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Fiber Cement Siding


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FCG2 Fiber Cement Siding

Overlap Gauges

Strong, one-piece tempered spring steel construction.

Precision-ground tip assures gauge will grip behind siding plank.

U.S. Patent No. D525,492

18 in. (46 cm) • Works with 5/16 in. (8 mm) fiber cement siding. • Permits 1-person application of siding planks by completely freeing up users hands. • Two gauges support entire length of plank and precisely gauge a standard 1-1/4 in. (32 mm) overlap in one easy step, even on a bowed wall. • No adjustments to vary and nothing to mark. • Will not mar finish of pre-painted siding.

Place pair of gauges on top edge of lower plank as shown. Rest upper plank against outside face of the gauge stop to accurately space planks and then nail upper plank approximately 18 in. (46cm) away from gauge.

Depress thumb tab to allow plank to snap flush to wall and gauge.

Remove gauge by depressing thumb tab again and lifting gauge up and off lower plank, then pulling gauge out from under top plank.

FCFG Fiber Cement Siding

Facing Gauge

• Adjustable for precise 5, 6, 7 or 8 in. (127, 152, 178 or 203 mm) exposures. Gauging block easily snaps into desired exposure position without use of tools or fasteners. • Easily held with one hand while steadying new plank for nailing. • May be used with Overlap Gauge for 1-person application (See No. FCMS Speed Set Gauges). • Manufactured of tough, long-lasting, weather-resistant nylon material throughout.

FCMS Speed Set


Use the Speed Set for 1-person installation! Using the Facing Gauge while nailing across the width of the plank assures greater accuracy of the desired exposure and guards against sagging. The Malco Overlap Gauge is used here like an extra pair of hands to prop up one end of the plank for one-person application.

Catalog Number Description

Tool Length. in. (mm)

Net Wt. oz. (g)


Fiber Cement Siding Overlap Gauges (pair)

6 (152)

4 (114)


Fiber Cement Siding Facing Gauge

10-7/8 (276)

2 (57)


One Facing Gauge and One Overlap Gauge

TSF1 Fiber Cement

Siding Shear U.S. Patent No. 7,093,365

Transform your drill into a Fiber Cement Siding Shear!

1/4 in. (6.35 mm)

Versatile and Portable. Cuts 5/16 in. (8 mm) Fiber Cement Siding Plank with minimal dust! • • • •

Sleek lightweight shear head for easy one-hand control. Long lasting blades make fast, clean trim cuts and mild arcs in fiber cement siding anywhere on the job. TSDC Drill clamp included for one-hand operation. Min. 14.4 V - DC. Max. 7A - AC Drill or Impact Driver Required

Non-Slip, Hex Driveshaft fits 1/4 to 1/2 in. (6.35 -12.7 mm) drills plus 1/4 in. Quick Release Chucks on popular Impact Drivers.

• 360º Rotating Head secures in any position for optimum tool clearance and material flow.


Easy to Use! Precise Arcs

Straight Shearing

Fine Trimming

TSF1A Pneumatic

Fiber Cement Siding Shear

Designed for cutting 5/16 in. (8 mm) Fiber Cement Siding.

Use Air Pressure for Unstoppable Shea Catalog Number Description

Net Wt. oz. (g)

Net Wt. lbs. (kg)


TurboShear, Fiber Cement

2.5 (1.13)


TurboShear, Fiber Cement in Carrying Case

3.03 (1.67)


TurboShear, Pneumatic Fiber Cement

3.6 (1.63)


TurboShear Drill Clamp

8 (227)


TurboShear Heavy-Duty Chuck Guard

.06 (0.03)


TurboShear Replacement Blades for TSF1 shown above

TSF1A is the ultimate tool for those who want to m cuts in fiber cement siding including window and do

WARNING: Fiber cement contains crystalline silica. Respirable silica contained in cutting dust is known to cause cancer.

Perfectly tensioned, hardened tool-steel blade assures a flat true run.

Drill Not Included. TSF1 with impact resistant case available as TSF1CEV

Fiber Cement Circular Saw Blades with PCD Faced Carbide Tips Long-life, dual ball bearings

For repetitive cuts in fiber cement with power miters or portable circular saws, Malco now offers specialized Circular Saw Blades with PCD (PolyCrystalline Diamond) faced carbide tips for longer life. Available in: • 7-1/4 in. (184 mm) 4-tooth • 10 in. (254 mm) 6-tooth • 12 in. (305 mm) 8-tooth For use with the full range of circular saw equipment.

AIR POWER! 90 PSI, 6.2 Bar • 4CFM, 113 L / min

aring Power!

make quick, clean oor arches!

45° Clearance

A lower number of teeth and deeper gullets produce cleaner, more precise cuts resulting in an accurately matched trim edge and tighter seams.

Catalog Description Number Fiber Cement Circ. Blade 7-1/4 in. (184mm) FCCB7 FCCB10

Fiber Cement Circ. Blade 10 in. (254mm)


Fiber Cement Circ. Blade 12 in. (305mm)

Quick Action Carbide Tipped

Hole Saws & Accessories Easily cut clean holes in fiber cement siding, including popular James Hardie® and CertainTeed Fiber Cement products!

Quickly attach any one of 19 different Malco hole saws!

Also cut thick or layered building materials including wood, wall tile, fiberglass and plastic.


A. Quick Change Pilot Drills with a tight, gripping


hex shank are available in both High Speed Steel and Carbide Tipped.

B. Unique Quick Connect Arbor easily attaches both

pilot drill and hole saw quickly and securely.

C. Hole Saws work fast with the power of aggressive

cutting Carbide Tipped Teeth featuring self cleaning deep gullets. Available in 19 sizes!

Cleanly cut holes in walls clad with Fiber Cement Siding. Pilot Drill projects 1 in. (25 mm) past saw teeth for easy cutting in uneven surfaces like lap siding.

Eject Saw Plugs with ease.

Generous 2-1/4 in. (57 mm) Saw Depth is also versatile for cutting through a variety of other wall cross-sections.

Carbide Tipped Hole Saws

Quick Connect Arbor

Catalog Number

Hole Diameter in. (mm)

Cutting Depth in. (mm)

Thread Size


1-3/8 (35)

2-1/4 (57)



1-7/8 (48)

2-1/4 (57)



2 (51)

2-1/4 (57)



2-3/8 (60)

2-1/4 (57)



2-1/2 (64)

2-1/4 (57)



2-9/16 (65)

2-1/4 (57)



2-3/4 (70)

2-1/4 (57)



3 (76)

2-1/4 (57)



3-1/2 (89)

2-1/4 (57)



3-5/8 (92)

2-1/4 (57)



4 (102)

2-1/4 (57)



4-1/8 (105)

2-1/4 (57)



4-1/2 (114)

2-1/4 (57)



4-5/8 (117)

2-1/4 (57)



5 (127)

2-1/4 (57)



5-1/4 (133)

2-1/4 (57)



5-1/2 (140)

2-1/4 (57)



6 (152)

2-1/4 (57)



6-5/16 (160)

2-1/4 (57)


Catalog Number HA3

Hex Opening mm 10

Thread Size in. 5/8 - 18

Use for Carbide Tipped Hole Saws 1-3/8—6-5/16 (35-160)

Quick Change Pilot Drills Catalog Number Drill HH4 HSS HH5 CT

Hex Shank mm 10 10

Overall Length in. (mm) 7-3/4 (196) 7-3/4 (196)

Drill Chuck in. (mm) 1/2 (12.7) 1/2 (12.7)

Use with Arbor HA3 HA3

Quick Release Set - Arbor with Pilot Drill Catalog Number Drill HHA4 HSS HHA5 CT

Hex Shank mm 10 10

Overall Length in. (mm) 7-3/4 (196) 7-3/4 (196)

Drill Chuck in. (mm) 1/2 (12.7) 1/2 (12.7)

Use for Carbide Tipped Hole Saws 1-3/8—6-5/16 (35-160) 1-3/8—6-5/16 (35-160)

Word Key: HSS - High Speed Steel CT - Carbide Tipped

IMPORTANT NOTE: New Catalog Numbers for Arbor, Pilot Drills and Quick Release Sets are not compatible or interchangeable with any of these Discontinued Catalog Numbers: HA1, HH1, HH2, HHA1, HHA2


Fiber Cement Siding

Angle Cutter

Quickly & Cleanly Produce (3/12, 4/12, 6/12, 8/12, 10/12 or 12/12) pitch cuts and most other angles, in fiber cement siding. •

Guillotine Precision with Minimal Dust!

Loosen knob to swing fence out of the way for angled cuts.

Scribe any angle / pitch on fiber cement siding plank and feed it into the guillotine blade to make a clean, controlled cut. Cutting blade is anchored above the large guillotine plate to allow clearance for cutting angles in 5/16 in. (8 mm) fiber cement planks up to 12 in. (305 mm) wide.

• Loosen knob to swing fence out of the way for angled cuts. A 90° guillotine fence is quickly installed to the left or right of blade for cutting siding planks to length. • Long-life nickel plated blade design with high leverage handle requires less force to produce clean cuts and minimal air-borne dust. • Stable welded frame will survive the most rugged job-site environments.


Fiber Cement Siding Guillotine

• Guillotine cutter for 5/16 in. (8 mm) fiber cement siding. • Durable lightweight frame and high leverage design offer long service life, easy handling and smooth cutting operation. • Cuts cleanly without distortion. • No noisy operation • No sharpening required • A large stable plate with board stop supports fiber cement siding to ensure a square, straight cut up to 8.25 in. (210 mm) wide.


Hidden Nail Cutter • Cuts hidden nails without damaging material. • Saves time and effort when replacing or salvaging thin building panels and siding. • Flat head with beveled edges easily maneuvers under edge of material and into corners to reach hidden nails. • Precision-ground, heat treated jaws and compound handle leverage combine to cut up to 16D common nails.


Do not use for cutting hardened nails or bolts.



Fiber Cement Siding Hand Nibbler

• Anti-slip blade profile. • Easily make straight, left or right cuts in 5/16” (8 mm) fiber cement siding. • Cuts cleanly without distortion. • Makes fine, precise trim cuts and rounded cuts with ease.

Fiber Cement Siding Snip • Makes precise arc and trim cuts from any work position. • Designed to cut 5/16 in. (8 mm) fiber cement siding plank. • Heat Treated Alloy Steel Blades for long service life. • Compound leverage for easy one-hand operation.

Catalog Number Description

Length in. (cm)

Net Wt. oz. (kg)


Fiber Cement Siding Hand Nibbler

12 (30.5)

21.8 (0.62)


Fiber Cement Siding Guillotine

352 (9.98)


Fiber Cement Angle Cutter

720 (20.4)


Hidden Nail Cutter

18-1/2 (47)

28 (.79)


Fiber Cement Snip

8-1/2 (21.6)

12 (.34)


SL15785 Malco Fiber Cement Siding Tools Brochure  

SL15785 Malco Fiber Cement Siding Tools Brochure 2015

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