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The Technology Used in Call Center Outsourcing

The technology used in call center Philippines outsourcing business is more advanced than you might think. Though of course, there may come a time when things will have to move more differently. One can imagine that in the future, there may be no need for call center agents at all. Those computers may be enough to understand a customer’s concerns, but that is too far off into the future. In fact, even something as simple as transcription still needs to be checked by people. This is because the massive number of contexts which form speech units are very hard to program into a computer and a real person, not an answering machine has to be there if you want your customers to feel like they have been treated well.

In the past, before VOIP technology, call center outsourcing offshore did not exist yet. True enough, there were already a lot of call centers or contact centers in existence back then, but all of them were done onshore. Onshore means that the contact center infrastructure is located in at least the same country as the callers who

would be calling them. This is very telling of how the technology used in the industry evolved and brought the industry along with it. The main proponent technology that pushed these industries from onshore operations into offshore operations is the invention of VOIP or IP phone technology. This was first created to network data into further reaches. However, it soon found these other practical uses which would lead to the creation of a whole new industry. It was very successful in its application for the Internet and it became the world standard. Then it was used to network voice calls. This technology is very popular because it is so cheap. As compared to the old way of connecting overseas, VOIP became the benchmark because it did not cost much and it was even as clear. VoIP is now what most people use because why would they pay a call per minute kind of offer when they can simply pay a flat rate per month with unlimited calls. That is why it was adopted by the call center Philippines which then found a way to save so much money by setting up their base of operations in countries such as the Philippines where the labor and business costs are so low while also having access to tremendously talented, college educated, and skilled employees. A VoIP call can be done by connecting through the Internet. Usually, any Internet connection provider will just charge flat monthly rates for their service package. There are some that charge annually but these are usually for clients such as corporations that are heavy VoIP users. Some of us here in the homeland may think that this technology that created a large scale job migration is unfair. But in truth, this is simply how technology works. As

was said, someday in the very far future, it is highly likely that most jobs will not even be necessary. The technology used in call center Philippines is just a small sign of that future. The Technology Used in Call Center Outsourcing

The Technology Used in Call Center Outsourcing