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There’s an easier way to remove

stubborn screws.

Introducing the SEK1 10 Piece Screw Extractor Kit • 5 Left Handed Cobalt Drill Bits • 5 Straight Fluted Screw and Bolt Extractors • Make every job Faster, Easier and Safer!

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Frozen & Stubborn No-More.

Unique Extractor Kit features Left Handed Cobalt Drill Bits and Straight Fluted Extractors to make screw and bolt extraction Faster, Easier and Safer!

Left Handed Cobalt Drill bits create a pilot hole for the extractor and also loosen or even remove corroded, stripped out or headless threaded fasteners.

Hollow-Ground, Straight Fluted Extractors provide extra bite in the pilot hole and can be torqued in either direction to loosen a frozen screw or bolt.

Kit Contents





SEK1 –

10 Piece Screw Extractor Kit with Durable Steel Case • 5 Straight-Fluted, Extra-Bite, Hardened Alloy Steel Extractors (Sizes #1 - 5)

Replacement Extractor / Drill Bit Components for SEK1 Kit

• 5 Matched Left Handed Cobalt Drill Bits: 5/64, 7/64, 5/32, 1/4, 19/64 in.

Catalog Number Description

• Use For Screw and Bolt Diameters of 1/4 in. (M3) to 5/8 in. (M15)


Straight Fluted #1 Extractor with 5/64 in. Cobalt Drill Bit


Straight Fluted #2 Extractor with 7/64 in. Cobalt Drill Bit


Straight Fluted #3 Extractor with 5/32 in. Cobalt Drill Bit


Straight Fluted #4 Extractor with 1/4 in. Cobalt Drill Bit


Straight Fluted #5 Extractor with 19/64 in. Cobalt Drill Bit

The Perfect Match SW1 – Spot Weld Removal Kit

• Includes: 3/8-in. Double Ended Cutter, Five Replacement Cutter Bits, Center Drill & 5/16-in. Cobalt Drill Bit. • Cutter Assembly threads on hex shank and is quickly reversible or replaceable. The non-walking drill point pin keeps the cutter centered over weld. • Cobalt Drill Bit cutting option features self-centering, non-walking, shallow design with squared-off tip. Weld is removed without drilling through both joined panels.

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Malco SL15786 SEK1 Screw Extractor Kit Catalog Supplement