 Vinyl Cutting • Cuts Heavy Vinyl Siding and other non-ferrous materials or fabrics, including trim coil. • Weighs less than 9 oz (249 g)


ULV10 Vinyl Cutting

2 Ultra Lightweight Snips for Metal Cutting and Heavy Vinyl Siding! Compact 10 inch length • Generous 3 inch cut • Weighs less than 10 ounces!



Metal Cutting

Vinyl Cutting

• The Vinyl-Cutting Blade features an extremely sharp knife-like bevel for easy starting and cutting in the thickest, hardest vinyl and other non-ferrous materials or fabrics, including trim coil. • Weighs less than 9 oz. (249 g)

• 26 Ga Steel Capacity: (0.56 mm Galv., 0.46 mm Mild Steel) • Also cuts aluminum siding and trim coil. • Weighs less than 10 oz. (269 g)

American Made: • Strong, Lightweight 10 in. (254 mm) Polymer Frame • Easy-To-Grasp, Protective Handle Loops • Big 3 in. (76 mm) Long Controlled Cut • Designed for all weather conditions

3 in. (76 mm) 10 in. (254 mm)

Worry-free Blade Changes! Malco Ultra Lightweight Snips utilize a fully threaded brass insert thermally anchored in the blade area of the polymer frame for holding power and no loss of thread integrity. • High Carbon Steel Vinyl-Cutting ULV10RB and Metal-Cutting MC12ARB Replacement Blades are easily installed on the job.


Ultra Lightweight Snips Catalog Number Description

Capacity: Galvanized Steel

Capacity: Mild Steel

Capacity: Aluminum


Metal Cutting, Combination

26 ga. (0.56 mm)

26 ga. (0.46 mm) .030 in. (0.76 mm) Siding


Vinyl Cutting, Combination



Capacity: Vinyl

Tool Length


10 in. (254 mm) 9.5 oz. (254 g)

.019 in. (0.48 mm) Trim Coil Heavy Vinyl / Non-Ferrous 10 in. (254 mm) 8.8 oz. (249 g)

Replacement Blades Catalog Number Description MC12ARB

ULC10 / MC12A Metal Cutting Replacement Blades


ULV10 Vinyl Cutting Replacement Blades

Net Weight

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