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University of Kansas Master of Architecture, with dis nc on and honors five year program culmina ng in the equivalent of a master’s degree Master of Business Administra on


Haenglim Architecture & Engineering, Architecture Intern (Seoul, South Korea) use BIM so ware to create floor plans and schema c designs create and model design itera ons for university and military projects compile images and informa on for client review using graphics and presenta on so wares Second Life Studios, Design Intern (Kansas City, Missouri) design and digital modelling of chairs, tables, and various pieces of furniture for construc on document construc on details planning of programma c spaces concept design for client review Danish Ins tute for Study Abroad, Furniture Design Student (Copenhagen, Denmark) design wooden veneer furniture construct sheet metal and plywood molds hand cra original veneer chair design (" chair") detail and photograph final product analyze furniture and architecture in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark

2017.5 2018.5 2016.6 - 2016.12

2015.6 - 2016.8

2014.6 - 2014.7

Lawrence Legends, Director’s Assistant design logos and graphics for organiza on develop and implement recruitment strategies increase awareness of performance opportuni es assistant instructor for University Dance Company, House of Dragons, and various clinics Career Scholar Society, President (formerly Delta Epsilon Iota: career-focused honor society) organize and run leadership and general assembly mee ngs find funding opportuni es educate members on ma ers related to career development American Ins tute for Architecture Students, KU chapter, ac ve member assist local en es with design problems iden fy and conceptually solve construc on and architecture issues develop and cri que por olios increase knowledge basis of design career opportuni es


honors/ awards

2016.1 - present

2015.8 - 2016.5

2014.8 - 2016.5

Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator Modeling: Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino 3D/Grasshopper, Google Sketchup Others: Microso Office Excel, Word, Publisher basic carpentry skills speak and read basic Spanish and Korean Best Furniture Design, AIAS KU for " chair" 2018 School of Business RESPECT Posi ve Code of Conduct Award spring 2014 and fall 2016 projects exhibited in school publica ons University Honors Program graduate University of Kansas Global Experience Program cer ficate 3

chicago lyric opera house


asia internship program


material investigations





chicago lyric opera house




Easing the transi on from the city to Navy Pier, the Chicago Lyric Opera juts out into Lake Michigan to create a landmark for the city. RedeďŹ ning the approach to opera, the house oers pedestrian entry through the back-of-house as well as a grand entry in front. With an aesthe c highly inuenced by construc vist design, the opera house takes pride in the clockwork-like back-of-house that is so crucial to the performance itself and so o en undermined. The spiralling lobby spaces give a 180-degree view of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan while se ng up the opera-goer for the asymmetrical auditorium that creates intrigue with its forms while simultaneously pu ng the focus on the performance. 9

The auditorium is designed to tell a dierent story, to be an experience set apart from the rest of the building. The asymmetrical plan provides a variety of sea ng and entrance points, while also indica ng a connec on the asymmetrical space outside.


The space has been designed to provide op mal sound deflec on for acous c and vocal performance. A mixture of metal and metallic mesh make up most of the sound deflec ng surfaces and clouds. Metallic mesh surfaces are backed with alterna ng deflec ng and absorbing

auditorium reverbera on me: 1.45 seconds sound deflec on sightlines

surfaces. The layering effect creates spaces for stage ligh ng, house ligh ng, and doorways. The effect of these dark surfaces gives texture to the space, but always puts the focus on the colors and movements on the stage.



south korea

asia internship program

Partnered with a rich cultural experience, working at Haenglim provided insight into real world architecture. During my six months in Seoul, I worked with Haenglim Architects, providing a western approach to design while learning from those who had a different perspec ve. Most of my me was spent working on the Gachon University campus, first crea ng floor plans for the new dormitory, then working on facade design, discovering new ways to approach a set plan.


denmark, kansas

material investigations

Studying abroad in Denmark gave me opportuni es and stories I could not have experienced anywhere else. The Furniture Design program at the Danish Ins tute for Study Abroad gave me an intellectual background in Danish furniture and yet s ll allowed me to design and create an original (and very non-Danish) chair.


In addi on to veneer furniture, I have also cra ed designs in solid wood, such as the coee table table below, made of cherry and ash, and the stool to the right, made of pine and ďŹ r, among other small projects like cu ng boards and jewelry. Material inves ga ons is a way of exploring adjacent possibili es: tempered hardboard, for example, is not generally thought of as a furniture construc on material. However, experiments with steambent hardboard produced strong and sculptural forms, as seen on the far right.



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Newcome Folio 2018  

A short collection of works by Michelle Newcome ranging from fall 2015 to spring 2018

Newcome Folio 2018  

A short collection of works by Michelle Newcome ranging from fall 2015 to spring 2018