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About Us

Making those simple moments sweeter Simply Confectionery is a South Wales based Confectionery Company that specialises in corporate branded packaging. For 2014 in line with the Dylan Thomas Centenary we are working with local artist, Jeff Phillips to create high-end confectionery products with bespoke imagery of Dylan Thomas throughout stages of his life. Simply Confectionery is a Mother-Daughter run company by Susan & Michelle O’Rourke who have a passion for creating delicious and unique chocolate creations for all occasions. Throughout 2013 the team have worked with many companies from local bed and breakfast hotels to blue chip companies such as iTunes. Simply Confectionery is based on the idea that chocolate is loved by everyone, and teaming delicious chocolate with tailored packaging makes the ideal marketing partnership. In addition to that in 2013 Simply Confectionery launched Simply Weddings & Occasions, making it a one stop shop for all confectionery needs.

Simply Confectionery

Artist, Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips is an accomplished artist and illustrator who lives and works in Swansea, South Wales. For many years he worked on environmental artwork projects with schools and such bodies as The Princes Trust, Community First, BTCV, Mumbles Development Trust, The Environment Centre Swansea and The National Museum of Wales. In 2001 he received a Life Long Fellowship from the Millennium Commission for his environmental, educational artwork project The Wheel of Balance. In 2010 Jeff set out to create an exhibition of artwork which would tell the story of Dylan Thomas's life with the work to be completed by the Centenary year 2014. The exhibition now titled 'The Life & Times of Dylan Thomas' consists of 30 works in different mediums and tells the story of Dylan from his childhood in Wales to London, where he lived worked and met his wife, Caitlin. The story then goes onto New York where he sadly passed away as a young man of only 39.




• Chocolate Bars • Fudge Bar • Nougat Bar • Gold Farthing Coin • Welsh Love Spoon • Welsh Sheep • Fudge Bag • Sweet Bags

Product A 8.5g Chocolate Bar Available in: Milk chocolate 55mm x 35mm x 3mm

Product B 40g Chocolate Bar Available in: Milk • White • Dark chocolate

110mm x 50mm x 8mm

Product C 85g Chocolate Bar Available in: Milk • White • Dark chocolate

Product D 100g Chocolate Bar Available in: Milk • White • Dark chocolate

150mm x 170mm x 10mm

1500mm x 75mm x 8mm

Product E 200g Chocolate Bar Available in: Milk • White • Dark chocolate

Product F 100g Fudge Bar Available in: Vanilla • Traditional • Chocolate Clotted Cream • Rum & Raisin Butter

190mm x 100mm x 8mm

Product G 100g Nougat Bar Available in: Almond • Cranberry Chocolate • Strawberry

Product H Gold Farthing Coin Available in: Milk chocolate

Product I 30g Welsh Love Spoon Available in: Milk chocolate

Product J 50g Welsh Sheep Available in: White chocolate


Product K 180g Fudge Bag Available in: Vanilla • Traditional • Chocolate Clotted Cream • Rum & Raisin Butter

Product L 180g Mint Imperial Sweet Bag

Product M 180g Wine Gum Sweet Bag

Product N 180g Raisins Sweet Bag

Product O 180g Mixed Sweets Sweet Bag

Product P 180g Liquorice Allsorts Sweet Bag




You can select any of the following of Jeff Phillips’ images as the label artwork for your chosen confectionery.

Image 1 Dylan as a Young Boy

Sketch study of Dylan for use on the oil painting 'The Tormenting of Hunchback'.

Image 2 Dylan as a Young Man

Pencil Drawing study for use in the oil painting titled 'The Uplands Swansea'.

Image 3 The Grammar School

Image 4 Dylan’s Lovely Town

Pencil drawing of Dylan and the Grammar school Mount Pleasant. This is the school he went to as a young boy and where his father was the English teacher.

Pen and Ink drawing of a young Dylan with scenes overlooking 1920s Swansea and Oystermouth Castle, Mumbles.

Image 5 My Lovely Swansea

Image 6 Dylan with Cigarette

Pen and Ink drawing of Dylan with scenes of a heavily industrialized Swansea. On Dylan's right is a view of Landore where The Liberty Stadium stands today. On his left is a scene of the now long gone North Dock Bason.

Pencil sketch of Dylan. I later used the image in my water colour painting titled, 'I love the Taste of Beer'.

Image 7 Dylan and Caitlin Laugharne

Image 8 Dylan’s Cwmdonkin Park

Water colour of Dylan and Caitlin with the boathouse in the background and a sweeping view of Laugharne.

Water colour painting depicting Dylan as a young man, the house he was born in, 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, and scenes from Cwmdonkin park with the water fountain mentioned in his poem ‘The Hunchback’.

Image 9 Dylan’s Old Swansea

Image 10 Swansea Pubs of Dylan Thomas

Water colour featuring Daily Post newspaper offices, old Swansea library and Mumbles Railway.

Water colour of Dylan surrounded by famous Swansea pubs that are still as popular today as in his time. The Queens, The Adelphi, The Cross Keys and The No Sign Bar.

Image 11 The Prayer

Image 12 Dylan’s Wales

Water colour in blues and black showing Dylan creating ‘Eli Jenkins’ Prayer’.

Painted in water colours with scenes of West Wales that relate to Dylan's life.

Image 13 Fernhill

Image 14 The London of Dylan Thomas

Pencil drawing of Dylan as a young boy at Fernhill Farm, Carmarthen where Dylan spent much of his childhood. Created as the guide for the oil painting, ‘Fernhill’.

Pencil drawing depicting famous scenes of London: Tower Bridge, The Houses of Parliament and Fleet street. The central figure is the artist Augustus John who introduced Dylan to his future wife, Caitlin.

Image 15 The Kardomah Cafe

Image 16 Dylan at Work

Pencil drawing depicting a very busy Kardomah Cafe with Dylan (standing) among several of his friends.

Pen and Ink study of Dylan at work.

Image 17 Swansea Blitz

Image 18 My Swansea is Dead

A grim faced Dylan contemplates the destruction of his town and as we then look up Oxford Street we can see the silhouette of the Daily Post offices where he once worked.

Painted in acrylic on canvas board this painting depicts Swansea after the three nights Blitz.

Image 19 The Kardomah Gang

Image 20 The London of Dylan Thomas

Acrylic on canvas painted in monochrome. Central to the painting is the Kardomah Cafe which once stood in Castle Street, Swansea.

Acrylic on canvas. Famous scenes of London: London Bridge The Houses of Parliament and Fleet Street. The central figure is the artist Augustus John who introduced Dylan to his future wife, Caitlin.

Image 21 Rage, Rage at the Moon

Image 22 Rage, Rage at the Moon

Pencil drawing sketch of Dylan and Caitlin embracing with the moon in the background. Drawing study created for the painting in acrylic, ‘Rage, Rage at the Moon’.

Painted in acrylic on black fabric (monochrome). Dylan and Caitlin embracing with the raging full moon in the background.

Image 23 Famous Pubs of Dylan Thomas

Image 24 The Tormenting of the Hunchback

Image 25 The Uplands of Dylan Thomas

Image 26 Caitlin and Dylan in Laugharne

Dylan lights up a cigarette. The pubs that surround him are: The Uplands Tavern, Swansea; The Mermaid Hotel, Mumbles; Browns Hotel, Laugharne and The Black Lion Hotel, Newquay.

Dylan as a young man beside No 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, the house where he was born. Above him is a scene of the water fountain in Cwmdonkin Park mentioned in the poem, ‘The Hunchback in the Park’.

Dylan as a young boy in Cwmdonkin Park. On the footpath are the truant boys tormenting the hunchback, planting the seeds that would lead to his poem, ‘The Hunchback in the Park’.

A central scene of an affectionate Dylan surrounded by famous landscapes of Laugharn.

Image 27 Swansea and the Arts BBC Broadcast

Oil on canvas. This a scene of the BBC broadcast recording that took place in a makeshift recording studio at The Grove in the Uplands October 6th 1949.

Image 29 And Death shall have no Dominion

Dylan's body was buried in St. Martin's Church, Laugharne and the grave is marked by a plain white wooden cross. Caitlin died on 31st July 1994 and is interred in Dylan's grave.

Image 28 Farewell to New York

Scene depicts a very wet and miserable November in 1953. Dylan died on the 9th November 1953 and his body was returned to the UK onboard the SS United States of America.

Image 30 Dylan at High Contrast

Black and white, high contrast portrait of Dylan incorporating his name. Used as the graphic on the title pages throughout the brochure.


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We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to Jeff Phillips, for allowing us to use his wonderful artwork on our products. © Simply Confectionery 2014

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